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 Shutdown Results (14/07/2008)

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PostSubject: Shutdown Results (14/07/2008)   Shutdown Results (14/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:40 pm

Dark Match
Crusier Jim vs Rasta

Rasta came into this match already at a huge disadvantage and was subjected to a huge dosage of punishment by the returning Crusier Jim. Rasta spent the opening few seconds trying to use his spped to give him a chance but was immediately caught by a huge clothesline by the big man. The capacity crowd at the Birmingham Astrodome watched on as Jim brutalised Rasta with a series of big impact moves, hitting a Gorilla press slam that left Rasta in a lifeless state. Jim signalled for the end and hit a bone crushing Jacknife Powerbomb to earn a morale and profile boosting victory.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman, boy and girls fasten your seatbelts………WELCOME…..TO…….SHUTDOWWWWN!

The crowd scream and yell in joy as the credits roll and The Vine’s ‘Get Free’ plays around the arena as the usual firework display goes off and the camera cuts to ringside where Michael Wire and RJ are sat at their announcer’s table.

RJ: Good evening Ladies and Gentleman! Welcome to Shutdown! With us on a crash course with Saturday’s PPV Against The Wall anything can happen!

Wire: That’s right RJ, tonight and Thursday are the calm to Saturday’s storm.

RJ: After tonight it’s full steam ahead and what a show we have in store for you and in particular what a main event Michael!

Wire; Oh yes, a match full of old friends, enemies, hatred and gold. The 6WF Champion GWC , The TAW Heavyweight Champion Nemesis and The former champ and commissioner The Saint. What a ride that will be!

RJ: But that alone, there are some other great matches in store for you here! So lets get started with tonight’s show!
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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (14/07/2008)   Shutdown Results (14/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:41 pm

Match 1
Matt Lightning vs. Steve ‘Hollywood’ Johnson w/Gerry ‘ Prime Time’ Johnson

A deep voice rings around the arena and says ‘It’s Lightning Time!’. The majority of women and children in the arena go wild as Matt Lightning runs down the ramp and slides into the ring. He gets on each of the turnbuckles to get the crowd in the mood.

Video killed the Wrestling star plays and the crowd cheer as The Producers head down to the ring. Steve gets into the ring as Gerrie watches on from ringside.

The bell rings and both men lock up, both men are a similar build so it is pretty equal, they break the lock up and as Steve commits himself Lightning heads round the back and executes a back to belly suplex but is thrown off by Steve who reverts back to his feet and both men face off again.

Lightning offers another lock up but not to be fooled, Steve catches Lightning unawares and begins unloading lefts and rights that knock Lightning into the corner. The referee intervenes and sends Steve back a bit. Lightning tries to get his head back into t as Gerrie watches on applauding his friend’s efforts.

Steve, not wanting to waste any time, charges at Lightning but Matt ducks Steve’s clothesline attempt and as Steve turns is met by a standing Enziguri. 1.…..2.….. Kick out! Lightning continues his offensive by hitting a Rolling Thunder what earns him another 2 count. Lightning attempts to run the ropes but has his leg pulled by Gerrie. Lightning turns and starts having an altercation with Gerrie what buys Steve enough time to get to his feet. Lightning turns into a Key Grip(madible claw).
RJ: Oh my! Hollywood locks in the key grip to Lightning and he looks in a world of trouble!

After awhile of holding it in Lightning begins to fade much to Steve’s delight. Lightning however, is playing possum and as he falls to his knees he whips Steve’s legs from beneath him andhit’s a few stomps to keep him down. Lightning shouts “Lightning Time” and hit’s a Standing Moonsault to the amazement of the crowd.

RJ: Lightning gets out of a dangerous position and rounds it off with a piece of sheer brilliance!

Lightning climbs to the top rope and signals for a Moonsault but Gerrie again distracts him and Lightning turns his attention away from Steve again. Steve takes his chance and climbs up to hit with a top rope belly to belly. Steve signals that he is going airborne, he climbs to the top and hit’s a frog splash. 1.……..2.……..3!

Wire: Gerrie saves Steve’s skin here and Lightning surely will have unfinished business with these two!

