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 Shutdown Results (05/05/2008)

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PostSubject: Shutdown Results (05/05/2008)   Shutdown Results (05/05/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:47 pm

* The hordes of fans are entering the 6WF arena. The commentating area is empty. The timekeeper, announcer and referee make their way down to the ring for the dark match before 6WF Shutdown. JJ Johnson walks through the curtain, to silence from the crowd; they like the guys’ talent, but are unsure about his attitude. Then ‘stronger’ by Kanye West blares through the speakers and the crowd erupts, as Phoenix Rose enters the arena. There is doubt who the crowd is rooting for. Phoenix enters the ring, and puts his hand out for JJ to shake as a sign of respect, but Johnson spits on it, and the crowd boos. The ref calls for the bell and the match begins with Phoenix executing an excellent leg takedown, and immediately applying pressure on JJs legs. JJ punches his way out, and applies a sleeperhold, which Phoenix counters with a viscous double-armed DDT. He goes for a cover, but only gets a 2-count. He takes the self-proclaimed ‘Franchise Initiative’ to the corner and mounts him, hitting 8 punches before being Powerbombed by JJ. He throws Phoenix to the ropes, and meets him with a knee-to-face. He picks up Rose and sets him up for another powerbomb, however Phoenix desperately attempts to reverse it, leading to JJ hitting a rolling Powerbomb pin, and with a fistful of tights he gets a 3-count. The referee raises JJs hand, as the crowd boos him. As he walks up the ramp, RJ and Michael Wire walk down and take their positions at the commentating table. The titantron screens the words 10 seconds until Shutdown live. It then counts down until it reaches zero, and the pyrotechnics go off….*

RJ: Welcome everybody to 6WF special Tuesday Night Shutdown with me, RJ…

MW: And me, Michael Wire. Tonight we will see one of the two commissioners of the 6WF leave this great federation forever. Now we have an interviewer backstage with the commissioner of Lockdown, River Ace.

Interviewer: Now River, tonight you are in your biggest match since you beat Diablo in a loser leaves 6WF match. What are yo..

RA: Hold it, hold it. This match should be my biggest match, but it is not. Acer is no where to be found, no one has seen him, to be honest I don’t think that he’ll show up, because he is too much of a coward. And I told all of those fans to always bet on Ace, and you see, I’m right once again. Now excuse me, I’ve got a celebration party to plan.

MW: Well he’s a bit confident.

RJ: A little too confident for my liking, but there you go. Now for our first match of the night, Finlay versus Matt Lightning. Now a few weeks back, Matt Lightning won a match against his opponent tonight, which had a stipulation that Lighting would get a record contract. However it has come to light that Lightning has bought out the record company, owned by Finlay himself, so the Irishman is not a happy bunny.

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (05/05/2008)   Shutdown Results (05/05/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:47 pm

MW: Both men are in the ring now, and they are circling each other. Someone in the crowd shouts ‘Lightning sucks’. Lightning turns to look at the fan, and Finlay capitalizes with a German Suplex. He now has a rear arm-lock applied…and that boot looked a little low from Lightning. He grabs Finlay and rear naked choke is applied.

RJ: Slap bang in the middle of the ring, Can Finlay get to the ropes?

MW: He doesn’t need to, what strength this man has, he just got up and, with Lightning on his back, runs him into the corner.

RJ: Lightning falls to the outside, and rolls under the ring. Finlay pulls him out again and drops an elbow.

MW: But whets that in Lightnings hand, he has something metal…its handcuffs, RJ, he has handcuffs.

RJ: And he has just attached one around Finlays left arm. He attaches the other to the safety rail. He’s gonna steal one, Lightning is going to steal this match, and become the number one contender for the internet title, by count-out. There’s the bell, Matt Lightning has won.

MW: Finlay has a case for overruling this decision, and he will have to go to the commissioner who is still here at the end of the night, and ask for Lightning to be DQ’ed.

