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 6NG Week 5

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PostSubject: 6NG Week 5   6NG Week 5 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:23 pm

(The pyros go off as the 6NG opening video plays and as always Long Road to Ruin hits. We cut to ringside, where RJ and Michael Wire are already sat)

RJ: Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to this weeks 6 Next Gen. Live as always on Last week we saw the first Rookie get eliminated

MW: This show is a joke, he was one of the few rookies showing any promise. Mind you he was lumbered with having that joke Blue Dragon as his pro

RJ: Honestly Michael, anyways, due to injuries sustained by Clarissa last week at the hands of Frank Horrigan we have a special guest in charge of proceedings tonight. And without any further ado lets cut to her right now to introduce the rookies' messages to Clarissa

(We cut backstage where a woman is standing)

???: Good evening 6NG, many members of the 6WF universe will already know me for I am the infamous Mrs G

(From the arena the crowd can be heard chanting MRS G, MRS G, MRS G!)

Mrs G: So here we go, the first Rookie challenge of the evening a get well soon message to Clarissa. And due to the attack last week Frank Horrigan has been disqualified from entering into either of the rookie challenges tonight. First up we have Yarmouth Blade

The light's go down in the arena, the crowd goes quite, and then there's green pyro's going of at the top of the stage,then the one and only hit's, the crowd are on there feet and Yarmouth Blade come's out with a big bunch of flower's in his hand.

MW, oh may god he's gone gay, look at the size of those flower's he has.

RJ, shut up man he's not gay I bet there for Clarissa just listen to what the man has to say for once.

Blade walk's down the ramp holding his flower's high in the air, then climb's into the ring.

Yarmouth Blade grab's a mic from the announcer and wait's for the crowd to settle.

YB, hello 6ng universe, this is a very sad day in the world of wrestling, Clarissa as you well know is in hospital thanks to that thug Frank Horrigan.

crowd start to boo very loudly.

YB, Now just look what happened last week on 6ng and tell me what you think of Mr Frank Horrigan?

Blade points to the titron were it's showing you Frank Horrigan grabbing Clarissa'a hair kicking her in the stomach and then giving here the Horrigan's wall.

Crowd to start boo very loudly and then start the Horrigan suck's chant.

YB, how can some one do that to a women,me myself will never ever raise a hand to a women let a lone do a horrible thing like that a women, especially some one as lovely and sexy as Clarissa.

The crowd start to chant Clarissa,Clarissa,Clarissa.

YB,Now I have these these bunch of flowers for Clarissa which I will take to her in hospital and wish her all the best and also I have put a little video together to make her feel a little better, run the vt guy's.

The crowd start to to watch the titron were there can be seen a women in the crowd starting to cry.

MW, oh my god any body would have thought that she has just died.

RJ, oh will you just shut the hell up man this is Blades tribute to Clarissa, you can tell he care's for the girl.

The video stop's and Blade wipe's away a tear from his face.

MW, see I told you this kid was gay,he's crying.

RJ, That's because he's got feeling man, why don't you just grow up.

YB,so I hope you enjoyed my tribute to Clarissa and join me in wishing her well and to get back here soon cos we miss you hunny, get well soon.

The one and only hit's and blade take's his bunch of flower's with him and make's his way up the ramp.

Mrs G: Next up its Edan Ekram


-Clarissa is lying in her hospital bed, sipping on a glass of orange juice. Two weedy men puh open the doors and wheel through a television screen. There's a sticky note attached to the frame, signed 'Edan x'. One of the men turns on the screen, before both scuttle out the doors.-

Edan: Is this thing on? ... Good. Hey Clarissa! Terribly sorry to hear that you're unwell, well, it's a bit worse than unwell really isn't it? That absolute brute Frank Horrigan almost broke you in half. It's a shame that it had to happen to the prettiest girl in 6wF. If it weren't for the fact that I'm in a different match, and that he scares the hell out of me, I'd make it my duty to make sure that he pays for what he's done to you.

