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 6NG Week 2

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PostSubject: 6NG Week 2   6NG Week 2 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:12 pm

(The lights in the arena go down as Long Road to Ruin hits and the crowd cheer as the 6NG opening video and pyro goes off)

RJ: Welcome to Episode 2 of 6NG, I am RJ and alongside me today as always is Michael Wire. Wait a second, Michael isn't here yet. Apparently he wants to make a dramatic entrance...

(Suddenly Black Stone Cherry hits and the crowd boo as Michael Wire comes down to the ring, Wire looks at the crowd before grabbing a microphone)

MW: I have tried to get out of my contract for this stupid show but to no avail, however recent events got me thinking. So in order to make this show more bearable for me I will no longer be sitting at the announce desk for Next Gen. Oh no. I will be sitting in my own private announcer booth known as the Wire Well!

(Wire taunts the fans before leaving the ring and getting into his "Wire Well", the crowd boos once more)

RJ: Okay... with those shenanigans out of the way let us get on with the show. Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the queen of Next Gen Clarissa along with the Next Gen Season 1 Rookies!

(The crowd cheers as "I Made It" plays and Clarissa makes her way to the ring accompanied by the 6NG Rookies. She grabs a microphone)

C: Ladies and Gentlemen with no further ado, let the first Rookie Challenge commence. Each rookie will have an opportunity on the microphone to "Praise Their Pros...". Up first is Fernando Gonzalez.
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 2   6NG Week 2 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:12 pm

Fernando Gonzalez is standing in the ring, Mic in hand

FG:my name is fernando gonzalez and im here to talk about my "Pro" Blue Dragon.

Crowd pop

FG: What can i say about this man? average? mediocre? poor?

crowd boo angrily at gonzalez

fg: he's none of those.

crowd pop expecting him to reel off praising words

fg: the man is.....................

fg: completely and utterly useless. he has no clue what his doing at all.

crowd boo at gonzalez

fg: you think being hardcore makes him amazing?

crowd cheer for blue dragon

fg: stupid stupid people, can't you see he's a 1 trick pony? take his chair away from him and he's nothing compared to me.

booing starts again

fg: i will be give him credit for 1 thing, he's taught me if i ever make it in this business that i won't ever suck as badly as he does.

fernando walks off as the crowd boo and throw cups at him.

C: Up next Longinus

Suddenly all the lights in the arena go out.

And there is it, the familiar spot light appears once again, but its not alone this time. More spotlights have appeared and are all pointing at the top of the stage. The spotlights join together on the stage and form a letter on the floor. A giant letter 'C' has been formed. As All My Life by Foofighters starts to play softly the titantron bursts into life showing a hooded figure walking through a wooded area at night time.

As Longinus appears on the stage the titantron shows the hooded figure removing his hood and being engulfed with light. All My Life pumps out of the speakers loud and as the song kicks in the spotlights turn red, contrasting with the stobe light going off.

Longinus stands tall with his left arm raised. The crowd is booing his appearance on the stage. Longinus looks into the crowd, as if hes looking straight through them. Instead of beating his chest as he normally does, Longinus is holding the COH letters on his silver chain around his neck in his right hand.

The man on the titantron is revealed as Longinus. He is being showered in light amongst the trees.

Longinus starts to walk slowly to the ring, ignoring the chorus of boos coming from the crowd. One person in crowd holds his hand out hoping to shake hands, but Longinus looks at him, gives an evil grin and walks on dismissing the outstretched hand.

He approaches the ring and makes his way up the steel steps. As he enters the ring the titantron from what started off dark is now showing the whole woodland in a brilliant shining white, with Longinus stood in the middle of the woodlands with his left arm raised.

Longinus walks over to the corner of the ring and reaches for a microphone. As he does this the normal arena lights slowly come back on and the music dies away softly.

Standing in the middle of the ring, Longinus raises the microphone to speak. Immediately all the crowd start booing. He looks through the crowd again and lowers the microphone. The crowd hate this. It winds them up.

Longinus quickly puts the microphone to his mouth "I will speak when im ready not when you expect me to!"
The crowd boo's even more now.

Longinus "Earlier tonight I came out and stood at the top of that stage (points to where he was stood) and something happened to me. As i was speaking I suddenly was overcome with a warm feeling inside. All my previous transgressions seem to have left my subconscious and i have been awoken."

Some of the crowd are still booing but some have started to laugh at this comment.

Longinus continues "All my life I have been search for something, something to give me purpose. I have now finally found my calling."
Longinus holds the COH letters again in his right hand "The Church of Hero........"

Longinus again is hesitant, the same nervousness sets in as he speaks the words.
"My Lord has shown me the way and has given me the strength!" He shouts.

