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 6NG Week 4

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PostSubject: 6NG Week 4   6NG Week 4 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:19 pm

(The pyros go off as the 6NG opening video plays and Long Road to Ruin hits. We cut to ringside, where RJ and Michael Wire are already sat)

RJ: Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to this weeks 6 Next Gen. Live as always on This is the final show before the first elimination of the show...

MW: Which means that one of these ridiculous rookies, why is this show even on?

RJ: Complain all you like Michael, but you're contractually obliged to appear on this and all future series of this show!

MW: Well at least I've got my Well to keep me somewhat sane...

RJ: Breaking with tradition we're going to go straight into our first match of the night! And what an excellent opener we have, in the form of a triple threat match. We have James Eagle taking on former tag partners Fernando Gonzalez and Edan Ekram.”

MW: “You class that as an excellent match RJ? You been smoking something again?”

(Edan Ekram and James Eagle are already in the ring when “Smooth” by Carlos Santana hits the arena speakers and the fans begin to heavily boo as he enters from behind the curtain. He goads the fans to continue to boo and walks down the ramp. He doesn’t get halfway down when Ekram jumps out of the ring and runs at Gonzalez before spearing him to the ground. He starts to punch down hard onto the face of Gonzalez.)

RJ: “Ekram obviously has some unfinished business with his former tag team partner here tonight and is showing absolutely no remorse with those right hands.”

(James Eagle stands in the ring and begins to laugh at the two wrestlers on the ramp. He sits on the top turnbuckle and begins to relax. Ekram picks up Gonzalez on the ramp and throws his opponent back first into the barrier. He picks him up again and throws him across to the opposite barrier again Gonzalez hitting with great impact. He then rolls Gonzalez in the ring and the bell rings.)

MW: “Oh great, the match finally starts.”

(Eagle jumps from the top rope and his eyes lock on to Ekram who enters the ring. The pair lock up with the Golden One getting the upper hand and forcing Ekram into the corner. He hits couple of chops across the chest of Ekram who winces in pain. Eagle pulls him from the corner and throws his opponent across the ring and hits a lovely standing dropkick across Ekram’s jaw which has him floored. Eagle quickly gets to his feet and begins to pick up Ekram but is stopped half way as Gonzalez hits him with a diving clothesline out of nowhere.)

RJ: “Gonzalez showing that he isn’t giving up easy here tonight.”

(Gonzalez quickly gets to his feet before throwing Eagle out of the ring and to the mat. He turns his attentions to Ekram who is getting to his feet. The look on Gonzalez’s face is one of pure hatred as he waits for his moment to strike. He kicks Ekram to the back of the head when he is half to his feet before beginning to stomp on the mid section of his opponent.)

RJ: “Your quiet tonight Mike. Mike? You got to be kidding me. The idiot has fallen asleep. I am terribly sorry folks.”

(Eagle has ascended to the top turnbuckle and hits a missile dropkick to the back of Gonzalez. The two quickly get to their feet and lock up. Gonzalez gains the upper hand with a dirty eye rake of James Eagle and kicks him to the gut. Fernando then rebounds off the ropes and hits a spinning neckbreaker to Eagle. Ekram is now to his feet and grabs Gonzalez around the waist and hits a German Suplex which he holds into a pin..


Gonzalez kicks out. Ekram quickly gets to his feet and runs at the ropes before hitting a clothesline to his opponent. He rebounds again off the ropes and hits a second clothesline. Eagle is to his feet again and runs at Ekram but Ekram dodges the clothesline. Eagle rebounds off the ropes.)

RJ: “OUT OF NOWHERE!!! Unbelievable from Ekram.”

(Ekram hits the perfect Burn Out to Eagle off the rebound. He doesn’t have time to gather himself when Gonzalez runs at him but Ekram dodges again. BURN OUT!!!!)

RJ: “Unbelievable stuff from Ekram here tonight. He has hit to perfect finishing moves, just for the pin now.”

Ekram covers Gonzalez, 1..2..3!!

RJ: “Ekram gets the pin against his old partner. Massive victory here tonight.”

(Ekram gets to his feet as his music hits. He taunts Gonzalez as he exits the ring.)

MW: “Zzzzzz..”

RJ: “Great input there partner. Join us after the break for this weeks rookie challenge."
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 4   6NG Week 4 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:20 pm

RJ: Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen, its Rookie Challenge Time. Each Rookie will come down one at a time

MW: Brilliant, so even more drawn out than usual then!