But in the mean time I'm just going to continue being awesome and hope that it puts a smile on your face. If there's one thing that I've learnt through living my life through the way of the elements, it's that bad things eventually happen to bad people. Who knows; maybe Horrigan will be the next evictee! Actually... that might not be such a good idea given his past of being an absolute fruit cake.

I'm going off topic again, but this message is just me saying to you- GET WELL SOON!

-The screen goes off and the two men scuttle back and wheel the television away, leaving Clarissa looking utterly perplexed


Mrs G: Next its The Scorpion


The lights in the arena fade and are replaced by the image of a scorpion scuttling accross the desert on the big screen. The scorpion spots his next victim and as the Scorpion's tail viciously strikes its prey "I won't do what you tell me" blasts out of the sound system and the arena is bathed in golden colours. Scorpion appears on the stage as walks down in anger through a golden curtain pyro falling from the screen, and swirling sand that is blasted from the sides of the ramp.

Crowd Boo!

Scorpion: "I've been asked to come out here and send a get well soon message to Clarissa. Well screw you - I won't do what you tell me. I only do what Miss Jessica tells me. And I don't need to send Clarissa a get well soon message because... "

Crowd Boo

Scorpion: Clarissa i know you planed those injures and i know there Fake

Crowd chant you suck

Scorpion: Your just trying to get attention and Draw it away from My pro Miss Jessica

Crowd Boo very heavily

Scorpion: Who we all know is much more intelligent and much more attractive then you will ever be !!!

Crowd Boo!

Scorpion: heres a warning Clarissa i know your behind this Stop before I end up making you Retire for Good!

Crowd Boo and Chant miss jessica is ugly as Scorpion walks out

Mrs G: The penultimate challenger its James Eagle


(James Eagle comes down to the ring, as 'Burn Burn' rings out. Holding an envelope in his hand he walks down the ramp, seemingly examining everyone at ringside. He reaches a scruffy looking man down by the announcers and hands him the brown envelope. While Eagle enters the ring, the camera remains focussed on the man, who eagerly opens up the envelope. He pulls out the contents to reveal a large sum of money tied together in an elastic band. His face turns from a look of puzzlement to an ecstatic one as he swiftly tucks it into his deep trouser pockets.)

(Back in the ring, Eagle is stood there, microphone in hand.)

JE: Unlike every other rookie, who is just going to send her a message, I actually decided to meet up with her earlier in the week.

(Up on the titantron, a familiar looking house appears from a distance, accompanied with the picture of a golden eagle in the corner. The camera enters the house to a room entitled 'Eagle's Spa' where James Eagle can be seen relaxing in a marble jacuzzi. The camera stays on him for a while, before zooming out to reveal a battered looking woman in a bikini walking out of the changing room.)

RJ: Hey, look at that Michael! It's Clarissa!

MW: What's she doing there? I thought she was still in hospital?!

(As Clarissa slowly climbs up onto the massage bed, trying to ignore all of the pain. Eagle rings a bell with immediate effect. A woman dressed all in white walks out to conduct a massage. While this goes on, the camera returns to the Eagle who remains in the jacuzzi.)

JE: You see, The Golden One always likes to go the extra mile. This kind of world class treatment would cost any normal person thousands of pounds, but for Clarissa... it's free. The yob, otherwise known as Frankie H, thought it would be funny to take out his anger on a woman. What kind of coward does that? Don't get me wrong though, I know exactly why he did it. Quite simply, he doesn't have the ability to beat real men like me or Yarmouth Blade... Oh hey Clarissa!

(Clarissa lowers herself cautiously into the jacuzzi to sit with Eagle)

C: Thanks so much for this awesome treatment, James. It's a real change from lazing around in a hospital bed all day!

JE: Oh, it's nothing babe. Anything for a good friend like you!

(The camera fades away, just as the two exit the jacuzzi and walk towards the sauna.)


Mrs G: Finally, its Longinus. Who in a 6NG first has combined both of the promo challenges into one promo.


