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 Hostile Takeover Results (05/03/2008)

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PostSubject: Hostile Takeover Results (05/03/2008)   Hostile Takeover Results (05/03/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 8:37 am

Fireworks stream into the sky and green lasers pierce the smoke developing around the stage. Puddle of Mudd’s “Control” bellows over the PA system.

Michael Wire : (shouting over the noise and music) Here we go folks…the first ever 6WF/TAW Thursday Night Lockdown pay-per-view…Hostile Takeover. Trish Stratus told us it would happen last week, and here it is. Tonight we have the climax of the Fight for the Right tournament to be contested by Nemesis, GWC, Rock V2 and EZ Money. Not to mention the TAW World Heavyweight Title on the line…Can Hero become the Undisputed Champion of 6WF by beating Randy Peeper tonight?

MATCH 1 : Fight for the Right. Semi Final. Nemesis vs Rock V2.

The arena lights go out and Nemesis makes his way to the ring.

Wire : The monster…the animal that has taken Diablo away from us is only two matches away from becoming number one contender to the TAW title. I cannot bare the thought of the gold around this dark, dark man’s waist! Last week The Saint took him all the way but still couldn’t finish him off…..who can?

(VT shows the climax of The Saint vs Nemesis last week as Nemesis enters the ring)

“If You Smell…What the Rock….Is Cooking” The music plays and Rock V2 makes his way to the ring to a great ovation from the crowd. Rocky pauses outside the ring for a moment, staring at the beast in front of him. Nemesis gives out an evil smile, preying on Rocky’s entrance. The titantron kicks to life and the images of someone running through the woods first person return. The camera gets closer to the red eyes than ever before but is still interrupted by a loud roar and black blood running down the screen. The blood gives way to the timer….06/02/2008 which explodes and is replaced by a solitary word…TONIGHT! Then the video dies.

The crowd go wild. DI-AB-LO! DI-AB-LO! DI-AB-LO! Nemesis stares blankly at the screen, overwhelmed by the reception for the video, and Rock V2 takes his opportunity to dive in the ring from behind and chop block Nemesis to the floor. Rock V2 unloads a frantic combination of stomps and kicks, trying to keep Nemesis on the ground with simple brutality.

Wire : GO ROCK V2! Your moment is now!
Crowd : ROCK V2! ROCK V2! ROCK V2!
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PostSubject: Re: Hostile Takeover Results (05/03/2008)   Hostile Takeover Results (05/03/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 8:37 am

Rocky mounts Nemesis and starts punching him in the face, still not allowing his opponent to get up. Then he picks him up by the head and runs him into the ring post, before whipping him to the opposite corner and then hitting him with a big body splash.

Wire : Have you ever seen such tenacity from Rock V2? He knows what he has to do to defeat Nemesis and he’s come out doing it!

Rock throws Nemesis to the floor and climbs to the top turnbuckle to land a big elbow drop to Nemesis’ heart. Rocky stalks Nemesis and waits for him to get to his feet. Rock strikes and attempts to Rock Bottom Nemesis, but Nemesis elbows Rock in the back of the head several times to release the hold. Rock staggers away but Nemesis catches him and throws him into the air performing a Gorilla Press Slam. Rocky crashes head first into the mat and the impact busts Rocky’s nose open. Nemesis is unforgiving and picks up Rock, whipping him into the ropes and meeting him with a Samoan Drop, followed by a leg drop across Rocky’s neck. Nemesis covers his opponent for a 2 count. Rock staggers to the corner to recover and Nemesis charges at him. Rock is quick to counter Nemesis’ shoulder charge and he rams him into the corner again. This time Rock lifts Nemesis onto the turnbuckle then backdrops him to the mat. Rocky climbs down and waits for Nemesis to get up again. When he does Rock hits him with a Spinebuster and quickly applies the Sharpshooter. Rock expertly applies the hold, causing maximum impact on Nemesis’ lower spine and legs. Nemesis struggles to reach the ropes but he cannot make it.

Wire : Go on Rocky…Wrench it in! Destroy him!