(I Made It hits and Clarissa comes out onto the stage to introduce each rookie)

C: Up first we have James Eagle


('Burn Burn' hits and James Eagle’s silhouette can be seen taunting in front of the golden lighting. The crowd then erupts, as James Eagle emerges through the curtain. Eagle poses at the top of the ramp, as a new set of pyros go off behind him. The camera pans around the arena to show a variety of signs, many of whom are in support of The Golden One, before it returns to Eagle entering the ring. Behind him, some fans can be seen looking bewildered with cash in their hands.)

RJ: The guy seems to take out anyone who gets in his way, but he is still by far one of 6NGs most popular rookies.

MW: Popular because of bribes. Popular because he begs. The self-proclaimed high-flying risk-taking money-machine has done nothing worthy of remaining in this competition. In my opinion, he deserves be the first man to go.

RJ: I'm afraid I completely disagree with you on that one. He may not be the most interesting to listen to on the mic, but he sure as hell makes up for that by exciting us in the ring. As they say: only time will tell.

(Eagle raises the signature golden microphone towards his lips.)

JE: On my debut, I shocked the 6WF Universe when I destroyed Mr. Keithy Mac. He jumped me before our scheduled match, but I... why am I even telling you this? I'm sure you'd all prefer to see it instead!

*Crowd pop*

(The titantron lights up, as Eagle holds his arm aloft, pointing towards the screen.

"James Eagle rolls Cole Law into the ring and climbs up to the top rope.

RJ: Corkscrew body splash!

James Eagle lifts Cole Law up and grabs him.

MW: The Soar!

James Eagle climbs up to the top rope and lifts his arms in the air as the crowd cheer him.")

JE: And that was just my debut! The golden one still has much more to offer and winning this competition is right at the top of my agenda.

(The crowd begin to cheer...)

MW: BOOOOOOOO!!! What a joke this man really is...

RJ: Shut up Michael, the young man is trying to talk. Don't be so rude!

JE: Then on my first pay per view, I soared to victory against six other men.

("Eagle comes sprinting into the ring and takes out Mac to prevent interference...

Ref: 1........................2.......................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

MW: Sanchez and Eagle pick up the win here.

RJ: What a great feeling for these two youngsters, a PPV victory under their belts.")

JE: Since that point, we have each gone our separate ways. Sanchez turned into a loony, while I was the one constantly carrying the team. I had to realize the truth. The truth that Sanchez was a blockage in the way to stardom. The truth that my future in 6WF would not be relying on someone else. The truth that I will become 6WF's next breakout star.

JE: So, would you like to see more?

*Crowd cheer*

(Once again, he points towards the screen, prompting ten thousand eyes to turn to the same spot on the wall

'VICTIMS OF THE GOLDEN ONE!' comes up on gold writing on a black background. The video shows some highlights of a handful of James Eagle's victories in 6WF, also showing his reaction when it was revealed that Chaos would be his pro. Throughout the video, the voice of RJ can be heard shouting out the names of Eagle’s finishers, while Michael Wire constantly tells him to shut up. The video then finishes with the words “THE GOLDEN ONE".)

JE: Originally, I had prepared an hour long video containing every highlight of my career. Unsurprisingly, it had to be cut down to a select few. My career has been far more fruitful than anyone else in this competition. I am the only rookie to have won something every week and that is why I shouldn't be leaving. If anything, you should be crowning me the champion of 6NG and 6WF's next breakout superstar!

JE: Last Wednesday, Longinus decided to kick me below the belt, causing me horrendous pain for a couple of days. Do you think that’s funny? The church coward also earned his second successive immunity point last week, meaning he is now immune from elimination later today. And if you ask me, he certainly needs it!

JE: Who needs immunity, when you have the fans backing you all the way? Who needs immunity, when you can work your way to the finish? Who needs immunity, when you know the future is in your hands. I'm not even bothered about winning those two points tonight. All I am bothered about is that I am the future of this federation...

???: When will you ever learn, you parasite!

(Chaos emerges from behind the curtain and strolls down to the ring, as the crowd boo heavily.)

C: You've said this again and again; you think you are the future. We find this hard to believe. You will only ever become the greatest if you listen and learn from the greatest - something you have done not for me one single time. Calm down, work hard and walk the walk. You can't just say things without backing them up, and let’s be honest your record of backing up the talk in the 6NG ring is rather lackluster to say the least...

