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 Shutdown Results (25/02/2008)

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PostSubject: Shutdown Results (25/02/2008)   Shutdown Results (25/02/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 8:12 am

Welcome to Shutdown. Let’s go straight to Acers office, where Jessica makes her decision.

A: Now, Jessica…I want your decision.
J: Acer…I like Hero…but as a friend. I love you, and I want to be with you for the rest of my life.

(Both kiss)

RJ: ‘WOW…so Acer denies Hero of one of the things he desires most.

Now for match number 1, which is River Ace v GWC.

Here comes River Ace, many feel that he does not deserve to carry that internet title, and they have all thrown their hat into the ring for a shot at his belt.

And here comes GWC. Just by entering the arena, I can already tell that the fans are clearly behind him, and have obviously missed him, even though he has been away for only a week.’

GWC gets the upper hand early with a series of take-downs. River Ace is clearly upset that the fans have turned on him, and it shows, as he uses an eye-rake to gain the advantage.

‘River Ace is still continuing this mean streak that he started when he put E-Val out of action, because he is using dirty tactics, like just now, with a poke in the eye. He goes for a clothesline, GWC reverses and…Oh my…GWC just hit a suplex, and River Ace landed with his lower back slamming off the top turnbuckle.’

Immediately GWC uses this injury to his advantage with a back-breaker. He picks up Ace and hits a devastating powerbomb.

‘GWC is ascending the turnbuckle. He’s up top. What is he going to do? Hang on…Hero is running down the ramp with a chair in his hand…GWC can’t see him…BAM…a chair shot to knock the fillings out of your teeth’

The ref calls for the bell, as Hero continues his brutal assault. After 20 shots to GWCs head, Hero gets on the microphone:

‘Acer, I may have failed to coax Jessica from you, but I will take this company and your job from you. And until I do that, all of your wrestlers are targets. You are all on notice’ (Can you use that as a catchphrase? It is proper quality).

(Advertisement Break)

‘Welcome back, and during the break, someone from backstage came out with a black briefcase, and placed next to my announce table.’

Match 2: EZ Money v RockV2 v Finlay.

All men are in the ring, and the ref is about to start the match when the titantron flickers, with the camera in Acers office, Jessica leaning on his shoulder.

A: “Ladies and Gentlemen, Trish Stratus made a statement last week, stating that due to Phoenix Roses absence, the Hardcore Title has been retired. RJ, that briefcase…open it.”

RJ: Me? Ok, well let’s see what’s inside…Oh my God, it’s the Hardcore Title’

A: “Yes, RJ the Hardcore title. Unfortunately, Miss Stratus was incorrect about the whereabouts of the title. Due to his inability to compete on 6WF, Phoenix Rose has vacated the title. I may be warbling on a bit here, but there is a point to this. The winner of this triple-threat Hardcore match will become the new…Hardcore Champion. Let the match begin”

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (25/02/2008)   Shutdown Results (25/02/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 8:13 am

EZ Money doesn’t need another repetition of Acers last words, as he scrambles out of the ring, and grabs a chair. He enters the ring, and is met with a DDT from RockV2. Finlay uses a length of rope to gain an advantage, wrapping it round RockV2s neck.

“Oh no, here comes Hero again…he enters the ring…picks up EZs chair…A shot to Finlay, and another to RockV2. He just threw RockV2 out of the ring. He drags him up the ramp…Oh no…don’t do it Hero…HE DID!!! HE JUST THREW ROCKV2 OFF THE RAMP!!!”

*Hero pulls the camera man towards him, looks into the camera and says: ‘Like I said, you are ALL targets and you are ALL on notice”*

“Hero must have dropped something in the ring, because EZ has just scrambled over and picked up something. He throws Finlay into the turnbuckle…THOSE ARE HANDCUFFS!!! He’s tied Finlay to the turnbuckle. He goes to the get the chair…”

EZ busts Finlay wide open with a large number of high velocity chair-shots. When Finlay’s body goes limp, EZ unties the Irishman, and gets an easy 3-count for the win.

“I could say that the sequences of events in the match disgust me, but this is a Hardcore Match, and everything that happened here is all in the rulebooks, so by the letter of the law, EZ Money is the new Hardcore Champion”

(Quick question EZ, did I let you down?)

(Advertisement Break)

“The final match of the night…a tag team Hell in A Cell. Nemesis is already in the ring, awaiting his partners’ entrance”

Hero walks out to the tune of ‘Anarchy In the UK’; he is just about enter the cell, when his eyes meet Nemesis’. Instead, after a brief stare, Hero climbs to the top of the structure.

“And here comes Saint and Acer, neither waiting for their entrance music”

Acer climbs to the top of the Cell, while Saint goes after Nemesis. While both sets of opponents are battling it out, the titantron flickers, then goes off again, then the lights go out….

*On the Titantron: Nemesis, your time is coming to an end. Soon you will feel the wrath of an old friend. But you can’t read this…because you are… (Sudden BAM)…OUT!!!*

Lights come back on…and Nemesis is laid out, in a puddle of his own bl00d. Saint picks him up, and Nemesis is another victim to become ‘Sainted’.
“Saint wins the match for himself and Acer, but Acer and Hero are still battling it out…oh, a low blow followed by a Pedigree by Hero. Hero is digging into his tights, and Saint is climbing the cell. Hero turns, and…HERO HAS A TASER!!! HE JUST USED IT ON SAINT!!! Oh no, what is he going to do to the commissioner? Jessica has seen enough, and she’s out here and climbing the cell. Someone get here away from this carnage, it is not the place for an innocent girl. She’s pleading with Hero not to do it, and as she is pleading, Acer is getting to his feet…WHAT THE ****!!! WHAT THE ****!!! JESSICA JUST PUHED ACER OFF THE ROP OF THE CELL!!! IT MUST HAVE BEEN A MISTAKE!!! BOTH HERO AND JESSICA ARE KISSING!!! ACER HAS BEEN PLAYED ALL ALONG!!! SOMEONE GET THE EMTS!!!”

*After the match, Acer is placed in the ambulance. An EMT walks in.*
EMT: Mr Acer, due to the nature of your injuries, we will need to operate as soon as we get to the hospital. In order to do this, you must sign this document, stating that you accept all the responsibility.
A: Ok, give me the pen
*Acer signs the document*
A: What the…who the…
EMT: It is I, Hero, and I have no come one step closer to fulfilling my destiny, and that is to take all the things that you have. Now…I must go, but Jessica sends you this…
*Hero pulls out the tazer, and fires it. Acers’ screams fill the parking lot*

RJ: “Oh my god, Hero has control of next weeks show. Plus Diablo and Acer gone, who is going to stop the 6WF from falling prey to Anarchy?”
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Shutdown Results (25/02/2008)
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