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 6NG Week 6

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PostSubject: 6NG Week 6   6NG Week 6 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:25 pm

(The pyros go off as the 6NG opening video plays and as always Long Road to Ruin hits. We cut to ringside, where RJ and Michael Wire are already sat)

RJ: Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to this weeks 6 Next Gen. Live as always on Tonight we learn who is up for eviction in the second elimination of 6 Next Gen!

MW: Which also means that this show is almost finished and I can get my Tuesday nights back!

RJ: Well we are going straight into the Rookie Challenge, first up this week a goodbye message to Cassius who was tragically locked up

MW: As if any of these rookies could even tie Cassius' boots!

RJ: Anyways, first up we have a message from Longinus who has decided not to take part in this weeks rookie challenges as he believes that he shouldn't have to spend anymore time with a fake such as Hero.

MW: Fake? The man is a GOD!

RJ: A God who lost to a rookie on Shutdown?

MW: Silence RJ

RJ: Also, due to being immune Edan Ekram will not be entering in the first rookie promo but will seen later on for the second promo

MW: Well before RJ bores us anymore, the Rookies can all come out

RJ: Starting with James Eagle


(Through a woven sheet of gold pyro, out steps a dark-cloaked man to the silence of a 6WF arena. He stops at the stage, as a single strobe surrounds the figure. With one swift movement, the cloak is removed to uncover 'The Golden One', James Eagle. As the silk robe falls gracefully to the metal stage below, Eagle looks up to all the '6WF' signs and logos surrounding the arena. Although a minority of the crowd break into chants, the remainder just sit there taking in the moment and respecting the career of Cassius Zhi.

JE: This moment is not about me. It is one for reflection. Reflection on the career of one of the greatest stars to ever embrace the world of 6WF. With the utmost sorrow and respect, I feel this time came far too early for one of the biggest stars of the last few years.

JE: The man gave his life to the company, ploughing through the risks on every given opportunity. He succeeded on countless occasions and will be remembered forever in the 6WF Hall of Fame.

JE: I feel humbled to have so much as known such a great man. It does not feel right for me to step into that ring right now, as that's the place he would have called home. Cassius Zhi loved every moment working with fellow legends and future stars of the business. I feel my time will come, but for now, it's about respecting the past. Cassius was one of the pioneers of this federation; a man who towered above everyone in this arena, not necessarily in size, but certainly in heart and his love for wrestling. Along the course of his career, there were ups and there were downs. Like anything, it wasn't perfect, but he didn't let little hiccoughs get him down. Every time he looked down and out, Cassius would bounce back from the dead and prove everyone wrong. It is things like this that make me feel truly inspired and to hopefully one day follow in his footsteps.

JE: He leaves behind a trail of greatness. Cassius will always have a wonderful history to be able to look back on. Any man would pay millions for that, but for me, that kind of legacy is priceless

JE: Nonetheless, his legacy still lives...

(Eagle pauses to take in a deep breath, before bursting into chorus.)

JE: Cassius gonna kill ya! Cassius gonna kill ya!

(The show goes to the break with Eagle leading the crowd.)


RJ: Next up its Yarmouth Blade


The one and only hits in the arena were the green pyros goes of at the top of the stage and the fans go wild.

MW, oh my god not this idiot again, what does he want?

RJ,shut up man I like this kid.

Blade walks down the ramp tagging the fans as he goes, then he slides under the bottom rope and poses for the fans on the top turn buckle.
Then he does a 360 spin of the turn buckle into the middle of the ring and lands on his feet.

RJ, wow what athleticism from blade and were not even in a match.

MW,He's just showing off to the fans, he may have won a few matches but he's not got no points yet cos his promo's have been rubbish.

RJ, yeah but he been improving all the time.

MW, improving my butt.

RJ your just mad cos he speared Horrigan through your box and he landed on top of you.Now shut up and lets see what this kid has to say?

Blade get a mic from the ring announcer and waits for the crowd to settle down.
YB,Hello 6ng universe,

Crowd x10.

