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 6NG Week 3

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PostSubject: 6NG Week 3   6NG Week 3 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:16 pm

(The lights in the arena go down as Long Road to Ruin hits and the crowd cheer as the 6NG opening video and pyro goes off)

RJ: Welcome to Episode 3 of 6NG, appearing one night late on due to Michael Wire trying to take 3 days off in order to give himself 11 days of holiday. Well the lawsuit that followed was successful and so Ladies and Gentlemen, appearing from the Wire Well Michael Wire

(Crowd boos)

MW: This is ridiculous, last week I was almost killed due to inexperience of these rookies and then I'm not allowed to spend time with my mistress, sorry I meant wife!

RJ: Anyway, we're live right now and we go straight into the first rookie challenge. It is a chance to promo against your opponent for this week!

MW: Let me guess we're going backstage to Clarissa

RJ: No Michael the pleasure is all yours as the rookies are coming out to the ring!

MW: Please no!

(I Made It hits and the 7 rookies make their way out to ringside)

RJ: Up first Frank Horrigan


"Rock the Night" by Europe hits and the crowd jeer and boo as the monsterous and mysterious Frank Horrigan walks out to the ring, he is wearing his usual attire of black trunks, boots and knee pads. Horrigan gets into the ring and snatches a microphone from the ring announcer, who immediately leaves the ring. Horrigan has the ring to himself as he glares at the disapproving crowd;

FH: So my next challenge is to come out here and run down my opponents for this week. Despite the fact I am facing a mortal who believes he is the Hell Raiser, a fictional character, and once again Yarmouth Blade. Now, Blade and I seem to face each other every week, yet every week I take his Yarmouth born backside and I kick it from here to next week, he comes back for more. Yarmouth Blade obviously has balls, but if he keeps facing up to me he is just going to suffer. And it wont matter if he has balls, because by the end of it all, he will have lost the use of his legs. What use are balls when you can't move your legs? If Yarmouth Blade is smart enough, he will never find out the answer to that question. And as for the Hell Raiser, I am the only man in our match that will raise hell.

To be honest, I am not much of a talker. I am a do'er. I do things to people that haunt them for eternity. I cause pain to people that in my mind deserve it, even though in the minds of others they don't deserve the pain. Some people are more forgiving than me, but I see just standing in my way enough of a crime to warrant being punished by me. Horrigan's Law applies that anyone who prevents or tries to prevent Frank Horrigan from progressing in his career is making a direct attack on Frank Horrigan, and that person or persons will be dealt with accordingly. In the dock this week, Yarmouth Blade and Hell Raiser. Stand in my way on 6NG, and I will punish you accordingly.

(Horrigan leaves the ring still clutching his microphone and walks to the back)


RJ: Next we have Edam Ekram

The lights in the arena go out for a couple of seconds before 'Elements of Life' hits the sound system and a series of flickering lights scatters across the crowd. A small explosion takes place at the top of the ramp and through the smoke, Edan Ekram appears. The crowd cheer him on as he runs down the ramp, tagging the hands of fans as he goes. He takes the mic from the ring announcer and climbs onto the apron before jumping over the rope into the ring.

Edan: I get in the ring. I tell the crowd I am the best. I say I will win on Tuesday. I go- I kid, I kid. I can speak normally, and unfortunately for Rasta and Killer, I can actually wrestle. Don't get me wrong, these two must have been doing something right to have remained in 6wF for as long as they have, but it's time that they were moved on to the scrap heap. Now I know that these guys hold a special place in your heart, but do they really deserve to be getting ring time above the likes of James Eagle, Fernando Gonzales and myself?

Everytime backstage I see Killer backstage he just mutters to himself, but Rasta is very kind. But, sir, for the umpteenth time, I don't smoke and you don't have to offer me one every time I walk past. On Tuesday I know I'll prove it with my actions that the time for Rasta and Killer to remain in 6wF is long over.

By my side will be Fernando Gonzalo, a fellow newcomer to 6wF. Out of all the wrestlers to join 6wF Next Gen- Gonzales is one of the most impressive. I know I'm not immune yet, but already there is starting to be a split of the more taleted wrestlers an those who will never amount to anything. I'm someone that's going somewhere, in my eyes wrestlers like James Eagle, Fernando Gonzales and Frank Horrigan will be the superstars in 12 months time. We will be the superstars challenging for gold, and showing how Next Gen gave us the platform for this.

