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 Anarchy Takeover Results (03/03/2008)

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PostSubject: Anarchy Takeover Results (03/03/2008)   Anarchy Takeover Results (03/03/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 8:28 am

*The lights fade to black
Anarchy in the UK by the Sex Pistols blasts out of the speakers
Pyros explode and a laser flickers through the smoke billowing out around ringside
Hero appears at the top of the ramp*

RJ: What the hell is he doing here?? The 6WF Champion who recently stole, yes STOLE the company from our true Commisioner Acer who's lying in a grave state in hospital as we very speak!!

*Hero grabs a mic*


Ladies and Gentleman, children of all ages, Anarchy is in the building!
Welcome to a new era!
Welcome to the Anarchy Era!
Welcome to your new Commissioner, your new Chairman, your new Boss.

*Chorus of boos echo throughout the arena*
Whoah whoah whoah, hold your horses there, see Hero has a special treat for each and everyone of you tonight.
Hero has a special announcement.
Tonight we are going to witness the first ever 6WF gauntlet match.
It’s contestant?
Why, my good old friend The Saint.
See Hero isn’t the monster you all portray him to be.
Hero is fair and if the Saint beats all his opponents in the match then Hero will put the 6WF title on the line in a one on one bout next week on Shutdown.

*Crowd cheer*

But…and it’s a big but, if the Saint fails to win the match then well, how does it go?....

RJ: Oh my God, What a match!
Will The Saint overcome these odds?
Who will he be facing in the Gauntlet match?
Will he get a title match or will he be seeking new employment?

The answers will be revealed after this commercial break!

*3 middle aged women in bright pink dresses start singing about car insurance followed by a Gorilla playing the drums to a Phil Collins track*

RJ: Welcome back and the shocking news is that The Saint is involved in a Gauntlet match tonight with the chance to face Hero for the 6WF title.
But if he fails then he’s fired!
Next up is the 4 way dance for Hardcore title.
The entire 6WF roster have been vying for the Fight for the Right Tournament on Lockdown with it now down to the final four, we’re getting tonight an early match up between those final four contenders.

*‘Here Comes The Money’ echoes around the arena. EZ struts down to the ring with his usual swagger, the crowd jeering frenetically*

RJ: The Hardcore Champion is first into the ring, is he ready to face off against three of his closest rivals?

*Next down the ramp comes GWC and immediately he runs into the ring and starts duking it out with EZ*
RJ: Well there’s no love lost there, these two have been fighting it out over the past few weeks.
*Rock v2 appears at the top of the ramp, he storms into the ring and gets straight into GWC’s face. EZ regroups himself in the corner*

RJ: Rock v2 seems annoyed with

*They both start pushing each other back and forth, while EZ looks on from the corner rope, suddenly they both turn and unleash a barrage on EZ*
RJ: They’ve allied against EZ! One half of Anarchy is in for a beat
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PostSubject: Re: Anarchy Takeover Results (03/03/2008)   Anarchy Takeover Results (03/03/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 8:31 am

*In the ring, Rock v2 whips EZ upside down and hits a scoop slam onto the mat, he signals to the crowd and climbs to the top turnbuckle. Nemesis sees the opportunity and Irish whips GWC into the ropes, thus knocking Rock v2’s balance who falls down onto the turnbuckle and onto the floor outside.

RJ: Ooh that’s gotta smart!

*EZ with the momentum now gestures to nemesis and they go to hit GWC with a double clothesline but GWC ducks and on the return for the ropes hits them both with a diving spear.

RJ: Great counter from GWC, can he capitalise now with both men down?

*GWC grabs Nemesis to his feet and Irish whips him to the ropes, then ducks as Nemesis returns and flips him over his head out of the ring and crashing onto the floor below.

Outside the ring Rock v2 has recovered and has grabbed a chair from under the ring. He connects cleanly with Nemesis’s head and busts him open, a crimson trickle runs down his forehead. Again the chair crashes down upon him, but he remains standing. Rock then throws the chair to Nemesis and quickly dropkicks it sending the chair right into his face, finally the giant is toppled.

RJ: Quick thinking there by Rock has sent that monster down, he must capitalize now!

Rock reaches down and grabs Nemesis by his hair, he drags him up onto the Spanish announce table and goes to put Nemesis into a Rock Bottom but Nemesis recovers and flips Rock v2 over, his body crashes down through the table and they both lie amongst the remains, the camera zooms in to show Nemesis lying there with a disturbing smile across his face*

RJ: What a move! What a move! Now only GWC and EZ stand in the ring. Can one of these capitalize?

*GWC delivers a series of knife edge chops to EZ’s chest that bring a chorus of woos from the crowd. GWC goes for a suplex but EZ hits with a low blow and then reaches down into his trunks to bring out a set of brass knuckles.