The camera cuts to backstage to Longinus' dressing room.
After last week on 6NG he isnt in the COH but is contemplating the possible repercussions following his actions in the ring.

All the lights are dimmed in the dressing room and he is sitting in semi darkness. Dressed in his long black cloak with the hood over his head, he is holding the silver chain in his hand looking at the COH lettering.

He drops the chain on the chair as he stands up and walks towards the mirror. Staring into his reflection in the mirror, Longinus also reflects on his time in 6NG.

Speaking to himself in the mirror "You have come a long way since you joined here. All your past troubles, trials and tribulations are a thing of the past. You came here with a goal, a goal you shall accomplish."

Longinus turns his face away from the mirror and looks at the COH chain on the chair. He starts laughing to himself and says "If ony they knew!"

As he continues to laugh the lights in the dressing room come on. RJ is standing in the doorway after turning the lights on. He is holding a card in his hand.

RJ "Longinus, just wanted to pop in to see if you will sign this card we are sending to Clarissa. You did see what happened didnt you?"

Longinus "See it? It was pure evil. An evil that does not belong in 6WF. An evil that I and.........."
Longinus stops talking as RJ tilts his head to one side looking intrigued.

Longinus "Yes I will sign your card, come in."

RJ walks in the dressing room and closes the door behind him. He walks over to the table in the corner of the room and places the card on it with a pen next to the card. Longinus approaches the table, picks up the pen and writes:

'Clarissa, hope you get well soon. Hurry back and I will give you that interview you always wanted with me. You will not be dissapointed' Longinus signs the card with an 'A' symbol under his name.

Longinus places the pen next to the card and makes his way back towards the mirror. RJ picks up the card, reads what Longinus has written and turns to him.

RJ "Whats all this 'A' stuff? Is it a new COH symbol?"

Longinus doesnt acknowledge this question.
RJ tries again to get some sense from Longinus "You and Scorpion havent exaclty seen eye to eye, how do you think you will co-exist in the tag team match against Frank Horrigan & Max Adamson?"

Longinus laughs and says "Well as long as Scorpion doesnt try to spear his bike again instead of his opponent we should be ok."
RJ smiles at Longinus and continues with the questions "You have changed this last week on 6NG Longinus, what has happened?"

Longinus "Dont worry RJ, all will be revealed soon. I have channeled the hate lurking in my subconscious for a greater good. All evil in 6WF will be eradicated once and for all."
Longinus looks at the COH chain lying on the chair. Suddenly there is a knock at the door. Longinus and RJ look at eachother. Longinus looks at his watch and smiles.

Longinus "He's here, if you dont mind RJ I have a meeting, this interview is over. Tell Clarissa I said hello."

RJ walks over to the door as Longinus pulls another seat out and places it next to the one in the middle of the room. RJ opens the door and looks at the person standing there in disbelief.

RJ "You! No way! This cant be happening!"
RJ turns to Longinus. Longinus places a finger over his lips making a 'sshhhh' sound and winks at RJ.

RJ leaves the room and walks off down the corridor. He looks back at the dressing room to see the door shut behind him.


Mrs G: Back to you RJ, join me again later for the second rookie challenge!
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 5   6NG Week 5 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:23 pm

RJ: Thank you Mrs G

MW: You know what RJ, she's a real woman. She should replace Clarissa permanently! She's welcome in my well anytime she wants!

RJ: Now ladies and gentlemen we have our first match of the evening between the leading points scorer Edan Ekram and the first Rookie to be eliminated Fernando Gonzalez

(Smooth by Santana hits and Fernando comes out to mild boos from the crowd, he taunts them before Elements of Life blasts out and Edan swaggers out to a huge cheer from the crowd)

RJ: Competition favourite right there Michael

MW: Early days RJ, early days!

(The referee calls for the bell and the two lock up. Fernando goes for a quick uppercut but Edan moves out of the way and the two circle each other before Edan goes for a clothesline which Fernando dodges. Suddenly Edan bounces off the ropes but is hit in midair by a dropkick from Fernando Gonzalez)

RJ: Good start here from these two

(Fernando picks up Edan and hits a knee to the midsection before going for a snap suplex. Fernando follows the suplex up with an atomic drop into a small package




MW: Almost got the favourite there!