YB,Well what a week last week it was on next generation,I won against the Golden one James Eagle and we had our first elimination from 6ng.

crowd x10

MW, yeah and I wish it was you blade.

YB, I herd that Michael, don't make me come down there and squash you.just shut the hell up.

Crowd start the squash him chant.

RJ,You herd the man shut the hell up.

Michael Wire throws his head set on the desk and slumps down in his chair.

YB. Right back to business, Like I was saying we had our first elimination last week and it was Cassius Zhi.

Mixed reaction from the crowd a few boo's and a few cheer's.

YB,Now this guy may have gone out off 6ng but he was one hell off a wrestle and and tough son of too,on his day he could take on anybody and was one of the best wrestler's I have ever come across.
He can do just about any think in the ring and in my opinion and can win a match in a second.But I must say what he did to Blue Dragon was not on,He was his mentor and what he did could have ended his careerer.

crowd boo x10.

YB,Now if I ever face Cassius Zhi I will never let him do that to me I will be too quick for him and will get the 1,2,3.

Crowd x10.

YB, Once again from all of us in the locker room Cassius Zhi we wish you well and hope to see you back in action as soon as possible.

The one and only hit's and Blade starts to walk up the ramp as the crowd cheer for him and tagging fans as he walks up the ramp.


RJ: Next, Frank Horrigan


"Rock the Night" by Europe hits and the crowd boo as the ever scary looking Frank Horrigan walks out clutching a microphone, he looks very unhappy;

FH: I have been ordered by the Board of Directors to participate in these Rookie Challenges or else risk being banned from competing in the 6WF. Seeing as competing in the 6WF is the only thing keeping me sane... I would like to say goodbye to Cassius Zhi, that way I can continue to maim and destroy my opponents.

(Frank Horrigan opens a piece of folded paper with a poem written down in biro)

Cassius Zhi.
What can I say about thee?
A man who stands as tall as a tree.
As irritating as a flea.
He likes to drink Green Tea.
He floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee.
He is the Chinese Muhammad Ali.
Good at getting the one two three.
Regularly rejecting Miss Jessie.
Two time World Champion is he.
Men in white coats stop him being free.
If he ever grows a beard it should be a goatee.
If he ever starts singing he'll appear in Glee.
He's lucky he retired before facing me.
Cassius Zhi.

RJ: What the hell was that?

FH: Happy now? Cassius Zhi is gone, he is the past. I am the future, remember my name. Frank Horrigan.

(Frank Horrigan big boots the cameraman in front of him, he picks up the camera himself and stares deep into the lens...)

FH: ...Horrigannnn...


RJ: And finally its The Scorpion


The lights in the arena fade and are replaced by the image of a scorpion scuttling accross the desert on the big screen. The scorpion spots his next victim and as the Scorpion's tail viciously strikes its prey "I won't do what you tell me" blasts out of the sound system and the arena is bathed in golden colours. Scorpion appears on the stage as walks down in anger through a golden curtain pyro falling from the screen, and swirling sand that is blasted from the sides of the ramp.

Crowd BOO!

Scorpion: I am here to say farewell to Cassius

Crowd Boo!


Crowd still boo

scorpion: without him the 6WF would never of existed !! he did everything in this business !!!

crowd Boo

Scorpion: he may be gone but my uprising will be the sting in the tail of Cassius' demise!!!!

crowd boo and jeer !

Scorpion: he was jessicas number one client ... I WILL BE HER NUMBER 1 CLIENT !

Crowd Boo

Scorpion: I WILL BE ........the New, New World Superpower!!!!


Scorpion is backstage with Miss Jessica as they bump in to Clarissa

Scorpion: You better watch where your going next time !!

Miss Jessica: and you better stop trying to steal my spot light!!!

Clarissa: i w..a.a....

Scorpion: no one cares what you think ! next time you try to take miss j's spot light ill make sure those injuries are for real!!!!!!