So you see Rastiller, Fernando and I are on our way up. But the only way we can keep on going is by knocking everyone else down a few pegs. Unfortunately for you, you're in our way.
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 3   6NG Week 3 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:16 pm

RJ: Up next is Scorpion

The lights in the arena fade and are replaced by the image of a scorpion scuttling accross the desert on the big screen. The scorpion spots his next victim and as the Scorpion's tail viciously strikes its prey "I won't do what you tell me" blasts out of the sound system and the arena is bathed in golden colours. Scorpion appears on the stage as he rides his bike through a golden curtain pyro falling from the screen, and swirling sand that is blasted from the sides of the ramp.

Diablo is in the Ring as the crowd start Booing as Scorpion rides down to the ring

Scorpion: Diablo ! ( evil Grin ) you useless peice of trash why are you even on this Show !


Scorpion: You failed to achieve anything in your so called career !

Crowd still boo!

Scorpion: thats why i will end it TONIGHT ! and you will leave this ring on a stretcher!

Crowd boos fill up the arena as the Bell rings

RJ: Guess what Michael, we have another Rookie. Its Fernando Gonzalez

Fernando Gonzalez is standing in the ring with a very angry look on his face with his hands on his hips.

fg: tonight im teaming up with urgh edam ekram, are you kidding me? the guy is named after cheese!

fernando stands there with anger building up in his face , while the crowd boo him

fg: we're up against rasta and killer, the 2 pathetic lowlife losing chumps in 6wf. the resident losers are back into business! do the world a favour go back to rudey poo hole and hide before i beat the living hell out of you , you stupid idiotic version of bob marley and killer the only way ud kill people is boring them from watching you wrestle, its like watching avatar without the special effects.

crowd continue to boo gonzalez and start chanting your a a**hole

fernando getting redder and redder with rage , climbs out the ring grabs a sign saying gonzalez sucks and tears in half and throws in back at him.

fg: edam, cheese whichever you decide to be, bring your A game i don't want you stinking the place up with your lack of talent.

fg: who books these matches are they idiots? why team me with cheese ? i know im awesome but why do i have to carry this untalented piece of rudey poo with me?

fernando throws the mic down and storms off.

RJ: Next up its the COH baby, Longinus

As All My Life by the Foo Fighters plays in the arena Longinus has made his way from the backstage area, through the curtains and onto the stage where the dimmed arena lights and the single spot light is waiting for him.

Dressed in a long black robe with the hood now over his head and half covering his face, he is still holding his ribs with his right hand and his head is lowered. He slowly makes his way to the centre of the stage trying not to limp. The Strobe light kicks in, the song blasts through the speakers and the spot light turns a familiar red.

The crowd boos his appearance on stage.
Longinus doesn't acknowledge the crowd, instead of looking into them, he keeps his head lowered so that the hood is hiding his face. He walks very slowly and deliberately to the ring trying not to limp, but its proving difficult. The crowd on either side of the walkway to the ring are booing and shouting abuse at Longinus as he passes them but instead of showing that evil grin back at them, as he has done before, he just carries on to the ring with his head lowered.

Longinus makes it to the steel steps and climbs them one at a time holding onto the ring post to steady himself.
He picks up the microphone from the corner, walks across the apron, slowly bends his back and steps into the ring through the middle rope.

All My Life by Foo Fighters slowly dies away, but the arena lights do not come back on. Instead the spot light has turned white again and is fixed on Longinus in the centre of the ring. The crowd continue to boo.

Still with his head bowed and the hood from his clock covering his face he raises the microphone with his right hand.
Instead of hesitating to wind the crowd up as he has done previously, Longinus gets straight to the point.

"Lessons!" he shouts.
"To become anything in life, you need to learn from lessons and act on your mistakes. Lessons have been taught, and lessons have been learned!"
Longinus lifts his left arm to hold his ribs and continues.

"I failed in my previous match and suffered the consequences because of my actions. But that is a lesson I do not need repeated. Nor will I give it means to be repeated. I will not fail my Lord or the Church of Hero again."

