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 Explosion Results (16/08/2008)

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PostSubject: Explosion Results (16/08/2008)   Explosion Results (16/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:15 am

Dark Match
Xanthi/Marlon Vs Trish Stratus/???

The women from Los Angeles comes out with her Six Foot Nine Bodyguard Marlon to a geared up Cardiff Crowd before Trish Stratus's music plays.

Trish makes her way out alone

Dave Law-Welcome folks and look RJ Trish couldnt find a partner after all

RJ-What do you mean?

Dave Law-Look shes on her own

Trish grabs a mic

Trish Stratus-Unfortunately tonight my partner hasnt arrived yet

Dave Law-I told you!

Trish Stratus-So it looks as though im going to............

Crowd pops

Dave Law-My god its the hardcore legend Mick Foley!

Crowd-Foley Foley Foley

Mick Foley grabs a mike

Mick Foley-Its great to be back hear in Cardiff Wales

Crowd pop

Mick Foley-Now everyones been wondering who Trish's partner is. Tough clues,hes got a book to plug,is a 6wf legend and part of Trash TV well im here to tell you that that man is not me. I just wanted to be here to introduce


Dave Law-What?


Dave Law-Bezerkers here!

RJ-And they've put the wrong music on for him but he doesnt care hes loving it and so is this crowd

Bezerker makes his way to the ring carrying a Last Of The International Playboys book before stepping in the ring and hugging Foley


Trish starts against Xanthi who quickly backs Trish into the corner before laying in some vicious chops. Xanthi whips Trish across the ring and follows in with a splash

RJ-Good way to quieten this crowd a little

Xanthi tags in Marlon while holding on to Trish's hair. Marlon steps in the ring and Trish is frozen in fear before slapping Marlon and scurrying to her corner. Bezerker tags in and ducks a clothesline

RJ-Dear god

Dave Law-He nearly took his head off!

Bezerker punches Marlon back against the ropes before clotheslining him over the top

Crowd-Bezerker Bezerker Bezerker!

Marlon goes to step over the top rope but Bezerker grabs the rope and bounces Marlon on it before Marlon staggers over and tags Xanthi. Bezerker goes to tag Trish but Xanthi says she wants Bezerker

Dave Law-Here we go!

Bezerker gets in a sumo stance as Xanthi does the same and Xanthi charges but Bezerker just trips her sending her to the mat before tagging in Trish.Trish unleashes lefts and rights before locking in a headlock

RJ-Wonder where she learned that

Xanthi powers out and drops Trish on her back before going to tag Marlon just as Trish tags Bezerker. Marlon knees Bezerker in the stomach before whipping him across but Bezerker anticipates it and Domi bombs Marlon before going to the top rope and nearly falling off

Dave Law-I dont think Bezerkers are meant to fly

Marlon gets up and Bezerker does The B Movie(Michinoku Driver) 1...2 Trish spears Xanthi.....3!

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PostSubject: Re: Explosion Results (16/08/2008)   Explosion Results (16/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:16 am


The arena is sold out, the crowd baying for the event to begin. The ring area is dark so that that the stage and set can’t be seen. The Titantron comes to life and shows a picture of a bomb with a lighted fuse slowly going down until it reaches the bottom. All goes quiet then the bomb on the ’Tron goes off and in complete sync a firework display goes off as the Explosion soundtrack, ‘Tick Tick Boom’ by The Hives plays.

The crowd are on their feet as the camera cuts to RJ and Dave Law.

RJ: LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, WELCOME TO EXPLOSION! We’re here in Cardiff, Wales for a night of thrills, spills, blood., hatred , rivalry and the whole reason we’re here……….WRESTLING! I’m joined here tonight by my broadcast partner, Mr David Law!

DL: Thanks RJ and what a night we have in store for you all, Several Championships defended, A Street Fight, A Grudge Match, The in ring return of The Rock, we’ve got it all here and it will all unfold over the next few hours!

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PostSubject: Re: Explosion Results (16/08/2008)   Explosion Results (16/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:16 am

Match 1
6WF Hardcore Championship.
Gary ‘The Angel’ Johnson © vs. EZ Money

RJ: Here we folks. The first match of the night, full of hatred and animosity. Gary Johnson the Hardcore Champ defending against his former partner and stable mate EZ Money!