Clarissa turns away as Scorpion and Miss Jessica walk away

Clarissa what was that about??

camera man smugs as a video starts playing on the tron

the tron's screen goes black as sand is splattered on to the screen the sand is rearrange's to spell ... darkness is all that anyone will see once they have been stung by The Scorpion then a Scorpion stings the screen as the whole arena goes quiet


RJ: Join us after the break for our first Match of the night.
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 6   6NG Week 6 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:25 pm

RJ: “Good evening 6NG and 6WF fans. We only have the two matches on show tonight but they are both massive in terms of rivalries. The first match up tonight is a tag team bout. We have James Eagle teaming up with his pro’s friend Fanatic up against the tag team of Edan Ekram and Yarmouth Blade.”

MW: “Oh dear god, this matchup is going to be horrendous. Why has the Fanatic lowered himself to such levels?”

(“I Am the One and Only” blasts through the arena as Yarmouth Blade enters from behind the curtain to a massive pop. He walks down the ramp slapping the hands of fans before sliding under the bottom rope.

He looks up the ramp as “Elements of Life” begins to play and Edan Ekram walks down the ramp. The crowd cheer for the rookie. He climbs into the ring and begins to talk with Blade.

“Burn Burn” hits the speakers as James Eagle walks from behind the curtain slowly followed by the Fanatic. The walk down the ramp slapping a few hands and enter the ring.)

(The teams go into their separate corners and decide who will start the match. Fanatic and Blade exit the ring and onto the apron as Eagle and Ekram begin to prepare for the match.)

RJ: “This is an opportunity for Eagle to impress both Chaos and the Fanatic here today Mike. Who do you think will reign supreme?”

MW: “Do you really think I care? There is more chance of Cassius becoming sane than me enjoying this rubbish.”

(The referee calls for the bell as Eagle and Ekram lock up. Eagle gets the initial upper hand and force Ekram into the corner but his opponent manages a stiff kick to the mid section. Eagle takes a step back as Ekram hits a massive chop across his chest. Eagle winces as Ekram bounces off the rope. He goes for the clothesline but Eagle manages to duck underneath and Ekram continues rebounding off the opposite rope and his opponent turns around into a jumping DDT from Ekram which drives his skull into the mat. He goes for the cover


Kick out! Ekram grabs his opponent by the hand and drags him into the corner and tags in Blade. The two begin to stomp into Eagle slouched into the corner.)

RJ: “Eagle not having a good start here.”

(Blade drags Eagle from the corner and lays him on his back before pointing for Ekram to climb the corner. Ekram climbs up and hits a massive senton bomb across the chest of Eagle. Blade quickly gets up and starts to stomp on his opponent before picking him up and throwing him into the adjacent corner. The Belton Brawler then runs at Eagle and looks for the flying cross body but Eagle dodges. Blade rebounds off the turnbuckle whilst Eagle bounces off the ropes.)

RJ: “Massive impact there as both men are laid out!!”

(The pair hit simultaneous clothesline and are now both flat on their backs. Eagle begins to crawl towards the Fanatic but as Eagle pulls closer Chaos appears at the top of the ramp. He is holding a microphone and begins to speak.)

C: “Fanatic, leave that pathetic excuse for a parasite to fend for himself. He does not deserve to have been allowed to tag with you. He is a nothing; he wanders around disrespecting people like me and you. Now leave him to suffer at the hands of these two other idiots.”

(With that Fanatic jumps from the apron as the crowd boo. Chaos begins to walk down the ramp and meets Fanatic at ring side. Eagle looks on in disbelief at what has just happened. He pulls himself up on the ropes and begins to ask Chaos “Why?” His pro just laughs off his pleas before pointing behind him. Blade had made the tag and Ekram was standing behind Eagle. Eagle turns and Ekram does for the Burn Out but Eagle pushes him off and begins to hit hard right hands across the face of his opponent. The crowd pops wildly as Eagle continues to fight back much to the dislike of Chaos. He throws Ekram off the ropes and hits a perfect standing drop kick to his opponent. He covers
Kick out from Erkam. Eagle lifts him up and hits a kick to the gut, uppercut and neck breaker combination before covering Ekram

Kick out again from Edan!