RJ: What the… Where was EZ hiding those? And he can use them, it’s all legal in a hardcore match!

EZ connects with GWC’s nose and busts it open, he then hits GWC with a fireman’s carry takeover and rushes over to the corner and climbs up to the top turnbuckle, he goes to hit a diving head butt but GWC rolls out of the way, EZ lies flat out in the middle of the ring. GWC goes for the pin 1……..2…..kick out
GWC drags EZ to his feet and goes to hit his finisher when….

Anarchy in the UK blasts out of the speakers, Hero emerges at the top of the ramp and makes his way down to the ring.
GWC visibly frustrated goes to berate Hero from the ring, but EZ grabs a handful of GWC’s shorts from behind and curls him up on the mat, his shoulders pinned.
RJ: Nooo! EZ retains the belt after GWC was distracted by Hero, revenge for Thursday night!
But wait Anarchy aren’t finished there! Someone stop them!

*EZ and Hero have both grabbed a chair with GWC slowly getting to his feet.
They both connect at the same time and GWC slumps to the mat.


An advert comes up for Hero’s new film ‘Super Hero’, it looks rather bad but has tags that someone from the Daily Star and Zoo Magazine liked it.

RJ: Welcome back wrestling fans and before the break we witnessed EZ Money retain his Hardcore title with assistance to his Anarchy team-mate Hero.

Next up we have the….

*Scream, Aim, Fire blasts out of the speakers, the crowd go wild thinking Acer is about to appear but it swiftly turns to a chorus of boos when Hero emerges with Miss Jessica*

Tonight ladies and more ladies is a sombre occasion. Hero has some grave news for you all.
Hero has heard today that Commissioner Acer sadly passed away in his hospital bed this afternoon.

*Gasps from crowd*

As a tribute Hero has put together a compilation of Acer’s most memorable moments
*The Titantron flickers to life, it runs through Acer being forced to count 1….2….3 for Hero getting the 6WF title.
Being left stranded in Skegness.
Being attacked by Revolution in hospital.
Miss Jessica pushing Acer off the side of the cage.
Hero getting Acer to sign over the programme*

Ah, it brings a tear to Hero’s eye watching back through all those great moments. Now onto the n….

*Something Kinda Ooh hits the speakers and Trish Stratus makes her way out flanked by Peeper*

Trish – Hero, you make me sick! Saying a great man like Acer is dead! Where do you get off?
Hero- Hey it gave Hero a cheap laugh. Took ages to think up that!

Trish – We all know that Acer is recovering well in his hospital bed and I’m pleased to announce that he should be back fit and well ready for next weeks show. And ready to kick the living hell out of you!
Oh and don’t try your bullying tactics on me. I’ve brought a little back up of my own in Randy Peeper, my very own TAW Champion.

Hero- Pervert Peeper? You serious? Jeez Trish, hope you keep an eye on your dirty laundry with him about. Any gone missing lately?
*Peeper squares up to Hero and they go nose to nose*

Peeper – Thursday night Hero, me and you.

Hero – No problemo peeps, Hero is looking forward already to becoming the first ever Undisputed 6WF Champion.

Trish- Oh and Jessica, Acer said he’s chucked all your stuff out of the flat.

Miss Jessica- So what! Hero has treated me to a shopping trip to Milan this weekend anyway! Think you could do with it Trish, sure you’ve worn that outfit like at least 3 times now. My mum used to have that too.

*Trish steps forward and slaps Miss Jessica across the face, Peeper grabs Trish and drags her away, Hero does the same with Miss Jessica*

RJ: Well I don’t think those two divas will be sharing make up tips any time soon! Next up we have the battle for the Internet Belt pitting the young cocky holder River Ace against the TAW Champion Randy Peeper.

*A woman seductively eats a chocolate bar, some crazy looking man that looks like Bill Bailey tries to sell half price windows*

*’Let the bodies hit the floor’ reverberates throughout the arena, the fans stand on their feet and cheer as the TAW Champion Randy Peeper makes his way out to the ring.

RJ- A standing ovation for the TAW Champion, can he claim further gold tonight?

*RiverAce’s music hits and he emerges to a chorus to boos, the fans unhappy with his recent heel turn*

RJ – And here’s the current champion RiverAce but wait who’s that with him?
*Escorting him to the ring comes Hero who eyeballs Peeper throughout, Hero then goes to the commentary table and sits down next to RJ*

RJ- Er what are you doing out here?

Hero- Showing your monkeyass how to do your job, now someone fix me up a mic!

