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 Blackout Results (23/01/2008)

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PostSubject: Blackout Results (23/01/2008)   Blackout Results (23/01/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:14 am

Match 1 : 6WF Tag Team Title Match
Triple Threat Tag. Last Team Standing.
Finlay & JSS vs The Saint & GWC vs Cruiser Jim & Real Dude

Commentator : 3 titles on the line tonight folks and none more craved by its combatants than the 6WF Tag Team Titles. JSS and Finlay stand at the pinnacle of 6WF’s tag division, but we have 2 opposing teams more than capable of taking the gold tonight.

Titantron shows GWC kick a locker room door in, chair in hand. JSS is just lacing up his boots ready to enter the match. As he turns around he’s met with a heinous blow to the head from GWC who continues with a brutal assault on the Japanese half of the champions…back on the stage the two members of Revolution are making their way to the ring, walking backwards whilst looking in shock at the events on the big screen.

Commentator : Oh my! GWC has pulled some stunts during this invasion, but this one takes the biscuit! He’s just taken out one half of the champions before the match even begins! Damn you GWC!

Real Dude and Cruiser Jim arrive at the ring and seem focused on the task ahead. Next the TAW theme tune plays and The Saint comes to the ring, calling out to the back. GWC finally joins him, dusting himself down and laughing. Suddenly Finlay runs from behind the curtain and takes out GWC with a Shillelagh, knocking him clean out. Finlay and The Saint start brawling their way down to the ring. GWC has been clearly out for the 10 count but the match hasn’t officially started. Finlay whips The Saint into the ring apron and follows it up with a clothesline and a few forearm chops. Real Dude baseball slides The Saint into the back of his head sending him sprawling to the floor. Then Real Dude throws himself into the ropes and Cruiser Jim elevates him into the air off the rebound, to hit a suicide dive on Finlay on the outside.

The match hasn’t even officially started and Cruiser Jim is the only man left standing! Real Dude recovers first and rolls Finlay into the ring and the match gets underway. The ref immediately starts a 10 count for GWC, still out at the top of the ramp. The ref gets to 7 but he finally stirs. In the ring Cruiser Jim hits Finlay with a series of big forearm smashes, and elbow drops, keeping Finlay on the floor. When Cruiser goes for a leg drop, Finlay manages to roll out of the way and get the tag to The Saint who has recovered to his corner.

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PostSubject: Re: Blackout Results (23/01/2008)   Blackout Results (23/01/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:15 am

Now GWC has also made his way to the TAW corner, still looking groggy, and Finlay and Real Dude are in their respective corners, the melee finally resembles a match. Cruiser and Saint eye each other up. Two of the biggest men in 6WF going head to head. They lock up for a test of strength which Cruiser seems to be winning but the Saint battles out of and whips his opponent into the ropes, nailing a Samoan Drop on his return. The Saint follows up with a big legdrop before passing the tag to GWC. GWC enters the ring and puts a sleeper hold on Cruiser. Cruiser battles back and stands up with GWC on his back, Cruiser throws himself backwards to land on GWC. As Cruiser gets up, The Saint gets into the ring and clotheslines Cruiser over the top rope before helping his TAW team-mate to his feet. Finlay takes the opportunity to get some advantage on Cruiser Jim on the outside. He jumps down from the apron to axe-handle smash Cruiser, following up with some stomps. Finlay takes Cruiser and spreads him across the announcer’s table, hitting him with some more forearm smashes across the sternum. Then Finlay takes a run up to clothesline Cruiser over the table but Cruiser ducks and catches hold of Finlay’s head. With seemingly no effort at all, the Revolution star lifts Finlay above his head and powerbombs Finlay through the table with all his force. The ref exits the ring to start the count. Finlay is a scrambled mess in amongst the debris, and has clearly suffered from not having his partner. The ref makes it to a 10 count and Finlay is eliminated.

Commentator : We’re gonna have new champion tonight folks! GWC’s evil plan to take out JSS has worked and the awesome power of Revolution’s powerhouse has finished off Finlay!

In the ring The Saint and GWC are double-teaming Real Dude, but scarper when Cruiser enters the ring. GWC gets back into the ring and starts to grapple with Cruiser. GWC hits Cruiser with a Snap-mare that sends the big man reeling to his corner. Real Dude passes some brass knucks to Cruiser who seems to reject them. Real passes them to Cruiser again, shouting at him to use them. Cruiser tags in Real Dude and tells him that he wants to win the tag belts fairly. Real Dude looking disgusted, pushes Cruiser and tells him to give the knucks back. In the other corner Saint and GWC watch in amazement at what’s unfolding. Real Dude, pushing again, now screams at Cruiser to give them back, and Cruiser Jim hits Real Dude clean in the forehead with the knucks, knocking him to the floor.

Commentator : WHAT HAPPENED? WHAT HAPPENED THERE? Cruiser just flattened Real Dude!