"The Church of Hero has laid a path clearly set out before me and I shall not deviate from my course. My Lord I will be faithful to you. All that you ask of me I shall accomplish. All that I am, and all that I do.........shall be for the Lord's work."

The boos in the crowd are deafening after that statement.
Longinus raises his voice above the boos "My Lord is great! You do not realise what he has done for me!"

Hero walks onto the stage and stares at Longinus in the ring.
Longinus looks back towards Hero and bows his head.

Longinus drops to his knees in the centre of the ring, clasps his hands together with the COH chain letters between his hands and looks up towards the ceiling.

Hero holds both arms outstretched toward Longinus, as if inviting him.

C: Third we have The Scorpion

The lights in the arena fade and are replaced by the image of a scorpion scuttling accross the desert on the big screen. The scorpion spots his next victim and as the Scorpion's tail viciously strikes its prey "I won't do what you tell me" blasts out of the sound system and the arena is bathed in golden colours. Scorpion appears on the stage as he rides his bike through a golden curtain pyro falling from the screen, and swirling sand that is blasted from the sides of the ramp.

crowd boo

Scorpion rides down to the ring

Scorpion: heres miss jessica is the best pro

Crowd boo get louder

Scorpion: Her legacy can speak on its own .. cassius has been a champion ... Lex's destiny is to be a champion ....Sant is to be a champion

Crowd boos fill around the arena

Scorpion: look at the statistics ITS MY DESTINY TO BE CHAMPION

Crowd continue to boo

Scorpion: not only that i promise to end the careers of anyone who gets in my way

Scorpion leaves as the crowd continue to boo

C: Next up, Yarmouth Blade

all of a sudden the one and only hits and the crowd goes wild,yarmouth blade comes out holding his hands in the air then starts to walk down the ring giving high fives to the fans as he slowly walks to the ring, he then rolls into the ring and gets a mic.

hello 6wf universe, now last week i enjoyed my first win a boy what a match that was? that horrigan fellow he's a big man guys let me tell you.
I owe my victory to the best wrestle in the business that is Perfect Jack.
I will learn a lot from this guy mark my words, just like his music he is perfection and if I can be half as good as he is then I will become champion one day, and if or should I say when I win this compition then me and Jack will be the Perfect combination.

crowd x10.

YB,now Perfect Jack is such a good wrestler and that is why I have an advantage over all the other rookies in this compition because he is that dam good.I will learn a hell of a lot from this man and if all the other rookies don't think that just look at what happened last week? I pined the mighty Horrigan.

so all you rookie out there watch out because I am the one and only Yarmouth blade.
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 2   6NG Week 2 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:13 pm

C: James Eagle please take the microphone

James Eagle makes his way down to the ring, while being bombarded with chants and cheers from the 6wF fans. He looks to his left where all the Pros are sat and stares along the line for a good ten seconds. All this while, 'Burn Burn' by Lostprophets blasts out throughout the arena. Eagle carries on walking until he reaches the ring steps. He stops to hand out some money to the fans at ringside, before looking over to his competition. Some of the other rookies stand on the outside of the ring, looking on in disgust.

C: I'm going to have to hurry you, James. We don't have much time.

Eagle swiftly slides into the ring and takes the microphone off Clarissa.

JE: So, I have to talk about my pro and erm... praise him? This could be difficult, but I'll try my best.

JE: My pro, Chaos, is the reigning 6WF European Champion. He is an intense human being who won't let any obstacle get in his way. Standing in at just five feet six, you would not expect this man to have much presence when he is in a ring with much larger wrestlers. But he does. At first people were calling him the ultimate underdog, but now he goes into matches as the outright favourite to win. This is because he made a name for himself - he made an impact right from the start.

(Crowd boos)

MW: It's finally nice to see some damn respect being thrown around here!

JE: You know what, I make him sound like a great guy...but this is all lies!

RJ: Or not!

(Crowd cheers)

JE: How can I praise a man when there is nothing good to be said, except for lies? How can I tell you he is a man with integrity when you sure as hell know he's not? Yes, he's the reigning European champion and he is intense. However, there is nothing else to him. He is a selfish, evil human being who takes advantage of other's misfortunes. Why have I been paired with this man? Because they know I can cope. They know I will get through this and win the competition no matter what the circumstances may be. Because I am 'The Golden One' James Eagle and I have always overcome the odds.

JE: There are so many championships in this federation that it's a wonder how we don't have one each. Just because Chaos holds a golden belt, it doesn't make him any better than me or even his 'protege', The Fanatic. The European Championship is no big deal. There is one championship we all wish we had and that is in the clutches of Perfect Jack. Other than him, there is no one in all of 6wF that can find a feasible reason as to why they are better than me. That's because they are not!

