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 Revolution Results (17/01/2008)

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PostSubject: Revolution Results (17/01/2008)   Revolution Results (17/01/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 6:59 am

MATCH 1 : Fight for the Right : Finlay vs SCSA

This tournament is a huge opportunity for these two guys in the ring. Finlay and SCSA are on the brink of huge things in their respective companies, and winning this tournament would give them the break of a lifetime.

The match started at a slow pace, with Finlay dominating, SCSA still visibly suffering due to his fall with EZ Money in Monday’s main event. Finlay hit a number of powerful moves to the groggy TAWer and looked completely in control of the match. A huge powerbomb gained Finlay a 2 count, which he followed up with a German Suplex that also gained a two count when Finlay added a bridge pin.

Finlay felt the ref stalled on the count and let his feelings be known, which gave SCSA the opportunity to roll-up pin Finlay, and unbeknownst to the ref, he used the ropes for leverage and stole a 3 count to progress.

MATCH 2 : Rock V2 & Diablo vs GWC and Marvelous Mike Manning

This was a thoroughly entertaining match which quickly split into 2 one on one battles. GWC and Rock V2 have had issues with each other over the past few events, and there was no love lost tonight. GWC punished Rock in the early stages and scored an early 2 count with a Samoan Drop. Diablo and MMM have issues with each other from past feds and MMM was quick to let Diablo know how he felt about their past, taking him to the outside and slamming his face into the ring post. MMM used the knowledge of Diablo’s recurring injury and exploits it by applying various submission holds to Diablo. A Boston Crab actually makes Diablo tap out but its on the outside so doesn’t count. Inside the ring Rock V2 manages to gain the initiative when he slips out of a suplex and replies with his own. Rock takes to the top turnbuckle to land a flying elbow drop and lets the fans know that he’s going for the People’s Elbow. He runs from one rope to the other but as he rebounds off the second MMM manages to punch Rock in the kidneys from outside the ring. GWC attempts to follow this up with a hard hitting clothesline but Rock manages to duck and hit a Rock Bottom. Diablo hits a distracted MMM with a neckbreaker as Rock takes the 3 count.
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PostSubject: Re: Revolution Results (17/01/2008)   Revolution Results (17/01/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:00 am

MATCH 3 : 6WF Internet Title. Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match.
Golden Gillespie vs E-Val vs Randy Peeper vs Worthy

This match started ominously as the first three men into the ring, E-Val, Worthy and Peeper seemed to be discussing things rather peacefully, and seem intent on waiting for Gillespie to arrive. But he doesn’t arrive. Diablo makes his way to the stage and announces that due to GG’s disappearance the match has been changed. But 6WF rules state that the title must be defended so someone will have to defend for him. Diablo introduces Golddust.

The three others stick to their plan to take out the 6WF man together. They beat on Golddust ferociously, stamping him into the ground and taking it in turns to show off their submission holds. The Golden One hangs on to survival but it looked grim as even the arch enemies E-Val and Worthy utilised some good teamwork to double powerbomb the champ. Worthy picked up Golddust and went to land a Michinoku Driver but as he lifted him E-Val attacked from behind and performed a sneaky roll-up on Worthy getting a 3 count and eliminating his enemy. As Worthy is ordered to leave the ring, E-Val laughs it up whilst making the Revolution fist in the air.

Randy Peeper now seems to be unsure of E-val’s intentions as they begin double teaming Golddust again. After a spike piledriver on the stand-in champ Randy makes the mistake of going for the pin. E-Val takes exception to it and stomps Randy. The two start brawling allowing Golddust to recover in the corner. Randy has E-val in the other corner and hits a big suplex off the top turnbuckle. Randy goes for the cover but E-Val kicks out after 2. E-Val manages to get to his feet and notices Golddust regaining his stamina in the corner. He immediately goes for the Rouge Spear but Golddust dodges, ramming E-Val into the ringpost. The Golden One then mounts an offensive on the TAW star, and unleashes a flurry of punches. Peeper fights back and goes to hit a DDT but Golddust manages to break it, whipping his opponent into the ropes. As he comes back Golddust attacks with a kick to the midriff and follows up with the Curtain Call, gaining the 3 count on Randy.

