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 6NG Week 4 - Elimination

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6NG Week 4 - Elimination Empty
PostSubject: 6NG Week 4 - Elimination   6NG Week 4 - Elimination Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:22 pm

(The 6NG opening video plays accompanied by Long Road to Ruin before we cut backstage where RJ is waiting with the 7 rookies and an envelope)

RJ: Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the first elimination of 6NG Season One! As we found out on Episode 4 two Rookies are safe, Edan Ekram and Longinus you are already safe. Now lets find out who will join you...

RJ: The other 5 rookies are all up for elimination, so dim those lights please. The first Rookie SAFE and into Episode 5 is....

....The Scorpion!

(Scorpion fist pumps and looks happy at staying in the competition)

RJ: The next rookie who is SAFE and through to episode 5 is...

...Frank Horrigan!

(Horrigan just grunts at the news)

RJ: Wow! This is exciting, three rookies left. The next rookie to be safe is....

....Yarmouth Blade!

(Yarmouth hugs RJ and looks ecstatic)

RJ: Wow! For the last two rookies we have a tie. However, due to James Eagle having received an immunity point from his Rookie challenge entry in week 1. Therefore he is saved. And the Rookie eliminated from 6NG is....

.... Fernando Gonzalez

(Fernando looks mildly upset)

RJ: Fernando, if you could please prepare your leaving speech for 6NG Episode 5. Join us all on Tuesday, as always live exclusively on
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6NG Week 4 - Elimination
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