Rock keeps the hold in for about a minute and a half…Nemesis appears to be waning and in terrible pain but he won’t submit. He still can’t reach the ropes. The ref gets down to check Nemesis is still conscious and then Nemesis strikes like a snake, he pulls the ref into Rock V2 collapsing the hold. Nemesis quickly gets to his feet and big boots Rocky to the floor but he appears to be limping. Nemesis holds his right leg, clearly suffering from the sharpshooter. Rock gets up and is met with a swift knee to the stomach. Nemesis looks as though he needs to wrap this one up and he chops Rock in the throat. Rock falls to the floor clutching his neck and retching. Then Nemesis reaches down and takes Rock by the throat again, lifting up to his feet, then into the air, and chokeslammed into the mat. He covers Rocky for the 3 count.

Wire : Oh no! Nemesis has reached the final. What a gutsy performance from Rock V2…and he’s done some damage that the final opponent can capitalize on! Please don’t let Nemesis win….Diablo if you are here…you’re needed!
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PostSubject: Re: Hostile Takeover Results (05/03/2008)   Hostile Takeover Results (05/03/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 8:39 am

BACKSTAGE : Trish Stratus is at her desk watching the monitor. She’s staring intently at the screen, tapping on the desk anxiously. Then she looks at her watch….”Where the hell is he?” She rewinds the footage and watches the sharpshooter followed by Nemesis’ limp. She keeps rewinding and watching, seemingly in a trance.

MATCH 2 : Fight for the Right. Semi Final. EZ Money vs GWC.

“Here comes the Money” plays around the arena, and EZ Money gets a surprisingly warm reception from the fans as he makes his way to the ring. EZ acknowledges the unusual reception by milking it with some fans on the ramp.

Wire : I guess that the ever-loyal 6WF fans know that the winner of this match will be 6WF’s only hope of stopping Nemesis. And can there be any better hope than EZ Money. The company’s first champion…the company’s main-event maestro!

EZ warms up in the ring, bouncing off some ropes and stretching his neck.

GWC’s music hits and he gets a greater reception than EZ Money. GWC doesn’t take any time to get to the ring, and he leaps up onto the apron and leans through the ropes. GWC and EZ go head to head in the middle of the ring, trying to psyche one another out. The crowd are electric for the occasion and its hard to pick out which chant is the most prominent. “Let’s go EZ!” or “G-W-C! G-W-C!”

Wire : What an atmosphere! What an occasion! These men are neck and neck in ability! And they push each other hard for the title of who would do most to win a match too! Don’t expect this one to be pretty folks!

GWC catches EZ with a sneaky right hook and starts pummeling him into the ropes, much like a boxing match. The ref gets in between the two men and EZ looks shaken by the attack. They lock up in the middle of the ring and GWC blindly knees EZ in the groin, following up with a DDT. GWC retreats to a corner and waits for EZ to get up and when he does he charges at him and knees him in the ribs, sending EZ back to the floor. GWC gets down and wraps a big arm around EZ’s head and applies a sleeper hold. Every now and then GWC takes his thumb and drives it into EZ’s throat, prompting the ref to warn him. When GWC does it a third time the ref breaks the hold and takes GWC to the corner to give him a talking to. EZ takes to the opposite corner to recover. When the ref steps aside GWC runs at EZ only for EZ to hit the mat prematurely and take GWC down with a leg sweep. GWC’s face hits the canvas and EZ applies an armbar. GWC manages to reach the ropes and break the hold, even though EZ maintains the hold for a 4 count.

GWC gets to his feet and EZ takes him down again with a clothesline. This time he puts a figure 4 leg lock on his opponent. GWC again struggles to the ropes but has to wait until mid 4 count to be released. EZ allows him up before grabbing him by the head. He lifts GWC into the air and holds him for a hanging suplex. GWC manages to acrobatically descend from the hold and reverse twist of fate EZ. GWC covers and gets a 2 count. EZ gets up from the floor and GWC Irish Whips him to the corner. GWC climbs above him and hits a Tornado DDT from the top rope. Again GWC gets a 2 count. GWC drags EZ Money to the ropes and places his head on the bottom one, then he chokes EZ with his foot. The ref has to utilize yet another 4 count, at which GWC runs and leaps up onto the turnbuckle and jumps to the outside to perform a guillotine leg drop, hanging EZ to dry on the bottom rope. GWC pulls EZ to the edge of the ring and elbows him in the face, causing EZ to roll out of the ring, joining GWC on the outside. GWC whips EZ into the Welsh commentary desk, and chops him across the chest, then he takes a run up to clothesline EZ, sending him sprawling over the desk. EZ rolls off the other side of the desk and GWC leaps up onto it, then EZ punches GWC in the groin and throws him from the desk into the crowd area, slamming him on the concrete.