*Advertisement break*

RJ: Welcome back, you’re just in time for match number two: Hobo and Bezerker versus Cruz and Gary Johnson.

MW: Well actually it has just started, and Hobo and Bezerker are in control. Hobo has Gary Johnson in the ring, while Bezerker and Cruz battle it out on the outside. Bezerker throws Cruz over our commentating table, Bezerker turns to the crowd and shouts ‘This is tele!’, Cruz just wrapped a steel chair around Bezerkers head, but the ref did not see it. He climbs into the ring, and he smashes Hobo over the head, the ref calls for the bell.

RJ: AND CRUZ JUST TOOK OUT HIS OWN TAG TEAM PARTNER!!! Do you think that this has anything to do with Cruz wanting to be a singles competitor?

MW: I think it might just be that.

*Advertisement Break*

MW: Stone Cold Steve Ashley is in the ring, and we are awaiting Enforcers presence.

RJ: Here he comes now, and he’s running to the ring. SCSA goes to cut Enforcer off, but is taken out with a powerful clothesline. Ashley gets up and…chokeslam.

MW: he goes for the pin…1….2….Enforcer just pulled SCSAs head off the mat. He throws him into the ropes….BLACK HOLE SLAM!!!! This match should be over now.

RJ: But Enforcer's going to the top rope…MOONSAULT…great flexibility from the big man…and the ref counts to 3. What a dominant performance from the Enforcer, with showings like this, he will quickly be in the title frame.

MW: What are you doing?

*Camera turns round to show RJ taking off his mike and headphones, and leaving the commentary area.*
MW: Where are you going? You crazy idiot!!

*RJ walks back into shot, and puts his mike and headphones back on*

MW: What the hell was that?

RJ: I was just signing an autograph. What do you think I was doing?

MW: Well, you looked like you were going to pull an ‘Adamle’ on me. (Get the joke?)
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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (05/05/2008)   Shutdown Results (05/05/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:47 pm

RJ: Well, anyway we’re ready for our next match: RockV2, the Saint and EZ Money vs Crime Lord, GWC and TGA.

*All the men enter the ring, when River Ace walks through the curtain*

RA: Seeing as Acer is not here, and will probably forfeit his match tonight, I have decided to give the fans a main event style match. This match is now…an elimination table’s match.

RJ: OMG!!! An elimination table’s match?

*The ref calls for the bell, and a brawl ensues. Saint and GWC are fighting on the outside, RockV2 and TGA are beating the hell out of each other on the ramp, and EZ Money and Crime Lord are battling it out of the ring.*

RJ: EZ is trying to gain control over Crime Lord, but CL isn’t letting the Ratings winner doing just that.

MW: Watch out!!!!

RJ: Folks, TGA just came flying over our announce desk. And both Saint and Crime Lord are fighting over a table, while GWC is standing behind his former tag partner, table set-up…GERMAN SUPLEX THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!

MW: Saint is eliminated!! Now Crime Lord has the table, he has it set-up…Powerbomb on EZ. EZ is eliminated. But Saint hasn’t left the ring.

RJ: Crime Lord turns round…

MW: And he has just…been…Sainted.

RJ: Now Crime Lord is laying motionless in the ring, while GWC and TGA are putting the boots to RockV2. Double clothesline. Now TGA goes to get a table, he sets it up, low blow by Rock to TGA.


RJ: Now it’s a two-on-one match, and Rock is getting another table out. He lays TGA on it. He goes to the top turnbuckle….DIVING PEOPLES ELBOW OFF THE TOP ROPE!!!

MW: Now it is RockV2 versus Crime Lord. CL is standing in the ring, he sees that his opponent is RockV2, he knows exactly what Rock brings, these two have been in battles.

RJ: He rolls out of the ring, and grabs a chair. Rock is getting into the ring…

MW: CRIME LORD JUST TOOK OUT THE REFEREE WITH THE CHAIR!!! The ref was trying to take it off him…and BAM, no more referee.