Steve and Gerrie celebrate before heading into the crowd.
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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (14/07/2008)   Shutdown Results (14/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:42 pm

Match 2
Rock V2 vs Abe Abercorn

Announer: Ladies and Gentleman, by decree of The Saint this match is now a NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH!

Crowd: Woooooo!

IF YA SMELLL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN’ plays and after a while he doesn’t show.

RJ: Where the hell is Rock V2?!

The titantron flickers on showing Abe Abercorn heading towards the stage oblivious to the fact that Rock hasn’t showed. Abe is walking down the corridor and hears a crash behind him. He looks around and there’s no one there. He walks a little quicker and looks behind him again and turns to face Rock V2. The titantron turns off.

They stare each other down for a few seconds before dashing for one another. They begin to trade blows and it is pretty even until Abe rocks Rock with a huge right hand that sends ‘The Great One’ sprawling towards the stage.

They reach the steps leading to the ramp and The Rock ducks a clothesline attempt by Abe and Lays the Smackdown on Abe and knocks him onto the stairs. The Rock goes to continue his attack but is booted off by Abe who quickly gets up and heads up on to the stage.

-In the Arena-

The crowd are growing restless as neither man shows up and begin to get impatient.

Crowd: We want Wrestling! We want wrestling!

RJ: Ladies and Gentleman. This may be a first in 6WF. Neither competitor has showed up!

Wire: WOAH! Hang on RJ!

A shaken up Abe moves quickly through the curtain and is greeted by boo’s from the crowd and a few ironic cheers. The noise level rises as Rock V2 sprints through the curtain heading straight after Abe who has slid into the ring. The ref belatedly calls for the bell and both begin to trade rights and lefts again before Abe gets the better of Rock and whips him into the ropes, Rock ducks the initial clothesline attempt by Abe but is put down by a high knee by Abe. Abe stomps on Rock a few times before locking him in a headlock on the ground.

RJ: A physical start to this match up!

The Rock forces his way out of it and rolls out of the ring to try and recover but Abe is quickly out after him and they begin another slug out, this time Rock getting the better of Abe and whipping him into the steel steps. Abe screams in pain as The Rock goes under the ring and pulls out a steel chair.

Wire: Why the hell do they keep so much crap under there?!

Rock primes the steel chair and swings aiming for the top of Abe’s head but ‘The best in the West’ moves and the Rock smashes the chair off the steps and hurts his hand in the process. The Rock holds his hand and Abe takes his chance and hits a Lariat. Abe grabs the chair and smashes it off The Rock’s back, the crash heard throughout the arena. Abe hits again and again and once more for good measure.

RJ: It looks as if Abe’s losing control and wants to cause Rock as much pain as possible!
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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (14/07/2008)   Shutdown Results (14/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:42 pm

Abe puts the Rock back in the ring and slides in after him. 1.……2.……Kick out! Abe can’t really believe it and locks in a half Boston crab making sure he puts pressure on The Rock’s back. The Rock is in a lot of pain and seems like he is going to tap and Abe senses this. As Rock is about to tap Abe lets go, looking like he wants to play with his food before eating it. Abe goes outside and gets the chair. As he climbs in the ring the Rock is back up and baseball slides the chair into the face of Abe. Rock climbs out the ring and gingerly walks towards Abe and drags him around to the announcer’s table. The Rock pulls up a cable and wraps it round the throat of Abe before tightening the grip. Abe is about going blue as The Rock shouts at him, Abe falls to his knees spluttering and coughing and The Rock lets go before kicking Abe in the ribs to keep the air out of his system. Rock throws Abe into the ring and hit’s a Samoan drop. 1.…..2.…..Kick out!

Rock begins to stalk Abe obviously looking for a Rock bottom and Abe gets up slowly holding his throat. The Rock sets up for The Rock Bottom but Abe elbows him in the temple and goes down with The Rock. Abe executes an Airplane Spin on Rock and puts him down, he steadies himself and hits The DVD! 1.……..2.…….3!