Eagle stands up and looks to the top rope.)

RJ: “Looks like Eagle is going to soar here Mike.”

MW: “I can only hope he falls flat on his face.”

(Eagle begins to climb the top rope as Blade tries to get the crowd on side of his tag partner. Ekram gets to his feet as Eagle adjusts himself. He stands on his feet and looks for the flying clothesline.)


(Ekram jumps off the ground and hits a brutal Burn Out on Eagle who crashes to the mat. Ekram quickly covers his opponent as Chaos stands on the outside laughing.


RJ: “Ekram picks up the victory after an outstanding Burn Out but Eagle will feel aggrieved after his pro Chaos screwed him.”

MW: “Stop with the moaning RJ, Chaos did what was right. Eagle doesn’t deserve a partner of the Fanatic’s quality.”

RJ: “Hold on a second..”

(Chaos climbs into the ring followed by the Fanatic. Eagle looks up at his pro and Chaos slaps him across the face as the boos begin to sound from the fans. Chaos and Fanatic laugh at each other as Eagle tries to pull himself up with the ropes.)

?? : “Hold on one second..”

MW: “What does this loser want?”

(James McManus is slowly walking down the ramps with the mic in hand. He climbs into the ring as Chaos and Fanatic look on.)

RJ: “Is McManus here to even up the numbers?”

JM: “I ask one favour Chaos; do not waste your energy on this pathetic parasite. He lives off his success out of the ring and attempts to buy these pathetic cheers. Leave him to me.”

RJ: “What? McManus wants some retribution after the trash talking that Eagle has done in the past.”

(McManus drops the mic and summons Chaos and Fanatic out the ring which they disagree with. They speak to McManus quietly and they all nod. Fanatic takes a step back and drags Eagle into the middle of the ring. He holds Eagle’s head before Chaos slaps him and gets in his face. He picks him up and tells McManus to hit him. McManus hits a massive right hand across the jaw and Eagle stumbles back. He takes a step forward again and is scooped up by McManus.)

RJ: “Death Valley Driver from McManus. It looks like he has formed some sort of alliance here with Chaos...

MW: Or not RJ

(Chaos looks at McManus who glares at the Greatest Cruiserweight in the World before rolling under the bottom rope and walking up the ramp)

MW: I think the two are just on the same page, Eagle is a loser pure and simple

RJ: Looks like the True Prophet isn't finished yet

(Chaos signals for Fanatic to drag Eagle into the corner. Chaos adjusts himself and hits the Chaos Rising. He gets to his feet and begins to trash talk to Eagle again before “Granite” blasts through the arena and Chaos and The Fanatic exit the ring and walk up the ramp to a massive amount of boos from the fans.)

RJ: “Eagle has taken a beating here tonight and it looks like he has more enemies than he thought. We have our NoDQ main event coming up later folks as well as the second rookie challenge and the results of the pro vote. Stay tuned.”
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 6   6NG Week 6 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:26 pm

RJ: Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen, its Second Rookie Challenge of the Night time

MW: Please never say that again

RJ: So we now go backstage where Clarissa is ready to welcome us


Clarissa: (Still evidently hurting and slightly put out by the crowd chanting) Thank you RJ, first up we have the Scorpion


Scorpion is backstage with Miss Jessica as they bump in to Clarissa

Scorpion: You better watch where your going next time !!

Miss Jessica: and you better stop trying to steal my spot light!!!

Clarissa: i w..a.a....

Scorpion: no one cares what you think ! next time you try to take miss j's spot light ill make sure those injuries are for real!!!!!!

Clarissa turns away as Scorpion and Miss Jessica walk away

Clarissa what was that about??

camera man smugs as a video starts playing on the tron

the tron's screen goes black as sand is splattered on to the screen the sand is rearrange's to spell ... darkness is all that anyone will see once they have been stung by The Scorpion then a Scorpion stings the screen as the whole arena goes quiet


C: Next up its (Shuddering) Frank Horrigan


Max Adamson is with Clarissa, who is wearing a neck brace after Frank Horrigan attacked her a couple of weeks back;

Clarissa: Max, after the disappointment of your 6WF Title match at Pain, tonight you go one on one with your 6NG rookie, (sighs), Frank Horrigan.

