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 6NG Week 1

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PostSubject: 6NG Week 1   6NG Week 1 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:09 pm

(The opening video of 6NG hits before we cut to ringside as the pyro goes off and Long Road to Ruin hits)

RJ: Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome back to 6WF Next Gen, this is the season première so without further ado please be upstanding for Clarissa

(Clarissa comes out to Long Road to Ruin she has a mic in hand and gets into the ring)

C: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. Please can the Rookies make their way out to ringside for the opening rookies challenge!

(The music fades into I Made It by Cash Money Heroes as the rookies make their way out to ringside)

C: Edam Ekram you will go first:

The crowd is now gathered inside the arena and the tron begins to flicker to life with three symbols. ‘6... N... G’ A loud bang rings out around the arena and the Next Gen logo forms on the screen and the crowd begin to cheer.

As the noise inside the arena dies down the lights go out and everyone is in complete darkness.

???: (whispered) Ekram.

Two lone fireworks go off either side of the stage as a thin layer of smoke engulfs the centre of the stage. ‘Elements of life’ by Tiesto kicks in and Edan Ekram jumps through the smoke in his purple attire and lands into a gambol before jumping up and soaking in the atmosphere. In his hand is his signature water pistol. He playfully shoots into the crowd before jogging down the ramp and springboarding into the ring. He picks up a mic from the ring announcer.

Edan: I am Edan Ekram and it is a great pleasure, to be appearing on the first ever instalment of 6wF Next Gen!

*Crowd pop.*

Edan: I debuted only a month ago, and it’s safe to say I haven’t got off to the best of starts. No televised wins, but a string of impressive performances. That’s what Jerome Dubois has told me he’s grateful for. For some of these professionals they’ve been handed average-at-best wrestlers with little talent or mic ability. But what Dubois has been given in me is not only one of the brightest talents 6wF currently has, but someone who can talk himself up and take a match to anybody that wants one.

Don’t just take my word for it. Watch carefully when I team with Fernando Gonzales and we get our first taste of victory in Next Gen against Longinus and Scorpion. Of course the incentive at the end of all this is to manage to go on to the tag team division with Jerome, but he warned me earlier in the week about who you can trust in this company.

Can I trust Fernando Gonzales? I don’t know.

Can I trust James Eagle? I don’t know.

Can I trust Blue Dragon? I don’t know.

The bottom line is I can trust anybody in this company probably as much as I’d trust Nick Clegg.

*Some of the crowd laugh and boo.*

Edan: But I do know I can trust Dubois... Or at least I hope I can. See, exceptional talent and confidence can only take me so far. I need someone just as exceptional to guide me on my way. That someone is Jerome Dubois. I realise he’s busy keeping focus on becoming Freeweight Champion, except, he should keep as much focus on becoming one of the few wrestlers ever in 6wF to hold a singles and tag belt at the same time. If he helps me as much I know he can, then he could definitely be one of those names in the history books.

Some come to 6wF thinking about success... Some come to 6wF knowing they will have success. I belong to the latter of the two. I believe it’s my destiny to be successful in 6wF. A great man once said that the chain of destiny can only be grabbed one ring at a time. This coming show will be my first ring on my chain. And the only way, from there, is up!
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 1   6NG Week 1 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:09 pm

C: Thank you Edam, please now rejoin your pro. The Scorpion please step up to the microphone:

The lights in the arena fade and are replaced by the image of a scorpion scuttling accross the desert on the big screen. The scorpion spots his next victim and as the Scorpion's tail viciously strikes its prey "I won't do what you tell me" blasts out of the sound system and the arena is bathed in golden colours. Scorpion appears on the stage as he rides his bike through a golden curtain pyro falling from the screen, and swirling sand that is blasted from the sides of the ramp.

He rides down the stage to the ring refusing to shake the hands of any of the fans

Fans start booing

Scorpion : Boo all you want, I am a 3rd generation superstar, I am better then all of you will ever be, You are all living in the Age of Poison!

Crowd start chanting "You suck" !!

