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 Shutdown Results (11/08/2008)

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PostSubject: Shutdown Results (11/08/2008)   Shutdown Results (11/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:02 am

Dark Match
Xanthi Rose/Marlon vs Belinda/Prime Time.

As the fans piled into the Bowl, Belinda and Xanthi started this match in a repeat of there match on Friday. Xanthi made all the early gunning, trapping Belinda in the corner, using her boot to cut off Belinda’s air supply. She followed up the early assault with a petulant slap to the face and a hanging suplex. Prime Time urged Belinda on as she mounted a come back, firing blows into the midsection of Xanthi, capping her offence off with a bulldog. Belinda tagged in Prime Time and Marlon entered for his team. Xanthi’s bodyguard towered over a distinctly unimpressed Prime Time who tried a couple of shots to the gut but was decimated by a thunderous clothesline. Marlon pulled PT up from the mat and hit a crippling backbreaker before tagging in his partner again.

Xanthi mocked PT by rolling him over and standing on his chest. The female powerhouse pulled him up but out of nowhere, he made a dive for his corner and brought Belinda back into play. Both women traded blows as the crowd were captivated and Belinda hit Xanthi with a clothesline and took to the top rope. Marlon however pushed her off and Belinda hit the ring with a sickening thud. Leaving PT to come in and check on her. Marlon hits PT with a a spinebuster and allowed Xanthi to hit a Spike DDT and gain the 3 count.


The fireworks are primed and ready, Dave Law and RJ are at ringside, the crowd are in their seats. It can only mean 1 thing: SHUTDOWN!

The Vine’s ‘Get Free’ plays and the credits roll as the fireworks go off and the camera zooms to ring side.

RJ: Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome to another Installment to 6WF Monday Shutdown! And ladies and gentleman, it now seems apparent that we have a battle for Shutdown folks!

DL: Yep that’s right RJ, Acer wants back what is rightly his and at some stage will face The Saint for the right to run Shutdown but tonight he goes head to head with The Saint’s right hand man and best friend, JJ Johnson!

RJ: Also folks we have both number one contenders facing the opposite champion: Hobo vs Nemesis and Enforcer vs TGA!

DL: But to top it off tonight, we could finally discover the identity of the mystery man going under the monniker of Retribution as he squares off against EZ Money!

But folks, let’s get the festivities under way with the first match here!

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (11/08/2008)   Shutdown Results (11/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:02 am

Match 1
The Saint/Abe Abercorn vs. Henchman/Hooligan

'God Save the Queen plays and Hooligan makes a rare Shutdown appearance, accompanied to the ring by his tag team partner to a relatively hostile reception. Hooligan mimes some boxing blows as they wait for their opponents.

'Ring of fire' plays and Abe Abercorn walks to the bottom of the ramp waiting for the commissioner.

'St. Anger plays and the crowd erupts as The Saint makes his way to Abe at the bottom of the ramp, they talk tactics and slide into the ring, Hooligan staring down Abe all the way.

Saint elects to start against Henchman and they lock up. The Saint easily gets the upper hand and pushes Henchman back into the corner, shocking him with a number of chops.


Henchman stumbles out of the corner into an Implant DDT. 1.......Kick Out. The Saint hit's a standing leg drop and immediately tags in his partner. Abe enters the ring and straight away locks in an arm bar. He releases and hits a couple of elbow drops before picking Henchman up and hitting a Lariat on the rebound from the ropes. The Saint is tagged back in and immediately hits Henchman with a Pumphandle slam.

RJ Complete dominance so far by The Saint and Abe!

The Saint pulls Henchman to his feet and whips him to the ropes and goes for a big boot which is ducked by Henchman who on the rebound floors the big man with a running DDT.

Both men crawl to their corners and tag in their partners and Hooligan and Abe circle one another and Hooligan outs his fists up in a boxing stance before flattening Abe with a 3 punch combo, a left hook flooring the Irishman.