(James Eagle pauses and stares at Chaos with a puzzled look, before returning the mic to his mouth.)

JE: Watch this face. 6NG's first ever champion. The future of 6WF. I am 'The Golden One', I am James Eagle!

(‘Burn Burn’ hits once more, as James Eagle poses in the ring while money rains down from the ceiling.)


C: Up next, its Yarmouth Blade!


The one and only hits and Yarmouth Blade comes down with Perfect Jack tagging fans as they walk down the ramp.

crowd x10

MW,oh my god not this idiot, this kid wants throwing out for what he did to me and my box.

RJ, hell no i would give him a contract just for doing that alone, that was the best thing i ever saw.

Blade and Jack walk around the ring and laugh at Michael wire and give a high five to R, then they grab a mic each from the ring steps and climb into the ring.

PJ,hello 6ng universe, and welcome to the next break out star Yarmouth blade.

crowd X10.

Blade holds his arms in the air as the crowd chant his name,Yarmouth,Yarmouth,Yarmouth.

Blade wait for the crowd to settle down and then looks over to Michael wire who stares right back at him.

YB,hey guy's (looks at the crowd) who enjoyed the match when I put Horrigan through that stupid box?, and best of all on top of that idiot Michael wire.

The crowd start to cheer very loudly.

YB,If any one missed look at the screen and I will show you what happened.

Blade turns round and the screen pop's up with a re-run of blade giving horrigan a spear into the box and with Michael wire lying down underneath them.

RJ,boy that was cool they sure showed you not to diss this show hey micky boy?

MW,sod that I don't have to take this stuff from this punk.

Michael wire throws down his head set and starts to get out of his chair and then just at that moment blade turns round and see's Michael wire just about get up.

YB, wo wo wo wo woooooo, were in the hell do you think your going chump stake?
sit your self back down in that chair before I come down there and slap your sorry into the middle of next week.You get paid to commentate so you sit down and do your job, if you can't take the heat get the(blade points the mic to crowd) and they shout hell out.

you diss this show every week and now it's my turn for some pay back,if you don't like the show stay the hell out of it and let the real commentator speak in RJ.

MW sits back down in his chair with a right face on him, puts his headset back on.

RJ, that told you Michael, you should now better not to get on the wrong side of these guys.

MW, oh shut up man, just do ya job.

YB, now listen up 6ng fans if you wanna see me put that jack ars...e through a table or another box give me a hell yeah.

Crowd goes hell yeah.

RJ,quite down now peeps perfect Jack wants to speak.

PJ, Blade,Blade,Blade you need to calm down a little man and show these super fans why you should stay in this compition?
all though you have won a cpl of matches you got no points as to yet which is what you need to be safe and there's 2 points up for grabs this week.

YB, ok boss well i got a surprise for all my fans and its a little video collection of all my high lights here on 6ng.

Blade and Jack look at the video wall and first clip see's blade walking out with Jack on the very first show and him winning the first match, then the second match were he stole a victory of horrigan.

YB, pause the video, hey Michael your gonna love this bit mate, so look up i just now you gonna enjoy it.

MW,what the hell, he's not gonna show that again is he?

RJ, afraid so my man this is good.

Then they look up and it shows blade giving a spear to horrigan through the box that MW was sitting in and got flattened.

Yb, that's why you wanna keep me in this show and make me the next 6ng break out star, i will give to you what no other rookie can do and that is make Michael wire's life a living hell.

Mw, he can just go to hell him self.

YB. i herd that Michael, now shut the hell up.

RJ, well said blade well said.

The one and only hits and blade gives jack a high five and they start to walk up the ramp.


C: Up next its The Scorpion


The lights in the arena fade and are replaced by the image of a scorpion scuttling accross the desert on the big screen. The scorpion spots his next victim and as the Scorpion's tail viciously strikes its prey "I won't do what you tell me" blasts out of the sound system and the arena is bathed in golden colours. Scorpion appears on the stage as walks down in anger through a golden curtain pyro falling from the screen, and swirling sand that is blasted from the sides of the ramp.

The camera turns to the commentary team

MW: Look at that coward not coming down to the ring with his bike

RJ: Thats cause Longinus stole it he had no right ! that thief

MW: he did not steal it RJ he was just trying to send a message ... Scorpion should not be going around challenging the amazing Church Of Hero!