"Tonight I find myself in a triple threat match with Daniel Montgomery & James Eagle"
The crowd cheers at hearing James Eagle's name. This makes Longinus tilt his head to one side and then the other as if stretching his neck muscles.

"So a blast from the past returns to find himself thrown into the mix with the next gen superstars. Well I hope for your sake Montgomery, you still have your 'A' game. Because injured or not, im bringing mine and I myself will teach you a lesson of my own. A lesson you will not forget quickly."

The crowd boos start ringing around the arena. Longinus slowly removes the hood from over his face and off his head. Longinus for the first time lifts his head up. The camera zooms in and Longinus' face becomes visible. With bruising on his forehead and a dark, purple like black eye Longinus gives that all to familiar grin and continues speaking.

"Eagle, just who do you think you are?" Longinus shouts.
"You claim you have already won 6NG before you have even crossed the finish line. I know you have a problem listening to others with your blinkered vision but let me make this clear for you. As I have learned a valuable lesson this week, so will you."

"But this time it will be me as the teacher and you as my pupil. Injured or not, I will educate you in the ways of Longinus. My Lord has shown me the path I must go down. And nothing will make me deviate from my course, including you and Montgomery. I will brush you both aside and continue on my mission to be the 6NG Champion!"

The crowd's boos continue to ring around the arena.


RJ: The penultimate Rookie is James Eagle

Eagle comes out to the ring displaying his usual antics, as 'Burn Burn' plays in the background. After handing out twenty pound notes to the fans at ringside, he slides into the ring and taunts. The crowd erupts with cheering, while James Eagle waits for the noise to die down.

He lifts a microphone to his mouth, only to trigger more applause. He drops it back down smiling at the fans, before finally deciding to speak over the fans.

JE: Tonight... Tonight the Golden One has to face a member of the church and a morbidly obese giant. Yes, I did just say that. I said it, because I do not fear either of you and I never have done. In fact, I've never had any fears. In business you can't. Would I have become a businessman if I feared the consequences? Would I have been successful if I feared opponents? Would I have earned millions if I feared the competition? No! So why should I now?

JE: Since joining 6wF I have yet to face a single competitor that is a smaller man than me. I have gone into every match as the underdog, yet I have won more than half of my matches. I have always overcome the odds in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

Crowd: Eagle, Eagle, Eagle!

JE: Daniel Montgomery, the largest athlete in the world, your time has gone. You left this company long ago and you are lucky to have even been given this opportunity. Last Tuesday I dominated and destroyed another has-been. Today, I expect to repeat the feat and put another man on the sideline. After all if Chaos has managed to destroy you before then I should be able to do it in my sleep.

JE: As for you Longinus, (Eagle points to ringside at Longinus) I don't know what to expect. You are part of a huge following of the great one, Hero. However, this week especially, I've been watching your actions closely...the church don't like you! laughing While you worry about what Hero and co will do next, I will stay focussed and increase my lead at the top of 6WF Next Gen.

JE: My agenda remains - I plan to win. And you can't stop me, because I'm the high-flying, risk-taking money-machine! I am the Golden One JAMMMMMMEEEEESSSSSS EAAAAAGGGGGGLLLLEEEE!

Crowd: Eagle, Eagle, Eagle!

Eagle stands there in the centre of the ring taunting to his fellow rookies and the 6NG pros.

RJ: And the final rookie is Yarmouth Blade

he camera comes on into the back stage area and there's Clarissa standing there with a long red dress and big round earing's in her ears.

there's a big poster behind her with perfect jack and yarmouth blade with the caption could these be the next tag team champions?

C, lady's and gentleman please welcome my guest at this time is yarmouth blade.

crowd x10

blade walks into the camera shot and smiles when the crowd cheer his name.

C, now blade how are you feeling after your match last week, I mean you put Horrigan through that box are you 100%?

YB,hi hunny, yes I am 100% fit I'm the one and only yarmouth blade, didn't you know I can do things like that and still come up smelling like roses?

C,now you also have to deal with The HellRaiser will you put him through the box too?