DL: I know one thing RJ, this is going to be Hardcore!

‘Here Comes the Money echoes around the arena and EZ makes his way down to the ring, the sell out Welsh crowd booing him all the way.

DL: Have you ever heard a crowd boo EZ Money like they are here tonight?!

EZ slides into the ring and goads some of the crowd who react furiously before he turns and awaits his opponent.

‘I want it all’ plays and Gary Johnson is cheered by the fans as he holds his Hardcore Championship in the air.

RJ: Ladies and Gentleman, anything goes in th………………HERE WE GO!

EZ charges from the ring and meets Gary halfway up the ramp, where they begin to trade blows, each shot as venomous as the last. EZ floors Gary with a combo of right hands, a left sending Johnson to the floor. EZ mercilessly kicks Johnson while he’s down before pulling him up and dragging him down the ramp towards the ring. Johnson connects with an elbow to the mid section and whips EZ into the steel steps and in this case the steel prevails over the bone as EZ is catapulted over the top.

EZ groggily gets up and Johnson decides to take flight, running on to the steps and using them as an elevation to hit a flying cross body that makes both men crash and burn.

Crowd: 6WF 6WF 6WF!

Both men groggily get to their feet and the action spills to the ring as Johnson throws EZ inside. Johnson climbs on to the apron but is met by an EZ headbutt. Johnson falls to his knees and EZ grabs him by the head and tosses him over the rope. 1.………Kick out by Johnson who does so so strongly that EZ is thrown off.

Johnson gets back to his feet holding his head as EZ blindsides him with a kick to the gut but Johnson displays his ingenuity as he sweeps EZ’s legs from beneath him.

RJ: Springboard elbow drop by Johnson! This kid has amazing ability. 1.….2.…..Kick out by the Veteran!

Johnson hit’s the Springboard elbow drop which earns him a 2 count, he runs the ropes and hit’s a rolling thunder before taking to the top rope.

DL: Johnson’s in familiar territory here, anything could happen!


Jonson attempts the Swanton but EZ gets his knees up just before the impact. Upon impact, Johnson rolls away holding his back in agony as the referee checks on him. EZ slowly gets up and rolls out of the ring and yanks a chair from the announcing area and returns to the ring where Johnson is still prone holding his lower back.

DL: EZ is going to look to exploit that minor injury suffered by Gary here!

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PostSubject: Re: Explosion Results (16/08/2008)   Explosion Results (16/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:16 am

The next passage makes unpleasant viewing for younger members of the audience as EZ goes about systematically taking Gary apart, each chair shot to the back echoing through out the arena followed by Johnson’s excruciating screams of pain. Shots of concerned fans are shown as EZ puts Johnson into a Torture Rack. Johnson continues to scream in pain as he looks like he’s fading!

RJ: EZ is just trying to cause pain here! Remember that in a Hardcore rules match there are no submissions so EZ can hold this in until Gary’s unconscious!

The crowd try to will Gary on but EZ hears this and just locks the hold tighter before bring Gary over his head and hitting a Fall Away Slam.

RJ: This is gotta be over! EZ with the pin. 1.….2.…….NO! Johnson survives!

EZ can’t believe it and protests with the referee as Johnson crawls away and tries to right himself using the ropes. EZ notices this and charges at Johnson who instinctively pulls down the ropes and EZ is sent hurtling from the ring. Johnson takes his chance and hit’s a vaulting Senton to the outside on top of EZ.

RJ: What a way to open the show!

The move has an effect on Johnson’s hurt back and both men are slow to get back to their feet but out of nowhere EZ hits an Ace Crusher to Johnson.


DL: What’s EZ doing, come on, Leave Pedro and Emanuel alone!

Instead of pinning Johnson EZ steps away and removes the Spanish announce table cover as the two Spaniards flee. EZ grabs the lifeless Johnson and plants him on the table. EZ makes the Anarchy sign in the air before going to the top rope.

RJ: EZ’s going to fly, He’s going to fly! What the hell!

EZ steadies himself before looking at Johnson and shouting “You never cut it kid!” before taking flight, performing a Shooting Star Press…………………

RJ:…………..Shooting Star by EZ……….JOHNSON WITH THE KNEE’S! OH MY GOD!