Scorpion : I am the poison injected into the The bloodstream of the 6WF... the poison that will course through its veins... the poison that will make 6WF convulse and splutter and means things will change !!

Crowd still boooing !!

Scorpion : Because that is what I am here for! Why just win championships? I AM HERE TO END CAREERS !! (Scorpion laughs)


Scorpion : The poison will fall my rivals and one by one they will become my Prey - before I end their suffering with a Punt into there thick skulls ! Followed by a Death Stalker !!

Scorpion : The 6WF Suffering will go on once they feel the wrath of my STING upon there selves and realise the mistake they made LETTING OUT THE SCORPION ! !!!

( Scorpion Grins ) Taunts the crowd

Scorpion : Heres an official warning to all of the rookies and the 6WF Roster ... Watch your back as you never know when the Scorpion will strike... and when you will get STUNG!!!


Scorpion's Music hits as 'STUNG' is echoed out of the sound system



C: (Looking shocked) Thank you, I think! James Eagle please take to the microphone:

James Eagle emerges from behind the curtain immediately as 'Burn Burn' hits the speakers. He is met with a resounding reception from the fans who fill the sold out Birmingham Bowl arena. The voice of Michael Wire is just about audible as he curses "What is it with this blithering idiot?"

RJ: He hasn't even said a word yet on this show, but the fans are ecstatic every time they see his face!

MW: Are you really surprised RJ? He pretty much bribes the fans to cheer him; he's done absolutely nothing to deserve such respect. I mean, I've done more noteworthy things during my time in 6WF, but they hate me. This is supposed to be a democracy, I tell you...

JE: Are you quite done, Michael? Nobody wants to hear your croaky voice, the golden one needs to talk!

Eagle is met with a few cheers around the arena as a result of this cheap pop. Wire returns a disgusted look back to where Eagle is stood in the centre of the ring.

JE: So, it looks like I've ended up with Chaos - the reigning European champion. To be brutally honest, if we had the opportunity to choose our own pro, it certainly would have been him! He is a very different man to myself. You see, I am someone who likes to please anyone and everyone. It is the 6WF universe that bring out the best in the high-flying risk-taking money-machine. For Chaos, his intense look and dark personality shows you all there is to know about him. He backs this up with a phenomenal presence in the ring as the reigning European Champion... in fact some would say he is the greatest (pauses)

MW: Greatest!

RJ: Oh what the heck...greatest!

JE: ...the greatest pro that one could have on this show. The first opportunity I had to meet him was immediately after the pairings were revealed. Like I said earlier, me and pro are complete opposites, but I am still confident that this will not prevent us from getting the business done.

JE: I got here by working with other people. I earned millions through working with other people. These people certainly weren't always those that I would get along with outside of the workplace, but I had to work with them in order to get this far. 6WF Next Gen is no different - I will work hard with Chaos so he can turn me into a top star on the 6WF roster.

JE: As a matter of fact, Chaos and I may be more similar than you would first think. There is a lot more to him than first meets the eye. You see, Chaos used to be very much like myself. He was a favourite amongst fans, people cheered him for who he was. I can only hope that he will turn me into a man like he used to be.

JE: Enough about my pro, let me tell you a little about myself... I've been in this federation for less than a month now, but I'm already becoming recognised as one of wrestling's future stars. Very few have had the great opportunities that I have had in life, so I feel that it's my duty to give them something back. Contrary to common belief,
I don't bribe you for respect, or pay to be cheered. I give out my hard-earned money as a sign of respect to those that may not have been as fortunate as I was. I've had the privilege to work with and learn from some of the best businessmen my whole life. I intend to work just as hard and well alongside some of the best competitors 6WF has ever seen. Learning in this way will take little adaption from what I already know, so watch closely as my 6WF career begins to take off over the course of Next Gen!