Max: Clarissa, Frank Horrigan may be my rookie, I may be his pro, but I cannot condone what he did to you, and not only do I apologise on his behalf, I will teach him a lesson in respect on Shutdown. We all knew what he was capable of when we saw his video. Roll the footage.

Max: Frank Horrigan will suffer Clarissa, you can count on it.

Frank Horrigan attacks Max Adamson from behind, Clarissa shrieks as Horrigan slams Adamson head first into the wall, and then shoves him face first to the floor. Horrigan looks down at Adamson on the floor, before turning his attentions to Clarissa.

RJ: Oh no... Leave her alone goddammit!

MW: Clarissa does bring it on herself though...

Horrigan stares at Clarissa and approaches her, she backs off but he closes in, Horrigan grabs Clarissa by the shoulder and neck and she winces in pain, Horrigan leans in and smiles sadistically before Max Adamson attacks Horrigan!

RJ: Thank god Adamson is here!

MW: I don't think anyone's ever said that!

Adamson and Horrigan trade punches as Clarissa escapes, Adamson gets the upper hand with the punches as security rushes in to break them up!

The security holds Adamson back as Horrigan gets to his feet, Horrigan backs off and Adamson is calmed down by the security.

MW: Stop him security! Adamson is a madman!

Adamson then charges through the security at Horrigan for a Gore, Horrgian drags a security guard in the way and Adamson accidently Gores the security guard, Adamson gets up and Horrigan hits a Big Boot to Adamson, knocking him spark out!

MW: That's what he gets for attacking the security...

RJ: Did you develop your idiocy or were you born with it?

Horrigan drags Max Adamson to his feet, he scoops him up onto his shoulders back first, and hits the Horrigan's Law to him!

FH: Hey, Max. You can count on me, ending your career.

Security usher Horrigan away and he obliges, smirking, Adamson is face down as Clarissa and a couple of EMT's check on his wellbeing.

MW: I told you I like this Horrigan...


C: Next its Yarmouth Blade


Yarmouth Blade and Perfect Jack are sat down in Jack's office,There's poster's on all 4 wall's with all off perfect Jack's accomplishments, there's a big 50" flat screen tv were Blade and Jack are studying videos of Blade's matches and there's one video of Jame's Eagle which they keep on looking at over and over again, Perfect Jack is pointing things out to Blade on what he should do on certain moves that eagle is doing.

Suddenly there's a knock at the door.

PJ,come in,its open.

The door open's and its Clarissa, back from hospital after her horrific attack by horrigan,Blade and Jack stand up to greet her.

PJ, hi Clarissa, glad to see your ok.

C,Thanks Jack,I was just hoping to get a few words with Yarmouth Blade on how he intends to get some points on the board and also to say thank you for the flower's he brought me when I was in hospital.

PJ,Yes of course you can, Blade Clarissa would like to speak to you.

YB,hi hunny how are you? Hope you feeling better?

C,Yes Blade much better thanks for asking,oh and thanks again for the flowers you gave me.

YB,No problem Clarissa,I'm just glad your ok, now what did you want to ask me?

C,Well I was wondering how you are going to get some point's on the board and how you are going to win against James Eagle and The Fanatic?

YB,me and The perfect one are just going through some video's of there match's and looking at all there weakness's and strengths and how to get out of certain moves.Also I am putting together some good promo's which I think my give me some points if not all of them.

C,I hope so Blade I really do,again I want to say thank you very much for those flower's and the wonderful get well video I saw, I did cry you know.

Clarissa walk's over to blade and give's him a kiss on the cheek.

Perfect Jack stands there with his mouth wide open in shock and Clarissa leaves Jack's office,The camera spins round to Blade were he is holding his right cheek were Clarissa kissed, his eye's are wide open and is smiling like a Cheshire cat.

