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 Wednesday Wipeout Results (19/12/2007)

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PostSubject: Wednesday Wipeout Results (19/12/2007)   Wednesday Wipeout Results (19/12/2007) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 12:37 am

This match is scheduled for one-fall, introducing first…making his 6WF debut…The Ultimate Fighter 7 Winner…Ethan Page.

Ethan comes out with Phoenix Rose, who talks to him before walking back through the curtain. Page walks down the ramp to a few cheers from fans that saw him on Ultimate Fighter.

And his opponent…the Commissioner of the 6WF…The Monday Night Draw…Acer.

The fans chant Acers name as he walks through the curtain. He salutes the crowd and then runs into the ring going nose-to-nose with Ethan. The ref calls for the bell…

Ethan throws punch after punch at Acer, who blocks one and counters it, putting his opponent into a shoulder bar, before rolling Page through and locking in a leg armbar. Page gets his foot on the rope and Acer immediately releases the hold. Page gets up and is hit by the Lou Thesz press, and Acer mounts Ethan and throws punch after punch which are not defended by Page. The ref forces the commissioner to break the hold and orders him back to his corner and checks on Page. Page stands and charges at Acer, who hit Ethan with a suplex straight into the turnbuckle. The ref again checks on Page who is clutching his back in agony. He tells the ref that he is OK, and gets up and throws a clothesline at Acer, who counters it into a neckbreaker, before locking in the dragon-clutch submission. With Page screaming in pain, the fans expect him to tap, but he manages again to get to the ropes. Acer keeps the hold on up until the count of 4 and the releases yet pulls Page into the ring. He forces Ethan to his feet and hits a back-drop, and then a back-breaker. Acer goes for the pin but only gets a two-count. Page struggles to his feet and then takes advantage of Acer exposing his stomach by throwing him down to the mat and applying a headlock and throwing punches at Acers ribs. Acer crawls towards the ropes and reaches them. Page goes to the top rope and attempts a Moonsault, which misses its target, and Acer capitalizes, applying his STF-Crossface hybrid, which Page quickly submits to.

Your winner…Acer.

Acer rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp, before turning and saluting the crowd. Meanwhile, Page struggles to his feet, with the help of the ropes, clutching his back.

Ladies and Gentlemen this match is scheduled for one fall and is for the 6WF Tag Team Titles. Introducing first…Finlay and JSS.

JSS jumps through the curtain followed by Finlay, who obviously still isn’t happy that his partner is his half-brother.

And their opponents…the 6WF Tag Team Champions…The Red Devils.

The red Devils music plays, but there is no movement from behind the curtain. The whole track of the Red Devils music plays but still no sign of the tag champions. Suddenly…Alter Bridges ‘Come to Life’ plays and Acer, fresh from coming out of the shower, walks out with the titles in his hand. He gets on the microphone.

‘Ladies and Gentlemen, I regrettably have to inform you that the Red Devils have pulled a no-show, and therefore are not here to defend their titles.’

The crowd Boos.

‘However, due to the nature of this match and because of the rules installed by me when I became commissioner, the Red Devils have forfeited the titles and therefore you’re NEW 6WF Tag Champions…JSS and Finlay!!’

Hearing this JSS flees across the ring and hugs a bemused-looking Acer, before handing him his title. Finlay walks over and shakes the commissioner’s hand, before also receiving his title. Acer leaves the ring, while the new champions celebrate.
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Wednesday Wipeout Results (19/12/2007) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Wednesday Wipeout Results (19/12/2007)   Wednesday Wipeout Results (19/12/2007) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 12:38 am

PROMO: Diablo; a few months ago was at the top of the card, battling EZ Money for the 6WF title. Last week, he got his chance to have another go at EZs title in a first blood match (Commentators voice: ‘The ref sends Diablo to his corner and checks on RockV2…Hang on…the lights have gone out…hang on folks…the technicians are doing their best to repair this problem…OK the lights are back on…OH MY GOD!!!! DIABLO IS HANGING ABOVE THE RING!!!). Someone has tried and failed to rid the 6WF of Diablo. However, this superstar has blamed a certain Phoenix Rose even though there is no proof. However, these men have been at each others throats for a long time. Who will prevail in the match where tables, ladders and chairs are all legal…the TLC MATCH…

This match is a TLC match. The winner will be the first to get a pin-fall or submission. This match is for the 6WF Hardcore Title. Introducing first…accompanied by Trish Stratus…The Last of the International Playboys…Diablo.