Hooligan stands over Abe and begins counting with his hands, he gets to 6 and The Saint gets into the ring and locks in The Crucifier (Master Lock).

The referee instructs The Saint to release and after a while The Saint obliges dropping Hooligan and getting back to his corner. Both men are down and begin to crawl to their corners and both make tags as The Saint and Henchman collide again, Saint ducking a clothesline attempt before unloading with a couple of right hands before hitting a Jackhammer. 1........2........Hooligan breaks the count. Hooligan clubs The Saint on the back of the head a couple of times before he is yanked off by Abe and thrown out of the ring.

Abe follows him out and both men put up their fists again before Abe cracks Hooligan with a right hook that sends Hooligan crashing and Abe stands above him counting to 10 with his fingers.

Back in the ring Saint and Henchman are up and The Saint kicks Henchman in the gut and hits The Promised Slam, He pulls Henchman back up and hits The Divine Force. 1.......2.......3!

The Saint and Abe celebrate before heading off to the back.

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (11/08/2008)   Shutdown Results (11/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:02 am

Match 2
Hero vs Gary Johnson

The lights in the arena fade to black
Anarchy in the UK blasts out the speakers and pyros begin to explode down either side of the ramp.
A laser flickers through the smoke billowing around ringside and Hero makes his way to the ring as the crowd boo him but he seems unfazed by the reaction."I want it all" comes on and Gary Johnson is given a mixed response but he vaults the ropes and goes nose to nose with Hero.

DL:This one looks as though it might reach meltdown proportions and I for one cant wait.

RJ:This is a tense atmosphere,Johnson messed with Anarchy and now he must answer to Hero and I'm not sure he has what it takes.

The two men lock up and Hero twists Johnson's arm and sweeps the leg before slapping him round the back of the head and standing back up and laughing,

H:Cmon you little punk

Gary Johnson is back on his feet and looks disgruntled he charges at Hero who sidesteps him and kicks his legs out from underneath him before laughing again,the Angel gets up and runs at Hero who vaults over him and Johnson crashes hard into the turnbuckle,Hero whips him round and hits a stunning snap DDT.

RJ:Johnson is letting his emotion get the better of him and Hero is picking him off,here's a count

Ref:1..2..shoulder is up

Hero stands and delivers a standing moonsault that gets him another nearfall,toying with his opponent Hero goes to the top rope...

DL:Hero is dangerous from up here,deadly infact.

A corkscrew missile dropkick sends Johnson crashing back into the mat,Hero makes the cover 1..2..

DL:Hero picked the shoulder up,he had the match won.Strange tactics from the Anarchy man.

Hero delivers three straight rights in the face and goes back onto the top rope,he sets up for a Springboard 630 Senton

RJ:Hero looking to kill it off here...No he moved!Great scouting from Gary Johnson.

Gary rolls out of the way of Hero's aerial assualt and both men are down as the ref begins the count.

1...2...3...4...5...6...Johnson is up...7...8...Hero is on his knees and GJ goes over to him and pummels him furiously with rights and lefts,Johnson stands Hero up and hits a precision dropkick straight to the head and covers 1..2..kick out

DL:It'll take more than that

Johnson senses that and runs and springboards off the ropes and hits a picture perfect hurricanrana that sends Hero flying across the ring.

RJ:Great maouevre from the former Anarchy man.

The Angel spinning heel kicks Hero against the ropes and on the rebound powerslams Hero


RJ:Just got the shoulder up

Johnson shouts at the ref in frustration but gets up on second rope and goads Hero to get up,he jumps off and is looking for a double axe handle but....


Hero catches Johnson perfectly across the jaw and collapses to his knees,he regains his composure and makes the cover 1...2...foot on the ropes.
Hero smiles to himself and mockingly applauds Johnson before stomping him and lifting him to his feet,he throws to punches to the gut and irish whips Gary into the turnbuckle and follows him in


Johnson runs up the turnbuckle and executes a brilliant Whisper in the Wind and grabs the leg...1...2...