In the back ground you can here the crowd laughing and the sight of Blade's face.

YB.boss,I think i am in love.

Perfect just laugh's at blade ,tap's him on the shoulder,come on Blade let's get back to those video's.


C: Our penultimate rookie, its James Eagle


(Outside the GM's office in the backstage area, Clarissa is stood conversing with James Eagle. Earlier Today is written on the screen)

JE: ... You know what? I'm fed up of this. Constantly being put down by my pro, a man who is supposed to helping me through the good times and the bad. I don't think I can live with this much longer (expand on this bit, give examples of Chaos' putting you down etc). For all I care, he and his supposed protégé CAN go to hell!

C: Ermm... James?

JE: Yes, Clarissa?

(Clarissa looks straight above his head and behind)

JE: ... Ohhhhhhhhhh...

(With a petrified look on his face, Eagle slowly turns on his left foot to face the chest of none other than The Fanatic)

(The Fanatic stares at Eagle before laughing)

The Fanatic: I heard everything,

(The Fanatic let's out a small laugh.)

Fanatic: Who the hell do you think you are to say that YOUR True Prophet should go to hell? You are just like all the others, a parasite who must be destroyed!

JE: Prove it ...!

(The Fanatic looks confused for a second, before Eagle clears it all up for him. James Eagle throws a cheap punch to the jaw of The Fanatic, who holds his jaw momentarily before laughing and pushing Eagle backwards a bit, trying to draw a reaction. Eagle runs back at him, but only to be met with a big boot to the skull. The Fanatic lifts Eagle to his feet and slams the back of his head into the wall a few times, before Clarissa runs off - screaming for help. The Fanatic continues to destroy 'The Golden One'. He leans Eagle up against a table and follows up with a massive Fanatical Fury [Eleveated Last Ride Powerbomb] right through it. Eagle lies motionless on the ground, as The Fanatic steps away from him.)

F: The True Prophet will learn of your indiscretions

(The Fanatic leave the scene swiftly and are out of site before anyone reaches them.)

(Replays show Eagle's head jerking forwards as he hits the ground following a big boot. It then shows the already motionless body as it crashes through a table covered in food.)

(Medics arrive at the scene, where The Fanatic isnowhere to be seen.)


C: Finally its Edan Ekram


-The scene opens with Dubois walking down the corridor as the fans give a good ovation to the French Crusader. Dubois says 'Hi' to some of members of staff until he stops and looks down.-

Jerome: Hein?! I told mon ami fait comme chez toi, pourquoi et tu ici?

-The camera moves to Edan Ekram who is seen sitting on a storage box tying his boots up.-

Edan: Still going at it with the French I see!

Jerome: Haha sorry mon ami I forget at times, but dat is ze next ding we are going to be working, your french!

-Edan face is a picture of shock and horror-

Jerome: Haha noo noo. What is you english people zay? “You ave been spunked!?

-The crowd begin to laugh as Edan smacks his head.-

Edan: Punk’d Dubs.....punk’d.....

Jerome: Aaah oui! Punk’ed! Haha..........Edan mon ami Why aren’t changing in my locker room? I told you you can use all dat is mine!

Edan: You know me Dubs, we have been working with each other for 5 weeks now and you know what I am all about. I haven’t deserved the right to be in one of those locker rooms yet, i need to earn the privilege to be back there. I need to earn the respect from my peers in order to show I am the real deal!

Jerome: Dat is what I like about you Edan. While you and I come from different backgrounds and have adopted different approaches to wrestler, you have your feet firmly on ze ground and are ready to dig deep and learn from ze best in ze business today, dat mon ami is why you and I are at ze top of ze 6NG challenge because you are learning ze most important draight dat I have and dat mon ami is being one step ahead of ze competition! To dink dat from next week 2 people will be gone and den we will be down to ze all important 4 which will make you one step closer to be ze 6WF Breakout Star of ze Year just like i was back in 2009! But while I am proud of you mon ami don’t do ze same mistake as I did, don’t let your ego get bigger dan your boots or else you will end up like what happened to me when I faced Tyson Armstrong, which was him wooping mon derriere from 2 months straight and getting my Freeweight title!