DL: EZ better believe in Karma because what went around came back around!

EZ is lay beside the table blood coming from his mouth and Johnson is propped on his elbows looking dazed and confused.

Crowd: Holy ****! Holy ****!

Johnson looks at EZ before reversing roles and throwing EZ on the table, he quickly gets on to the top turnbuckle, salutes the crowd and takes off performing a 450 Splash! He connects properly and the table implodes, both men in the wreckage.


The referee surveys the scene as the camera zooms in and Gary has his arm over EZ and the referee counts. 1.………………..2.……………..


DL: Stop shouting!


RJ: He’s done it! Gary retains, Gary Retains! Both men went through hell and EZ Money’s desire to destroy Johnson backfired on him big time!

Johnson realises what’s just happened and stands on the announce table holding his belt in the air.

RJ: What a way to start proceedings here tonight!

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PostSubject: Re: Explosion Results (16/08/2008)   Explosion Results (16/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:16 am

Match 2
Hero Vs Acer

Anarchy In The U.K blasts over the speakers as Hero makes his way from the roof of the building on wire. He looks at the Documents in an envelope that have the answer of who is the father to Miss Jessica's baby. Logans 'When i get down' plays and Acer comes out on a Suzuki motorbike with strobe lighting going through the arena, the crowd firmly behind there countryman.

RJ-This ones personal

The bell goes and Hero heads straight for the corner but Acer pulls him down and chops him before receiving a couple back. Hero whips Acer across the ring and misses a clothesline before Acer connects with a spear and goes for a cover but the referee informs him that there are no pinfalls and Acer heads for the corner. Hero kips up and as Acer is on the top rope he pulls him off so one leg is either side of the top rope

Dave Law-If Acer is the father he may not be having any more after that

Hero corkscrew dropkicks Acer to the floor before running the ropes and hitting a flying backwards elbow through the ropes

RJ-Great execution

Crowd-That was awesome!

Hero sets up for a Canadian Destroyer on the floor but Acer holds on to Heros leg the first time so Hero trys again with no luck before pounding on Acers back.Acer backdrops Hero before looking up at the documents. Acer climbs but as he gets to the top rope he realises Hero is up and Moonsaults to the floor.

Crowd-Holy **** Holy ****

Both men eventually get up and trade blows before Hero slams Acers back into the ring apron. Hero rolls him into the ring and follows. Hero looks up at the documents but decides to put Acer in a sharpshooter

Dave Law-Great move! If the legs are taken out you cant climb

Acer screams in pain and reaches for the ropes but cant make it and grabs one of Heros feet and reverses, the crowd willing him on.

RJ-Hero now in the sharpshooter! This sell out crowd firmly behind Acer!

Hero screams in pain before tapping out and Acer releases

Dave Law-Thats not it though,great move by Hero getting Acer to release

Acer begins to climb the ropes before Hero takes a leg out. Acer is straddled upside down on the corner and Hero treads on Acers groin where the in the corner to help him up to the top rope

RJ-This is it

Acer somehow pulls himself up and Hero falls so Hero is sitting in front of Acer on the top rope.Acer German Suplexes Hero to the mat which leaves Acer again hanging upside down. Acer hangs for half a minute before again pulling himself up.Hero is stirring as Acer again begins to climb the pole but Hero hits him on the back.The two men trade blows before Hero low blows Acer and connects with a Canadian Destroyer off the top rope

Crowd-This is awesome!

Hero gets up and sees Acer layed out so again makes his way up

Dave Law-This has to be it

RJ-And it is

Hero pulls the documents down as Acer is still out

Dave Law-Is he going to open it?

Hero opens the documents before looking angry and shocked and dropping them

RJ-Hero wins but it looks as though Acer is the dad

Acer is helped to the back by a referee as the documents are left in the ring.

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PostSubject: Re: Explosion Results (16/08/2008)   Explosion Results (16/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:16 am

Enforcer and Hobo are called backstage for a private chat from Diablo, out of earshot of the rest of the trash tv crew.

D: I just wanted to say good luck to your opponents tonight because you two will rip them apart. I have been in this business for a long time and my days are numbered...