DL:Hero just managed to kick out again

Johnson senses that he has Hero where he wants him and piledrivers him hard onto the mat before taking to the top rope once more and signalling for the Swanton Bomb.

DL:This is it...wait a minute what the hell is he doing out here

EZ Money runs down the ramp and shouts at Gary Johnson who turns around and stares at him,EZ laughs at Johnson who seems baffled but then EZ signals for him to turn round and Hero kicks Johnson's legs and he lands in an compromising position on the top rope


Hero performs the Canadian Destroyer and the ref makes the count 1...2...3

DL:Hero picks up the win but only thanks to EZ Money's timely distraction

RJ:It would seem that Anarchy have underestimated Johnson and this weekend at Explosion will we see The Angel gain revenge on EZ Money?
Anarchy leave the ring smiling as Johnson is helped to his feet by the ref and he stares a hole through the two men.

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (11/08/2008)   Shutdown Results (11/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:03 am

Match 3
GWC/Mike Hill vs River Ace/Cruiser Jim

A familiar sound of old as Kurt Angle’s former music plays as GWC and Mike Hill make there way to the ring, they tag the fans as they walk down the ramp, before both jumping on the apron. Mike Hill climbs in as GWC turns around and faces up the ramp, spelling his name with his fingers. GWC climbs in before walkign to his corner, he tags Mike’s back as he gets out and stands on the apron.

‘Ace Of Spades’ plays around the arena as the crowd boo him loudly. River struts down the ramp, waiting outside the ring for his partner.

River: Where’s your belt, GWC?

River smirks as ‘Time After Time’ plays and Jim jogs down to River’s side. They both slide in the ring and walk to their corner, talking to each other in hushed tones.

Mike stands in the ring waiting to see who he will be up against first. He watches the both carefully, before turning for a split second to speak to GWC. As he does this River runs at him, looking for a clothesline. GWC see’s this and pushes Mike away, sticking his boot through the middle rope and climbing in. GWC grabs River’s tights and lifts him into the air, before being speared down by Jim. The referee ushers Jim and Mike out so they can start the match.

RJ: Both teams showing impressive teamwork before we’ve even started!

GWC picks up a fallen River, but receives a low blow in the process. River beats on GWC’s stomach before hitting the DDT. River drags GWC towards Jim and stomps on his chest, before slinging him into the corner. He tags Jim as River lifts each of GWCs legs onto the middle rope. Jim takes a big run up before charging at GWC, landing the knee where it hurts.

DL: Vicious stuff here!

River jumps out the ring but continues to choke GWC as Jim kicks GWC’s chest. River lets go as Jim whips GWC to the opposite corner, Mike slaps GWCs back to tag himself in, unknown to Jim. Jim connects with a splash and GWC is knocked forward. Jim walks behind him as Mike sneaks in, before hitting a bulldog. GWC helps Mike get Jim to his feet, hitting a double suplex.

RJ: Maybe this is the upper hand here!

GWC kicks Jim in the stomach as he rises, before hitting the CWG. He makes the cover, 1… 2… River Ace breaks the count. River continues to kick GWC before Mike comes and connects with a strong clothesline. Mike picks hi up and gives him a strong right hand, knocking him into GWC, he goes for the CWG, which is reversed!

DL: Pokeplex form nowhere!

River hits Poker Plex and goes to work Mike, as both men exchange rights and lefts before a low kick from River sends the new comer down. River walks to a vacant turnbuckle and takes the saety padding off, before walking over to GWC. He drags him half way before Mike turns to River and hits a sidewalk slam. GWC gets up and looks at the exposed turnbuckle. He grabs River’s legs and delivers a toss, sending River face-first into the metal!

RJ: River’s been busted open!

DL: Mike Hill with the piledriver immediately after!

GWC picks up River, before hitting one more CWG! Mike runs at Jim on the outside, jumping over the ropes and hitting a neckbreaker, sending both to the outside. GWC covers 1… 2… 3…!

RJ: They did it!

GWC celebrates in the ring before rolling out and celebrating with Mike Hill.