RJ: Rock has no chance here, Crime Lord lays him out, and chair shot after chair shot. He now gets a table.

MW: GWC still hasn’t left the ring, and now he puts the boot to Rock, and with the ref down, no-one can stop this.

*Anarchy in the UK blasts through the speakers, and the fans go wild, when hero runs down the ramp with a chair in hand*

RJ: It’s Hero!!! IT’S HERO!!!!

MW: Down goes GWC after a chair shot. Crime Lord is oblivious to Heros presence; he’s on the top rope, ready for what looks like a Moonsault onto Rock, who is positioned on the table. Hero climbs to the same top turnbuckle as Crime Lord


MW: Hero now leaves the ring, the ref is getting to his feet, and he sees Crime Lord in the middle of pieces of table…He calls for the bell!!! RockV2, EZ and Saint win this elimination table’s match, thanks to the returning Hero!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (05/05/2008)   Shutdown Results (05/05/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:48 pm

RJ: Here we go…the main event…the match that will see one of the 6WF commissioners leave this company…forever. Will it be Acer, who, despite his age, is one of the veterans of this federation, and is the man solely responsible for keeping the 6WF afloat? Or will it be River Ace, the man that Acer brought in, the man that ended Diablos career and the worst commissioner in wrestling period?

MW: It’s no question who you’re supporting?

RJ: I’m supporting the man that gave me this job, and with River in control, both our commentating careers are insecure, because he’ll bring in others who won’t tell it how it is.

MW: Damn right, I see your point now. Well before the competitors come to the ring, here is Acers road to this match…starting from that fateful day at PAIN…

*Voice of RJ: Acer looks like he’s going to attempt a Shooting Star leg or knee drop…WTF? RIVER ACE IS HERE, AND HE JUST HIT ACER WITH A SLEDGEHAMMER, RIGHT TO THE GUT!!!

Narrator: The onslaught continued until Acer could no longer get up, and he lost his Destination Elevation match against Crime Lord. He was rushed straight to hospital and put into intensive care. He suffered numerous injuries, and doctors and medical professionals predicted that he would not be able to compete on Shutdown, therefore forfeiting his match against River Ace, being fired from his job while lying in a hospital bed. River Ace scheduled a match for Acer at Lockdown, however the commissioner of Shutdown was still in hospital. On Friday the following was written on the 6WF website:

‘Acer has escaped the hospital, and hasn’t been seen since’

Narrator: He was found at the local wrestling gym with his coach and MMA star Rand Couture.

RC: Acer is doing everything he can to show us that he’s fit to fight, however he cannot pull off basic maneuvers without screaming in pain, I don’t think he’ll make it to the show on Monday.

Narrator: His coaches do not believe he’ll be ready for today, the question is…does he?*

RJ: Here comes River Ace, and boy does he look cocky and over-confident. He must think that he has got this match in the bag.

MW: Now Acers music is on. But I don’t see him, maybe Couture was ri…


MW: The fans are on their feet, they know that Acer has been to hell and back this week. He takes off his trench coat and…there’s where River will attack, those bandaged ribs.

RJ: Wearing that bandage is pretty much a target on Acers chest, and River will exploit his injury.

MW: Well, we have to hope that Acers countering ability can…well, counter Aces attacks.

*Acer slowly enters the ring, and is cut-off by Ace immediately*

RJ: Ace is stomping a mud-hole into the wounded Acer, and the ref hasn’t even rung the bell. The ref now pulls River away, and now Acer wearily gets back to his feet. I have a really bad feeling that this match will not last this long.

MW: Well, we’re gonna have to hope that Acers mental state is better than his physical state. Both men lock-up, and River throws Acer into the ropes and he just hit an elbow smash straight to the sternum, and the Shutdown Commissioner goes straight down. River, with those stomps again, now turns to the crowd…Acer with the roll-up…1…2…no, 2 and a half, River was caught unawares.