RJ: get back in your well Michael!

Scorpion goes in to step into the ring as the Crowd start to BOO!

Scorpion waits for a few seconds the crowds BOOs get louder!

Scorpion: i will speak when i want to not when you expect me to ! (sarcastic voice)

Crowd Boo and chat Longinus sucks !

RJ: The Church Of Hero are not going to like this !

Scorpion: here is why i should stay in Next Gen with out me there will be no one else who can stop the COH from taking over Next Gen and Brainwashing you all!

Scorpion: points at the Screen here are my greatest moments ! a clock counts down to Scorpions Stunner's !

Scorpion: my Favourite part of Next Gen was.... ah yes! Spearing Longinus that COH scum (0.09-0.16)

Crowd Boo and cheer

Scorpion: if i am eliminated tonight i promise to hunt down my prey the COH and make them pay with ending there Careers one by one as my posion will spread through there bodies causing them to suffer to there Death and then being fed to the Swarm of Scorpions!!!!!!!!!!

RJ: pretty Scary Stuff there from the Scorpion hey Michael ?

MW: Yawn!

Scorpion heads back up to the Exit ! as the Crowd Boo!

C: Next its Longinus


All My Life by The Footfighters is blasting out of the speakers as Longinus makes his way to the stage. The red spot light is fixed firmly on him and the strobe light comes into effect. Dressed in his usual long black cloak with the hood pulled over his head and covering his face he slowly walks to the ring.

He ignores the crowd as he walks. Longinus looks very disgruntled and a shadow of the powerful man he once was when he first joined 6NG. His head remains bowed as he walks.

MW "You think he would look a bit happier. He's immune from the elimination this week, what's the matter with him?"
RJ "Its the effects of working with the COH, it's bound to get anyone down."

Longinus makes his way up the steel steps, walks along the apron and steps into the ring through the middle ropes. He walks to the corner of the ring where a microphone is waiting for him. He picks it up and walks to the centre of the ring to address the booing crowd.

The music dies away, the spot light dissapears and the arena lights come back on.
He raises the microphone to speak, but doesnt say anything. The booing in the crowd gets louder.

Longinus raises his head and looks into the crowd. He pulls the hood from off his head and stretches his neck muscles. He speaks into the microphone.

"I dont need to tell you why I will win 6NG. Im immune from this week's elimination. That says everything for me."

He drops the microphone and goes to exit the ring.

‘Here Comes the King’ is blasted out and the arena fills with boos and jeers as Hero walks onto the stage.

He glares at Longinus with a dissaproving look and makes his way towards the ring.
Longinus backs himself up and looks back at Hero who enters the ring. Hero picks up the microphone.

MW "This should be interesting, Hero does not look impressed."

Hero addresses Longinus "Have you not learned from your Lord? The lessons I teach you are for a purpose. To make you stronger. And here you are, standing before me all weak and shriveled up."

Longinus walks to the corner of the ring and picks up another microphone.
Longinus "My Lord, I have learned from you. You have taught me a valuable lesson. A lesson that has in fact shown me the path that I must follow in 6WF. Role the VT."

The titantron busts into life, and starts showing clips of Hero and the COH members giving beatdowns to Longinus. A recap is shown of Longinus exiting the Church of Hero holding his ribs and nursing a cut over his eye and of him receiving medical help prior to a match to bandage up his ribs.

The video sequence ends and Longinus turns to Hero with a look of hate and discontent.

Hero speaks into the microphone
Hero "You have not learned anything from me. You are a failure! And I shall teach you another lesson, the lesson of obedience!"

Hero drops the microphone and runs at Longinus with a flying clothesline.
Longinus ducks the clothesline and runs to the ropes, he comes off the ropes at high speed and as Hero turns around to face him, Longinus hits Hero with a spear.

MW "The spear! The spear of Longinus connects!"

Longinus walks over to Hero and smiles at him lying on the canvas. Longinus takes off his cloak. He is wearing a t-shirt with an 'A' sign on it in red lettering.

Longinus makes his way out of the ring through the middle ropes. He walks up towards the stage and stops at the top. He turns to the crowd who are in shock at what they have just witnessed.

He looks into the crowd and raises his left hand and beats his chest with his right hand.