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (11/08/2008)   Shutdown Results (11/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:03 am

Match 4
Enforcer vs TGA

RJ:Well here we go,tonight sees the two number one contenders swap Explosion opponents and first up is Enforcer,number one contender to Nemesis' TAW Title against 6WF champion TGA.

"Saturday Night" comes on and the crowd erupts as Enforcer comes to ringside with Diablo and he steps over the ropes and signals a title belt around his waist as the crowd chant.


TGA comes out to "Hero" by Nickelback and runs to ringside and slides into the ring before holding his title high in the air.

TGA:You aint even getting to Explosion E!Im gonna make sure of that

Enforcer laughs at TGA which riles the champ but as they go to lock up Enforcer drives his knee hard into the stomach of TGA and clubs him hard on the back forcing the champ to his knees.

RJ:A physical start to this match from Enforcer and Diablo seems impressed.

Diablo shouts instructions to Enforcer and he kicks TGA in the stomach and stomps on his back before jumping and driving his knee into the small of the back which makes TGA cry out in pain.Enforcer locks in a camel clutch and pulls back furiously on TGA's head.

RJ:Putting pressure on that lower back,TGA is the champ but he cant last for ever.

TGA is in clear pain and is struggling to the big man off his back or get towards the ropes,he seems to be fading quickly and the crowd and Diablo are cheering wildly.

DL:This would be such a quick victory for Enforcer and wouldnt harm his chances at Explosion..

The ref sees that TGA is out and lifts up the arm,it drops drops drops the third time

RJ:NO!hes just got it up.

TGA begins to shake and in desperation gathers up all his strength and gets back to a standing position with Enforcer on his back and drops backwards slamming his bodyweight into Enforcer who releases the hold and both men are down.

RJ:I thought TGA was a gonner there but he showed resilience,a true champ.

TGA begins to get back up and Diablo bangs on the mat in encouragement to Enforcer who responds by grabbing the ropes and pulling himself up,he runs at TGA who almost takes his head off with a thunderous clothesline.Diablo holds his head as though he knows what Enforcer just felt and TGA makes the cover

1...2...kick out

TGA drops two straight elbows and the leaps through the air and leg drops Enforcer,picking up another two count.Enforcer is dazed but attempts to battle out of TGA's grasp and hits two lefts and a headbutt and runs the ropes but as he comes back he is caught by TGA who spinebusters him hard into the floor


DL:Enforcer kicks out but how long can he survive punishment like that?

TGA knees Enforcer in the head and performs and abdominal stretch,everytime the ref looks at Enforcer and asks does he want to give it up TGA grabs the ropes for an unfair advantage,after this happens five times the referee spots this infringement and orders that TGA release the hold.

Ref:I wont tell you again TGA,I'll disqualify you!

TGA smiles at the ref before going straight back to work on the ribs and torso of Enforcer,kicking and punching,he drags Enforcer up and Belly to Belly suplexes him and makes the pin.1...2...kick out.

RJ:TGA knows he wont win like that but he is making Enforcer expel energy just to kick out and it Enforcer doesnt look like he has alot of energy left to give.

Diablo is shouting encouragement at Enforcer but TGA kicks the bottom rope as he walks past and Diablo just stares at him,TGA waits for Enforcer to stand up and charges at him looking for a spear but Enforcer collapses and TGA hits the ropes,Enforcer rolls him up

1...2...kick out

TGA gets up quickly and swings at Enorcer who ducks and hits a sit out powerbomb,1...2...just gets the shoulder up,Enforcer follows up with a flying shoulder block and a knee drop,he lifts TGA into a standing position and kicks him in the stomach and hoists him onto his shoulders and performs a torture rack that has the champ screaming in pain

RJ:New move from Enforcer,extending his arsenal and looking to gain the win here.

TGA is in pain but somehow slips off the back off Enforcer and hits a German Suplex,then another and a third with a bridge pin.