YB, well you will just have to wait and see wont you hunny?but seriously its about winning matches and getting some points which I have won one of my matches but no points as yet but am sure that will change very shortly.
as for the hellraiser well he better not turn up for this match cos one way or another he's gonna get hurt just like Horrigan did last week but this time i will pin him or horrigan 1,2,3 and win the match and also get my point for my excellent promo's.
oh and one more thing hunny.

C, yes blade what is it?

YB, how is Michael Wire? any way hope he's feeling OK after I squashed him with that great big fat lump of a man horrigan. (blade and Clarrisa laughs into the mic)that idiot of a commenter doesn't like this show then he better off and watch summet else hey.

C, so you don't like Michael Wire then blade?

YB, No I DON'T he dis's this show, there's some fine athletes in this show and I don't want any body taking the pi....s out off it.

C, well said, blade and good luck with your match.
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 3   6NG Week 3 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:16 pm

(We return from a commercial promoting Lockdown and Daniel Montgomery is already in the ring)

RJ: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, we now cut live to our first match

MW: Hopefully the only "match"

RJ: We have four tonight Michael, so strap yourself into your well!

(“All my life” then blasts out the speakers as the boos begin to come from the 6WF fans. Longinus then walks out from behind the curtain, once again he is alone. Suddenly, Burn Burn hits and James Eagle runs down to the ring. He slides into the ring and starts unloading with the right and lefts onto Longinus)

RJ: Good start by Eagle

(Eagle knocks Longinus down before picking him up and hitting a huge DDT. He taunts Longinus but has forgotten about Daniel Montgomery. DM hits a big right hand sending Eagle down)

MW: Stupid Rookie, this is a triple threat not one on one!

(DM lifts up Eagle before hitting a headbut, he follows up this with a clothesline and a big boot. He runs to the ropes before hitting a leg drop. He covers... 1....2....)

MW: Longinus breaks it up!

(Longinus is back in the ring and pushes DM away. The giant stares at Longinus before grabbing him by the throat and hitting a modified Chokebomb. Longinus rolls out of the ring and DM lifts his hand to a mixed reaction. Suddenly Eagle rolls the giant up



(Eagle gets back to his feat first before hitting a codebreaker-esque move on the giant. He lifts up the Giant)

RJ: No way Michael, he's looking for the Soar!

MW: Wait the bells ringing whats going on?

(Replays show Longinus has re-entered the ring with an empty rum bottle. He smacks it over the head of the giant before kicking Eagle 'downstairs' and hitting his Death Valley Driver. Longinus celebrates in the ring before kissing his "H" necklace to boos from the crowd)

RJ: What a bloody cheat, we had the makings of a great match tonight

MW: You know what RJ, I might actually like this rookie!

RJ: Really Michael?

MW: Of course not RJ, is your middle name gullible?
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 3   6NG Week 3 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:17 pm

RJ : “Welcome back to 6NG ladies and gentleman and our next match for you tonight is Fernando Gonzalez teaming with Edan Ekram going up against Rasta and Killer in a tag team bout.”

MW : “Yet another ridiculously awful match for me to commentate on. I really am so glad I have my little sanctuary here.”

RJ : “Get a grip Mike!”

The camera turns to the ring where all four men are already stood. Rasta takes his position on the outside but Gonzalez and Ekram argue to who should start the match. Gonzalez pushes Ekram and tells him to get where he belongs. Gonzalez turns round and Killer runs at him but he dodges with ease. He laughs to himself before grabbing Killer and throwing him against the ropes. Killer rebounds into a big time spinebuster.

RJ : “Gonzalez is taking no prisoners here tonight.”

He begins to stomp on his grounded opponent before looking up at Ekram. His partner offers the tag but Fernando just laughs at him before picking up Killer and again locking him round the waist.

RJ : “Wow, great athleticism by Gonzalez with the three German suplexs.”

MW : “YAWN.”

The crowd boos as Gonzalez stands up after the third suplex. He flips the middle finger to a youngster in the crowd before picking up Killer and hitting the flip piledriver. He goes for the pin..


RJ: “Gonzalez showing absolutely no remorse here tonight Mike. Great showing from the youngster. Not even thinking about his tag partner, great dominance!”

