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 Shutdown Results (11/05/2008)

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PostSubject: Shutdown Results (11/05/2008)   Shutdown Results (11/05/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:57 pm

Dark Match
Realdude vs Gary ’Angel’ Johnson/Henchman

The crowd is slowly filling the arena as Johnson and Henchman are already stood in the ring. Realdude’s music plays and the majority of the crowd already seated cheer for the returning superstar. The match begins with Henchman and Johnson using the numbers game to try and isolate Realdude. Realdude gains some momentum from a botched shoulder tackle in the corner by Henchman which Realdude dodges sending Henchman crashing into the steel post and to the floor outside the ring. However this momentum is quickly stopped by Johnson who hits Real with a well executed spinning heel kick. The match seems as good as over due to a Sharpshooter locked in by Johnson seems to have Real seconds from tapping until Henchmann breaks the hold with an elbow drop which breaks the tension. An argument ensues between Johnson and Henchman which gives Real the opportunity to capitalise by sending Johnson over the top rope. Henchman attempts a clothesline what Real ducks and hits Henchman with a super kick which gives Real an easy three count. Realdude celebrates with the fans and signs some autographs before heading to the back.

RJ and Michael Wire make their way to the announcers table and the now full arena awaits with tension as the titantron reads Shutdown goes live in 5.…4.…3.….2.…..1.

‘Ladies and Gentleman’ by Saliva plays as the credits roll, fireworks set off all around the arena to reveal a new set.


Wire: Yes and what a show we have for you tonight. We have the proper return of Hero in a handicap match with the finalist of the 6WF Title elimination tournament GWC and TGA, The internet title is on the line as Hobo puts his newly acquired belt on the line against 3 men, including his tag team partner. River Ace takes on Brian Fantana in a submission match and speaking of the 6WF Title tournament we have 2 quarter finals including EZ Money, Rock V2 , Crime Lord and the new commissioner himself, The Saint!

RJ: Well let’s get things kicked off with the first contest tonight!

Match 1
Hero vs GWC/TGA

GWC’s music plays and GWC and TGA make their way down to the ring to an echo of boo’s from the crowd.

Wire: And what a way to kick off the night’s show. After the disaster that the dynasty had on Thursday night then surely GWC and TGA will be looking for a win to regain some of the pride lost last week.

RJ: But that’s easier said than done Mike as they have to face H…………

RJ is cut off by Hero’s music ‘This is the new S**t’ and the crowd go wild as pyro’s explode and the lights flicker. Hero abseils down from the rafters into the middle of the ring and salutes the crowd.


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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (11/05/2008)   Shutdown Results (11/05/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:58 pm

GWC and TGA both get into the ring as the music ceases and circle Hero as the ref rings the bell. They both toy with the former 6WF Champ by both feigning an attack leading Hero into a false sense of security. TGA goes to punch Hero but stops and GWC who is now behind him performs a chopblock sending Hero to the floor. TGA and GWC both take it in turns to stomp mudholes into the grounded Hero who is not being given the chance to gain his composure by his opponents. GWC and TGA continually take turns in applying holds on Hero and are simply toying with him.

Wire: And what a start these two men have made. GWC and TGA clearly displaying strength in numbers here!

They both pick Hero up and toss him into the ropes waiting to execute a double clothesline what Hero telegraphs and on the rebound sends both men to the floor with a clothesline of his own. All three men are on the floor but it is Hero who gets to his feet first shortly followed by GWC, they quickly start hitting each other with right hands before Hero gains the advantage by kicking GWC in the gut and quickly follows it up with a snap suplex. Hero turns his attention to TGA but GWC’s associate hits Hero with a big boot which sends Hero into the corner. GWC still hasn’t got back to his feet as TGA really goes to town on Hero, hitting with chops and taunts the crowd shouting “Who’s your Hero now?!” The crowd react by violently booing and that proves to cost TGA as Hero , as quick as a flash, hits him with an amazing Shining Wizard that floors TGA. Hero again salutes the crowd and is stood poised to attack a groggy GWC. He charges at GWC who sees him coming and flattens him with a vicious clothesline. GWC starts to put the boot to Hero and doesn’t give him a chance to breathe. TGA is now back to his feet and holds Hero so GWC can extract some punishment. While GWC is showboating to an unimpressed crowd. Hero turns and elbows TGA in the stomach, which knocks the wind out of him and puts him on his knees. GWC realises what has happened and charges at Hero but Hero kicks him in the gut and signals for a Canadian Destroyer, the crowd go wild.