Now we’re left with Golddust vs E-Val. E-Val is still recovering in the corner and Golddust spots his chance for a baseball slide shattered dreams! He gets a two count before E-Val rolls out of the ring clutching his crotch in pain. The ref leaves the ring to check he is ok which is a huge mistake as it allows Real Dude and Cruiser Jim to jump the barriers and attack Golddust with a chair. They leave the ring just as E-Val and the ref return and the oblivious official counts a new champion!

Diablo and Trish come to the ring with microphones and address the fans.

Trish : I hope everybody has bought their tickets for next week’s event 6WF Survival!
Diablo : Trish and I have had a great idea for a match…
Trish : Don’t tar me with your brush…you ripped it off…
Diablo : It’s not a rip-off…I thought we’d agreed….
Trish : Just announce it!
Diablo : OK…But it’s not a rip-off. Ladies and Gentlemen we give you a Survival tournament. 4 teams of 4, a semi and a final. Team 6WF vs Team TAW vs Team Revolution vs Team DXNT!
Trish : Enjoy! It’ll probably be our last show cos McMahon will sue us into the ground!
Diablo : IT’S NOT A RIP OFF!


MATCH 4 : Octagon Match. Pheonix Rose vs Real Dude

Ring Announcer : This match will consist of 3 rounds of 5 minutes!

“Stronger” by Kanye West plays and Pheonix walks to the ring accompanied by Laurie Willis. The unbeaten star of 6WF and UFC enters the Octagon to an amazing ovation from the knowledgeable crowd.

“Reload” by Rob Zombie is met with violent booing as the cocky Revolution member Real Dude enters the Octagon. He milks the reception before going toe to toe with Pheonix Rose.

Round 1 : Pheonix mounts all of the early offensive with some great athletic martial art kicking. A roundhouse kick to Real Dude’s face sends him flying to the mat for the first time. Pheonix sportingly allows Real Dude to get up and Real Dude comes back at him with some punches and attempts a takedown which Pheonix reverses into a Dragon Sleeper. Pheonix maintains the hold until the bell.

In the interval Laurie pep talks Pheonix and he looks more focussed than we’ve ever seen him. On the other side of the ring Cruiser Jim has arrived and he hands Real Dude something which he hides in his pants.

Round 2 : The combatants grapple for half a minute trying to gain an advantage, before Real Dude lands a kick in Pheonix’s rib. As Pheonix reels away Real Dude reaches into his pants to reveal some brass knucks. He runs at Pheonix to strike him but Pheonix has been in the game long enough to anticipate what was happening, and he takes Real Dude down with an arm bar takeover, locking in a violent triangle hold. Real Dude has no option but to tap out and Pheonix’s dominance in the Octagon is for all to see as he remains unbeaten in all disciplines.
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PostSubject: Re: Revolution Results (17/01/2008)   Revolution Results (17/01/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:01 am

MAIN EVENT : 6WF World Heavyweight Title. Hell in a Cell.
EZ Money vs Hero

Commentator : Here it is. Tonight’s main event. Hero has “gallantly” agreed to defend the World Title….the World Title that actually belongs to the Champion…EZ Money!
(Promo shows the events of 6WF Duality in a montage with Revolution’s military themed entrance video)

“Reload” by Rob Zombie plays, and strobe lighting fills the arena. Hero makes his entrance with the 6WF World Title over his shoulder. The hostile 6WF crowd make their feelings known to Hero who acts completely oblivious to it.

The Cell is still hanging above the ring as Hero enters. Hero passes the title belt to the ring announcer who holds it in the air. At the stage Acer appears and orders a team of 6WF referees to surround the ring. The refs check each side of the ring for any foreign objects or weapons. Once they are happy there is not, Acer calls for the Cell to be lowered.

“Here comes the Money” hits and EZ Money makes his way to the ring, staring Acer right in the eyes as he passes. Acer gives him a nod and EZ continues to the ring. The Commissioner follows behind him. The cell reaches terra firma and EZ enters the ring through the door, never taking his eyes off Hero. The ring announcer gives Acer a padlock and he locks the Cell door. EZ and Hero are so wrapped up in staring each other out that they don’t notice anything that’s going on around them.

