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 Ruckus Results (15/11/2007)

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PostSubject: Ruckus Results (15/11/2007)   Ruckus Results (15/11/2007) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 29, 2011 11:05 pm

JSS & The Renegade vs "The Untouchable" Jake Jackson & Purgatory

This was a spectacular showcase for the potential of the tag team division of 6WF. Both teams came close to winning it but it was the team of Jss and Renegade who got the victory when JSS hit Purgatory with a superkick.
Winners - JSS and The Renegade

Hero w/ Golden Gillespie Vs Tuberculoris w/ Double B

In this Grudge match Hero with Golden Gillespie in his corner went head to head with the monster of the Eval Villians with his stable mate Double B in his corner. hero went straight to Tuberculoris with high flying moves and trying to dazzle him with speed. This worked at first but Tb started to close Hero down with Powermoves. The match then became more technical with TB hitting with suplexes and trying to make Hero submit with the Boston Crab. Hero refused to submit and broke out before taking it to the Eval Alliance member. On the outside Double B attempted to distract the ref causing Golden Gillespie to chase after him with chair to the back area. Then thru the crowd came Eval taking advantage of the chaos to strike Hero with a chair. TB dropped a legdrop and pinned Hero for the 3 count

EZ Money & Eval Vs Diablo & Golden gillespie

Golden Gillespie returned to the ring for the main event to team with Diablo to take on EZ Money and Eval. The referee struggled to keep control thru out this match with nearly constant double teaming. The exchanges between all 4 wrestlers were electrifying and showed the wrestling and brawling skills of all 4. EZ Money came close to ending the match at the 15 minute mark with a flying legdrop on Gillespie but GG kicked out on the count of 2. GG came back into it straight away hitting Diablo with a succesion of clotheslines and an head scissors attack. It looked like it was all over when Gillespie signalled for his finisher but Eval ran in to try and clothesline him. Gillespie dodged and sent e val to the outside before tagging Diablo motioning for him to finsih off EZ. Double B and Tb ran to the ring only for GG to chuck himself over the ropes onto them. Diablo went to lift EZ up but EZ hit with a low blow. Ez went to DDT but delayed with a taunt to the crowd. Diablo suddenly turned it into a spinebuster and covered EZ for the 3 count for the win and momentum going into mondays title match
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Ruckus Results (15/11/2007)
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