H&E sciaeacf

H: dont be silly - you're going to live for ever!

E: H' is right. You will always be in the 6wf and nothing will ever change that.

D: Guys, my time cant go on for ever and besides this head of mine is on pretty, pretty thin ice.

Anyway, I know you two will do me proud. And alhough I was born in fire, I will be immortalised trhough Trash TV!

H: I like that...I smell a new Tshirt coming on.

E: I smell you...

D: I need you both to summon that Dunkirk Spirit, that never say never attitude.

E: I didnt like Never say Never again - it was worse than the Lazenby Bond film.

Diablo: will you guys concentrate? This is serious...we may never get a chance like this again. I want us to be THE world champions. And I don't know if we will ever get this chance cut the jokes, and focus on the two ruthless champs you are facing.

H: D' is right, E'. Lets make history...lets beat these suckas down.

E: For Diablo!

H: For Diablo!

Hobo and enforcer leave as RJ walks in the room.

RJ: Waht do you predict for tonights matches?

Diablo: Predict? Pain.......

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PostSubject: Re: Explosion Results (16/08/2008)   Explosion Results (16/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:17 am

The English National Anthem plays as Hooligan makes his way out to a near rioting Welsh crowd throwing empty bottles

RJ-This is not a good idea

Hooligan steps into the ring

Hooligan-Its nice of 6wf to be here in a third world country tonight


Hooligan-Personally i cant wait to get the hell out of here but tonight i have a little special challenge. Tonight as i know people in Wales are cowards im offering 10,000 English pounds to anyone prepared to step in the ring with me and......

Ring Of Fire plays and Abe Abercorn come sout in boxing gloves

RJ-I think Abe knew what was coming and is ready for a fight


Hooligan doesnt say anything and just puts on his gloves and has a gentleman do them up before walking to the middle of the ring. Abe does the same and the two men trade words before the referee goes over the rules and sends both men to their corners

The bell goes and both men seem cautious with Abe hitting jabs and Hooligan bideing his time. Abe gets more confident and a couple of times Hooligan holds onto Abe hugging him


The bell goes with the first round clearly to Abe Abercorn.The two men go to their corners before round two which is a much more even contest

Round three and again Hooligan who is being berated by the crowd keeps hugging and is warned by the referee. Hooligan suddenly connects with a right hand followed by a left that both connect and Abe staggers into the ropes before going down 1...2...3...4...5... Abe gets up

Referee-You ok? Lets go

Hooligan again moves in sensing blood and the bell goes before Hooligan takes anothe shot and the referee gets inbetween

Referee-Im deducting a point

Round four and Hooligan again moves in close before Abe starts fighting his way back into the contest. Abe starts putting combos together and an uppercut sends Hooligan to the mat 1...2...3...4...5...6...7 Hooligan gets up and is knocked down again within seconds 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9... Hooligan gets up and Abe moves in before Hooligan drops to his knees and low blows Abe. The referee calls for the bell and disqualifys Hooligan who throws his gloves at Abe before flipping the bird at the Cardiff crowd.

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PostSubject: Re: Explosion Results (16/08/2008)   Explosion Results (16/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:17 am

Match 3
The Saint Vs Crime Lord

St Anger hits and The Shutdown commisoner is first out to a mixed reception. Crime Lords music plays and Saint meets him in the aisle as they trade fists with the crowd cheering Crime Lords and booing Saints with Saint getting the upper hand.Saint slams Crime Lords head off a rail and drags him to the ring before throwing him in.Crime Lord jumps on The Saint as he enters and hits forearms in his back while Saint covers up. Crime Lord picks up Saint and whips him into the ropes hitting a vicious clothesline before stepping outside and grabbing a cane from under the ring

Dave Law-Here we go

Crime Lord hits Saint twice before Saint blocks it and grabs the cane hitting Crime Lord over and over and Crime Lord jumps out of the ring with Saint following in pursuit. Crime Lord escapes into the crowd who block Saint off

RJ-This is a mixed crowd tonight who are solidly behind their countrymen and anyone who crosses them