Ekram climbs into the ring and walks towards Gonzalez. His partner ushers him away before beginning to celebrate the victory. Ekram slap Gonzalez on the shoulder and offers him a handshake. Gonzalez takes one look at the hand before kicking Ekram square between the legs.

MW : “Now this is more like it!!”

The crowd boos furiously as Gonzalez begins to boot Ekram in the mid section. He quickly slips under the ring and grabs a steel chair before proceeding to smash it across the back of Ekram who is yelling in pain. Jerome Dubois appears at the top of the ramp before pointing at Gonzalez and running towards the ring. He scampers quickly to the outside and begins to trash talk with Dubois.

RJ : “Gonzalez seriously isn’t making any friends in 6WF. Sorry about that folks.”

MW : “What are you on about RJ? That was brilliant from Gonzalez. He is my type of wrestler.”

RJ : “I really dislike you sometimes Mike. Stay tuned folks we still have plenty of action to come.”
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 3   6NG Week 3 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:17 pm

RJ: Now for our second rookie challenge. The first video promos our rookies have done

MW: And even better we're over halfway through tonights show!

RJ: Clarissa please can you introduce each Rookie's promo

C: First we have Longinus

Longinus remains in the ring and addresses the crowd who are still booing.
"Will you continue to boo me when I become the winner of 6NG?"

"With each week that passes I take one more step towards my calling. I will shake the very foundations of 6WF for all to witness and you will all be in awe of me. Not only will I win 6NG, but I will become your new 6WF champion!"

The crowd hates this. The booing is deafening throughout the arena.
"I WILL be the next breakout star" Longinus shouts. "I have the means, the will and the ability. Role the VT!" He shouts.

The titontron bursts into life starting off with fireworks:

Once it ends the crowd continues to boo. All My Life by Foo Fighters continues to play and as he did on the video, Longinus makes his way to the corner of the ropes. He slowly makes his way to the 2nd rope still holding his ribs with his left hand and looks into the audience with an evil grin.

C: Next we have Frank Horrigan

Frank Horrigan is walking round a funfair, it is night time and the carnival style music is playing, artificial light illuminates the area. Horrigan is wearing street clothes and is holding candy floss on a stick. He walks around bemused and in a state of sedativity, almost child like. Horrigan stares at the Ferris Wheel, as it moves round and round. Next to him is a friend, a female friend, who encourages him to have a go at the "Test Your Strength" machine, with the hammer and the bell, and the range from 1-100. A sign reads "Hit 100 points to win a prize". Frank Horrigan is smiling and appears to be at peace.

Horrigan picks up the hammer and lifts it high into the air, he takes a deep breath, but before he lowers the hammer, a beautiful fireworks display begins, the vast majority of the funfair goers look up in amazement as a series of gorgeous colours explode in the night sky, blue, green, gold, silver and red fireworks explode one after the other, each shower of sparks more enthralling than the previous one.

Everything goes warped.

Frank Horrigan is crouching, he is on a battlefield, the bombs are going off above and behind him, schrapnel falls and lands barely a metre away from him, Horrigan gets to his feet and staggers around, he picks up a sledgehammer and fights off enemy soldiers. Each soldier approaches him unarmed but it doesn't stop Horrigan driving the sledgehammer into the sternum of each approaching soldier, he hits man after man, soldier after soldier, some beg off but Horrigan doesn't stop. "Courage, Honour, Semper Fiiii!" shouts Horrigan, fighting for his country as each soldier backs off and Horrigan goes after each soldier.

Everything goes warped.

Frank Horrigan is stood back at the funfair, but everything is different. The fireworks have stopped. The atmosphere is dead. The eerie carnival music still plays, and Horrigan is holding the hammer that goes with the "Test Your Strength" machine.

A shrill scream from a woman wakes Horrigan from his daze, he looks around at the carnage that surrounds him. Bodied laying strewn across the funfair. Broken, bloodied. Blood drips from the hammer Horrigan is holding, he drops the hammer in shock at the state of the funfair. He looks for his female friend, who is laying unconscious. Everyone Horrigan appeared to hit with the hammer seems to be alive but badly injured, including the man who runs the "Test Your Strength" game. Horrigan checks on him, and as he gets up, his eye is caught by a blue fluffy bunny toy. Frank Horrigan takes the toy off the prize board and he cradles the toy, 'shush'ing it, treating it as if it were a baby. Horrigan walks away from the scene of the crime as people begin to get to their feet, Horrigan walks off into the distance as sirens sound, and paramedics arrive on the scene.