*The match gets underway with a quick flurry of exchanging holds from both wrestlers until Peeper finally gets the upperhand with a Body Avalanche in the corner. A visibly dazed River takes several steps forward and then drops to the floor.
Peeper gestures to the crowd and goes to hit a Spinebuster but River Ace gets a quick rake to the eyes and momentarily blinds Peeper*

RJ – Referee! That’s an illegal move!
Hero – What you talking about, Hero saw nothing wrong with it! You need glasses RJ?

*River Ace now cranks it up and starts to attack Peeper’s vertical base with a series of kicks to Peepers legs, bouncing off the ropes he hits a flying kick to just below Peeper’s knees. Peeper buckles and drops to the mat*

Hero – See RJ, Hero knew he had faith in the kid, Peeper’s in a world of pain now.

*River grabs Peeper on the mat and hits his submission move the Texan Hold’Em, Peeper is struggling in the middle of the ring*
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PostSubject: Re: Anarchy Takeover Results (03/03/2008)   Anarchy Takeover Results (03/03/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 8:31 am

Hero- Yes kid, you’ve got him! Peeper can’t recover from this, c’mon ref ring the bell!

*Peeper in serious pain, drags himself inch by inch towards the ropes, finally he clasps his outstretched fingers around the bottom rope.
The ref waves for the move to be released.
Both men start to stand, Peeper struggling to get to his feet, River goes to strike but Peeper blocks, the crowd give out a cheer.
Peeper now back in control takes it to River, raining blow after blow and River teeters against the ropes. Peeper goes to hit a clothesline and it connects sending River sprawling over the top rope onto the mats below*

Hero – Jeez can’t this kid do anything right? C’mon stand up!

*Peeper climbs out of the ring and grabs River and hurls him back in. In the ring Peeper goes for a pin 1….2…kick out (crowd gasp)

Both slowly rise to their feet, Peeper Irish whips River to the ropes but River quickly counters with a diving bulldog. River once again applies the Texan Hold’em submission move in the middle of the ring.

RJ – Can Peeper get out of this again, Yes, he’s going to make it to the ropes!
Hero – Not if Hero can help it!

*Hero rushes to the side of the ring, gestures to the guy with the bell to ring it and tells the ref to stop the match. The ref looking bemused but waves that it’s over. Hero stands grinning at Peeper lying in pain in the ring*

RJ – Peeper didn’t tap! PEEPER DIDN’T TAP!

*Hero goes back over to the announce table*
Hero- Of course he was tapping! Hero was worried for Peeper’s safety so called for the bell, River could have done serious damage!

RJ – You’re a nasty piece of work Hero.
Hero – Hey life sucks RJ, get over it.


A puppy runs through a load of toilet roll, then a shouty bloke goes on about lots of football being a satellite channel.

RJ – Welcome back wrestling fans and now we’re onto the main event and as revealed by my er… co presenter Hero earlier tonight it’s Saint appearing in the first ever 6WF Gauntlet match.
But it has a twist.
If Saint wins, he gets a title shot.
But if he loses then Hero has promised to fire him, right here tonight!

Hero – Oh and what a loss to the industry that would be *laughs*

*St Anger by Metallica blasts out of the speakers and The Saint appears at the top of the ramp, the fans cheer his name. He makes his way down to the ring and turns to face the ramp to await his first opponent.

*Marvellous Mike Manning appears at the top of the ramp and runs down to the ring, straight away Saint stomps a hole into him and gains the advantage. He lifts MMM up immediately and hits the Divine Force into the middle of the ring before covering him for the pin 1….2…..3

Saint stands up, looks across to Hero and makes a gesture to his belt *
Saint – Is that the best you’ve got Hero?

Hero – Hero has just begun Captain Charisma, don’t you worry, next up we have….

*Uryu appears at the top of the ramp but with RealDude at his side*

Hero- Oh did Hero forget to mention? Oh this round is 2 on 1!

*Uryu and Realdude rush the ring. Saint again starts to stomp on Uryu but Real attacks him from behind and stuns Saint. Uryu gets to his feet and they begin to double team Saint. They irish whip Saint to the ropes, but Saint dodges their attack and hits them both with a double clothesline!*

RJ – What a show of brute force!
Hell Hero is bringing them out but Saint is wiping the floor with them!
Hero- They’re just lulling him into a false sense of security, Hero is sure they’ll bounce back soon enough.

*Saint goes to pin Uryu 1….2…but Realdude hits him to break the count.
Saint looks up to see Realdude and smiles, Real immediately backs away but Saint grabs him by the throat and chokeslams him onto Uryu, then lies across the pair of them to hear the ref count 1…..2……3*

Hero – Okay okay, enough with the jobbers now, time to get a bit more serious. Next up we someone for you that likes to fight. Bring on ….Finlay!

*Finlay rushes down to the ring and immediately begins a duke out with Saint in the ring. Saint’s power though gets him the advantage and he thrusts Finlay to the corner. Saint goes for a Spear but Finlay dodges and Saint’s shoulder cracks into the cold hard metal.