DL:Enforcer's foot is on the rope

TGA is angry and positions himself in the corner and signals for another spear and runs at Enforcer who moves again,TGA crashes into the turnbuckle he turns around and...


Enforcer hits his finishing move on TGA...

RJ:Would you believe the luck of the champ the ferocity of that move has knocked him straight out of the ring.

Enforcer sits up and realises that TGA is out of the ring and looks annoyed but decides to compose himself in the ring,TGA comes around on the outside and gets to his feet but is clearly dazed,the ref carries on the count 1...2...3...4...5...Diablo starts shouting at TGA but the champ doesnt seem to realise he's there.TGA slides back into the ring and him and Enforcer stare at each other,Enforcer gets to his feet and shouts at TGA before running straight at him,TGA sidesteps and grabs Enforcer at the same time and hauls him into the ring post,cracking E's shoulder hard.


TGA senses blood in the water and on the third attempt hits a spear that impacts heavily,snapping Enforcer's head into the mat,instead of making the immediate pin TGA lifts Enforcer back up and delivers an Angel Bomb,the count is academic.1...2..3.

RJ:Great Match,both men gave it everything they had and Enforcer should take heart from his display,on another day he would have won this match and he will be hoping for better luck this Saturday at Explosion.

Diablo pulls Enforcer out of the ring and puts a consoling arm around his shoulder and leads him to the back as the ref raises TGA's arm in victory.

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (11/08/2008)   Shutdown Results (11/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:03 am

Match 5
Acer vs JJ Johnson

"When I get down" plays and Acer makes his way to the ring,many in the crowd are cheering with boos here and there.

RJ:Here we go,Acer vs JJ Johnson,the Saint's best friend.JJ has claimed that Acer screwed with the Coalition in his quest to get control of Shutdown and this should be one helluva a match up.

"Get your Groove on" echoes around the arena as the crowd erupts and the 6WF Internet champion comes to rinside in his trademark white hoody he flips the ropes and throws the hoody to the crowd as he goes toe-to-toe with Acer,the two men stare at each other and the referee has to get in the middle of the two men.

DL:In danger of exploding here.

The bell sounds and both men lock up in a test of strength,Acer begins to get the upper hand so JJ knees him in the stomach,elbows him across the back of the neck and hits a strong clothesline that floors Acer,JJ taunts Acer as he lies on the floor.

Crowd:JJ! JJ! JJ!

Acer smiles and gets back up,the two men lock up again and this time Acer whips JJ against the ropes,JJ ducks the attempted clothesline but cant dodge the shoulderblock on the rebound,Acer kisses his biceps as JJ composes himself on the floor.

Crowd:Acer! Acer! Acer!

RJ:Both men playing mind games here in the early going

This time JJ laughs and gets up as the men get ready to lock up again JJ kicks Acer's legs out from underneath him and drops a sharp elbow to the chest,JJ begins to stomp on Acer who tries to reach the refuge of the ropes,JJ continues after him but Acer manages to pull himself up on the ropes and boots JJ in the ribs as he comes towards him and as JJ spins away Acer runs in and...


1...2...kick out

Acer seems annoyed at not getting the three count and gets to his feet and steps onto the second rope and then onto the tope where he sets up to fly



RJ:How did het get the shoulder up.

JJ kicks out of the highflying move but looks a little worse for wear,Acer picks him up and whips him into the turnbuckle and German Suplexes him as he comes back,into a bridge pin.

1...2...kick out

Acer drags JJ by the leg to the ropes and puts his right leg onto the bottom rope,where he begins to drop all his body weight onto Triple J's leg,causing him to cry out in pain.Acer flips JJ over and wraps his leg looking for the Indian Deathlock,JJ sensing the danger he's in crawls to the ropes and as Acer comes at him he hits a beautifully executed uppercut straight to the jaw that rocks Acer and he stumbles backwards looking dazed.JJ runs at Acer and performs a spinning heel kick that causes him to fall against the turnbuckle,JJ seizes Acer around the neck and throws him straight through the turnbuckle into the ringpost,Acer's shoulder hits with a sickening thud.