As Hero is about to do the move TGA rebounds off the rope and executes a vicious To Hell and Back which leaves Hero lying motionless on the floor, TGA makes the cover 1.…2.…..3!

TGA and GWC celebrate and taunt Hero who is prone on the mat!

Wire: My god they won, Hero put up a superb fight but the numbers were just too much for him!

RJ: We’ll be back after the break with the match between River Ace and Brian Fantana! Don’t go anywhere!


RJ: Welcome back to Shutdown and as you can see Brian Fantana is already in the ring awaiting the arrival of River Ace.

Lose Yourself plays and River Ace is greeted by a chorus of boo’s from the hostile crowd. He is alone and has his European Title around his waist. River gets in to the ring and hands his title to the referee who briefs the two wrestlers on the rules of the submission match. The referee rings the bell and River Ace turns his back on Fantana as a sign of disrespect.

Wire: River is refusing to acknowledge Fantana!

An over excited Fantana rolls up Rver Ace and realises his mistake when the referee doesn’t count and when he tries to let go is kicked in the jaw by an unamused River Ace. River follows this up with a series of elbow drops followed by a strong irish whip to the corner which Fantana rebounds off and walks straight into a belly to belly suplex by a focused River Ace.

River promptly locks in an armbar what has Fantana screaming in agony, he seems to be on the verge of tapping when River releases the hold and stalks his prey. As Fantana groggily gets to his feet River hits him with The Poker Plex and with that he locks in the Texas Hold’em. Fantana again is screaming in agony and desperately grasps at thin air as he and the crowd realise he won’t reach the ropes. River tightens the hold and Fantana screams in agny and finally taps. The crowd boo as River ignores the referee and continues the hold.
RJ: Come on you sick SOB release the damn hold!

River finally releases the hold and stares at his handiwork and a sadistic grin appears on his face.

Wire: What a dominant display by the commissioner of Lockdown, sending a message to the whole of the locker room.!

RJ: And now standing by is the commissioner The Saint who has an announcement.

The camera goes backstage and The Saint is sat in his office and turns to face the camera as the crowd go wild.

The Saint: Good evening, Now on Friday JJ Johnson approached me and asked for the opportunity to become my assistant . Now being a man of my word I told him I’d inform him of my decision so here it goes. JJ, the answer is not a yes and it is not a no either. On next week’s Shutdown you will have a match. If you win this match then you will become my assistant but if you lose you won’t. Prove to me you have what it takes.

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (11/05/2008)   Shutdown Results (11/05/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:58 pm

The camera switches back to the ring and Saturday Night plays and Enforcer makes his way down to the ring. He taunts the crowd and gets into the ring. Get your Groove on by Limp Biskit plays and a rather annoyed JJ Johnson walks down the ramp staring a hole right through Enforcer.

RJ: Obviously The Franchise Initiative isn’t pleased with The Saint’s decision!

The bell rings and both men stare each other down. They initiate a test of strength that go’s either way before Enforcer knees Johnson in the gut and whips him into the ropes. On the rebound he goes to toss Johnson over his shoulders but Johnson reads it and hit’s a quick DDT. He picks Enforcer and follows up a spinebuster with a diving headbutt.

Wire: Johnson really is trying to prove to The Saint that he made the wrong decision!

Johnson then attempts a double powerbomb but as he attempts the second his legs give out and Enforcer takes his chance and rolls him up.1.…2.…..3

Enforcer hastily leaves the ring as Johnson can’t believe what has happened, he argues with the referee before accepting he threw the match away!

RJ: Johnson made 1 mistake and Enforcer capitalized. The Saint can’t have been too impressed!


RJ: Ladies and Gentleman welcome back to Shutdown and what a show we’ve had so far!