Frank Horrigan is sat in a psychiatric ward, rocking back and forth, cradling his blue bunny, whispering to the bunny over and over "It wasn't my fault".

Frank Horrigan was sentenced to three years in a mental institute for his crimes, he served his time and when he was released, he needed a release. He needed something in his life where he could take out his mental anguish on those around him without being convicted ever again. He found his release. He found the 6WF. He found 6NG. He found his freedom...

C: Next up, Edam Ekram

'Elements of Life' starts to play very quiety and the crowd look towards the stage for Edan Ekram. However, the lights black out and all that can be seen is an unusual purple glow coming from the titontron. A silhouette forms on the right hand side, and another forms on the left hand side. They run towards each other before the silhouette on the left hits the 'Burn Out' on the other. As the impact happens a heavy bassline runs over 'Elements of Life' as it gets louder and the blacked out figures merge into the a black splodge before exploding and spelling out 'Edan Ekram'.

The screen cuts to an small, empty practice wrestling arena. There are about 20 chairs set out around the ring. The mat in the ring looks worn and faded, several blood spots forever stained onto it.-

Voice: This is where it all begins. At one time in their history, every 6wF wrestler has had to endure months of training before finally competing.

-This time it is a birdseye view of the ring; slowly zooming towards the blood.-

Voice: Blood, sweat and tears are compulsory. No one in 6wF has ever made it without having to give in to this.

-A compilation of 6wF superstars past and present starts to play. Superstars like Cassius Zhi and Hero taking extreme chair shots and their faces a picture of crimson. It cuts to some of the 6wF stars that have had to quit through injury; The Saint and Snake Eyes, and their teary eyes. The penultimate compilation is of the times that these wrestlers have captured the World Championships and for some it is a different kind of tears. Finally, a whole body shot of Edan Ekram takes over the screen.-

Voice: The Master of Elements... Double E... EDAN EKRAM!

-The shot quickly changes to a video of Edan Ekram standing opposite his trainer outside. Standing in just his purple training shorts and shoes; the sun bounces off his back as he unleashes a flurry of quick punching combos followed with stiff, quick kicks against the pads. Change to a short video of Edan being made to do sit ups, press ups and sprinting to either side of a football pitch.-

Voice: Years of practice have taught Edan Ekram about his own strengths and weaknesses. Years of practice have allowed his to perfect his moves. And after years of practice Edan Ekram has landed in 6wF.

-The music changes to something more electric guitar led. The tron starts to show previous Edan Ekram matches before 6wF. It's an assortment of neckbreakers, high-angled DDTs and suplexes. But it all changes after a Pele Kick. We see Edan hitting some huge dropkicks and hurracanas before landing the senton bomb. Ekram has the 'Drowned and Damned' (Coquina Clutch) locked in.-

Edan: (Echoe effect) I am Edan Ekram... And YOU will BURN!

-As the music finishes with a smash of a drum, the video finishes with Edan hitting the 'Burn Out' on a mystery opponent.-

C: Next, its Yarmouth Blade

the scene come on to a fair ground which is based in great yarmouth, the camera spins round showing all different rides, there's the waltzer, dodgems,
big wheel and then a candy floss machine, The fair ground is full off people having a good time, then there's a boy who's about 8 years old standing in a que with his mum.

little boy, mum why can't I go on the ghost train yet mum?

mum,because that man is having some fun first with the camera men.

the camera spins round to the ghost train and There's Yarmouth blade right at the front of the train waiting for the train to start.

blade turns round looks into the camera and smiles.

YB, hi guys hows it going?, horrigan,HellRaiser are you too guys scared off me?, you should be, horrigan you know what I'm talking about after last week and HellRaiser you better bring the hell with you cos your gonna need it.

Now blade never gets scared and just to prove am going on this really scary ghost ride just to prove am not afraid of any think.

As blade says this a car at the back comes through one of the doors and there's a man and a women looking really scared and frightened they get out off the train and start to run away from the train.