(Chaos is shown seething at the top of the ramp)

JE: I came on this show for experience, but it turns out I know more than most of the pros already. I am determined to win this competition and I will choose my own partner when I do so. I don't care what the rules are! I would do anything to get Chaos out of my sight.

MW: What he doesn't realise is that Chaos has at least three things that this chump doesn't have.

RJ: And I suppose you are going to enlighten us all?

MW: One, Chaos is the European Champion. Two, Chaos has more talent in his little toe than this chump does in his whole body. And three, well Chaos isn't James Eagle!

JE: Not once has my pro been there to offer advice, but still I managed to win the first challenge of the competition. If I can do that without any help, you ought to start worrying what I am capable of with it.

JE: Look at this face carefully. This face will be all over the news when I take the 6NG crown in a few months time. Watch out... for I am the high-flying, risk-taking, money-machine!!!

Crowd: Let's go Eagle!

Eagle hops over the top rope onto the ring apron and steps down into the line of rookies at ringside.

C: The penultimate Rookie, Ladies and Gentlemen, its Edam Ekram

The lights in the arena go out for a split second, but then burst into life by flickering all over the arena. 'Elements of Life' kicks in and Edan Ekram jumps through the thin layer of smoke that had settled at the top of the stage. Edan jogs down the ramp and tags the hands of some fans before sliding into the ring, running at the opposite turnbuckle and runs up it before backflipping back to the centre of the ring.

MW: No one likes a show off.

RJ: Leave the kid alone, Mike. I'd like to see you do that.

-MW mumbles something that can't be heard.-

Edan: Last week on Next Gen I didn't get much ring time, infact I was probably in that ring for barely a minute. But that's all it took to make a chance. I saw my chance and took it with both hands and hit the Burn Out... That opportunistic attitude wasn't within me before Next Gen and a week with this man-

-Edan points to the tron and a picture of Jerome Dubois sitting infront of a French flag takes over.-

Edan: Taught me to not always be on the lookout for my teammates, but to lookout for myself and take any chances I get. Because that's exactly how Dubois went about his business when he arrived in 6wF. Sure, he comes from a wealthy background and was use to having everything handed to him; but you cannot deny that he worked his ass off to get to where he is. He saw his opportunity to take out a weak, old 6wF superstar- The Saint. I don't agree with putting someone out of action for so long, but it was necessary for him to progress up the ladder of 6wF.

He quickly ascended in 6wF and soon enough became, what is now known as the Freeweight Champion. People started to talk about Dubois, how he was quickly becoming one of the best wrestlers 6wF had on their books. He proved all these right when he successfully defended his title for 6 and a half months; astounding when you consider how some people can barely hold onto their Champion status for three months. Last week Dubois enhanced his reputation even further by becoming Freeweight Champion for a second time, and I fully expect him to be able to beat off any challengers. Infact, I think by the time he and I become Tag Team Champions of 6wF, he'll still have that Freeweight Championship Belt around his waist.

Despite only being under his tuition for a week, I feel like I've already gained so much knowledge from this great man. He has fought hard since arriving in 6wF and hasn't used his wealthy background to buy his way to the top. No no no!

It is only through his own true grit and determination that he has managed to launch his own takeover of the 6wFUniverse. Well, that and his incredible charisma and ability in the ring. As a nod to my cultured tutor-

-Edan grabs a glass of champagne from the ring announcer.-

Edan: I'd like to toast Jerome Dubois, the greatest Freeweight Champion 6wF has ever had, and the future Tag Team Champion. VIVA DUBOIS!

-Edan raises his glass into the air.-


-Fireworks shoot out from all of the turnbuckles, before long lines of fire shoot up and smoke covers the ring. By the time it clears Edan Ekram has left and cannot be seen.-

C: And the final Rookie, Frank Horrigan

"Rock the Night" by Europe plays and the crowd boo as Frank Horrigan walks out, he strokes his beard as he slowly walks out to the ring. He steps up the ring steps and then over the top rope, into the ring, where a microphone is handed to him.

RJ: Frank Horrigan is a true beast and he showed that when he assaulted his own Pro, Max Adamson!

MW: And while I don't see him doing much in 6NG, I did enjoy seeing Adamson getting his ass handed to him on a plate!

RJ: But now Frank Horrigan has to praise his pro!

Frank Horrigan: "Praise your pro". Praise your pro? Are you serious 6NG? Is this what we have to do to impress you? Jump through your hoops and then beg for a treat? No no no. Frank Horrigan does not jump through hoops. Frank Horrigan throws people through hoops.

MW: What? laughing

(Frank Horrigan stares straight ahead looking menacing)

Frank Horrigan: I don't care if I lose this Challenge, because I don't need to win challenges. I don't even need to win matches. I just dominate. I destroy. James Eagle and Yarmouth Blade both took a beating last week, and I have a couple of fresh victims this time round. I would love to say "I am not praising my pro because I don't want to", but there is nothing I can even praise my pro with. Max Adamson has done nothing for me, and the only interaction me and my pro have had is when I left him lying motionless on the mat. Frank Horrigan rides alone. And i'm done.