(Fernando then picks up Edan and goes for a big body drop)

RJ: What athleticism from Edan there!

(Replays play showing Edan turn in midair and land on his feet before hitting the Element of Surprise [Pele] out of nowhere. Edan then mounts Fernando and hits a series of punches before lifiting up Fernando and hitting a neckbreaker. He pins



MW: Great heart from the former rookie Fernando

(Edan looks at Fernando before signalling to the crowd and climbing the turnbuckle. He looks at Fernando who is getting back to his feet before jumping off and hitting a legdrop to the back of Fernando's head. He then covers...




RJ: Almost got him there!

(Edan picks up the almost motionless Fernando before taunting him and hitting a huge Burn Out [RKO] onto Fernando. Edan Covers...




(Elements of Life hits as Edan has his hand raised and makes his way to the back)

RJ: The favourite picks up another victory and how impressive it was!

MW: Unfortunately I've got to agree with you there RJ

(Fernando gradually makes his way to his feet as the crowd jeers him and some start a "Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye" Chant. Nando grabs a microphone before delivering his goodbye speech)
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 5   6NG Week 5 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:23 pm

rj: it's time for fernando's exit speech

smooth hits as fernando stands in the ring ready to address the crowd standing with a glum look on his face.

fernando stands with his hands on his hips

fg: tonight you say goodbye to biggest talent in 6wf. no longer will you get to see this magnificent piece of talent in action.

mw: it's a absolute shame the guy looked like the best of the bunch.

crowd cheer

fg: i know why im leaving and it's not because im not good enough its because im too good for this tinpot show. the pro's felt threatened by my presence knowing they'd be out of job if i got any further.

fg: now id like to bring out my mentor blue dragon

blue dragon walks down to the ring looking worse for wear after his match at the ppv last night.

the crowd cheer as he makes he way to the ring

fernando applauds him as he enters the ring.

rj: finally the man is seeing sense and not being a arrogant Bar Steward

mw: i don't like this side of him it sucks majorally.

fg: blue dragon, admittedly we've had times where we ain't got along with each other, but i do respect you for everything you put yourself through and what you've done for this business and it's been a great honor working with you.

fernando puts out his hand as the crowd cheer

fernando and blue dragon shake hands and hug

as blue dragon goes to pull away fernando pulls him back in

fg: i told you all along dragon revenge is a bitch

fernando picks him up and nails him with the flip piledriver

rj: that's sob knew what he was doing all along it was a set-up

mw: absolute genius on his part

fernando climbs from the ring and looks under and pulls out.......

rj: holy Poopie that's a glass table wrapped in razor wire

mw: this is awesome!

fernando sets up the table inside the ring and pulls blue dragon towards the table and sets him up for flip piledriver

rj: fernando, don't do this your kill him

mw: cmon fernando teach that man a lesson

blue dragon spins out of it and lifts gonzalez up for the gutwrench powerbomb

blue dragon launches gonzalez through the table with pieces of glass flying everywhere and blood pouring from him where the razor wire has ripped through he's flesh.

blue dragon kneels down beside him as paramedics rush down to ringside

bd: im sorry it had to end this way fernando.

blue dragon walks out the arena with looking remorseless .

rj: it'll be along time if we ever see fernando gonzalez in a 6wf ring again...
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 5   6NG Week 5 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:23 pm

(We cut backstage once more where Mrs G is waiting, she smiles to loud cheers from the crowd before speaking)

MRS G: Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen, next up we have the second rookie challenge of the night. So lets play those tapes! First up we have Yarmouth Blade...


The camera goes back stage into Perfect Jack's locker room, Yarmouth blade is with him Jack is at one end of the desk and Blade is at the other end.

Perfect Jack is holding a clip board and he has got a copy of all the promo's that Blade has done in the 6ng contest.