JE: I do realise I'm not the only person involved in this competition and it certainly ain't all about me. One other man I should feel the need to watch is the enigma that is Frank Horrigan. He has been keeping a very low profile so far, unlike that idiot - Yarmouth Blade - who has been constantly claiming to be the best rookie around. I do hope he can back up all this big-talking, as it looks like he's going to turn up with nothing and end up a right fool! (laughs) Anyway, back to that Horrigan chappy, I've never seen him in person, despite my best efforts to track him down. However, rumour has it that he stands close to seven feet tall and even intimidates his own pro. I really can't wait for him to emerge from behind that curtain and finally... MAN...UP! I bet he's just one of those over-booked giants who can't wrestle for toffee. He's got something coming to him when I finally get my hands on the beast tonight and keep his shoulders on the mat for a full three second count.

JE: In the past, 6WF Superstars have gone on to fight in competing federations such as 6CW, but never has a man gone from 6WF to a top US wrestling company. Granted, a few have gone to the States and competed against stars such as Brimstone or Pat Buck, but never have they made it onto television screens all over America. My aim is to break this barrier and make 6WF famous for the emergence of 'The Golden One' James Eagle! You may think my goals are outrageous, but here's a little poem I wrote as a preview for Next Gen:

With Chaos there;
A helping hand,
There are no limits.
I can leave this land.
I will keep rising
Upwards and high;
The eagle can soar
And the eagle can fly!

James Eagle drops his microphone to the canvas and taunts in the centre of the ring. He turns to the other rookies already stood in the ring, while the crowd burst with applause. Eagle steps back into line as Max Adamson's music begins to play signifying the first television appearance of Frank Horrigan. The crowd goes silent...

"Rock the Night" by Europe plays out through the speakers, a small section of the crowd boo while the remainder are unmoved, the TitanTron shows the video of "HORRIGAN", and Frank Horrigan slowly walks out towards the ring. The most distinguishable feature about Frank Horrigan is his bushy brown beard, which he occasionally rubs. He is wearing his wrestling gear of black trunks, black boots and white knee pads. Horrigan stares intently towards the ring and he gets into the ring, walking up the ring steps before stepping over the top rope.

Clarissa hands Frank Horrigan a microphone, which he accepts but he never takes his eyes off her, a stern look as Horrigan's eyes delve deep into Clarissa's soul. Horrigan brings the microphone to his mouth slowly, before speaking in a surprisingly deep yet soft voice.

FH: What i'm supposed to do right now is come down to the ring, and introduce myself to the 6WF Universe. My name is Frank Horrigan, and i'm not really keen on doing what i'm supposed to do... While 6 other guys wait around backstage, anxious, nervous and fearful, Frank Horrigan is as cool and as calm as can be. I thrive on being able to come out here, tell you people what I am going to do then setting about to do it. I am not the sort of person who would pander to the people, because the people are so fickle that they can forget you in an instance. Frank Horrigan is unforgettable. Frank Horrigan will make you wish you could forget me, but i'll never leave your memory as long as you live. And that applies to the other rookies in Next Gen. You will all never forget who or what Frank Horrigan is.

(Horrigan stops talking to run his hands through his beard, then over his shaven head. He composes himself then speaks again)

FH: Unbelieveably, it has been suggested that I am fortunate to have someone like Max Adamson as my pro...

(The crowd cheers the mention of Adamson)

FH: ...But the fact is this. I have got this far entirely on my own. I have survived far greater threats to my life than 6 rookies trying to beat me in a competition, and I survived them completely alone. Bearing that in mind, I have a question for my pro. What makes you think, that you can help me in any way? You know nothing about me, you believe that Next Gen is a bit on the side for you to play around with. You haven't ever said that, but I can sense it. Only you shouldn't play around in the road Max, because when you least expect it, you can be struck down by a juggernaut called Frank Horrigan. And that warning goes for each and every single person that gets in my way, be they a rookie, a pro, a commentator, an interviewer, or a fan. Is that good enough for my challenge?

Frank Horrigan stares at Clarissa as he finishes his introduction, he hands her the microphone back, as she takes it he strokes her hand with the back of his hand, and creepily puts the back of his hand to his face. Horrigan shakes his head as he leaves the ring, keeping his hand firmly pressed against his cheek, almost comforting himself.