Edan: You're right! There's a reason why it's me at the top of that leaderboard; a reason that I've safe from elimination this week.

Jerome: O' course, I am always right. Now, I am off to prepare for my match on Lockdown. Au revoir!

Edan: Au revoir.

-Edan slaps hands with Dubois before picking up his gym bag and heading down the other way of the corridor. After a short while he turns the corridor to see Clarissa, still looking a little bruised.-

Edan: WOAH! You look rough! Err... I mean, it's great to have you back Clarissa!

-The camera turns to Clarissa who looks less than impressed as Edan hugs her tightly.-

Clarissa: Thanks for the video you sent me, it was so... different.

Edan: No worries, and I meant every word of it. Except going after Horrigan, I'd be mad to do that.

-Edan laughs nervously, before looking over his shoulder.-

Edan: So do you want to talk about my match this week?

Clarissa: I suppose we best. You team up with Yarmouth Blade-

Edan: A liability-

Clarissa: Against the team of The Fanatic-

Edan: Who?-

Clarissa: And James Eagle... How do you rate your chances?

Edan: Well teaming up with the running joke in the Next Gen competition is definetely a drawback on my side, but I think I go past that and really be able to show off my talent. I won't be selfish in the match and not let Blade in the ring, it'd be impossible to beat those two on my own, but I just hope he actually manages to do something worthwhile this week. I'll be honest, when he leaves next week I won't miss him.

Clarissa: He's not actually been eliminated yet Edan.

Edan: Oh, that Twitter leak must have been a lie... Damn those fake accounts!

-Clarissa gives Edan a bemused look before contiuing.-

Clarissa: What about your opponents?

Edan: I've always said right from the beginning that one of the biggest threats to me in this competition is James Eagle. He's on par with me in the ring, and if either of us have a good night then we'll be able to nick it. Having an experienced wrestler like The Fanatic by his side is definitetly an advantage, the experience he'll bring to the match will help James. But on the other hand it can only mean good things for Next Gen and myself. Competing against the talent from the main roster and being able to not only keep up, but show them up, means that we're all improving!

Clarissa; Thanks for your time and I'll see you on Tuesday night.

Edan: Cool, I'll pick you up at 8.

Clarissa: I meant for Next Gen, Edan...

Edan: Err, I knew that.. See ya!

-Edan walks down the corridor; the camera shot changes to him walkign towards it. His t-shirt takes up the screen and it is filled with black before turning off altogether. The trons in the arena come on and Edan appears on the screen, sitting in a throne with Clarissa placing a crown upon his head.

Clarissa: Your winner of 6wF Next Gen, Edan Ekram!

The crowd begin to cheer and a line of text appears at the bottom: 'Coming soon.'-


C: And in a 6NG first we are going to go straight from a rookie challenge into the pro vote...
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 6   6NG Week 6 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:26 pm

C: The winner of the Pro Vote for Challenge 1 is...

...... FRANK HORRIGAN! (Shuddering) Frank moves onto 4 immunity points.
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 6   6NG Week 6 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:27 pm

C: In the Pro Vote for the Second Rookie Challenge we have a tie. The two winners of the 3 points are.....

.... EDAN EKRAM AND YARMOUTH BLADE! That means that the already immune Edan Ekram moves onto 8 immunity points and is now guaranteed a place in the 6NG Final! Meanwhile Yarmouth Blade gets off of his duck and moves onto 3 immunity points. Now back to you RJ for our Main Event!
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 6   6NG Week 6 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:27 pm

RJ: Thank you Clarissa, and wow! Edan is running away with immunity points

MW: Frank Horrigan is on the march now, my boy is going to win this stupid competition

RJ: Your boy? Talk of the devil, here he comes now!

