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 Friday Fight Results (21/12/2007)

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PostSubject: Friday Fight Results (21/12/2007)   Friday Fight Results (21/12/2007) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 12:44 am

This match is scheduled for one-fall. Introducing first…Danny Dynamite and RockV2.

And their opponents…the 6WF Tag Team Champions…Finlay and JSS.

JSS and Dynamite start this match first, both trying to get the upper hand, JSS putting his opponent in a headlock, before being thrown into the ropes. Dynamite goes for the big boot, but JSS ducks and hits an insaguri. Dynamite goes down and instantly goes crawling towards his corner but JSS stops him by dragging him into the centre of the ring before applying an arm-drag into a shoulder-lock. He tags in Finlay who, after his brush with death, still looks ill. He keeps Dynamite grounded with a series of bodylocks. When Dynamite forces him to his feet, Finlay runs to the ropes and RockV2 clubs him in the back. Finlay turns round and slaps RockV2 off the ring apron, but is then thrown onto his head by a German Suplex from Dynamite. From then on Fynamite and RockV2 keep Finlay grounded until Dynamite makes a mistake and Finlay gets the tag to JSS, who knocks RoockV2 off the apron, and when the referee goes to check on the number one contender, JSS grabs an open Magners bottle from ringside, takes a mouthful of the cider, gargles it, spits it into Dynamites face, and then smashes the bottle over his opponents head. The ref turns round and makes the count.

Your winners…JSS and Finlay.

This match is scheduled for one-fall. Introducing first…E-Val and Realdude.

And their opponents…Golden Gillespie and Acer.

This match is very short, as Realdude and E-Val have no real intention to wrestle, but instead want to inflict damage, and they do just that. Throwing Acer to the outside, the bl00dy up the internet champion with chair shots and conchairtos.

This match is tonights main event. Introducing first…accompanied by Trish Stratus…Diablo and EZ Money.

And their opponents…representing the Phoenix Alliance…Phoenix Rose and Ethan Page.

This bout isn’t a match, but an all-out brawl. All four men are struggling to their feet after 20 minutes of all-out fighting when suddenly Zi Zheng comes running down the ramp, dragging Trish backstage. Unlike Wednesday, Diablo doesn’t shout out to Zheng, but instead hides underneath the ring. The lights go out and then flicker back on again, with the remaining three men in the ring still standing. Phoenix and Page hit a double powerbomb and pin the champ.

Your winners…Phoenix rose and Ethan Page.

Once the bell rings, Diablo crawls out from his hiding place…and the lights go out again. When they turn on again, Diablo is once again hanging from the crucifix-like structure…only this time, it is hanging from the top of the titantron….
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Friday Fight Results (21/12/2007)
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