On the wall at the back of Perfect Jack there is a big poster of Perfect Jack with the caption "I am perfection".

PJ,Now Blade all though your promo's have have been very good you still have no points on the board and we need to get those 2 points this week or were gonna be facing the vote off, which I don't want to be in,after all Perfect Jack is never in last place my friend.

YB, I Know boss, I keep on giving these great promo's and yet the other pro's seem to think that the rookie's are better then me, well they are wrong and i will get those two points and we will become the next tag team champion's.

PJ, I do hope so Blade, cos I only associate my self with winner's, all though you have won a couple off matches you still need to improve on you mic skills, which are good by the way but they need to be a little bit better just to stand a chance in this compition.

YB, OK boss I will do my best and will come up with something very special.

PJ, looking forward to it blade, looking forward to it.


MRS G: Next up its Edan Ekram


-The camera cuts backstage where Jerome Dubois and Edan Ekram are walking down the corridor.-

Dubois: Ah, zee, I was right about you being ze next big thing! You are at ze top of ze leaderboard, and I have a feeling you vill be there after ze next show.

Edan: Merci. May I borrow your locker room for a couple of minutes?

Dubois: Sure sure. Do not be too long though, ve have some training to do!

-Edan and Dubois exchange nods, and Edan turns into Dubois' locker room. The far wall is draped in a French flag, with pictures of Dubois' several title matches hanged around the room. Edan sits down on a bench and turns on the camera.-

Edan: Last week was a good week for myself. Not only did I succeed in winning the rookie challenge, cementing my safety for this week, but I also defeated James Eagle and Fernando Gonzales. Many doubted whether I'd be able to overcome the challenge of a triple threat, but how wrong they were. The success tasted even sweeter a couple of days later when I found out that that would be Fernando Gonzales last match as a contestant in Next Gen; a double victory, if you like, as I pinned him fair and square, and then defeated him in the challenge. This run of defeats will long continue, starting with his one on one match with me this Tuesday.

It's never nice to watch someone crash and burn, but I feel no shame in saying that it couldn't have happened to a more deserving wrestler. Fernando, you may be on the card this week, but I'm going to come out and send a message to the other competitors. I've at the top of the table for now, and I intend to stay there. Everyone knows the only way that I can do so is to succeed in the challenges, but also carry on with an impressive string of performances inside the ring.

How fitting an end it would be if it was I, the person who partnered you at the start of our journey- the same partner who you turned your back on and attacked, who ended your career in Next Gen. Those weeks where you seemed to get away scot-free have all came back to bite you in the ass. See you out there!


Mrs: Next its The Scorpion


Scorpion is in the locker room with Miss Jessica

MJ: dont give any mercy to Frank Horrigan/Max Adamson

MJ: if your are to go far in Next Gen and get my full attention you will do what i ask !

Scorpion turns to Jessica and looks her straight in the eye AND and turns back


Scorpion: Yes i understand

Scorpion stares at miss jessica and then has an evil grin on his face

Scorpion: I Know you despise Max Adamson after what he did to Cassius !

Jessica looks at Scorpion as he has her attention

Scorpion: I will make him and his rookie Pay in our match ill take them both to hell and back leaving them to suffer to there Death!

Scorpion leaves as miss jessica gives an evil grin[b]


MRS G: Finally, its James Eagle


The titantron switches on to show James Eagle and Chaos squabbling in the pro's locker room. 'Earlier Today' is written on the banner across the bottom of the screen.

C: Shut up, James! You only defeated Fernando Gonzalez by one immunity point last Friday. If it wasn't for me, you would no longer be here!

JE: Oh I'm sorry... where's your title gone Mr. Chaos? Have you misplaced it? Oh no, that's right, I remember now. You were defeated for it at PAIN! You feel you have the right to disrespect the golden one, now?

Chaos grabs the shirt of Eagle with a furious look on his face, before walking away from the scene. Chaos leaves the room with The Fanatic in immediate pursuit of his master. The door slams shut, as the camera returns to an intense looking James Eagle.

