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 Friday Fight Results (23/11/2007

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Friday Fight Results (23/11/2007 Empty
PostSubject: Friday Fight Results (23/11/2007   Friday Fight Results (23/11/2007 Icon_minitimeMon Aug 29, 2011 11:18 pm

Golden Gillespie vs The Rock V2
The Commishoner had to be watching this match between 2 title contenders. Both v2 and GG spent the early parts of the match testing each other but then went all it at each other. In an exciting clash it was GG who came out on top with a ddt leading to the pin. Both competitors shook hands after the match
Winner- Golden Gillespie

JSS vs Acer vs Hero vs the Renegade - Winner gets a 6WF Internet Title Shot at event after 6WF Chaos
This was an exciting match with all the competitors taking it to the limit to try and get the title shot. However the Jake jackson made his prescence known with attcking acer with a chair before leaping back thru the crowd. In the ring JSS had just blasted Renegade with a martial arts kick but Hero ran in clotheslined Jss and covered Renegade for the pin and the title shot
Winner- Hero

E Z Money Vs Diablo - Steel Cage match - 6WF title match
You could cut the atmosphere with a knife when the cage was lowered to the ring sealing the two competitors in the ring. Both went at each other desperatly trying to end the match with a pin but to no avail. EZ dominated the early part of the match targeting Diblo's legs with holds and kicks. Diablo struck back striking the champ with a low blow and targeting the lower back of the champ. The match see sawed until Diablo blasted Ez with a splash and then striking the champ with a rock bottom. Diablo motioned for the officials to open the cage door which they did but just as diablo was about to walk thru. He stopped, turned around and looked at the champ laying motionless in the centre of the ring. He signalled to the crowd and went back seemingly to hit the champ with another move and win via pinfall but as he went to pull the champ up, EZ struck with a lowblow and pedigreed Diablo, quickly getting the 3 count to retain the title. Diablo struggled up and offered his hand to the champ which the champ quickly shook before going to the back
Winner- EZ Money
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Friday Fight Results (23/11/2007
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