YB, see I told you this was a scary ride, hey kid(blade shouts out to the kid who is waiting with his mum) you wanna come and join me in the front car? your mum can go behind us in the second car.

kid, mum can I? please its yarmouth blade I wont get scared.

mum, OK son but I'm coming too.

the kid gets into the car with blade and his mum gets into the car behind blade.

YB, get ready for a bumpy ride guy's.

the one and only hits as the train goes through the curtains and you can see blade laughing away as the boy and his mum are screaming with fright.

the video wall goes of back to the arena and the crowd are really puzzled as to what they have witnessed.

the camera comes on into the back stage area and there's Clarissa standing there with a long red dress and big round earing's in her ears.

there's a big poster behind her with perfect jack and yarmouth blade with the caption could these be the next tag team champions?

C: Next we have The Scorpion

a Scorpion is seen Crawling around the desert searching for prey the sun starts to rise on the desert in the distance the scorpion spots something shiny crawls over to it and see that it is a sliver chain with the letters COH attached to it the Scorpion Strikes it as it does the camera switches to a man on a motorbike on his jacket Scorpion is written Camera switches to the front where the man is grinning it spots that he is holding the chain with the letters COH he tightens his fists as he does this the chain turns to sand/dust !

C: Our penultimate Rookie, Fernando Gonzalez

the show cuts to a scene with fernando gonzalez sitting at the end of a dark alley with his head in his hands.

the camera cuts in to a face shot.

fernando shouts angrily and throws the water bottle against the wall

fg: blue dragon! you think your going to get away with last week

fernando stands up and looks in the camera with his eyes red with rage

fg: your supposed to be my pro, my mentor and it just turns out your a pathetic bitter person.

fg: what kind of man leaves their own student in the ring against 2 of the best wrestlers in 6wf?

anger builds up on fernando's face as he gets redder and redder.

fg: you better stop with the rudey poo dragon ! your supposed to teach me not screw me over

fg: just remember dragon

fernando has a devious smile on his face

fernando shouts down the camera

fg: revenge is a B*tch

pushes the camera away and walk offs into the night.

C: Finally, its James Eagle

The titantron flares up into a golden sheet, before fading into the view of a country mansion.

The camera zooms into a balcony on the third floor, where an eagle is perched on the mahogany barrier. Following a minor pause, the camera flies through the house giving a quick two second tour of the mansion.

The camera stops moving and a man can be seen, back to the camera, as he sits at an indoor pool-bar drinking cocktails. The camera turns slowly around the room, where there stands perfectly carved marble pillars and state of the art furniture. The camera stops moving to look at a golden-framed picture of James Eagle in mid-flight during a match against Dr. Shoe.

(The crowd comes to life, as they realise who it is.)

Eagle swivels round in the elevated chair to reveal his face. He sits there wearing his usual ring attire - white full length skins with a golden stripe down the left leg and his personal logo at the top of the right. In the clenched fists dangling down by the side of James Eagle are bundles of money. He gives a brief cheesy grin towards the camera, before lifting his arms in the air and chucking the contents of his hands straight at the lens.

The camera watches the money fall into the still water below, causing the tiniest of ripples. Suddenly the camera begins another 'two-second tour' of the house, as it returns to the balcony. The eagle remains silent and the sun can be seen reflecting off the French doors behind it. Without warning, it takes off.

A camera follows the eagle, as it flies away. With the creature positioned in the centre of the screen, it fades away into the picture of a golden eagle perched on the initials 'JE' merged together in red. Above it, written in gold are the words ‘THE GOLDEN ONE’. The image remains, before switching to a blank screen in an instant.

C: Back to you RJ.
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 3   6NG Week 3 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:17 pm

RJ: Next up we have scorpion vs diablo

MW: seriously why am I having to commentate on this rubbish

RJ: errr.... because it's your job...

(Diablo is stood waiting in the ring warming up as the scorpion's music hits the scorpion slowly rides his bike to the ring. Scorpion climbs into the ring and poses on the turnbuckle)

Ding Ding Ding

(They lock up and diablo puts him in the headlock and bounces off the ropes scorpion hits the shoulder block.scorpion lifts diablo back to his feet goes for a clothesline diablo ducks and hits a back drop)

RJ: scorpion looks frustrated so far

(Diablo goes to lift up scorpion who hits a with a shot to the body)

MW : there's only one thing I like about this match and its... oh wait there is nothing I like about this!