Abe has his hand held in the air by the ref and goads the hostile crowd before leaving. The crowd applaud The Rock’s efforts as he leaves helped by the referee.
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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (14/07/2008)   Shutdown Results (14/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:43 pm

Match 3 - Written by JJ.
Henchman vs Gary 'The Angel' Johnson

Henchman is in the ring as the Hardcore Champion makes his way to the ring with a solid reception from the crowd,he jumps the ropes and poses for the fans as Henchman attacks him from behind to start the match.

MW:Henchman starts this match quickly,looking to gain the upperhand on his opponent and boy is he going to work here.

Henchman stamps on Johnson repeatedly,forcing him into the turnbuckle where he stomps a mudhole as the referee counts for him to step away

Henchman steps away and swipes at the ref who ducks as Gary Johnson attempts to regain himself in the corner,Henchman comes back at him but Johnson replies with a kick to the stomach and fights out with a combination of punches and kicks.

RJ:The hardcore champ is mounting a great offense here,steel and determination being shown.

Johnson is battling Henchman in the middle of the ring but Henchman rakes the eyes and backbreakers Angel onto the mat.1..2..kick out
Henchman drops the elbow,1..2..kick out and then picks up Johnson and irish whips him hard into the turnbuckle forcing him to drop to the mat in pain.Two knee drops and a falling headbutt on the champion 1..2..kick out

MW:Henchman is putting on a performance here,perhaps he feels that he will step into the Hardcore title picture

RJ:A win here would certainly give him shouting rights

an whips Johnson into the ropes but as he lifts Angel up hes hit with a headscissors takedown and a pin,1..2..kick out
Henchman powers out but Johnson seizes the initiative an runs the ropes and forearm smashes his opponent before hitting a hard DDT,1..2..kick out

RJ:I thought he had it there but it wasnt quite enough

Johnson steps out of the ring onto the apron where he springboards the ropes looking to catch Henchman with a clothesline but hes caught and poweslammed onto the floor

RJ:Thats gotta be it


Kick out

MW:Just got his shoulder up but the champ is in a world of trouble

Henchman pounds away at Johson's back and picks him up in a crucifix powerbomb postion but Johnson slides off his back and runs up the turnbuckle and performs a flying cross-body

MW:Brilliant from the champ

RJ:Henchman's rolled through though,no wait hang on



Henchman rolls through but Johnson counters it again and scores the pinfall.

MW:The Angel did it but in less convincing fashion

RJ:Alot of guys in the back will have their eyes on Gary Johnson after that showing and be hopeful of a contest for his hardcore title.
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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (14/07/2008)   Shutdown Results (14/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:44 pm

-The Camera goes backstage and shows The Saint sat in his office. The camera zooms out to show him sat with Linkin Park. The crowd go wild.-

The Saint: Oh, guys, it’s awesome to have you here and even better that you did the single for Against the Wall!

Chester Bennington: No sweat dude, we got the call and we couldn’t refuse.

Mike Shinoda: Yeah, we love wrestling! We used to be all for WWE but 6WF is really going places man!

The Saint: Sweet, Sweet. So, who’s your favourite wrestler here in 6WF! It’s got to be me surely?!

CB: Oh man, I love Enforcer dude, he’s off the scale!

MS: Mine has to be Hobo!

-The Saint looks shocked and turns to the rest of the band.-

The Saint: What about you guys?

Joe Hahn: River Ace!

Rob Bourdon: Diablo!

Brad Delson and Dave Farrell: We both like Nemesis, he’s one big dude!

-The Saint looks shocked-

The Saint: Nemesis?!………..I knew I should have asked The Hives instead!

CB: What?!

-There’s an uncomfortable silence.-
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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (14/07/2008)   Shutdown Results (14/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:45 pm

Match 4
Hobo vs EZ Money

'Prepare to be Trashed' echoes through the arena as Hobo enters the fray to 'Video Killed the Wrestling Star'. He gets a standing ovation.

RJ: What a reception for Hobo! The godfather of Trash TV is adored by these fans!

'Here comes The Money' echoes and the crowd boo EZ Money as he cockily strides to the ring, pointing at Hobo and motioning a belt round his waist.