RJ:Cover by JJ

1..2..just kicked out

JJ knees Acer in the head and hits two straight rights,Acer tries to fight back but JJ jawbreakers him and as Acer drops to his knees JJ runs the ropes and hits the scissors kick as his opponent gets back up.

DL:Thats gotta be all,JJ picking up a win for the Saint and the Coalition

Acer kicked out on a 2 and a half count and the growd gasp as they thought it was over,JJ shakes his head but smiles knowing its gonna take alot more.JJ drops a leg across the throat of Acer and then vaults athletically onto the top rope.

RJ:JJ's gonna's all or nothing from up here

JJ attempts a flying headbutt but Acer gets his knees up and the Franchise Initiative is semmeingly unconcsious,Acer is still reeling but manages to get his arm over...


DL:Foot on the ropes

Crowd:JJ! JJ! JJ!

JJ responds to the crowd and starts to get up,Acer grabs him and goes for an Irish whip but JJ reverses it but as Acer comes back JJ drops his head and...

DL:OH MY GOD! A running flip piledriver from Acer,what a move!


Instead of going for the cover Acer holds his hand in the air and points at the top rope,the crowd shout their appreciation as Acer makes his way over to the ropes,the match has takes its toll but he gets onto the top rope and signals for the end

RJ:Gonna be the shooting star leg drop and aint no getting up from that...hang on

JJ who seemed to be out flips to his feet and kicks Acer in the stomach he gets onto the top rope with Acer an hits the...

DL:ACCESS ALL AREAS! Acer was just giving a free pass to Access All Areas courtesy of the Franchise Initiative.

JJ stunners Acer of the top rope but the momentum of the move leaves both men down,the ref has no choice but to start the count 1...2...3...4...5 Both men begin to stir...6...7.JJ is up...8....Acer is on unsteady legs but up none the less

RJ:How the hell are these two men standing?

Both men are at opposite sides of the ring and begin shouting at each other to bring it,they walk up to each other center of the ring and begin to trade rights and lefts,neither man is givin an inch and the crowd is going crazy,Acer attempts to kick JJ but he catches his leg and flips him into...

DL:The Anklelock!

JJ is wrenching at Acer's ankle which is twisted at a sickening angle,he frantically tries to get the rope but JJ is too stong and Acer cannot go anywhere,he is screaming in pain and is he lifts his hand to tap out but in a last ditch effort rolls his whole body through and grabs JJ's legs and a handful of his trousers on the way through...


RJ:I dont believe it! Acer has stole one here against JJ Johnson

DL:It looked as iff JJ had him but with a handful of tights Acer used Veteran tactics to pick up the win,look at this,would you believe it?

JJ is standing looking furious at what just occured,Acer walks up to him and holds his hand out...

RJ:Well Acer showing abit of class but how will the Franchise Initiative react


JJ stares at Acer and his outstretched hand and then turns his back and taking his Internet title belt,the crowd gasp in shock and JJ stands with his back to Acer and looks deep in thought,he turns back around JJ shakes his hand before pulling him close and saying

JJ:This is between you and Saint but if you mess with me or the Coalition's plans again and I will end your career,you feel me?

Acer stares at JJ and the two men break apart as the fans cheers wildly

DL:Well a touch of class to end this match and it was an instant classic to say the least.

JJ makes his way to the back as Acer celebrates in the ring.

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (11/08/2008)   Shutdown Results (11/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:03 am

Match 6
Hobo vs Nemesis
DL:Time for part 2 of our Championship swap tonight on Shutdown.

Dont Fear the Reaper echoes across the arena as the crowd give a standing ovation to Hobo,he milks the reception and the crowd are going crazy as he shakes hands with some of them before getting in the ring and stretching.The lights in the arena go off and Nemesis comes to the ring looking eerily focused.Hobo doesnt wait for the bell and rushes in and attacks Nemesis with rights and lefts,Hobo is kicking and puching and trying to bite Nemesis in the corner before the big man grabs him by the scruff of the neck and chucks him out of the ring.