Diablo steps out to boos from the crowd, with Trish following him.

And his opponent…Phoenix Rose.

Phoenix walks out to chants of ‘Phoenix’. He runs into the ring but is hit with a chair that Diablo had brought into the ring. The bell sounds and the match is on…

Diablo picks up Phoenix and hits a DDT onto the chair. He goes for a pin, but Phoenix kicks out on the count of one. Diablo rolls out of the ring and gets a ladder, and tries to slide it into the ring, but Phoenix hits a baseball slide, kicking the ladder into Diablos face. The ladder falls on top of the fallen Diablo, and Rose sees, this and climbs to the top-turnbuckle and hits a Moonsault. He attempts a pin-fall, but the referee calls out that pins cannot be made outside of the ring. Disgusted, Phoenix gets onto the apron, but has his legs pulled away by Diablo. Diablo then mounts an offensive, throwing punches and kicks and then hit a suplex. He goes under the ring and set-up two tables outside of the ring. Attempting to put his opponent through the tables, Diablo sets-up Phoenix for the Domi-Bomb, but Rose grabs hold of the ring-ropes and manages to find the safety of the ring. Diablo follows him in, but gets a faceful of steel. Phoenix runs into the ring ropes just about to launch himself, but is flipped over the ropes through the tables. Diablo climbs out and throws Phoenix back into the ring and sets-up the ladder inside the ring. Phoenix slide out of the ring and gets a ladder himself, and then slides it into the ring. Diablo climbs up the ladder and Phoenix follows. Both men throw punches, and Diablo gets the upper hand, but suddenly, Zi Zheng comes rushing from backstage and grabs Trish and drags her to the back, with Diablo shouting at him, screaming ‘what the h*ll you doing’. This distraction was just enough for Phoenix to take advantage, and he did, hitting a sunset flip onto the other ladder laying into the ring. Phoenix drapes over Diablo and the ref makes the count.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner and STILL the 6WF Hardcore champion…Phoenix Rose.

Rose rolls out of the ring and grabs his title. Suddenly…the lights go out and when they come back on, both Diablo and Phoenix are left bloodied and battered in the middle of the ring. On Diablos chest in the bl00d is written ‘I am closer than you think’…

PROMO: (Comentators voice: Gillespie goes for the pin…1,2…Worthy kicks out…Hang on…the referee didn’t see it…my god the referee didn’t see it. He gives the title to Gillespie and we have a new Internet champion under controversial circumstances.) Worthy…the first ever 6WF internet champion wants his title back, but his opponent, the champion Golden Gillespie wants to keep it. Worthy is putting everything on the line tonight, even his mask in this mask versus title match…

This match is scheduled for one-fall and is for the 6WF internet title. Introducing first…Worthy.

Worthy runs into the ring and stands on the top rope, awaiting his opponents entrance.

And his opponent…The 6WF Internet Champion…Golden Gillespie.

Gillespie comes out and enters the ring for a staredown. The ref rings the bell…

Before the match can start, Realdude comes rushing down and attacks Gillespie. The ref calls for the bell…

Your winner and STILL 6WF internet champion, Golden Gillespie. Worthy, stares at Realdude, and then slowly takes off his mask, before starting an assault, with Realdude, on Gillespie. When they had destroyed him sufficiently Worthy grabs the microphone and says

‘You were chanting Worthy before I came out, but from now on, you will be chanting E-Val. Me and Realdude are here for those tag titles and are not afraid to get them.’
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Wednesday Wipeout Results (19/12/2007)
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