EZ gets in the ring and comes face to face with Hobo, the ref looks at both men and calls for the bell. They lock up and it goes either way before Hobo catches EZ with a quick kick to the gut and clubs him across the back of the neck. EZZ falls to his knees and Hobo runs the ropes and hits a dropkick on the rbound. 1.....Strong kick out by EZ throwing Hobo off of him. Both men get back to their feet and stare each other down.

They lock up again and this time EZ gets the better of Hobo hitting a suplex followed by a leg drop and a pin. 1......2.....Kick out. EZ mounts Hobo and begins throwing lefts and rights but Hobo guards himself and uses his lower body to catapult EZ off into the ropes.

RJ: Neither man giving an inch thus far!

Both men circle eachother and lock up, this time EZ going round the bck and trying to belly to back Hobo. Hobo stands firm and fires in a couple of elbows to make EZ loosen his grip. Hobo takes his chance and hits a bull dog before locking in the Ho-Down (cobra clutch)>

Wire: Here we go RJ, Trouble for sure for The Instant Classic!

RJ: We made it even though we had our backs up Against Th Wall!

Wire: WTF are you doing?!

RJ: Linkin Park are here Wire, are you not excited!?

Wire: yes......sure.....!
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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (14/07/2008)   Shutdown Results (14/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:46 pm

Hobo cranks up the pressure and EZ looks in pain but EZ somehow begins to battle out of the hold. Battling to a vertical base he breaks one arm free of Hobo's gras[p and begins to elbow Hobo in the gut, Hobo has no choice but to release and is levelled by an instinct vicious clothesline by EZ. 1.....2......Kick Out!

Wire: How the hell did Hobo kick out?!

RJ: In the end, it doesn't even matter!

Wire: Stop with the damn Linkin Park songs! WE have a match to call!

EZ can't believe Hobo kicked out and waits intently for Hobo to stir. Hobo slowly starts to ge to his feet holding his neck.

RJ: ACE CRUSHER! ACE CRUSHER! EZ in control and he's going to the skies!

EZ Hits The Ace Crusher leaving Hobo flat on his back and climbs the turnbuckle, where he attempts the Money Shot.

RJ: Here we go Money Sh...........HOVBO WITH THE KNEES! MY GOD!

As EZ dives Hobo gets his knees up and EZ lands straight onto them before rolling off writhing in pain holding his ribs.

Hobo gets an arm on EZ. 1......2......Kick Out!

Wire: What will it take! Neither man wants to lose!

EZ is up after Hobo and walks straight into a Soft Shoe Shuffle. Hobo in a tribute to The Ultimate Warrior begins to violently shake the ropes!

RJ: Hobo's getting into the zone here!!

Wire: Breaking The Habit maybe?!

RJ: You using The LP references just doesn't work!!

Hobo waits for EZ to get to his feet and as he does Hobo sets up for the Hobo Cuddle but EZ at the last minute headbutts Hobo making Hobo let go and EZ goes for another Ace Crusher but Hobo somehow pushes him into ropes and on the rebound hits The Hobo Cuddle!!


Hobo makes the cover. 1......2................3!


Hobo stands over EZ and holds his belt over EZ and taunts his opponent for Against the Wall!!!

Wire: But Ladies and Gents, it get's better! Part two of Trash versus Anarchy concludes, NEXT!
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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (14/07/2008)   Shutdown Results (14/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:46 pm

Match 5
Hero vs Enforcer

'Anarchy in the UK' blares out as Hero comes out to the ring to a mixed reaction from the 6WF crowd,he waits patiently in the ring.
"Saturday Night" from Nickleback plays to a raucous ovation as the crowd go wild

Crowd:Trash TV!Trash TV!Trash TV!

Enforcer stands at the top of the ramp surveying the crowd when he looks back at the entranceway and points, when ...

MW:Its Diablo,OH MY GOD,he said he was returning but I wasnt sure whether he would be able to.

Enforcer and Diablo make their way to ringside,and E gets in the ring as the crowd are going nuts


Diablo waves at the fans as Hero smirks and locks up with Enforcer in the middle of the ring,preparing for a test of strength.

