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 Fistful of Friday Results (30/11/2007)

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Fistful of Friday Results (30/11/2007) Empty
PostSubject: Fistful of Friday Results (30/11/2007)   Fistful of Friday Results (30/11/2007) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 29, 2011 11:47 pm

Backstage: BB is flat out on the floor in a pool of his own blood.

Match 1: Diablo + Zi Zheng v Hero and RockV2

This match was a back and forth battle for the first 10 minutes until Hero took a sick bump to the outside. The EMTs rushed him backstage. The match contiued with Diablo and Zi Zheng dounle-teaming RockV2. Then RockV2 made a comeback, clotheslining Diablo out of the ring, then ZiZheng delivered a low-blow. Then the chinese star climbed out of the ring to get a chair, but was cut-off by Acer, who had been attacked during the week. The ref called for the bell instantly as both men fought to the back.

Winners: Diablo and ZiZheng

Finlay v TKO (BB removed from match after backstage incident)
This match was over before it had begun, with Finlay attacking TKo before the bell, and before he had had a chance to get into the ring. Finlay Celtic Crossed TKO through the announce table, before rolling him into the ring and getting the 1,2,3.

Winner Finlay

EZ Money v Golden Gillespie (6WF heavyweight title match)
Both men put their hearts and souls into this match and put their bodies on the line. EZ was on the defence from the start, until a quick eye rake changed the swing of the match. EZ went for a clothesline, and GG ducked, leaving the referee to take the full force of the blow. GG pile-drove EZ. Then EZs alliance partner and GGs opponent on Monday E-Val ran into the ring with a chair, ready to 'pearl harbor' GG, but was dropkicked in the back by...Diablo. He picked up E-Val and suplexed him out of the ring, then picked up the chair, walked towards the ring ropes, then turned and levelled GG. While Diablo walked up the ramp, EZ covered GG and the ref came round and delivered the count.

Winner and STILL 6WF Heavyweight Champion, EZ Money
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Fistful of Friday Results (30/11/2007)
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