Saint watches Crime Lord walk around to the entranceway and cuts him off with a running clothesline before lifting him up and smashing his back against the big bomb symbol. Saint hits Crime Lord again who goes through backstage. Cameras follow and Crime Lord trys to lose Saint who is in hot pursuit. Suddenly Henchman comes out of nowhere and hits Saint giving Crime Lord enough time to get in his car getting in the drivers seat for a change.Saint hits a Divine Force on the concrete

RJ-Crime Lord has had enough

Crime Lord goes to drive off and Saint steps in front of the car but Crime Lord doesnt slow down and Saint has to dive out of the way. Crime Lord gets out and makes a cover 1...2......Kick out! Crime Lord continues to beat on Saint and throws him through a door into the street. Saint staggers as Crime Lord picks up a newspaper bulletin board and smashes Saint with it. Saint begins to punch Crime Lord back and spears him on the pavement 1...2......Kick out!

Dave Law-This is crazy!

Saint and Crime Lord battle back into the arena

Crowd-We want Acer!

Saint picks Crime Lord up and powerslams him onto his own bonnet 1...2......Kick out! Crime Lord rolls off and staggers back towards the entranceway.Saint lets him go so far and picks up a jug of water by the entranceway before smashing it off Crime Lords skull opening Crime Lord up. Crime Lord is dazed as he staggers back into the arena and pulls out some powder from his trunks but Saint kicks it into his face before connecting with a Divine Force on the ramp 1...2.......3!

RJ-Saint did it and he did it without the crowd tonight

Suddenly Acer is standing behind Saint with a chair as the crowd raise the roof

Acer hits Saint as he turns around and puts a foot on him while holding the chair up

Crowd-Acer Acer Acer

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PostSubject: Re: Explosion Results (16/08/2008)   Explosion Results (16/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:17 am

Match 4
Internet Title
JJ Johnson vs. Cruiser Jim ©

The ticking of a clock echo around the arena before there is a small explosion and ‘Time after Time’ plays. Cruiser Jim, as maniacal as ever, nonchalantly strolls down the ramp, rolling into the ring and embracing his poor reception.

RJ: Damn! This guy just doesn’t understand how much the crowd dislike him!

‘Get your Groove On’ plays and the crowd erupts!

DL: But they love this guy!

JJ Johnson holds his belt high in the air as fireworks go off around the arena. ‘The VIP Playa’ cockily strides to the ring heard saying “Tick Tick Boom baby!”

He gets in the ring and squares up to Jim as the referee holds up the internet title and hands it to the announcer and calls for the bell and both men lock up, both men as imposing as each other. JJ forces Cruiser back but then Jim force JJ back resulting in stalemate. They break the lock up and Cruiser gets in a sneaky eye rake which makes JJ reel backwards and Cruiser capitalises, a big boot flooring ‘The Franchise Initiative’. Jim mounts him and unleashes a flurry of blows. 1.……..strong kick out by JJ, who gives himself some distance from his opponent.

JJ is quick to get up and hit’s the oncoming Jim with a big back body drop followed by a clothesline. Jim quickly gets back up and smiles at JJ who looks physically repulsed.

Jim charges in with an attempted clothesline but JJ ducks and hit’s a quick neckbreaker. 1.….Kick out by Jim. JJ continues his work, climbing aboard Jim and firing off a couple of shots to the face before hitting a running leg drop.

RJ: Even at this early stage JJ is building some early momentum!

JJ makes a cover. 1.……..2.……..Kick Out by Jim. JJ backs away, allowing Jim to get up a little bit but JJ charges in, looking for his patented Scissors Kick but a he tries to connect Jim moves out the way and JJ’s momentum carries him to the corner where Jim grabs his opportunity and hit’s a chopblock which sends JJ crashing to the mat. Jim drags JJ away and pulls him up before hitting a backbreaker , JJ cries out in pain but Jim mercilessly carries on his assault, hitting a string of high impact moves, a running powerslam capping off his spell of domination. Cruiser picks up a groggy JJ and sets him up for a Psycho Bomb.

RJ:This one’s going to be over if Jim hits……..THIS IS UNREAL!

DL: How the hell did JJ do that!

Cruiser had JJ set for the Psycho Bomb but as he attempts to hit the move JJ pulls off an amazing piece of athleticism by falling backwards and hitting Jim with a hurricarana!

Crowd: JJ! JJ! JJ!