MW:This crowd is going crazy for Trash TV

Enforcer begins to get the better of Hero and picks him up driving him into the turnbuckle and delivering 3 shoulder thrusts before releasing and looking over to Diablo and putting his thumbs up,Diablo returns the gesture but as Enforcer turns back round hes greeted with a slap right across his face


Hero follows up with chops to the chest and punches to the gut,he runs the ropes and Enforcer swings his arm in an attempted clothesline,Hero ducks and dropkicks Enforcer's knee.

RJ:Smart tactics from Hero,Enforcer cant win this match without the use of his legs

Hero applies a leglock and drags Enforcer to the middle of the ring,Enforcer is in pain but quickly slides towards the ropes but Hero turns it to his advantahe an holds the ropes for leverage as the ref checks on Enforcer

MW:Illegal tactics from Hero but they are doing the right job

Diablo jumps up on the apron to tell the ref that Hero is cheating but this distracts the ref and allows Hero to continue cheating and holding the ropes.Enforcer musters strength to reverse the hold but Hero is smart and quickly grabs the ropes and the hold is released.

Hero slides out of the ring and mocks the crowd

Crowd:You Suck!You Suck!You Suck!

Hero laughs at them and catches Enforcer jumping off the ring apron with a fierce kick to the midsection before ramming him shoulder-first into the ring steps.Hero takes the time to walk up to Diablo and is talking trash to him

Hero:Your finished old timer,got nothing left,why not give me a shot and I'll finish the job.

Hero stands offering Diablo to swing a punch but he resists and Hero turns round to be greeted with a big boot from Enforcer that sends him crashing into the announce table

RJ:Hero talked trash for too long,excuse the pun there

MW:haha I think we will

Enforcer throws Hero back in the ring and immediately Gorrila presses him and slams him into the mat 1..2..kick out
Enforcer picks up Hero and scoop slams him before dropping the elbow into Hero's chest.1..2..kick out.Hero is shaken but punches Enforcer as hes lifted up,he jawbreakers Enforcer and delivers a stunning backcracker which sends the big man tumbling out of the ring.

MW:You might not like the guy but that was brilliant,magical stuff from Anarchy's finest.

Diablo is talking to Enforcer on the outside when Hero runs and springboards over the ropes forcing Enforcer down into the security barrier whick he smashes his head off hard.


RJ:That had to hurt!

Hero punches Enforcer continuously in the head as the ref begins his count 1..2..3..4..5 Hero slides into the ring..6..7..8..Enforcer is on his feet..9...

MW:He just made it,damn he played it close

Enforcer slides into the ring where hes leg dropped by Hero,1..2..kick out
Hero scales the ropes and performs a missile dropkick straight to the head,Enforcer collapses and hits his head off the opposite turnbuckle.



RJ:He just kicked out,but Enforcer may have concussion here

Hero stalks Enforcer and hits him with a Russian legsweep as he stands up,Enforcer continues to get up but is clearly dazed from all the headshots,Diablo starts to bang on the mat attempting to rile up his Trash TV counterpart,he urges the crowd to help as Hero puts Enforcer in a headlock

Crowd:Trash TV!Trash TV!Trash TV!

Enforcer battles out and forces Hero to run the ropes and he shoulder blocks him to the floor,Enforcer goes to the corner and signals for the end

MW:Hes looking for the Face Check

Enforcer runs and Hero and jumps at him,Hero in an unbelievable act of athleticism jumps through the air at the same time and doges Enforcer arm whilst catching him with an astonishing enzeguiri

RJ:Absolutely superb by Hero,I'm speechless

Hero rolls over and picks up Enforcer and hits the Canadian Destroyer,Diablo can only watch on


MW:What an outstanding technical display from Hero,and a move that has just stunned the crowd here,love him or hate him the guy is world-class

RJ:Good show by Enforcer but he didnt have enough on this night,Hero's experience told in the end.Perhaps Enforcer tried to hard to impress his manager Diablo but its great to see him back in the 6WF and what a superb sight that is.