RJ:Hobo going for it here in the early going,Nemesis needs some breathing space here.


Space isnt what Nemesis gets as Hobo quickly gets back in the ring and jumps back onto Nemesis hitting more punches to the head and body,he then performs the Down and Out combination and Nemesis seems rattled by the quick offense of the 6WF Number one Contender.

RJ:Hobo with the cover...1...huge powerout by Nemesis

Although Nemesis powers out,Hobo goes straight back at him and hits a running swinging neckbreaker,Nemesis crawls back up into the corner where he's greeted with a ...


Hobo hits one of his finishing moves and then follows it with a double arm DDT

DL:A tribute to honourable TRASH TV member Mick Foley


Nemesis just gets his shoulder up and Hobo walks over to him but Nemesis hits him below the belt out of the sight of the referee,Hobo drops and joins Nemesis on his knees.

RJ:Thats enough to slow anyone down,I though Hobo had turned Bill Goldberg on us there but it looks like this match might have some class and longevity.

Nemesis rakes Hobo's eyes and picks him up and backbreakers him,instead of going for the cover he hoists him up again and whips him into the ropes as Hobo comes back Nemesis performs a tilt-a-whirl Powerslam and covers Hobo

1..2..kick out

Nemesis doesnt seem fussed and instead grabs Hobo by the head and powerbombs him into the turnbuckle before shoulder thrusting him four times which drops Hobo to the canvass,Nemesis stands on Hobo's head and holds his arms in the air in mock celebration as H struggles on the mat.Nemesis smirks as he lifts Hobo up with ease and headbutts him,he whips Hobo into the ropes again,he swipes at Hobo on the first go but Hobo ducks underneath and perfroms a Soft Shoe Shuffle driving Nemesis' face into the mat.


DL:He kicked out,Hobo is gonna need something big here

Hobo gets back to his feet and jumps on Nemesis back making the big man drop onto his stomach fully,Hobo runs the ropes and drops a strong leg across the back of Nemesis' neck.Nemesis is in pain but gathers himself and begins to get to his feet,Hobo runs off the ropes again but the big man catches him round the throat and...


Nemesis chokeslams's Hobo and draws his finger across his throat in a signal to the end of the match,he picks Hobo up on his shoulders and sets him up for the Death Wish

DL:Here we go,its all over fro Hobo...Oh My God the Handshake

Hobo performs his signature Hobo handshake(poke to the eye)whilst on Nemesis' shoulder and slides down his back and rolls him up



Hobo picks up the victory and Nemesis cant believe what has happened,he gets to his feet and stares at Hobo who shrugs at him and signals a belt around his waist.Nemesis shakes his head and laughs as Hobo is spun around and blasted with a chair from TGA right across the head.


TGA hits Hobo with the chair 3 more times before setting him up and Angel Bombing him onto the chair,Hobo is out cold and bleeding from the head,TGA holds his arm up in celebration and signals for Nemesis to get in on the act,Nemesis looks at Hobo and moves in...

Crowd cheer

Enforcer comes running to ringside with a chair of his own,Both TGA and Nemesis slide out of the ring as Enforcer slams the chair off the ropes and turnbuckles before dropping it and checking on his fallen comrade.

RJ:TGA draws first blood before Explosion but I dont doubt that Trash TV will have retaliation in mind,TGA and Nemesis better be prepared for the backlash from the Number One Contenders.

DL:Well it was about gold but TGA has just made it personal and that for my money wasnt a wise move,with just 5 days before Explosion we might be looking at our ex-champs walking away here and our new champs in the ring.

Nemesis and TGA stand at the top of the ramp as Enforcer motions at Nemesis for the belt and Hobo with blood down his face looks at TGA before doing the same motioning signal


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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (11/08/2008)   Shutdown Results (11/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:04 am

Main event
EZ Money versus Retribution

Here comes the money plays as EZ strolls to the ring to a chorus of boos. His mind set on the upcoming match, he pays no attention to the fans heckling and shouting abuse as he slides under the bottom rope.