C: Well how about that 6WF Universe, two promos at once. And I think its safe to say that this rivalry will run and run!
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 1   6NG Week 1 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:10 pm

C: Next up we have Yarmouth Blade

The one and only hits and the camera spins onto the ring were yarmouth blade is all ready in the ring holding a mic in his hand.

hello 6wf universe and welcome to the very first episode off 6wf next generation.

crowd x10.

now my name is yarmouth blade also know as the Belton brawler, i love my long black coat and wont let anyone touch it unless i tell them to hold it for me, i love the hard core stuff it gets my adrenaline going. there's nothing like a good old fashioned chair shot to the head. now i do like to be a tag partner but i do like to fight on my own, and by god i can wanna see a swan-tom bomb i can give it to you,you wanna see me fly through the air and smash my opponent in the head with a flying drop kick i can give it to you.

now about my first match its gonna be Yarmouth Blade w/Perfect Jack vs. James Eagle w/Chaos vs. Frank Horrigan w/Max Adamson, now to eagle and horrigan, I don't care which one it will be but I will hammer you guys with the swan tom bomb and then all the ref will have to do is count the 123. then if that don't work i will just have to put the arm bar on you and you will have to submit to me.

then the 6wf universe will see that me and perfect jack will become the next 6wf tag team champions of the world. because i am the most talented rookie in 6wf because i am the one and only yarmouth bladeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

as blade is shouting out his catchphrase the crowd start to chant yarmouth ,yarmouth he is the one and yarmouth, yarmouth blade!!!!!!!
Edam Ekram:

The camera shows Edan Ekram sat backstage in a larger than usual dressing room- the back wall draped in a French flag. Edan has a sheet of paper with his match for this weeks Next Gen.

Edan: Y I and Scorpion... Two new comers who have even less experience than I myself. Although I've not had the most impressive start to a 6wF career, I've still started mine and the experience was good enough. But now I'll be under the tutoring skills of Jerome Dubois. A former Freeweight Champion and after Let It Rock he'll be able to call himself a two time Freeweight Champ.

In my corner I've got Dr Shoe backing me up in the ring. He's looked just as impressive as I have in the ring and gives me a good advantage. On Next Gen it's my chance to show the rest of 6wF that I'm a no-hoper.

On Next Gen Shoe and I take it up a notch and give a beating to Y I and Scorpion like they've never experienced.

But on Next Gen, I hope Hero and Miss Jessica stay out of it. I know that for them this might just be the chance to manipulate some poor new guy to doing whatever they like- but I can't see them wanting to lose. But if that means they'll try and win by cheating then it's not on.

C: Next we have Fernando Gonzales

Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman, from Guadalajara, Mexico. Standing six feet, two inches tall and weighing 245lbs... Fernando Gonzalez!!

'Smooth' by Carlos Santana plays out in the arena as the crowd stand to receive Fernando Gonzalez, The young Mexican Superstar steps out onto the stage with a smug smirk on his face as he stretches his arms out and flexes his muscles as the crowd don't know quite what to make of this cocky newcomer. He swaggers down to th ramp arrogantly ignoring the fans, only young women in the crowd seem to gt any attention from him as he looks into their eyes and gives them a wink and a sly smile. he gets into the ring and steps up onto the second rope, flexes his muscles once more before springing off into a backflip and landing on his feet in the middle of the ring. he smiles at the crowd once more before motioning the he wants a Mic and snatching out of the hand a Clarissa as she goes to pass it to him.

Gonzalez: Todos los mexicanos la máquina voladora!!

Crowd boo his as he looks out laughing at them

Gonzalez: As you have just heard, my name is Fernando Gonzalez. The next generation of 6WF, and believe me, nothing is going to to stand in my way!!!

Crowd boo once more as Gonzalez soaks up the attention and seems to get angry with the fans in the arena

Gonzalez: You think you can hold me down ? You can't hold this star down i'm just too damn good! I've worked my way through the slums of mexico, beating drug dealers ,mafia bosses and anyone it took to get here and nothing is going to stand in my way, especially you people!!