Cruiser Jim throws the knucks into the floor and leaves ringside, walking up the ramp, not looking back as the ref counts to 10 and pronounces GWC and The Saint the new 6WF Tag Team Champions.

BACKSTAGE : A medical team are seen entering Revolution’s locker room.

Match 2 :
Zi Zheng vs NEMESIS

Commentator : Zi Zheng makes his way to the ring to a great reception. Diablo’s right hand man looks extremely focused at the task in hand. And there can be no bigger task. No bigger unknown variable. The debut of the monster….Nemesis!

The lights go out, and then are replaced by a much dimmer light. Fans in the arena and on television can just make out Zheng in the ring. The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance booms throughout the arena and the dark and mysterious figure of Nemesis appears on the stage. Zheng clenches his fists as Nemesis makes his way slowly and methodically to the ring. Nemesis enters the ring and Zheng unloads a flurry of punches on his tormentor. They seem to have no effect on him. Nemesis pushes Zheng to the floor, and boots him in the ribs. Zheng rolls over and gets back to his feet, coming at Nemesis again. They lock up and Zheng hits a suplex which Nemesis bounces up from immediately. On the big screen Diablo is seen running around backstage, checking all the rooms for any sign of Trish, Gillespie and Golddust. Nemesis laughs to himself which angers Zheng who hits Nemesis with a flying clothesline followed up instantaneously with a sleeper. Zheng works at the mask of Nemesis and manages to rip it off. Zheng stands and holds the mask above his head for all to see. When he turns back to face Nemesis he still has a mask on and he ferociously Chokeslams Zheng into the mat. He covers the big Chinaman and gets the three count.

Not content, Nemesis goes to the outside to fetch a chair and goes about destroying Zi Zheng, Security run to the ring but the dim light is replaced by darkness once again, nd then when the arena is returned to full illumination, Nemesis has gone.

BACKSTAGE : Diablo returns to his office, once again dismayed at not being able to find Trish Stratus. The medical team that was seen in Revolution’s locker room follow him into his office.

Medic : You absolutely cannot allow Hero to wrestle tonight. He has a broken leg…you’ll end his career!
Diablo : It’s signed now…he knew the risks and now we have an arena full of paying fans. He has to fight.
Medic : Well he’ll need support for his broken bone at the very least. He’ll need to wear a cast. If he goes down injured again he could sue 6WF for every penny!
Diablo : I know, I know. OK. Strap him up with whatever he needs to make the show go ahead. We can’t cancel!
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PostSubject: Re: Blackout Results (23/01/2008)   Blackout Results (23/01/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:16 am

Match 3 : 6WF Internet Title Match
E-Val vs Randy Peeper vs Rock V2

Reload by Rob Zombie interrupts the conversation backstage and E-Val appears on the stage, laden on his outstretched arms are his 6WF Internet Title and the TAW titles he stole from the now defunct TAW arena.

He makes his way to the ring, raising a Revolutionary fist to the crowd. He is followed by TAW’s inaugural World Champion, Randy Peeper, eager to add to TAW’s Tag Team Title victory earlier this evening. Last to come to the ring is Rock V2. Still bandaged from his fall from the stage on Monday at the hands of Randy Peeper.

Rock V2 runs straight to the ring and makes a bee-line for Peeper. The two start brawling on the floor and E-Val leaves them to it. Rock gets on top of Randy to unload some punches only to be reversed so Peeper can get some punches in. Randy gets to his feet and slings Rock into the corner and starts beating on him there. Again they take it in turn to reverse the other into the corner and get some punches in.

When E-Val has seen enough he body splashes the two in the corner and they both fall to the floor, killing the intensity of the affair. E-Val takes control of both men, picking up Randy and bodyslamming him off the ropes, then hitting an Impact DDT on Rock V2. E-Val lines his two opponents up and goes to the top turnbuckle. After raising a Revolution fist in the air he frog splashes both men simultaneously. He pins Randy Peeper, only gaining a two count before backward rolling from his body to Rock’s, again only gaining a two count. His opponents get to their feet and double-team the champ, slinging him into he ropes and hitting a double-hip-toss, then waiting for him to get up to hit a double suplex. Randy Peeper pushes Rock to the corner and attempts the pin on E-Val that only gains a two count.

Rock comes back at Randy with an electrifying clothesline, followed by a bounce off the ropes into an elbow drop. Behind E-Val climbs high again and lands a missile dropkick sending Rocky sprawling to the corner again. E-Val follows up with a baseball slide into Rocky’s chest. Randy Peeper catches E-Val from behind and hits an inverted DDT, holding it on the way down to keep a Dragon Sleeper on. The ref drops E-Val’s hand twice before Rocky breaks the hold. E-Val rolls to the corner to recover as Rock puts a sleeper of his own on Randy. Peeper breaks free of the hold and gets in some forearm chops before whipping Rock into the ropes. Peeper gets ready to hit a belly to belly suplex but Rock ducks his grasp and hits his unsuspecting opponent with a Rock Bottom. Rock covers the TAWer but gets back up on 2, signaling to the crowd that he wants to hit a people’s elbow. Rock runs to one side of the ring but as he makes his way to the second ropes he’s met with a Rouge Spear from E-Val. E-Val goes straight through Rock and performs another forward roll before Asai Moonsaulting Randy Peeper who is still laid out from the Rock Bottom. E-Val gets the 3 count and retains his Internet title.