Wire: That’s right RJ and it can only get better because next we have the next match in the 6WF Title Tournament between the first ever 6WF Champion EZ Money and the current Hardcore Champion, Crime Lord!

RJ: Let’s just take a second and look back at the tournament so far!

-A promo airs showing the highlights of the tournament so far and ends with GWC celebrating making the final.-

Match 4
6WF Title Tournament
EZ Money vs Crime Lord

Crime Lord’s music plays and the crowd greet him with an unceremonius chorus of boos! He cockily strides to the ring, his Hardcore Championship belt slung over his shoulder.
RJ: And you can’t envy the task ahead of this man can you? He has to face the man who helped build this company, the man who held the 6WF Title for so long: EZ Money!

At that ‘Here comes the Money’ plays and the crowd lift the roof off to support a focused looking EZ Money who walks down the ramp, not once taking his eyes off Crime Lord who is talking trash to the oncoming future hall of famer. As the ref rings the bell both men stand nose to nose taunting one another. Crime Lord invites EZ to a test of strength, an offer in which EZ accepts and they lock up. It goes back and forwards before Crime Lord pushes EZ away. They circle one another before going to lock up again but this time as Crime Lord commits himself EZ goes low and scoops him over his shoulders to the delight of the crowd. Crime Lord gets straight back up and stares down the wily veteran. They lock up again and Crime Lord over powers EZ before kicking him in the gut sending the air from his lungs. He then hits an atomic drop on EZ which sends him to his knees and then locks in a rear chin lock. He keeps it applied for a few seconds before the ref starts counting to 5 and breaks it at 4. Crime Lord grabs a stunned EZ and puts him down with a neckbreaker.

Wire: What a showing by the youngster at the moment. Justifying why he believes he should be 6WF Champion!

Crime Lord drags EZ to the corner and stands him up, he steps back to charge EZ down but as he does it EZ beats him to it and floors Crime Lord with a clothesline. Both men are on the floor and the referee begins counting to 10. He reaches 5 when EZ gets up, slowly followed by Crime Lord. They trade rights and lefts before EZ stuns Crime Lord with a huge left that sends him stumbling. EZ takes the iunitiatie and follows this up with a series of suplexes and then hit’s an impressive running powerslam. He makes the cover and makes a 2 count.

RJ: And now it’s EZ Money taking control in what is proving to be an evenly contested match up!

EZ climbs to the top rope.

Wire: And now he’s in foreign territory, it’s not every day we see EZ Money taking to the skies but this is how much The 6WF Title means to him.

EZ waits for Crime Lord to get to his feet and attempts a flying cross body but Crime Lord catches him in mid-air and executes a thunderous fall away slam!

RJ: What a move by Crime Lord, surely that’s it 1.….2.….3! NO! EZ KICKED OUT!

EZ gets his shoulder up just before 3 and Crime Lord who is exhausted can’t believe it!

Wire: What a match this is turning out to be!

EZ is struggling to his feet while Crime Lord is stalking him in the corner waiting to hit a spear.

RJ: EZ is in no man’s land, he doesn’t know where he is or what’s about to happen!

Wire: Oh my God Crime Lord just speared the referee!

As Crime Lord attempts the spear EZ dives out of the way and Crime Lord spears the referee, knocking him out cold. Crime Lord motions to the back and Gary Johnson and Henchman run down the ramp and instructed by Crime Lord pick up EZ and hold him while Crime Lord rains blows to the head of EZ.

RJ: Oh come on, someone stop this! This is down right disgusting!


The crowd go wild as Rock sprints down the ramp and dives into the ring. Henchman lets go of EZ and goes straight for Rock but is met by a series of right hands and is set sprawling over the rope by a clothesline. Johnson turns around and s met by a Rock Bottom.


Crime Lord turns around and walks straight into a Rock bottom of his own! Rock grabs his partner and puts him on top of Crime Lord. He stirs the referee who realises there’s a cover to be made. 1.………..2.………..3!

The crowd roar as EZ realises he has just made the semi finals of the tournament and he looks up the ramp to see Rock V2 smiling and applauding.

Wire: Rock V2 has just helped EZ Money advance to the semi finals of the tournament. Surely Crime Lord will want revenge!