Crowd boo again but Fernando shrugs off the boos and continues to shout at the 6WF universe in attendance

Gonzalez: I'm not doing this for you people, I'm doing this all for myself, because i am Fernando Gonazalez, The Mexican Wonderkid!!
remember the name fernando gonzalez cos right now your looking at the future of 6wf right in front of you. im the best of the best , the cream of the crop and ill always be better than you!

C: And finally, Longinus, please take to the mic

The lights in the arena dimmer and the single spot light is once again showing in the centre of the ring.

The light moves out of the ring and up the ramp to show Longinus standing alone.
He ignors the crowd's jeers and starts walking slowly to the ring with the spot light firmly planted on Longinus. He stands on the steel steps and enters the ring.

Wearing jeans and a ripped t-shirt he picks up the microphone from the corner of the ring. The lights in the arena come back on. The crowd is eager to hear what he says but the odd 'boo' can be heard.

He takes the micophone away from his mouth and the 'boos' pick up now, getting really loud.
A little smirk comes across the face of Longinus which turns into a hateful evil grin.

He raises the microphone once more.

"Hahahahahaha, you boo eh? Well ive got news for ya, your booing will soon stop once you see the devistation I cause in NXT Gen because you will be too shocked to boo!"

(The crowd boos even louder now)

Raising his voice, Longinus starts pointing in the crowd and continues:
"You really have no idea do you? And thats what makes it even more amusing for me. You think im just here to win a competition? Wey eye man. Well think again!"
"Yes it will be me who gets his arm raised after every match, yes it will be me who will be the NXT Gen champion, but this is just a stepping stone."

"Im here on 6WF for a purpose, a goal which i will complete, but apparently i need to prove myself first. Well i dont need to prove nowt as i will show you in my first match tonight."

The tension from Longinus eases now, and he's looking more relaxed in the ring.
His tone softens, but still with a hint of sarcasm.

"To the other guys in NXT Gen, a warning for you. Do not cross me, do not get in my way otherwise im sending you to kip. I am Longinus!"

Longinus drops the microphone and walks towards the corner of the ring and stands on the second rope. He slowly raises one hand in the air and beats his chest with the other.

C: Join me later for the results of the pros vote!
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 1   6NG Week 1 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:10 pm

(We come back from a commercial for Shutdown)

RJ: Now for our first in ring action of 6WF Next Gen

MW: If anyone is watching...

(Its an Omen screams out before fading into Burn Burn as the crowd give a mixed reaction, James Eagle then makes his way out to the ring being accompanied by Chaos and The Fanatic. Chaos lifts his European title in the air to boos as The Fanatic claps and Eagle looks on before clapping reluctantly)

MW: Eagle has really struck Gold with his pro

RJ: Anymore cheesy lines from you Michael?

MW: How about, RJ shuts up or Michael Wire destroys him

RJ: What like Dexter Morgan and Blue Dragon have done in recent weeks?

(James Eagle has got into the ring and lifts his arms to another mixed reaction before One and Only hits and the crowd pop big as Yarmouth Blade and Perfect Jack walk out. Jack lifts his title in the air to a huge cheer before Yarmouth runs down to the ring and jumps up to the top of the turnbuckle. Finally, Rock the Night hits and the crowd boos as the monstrous Frank Horrigan appears through the crowd.)

MW: What a specimen!

RJ: Unfortunately, due to 6WFs new contract with GLAAD I can't comment on that

(Max Adamson appears beside Frank Horrigan and starts clapping him as he walks down to the ring. Horrigan suddenly stops before staring at Max and hitting a massive headbut sending Max to the ground. Horrigan laughs at the fallen Max Adamson before making his way into the ring)

MW: Horrigan must be the favourite for this ridiculous show

RJ: Why are you on this show Michael?

MW: Well, apparently I genuinely do not have anything better to do on a Tuesday night!