Wire : The referee has lost control of this one folks. EZ Money and GWC are having themselves a slobberknocker in amongst the fans!

EZ scoop slams GWC into the barriers as fans pat the combatants. GWC is left hanging over the barrier, his back flexed and EZ flips himself over the barrier, leg dropping him into the ground. EZ attempts to pick up GWC but GWC comes back with a few punches to EZ’s midriff. Then GWC gets hold of the Hardcore Champion and whips him into the steel steps. GWC approaches EZ and slams his head into the steps once. When he tries again EZ stops himself and lands another low blow, this time with a kick. EZ takes apart the steps and suplexes GWC onto the bottom half. Then EZ takes the top half and drives them into GWC’s knee, causing crippling pain. EZ takes GWC’s leg and rams it into the outside of the ringpost, again GWC doubles up in pain. EZ takes GWC and rolls him back into the ring, stalking him until he gets up. EZ goes for a powerbomb on GWC but he telegraphs it and hurrancarranas EZ to the floor. EZ gets up quickly but his charge is met with a release belly to belly suplex. GWC limps over to EZ and attempts a roundhouse kick but EZ catches his leg and flips him to the ground. EZ doesn’t release the leg and locks in another figure 4 leg lock. GWC is clearly damaged from the assault on his knee earlier in the match, and failing three attempts to clutch the bottom rope he has to submit to the hold.

Wire : EZ Money just made GWC submit! Its EZ Money who will face Nemesis in the final of this Fight for the Right tournament.

The fans cheer EZ as he makes his way backstage, now knowing he is their only hope of salvation from Nemesis’ onslaught.
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PostSubject: Re: Hostile Takeover Results (05/03/2008)   Hostile Takeover Results (05/03/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 8:39 am

BACKSTAGE : EZ is making his way to his locker room wiping himself down with a towel. A few developmental wrestlers congratulate him on his victory. As he makes his way past Trish Stratus’ door she opens it and pulls him in.

Trish : That was very impressive EZ Money. Great submission skills.
EZ : What do you want? I need to prepare. (He goes to leave but she stops him)
Trish : Look. I know we haven’t exactly seen eye to eye, and perhaps I over-stepped the mark when I cost you the TAW Title. But preparation is why I pulled you in here. You’re my last hope of stopping Nemesis…I want to help!
EZ : So how are you going to help me prepare? A nice Swedish massage could do the trick!
Trish : Ummm…..You wish! No…Did you see the Nemesis match?
EZ : Of course…I didn’t get where I am by not studying my opponents! I am the picture of perfection…the executor of excellence…I know everybody’s strengths and weaknesses and I exploit them!
Trish : OK…So you would have seen this then…(she shows him the tape she was mesmerized with). Nemesis is weakened…just like GWC. You apply that hold just as technically perfect as you did a few moments ago and you could go down in history…
EZ : I am down in history….
Trish : Well, you’ll be even further down….as the man who made the monster of 6WF squeal like a baby…and submit!
(EZ smiles, and rubs his face. Trish nods and smiles back)
EZ : Whats in it for me?
Trish : You’ll be the number one contender…what more do you want?
EZ : Well if I’m going down in history, I was kinda hoping you might be convinced to go down on history…
Trish : Get out!....(EZ leaves the office laughing). Oh….and good luck!

MATCH 3 : TAW European Title. Acer vs Danny Dynamite

“Scream, Aim, Fire” by Bullet for my Valentine plays and the TAW European Champion and Monday Night Commissioner Acer salutes the crowd from the stage.

Wire : Danny Dynamite will never have a better chance of taking some gold than tonight folks. Acer has just been discharged from hospital but he’s here defending his title. But he’d be a fool to underestimate Danny, the former TAW Explosive Champion is a strong competitor.

Acer stands in the ring as Danny Dynamite makes his way down the ramp.