C: Up next we have Edan Ekram:

RJ: Last week on 6NG we saw Edan Ekram get beat down with a steel chair by Fernando Gonzales-

MW: That guys fast becoming my favourite rookie.

RJ: I thought you hated this show?

MW: I hate you, RJ. But Gonzales makes this almost bearable.

-Before RJ can reply the lights go out and a flicker of purple lights shoots around the arena before settling upon the tron. 'Elements of Life' plays out the sound system and a countdown from 3 to 1 appears on the tron. The first shot is of Edan and Gonzales high fiving, whilst Blue Dragon and Jerome Dubois shake hands behind them. The caption 'Week 1' is at the bottom right at corner. Cut to Spencer looks on bemused before turning around slowly before being hit by a huge Burn Out.


(Ekram makes the pin

RJ: He got him, Ekram pinned Spencer!

The shot changes and the caption changes to 'Week 2'. Cut to show Gonzalez moving out of the way at the last moment as Edam bounces off the turnbuckle right into a flip piledriver by Gonzalez.


The last change; 'Week 3'. Ekram slaps Gonzalez on the shoulder and offers him a handshake. Gonzalez takes one look at the hand before kicking Ekram square between the legs.

MW : “Now this is more like it!!”

The crowd boos furiously as Gonzalez begins to boot Ekram in the mid section. He quickly slips under the ring and grabs a steel chair before proceeding to smash it across the back of Ekram who is yelling in pain. Jerome Dubois appears at the top of the ramp before pointing at Gonzalez and running towards the ring. He scampers quickly to the outside and begins to trash talk with Dubois.-

RJ: Wow, an impressive montage of Edan Ekrams time in 6NG so far. It's obvious to see from all this that Fernando Gonzales has been a pain in his side throughout.

MW: Are you kidding? Gonzales saw the light and-

-MW is cut off by the pop of the crowd as Jerome Dubois appears at the top of the ramp. He steps forward a few paces before raising the mic to his mouth.-

JD: Mes amis, please be upstanding for ze future 6NG Champion- Edan Ekram!

-Edan Ekram runs out from around the curtain and comes out to greet his pro with a handshake. They take seperate sides of the ramp and tag the fans as they walk down.-

RJ: We've seen many friendships form in 6NG, but this seems like a genuine friendship that goes far further than pro and rookie.

-Edan and Dubois climb the opposite steps before running across the ring to the top rope to soak up the cheers of the crowd. As they step down Dubois passes the mic to Edan.-

Edan: Last week I finally gained my immunity point, just in time. But last week also saw me suffer a brutal chair attack at the hands of Fernando Gonzales. I'm not quite sure where it all went wrong. At first you seemed like you could be the guy I could team up with in 6NG and we of took this competition by storm. But you changed. You beat me fair and square in the second week, but last week when we teamed up and you refused to involve me and then attack me- Why Gonzales? Why? Don't think that we're over. Don't ever think that I'll forget what a douche you've became. Even if I don't make it through tonight- Even if they try and drag me away, I'll make sure we're even.

-Dubois nods in agreement with Edan before clapping with the crowd.-

Edan: I don't want to waste any more of this ring time on you. I want to move on to the other man in our triple threat- James Eagle. I've highlighted before that I see you as a legitimate threat, and I think the powers that be have put us together to show the true potential of 6NG. Neither of us deserve to be eliminated so early on. I wouldn't be surprised if it was us til the very end. I don't know why you think you should stay, but I know my own reasons. Out of every other superstar competing in 6NG I am the only one that brings that kind of flair to a match that can get the pulses of the crowd pumping. I can change the tempo of the match like that, and without sounding too arrogant, I think I could probably beat most of you in one on one action.

MW: Does he know how stupid he sounds right now?

Edan: Under the tutoring of Jerome Dubois, I feel I've already gained so much experience that others are lacking. But after watching him week in week out, I know that there is a lot more to learn. If I were to be taken from him so early in this competition; 6wF would not only rob me of my dream of becoming a Champion, it would rob the fans of a team that would be talked about for years and years.