JE: I don't care how close I was to leaving this competition. The main thing is that I'm still here and still within a chance of earning a title shot. After my near failure on Friday afternoon, I have become even more hungry for success. I'll show you all exactly what I mean when I take part in the first main event of my entire career. Yarmouth, it would appear that your name is next on the menu, so you'd better watch your back. At PAIN, I was the man who won the match for our team. More importantly, I connected with the Golden Eagle to gain my second pay per view victory in 6WF! Not you, yet you still come out here claiming to have been the mastermind behind our success?! Well I have two words for you - SHUT UP! The high-flying risk-taking money-machine is on a mean streak. I want vengeance and I don't care what form it comes in. If anyone, and I mean anyone decides to get in my way, I will make certain that your career comes to an abrupt end!

JE: Unlike many, I won't stand for all the atrocities that go on in 6WF. The atrocities that are the 6WF superstars. men who think they can make it in a business like this. The rookies are no different. You will see another side of me - a side that gives no mercy, no way out. I will clear this place of all the dead wood that make us look bad. There is nothing that can stop me as I bulldoze through the pack. That's something not even money can buy... One down, five to go...

Eagle's eyes widen, as he looks coldly down the lens of the camera.


MRS G: Join me later for the results of the pro vote and the winners of those important immunity points!
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 5   6NG Week 5 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:24 pm

RJ: Next up we have our second match of the evening, The Scorpion tagging with his long term enemy Longinus against the Pro/Rookie team of Frank Horrigan and Max Adamson who just like there opponents havn't exactly seen eye to eye.

MW: Indeed RJ, wait a second (He puts his finger to his ear) We have just heard that Frank Horrigan has taken out Max Adamson backstage on his way to the ring. We don't know the details just at this moment.

RJ: Well that means this is now a handicap match, and to make things even better that monster is on his way to the ring

(Rock the Night hits and crowd descends into boos as Frank Horrigan storms down to the ring and grabs a microphone)

FH: Have you seen the carnage Frank Horrigan has created? Have you seen it? Of course you have. I have made a monumental impact since being a part of 6NG, causing pain left right and centre. And what do the imbeciles who run 6NG try and make me do? Play along nicely with the other rookies and participate in the rookie challenges. Well i'm SICK of taking part in meaningless challenges. It's a waste of my time. Do you know what I did instead of spend time with my loser of a pro Max Adamson? I trained, I pumped iron, I lifted more weights than is humanely possible. Because i'm a genetic freak and I do what I want, when I want. Do you know what I did instead of trying to woo Clarissa? I was watching back the footage of what I did TO Clarissa. She got in my business, and I destroyed her. 6NG to me isn't about points. 6NG is about being the Next Generation of the 6WF, and I think i've done enough in my time here to prove that point without having to follow the rest of the sheep in 6NG.

(Horrigan leaves the ring and stands on the outside taunting the crowd, as the crowd chant "you suck" at him)

RJ: “Welcome back to 6NG Ladies and Gentlemen. We have tag team action coming up for you next. We have an interesting team on one side made up of Scorpion and Longinus who have had their differences in recent week will take on what would have been the rookie and pro relationship of Frank Horrigan and Max Adamson but as you seen just moments ago, Horrigan decided to take out his pro. Strange times here on 6NG.”

MW: “Strange RJ? Don’t you mean boring? I can’t believe I am still doing this.”

“All My Life” hits the 6WF speakers as Longinus makes his way from behind the curtain. The crowd pop for the new found rebel against the Church of Hero. He walks down the ramp slapping a few fans hands before entering the ring and looking up the ramp.

“I Won’t Do What You Tell Me” then begins to play but can barely be heard over the mass of boos coming from the 6NG fans. Scorpion stands at the top of the ramp and rubs his hands together before laughing manically. He begins to walk down the ramp, shouting abuse at some of the fans that boo him. He enters the ring and he squares up to Longinus.

(Horrigan stares at Scorpion and Longinus and laughs as he cracks his knuckles)

RJ: “Horrigan going it alone tonight after he decided to take out his tag team partner and Pro; Max Adamson.”