(Frank Horrigan drops the microphone to the mat and stares into the booing crowd, bending his neck from side to side and stretching his arms)

C: Well ladies and gentlemen, there is your first Rookie challenge of the night. Up after the break we have our first match of the night.
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 2   6NG Week 2 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:13 pm

(We return from commercial)

RJ : Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen. We are here tonight for the second instalment of 6WF’s Next Gen live exclusively on the home of Sport Discussion on the Internet! Our first match tonight is between the Church Of Hero’s new lackey, Longinus and The Scorpion.

MW: I cannot believe I have been roped into doing this rubbish again RJ. I better be getting double time for this.

(“All my life” then blasts out the speakers as the boos begin to come from the 6WF fans. Longinus then walks out from behind the curtain, alone.)

RJ : Could this be a test for Longinus here tonight Michael? I am surprised that he is out here alone.

MW : This is just the Church showing that there new acquisitions is capable of doing it alone.

(Longinus is walking down the ramp, pushing away the hands that the fans have stuck out. He climbs into the ring and walks to his corner.
“I won’t do what you tell me” then hits the speakers and another chorus of boos deafen out the music. The Scorpion appears from behind the curtain standing at the top of the ramp waiting for Miss Jessica to follow. She appears and walks towards Scorpion, running her nails down his chest and then pointing to the ring. They both walk down, Scorpion sliding under the bottom rope.)

RJ : Typical Church of Hero tactic there Michael. Shocking.

(Longinus began stomping on Scorpion the moment he got into the ring. He is continuing the stomping, Scorpion trying his hardest to soften the blows. Longinus stops the attack and provokes the fans to boo him. He quickly get back to work, picking Scorpion up and throwing him against the ropes. Scorpion rebounds and runs straight into a standing drop kick from Longinus. He quickly stands up and runs at Longinus looking for the clothesline but he ducks. Scorpion rebounds off the ropes again but runs straight into a spinebuster from Longinus. The Church of Hero member then hits an elbow drop across the face of Scorpion.)

MW: What a move by Longinus. COH dominance there RJ!

RJ: You know I can barely here you Michael!

(Miss Jessica begins screaming and slapping the side of the ring to try and get some reaction from Scorpion. Longinus looks at her and laughs. He turns round and begins to pick up his opponent but Scorpion rakes his eyes before pushing Longinus away from him. He runs at his opponent and spears him to the ground, hitting punch after punch. The referee has to pull Scorpion off before he is disqualified.)

RJ : Lack of experience there Michael, he needs to keep his head or it will cost him his match.

MW : The guys is a Grade A psychopath. He shouldn’t have a place in this Fed.

(Scorpion points to the top rope and begins to ascend the turnbuckles. Miss Jessica is at the side of the ring screaming and supporting her rookie. He turns to face Longinus who is beginning to get to his feet. He turns to the corner that Scorpion is perched on. Scorpion jumps at Longinus but is caught by his opponent.)

MW : He is set up for his finisher RJ. Here we go!!

(Longinus slams Scorpion head into the mat has he hits his Death Valley Driver Finisher. He goes for the cover but Miss Jessica stands on the ropes. Longinus walks over to here and begins to trash talk. Miss Jessica begins pouting and fluttering her eyelashes, asking Longinus to come closer. He laughs at her and turns round straight into a Stunner from Scorpion. Scorpion goes for the cover ..


(Scorpion picks up the win. Miss Jessica enters the ring and lifts her rookies hand in the air.)

MW : She had not right getting involved in that match, she just cost the Church of Hero.

RJ: Shut up Michael or you'll steam up your Well!

(As Scorpion looks to exiting the ring Vlad and Xeres makes their way from behind the curtain and the crowd begin to boo. Vlad has a steel chair in his hand, but Scorpion is screaming at them to get in the ring. Xeres runs to the ring and Scorpion like a pitbull is on top of Xeres punching him like he is hell bent on hurting his opponent. He is so focused on Xeres that he forgets about his partner Vlad who enters the ring and smashes a chair across the back of the rookie. Scorpion rolls in pain and Miss Jessica can be heard screaming on the outside. Vlad slams the chair again into Scorpion, this time hard into his ribs. Xeres rises to his feet and locks Scorpion in a sharpshooter, he begins to scream in pain as Vlad hits him twice more across the back with the chair. The attackers stand over Scorpion laughing before walking up the ramp with Longinus. Miss Jessica checks on her rookie, screaming for some help.)