RJ: That shows you what happens when you are too cocky, I reckon if Acer was at 100% then we would have had a 3 count, but in his condition, he did well to get a 2 and a half. In fact I think he may have damaged himself even more, as he has just rolled out of the ring, clutching his ribs.

MW: River follows him, but Acer meets him with a punch to the stomach. He goes to throw him into the ring post, Ace counters and Acer goes crashing into the ring post, chest first.

RJ: Look at Ace, I told you Michael, he would attack where Acer is most vulnerable. Now he’s picking up Acer and rolls him back into the ring. Ace goes up top…and a knee drop right to the ribs. Now River is….Oh my god, he’s undoing Acers bandaging, it looks like he wants to finish not Acers 6WF career, but Acers wrestling career. He goes for a boston crab, but Acer reverses it into a Hurracanrana. He’s putting his body on the line here, because he has just hurt himself again.

MW: Well he knows that if he doesn’t risk his body, then his career ends tonight. Now Acer gets up and…oh what a DDT by the real commissioner.

RJ: What do you mean ‘real’ commissioner?

MW: He is the only real appointed commissioner, Ace just took over when he screwed Diablo out of his job. Now Acer has control of this match, he has River, throws him into the rope, goes for the Monday Night Gore….but misses. Ace looks to the crowd and points to his head, as if he had the move scouted, he turns an….


MW: Again Ace kicks out. Acer takes his time to get up, so does Ace, and what a kick by River, right to the gut of Acer. He lays him out with a clothesline River grabs Acer by the hair, takes him up for a suplex…and leaves him hanging on the ropes.

RJ: That’s not going to Acer any favours. Now River is really on the offensive. He drags Acer across to the turnbuckle, lays him across the corner. What is this mad-man going to do? He climbs the opposite turnbuckle, FROGSPLAH!!! I never thought Ace had a move like that in him.

MW: But did you see how Acer fell, he collapsed like a table. Now River goes for a cover…1…2… Acer has his foot on the rope. He survives this onslaught but how long can he last.

RJ: Ace goes for the bow and arrow submission hold, it’s basically a surfboard, and Acer is screaming in pain, will he give up? Will he give up?

MW: Folks we’re gonna have to go to a break now, but don’t leave the sofa, you don’t want to miss a thing when we get back.
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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (05/05/2008)   Shutdown Results (05/05/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:48 pm

*Advertisement break*

MW: Welcome back.

RJ: Amazingly, Acer broke the hold, and has been on the offence since. Oh and what a suplex, it was almost a brain-buster. Acer clutches his unprotected ribs, but gets up and goes to the top, oh and he slips. River now has a chance to counter, he goes up top and…Gutbuster from the top, that’s it, he won’t kick out now, he’s screaming in agony, but for me, that’s it.

MW: I DON’T BELIEVE IT!!! He kicked out. There is life in the Monday Night Draw still. Ace picks up Acer, and Ace Crusher…you’re right RJ, Acer won’t get up now, no one has kicked out of this move ever. This count is now a formalit…HE KICKED OUT AGAIN!!! Right, I have seen everything now, a 6WF champ with an invisible friend, a bum from off the street now wrestling in the 6WF, and now someone kicking out of the Ace Crusher.

RJ: I’m just as amazed as you, but now River is incensed and he is shouting at the ref, who was making the count quite fairly and has been straight down the middle all match. River turns and jumps out of the way as Acer just inadvertently took out the referee.

MW: Oh no, Rivers got a chair, and Acer is unaware…

RJ: OH NO HE ISN’T!! What a superkick to the chair, which knocks Ace to the mat. Acer throws the foreign object out of the ring, and climbs to the top. He’s crouched, ready to fly. We all now what’s coming next.

MW: It’s one of two things. Either a shooting star knee-drop or the shooting star leg-drop…WHICH HE JUST HIT!!! He goes for the cover.