The match starts with some quick striking offensive. Acer lands a dropkick after Danny connected with some punches. Danny gets back up and quickly bursts into a clothesline, following through, bouncing off the ropes and clotheslining Acer for a second time. Danny picks Acer up and snap suplexes him, keeping hold of the European Champion and snap suplexing him a further three times. Danny makes a belt shape across his waist and stomps on the champion. Dynamite picks up Acer and runs him into the corner, unleashing a barrage of punches on the champ’s midriff. Acer pushes Danny away and Lou Thesz presses him to the ground, offloading a few punches of his own. Acer picks Dynamite up and his him with a few chops across the chest, then floors him with a scoop slam. Acer bounces off the ropes and hits Rolling Thunder on Dynamite. Danny gets to his feet and Acer takes him over with an armdrag. Danny gets up again and runs at Acer who hits a Tilt-a-whirl slam this time, gaining a 2 count.

Both men get up and Acer puts Danny in the powerbomb position. Dynamite grabs Acer’s legs and pulls them from underneath him, then parts Acer’s legs to double leg drop his groin. Acer tries to get up in pain but Danny grabs him from behind in a full nelson, then puts him to the mat with a full nelson slam. Danny covers and gets a 2 count. Danny picks Acer up and hits him with a Michonoku Driver, hooking the leg for another long 2 count.

Wire : Danny Dynamite is so close to winning the title.

Dynamite picks Acer up again and scoops him up onto his shoulder for a running powerslam. Acer slides off Danny’s shoulder and runs him into the corner, rolling him up on the recoil for the 3 count.

Wire : Quick thinking and smart moves just retained Acer his European Title. Unlucky Danny Dynamite…what a great effort!

MATCH 4 : River Ace vs Finlay

River Ace takes all the early offensive in this match, its hard to tell that he is still only a rookie in a wrestling ring. River unleashes some impressive combinations of moves, particularly a hurrancarrana pin that almost wraps the match up in minutes. River launches himself into the ropes and attempts a flying neckbreaker but Finlay is strong enough and aware enough to catch him mid flight and come down on him with a sidewalk slam, driving his elbow into the poker maestro’s ribs. Finlay picks River Ace up onto his shoulders and executes a heavy handed powerbomb that knocks the wind out of the 6WF Internet Champion. Finlay covers for a 2 count, grabbing River by the head as he kicks out. Finlay takes him into the corner and sets him up in the tree of woe position, choking him with his boot. When the ref breaks the hold Finlay re-adjusts Ace and makes him sit up on the turnbuckle. Then Finlay gets between the ring post and River and lifts him up to hit another huge powerbomb. Finlay confidently covers but again only gets himself a two count.

Wire : River Ace sure is resilient….he always keeps himself in for one more hand.

Finlay attempts a leg drop on River but River avoids it, rolling out of the way. Ace gets to his feet and takes Finlay down with some quick clotheslines. When Finlay gets back up, River attacks with a gutwrench powerbomb. River quickly strikes with a Texas-Hold-em submission hold. Finlay struggles in the clover leaf but just manages to reach the bottom rope. River lets go of the hold and rummages in his pocket as Finlay gets to his feet. River Ace takes out his cards and rifles through the pack looking for his Finlay card. He finds it and as Finlay approaches him and grapples with him, River uses the card to cut open the Irishman and blind him. River acts quickly and hits Finlay with the Poker-Plex gaining the victory. He uses some of Finlay’s crimson to tick off the card.

MATCH 5 : Real Dude vs The Saint

The Saint dominated Real Dude from the off with some powerful moves, intent to show the sort of damage the number one contender to the 6WF Title can do. The Saint hits Real Dude early with a piledriver and the ref immediately checks that Real isn’t injured. Saint gains an early two count from the offensive. Saint picks up Real Dude and Alabama slams him into the ground, again hooking the leg for a 2 count.

Wire : The Saint looks like he means business tonight folks.

The Saint holds Real Dude by the face and slams a punch into his forehead, knocking him to the floor. He goes to pick Real up by the neck but Real kicks him between the legs, buying enough time to free himself and hit a scissors kick. Real waits for Saint to get up and then bulldogs him back into the mat.

Wire : If Real Dude is going to get any joy tonight he has to keep this up…quick, sharp offensive, not allowing Saint to use his power.