RJ : “The Church have sent a serious message here tonight, they are not taking this competition lightly.”
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 2   6NG Week 2 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:13 pm

RJ: We can now cut backstage to Clarissa where the second Rookie challenge is about to take place!

C: Thank you RJ, yes ladies and gentlemen two challenges tonight. In this one the Rookies have to give a backstage interview. So without further ado, first up we have Longinus

Longinus is still on his knees with his hands firmly clasped together. Clarissa walks into his dressing room and rolls her eyes up and shakes her head.

She walks into the room and sits a chair. Longinus doesnt flinch. He knows she is there but doesnt acklowledge her.

Clarissa coughs, trying to get some attention. Longinus sighs and turns his head to her.

Longinus "Im busy, what do you want"

Clarissa: "Busy? haha, Yes its looks like it. You enjoying yourself staring at the ceiling?"

Longinus doesnt look impressed, he unclasps his hands and stands up.

Longinus "Like i said, what do you want?"
Clarissa "Well you didnt give me much of an interview last week, it was your first week and you just ignore me?"
Longinus "Ive had a lot to contend with in my first week on 6NG. Its been far from easy. Just as I think things are going well and going my way I get slapped in the face and well, its feels like im back where i started again. Its been a week of mixed feelings for sure."

Longinus grasps the COH letters on his chain and continues. "But ive seen the light. I know what is expected of me."

Clarrisa butts in "The light? It didnt take long to convert you did it? One week in and you think your the messiah, the 2nd coming?"

Longinus does not look impressed after this comment. "Blasphemy! I am not the messiah, but i have been shown the way of the Church. There is only one Lord, my Lord..... Hero."

Clarrisa "So you think you have found your new home do you? In the Church?"

Longinus "Now is not the time or the place for such talk. Tonight I pledge my allegiance to the Church, and all will see."

Longinus walks over the door and opens it, he looks at Clarissa who once again does not seem impressed with being ushered out of the dressing room. She gives a 'humph' as she stands up and strutts out emphatically.

Longinus is now alone again, and walks back the mirror. He looks at himself, holds the COH letters in his right hand and utters "Lord give me strength for what I am about to do."

C: Next up we have Fernando Gonzalez

c: hey fernando, can i have a word with you

fg: you can have whatever you want beautiful

fernando strokes her hair

c: how's thing's going between you and your pro blue dragon

fg: how about i tell you over dinner

c: or you could answer now and skip the dinner ( leading fernando on)

fg: well things aren't great he doesn't have a clue what he's doing and its getting a little boring listening to him telling me the same things over and over and over again.

fernando gives clarissa a little wink

fg: so how about we go get some dinner then?

c: no thanks fernando im not interested in losers like you

fernando storms off angrily after realizing he's being leaded on.

C: Frank Horrigan

Clarissa: I'm backstage with Frank Horrigan...

(Frank Horrigan stares at Clarissa, his eyes a mixture of focus and excitement, he runs his hands through his beard and over his bald head)

Clarissa: Frank, what do you make of 6NG so far?

(Frank Horrigan stays quiet, he just stares at Clarissa who is growing more and more uncomfortable)

Clarissa: Er... Never mind. What do you think are your best qualities?

(Frank Horrigan still doesn't speak, just staring dead into the eyes of Clarissa, never blinking)

Clarissa: Ok...

(Frank Horrigan smiles, he holds Clarissa's hand, he strokes it. He sniffs Clarissa, and whispers into her ear...)

Frank Horrigan: Sssssssssemper Fiiiiiiiii...

(Frank Horrigan turns and walks away, with the feeling of glory on his face)

RJ: Well that was weird!

C: Next up is Edam Ekram

RJ: Um this is embarrassing Clarissa, Edam is refusing to give you an interview

C: Okay Thankyou for that RJ, well I can announce that Edam will not take part in the Pro vote later. Such a shame when an immunity point is up for grabs. Anyways, let us carry on with James Eagle


C: Thank you RJ. It's a pleasure to introduce to you the human neckbreaker, the high-flying risk-taking money-machine, the man of many nicknames. Please join me in welcoming 6NG's current leading rookie, 'The Golden One' Jumping James Eagle!!!

*Crowd pop*

(James looks confused at the Jeff Farmer reference)

JE: Thanks Clarissa. It's a pleasure to be speaking to you too.

C: (Blushing) Don't flatter me, James. Last week you won the first ever match...sorry, I mean challenge. Look, you've embarrassed me now. Let's start again. Last week you won 606's Next Generation's first ever rookie challenge. Not only did you win it, but it turns out the vote from the pros was almost unanimous, meaning you dominated the polls. How does this make you feel, knowing you have full support from 6wF's greatest superstars?

JE: Wow! This is exactly why I come to you for extra information.

