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 6NG Week 6 - Double Elimination

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PostSubject: 6NG Week 6 - Double Elimination   6NG Week 6 - Double Elimination Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:29 pm

The opening 6NG video plays with Long Road to Ruin plays. we cut backstage to where RJ is standing with the results of the second elimination)

RJ: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to our second elimination, please welcome our 5 rookies that are up for elimination as well as Edan Ekram. Remember, Edan Ekram has already booked his place in the final!

(I Made It hits and the 6 rookies assemble around RJ)

RJ: The first rookie safe is.........


(The One And Only Hits and Blade tags hands with Edan and takes his place next to him in the safe zone)

RJ: And the second rookie definitely safe is......

...... Longinus!

(All My Life hits and Longinus looks relieved before making his way to the safe zone)

RJ: 2 rookies safe and only 1 more place in the semi-final alongside Edan Ekram. And so the Second Rookie to be eliminated from 6NG Season 1 is......


(Frank Horrigan's expression switches to rage in an instant, he stares at RJ before feigning hitting him. Horrigan then goes to walk off before suddenly grabbing Edan Ekram and hitting a monstrous Horrigan's Law through one of the production tables. Horrigan laughs before turning to the other saved rookies before Security arrives and drags him off.)

RJ: (Slightly shaken) Horrigan showing the passion which all of these rookies show. Although I hope that Edan will be okay... Anyways, onto the third elimination, the rookie who is going home is....

..... The Scorpion!

(James Eagle fist pumps as he survives once more. The Scorpion grabs RJ's microphone)

Scorpion: You have not seen the last of me, I am the man that beat Hero on Shutdown. I am Miss Jessica's new favourite. You will all be Stung!

(Scorpion thrusts the microphone back into RJ's chest before storming off. James Eagle has made his way over to the safe area.)

RJ: Join us on Tuesday for the Semi-Final people, exclusively live on!
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6NG Week 6 - Double Elimination
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