(Scorpion throws diablo into the ropes and nails a massive clothesline and goes for the pin)

kick out

(Scorpion drags a barely conscious Diablo back to his feet who starts to try fight back with punches, he runs back off the ropes and goes for a running knee. Scorpion moves out the way and when Diablo turns around scorpions nails a huge spinebuster on him

scorpion sets up for the peoples elbow

RJ: here it comes the most electrifying move in 6wf history the people's elbow!

MW: I cannot wait!

RJ: What was that Michael?

MW: Oh sorry RJ, Im ordering Pizza online!

(Scorpion nails the people's elbow and goes for the cover

2 3/4
kicks out barely)

RJ: Scorpion is visibly getting angry now

(Scorpion grabs diablo by the throat and pulls him to his feet and nails a massive chokeslam

scorpion decides a enough is enough and climbs to the top rope

FROG SPLASH!!!!!!!!!

He drags diablo over to the corner and puts him on the 2nd rope and nails a massive death stalker essentially knocking diablo unconscious)

RJ: just get it over with you've done enough damage!

(Scorpion locks on the anaconda vise and the ref raises him up and down 3 times to no response and ring's the bell)

RO: And your winner..................... the Scorpion!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rj: what a impressive victory for the newcomer

(The scorpion grabs a microphone)

S: Next week I want you Longinus , me and you 1 on 1!

RJ: What a challenge set out by the rookie!

MW: I bet Longinus is trembling in his boots!
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 3   6NG Week 3 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:18 pm

RJ: And now backstage to Clarissa with the results of the pro vote

C: Thank you RJ, and now... wait whats going on?

(Suddenly HellRaiser is thrown into the camera and a seething Frank Horrigan comes into view. Horrigan picks up HellRaiser before hitting him with a viscous Horrigans Law through the table backstage)

FH: Yarmouth, its just me and you now. Mano et Mano. I will not be embaressed by you again. Yarmouth, this week will be your last in 6NG!

(Horrigan storms off as Clarissa looks on confused.)

C: Um, yes anyways the results of the pro vote.

C: A joint winner once again. This week the points go to.... Longinus and Edam Ekram!
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 3   6NG Week 3 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:18 pm

RJ : “I think Frank Horrigan has well and truly lost it folks. We’ve just seen him beat the life out of HellRaiser and Yarmouth Blade is now stood in the ring looking rather nervous.”

“Rock The Night” by Europe hits the speakers and Frank Horrigan comes steaming through the curtain and instantly points at Yarmouth Blade in the ring. Blade beckons him on as the crowd boo loudly at Horrigan.

MW : “Man, I can’t wait to see what is about to happen here RJ.”

Horrigan bypasses the ring and shouts at the ring side attendant to get off her chair. He furiously picks the chair up before slamming it closed. Yarmouth continues to beckon Horrigan who slide under the ring but the referee grabs the chair and tries to pull the chair from his grasp. Horrigan pushes him over and runs at Yarmouth Blade who ducks underneath. He taunts Horrigan to try again but before he can Max Adamson appears at the top of the ramp. He storms down towards the ring but is met half way by the referee who is telling him to get to the back. Horrigan looks at Adamson and begins to shout at him, telling him that he doesn’t need his help.

RJ : “Cheap shot from Blade!”

Yarmouth Blade has taken the chair from Horrigan and smashed him in the back. Horrigan falls to his knees and Blade hits him with the chair again before pulling him to the middle of the ring. Adamson is screaming at the referee to disqualify Blade but instead he runs to the ring and begins the count.


RJ : “Horrigan’s rage has gotten the best of him here Mike. He has blown his chance of picking up a big win here tonight.”

MW : “Cheap shot from Blade though. Adamson seems to have cost his rookie.”

Yarmouth begins to celebrate in the ring as “One and Only” hits the speakers.

RJ : “Crazy week here on 6NG folks. I hope you have all enjoyed and congratulations to the winners.”

MW : “Thank god this is over.”

RJ: Join us next week, exclusively live on!
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6NG Week 3
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