*Clarissa nods and smiles in agreement*

JE: I am absolutely flattered to hear that. It's a privilege to be working with people like you in this company, but to have the backing of people like Hero and Perfect Jack is mind-blowing! I just can't believe it, I'm lost for words Clarissa. (He winks at Clarissa who giggles)

C: I suppose that means it's time to move on. Yourself and Chaos (Clarissa shudders at the name) appear to have had some ups and downs since you were announced as one of the show's partnerships. From an outsider's point of view it is hard to tell how good or bad the relationship actually is. What are your views on how well you've been getting on with your Pro?

JE: I've said it right from the start that Chaos and I are complete opposites. We aren't supposed to get on, that's for sure. However, we do. I respect Chaos for how much he has done in the company and I hope he respects me back. This is a two way relationship, but every now and again we have our disagreements. There was always bound to be some tension and there will be more, no doubt, somewhere down the line. I have my way of wrestling and training, while he has his. Sometimes I might prefer to do something my way, but as my Pro it is Chaos' duty to teach me otherwise. I accept his opinion, but I also have to right to my own opinion. He, however, doesn't like it when I beg to differ. This is when most of the bickering occurs.

C: (Shuddering once more) What goes on inside the mind of our European Champion then?

JE: To be brutally honest, it's hard to tell. He doesn't talk much, but when he does it makes an awful lot of sense. I get the impression he is a very intelligent person, but his intensity and dark ways draw us away from that. He keeps his thoughts to himself, which is a reason why he appears so mysterious. In fact, I probably dont know much more than you do about the guy. After all, you did date him!

C: We're all allowed one mistake James.

JE: Well just ring me hey babe?

C: (Winking) Thanks for your time James and good luck in the future!

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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 2   6NG Week 2 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:13 pm

C: The penultimate Rookie, The Scorpion

Camera goes backstage where Clarssia is standing

C: i am standing here right now with the Scorpion

Crowd boo

C: Scorpion please introduce your self

Scorpion: very well then im a 3rd gen superstar which makes me better then all of the other rookies and im not just here to be champion .... IM HERE TO END CAREERS !!!

Classia looks scared

C: so you won your match last week what are your thoughts on this weeks match?

Scorpion: who am i up against this week??


Scorpion: Oh you mean the guy whos to scared to mention the Church of hero?

Crowd torn between Cheers and Boos

C: i Guess

Scorpion: his no match for me ... i could end his career at any moment and also the COH sucks

C: Thank you for your time

Scorpion since my match will be over pretty quick what do u say about coming round and trying the Scorpions Stinger??

Crowd Cheer!! Scorpion has a gleam of happiness in his eyes

Clarissa looks shocked as Scorpion walks away

C: And finally we have Yarmouth Blade

the camera goes into the back stage area, clarissa is there standing next to a next generation post on the wall that has got a picture of all the rookies standing with there pro's,with a caption saying who will win this years next generation?written on it.

C,my guest at this time is The one and only Yarmouth blade.

blade comes into the camera shot as the crowd scream with delight.

YB high Clarissa nice to finally meet you.

C, Your welcome blade, now you won your first match last week with horrigan and Eagle, what your thoughts are on tonight's show?

YB,well I have another tough match with Frank Horrigan vs Fernando Gonzales vs Edam Ekram now Horrigan is one tough son of a so are the other two guys but I have full faith in my ability that i can over come the odds and win the match.

crowd can be herd in the back ground, lets go yarmouth,lets go.

C,so how do you feel about being in 6wf next generation?

Y, well this is one of the best companies in the world today so with being the companie they need the best wrestler's and that's why am here to be the best and to be the next tag team champion of the world with perfect Jack, then who know's what's gonna happen after that, because I am the one and only Yarmouth bladeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

the crowd cheer and blade smiles at Clarissa and then walks out of camera shot.

C: There you go 6WF Universe, the pro vote will be announced after our second match of the night.
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 2   6NG Week 2 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:14 pm


RJ: The next match on 6WF Next Gen features a returning star and one of the brightest young talents in recent years.

MW: Former 6WF hopeful, Hell Raiser takes on 'The Golden Boy' James Eagle in one on one action...

RJ: Golden boy? He's the golden ONE, Michael!

(The face of "The Golden One" James Eagle appears on the large screen above the entrance, as Burn Burn by Lostprophets plays through the speakers of the sold-out arena. An array of golden pyro fills the stage, before Eagle can be seen taunting at the top of the ramp. He is met with a generous applause, which turns into a rousing reception as he gives some of the money in his hands to the fans by the barrier down the ramp. He walks down the ramp tagging the fans hands before sliding in to the ring, while The Hell Raiser stands at ringside by the announcer table.

The referee signals for the bell to ring, as James Eagle opens the match with a strong clothesline to his opponent. He goes down for a pin.)

