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 Shutdown Results (09/03/2008)

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PostSubject: Shutdown Results (09/03/2008)   Shutdown Results (09/03/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 9:32 am

Match 1: GWC v Finlay

Both men started strongly, until GWC took a nasty tumble outside of the ring, clutching his knee. Finlay capitalized with many-a leg-lock, forcing GWC to scream out in pain. GWC managed to get back in the match with tidy ground-work, showing the fans that he had more than just a powerful and high-flying edge. Finlay attempts a counter but misses his opponent and knocks down the ref. Finlay then low-blows GWC, and rolls out of the ring and gets…a sheleighleh. He goes to hit GWC with it, but his opponent is too quick, and GWC grabs the weapon off Finlay, before wrapping it over his head. The ref recovers to make the pin.

Winner: GWC.

Match 2: Red Devils v River Ace.

Before this match started, Acer came out and stated that if the Red Devils lost, then they would be fired. He also declared that this match be fought under no-holds barred rules. The Red Devils stood no chance, as Ace went crazy with a sledgehammer. The match only lasted 2 minutes, but even though it was a very short match, the ring mat was covered with the Devils bl00d. They were put on stretchers and whisked away, with their status in the 6WF non-existant.

Match 3: Diablo and Nemesis w/Trish Stratus v EZ Money and Randy Peeper.

This was an all-out brawl, that the referee had no control over. It didn’t help that Jessica ran down to the ring to attack Trish Stratus, after she had hit a chick-kick on Peeper. After 10 minutes of all-out fighting, the referee called a no-contest.

Match 4: 6WF Title Match: Hero © v Saint (special referee: Acer)

These two competitors, although they would never admit it, have a lot of respect for each other, but also have a lot of bad bl00d. This match was a marathon and Acer had things under control, up until the 78th minute mark, where the match overflowed to the outside. Both men were at the top of the ramp, with Acer in tow, when Hero kicked saint in the gut….
RJ: Both men are dangerously close to the edge of the ramp…it’s a 30 foot drop. Folks I have just been told that we have only 40 seconds of broadcasting time left. Hero with another kick to the gut…he’s setting up for the Canadian Destroyer, Hero that’s 30 feet…it’s not worth it…Acer…try and stop him gawddammit…OH MY GOD!!! CANADIAN DESTROYER TO THE FLOOR…30 FEET BELOW!!! The crowd are shouting Holy…well you know the rest!!! We only have 5 seconds left, so good…HOLY SHAMOLY!!!! THE SCENERY JUST FELL ON TOP OF HERO AND SAINT……….

(End of broadcast)
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Shutdown Results (09/03/2008)
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