-At this point Dubois taps Edan on his shoulder and asks for the mic.-

JD: Mes amis let me make someding perfectly clear.....Sure ze world may be talking about James Eagle but dat will only be momentarily because you see whether you like or not Edan Ekram will win zis competition. Why you ask? Because number one he has ze greatest Freeweight Champion to have ever lived in his corner....He has a main who has beaten all ze legends in ze 6WF and will do so again come Pain! Secondly because without a shadow of a doubt he has ze most talent in zis competition.....In just a very short amount of time, Edan has gone from a wrestler to a superstar to ze point where people question whether or how hasn’t he got more immunity points? But dat is no issue because you see unlike all ze oders so called “Pro’s” I have confidence in my Rookie....I have confidence dat he will deliver each and every single week and in order to get ze job done and be one step closer to winning zis competition! Mark my word mes amis zis Wednesday will be ze night dat everyone will remember as ze night dat Edan Ekram stole ze show and put ze 6NG spotlight on him! This Week Edan Ekram will show why he is ze breakout star of ze year.....Why He and only he is allowed to say zis.....He will show why is “Phenomene” why he is ze “Essence of Excelence” and why he is officially a “Cultured Man!”

-Dubois embraces Ekram and raise his hand in the middle of the ring.-

RJ: A message being sent to the whole of 6wF here. Jerome Dubois and Edan Ekram are a team that are here to stay.

C: Our penultimate rookie, its Fernando Gonzalez

'Smooth' by Carlos Santana plays out in the arena as the crowd stand to receive Fernando Gonzalez, The young Mexican Superstar steps out onto the stage with a smug smirk on his face as he stretches his arms out and flexes his muscles as the Crowd attack with a chorus of boos and Gonzalez takes it all in his stride as he swaggers down to the ramp arrogantly ignoring the fans. Only young women in the Crowd seem to get any attention from him as he looks into their eyes and gives them a wink and a sly smile. He gets into the ring and steps up onto the second rope, flexes his muscles once more before springing off into a back-flip and landing on his feet in the middle of the ring.

He motions that he wants a mic and as the announcer hands him it he snatches it aggressively and swings a back hand towards the announcer as the Crowd booo once more...

FG: Todos los mexicanos la máquina voladora!!

Crowd boo his as he looks out laughing at them

FG: Last week you saw absolute perfection from the biggest talent in 6wf, just take a look at this

The crowd chant 'your a jackass' as Gonzalez looks out at the masses with a smug smile on his face and raises his arms, bowing, which only enrages them further

RJ: Can you believe the nerve of this guy?

MW: Im really starting to like guy RJ, the arrogance is there but more importantly the talent, he reminds me of a early version of the good lord Hero.

Fernando Gonzalez laughs to himself

FG: You see i told you, Cheese, don't drop the ball. I didn't give you the chance, I was forced to tag with you but at no point did i ever consider even tagging a loser like you in.

The Crowd chant 'Go back to mexico' and 'You Suck' amongst other things

RJ: He deserves all this stick the jackass

MW: Are you kidding me? he's just telling the truth

Fernando Gonzalez's mood seems to flip and starts to get angry, standing with his hands on his hips

FG: Blue Dragon...

The Crowd pop at the mention of his name

MW: Don't even mention that name..... These people just eat it up, it's redic.....

RJ: Shut up Mike, this isn't your time!!

FG: I know you're on holiday this week and it's gave me a little time to think. I have a plan for you and it will all be revealed in time....

The Crowd uneasily look around wondering what Gonzalez has planned

FG: So keep your eyes open cos your never know when it's coming

Fernando Gonzalez laughs in the ring and drops the mic walking backstage as the crowd boo him

RJ: So the jackass is going after his pro, this is only going to end 1 way and it's not going to be pretty for Gonzalez

C: And finally we have Frank Horrigan...
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 4   6NG Week 4 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:20 pm

(Frank Horrigan bursts through the curtain and stares at Clarissa. He has a wild look in his eye)

RJ: We've seen that look before, when he attacked his pro Max Adamson

MW: Or more importantly when he mercilessly attacked the Wire Well

(Frank Horrigan suddenly charges at Clarissa before grabbing her by the hair as she screams. He then kicks her in the stomach before hitting a monstrous Horrigan's Law)

RJ: What has that monster done, Clarissa might be broken in half!

MW: Best moment of the series so far!

RJ: Oh shut up Michael, get the trainers out. (He holds his hand to his ear) And yes, I've just heard from the BOD and Horrigan has been disqualified from this weeks rookie challenge and so will not be exempt from elimination.

(The cameras focus in on Clarissa who is writhing in agony as security attempts to control Frank Horrigan. Horrigan just laughs at them before making his way down to ringside)

MW: Whats happening now RJ?