1..... KICK OUT!

RJ: There was no way The Hell Raiser was going to succumb to that kind of move, but I like the attitude there. Eagle wants to get the match over and done with, which is a very wise tactic.

MW: What are you on about? Eagle is just a coward, he doesn't want to fight a proper match.

(Eagle goes to lift Hell Raiser up to his feet, but is met with a series of strong punches followed by a spear. Eagle, winded, retreats to the corner of the ring while staring coldly at his opponent as he stands tall in the centre. Suddenly, Hell Raiser runs to the corner and connects with a strong boot to the side James Eagle's skull. He cover's Eagle's limp body.)

MW: James Eagle could be out cold!

2...........Eagle grabs the bottom rope with his right hand.

He pulls himself to the outside giving himself some time to recuperate and recover. Hell Raiser climbs out and chases Eagle half way around the ring before eagle slides back in. Hell Raiser follows him into the ring, but eagle stomps him to keep him down. Eagle waits for him to clamber back up to his feet. He then grabs Hell Raiser's shoulders before connecting with a jumping leg clothesline. Eagle goes to cover, but the opponent replies with a kick to the face.)

(Hell Raiser begins to pound on his downed opponent. The ref begins to count.)

Break the hold!
4... (--- gets back to his feet to break the referees five count.)

(The ref goes over to Hell Raiser and gives him a good talking to. He complains and acts innocent to the ref, who's having none of it.

All this gives Eagle more time to recover. He pulls the ref away and taunts to his opposition. Hell Raiser runs at his opponent straight into a T-bone suplex. Hell Raiser gets straight back up, but seems rather weary on his feet.

Eagle goes for for the Backflip kick, but Hell Raiser spots the move and drops to the canvas - rolling to the outside.

Hell Raiser points angrily back in to the ring. Eagle pretends to lean back on the ropes at the far side of the ring, but uses them to propel himself to the other side. He uses the near ring ropes to propel himself over the top and connects cleanly with a corkscrew body splash.

The referee feigns to begin his count, but Eagle promptly stops him by rolling himself and his opponent back into the ring. As Eagle goes to lift Hell Raiser to his feet, he is met with a finger to the right eye, handicapping his sight for a few seconds. He falls back to the corner, remaining groggy while The Hell Raiser taunts to the fans drawing heat. )

(Eagle comes up from behind and whips Hell Raiser towards the ropes. Eagle goes up in the air for a dropkick, but there's nobody home as Hell Raiser clings onto the ropes. He takes advantage of this rookie's mistake by at sets him up for a powerbomb.)

RJ: Hell Slam! Hell Slam!

MW: This is it! Hell Raiser has gained his first victory since returning to 6WF!

2.......................... KICK OUT!)

RJ: You were saying?

MW: Eagle seems to have felt the effects of this match, but somehow he's still going!

(Eagle gets to his feet just after Hell Raiser, but looks completely out of it. The Hell Raiser walks towards Eagle, only to be met with an underhook DDT.

Eagle lifts up Hell Raiser and locks in a Full Nelson with his legs wrapped around the opponent's waist. The weight of James Eagle on his back is too much and causes Hell Raiser to collapse under the pressure. He lands hard on his back, but Eagle takes the brunt of the force. Despite this Eagle keeps the hold tight, as Hell Raiser begins to fade.)

RJ: I think he might be out cold.

(The referee lifts Hell Raiser's arm and releases it in mid flight. The arm falls down limply, but he manages to find the energy to raise it back in the air. Eagle thinking he's won, releases the hold and gets to his feet only to realise he had not actually won. He drops to his knees, frustrated, as if to say "what do I have to do to win?")

(Eagle goes over to his opponent who still lies flat on his back and hits a somersault leg drop. Immediately afterwards, he pulls on Hell Raiser's long, dark hair forcing him back up to his feet. He goes for an arm drag, but Hell Raiser tries to counter it into a move of his own. Eagle re-counters this attempt with a gut kick, followed by an uppercut and neckbreaker. Eagle taunts as Hell Raiser pulls himself up to his feet. As soon as he stands up, Eagle pushes him towards the ropes. On the rebound Eagle goes for the soar, but botches it leaving both him and his opponent in pain on the mat. The referee begins a count.)


RJ: This could be it! Please don't let this awesome match end in a draw.

5......... (--- begins to stir)
9... (The ref signals to say they are both up.)

(Hell Raiser is first to his feet shortly followed by Eagle and the first man prepares himself for a clothesline. He charges at his opponent, but Eagle rolls out of the way just in time and quickly gets back to his feet. Hell Raiser runs at James Eagle once again, but this time, out of nowhere, Eagle hits a huge lifting sit-out spinebuster. James Eagle drops down over Hell Raiser's limp body as the referee begins to count a slow pin.