MW: “This is my type of guy, just gets the business done. He has massive future ahead of him.”
Horrigan enters the ring and stands across from his opponents who have began bickering. Scorpion has his back turned which causes to be fatal as Horrigan levels him with a sickening big boot to the back of the head.

RJ: “This guy is an animal. Ok, Scorpion is a nasty piece of work too but what a kick from Horrigan. Scorpion looks out for the count.”

Horrigan picks up Scorpion as the bell rings and the match begins. Horrigan begins to club the neck of Scorpion with his huge arms. He throws him off the ropes and Scorpion rebounds into a knee to the mid section. Horrigan stands over the body and insinuates for Scorpion to make the tag. He looks up at Longinus, but smiles and laughs and gets back to his feet.

RJ: “Looks like Scorpion doesn’t want Longinus help in the ring. He is off his head!!”

Horrigan kicks him in the mid section a couple of times as Scorpion tries to block. Horrigan picks up his opponent and throws him into the corner. He goes for the big splash but Scorpion dodges and scampers into the middle of the ring. He re groups and goes for Horrigan but is met with a massive uppercut and headbutt combination. He falls to the ground as Horrigan looks for the pin.
Longinus breaks up the cover. He begins to put the boot into Horrigan. He pauses for a second as the crowd begin to boo. Vlad, Zakky Spencer and Xeres appear at the top of the ramp and all point towards the ring.

RJ: “What the hell do these guys want? As if anything more could have gone wrong with this match?”

MW: “Things finally beginning to pick up. I hope this chump gets what is coming too him.”

Longinus exits the ring and goads the Church to come get him but they stand at the top of the ramp laughing at him.

RJ: “Looks like we are just getting a singles match here now. Longinus is dying for a scrap with these Church of Hero guys.”

Horrigan is back to his feet and is picking up Scorpion. He kicks him in the gut before rebounding off the rope and again kicking the side of Scorpion’s head.

Longinus is still screaming at the three men at the top of the ramp to come get him. Xeres makes a signal and the three begin to walk down. Longinus runs up the ramp and hits the Spear of Longinus to Zakky before punching him in the face repeatedly. The referee has exited the ring and is trying to pull off the Church members off of Longinus who like a pack of dogs are stomping on the head and mid section of their defenceless opponent.

RJ: “Ring the dam bell ref, this is another example of why the Church aren’t welcome in this Fed.”

MW: “RJ, shut up please? This is the most exciting thing that will happen all night.”

Horrigan has Scorpion on his shoulders. He stands in the centre of the ring, trying to impress the fans with his immense strength. The crowd pop a little as Max Adamson appears from a gap in the crowd and slides under the bottom rope. Horrigan turns round and Adamson stares at him intensely before kicking him in the gut.

MW: “Yet another god dam screwjob.”

RJ: “Looks like Adamson is getting his pay back for that beat down earlier tonight.”

Adamson lifts Horrigan on to his shoulders.

RJ: “Cyclone!!!”

Adamson hits it perfectly and swiftly exits the ring. He walks up the ramp and past the brawl that is still commencing on the ramp. Longinus is trying his hardest to fight off the attackers. The referee notices Adamson and looks back into the ring where Scorpion has covered Horrigan. He quickly runs back into the ring and begins the count.

RJ: “Scorpion somehow picks up the win here for his team. We have madness everywhere; Longinus still getting a beat down from the Church, Adamson costing his rookie the match and Scorpion winning even though Horrigan looked like he was going to kill him.”

MW: “Why are you looking at me? I have nothing to say about that other than Longinus got exactly what was coming to him.”
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(We cut backstage once more where Mrs G is standing waiting with a golden envelope)

MRS G: I have in my hand the results of tonights pro vote. Remember, 2 points for both challenges tonight so the winner of the first challenge is....

.... EDAN EKRAM! Who moves onto 5 immunity points overall and is safe from the second elimination of 6NG! And now we move onto the second rookie challenge and the winner of the two immunity points is....