Rock the Night hits and crowd descends into boos as Frank Horrigan storms down to the ring)

MW: The winner and the only reason to watch this show right there RJ

RJ: I thought you were the reason to watch this show Michael?

MW: Well that goes without saying

(I Won't Do What You Tell Me hits and The Scorpion appears to a chorus of boos, a few cheers can be heard from the fans in their appreciation of his victory against Hero. He runs down to the ring and stares at Horrigan from the outside as All My Life hits)

RJ: Both men with issues against the Church Of Hero here

(Longinus fails to appear as his music rings out and we suddenly cut backstage where he is seen alongside General Sanchez caught in the middle of an ambush by Zakky Spencer, Xeres and Vlad. The COH members and the Atheists are going at it as security attempts to pull them apart)

RJ: Due to the attack backstage we doubt that Longinus will not be appearing in tonights Main Event.

(Security manages to pull the two factions apart as we cut back to ringside where Scorpion and Horrigan are already locking up. Horrigan manages to overpower Scorpion and pushes him backwards to the corner. The ref tries to separate the two but Horrigan just pushes him away and laughs. Out of nowhere Scorpion hits a low blow to boos from the crowd)

MW: NoDQ already coming into action here RJ

(Scorpion seizes the initiative and takes Horrigan down with a clothesline he waits for Horrigan to rise before hitting him with another one. Horrigan rises a third time and gets taken down by a shoulder block. Cover... Kickout. Scorpion picks Horrigan up before taking him back down with a hiptoss. He then applies a headlock as the crowd boo)

RJ: Good work by Scorpion, taking down the bigger man

(The crowd suddenly cheers as Longinus is seen charging down to the ring. Longinus hits the ring and starts pummelling left and rights down onto the unprepared Scorpion. He fist pumps the crowd before hitting a vertical suplex. Horrigan also rises and is met by a Spear from Longinus. Cover....



Scorpion breaks it up and pulls Longinus out of the ring. Cover




MW: Horrigan showing some heart here although he doesn't look like he expected such fight from these two

(The Scorpion shouts at the referee before picking up up Horrigan, and going for the Death Stalker.)

RJ: What Impact!

(Replays show Longinus re-enter the ring behind Scorpion and hit a huge chair shot to the back of the head busting him open. He then attempts to repeat the process on the groggy Horrigan who punches the chair out of Longinus' hands. Before Horrigan hits his Double A Spinebuster. He then looks at the chair before slamming it repeatedly into Longinus' ribs. Horrigan then laughs before chucking Longinus out of the ring and going and fetching a table from under the ring)

RJ: This is sick Michael, somebody stop this monster!

MW: This is brilliant RJ!

(Horrigan laughs once more before sliding back into the ring where Scorpion is just starting to move. Horrigan drops the table before lifting Scorpion up and hitting a monstrous Horrigan's Law onto the remnants of the broken chair. He covers.....



RJ: Seriously stop it!

(Horrigan lifts Scorpions lifeless body off of the mat breaking the count. He then sets up the table and laughs once more before dragging Scorpion to the corner. Longinus is back in and runs at Horrigan and is dispatched with a big boot. Horrigan laughs yet again and positions the lifeless Longinus onto the table)

MW: Setting up Iconoclasm!


(Replays show as Horrigan sets up the Scorpion just about comes to and slips out. His momentum and position meaning that he hits a powerbomb onto Horrigan sending him crashing through the table and the prone Longinus. The referee looks at the carnage before starting a count



RJ: All three men have been counted out, none of them could answer a 10 count!

MW: No wait RJ, look back in the ring!

(In the ring General Sanchez has raced down to the ring and is talking to the referee as we go to replays. The replays show that Longinus has his arm draped over scorpion)

RingAnnouncer: The winner of this match via pinfall, LONGINUS!

MW: Sanchez cheated he moved Longinus' arm!

RJ: The Atheists showing they work as a team, well that's all we have time for people. Join us on Friday for the results of the 2nd Elimination and then next Tuesday for the Semi Final of 6NG Season 1. Both live and exclusive on!
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