The bell rings and the pair continue to stare at each other. The tension is unbearable, the atmosphere electric. Suddenly Hero explodes out of the blocks to clothesline EZ to the floor. Hero follows up with a frenzy of stomps to the Champion who staggers to the corner to recover. Hero makes a belt shape with his hands across his waist and EZ responds violently, this time he takes Hero down the ground with a Lou Thesz press followed up with some punches. Hero struggles from underneath the attack and the tw have a messy brawl on the mat. Its clear that the two men have already lost their professionalism and composure in the ring, the magnitude of the occasion and the prize turning them into animals, fighting from instinct. The two of them break up, and then lock up in a test of strength. Hero looks to have the advantage but EZ counters with a kick to the midriff. EZ performs a suplex on Hero, and follows up with a leg drop. Ez takes Hero in a vice like grip around the neck and screams at him “You want what’s mine…Come get it!” before punching him. The ref steps in and warns EZ and Hero that this is still a wrestling bout.

EZ pushes the ref out of the way and runs at Hero to take him down with a clothesline but Hero ducks and spinebusters EZ on his rebound from the ropes. Hero stands above EZ and raises his fist in the air to signal the Revolution. EZ takes the opportunity to low blow Hero and hit an Impact DDT. EZ makes the cover for a 2 count but Hero manages to kick out and get to his feet. EZ takes hold of Hero by the neck and launches him over the top rope into the steel cage. Hero reels on the floor in pain and EZ cockily kicks him in the stomach a few times. EZ picks up Hero and whips him into the unforgiving steel again. This time EZ takes a moment to milk the crowd’s applause, raising his arms in the air in victory.

Commentator : Is that a…it is! There is someone underneath the ring and they’ve passed a chair to Hero! ACER…DIABLO….There’s someone underneath that ring! I just saw a hand!

Hero takes the chair and cracks it over EZ Money’s head causing EZ to bleed immediately. As EZ falls to the ground Hero follows up with another huge blow to the head. EZ seems to be out cold as Hero proudly surveys the damage he has done. At this point Acer runs out to ringside and demands that the cage be levitated. The cage starts to rise and Acer enters the battlezone whilst berating Hero. Acer furiously checks under the ring for the intruder but he can’t find anyone. Hero takes the opportunity to leave the cell and start climbing to the top. Acer demands that he return to the ring but Hero ignores him and reaches his destination – the roof!

EZ starts to recover in the ring and sees Hero above him, taunting him. EZ gets up and leaves the cell to start climbing himself, again ignoring the pleas of his Commissioner. The competitors start to trade punches on top of the cell, treading carefully so their weight doesn’t send them crashing to the canvas below. Hero manages to push EZ away and then land a Tornado DDT. As he approaches EZ, his opponent manages to hit a legsweep takedown which sends Hero crashing down into the steel, perilously close to the edge.

Now EZ with the initiative stalks Hero and waits for him to get up and as he does EZ hits his finisher the Ace Crusher! EZ now covers Hero but there’s no count. Acer screams at the referee to get climbing and count EZ the winner. The ref tries to climb the cell but he’s not agile enough. Acer pushes the ref over and rips the shirt of his back, he then puts it on himself and climbs the cell. Once he reaches the top he counts 1….2…. Hero kicks out. EZ starts stomping on Hero and signals to the fans that this time Hero’s going through the roof! A groggy Hero stumbles to his feet and EZ goes for a 2nd Ace Crusher but Hero drops to his knees and low blows EZ. Hero runs at EZ and hits a standing Canadian Destroyer, the cell gives but not enough for them to fall through. EZ is busted open again, his face bright red. Hero goes for the cover.

Acer gets down to count…1…2…he looks Hero right in the eyes…Hero screams at him to count the victory, and Acer looking sick to his stomach, grudgingly makes a 3 count!

Commentator : Oh my god…We have a new champion! 6WF’s Commissioner just counted us a new champion…but he’s from the Revolution! The Revolution has begun right in front of Acer's eyes...and he is absolutely powerless to it! OH 6WF!
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Revolution Results (17/01/2008)
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