Real Dude jumps up to the turnbuckle and lands a swanton bomb on The Saint’s back. He covers the big man and gets a 2 count. Real Dude takes to the turnbuckle again and waits for The Saint to get up. When he does Real leaps onto his shoulders to perform a harrancarrana, but Saint telegraphs it and drives Real Dude into the floor with a powerbomb.

Saint signals to the crowd for his finisher and waits for Real Dude to get up. Out of nowhere Anarchy slide into the ring. EZ Money plants a chair over Real Dude’s head and the ref calls for the disqualification. Hero takes a chair to The Saint’s head and the two of them unleash a heinous assault on the competitors.

Wire : What the hell is this? What was the purpose of such brutality? Real Dude won the match by DQ but neither man looks like a winner right now!
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PostSubject: Re: Hostile Takeover Results (05/03/2008)   Hostile Takeover Results (05/03/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 8:40 am

MATCH 6 : Fight for the Right Final. Nemesis vs EZ Money

The arena lights go out and are replaced by a dimmer light. Nemesis’ music hits and he limps to the ring, still feeling protective over his injured leg, to an obscene amount of booing from the fans. Nemesis takes time to pose in the ring, making a cut throat gesture to a fan in the front row with a Diablo sign.

“Here comes the Money” plays and EZ Money appears at the top of the ramp. The fans go wild for the 6WF Hardcore Champion.

Wire : The support for EZ has got progressively louder all night, and right now you’d have to say its at its highest. This 6WF crowd wants to see EZ rid the federation of Nemesis once and for all!

EZ Money dives under the bottom rope and slides into the ring. Nemesis tries to strike quickly and goes for a knee drop to keep EZ on the floor, but EZ evades it and Nemesis drives his own hurt knee into the mat. EZ takes Nemesis’ leg and wraps a standard leg lock around it. Nemesis looks in pain but he can reach EZ and punches him to release the hold. Nemesis struggles to get up and EZ dropkicks Nemesis’ leg from underneath him. This time EZ pushes Nemesis over and applies an Indian Deathlock on the big man. Nemesis manages to get to the ropes to break the hold. Both men get up and EZ attempts to clothesline Nemesis who ducks and lands a neckbreaker. Nemesis gets down on all fours and grinds his forearm across EZ’s face until the ref stops him. EZ gets up but Nemesis puts him down again with a sidewalk slam before running of the ropes and landing a big legdrop. Nemesis waits for EZ to arise and grabs him by the throat, motioning for a chokeslam, but EZ is too fresh and he drops to his knees to low blow 6WF’s tormentor. EZ whips Nemesis into the corner and charges at him, smashing him in the face with a knee. Then EZ lifts his opponent onto the top rope and hits him with a high impact celtic cross powerbomb. EZ goes for the pin and gets a 2 count. EZ not willing to let the momentum get away from him takes hold of Nemesis and launches him through the middle of the ropes to the floor outside, then he leaps over the ropes himself performing a suicide dive. Both EZ and Nemesis lie motionless on the outside, and its EZ who recovers first. He picks up Nemesis but Nemesis lands a punch in his ribs and then whips him into the barriers. Nemesis approaches EZ and lands a few heavy contact forearms across his chest, knocking the wind right out of him. As he goes for another, EZ blocks and flapjacks his opponent onto the barrier. EZ takes Nemesis again by the scruff of the neck and tries to make him meet with the ring post but Nemesis blocks with a foot up on the apron. Instead EZ backdrops Nemesis onto the steel ramp. EZ searches under the ring and finds a kendo stick and he returns to Nemesis. EZ raises it above his head and slams it down with the intent to further injure Nemesis’ leg, but Nemesis just evades the attack. Nemesis gets to his feet and rips the kendo stick out of EZ’s hands, then hits him in the ribs. Nemesis drops the stick then hits EZ with a double arm DDT onto the ramp. Nemesis stomps EZ a few times before taking the stick and throwing it into the ring. Then Nemesis picks up EZ and rolls him into the ring too. Nemesis returns to his stick and waits to strike a rising EZ across the back of the head, but as he goes to strike the ref grabs it form behind his back. Nemesis in a moment of fury big boots the official out cold. As he stares at the ref, EZ attacks him from behind, sending him lounging on the ropes. EZ hits a few chops across Nemesis’ chest then suplexes him to the ground. EZ awaits Nemesis to get half up and kicks him in the head. Nemesis rolls into the corner and EZ sets him up for the Ace Crusher. The last moment Nemesis pushes EZ away and then charges to big boot Nemesis. EZ ducks and feigns behind his opponent, then takes him up in the pumphandle slam.

