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 Meltdown Results (07/12/2007)

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PostSubject: Meltdown Results (07/12/2007)   Meltdown Results (07/12/2007) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 12:04 am

Match 1: Finlay v E-Val.
Finlay came out to a standing ovation; he had won over the crowd with his heart-felt promos and his hatred for wrestlers who do no care for the fans. E-Val came out to loud jeers and boo’s, with the internet title over his shoulder. He started trash-talking outside the ring to a fan, before slapping him. Finlay took exception to this and jumped through the ropes and started to lay into E-Val. The internet champion retreated to the ring in order to escape Finlays clubbing blows. Finlay checked on the fan, and this distraction was just enough for E-Val to take the advantage, with a suicide dive through the ropes, taking Finlay down. With the referee calling to both wrestlers to get into the ring, E-Val rolled Finlay into the ring, and followed him in, with stomps to the gut and the head. He then kept Finlay on the ground with arm bars and different leg locks. Finlay managed to get to a solid base, giving E-Val elbows in the sternum, before throwing him into the ropes and hitting him with a viscous clothesline. Finlay then kept E-Val grounded with his modified version of the figure-4 leg-lock, the Irish Leg Break. E-Val struggled to reach the ropes, and the fans started cheering for E-Vals submission; however his hand just managed to grasp the rope before he would have certainly tapped-out. Finlay then grabbed the champ and then hit his patented Triple Powerslam. He picked up a dazed E-Val and attempted to hit the Celtic Cross, but was foiled by E-Vals low-blow. The champ hit Finlay with the Rouge Spear, rolled him up in a pinning position, grabbed the tights and the ref counted the pin.

Winner: E-Val.

The champion rolled out of the ring to obtain his title, and held it next to his face, trash-talking with the downed Finlay who gave a look of murder.

Backstage: Acer is in his Commissioners office, when a young man walks in handing him a letter. ‘Thank-you Larry’, he says, as he opens the letter, and reads it. He then exits his office on the way to the ring.

Promo: Acer comes out to cheers. He steps into the ring and gets the microphone. ‘I have just received this letter from the 6WF doctor, saying that my attack on Zi Zheng has forced him out of tonight’s match. Also with Diablo pulling a no-show, we now have an empty slot in the Card…’ Acer is cut-off by Golden Gillespie’s music, and standing at the top of the ramp is Golden Gillespie. ‘Hey Acer, I just listened to what you just said, and to be honest I’m disappointed. I was ready for a match tonight.’ Acer replies ‘Well so was I. I’ll tell you what, how about a match that the fans want to see? How about a match between…Acer and Golden Gillespie?’ The crowd cheers at this announcement. ‘You’re on’ says Golden Gillespie, before turning round and walking through the curtain.

Promo: Lights go out in the 6WF arena. On the titantron is a video of a graveyard. The camera pans towards two gravestones in particular. A thunderbolt flashes on the tombs, and two pairs of hands rise out from the ground. Two men then stand-up from these graves, with two dirty belts round their waists; these men are the Red Devils. ‘We are the Red Devils, the 6WF tag-team champions. We are offering £200,000 to anybody who can challenge and beat us for these titles. If you challenge us but don’t defeat us, then you’ll be replacing us in these graves.’ The screen goes blank.

Match 2: Acer v Golden Gillespie.
Both men came out to standing ovations. Before the bell rang they shook hands before tearing into each other. From the start Golden Gillespie had the Monday Night Draw reeling with strong uppercuts. When at the ropes, Acer belly-to-back suplexed Golden Gillespie out of the ring, to the ‘Oohs’ of the fans. Acer then jumped over the ropes and hit a shooting star press, taking Golden Gillespie to the floor. Both men were struggling to their feet by the count of 5, when Diablo jumped over the guard rail, and attacked both Acer and Golden Gillespie with a chair. The ref called for the bell immediately.

Winner: No contest.

Diablo rummaged into his pockets and brought out two pairs of hand-cuffs, cuffing Golden Gillespie to the ring-rope, and then cuffing Acers hands behind his back. He got the chair and then wrapped it round Acers head over a dozen times, forcing him to bleed from at least 3 large gashes. He then turned his attention to Golden Gillespie, but by this time the 6WF security had rushed to the ring and restrained Diablo, then marched him out of the arena. EMTs put Acer on a stretcher, while a security guard cut Golden Gillespie’s cuffs with wire cutters.

Match 3: EZ Money v Phoenix Rose.
EZ entered the ring with fans throwing plastic bottles at him. Phoenix ran into the ring and went nose-to-nose with the 6WF champion. EZ threw a cheap shot, but Phoenix replied with a mighty left hook that sent EZ sprawling across the mat, clutching his jaw. Rose then mounted the champ UFC-style, and threw punch after punch, which EZ struggled to deflect. The referee pulled Phoenix off the champion, just as EZ kicked the former Ultimate Fighter in the groin. With that, the ratings winner mounted an attack of suplexes and brainbusters. EZ then did something that the fans were not accustomed to see him do, he climbed to the top rope. He leaped off attempting a frog-splash, but was met with Phoenixes knees. With the champ rolling clutching his abdomen, Rose stood in the corner of the ring, waiting for EZ to get to his feet, and as he did, was hit by a Spear. Phoenix then hit the Super Powerbomb, his finisher, and then covered the champion. 1…2…, the ref broke the count noticing that EZs left foot was under the ropes. When the ref checked on EZ, the champ gave him a low-blow and a DDT. He climbed out of the ring and got his belt, carried it back into the ring, and charged at Phoenix, with every intention of the title connecting with Roses head. Rose ducked, an EZ was hit with a Rogue Spear by his ‘ally’, E-Val. Rose covered the champion, just as E-Val left the ring, and the ref came round and made the count.

Winner: Phoenix Rose.

Phoenix walked up the ramp, his fists pumping. EZ rolled out to the outside of the ring, and E-Val got a microphone, and entered the ring. The crowd went silent, as the internet champion put the microphone to his mouth. ‘It’s been long…too long. I have been stuck in the shadow of EZ Money. He has shown me no respect, and from tonight, I won’t show him any. From tonight, I will no longer be known as E-Val…today I shall be known as…Worthy.’ The fans went wild, calling ‘We love Worthy’ as the interne champion exited he arena.
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Meltdown Results (07/12/2007)
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