.... We have a tie! Between James Eagle and Longinus, both of them will receive 1 immunity point each taking James Eagle to 2 immunity points and Longinus to 3 immunity points! Back to you RJ!
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(We go back to ringside where RJ welcomes us)

RJ: What a result from the pro vote!

MW: If only because we're edging closer to the end of this show

RJ: You secretly love it Michael

(The One and Only hits and the crowd cheers. Yarmouth Blade appears and salutes the crowd before running down to the ring, just after he slides in Burn Burn hits and the crowd cheers once more as James Eagle appears through the curtain, he makes his way down to the ring handing out money and slapping hands with some of the fans. The pair shake hands in the ring before the referee rings the bell)

RJ: Two fan favourites here Michael

MW: You don't win titles by being a fan favourite RJ

(Eagle goes straight at Yarmouth hitting him with a flurry of left and rights, he then irish whips him across the ring before hitting a knee to the midsection. Eagle then goes for a suplex but its countered as Blade kicks him before hitting a ddt taking Eagle down.)

RJ: Great chain wrestling there

(Blade stomps on the ankle before putting his hand to his ear bringing a loud cheer from the crowd and attempting to lock in a figure four leglock)

RJ: Learning from his pro there

MW: Spoke too soon RJ

(Eagle manages to kick Blade off before rising and hitting an enzuiguri to the face of Yarmouth Blade. Eagle then picks up Blade before hitting a T-Bone Suplex. He covers....

...1.. Kickout

Yarmouth Blade is back up to his feet but is taken back down with a hiptoss, he rolls through before Eagle charges.)

RJ: What a move!

(Replays show Yarmouth Blade leap up and hit a codebreaker sending Eagle down. He makes the cover...




RJ: He got him

MW: No RJ, foot on the rope!

(Replays show James Eagle just get his foot on the bottom rope, Yarmouth Blade cannot believe it and goes to pick Eagle up again. Out of nowhere Eagle manages to roll up Blade...




MW: Rookie mistake by Blade!

(James Eagle signals to the crowd and lifts blade up)

RJ: The Soar, are we going to see it?

MW: Sleeper!

(Replays show Eagle lift up Blade who manages to slide out and lock in the sleeper, Eagle starts to fade.... but suddenly finds a second wind. Eagle powers out of the sleeper by pulling Blade over his shoulder. Eagle goes for a clothesline but Blade ducks underneath it....)

MW: Sleeper locked in once more

RJ: And Eagle is stuck now

(Yarmouth Blade drops to the mat bringing Eagle with him and locking in the grapevine version of the sleeper hold. Eagle's eyes are misting over as the ref lifts his hand

Once.....It drops

Twice..... It drops


........ Eagle clenches his fist and tries to roll back onto his front. He gradually manages to get to a vertical base before fighting off Blade)

RJ: He's free but that's obviously taken it out of Eagle!

(Blade goes for a snap DDT but Eagle counters him, the Golden One seemingly finding a new wave of energy. Out of nowhere he hits Blade with a backflipkick before setting up for the Golden Eagle. He has Blade in position and...... hits the finisher! The impact knocking Eagle off his feet as well, both men are down and the referee starts his count...

....1......2......3......4.....5.....6......7......8....9....... Both men are back to their feet!)

RJ: What a main event!

MW: Hell even I'm enjoying this!

(Eagle makes his way over to Blade and goes to lift him up further. Out of nowhere Yarmouth Blade spins around Eagle's torso and locks in the third sleeper of the match. Eagle attempts to fight out but the pressure soon becomes too much and the referee calls for the bell)

RingAnnouncer: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner via submission Yarmouth Blade!

RJ: What a win for Yarmouth Blade tonight

MW: And the first match of this God Damn show that I've enjoyed so far!

RJ: High praise indeed, well Ladies and Gentlemen that's all we have time for this week. Join us next week for the final episode before the second elimination, which I have just been informed will be a Double Elimination! So see you then, as always exclusively on!
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6NG Week 5
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