The crowd cheer as Trish Stratus makes her way to the ring with the briefcase for the winner of the tournament. She hands it to the timekeeper and stands at the side of the ring screaming encouragement to EZ. EZ lifts up Nemesis and attempts a reverse suplex, but Nemesis slides out of it and bulldogs EZ to the floor. Now Nemesis gets ready for the chokeslam. He stalks EZ and gets ready to strike. As EZ gets up he gets hit with the Chokeslam. Nemesis covers but the ref is still out. He starts to stir and slowly crawls over to the action. 1…2….EZ kicks out. Now Nemesis signals for the Death Wish. He lifts EZ up and puts him over his shoulder. EZ wriggles free from the impending finisher and lands behind Nemesis. He keeps hold of Nemesis and runs him into the ropes, using the rebound to roll backwards over Nemesis, taking hold of his legs. EZ wraps in a figure four leg lock in the centre of the ring and Nemesis is screaming.

Wire : Keep it locked in EZ…Keep it locked in Son…Just like Trish said!

EZ keeps pulling and stretching the injured leg of Nemesis, and Nemesis is struggling to stay in the match. With one last almighty show of strength Nemesis manages to roll EZ over and reverse the hold, putting all the pressure on EZ’s legs. Trish runs over to the timekeeper and takes the briefcase. Then she gets in the ring and slams it over the referee’s head. Then she turns back and calls for the bell.

Wire : What the hell…WHAT THE HELL!

Trish leaves the ring and talks to the ring announcer.

Announcer : Here is your winner by submission….and WINNER of the Fight for the Right tournament….Nemesis!

Wire : WHAT? EZ didn’t submit….What is this….Trish? This is a repeat of Monday Night! But why?

Trish gets back in the ring and hands Nemesis the briefcase and he smacks it over the back of EZ’s head. Then he lifts EZ over his shoulder and Death Wishes him onto the briefcase. The crowd boo violently as Trish and Nemesis embrace. She takes a microphone.

Trish : Oh my! Looks like we got ourselves a new number one contender! How does it feel to be screw-jobbed Anarchy? You’re not the only ones who can pull that little trick! I told you Anarchy would not take over my show…I told you I would do anything in my power to stop it…(shrugs her shoulders and laughs)

Crowd : Booing. DI-AB-LO! DI-AB-LO!

Trish : (screaming) Give it a rest! Diablo is never coming back! You’re all idiots! I’ve waited for weeks for him to come and protect me…to come and run his show again…but where is he? Does he think running some pathetic promo is a viable substitution for being here? Diablo has let me down and he’s let you down. The man is a coward…he’s weak…and he will NEVER come back! So its only right that a girl looks out for herself…its only right I align myself with a real man…and the only one who can keep me safe, is the one that poses the threat…ever heard of Stockholm Syndrome? (laughs)
This is the hostile takeover ladies and gentlemen…6WF will never be the same again!

Crowd : Booooooooooooo! (They throw things as Nemesis takes Trish by the hand and they stroll up the ramp to the backstage area)

Wire : Oh my god. Can you believe what just happened? I just don’t know what to say. Trish……and Nemesis….why?
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PostSubject: Re: Hostile Takeover Results (05/03/2008)   Hostile Takeover Results (05/03/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 8:41 am

MAIN EVENT : TAW World Heavyweight Title. Randy Peeper vs Hero.

Wire : Coming up next is our big title match. Hero has the chance to become 6WF’s undisputed champion! Champion vs Champion…who is the best the business has to offer?

“Let the Bodies hit the Floor” by Drowning Pool bellows over the PA system and Randy Peeper, the TAW Champion appears from behind the curtain to rapturous applause. He takes the time to tag a few hands on his way down the ramp, then he jumps into the ring, holding his title above his head. The crowd go wild again. Randy passes his title to the timekeeper and awaits the opening bar of “Anarchy in the UK” which is greeted with utter contempt by the crowd.