Jim slowly gets up but is met by the freight train that is JJ’s scissors kick, a sickening thud is heard and JJ makes the cover. 1.…….2.……..Kick Out!

RJ: How the HELL did Jim kick out!

DL: This gold means everything to both men!
JJ is absolutely gob smacked and is on his knees, his hands on his hips looking frustrated. He picks up Jim and takes him over to the corner lifting him up top and climbing up as well.

DL: JJ’s going to allow Jim to Access All Areas ………

As JJ attempts the move Jim pushes him off the turnbuckle to the canvas below!

RJ: Jim out of no where!

Jim stands at the very top, looking down at JJ, he looks at his elbow and then takes flight, JJ rolls out of the way.


JJ quickly locks in the Ankle Lock, Jim desperately trying to grab the ropes but JJ doesn’t relent. The referee checks with Jim but he refuses to submit, instead trying to grab the ropes desperately.

RJ: Jim looks ready to tap!

Jim is ever so close to the ropes and makes another grab, not quite reaching. He agonisingly sticks his hand out and holds it in the air, seemingly ready to tap yet somehow he grabs the bottom rope!
JJ roars in frustration and pulls Jim up who somehow winds JJ with a strong right but the damage has been done and he collapses under the sheer pressure of his ankle, JJ collects himself and hoists the big man up.

RJ: And here we go…….VIP Experience! JJ;s making the cover. 1.……..2.……..3! JJ retains but what a match!

JJ is handed his title and gets a top of the turnbuckle and holds it high in the air, shouting “VIP PLAYAAA!”.

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PostSubject: Re: Explosion Results (16/08/2008)   Explosion Results (16/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:17 am

Match 5
River Ace vs. GWC

RJ: Folks, this match is built upon betrayal, lets see how we got to this stage.

-A video montage airs showing River screw GWC out of the title and finishes with both men staring each other down.-

GWC’s music booms around the arena and the crowd cheers the former 6WF Champion as he heads to the ring, looking as intense and focused as ever! He gets into the ring and immediately stares up to the stage as Motorhead’s ‘Ace of Spade’s’ plays and the commissioner of Lockdown makes his way to the ring, the hostile welsh crowd barraging him with abuse. He rolls into the ring and straight away goes nose to nose with GWC.

The bell is rung and GWC kicks River in the gut and immediately starts clubbing his former friend on the back, GWC runs the ropes and hit’s a running DDT before hitting a leg drop. 1.…….2.……..Kick out!

RJ: This is all about hate and GWC HATES River.

GWC mounts River and barrages the commissioner with lefts and rights each one with an amazing amount of force. The referee intervenes and River gets a reprieve as he crawls away, desperate to gather his thoughts. He pulls himself up and GWC charges at him but River uses GWC’s momentum against him, nailing him with a monkey flip. 1.……Kick out by GWC who fires off a couple of blows to the head of River who stumbles back but manages to halt GWC wit a quick knee to the stomach followed by a snap vertical suplex.

River stomps on GWC before grabbing the legs and tossing the Irishman to the corner.


River charges at GWC who dodges the bullet and River smashes his shoulder into the cold hard steel post. GWC tries to take advantage with a roll up. 1.…..2.…….Kick out by River. GWC pulls River up and builds some momentum, hitting a belly to belly suplex followed by a fisherman’s suplex holding it for a cover. 1.……..2.…….Kick out.

GWC hit’s a standing lg drop before picking River up and hitting the fun run.

RJ: GWC’s building up ahead of steam here!

River stumbles to his feet as GWC attempts the CWG but River catches the foot, pulls him and hit’s the Poker Plex, leaving both men flat out on the canvas.

RJ: Out of nowhere!

The referee begins to count. 1.………….2.…………3.………..4.………5.…………both men begin to stir………….6.……………….7.……………..8.…………Both men get up, River up before GWC and River grabs GWC again and hits another Poker Plex.

He stares at GWC who is flat out on the ground and without further ado locks in the patented Texas Hold’Em.

DL: He’s got the Texas Hold’Em locked in, this could be the end!

GWC tries to hide the pain but River starts to put even more pressure on the back.

RJ: This isn’t looking good, I think he’s gonna tap!