Hero exits it to the back applauding himself and patting himself on the back,in the ring Enforcer is clearly upset by the loss but Diablo climbs in the ring and help him to his feet,the two embrace and "Saturday Night" hits as the crowd chant for their heroes.

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (14/07/2008)   Shutdown Results (14/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:47 pm

Triple Threat
JJ Johnson (c) vs River Ace vs TGA

‘Ace of Spades’ by Motorhead rings out and River begins to make his way down to the ring carrying his European belt over his shoulder. He climbs in and hands his belt to the referee.

MW: here comes the number 1 cotender to GWC’s belt.

TGA sprints down to the ring, slides in and goes to the turnbuckle to soak up the crowd applause.

RJ: these fans are beginning to get behind TGA – who would have thought it last month when he was still part of Rivers dynasty.

TGA and River stand nose to nose before TGA smiles and walks back to his corner. He drapes his arms over the ropes and looks confident.

‘Get your Groove on’ plays over the speakers.

RJ: Here comes the champ……

MW: You’ve got to hand it to JJ….this is his third championship match in a week!

JJ stands at the top of the ramp and holds his title above his head as the crowd explode. He throws the belt over his corner and starts to make his way down the ramp, slapping the fans outstretched hands on the way.

MW: hes milking this crowd for what may be the last time, as Internet champ.

JJ climbs in as the ref takes the belt, lifts it up above his head and calls for the bell.

JJ offers a outstretched fist as a show of respect, which TGA accepts and touches fist. River goes to the same but kicks JJ at the last moment before raking tga in the eyes. River quickly executes a DDT on the folded JJ whilst TGA regains his composure.

A quick elbow drop to JJ later and river goes back to TGA and whips him to the ropes.

MW: clothesline from River…missed it…tga ducked and here he goes…

TGA bounces off the ropes and hits River with a shoulder block sending him down on top of JJ. The ref makes a quick count as JJ kicks out at 1. TGA is stalking both as they begin to get to their feet. River is up first and grabbed by tga into a standing headlock. JJ gets up and looks at TGA and smiles before lifting Rivers legs.

RJ: my god, JJ has river by the legs and TGA has him by the head, what are they going to do?

JJ points to the corner, TGA nods and they run River to the corner battering ram style, sending Rivers head into the turnbuckle. He instantly crumples to the floor, leaving TGA and JJ staring at each other. They instantly lock hands before TGA overpowers the internet champ. TGA puts JJ into a side headlock before spinning around to JJs back and delivering a german suplex. TGA holds on and delivers another. And another. The crowd start chanting as TGA goes for another..

Crowd: 4…..5…..6…..

TGA finally lets go after delivering 6 supplexes as the crowd chant : holy sh *t.
TGA quickly covers JJ…1….2….
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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (14/07/2008)   Shutdown Results (14/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:49 pm

River drops an elbow to tga to break the count.

RJ: that was close…the champ hasn’t even got an offensive move in yet.

River quickly tries to cover JJ as TGA recovers…1…2..kick out. River gets up at the same time as TGA and quickly applies an armbar and clubs the back of TGA sending him to the mat. He quickly goes back to work on the arm by stamping on it repeatedly. He brings TGA to his feet and trhows him to the ropes. River hits TGA with a rolling armbar sending him back to the mat and applies further pressure.

MW: beautiful move by the champ – technically perfect. He has TGA in all sorts of trouble who may just tap…wait JJs up…

JJ can see River stretching to apply pressure and jumps on him for the cover…1..2…river releases the hold and kicks out.

RJ: clever thinking from the champ there. Nearly got him. River and JJ get up at the same time and start delivering blows to each other. JJ begins to get the upper hand and whips River to the ropes before lifting river on to his shoulders and delivering a samoan drop. TGA gets to his and goes over to JJ sweeps his feet, dropping him to the mat. He quickly picks up river, throws him to the ropes and goes for the hell and back – he hits it! Before he can cover, JJ is back to his feet and plants TGA with a reverse DDT. He quickly covers TGA …1….2….kick out! He quickly goes to cover River…1….2….foot on the rope!

MW: The commissioner has used all his guile there.