(The ring bell rings and the match starts with Eagle and Yarmouth Blade backing away from Frank Horrigan who is laughing at them. Suddenly Eagle and Blade nod at each other and charge at Horrigan who takes both of them down with simultaneous clotheslines. Horrigan waits for the pair to rise before hitting headbuts to both of them. Horrigan then lifts Blade up before hitting a scoop slam, he follows this up with a snap powerbomb to Eagle)

MW: Horrigan starting strong here

(Frank Horrigan mocks the fans before irish whipping Eagle and Blade into the same corner, he taunts the fans some more before hitting a massive running splash into the corner onto both men. Blade is back to his feet quickly but is taken down with a chop to the head. Horrigan then grabs Eagle's legs before hitting the Giant Swing sending Eagle straight into Blade. Horrigan then taunts the fans once again before running at Eagle who is trying to use the ropes to get back to his feat)

MW: Game over RJ

RJ: He moved Michael, great awareness by Eagle

(Replays show that James Eagle pulled the ropes down sending the charging Horrigan over the top rope to the floor. James Eagle looks relieved and turns around...)

RJ: Bad move Eagle!

(... straight into a sleeper hold by Yarmouth Blade. Yarmouth locks in the sleeper and the crowd starts going wild as Yarmouth drops to the mat to apply the grapevine version of the sleeper. James Eagle is clearly fading as the referee checks on him. The ref lifts his arm...

Once... Eagles arm falls as his Eyes are glistening over

Two... The arm falls again


RJ: This ones over!


Eagle stops his arms from hitting the floor and attempts to power out of the hold.)

MW: ...HOW?

RJ: Determination and grit Michael, something you lack!

(Yarmouth Blade cannot believe what is happening as Eagle fights his way back to his feet. The sleeper hold is almost broke before...)


(Horrigan is back in the ring and charges full pelt across the ring at the pair. And hits a massive big boot to the head of Yarmouth Blade.)

RJ: He almost took his damn head off!

MW: Did he get both of them?

(Horrigan roars in appreciation and goes to pin Yarmouth Blade but the Referee is distracted by Perfect Jack who has just got up onto the apron)

MW: What's that loser doing?

RJ: I believe our World Champion is protecting his rookie!

MW: Jesus what was that noise?!

(The camera zooms out from the referee arguing with Jack and shows that The Fanatic has got into the ring and blind-sided Horrigan before hitting him with the Fanatical Fury. The Fanatic then picks up Yarmouth Blade and throws him out of the ring)

MW: Great move by The Fanatic there, protecting Chaos' rookie in this match

RJ: Sometimes I give up on your logic Michael...

(Perfect Jack gets down from the ring apron to check on Yarmouth. The referee then turns around just in time to see James Eagle climbing the turnbuckle before hitting a glorious Corkscrew Body Splash and making the cover


MW: Yes, Yes, Yes!

RJ: How on earth did he kick out of that?

(Replays show Horrigan just kicking out of the pin attempt. Eagle looks on in shock before trying to hit The Soar only to be overpowered and lifted up...)

MW: Horrigans Law!

RJ: He's broken in half!

(Frank Horrigan hits a huge Horrigan's Law and goes to make the pin...


MW: He's got in the bag!

RJ: Max Adamson is up on the ring apron!

(As Max Adamson gets up onto the ring apron Frank Horrigan suddenly breaks off the pin attempt and confronts his pro. They exchange a flurry of abuse before Max slaps Horrigan. Horrigan roars once again before reaching for Max. Max drops off the apron pulling Horrigans neck across the top rope. Horrigan stumbles backwards holding his neck)

MW: What a cheater!

RJ: Hardly, its his own rookie. Wait Michael its over!

(The bell is ringing and the crowd are slightly bemused before erupting as Yarmouth Blade has his hand raised by the referee)

MW: How? What?

(We cut to replays showing that as Horrigan stumbled backwards he was rolled up by Yarmouth Blade who had snuck back into the ring)

RJ: What a moment! Yarmouth Blade picks up the first win in 6WF Next Gen!