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (11/05/2008)   Shutdown Results (11/05/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:58 pm

RJ: Now, earlier today I interviewed The Saint on stepping into the huge shoes of Acer!

-Camera shows RJ and The Saint sat in a room.-

RJ: Now Saint congratulations on becoming Commissioner but I’m sure there are going to be a lot of people who are sceptical about your ability to follow in the shoes of Acer. What do you have to say about that?

The Saint: I can guarantee that people see me as the warm up act before the main gig in the fact that they’d rather have Acer here than me but I want them to see me like they did with Acer and Diablo. They are massive shoes to fill and I can guarantee you RJ that I will not back down from this challenge. I want my shows to provide entertainment and send the fans home happy!

RJ: There are bound to be a lot of guys in the back who will have been against your appointment, how does that make you feel?

The Saint: Look, everybody has an opinion and if there against me being the commissioner then it gives me a challenge. A challenge to win them round.

RJ: You and River Ace have had a chequered history to say the least and there are people speculating that this could end up in a loser leaves match. Do you see this happening?

The Saint: It makes me laugh that people are already imagining me leaving before I’ve even started you know. Yes, me and River don’t see eye to eye but what he’s one for this company is amazing but I can promise you that I won’t be going anywhere soon! Now if you don’t mind RJ, I have a show to prepare for!

RJ: Thanks for your time Saint.

Camera returns to ringside.

Wire: Now ladies and Gentleman it’s time for the fatal four way elimination match for the Internet Title. A title won by Hobo in a 20 man over the top rope battle royale.

-Video Airs showing highlights of the battle royal and finishes showing Hobo holding the title over his head.-

Match 5
Internet Title Match- Fatal Four Way Elimination
Matt Lightning vs Finlay vs Hobo vs Bezerker

Matt Lightning’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring to a mixed reaction, he gets in the ring and is shortly followed by the arrival of Finlay. Finlay gets in the ring and is met by Lightning who wastes no time in making the odds stack in his favour. Finlay gains his composure and they trade lefts and rights before ‘Prepare to be Trashed’ is heard and Hobo and Bezerker sprint down the ramp and join in the action. They stop and watch Finlay beating on Lightning in the corner and Bezerker makes his hands look like a camera as the crowd chant ‘TELE TELE TELE’ . Hobo laughs and pulls Finlay away and hits him with a soft shoe shuffle. Bezerker follows this up by picking up Finlay and uses a double arm DDT to keep Finlay out the match. Hobo kicks him out of the ring and they stare at Lightning who has just go to his feet and realises what lies ahead of him. Bezerker and Hobo attempt a double clothesline what is ducked by Lightning but as he rebounds of the rope he is met by a swinging neckbreaker by Bezerker and then Hobo picks him up and eliminates Lightning using a Hobo Cuddle(Bearhug into Sidewalk Slam) he makes the cover and 1.…2.….3. Finlay has just made his way back into the ring to find himself stared down by Trash TV.

Wire: Something tells me that Finlay wasn’t expecting these two to be waiting for him.

Lightning who still hasn’t left the ring takes out Hobo from behind with a back cracker and Bezerker who is distracted by this is hit with a chopblock by Finlay who starts to work on the leg of Bezerker. Hobo is still lay on the edge of the ring as Bezerker is screaming with pain at the punishment handed to him by a focused Finlay. Finlay locks in an Indian death lock and has Bezerker inches from tapping before the hold is broken by Hobo who grabs Finlay and throws him off. He checks on his friend who is clearly feeling the effects of the hold. Finlay takes his chance and grabs Hobo and rolls him up grabbing his tights in the process 1.….2.…..3!


Wire: Hobo’s compassion for his injured comrade has cost him his title!

Finlay stares down Hobo who can’t believe he has been eliminated and makes his way up the ramp. Bezerker has only just returned to his feet and Finlay turns and goes straight back to work on the leg he had locked in in the submission. Finlay starts to taunt Bezerker and Bezerker takes his chance and rolls Finlay up with an inside cradle.

RJ: He’s got him 1.….2.…. NO! Finlay kicked out!