JJ picks up River and goes to deliver the VIP experience when TGA comes running towards him with a big boot. JJ ducks and TGA connects with River sending him to the outside. JJ quickly turns TGA, delivers a big boot to his gut and…

RJ: Second time for JJ...the VIP experience……hes hit it!

TGA is in the centre of the ring and JJ covers – River is outside….1….2…..3! JJ picks up the win!

Announcer: Ladies and gentleman, the winner of this match and STILL champion, JJ Johnson.

JJ grabs the belt from the ref and climbs the turnbuckle to the cheers as both tga and River begin to get up.

Match time 13.12
(author hobo)
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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (14/07/2008)   Shutdown Results (14/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:50 pm

Main Event
Nemesis vs GWC vs The Saint

GWC's music plays and the 6WF Champion makes his way to the ring to a cascade of boos and jeers. He gets in the ring and taunts the crowd before handing his belt to the referee.

The lights dim and Nemesis's music plays as the TAW Heavyweight Champion strides to the ring to an even worse reception than GWC. He gets into the ring and stands looking at GWC, before shaking his hand and both men turn to face the stage awaiting their other opponent.

St Anger blares throughout the arena and the capacity crowd erupt as the commissioner stands atop of the stage looking at his two opponents. He walks down the ramp and stares as GWC and Nemesis attempt to goad him into the ring.

The Saint looks at them both, takes a deep breath and then dives into the ring, the bell rings and both GWC and Nemesis start hammering away at The Saint who is yet to get to his feet. GWC elbow drops The Saints back while Nemesis stomps away at the head of The Divine One.

Nemesis pulls The Saint to his feet and holds him as GWC works away with lefts and rights before a Nemesis back breaker.

RJ: These two are like piranhas! It's more of a handicap then a triple threat!

GWC makes a cover as Nemesis watches on 1.....He is thrown off by The Saint but the commish is not given a chance to munt an attack as Nemesis mounts and begins peppering him with a barrage of lefts and rights by the monster. The Saint is desperately trying to defend himself and shrugs off Nemesis and begins to get to his feet as GWC puts him back down with a double footed drop kick.
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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (14/07/2008)   Shutdown Results (14/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:51 pm

GWC and Nemesis begin another assault on The Saint, stomping him down. Nemesis pulls The Saint to his feet again and throws him at GWC who holds him for Nemesis. Nemesis puts in a couple of right hands and The Saint falls to the floor.


The Saint drags himself to the ropes and is pulling himself to his feet as Nemesis and GWC watch laughing maliciously. GWC charges at Saint but a fan member givesSaint a heads up and the Saint pulls down on a rope and GWC goes hurtling out the ring to the floor much to the crowd's delight.

Nemesis is shocked and headstowards The Saint but is rocked by a series of left hands to the gut. The crowd are getting behind The Saint as he battles back and begins trading blows with Nemesis.

RJ: Here we go folks! A preview of Against The Wall here!

The Saint has Nemesis reeling and hits a suplex followed by an implant DDT. 1......2......GWC breaks the pin and The Saint gets up and stares down his former friend. GWC charges at Saint but is levelled by a huge clothesline by the big man. Nemesis is just getting up and The Saint returns to him but is sent from the ring by Nemesis who follows his ATW opponent to the out side. GWC watches on as Nemesis and The Saint fight away and the referee begins to count. 1......2......3.......The Saint huts Nemesis with a jackhammer but continues hammering away at the monster.......4.......5.....6.....7......Nemesis fights back and whips The Saint into a barrier and both men begin fighting up the ramp.......8.........9.........10.

The bell rings and GWC is proclaimed the winner as The Saint and Nemesis continue their slug out up the ramp and through the curtain. GWC is handed his title and holds it above his head.

RJ: GWC wins by countout but that won't happen at Against The Wall with TGA after him! And what about The Saint and Nemesis, locked in a HIAC where they can do anything to eachother and not escape each others wr..........TGA OUT OF NOWHERE!

As GWC is on the ramp leaving TGA sprints from behind the curtain and hits a vicious Hell and Back on his associate.

The show ends with TGA stood ver GWC holding the 6WF Title!!

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Shutdown Results (14/07/2008)
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