RJ: Don't worry Michael, your Well will be safe. Mr Horrigan has got a match, and its up next. Frank Horrigan vs Yarmouth Blade.
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 4   6NG Week 4 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:20 pm

(The One and Only hits and Yarmouth Blade makes his way out to ringside somewhat tentatively. He gets a final pep talk from Perfect Jack before stepping into the ring as the ref rings the bell. The security from earlier are still surrounding the ring)

RJ: Yarmouth Blade must be ruing his decision to target the monster

(Horrigan goes to grab Yarmouth but the young rookies avoids him and slides back out of the ring)

MW: Get back in that ring you wimp!

RJ: Says the man sitting behind the perspex shield

(Yarmouth composes himself before getting back up on the apron. The ref attempts to hold Horrigan back as Yarmouth gets back into the ring. Suddenly Yarmouth starts unloading with left and rights onto Horrigan. Horrigan covers up before hitting a headbut out of nowhere which sends Blade down. Blade is up quickly and ducks the clothesline from the monster)


(Replays show Blade jumping off of the ropes going for a springboard clothesline but is caught by the throat in mid-air and is hit by a huge chokeslam. Cover



RJ: What heart from the rookie

MW: More like stupidity...

(Horrigan roars in anger before mounting Blade and unloading with punches. The ref tries to pull him off before starting a count





Horrigan gets off of Blade just before the 5 count. He looks at the ref with the same look of rage in his eyes)

RJ: This doesn't look good....

(Horrigan grabs the referee and hits a huge Horrigan's Law before turning back to Yarmouth Blade and hitting him with a Horrigan's Law as well)

Ring Announcer: Your winner by a result of a disqualification, Yarmouth Blade!

(Horrigan turns to the ring announcer, but before he can be hit with a Horrigan's Law a security team gets in the ring before Horrigan can do any more damage)

RJ: And get that monster out of here

MW: Just when this show was getting interesting...

RJ: Once again Michael, shut up! We'll be back after this short break with the results of this weeks pro vote...
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RJ: Due to the heinous attack on Clarissa earlier, it has fallen to me to announce the results of this weeks pro vote. And the winner of the two immunity points is...

RJ: EDAN EKRAM! Which means that he is immune from elimination!
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RJ: Its now time for our main event!

MW: Thank God for that!

(I Won't Do What You Tell Me hits and the crowd boo as the Scorpion walks out the ring. This is closely followed by All My Life and the crowd give a mixed reaction as Longinus rides out on Scorpions motorbike. He puts his hand up to the crowd to a cheer)

MW: He's a drunken thief, simple as

RJ: And showed those idiots from your beloved Church just what he thinks of them!

(Longinus and Scorpion lock up as the referee rings the bell. Scorpion quickly takes Longinus down with a hip toss. He then locks in a headlock)

MW: Good tactics there

RJ: Are you praising a rookie Michael?

MW: He is undefeated RJ, just doing my job. Right, thats my one praising comment done. I'm contractually clear now

(Longinus eventually fights his way back to his feet but is taken down again by a spinebuster. Scorpion goes to pick Longinus up but is rolled up




RJ: Almost got him....

(Longinus gets back to his feet but is distracted by the COH members Zakky Spencer, Vlad and Xeres who have come down to ringside. Longinus hits a snap DDT taking Scorpion down before sliding out of the ring and hitting a hige Spear of Longinus onto Spencer through the ringside barrier. Xeres runs at Longinus before getting hit with a spear as well, finally Longinus turns to Vlad and hits the Death Valley Driver onto him)

RJ: What a show of determination

MW: But now he's going to, what how?

(Longinus slides in just before the 10 count)

MW: How is that only a 9 count, biased refereeing in action!

RJ: Oh shut up Michael! What the bell's ringing?

Ring Announcer: Your winner Ladies and Gentlemen, The Scorpion!

(Replays show that as Longinus got back in the ring he was hit with the Stunner. Scorpion then covers and gets the 1-2-3!)

RJ: What a moment for Scorpion, he's still undefeated in 6NG

MW: Great, just great RJ

RJ: Remember to tune in this Friday for the elimination live on and then join us oncer again this time next week for Episode 5 of 6WF's Next Gen!

(Long Road to Ruin hits as a vignette plays showing the five rookies up for elimination)
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6NG Week 4
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