RJ: There’s no ref, the ref is out. If Acer hadn’t taken out the official, River Ace would be taking the walk of shame. Now Acer gets up pulls River up, and a sneaky low-blow by Ace…and another Ace Crusher. The ref is stirring, and River makes the cover. The ref crawls over, no not this way…no somebody stop thi...

MW: A KICK OUT!!! The refs hand almost hit the mat for a third time, but Acer found enough intestinal fortitude to get a shoulder from off the mat. Ace isn’t arguing with the referee this time, he smells bl00d in the water, and he gets Acer into a boston crab. The ref is on his feet, and once again Acer is screaming in agony again, but he’s crawling towards the ropes, he’s gonna find the safety of the ropes.

RJ: But Ace noticed this and pulls his opponent back into the middle of the ring, where he locks in the move again, this time he has it locked in tighter.

MW: But Acer again is slowly moving towards the ropes.

RJ: Very slowly, about a centimeter every few seconds.

MW: Every centimeter counts for Acer, because it means the closer Acer is to the ropes.

*The boston crab is locked in for about 3 minutes, and Acer is gradually getting to the ropes, the injuries to his back are clearly taking their toll, as Acer is really struggling to move, every muscle in his back screaming in pain*

MW: Look how close he is, he is a hand away from breaking the hold, he’s so close.



RJ: I don’t believe this, River rolls out of the ring, and looks into the pocket of his entrance jacket, he has got a cheque, and he hands it to the referee, he bought the referee. The ref sold his soul, and lost Acer his job, all for money. Both River and the ref leave the ring, while Acer tries to figure out what just happened.

MW: He turns to look up the ramp, and his knees just buckled, he has just realized that he has been screwed by River Ace.

RJ: I can’t believe this, and I can’t believe that I would ever say this…Acer, the man who kept the 6WF afloat, the man who remortgaged his house twice just so he could pay his wrestlers wages during dark times, has been fired from the 6WF. Acers eyes are welling up with tears, and he slowly leaves the ring.

MW: Shut up for a minute RJ, just listen to the crowd.

*The crowd chant: ‘We love Acer, We love Acer’, before breaking out into ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’. Acer immediately stops in his tracks and looks around at the crowd*

MW: Soak this all in, Acer, this is a moment to savour. This crowd doesn’t care about the storylines at the moment, all they care about is giving Acer the respect and applause that he has deserved for a long, long time.

RJ: Acer, you will be remembered by the fans as a true Hero, in fact, come on Wire, get up.

*Both men stand and applaud Acer as he slowly walks up the ramp. When he gets to the top, he turns around again, visibly crying, mouthing ‘I love you’ before walking through the curtain for the very last time.*

*Acer is in the locker room, when EZ Money enters. EZ goes over to the now-fired commissioner, and consoles him.*

EZ: It’s okay, it’s okay pal.

A: I gave everything, I gave all I had, and I got screwed. I would rather had forfeited than lose that way.

EZ: Didn’t you hear the crowd? The knew you gave everything, and they respect that, in fact everybody else here knew that. Why do you think Ace paid the referee to do that job?

A: I, I don’t know.

EZ: Because he knew that you were better that him. He knew that without the referee, you would have beaten him. Doesn’t it give you a warm feeling that, even though you were in an injured state, he still feared you enough to buy his way through this match?

A: It does actually, yeah.

EZ: Okay, you better go and pack.

A: That’s a good idea.

*Acer gets up and is just about to leave the locker room, when EZ says*

EZ: Remember one thing, in twenty years time, they won’t be talking about River Ace, they will be talking about the Bonafide legend that is standing before me.

*Acer looks EZ in the eyes, but doesn’t say anything, just because if he tried to, he would cry. He nods to EZ, before exiting and walking down the corridor towards his office for the last time.*
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Shutdown Results (05/05/2008)
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