E-Val leaves the ring with his title and exits the stage. Rock V2 looks furious. He waits for Randy Peeper to get up and the start fighting up the ramp. Rock throws Peeper head first into the setting and on the rebound hits an Impact DDT straight onto the steel. Rock signals for the People’s elbow again but stops to think, and then climbs the setting. Rock gets 20 feet in the air and looks down at Randy Peeper laid out and bleeding below. Rock again signals for the elbow and launches himself off the setting, hitting an elbow drop from 20 feet high. Both men require medical attention.

Commentator : What an unbelievable People’s Elbow from Rock V2…That’ll go some way to making up for the assault by Randy Peeper last week. I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of this though…not by a long way!

Main Event : 6WF World Heavyweight Title Match. No Weapons. No Interference.
Hero vs EZ Money

“Here comes the Money” plays and former 6WF Champion EZ Money makes his way to the ring to a roaring reception for his re-match. EZ salutes the crowd in the ring and waits for the champion from Revolution.

Strobe lighting and smoke fills the arena and “Reload” by Rob Zombie plays out. After a little delay Hero is helped out to the stage by Real Dude and E-Val. Hero has a cast on his injured leg and limps to the ring, sending his Revolution team mates away as they are not allowed in this match. Hero rolls into the ring and stares at EZ as the ref takes his 6WF World Heavyweight Title belt.

The bell rings and EZ attacks Hero straight away, knocking him to the ground and stomping away at the champ’s injured leg. EZ applies an early leg lock, pulling on Hero’s injured leg who is visibly in some pain but just manages to get to the ropes.

Commentator : I don’t see how Hero can compete tonight. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a supporter of Revolution, but this borders on unfair on the champ!

EZ allows Hero to get up but hits him from behind with a chop-block, taking out the knee of Hero. EZ is clearly enjoying this as he puts another leg lock on his opponent. Hero is screaming in agony but manages to kick free this time. Hero gets up first and spears EZ to the ground, landing some punches on the ground. He gets off him and waits for him to get up. When EZ gets up Hero slings him into the corner and throws another few punches to soften up the 6WF superstar. The Hero lifts EZ onto the turnbuckle and suplexes him off the top, following over for a 2 count. Hero maintains the offensive with an armbar on the ground, using his feet to try and hyperextend EZ’s shoulder. EZ gets to the ropes and gets to his feet. As Hero approaches EZ, EZ gets a punch in on Hero’s mid-riff and uses the advantage to spin Hero around and hit a release german suplex. Hero manages to roll out of the ring to recover, only for EZ to dive through the ropes and spear Hero into the barriers. EZ takes hold of Hero and rolls him back into the ring, taking to the top turnbuckle himself, landing a diving elbow drop on the champ. EZ again applies a leg lock to the casted leg of Hero, and it really looks like the champ will tap out. Again the ropes are within reach though.

EZ has all the momentum now and takes hold of Hero’s legs in the Boston Crab position. He locks the move in for a while and them gets back up, keeping hold of the legs, and then sling shotting Hero across the ring. Hero’s fling body collides with the referee taking him out. EZ continues attacking Hero, applying a figure four leg lock in the centre of the ring. This time Hero does tap-out, his injured leg has been through too much and he unashamedly taps out…but there’s no referee. EZ releases the hold to go and shake the referee but there’s no reaction. EZ returns to Hero and whips him into the corner, setting up Hero for the Ace Crusher. Suddenly Hero gets a burst of life, launching himself over EZ’s head. For the first time in the match Hero runs and bounces off the ropes, before EZ can react Hero attacks with a Spinning Heel Kick which surprisingly knocks out EZ.

Commentator : GODDAMMIT HERO! HERO JUST BLASTED EZ STRAIGHT IN THE FACE WITH THAT CAST ON HIS LEG. The spinning heel kick from Hero rammed than cast into EZ’s face…no wonder he’s out.

The ref stirs as Hero is dancing around the ring, clearly not as injured as first believed. As the ref turns around Hero limps towards EZ, and covers him…1….2….3.
Commentator : Hero just retained his 6WF World Title. He’s fooled EZ Money. He’s fooled Diablo. He’s fooled just about everybody in 6WF…and that possum just heel kicked a rock solid cast into EZ’s face! Damn you Hero!
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Blackout Results (23/01/2008)
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