MW: I don't think Max Adamson is finished

(Adamson gets into the ring and picks up the shell shocked Frank Horrigan, suddenly he slaps him)

MA: That is what you get for disrespecting me! I am your pro do you understand?

MW: Bad move Max

RJ: Horrigan needs to learn some respect.

(Suddenly Horrigan grabs Max by the throat and hits the chokeslam)

MW: That's where respect gets you!

RJ: I am just hearing that Clarissa is standing by with the results of tonights Pro Voting.
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 1   6NG Week 1 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:11 pm

C: The Winner of Tonight's Pro Vote is...

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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 1   6NG Week 1 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:11 pm

(We come back to ringside as Elements of Life by Tiesto hits and Edam Ekram comes out with Jerome Dubois to huge cheers from the crowd, as they get to the bottom of the ramp Smooth hits and the crowd cheer once more as Fernando Gonzales and Blue Dragon walk out. The two rookies high five each other as the two 6WF champions shake hands as a show of respect. The fans wait eagerly for the other two rookies to come out but suddenly Party Girl hits and Miss Jessica storms out onto the stage to boos from the crowd)

MJ: (Waiting for the boos to calm down) In order, to like, totally protect my clients I have like made a call to the CEO and have arranged that this match be altered to a handicap match. The Scorpion will now be joining the team of Edam Ekram and Fernando Gonzales against Longinus. But get this those squares have decided that he must be joined by Zakky Spencer. So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen it is like my total pleasure to introduce to you my newest client The Scorpion.

(I don't do what you tell me hits and The Scorpion runs down to ringside to join his bemused teammates. Finally, All My Life hits and Longinus walks out along with Zakky Spencer. The pair make the H sign and run down to the ring and start to punch away at Ekram and Gonzales before The Scorpion wades in and frightens off Longinus. The referee then calls for the bell)

RJ: Predictions here Michael

MW: COH to dominate, believe in Hero

RJ: I hate you at times Michael

MW: Only at times? Well I'm not doing my job well enough then!

(Zakky Spencer and The Scorpion lock off before Scorpion soon gets the advantage, he pushes Spencer back into the ring corner. He then hits a big chop to his chest. Zakky attempts to get out of the turnbuckle but Scorpion pushes him back and applies a boot to the throat. The referee starts the count)


MW: Good work by Scorpion

(The Scorpion breaks off the count just before the 5 count and whips Spencer across the ring before following it up with a huge shoulder block. He makes the tag to Fernando Gonzales. Gonzales measures the fallen Spencer before hitting a vicious kick to the kidneys. He then jumps up to the top rope and hits a quick moonsault. Cover, 1....2.... Kickout)

MW: It'll take more than that RJ

(Gonzales gets up and locks in a crossface attempt. Zakky is screaming in pain and attempts to crawl across to Longinus who hops down from the ring apron and laughs at Spencer)

RJ: So much for being ordained in the church

MW: Spencer is not worthy of the COH

(Spencer manages to make his way to his knees and fights Gonzales off before hitting a massive snap DDT. He then lifts Gonzales before whipping him to the ropes but misses his clothesline, Gonzales dives to his corner and gets the tag to Edam Ekram.)

RJ: Spencer didn't see the tag, wait where is Longinus going?

(Longinus is waving to Spencer and begins to make his way up the ramp where he is greeted by Vlad and Xeres. Spencer looks on bemused before turning around slowly before being hit by a huge Burn Out)


(Ekram makes the pin



RJ: He got him, Ekram pinned Spencer!

MW: And the other lowly COH members don't seem to care, they're carrying Longinus out of here as if he won. Was that an initiation?

RJ: I have no idea Michael, hopefully we'll get an answer on 6WF Next Gen Next Week Exclusively on 606v2! Where James Eagle will try and retain his position as the man to beat!

(The closing video plays as Long Road to Ruin hits again as The Scorpion, Edam Ekram and Fernando Gonzales celebrate in the ring.)
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6NG Week 1
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