Finlay gets out of it and stomps on Bezerkers injured leg before picking him up and attempting a Celtic Cross, Bezerker reverses out of it and sets a stunned Finlay up for a Bezerker Bomb but his leg gives way and he drops Finlay, Finaly takes his chance and hit’s a Celtic Cross and makes the cover. 1.…2.….3!

RJ: Finlay has done it! He has defied the momentum of Trash TV and won the Internet Title!

Finlay celebrates his win before making his way to the back.
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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (11/05/2008)   Shutdown Results (11/05/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:59 pm

6WF Title Tournament
Rock V2 vs The Saint

RJ: Now ladies and gents it’s time for the main event! The second Quarter Final in the 6WF Title tournament between Rock V2 and the TAW Champion and the new commish himself The Saint!

‘IF YA SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN’ plays around the arena and the crowd and the noise level rises as Rock V2 makes his way to the ring and when in the ring climbs all 4 turnbuckles to salute the crowd.

Wire: Have you ever seen Rock V2 in better shape, he’s been on a roll of late BUT his opponent equally been on a roll!

St Anger plays and fireworks explode as the new commissioner stands at the top of the ramp with his TAW Championship wrapped around his waist. He salutes the crowd as he makes his way to the ring and then stares at Rock who in turn is staring back. The bell rings and The Saint dominates from the off, using his size and strength advantage to fling the Rock around the ring. He uses a series of big chops and boots to keep Rock pinned down. He follows this up with a pumphandle slam that leaves him on top in the early going. He picks up Rock and flings him into the corner, he holds him still and goes for a chop but Rock blocks and starts to lay the smackdown with the famous series of right hands followed by an uppercut but The Saint is still standing groggily on the ropes. Rock looks at The Saint and rebounds off the ropes and delivers a shoulder tackle that sends him and the big man flying from the ring and out to the ring floor where both men seem to be out.

RJ: Rock said he’d take any risk possible to get control and that’s what he’s done, find out the conclusion of this match after the break!

-Commercial Break-

The show comes back on air to find Rock pounding on The Saint who is leant o the announcer’s table. A replay of during the break shows Rocky delivering a samoan drop to the arena floor. Rock throws The Saint back into the ring and stalks the TAW Champ who slowly gets up and is greeted with a huge clothesline that sends the big man to the canvas. Rock climbs the turnbuckle and waits for The Saint to get to his feet,

RJ: Rock seems to be waiting for The Saint to regain his composu………OH MY GOD! THE SAINT JUST POWERBOMBED ROCK TO THE CONCRETE ARENA FLOOR.

As the Rock took flight looking for a diving hurricarana The Saint catches him and delivers a devastating Jacknife Powerbomb to the arena floor.

Crowd: Holy S**t Holy S**t!

Wire: I think Rock needs some medical attention, he hasn’t moved since that powerbomb from Te Saint.

The Saint leaves the ring and grabs hold of Rock and throws him back into the ring and goes for the pin. 1.…2.…Kick out!

Somehow the Rock manages to put his shoulder up and The Saint can’t believe it. The Saint grabs Rock and pulls him up to his feet, he kicks Rock in the gut and motions for The Divine Force. The Rock grabs his legs and ends up locking in the sharpshooter.

Wire: He’s got it locked in! The Sharpshooter by Rock V2, look at Saint’s face, he’s in agony!

The hold is still locked in and The Saint only just manages to make the ropes. The rock immediately releases the hold and stalks his opponent. The Saint pulls himself to his feet and Rock promptly nails the Rock Bottom .


The Rock makes the cover. 1.….2.….. And The Saint kicks out! Frustrated, Rock stomps on The Saint to ensure he won’t get up and signals for the People’s Elbow. He throws his elbow pad into the crowd and runs at the rope. As he goes for the elbow drop itself The Saint rolls out the way.


The Rock is holding his elbow when The revitalised Saint picks him up kicks him in the gut and motions for The Divine Force. This time however he connects with it and immediately goes to cover.


-The Show finishes with The Saint standing on the turnbuckle motioning having the title around his waist as Rock V2 is only just sitting up.-

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Shutdown Results (11/05/2008)
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