Hero – Yes you go you little leprechaun beauty! Did you know RJ that Hero is half Irish?
RJ – Are you?
Hero – Well no, not really, but Hero once went to the Guinness Factory.
RJ – Give me strength

*In the ring Saint is clutching his shoulder and Finlay delivers a series of stomps down onto it. Finlay drags Saint to his feet but Saint hits a couple of quick blows to Finlay’s midriff. Saint goes to bounce off the ropes but coming back he hits Finlay into the ref sending both of them through the ropes onto the floor below*
Hero – Intentional! That was intentional! Ref disqualify him now! Oh he can’t, he’s flat out.
*Saint climbs out of the ring onto the apron and sees Finlay stooped over looking under the ring. He goes for an elbow drop but Finlay brings out his shillelagh and hits Saint clean in the face with it, Saint slumps over the apron*
RJ – Saint is out cold, but so’s the ref!
*Finlay rolls the unconscious Saint into the ring, throws his shillelagh back under the ring and tries to wake the referee. After a few seconds the ref regains consciousness and follows Finlay back into the ring. Finlay goes for the pin.
1……2…..2 ½…Saint throws Finlay clean off*
Hero – How the hell?
*Finlay continues to lay into Saint as he’s getting up but Saint has a second wind and shrugs them off, he Irish whips Finlay to the ropes and delivers a big boot to Finlays face. Finlay crashes to the mat. Saint goes to immediately capitalise and pulls Finlay up to his feet.
RJ – Jacknife Powerbomb!! That’s got to be the three count!!
RJ – That’s four men! You’ve put four men up against him Hero and Saint is still standing, surely you musn’t have anyone left to fight him.
Hero – Does Hero look like he doesn’t have a plan? Does Hero look like he didn’t see this coming? See Hero is always one step ahead, so let me introduce who’s next….
RJ – Oh dear God no…The monster Nemesis is here folks…the most evil man in sports entertainment is here against a wounded, a physically exhausted Saint, this doesn’t bode well!
Hero – See RJ, always count on Hero to have a Plan B, in fact count on Hero to have a Plan C and D too.
*Nemesis steps over the top rope and goes toe to toe, face to face with Saint. Saint goes to hit, but Nemesis fresher, blocks and delivers a punch to Saints face, Saint tries again and again but each time Nemesis blocks and strikes back. Nemesis then throws him to the corner*
RJ – Saint has given it all but I don’t think even he can stop this onslaught!
Hero –Aw pity!
*Nemesis goes to work on Saint’s midriff and connects with punch after punch and its clear that Saint is reeling. He staggers to the middle of the ring and Nemesis follows and grabs Saint by the throat to hit a chokeslam. Saint kicks out with a mighty boot to the gut and runs to the ropes, he returns with venom and hits a running clothesline on Nemesis but the monster remains standing. Saint tries again to the ropes and connects again with the clothesline but Nemesis remains upright but now teetering on his feet. Saint tries one last time but this time hits with a Spear!*
RJ – He’s down! Saint has felled Nemesis, now can he pin him?
*The ref goes to count 1…2..elbow up. Both men slowly rise to their feet and Nemesis grabs Saint again in a throat hold ready to hit a chokeslam but this time Saint too does the same to Nemesis*
RJ – Oh my god, they’re trying to chokeslam each other!
*Nemesis hits Saint to the side of his head with an elbow to stun him and lifts Saint a good foot clean off the ground before slamming him to the mat. He goes down to get the pin …..
The lights go out.
The Titantron flickers to life….Blood trickles down the screen and an eerie voice echoes throughout the arena.

*The lights come back on. Nemesis is lay in the ring flat out in the middle of a pentagram. Saint stirs and crawls over and places an arm over.
The ref counts 1…..2……3
RJ – He’s done it! He’s done it! Saint has beat Nemesis, Saint is the number one contender, Saint is going to face Hero!
Hero – Not if Hero has anything to do with it…..
*Hero runs from the commentary box with a mic and slides into the ring. He stands above Saint who’s struggling to get to his feet*
Hero – Congratulations Saint, you did it. You got to the last round. You get to face your last opponent now!
RJ- What?? Hero has another person left to face Saint! Who could it be??
Hero – Look up Saint when Hero’s talking to you. Because Hero wants to see the look in your eyes when it dawns on you. See you thick s.o.a.b it’s me!
*Hero hits with a Canadian Destroyer on Saint who drops to the mat. He grabs Saints leg up and gestures to the ref to call the pin. 1…..2……3
Hero- You’ve just been Hero’d! *He bends down and lifts Saints face off the mat*

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Anarchy Takeover Results (03/03/2008)
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