Hero makes his way to the ring accompanied by a beautiful looking Miss Jessica, who the fans still afford a wolf whistle or two, whilst maintaining their hatred for the 6WF World Champion. Hero patrols the ring, watching his opponent closely, before making his way up the steps and through the ropes. Randy respectfully stands off and allows Hero to remove his cape and pass it to the timekeeper. Both champions stare at each other, waiting for the bell.

The bell goes and they lock up, arms on each others shoulders, each trying to force the other to the floor for an early advantage. Randy Peeper breaks the grapple and arm drags Hero over, then takes him down in an armbar. Hero kicks out and runs at Peeper only to be flapjacked over Randy’s head. Randy picks up Hero who fights back with some shots to the stomach but the TAW Champion lands an uppercut before hitting Hero with an Implant DDT. Randy makes a quick cover that only makes a one count. Hero rolls from under the defending champion and rolls out of the ring for a quick recovery period. Jessica puts a hand on the 6WF champion, helping him regain his composure. Randy Peeper runs and goes for a baseball slide on Hero who telegraphs and ducks it. Hero then pulls Peeper out by his feet and slams him to the floor outside. Jessica removes herself from the action as Hero performs a facebuster, driving Peeper’s face into the mats. Hero jumps up onto the apron and then lands a legdrop on Randy. Hero picks up the champion and attempts a suplex which Randy breaks with a knee to the stomach before whipping him into the steel steps. Hero lays propped up against the steps and Randy makes a charge to spear his opponent into them. Hero rolls out of the way and Peeper drives his own shoulder into the steel. Hero takes a quick advantage by lifting Randy up and Pumphandle slamming him onto the steps. Jessica loves it on the opposite side of the ring as Randy Peeper clutches his shoulder in agony. Hero rolls the TAW champion into the ring and climbs to the top turnbuckle. As Randy gets to his feet Hero flies through the air and missile dropkicks his opponent. Hero crawls over to make a pin which results in a 1 count. Hero picks up Peeper and runs his shoulder into the ring post, and then takes Randy’s arm across his neck and using it to neckbreaker the champ.

Wire : Randy is really starting to look hurt now folks. A concentrated offensive on his right shoulder by Hero is slowly but surely immobilizing him. Like him or loath him, Hero is one talented son of a gun!

Hero whips Randy into the corner and sets him up for a superplex off the top. Randy manages to block it and pushes the 6WF champ to the floor. Randy takes to the skies and lands an elbow drop, following up with a pin for a 2 count. Both men get to their feet and stand off each other. Randy makes the first move and feigns a clothesline, ducking under Hero’s arms and backdrops him from behind. Then Randy locks in a triangle hold which Hero manages to reverse into an armbar, stretching the injured shoulder of the champ.

Wire : This could be it! Randy is struggling with that injured shoulder!

Peeper gets a foot on the bottom rope but before the ref sees it Jessica knocks it off, causing Peeper to continue his struggle. Peeper shimmys to the adjacent side of the ring and grabs the bottom rope with his hand. This time the ref sees it and breaks the hold up. Randy crawls away and Hero gets to his feet, going for a stomp on Peeper but Peeper performs a legsweep takedown on the 6WF champ, guillotining him on the bottom rope. Randy leg drops Hero’s head across the rope, choking him and then he berates Jessica from the ring. He turns back to get punched by Hero, but Randy scoops up his recovering opponent onto his shoulder and hits a running powerslam. Randy makes the pin but Jessica jumps up onto the apron distracting the ref. Peeper gets up off Hero and walks over to Jessica to shout again. Jessica slaps the champ who barely acknowledges it, he just turns around and ignores her. But has he does Hero is waiting and he runs at Peeper, hitting him with the Canadian Destroyer.

Wire : Oh my! Has Jessica’s interference just cost Randy Peeper the title….1….2….3! OH YES IT HAS! Hero is the undisputed 6WF Champion! Can you believe it?

The crowd let their fury be known as Hero takes both titles and holds them above his head.

Wire : What an accomplishment by the Anarchy man! Undisputed Champion! What a Night!
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PostSubject: Re: Hostile Takeover Results (05/03/2008)   Hostile Takeover Results (05/03/2008) Icon_minitime

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Hostile Takeover Results (05/03/2008)
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