The referee gestures and the bell sounds *ding* *ding* *ding* )

RJ: What a victory for this young rookie! He came back from the dead so many times to hit moves we didn't even think were possible.

MW: That was a gruelling match, but in the end I suppose the best man won. This high-flying young star has a bright future ahead of him.

RJ: He may have had a disagreement with Chaos earlier this week, but the tutoring had sure payed off. That new move of Eagle's caused too much damage to The Hell Raiser and he was unable to respond to the referee's three count! What a match!

MW: Is that the end of this god forsaken show?

RJ: Not yet Michael, we've still got the results of the pro vote and the main event to come!


RJ: But you look so cosy in your well!

MW: This is the last show I'm doing, do you hear me?

RJ: Contractually obliged Michael! Anyways, we can now head backstage to Clarissa with the results of tonight's Pro Vote.
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 2   6NG Week 2 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:14 pm

C: The results of the Pro Vote are in...

C: And we have a tie! Both Longinus and Frank Horrigan will receive an immunity point. Which means they're tied with James Eagle on 1 immunity point each!
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RJ: Thank you Clarissa, and now we have our final match of the night. A fatal fourway between our remaining four Rookies who haven't wrestled yet tonight!

MW: You have got to be kidding me, I thought that we were going to have the pleasure of not seeing all seven of these so called rookies this week!

RJ: Michael, if you have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything at all!

("Rock the Night" by Europe plays out through the speakers, and the crowd boos. Frank Horrigan slowly walks out towards the ring. He growls at some of the younger fans before laughing as they recoil in horror.)

MW: The only rookie worth watching RJ

RJ: So you do like one of the rookies

MW: I never said that

(Horrigan gets in the ring before 'Smooth' hits and Fernando Gonzalez comes out to a mixed reaction. Gonzalez stops just before he gets into the ring and waits on the outside as One and Only hits and the crowd pop big as Yarmouth Blade walks out to the ring. Finally, Elements of Life by Tiesto hits and Edam Ekram walks out to the ring. The three rookies on the outside of the ring look at each other before sliding into the ring together and starting to punch away at Horrigan as the referee rings the bell)

MW: Its a damn three on one

(The three rookies manage to get Horrigan to cover up as the punches rain down)

RJ: Good tactics here isolate the big man

MW: Talked too soon RJ!

(Suddenly Horrigan manages to push away all three rookies before hitting shoulder blocks onto them in succession. Edam is up first and gets a headbutt for his troubles taking him straight back down. Gonzalez looks at Horrigan and runs at the big man, he ducks under the clothesline but gets hit on the rebound of the ropes by a shoulder block followed by a big leg drop. Yarmouth Blade meanwhile has gone to the top rope and hits a dropkick but Horrigan doesn't even move. He picks up Blade and hits a high-cross-esque manoever over the top rope.)

MW: Normal service resumed RJ, Horrigan dominating.

(Horrigan looks at Edam Ekram before picking him up and hitting a devastating Horrigan's Law. He turns around and signals at Fernando Gonzalez who has his hands up trying to plead with the monster.)

RJ: I don't think thats going to work!

(Horrigan laughs at Gonzalez before catching him and hitting a massive chokeslam. He goes for the cover, 1....2.....)

MW: Why allow this match to continue?

(Replays show Yarmouth Blade pull Horrigan to the outside of the ring breaking the pin attempt. Blade then starts hitting away with the left and rights, before hitting a snap DDT onto the floor outside the ring. He then drags Horrigan over to the announce table)

MW: Whats this fool thinking?

(Yarmouth Blade puts his arm up to the crowd who cheer madly before he dismantles the announce table. He turns around and picks up Horrigan)

RJ: Suplex? Surely not!

MW: (Screaming) Help Help Help!

(Replays show Horrigan poke Blade in the eye causing him to release the hold. Horrigan then waited as Blade turned around before hitting a monstrous spear through the Wire Well leaving both men unconscious on top of Michael Wire!)

RJ: After all your complaints you expect help?

(The cameras refocus on the ring where both Edam and Gonzalez are stirring, Edam makes his way to his feet using the rops and charges at Gonzalez)

RJ: No one home!

(Replays show Gonzalez moving out of the way at the last moment as Edam bounces off the turnbuckle right into a flip piledriver by Gonzalez)




RJ: Gonzalez wins! Gonzalez wins! And that's all we've got time for on tonight's 6NG! I've been your host RJ and somewhere under that heap of rubbish is Michael Wire! Please join us again same place same time next week for Episode 3 of 6NG exclusively on!

(The camera fades showing Michael Wire still trying to get out from under the unconscious bodies of Horrigan and Yarmouth Blade)
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6NG Week 2
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