The lights dim. As the arena in engulfed in pitch black. A loud scream is echoed around the arena. Retribution.

Rj- This is the first mask versus hair match in 6wf. We are writing history with EZ money versus the mystery opponent

DL- Will we fid out who is beneath the mask. Or are we destined to see EZ money become bald?

Both men are in the ring, staring from across the ring. The bell sounds

RJ- The bell rings for tonight’s main event.

Both men lock up in the centre of the ring. But its stalemate. EZ money goes for another but R shoots fo his legs taking him down to the mat and locks in a headlock.

Ez starts to get to his feet. But is met by thunderous elbows to the back of the head. Then a running dropkick to the face. R locks in a camel clutch and wrenches at his opponents back

RJ- The veteran there manages to reach for the ropes. What great ring presence.

Retribution picks his opponent up and snap sup lexes him in to the centre of the ring. He goes for a cross face this time but is met by a flurry of stiff shots to the face. Ez starts to release knee shots to the head of his opponent. EZ drags R to his feet and scoop slams him to the mat below. He digs his knee in to the back and starts to gauge his opponents eye. After a few seconds he goes for the mask. But is halted by the referee.

EZ starts to argue with the referee. He turns around to continue his onslaught but is met with a rogue spear

RT- That’s E-Vals finisher. Is it Eval. They have bad blood stemming back to the break up of the Eval villains.

Both men are down as the referee starts to count. He reaches 5 as both men start to move. Both men are on there feet by 8 and start trading blows.

RJ- Ez with a right. He takes one to the head. There not relenting on dishing out punishment.

EZ falls to his knees and hits the low blow as a chorus of boos echoes the arena. EZ picks retribution up and delivers a bone breaking power bomb. He lifts him up again for a fireman scary to the mat below.

Ez slides out the ring and picks up the time keepers bell. He slides under the rope as retribution is on his feet. EZ charges with the bell. But is met with a super kick which sends the bell directly in to his opponents skull. Both men collapse to the floor again.

Retribution slides under the bottom rope. He chucks a chair over the top rope while he gets a ladder from under the ring

RJ- Business is picking up…….

Retribution sets up the ladder in the corner. He starts to climb but is met by a thunderous chair shot to the back sending R to his knees. EZ sets him up and hits him squarely on the head multiple times.

DL- He senses the victory….He’s climbing the ladder….

RJ- He’s signalling for the money shot. Are we going to see the unmasking here today…..He’s taking to long. Retributions up……

Both men are on the top of the ladder as EZ money manages to get the better of his opponent. After a couple of vicious shots to the head he manages to produce a piledriver off the top rope.

RJ- That could have killed him. Retributions down. He’s waiting for his opponent to get to his feet. It’s the ace crusher time……..

The lights suddenly go off……..As queens “I want it all” rings around the arena

RJ- That’s Garys music. Is he here. The damn lights. What’s going on…….

The lights suddenly come on after a few seconds as EZ money is on retributions shoulders….Domi bomb…domi bomb.

RJ- Hes got the cover…..1……2…..3…That was phoenix roses finisher. Who is this man……

RJ-Ez is due is head shaved…..EZ is going to be bald…………

Following these words Hero and BW both enter the ring. They both start pummelling on retribution as BW hits a giant splash on the lifeless body. Hero drags his opponent up to his feet and hits the Canadian destroyer……

RJ- this is an assault. EZ agreed to the terms. He agreed with the match. He knew the repercussions. But anarchy….are being down right cowards right now.

EZ slowly gets to his feet and sees what’s going on. He climbs to the top rope and delivers a thunderous money shot to his opponents lifeless body

RJ- Look at hero. Look at what heS got.

Hero pulls out a pair of scissors and starts to hack at the rope tying the mask on retributions head……EZ money pulls the mask off…

RJ- The mask is off. There’s blood all over his face…Who is it……………….

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Shutdown Results (11/08/2008)
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