GWC painfully tries to reach the rope, his face contorted in agony, he reaches out again before trying to pull himself over the ring. He tries again and again and again before he is inches from the rope but looks as if he’s about to go.

RJ: GWC is trying his hardest to reach the ropes!

GWC agonisingly reaches out one more time before tapping and the crowd erupt in boos as River celebrates!

RJ: River wins, River wins! He took a bit of a beating by GWC but when all the chips were on the table he went all in and claimed the pot!

River stands at the top of the ramp as GWC watches from the ring.

Crowd: A55HOLE A55HOLE!

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PostSubject: Re: Explosion Results (16/08/2008)   Explosion Results (16/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:18 am

Match 6 Rock V2/ Rock vs. The Producers (Written by Crime Lord.)

'IF YOU SMEEELLLLL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN'!" those famous words ring around the arena as Rock V2 and his dad The Rock come out to a brilliant crowd reaction. Rock V2 and The Rock run down the ramp slapping their many fans hands as they go. They climb into the ring and hi-5 each other as they crouch through the ring ropes. They jump onto opposite turnbuckles and start interacting with the crowd. Movies by Alien Ant Farm starts playing as The Producers come out to a good crowd reaction alot chanting Trash TV. They run to the ring and slide in before trying to get onto the turnbuckles they fall off. Prime Time and Hollywood dust themselves off while the crowd laugh. They shake hands with the former Tag Team Champion and his dad before the bell rings.

Prime Time starts in the ring with Rock V2, they lock up in a test of strength and Rock V2 wins before kicking Prime Time and hitting a DDT. Rock V2 starts getting ready for a People's Elbow already, he runs to the rope bounces off it but his leg is pulled by Dr. Necro!

DL- Oh my god! That's Trash Tv's physician Dr. Necro!

Prime Time gets the advantage and locks in a headlock as the crowd laugh. Rock V2 powers out of it and hits a clothesline before turning his attention to Dr. Necro. He gets out of the ring chasing the Doctor.

RJ- That's my old broadcasting partner Micheal Wire coming out of the crowd! He's in therapy!

Micheal Wire jumps out of the crowd and runs at Dr. Necro taking him down with a spear, Dr. Necro gets up and runs away through the crowd, as the referee's count gets to 5. Rock V2 gets back into the ring and is met by a barrage of punches from Prime Time who is pushed away but runs straight back at Rock V2 who hits a flapjack before tagging in The Rock. The crowd pop as The Rock gets into the ring and hits a clothesline to Prime Time, Hollywodd Johnson gets into the ring and goes for a headlock but is hip tossed. The Rock bounces off the ropes and hits a knee drop to Prime Time and then lifts Hollywood up and hits a Samoan Drop. Hollywood rolls out of the ring. Then Dr. Necro jumps into the ring with an angry Micheal Wire following.

Dr.N- Stop! Stop!

Dr. Necro is given a mic as The Rock holds back Micheal Wire.

Dr.N- I did some azzezmemtz. And I came to the conclusion that thiz match is too dangerouz to carry on! Rock V2 hasn't been properly tested after his injury and you Rock! Well I am ashamed, you zaid you would never get into the ring again. Everyone out!

The Rock looks as angry and he lets Micheal Wire go who runs at Dr. Necro, who runs out of the ring and away through the crowd, Micheal Wire following. The Rock turns and sees Prime Time he runs at him but is put ina headlock by PT, who makes the tag to Hollywood, who jumps into the ring and hits a leg drop to the back of The Rock's neck. Hollywood starts celebrating then turns aroung straight into a Rock Bottom. The Rock tags in Rock V2 who gets ready for the People's Elbow and hits it! He goes for the pin.1...2...kick out.

RJ- The Producers are no push overs.

Rock V2 waits for Hollywood to get up and goes for the Rock Bottom but it's reversed into a headlock, Rock V2 has no way out of it in the middle of the ring, and The Rock looks concerned as Prime Time urges HJ on. The crowd don't know who to side with and chant for both. The ref goes over and lifts Rock V2's arm up. 1! And again. 2! And again! But Rock V2 manages to keep his arm up and starts getting back onto his feet, he starts trying to get Prime Time's arm off him and he does, he pushes Prime Time away and tags in The Rock who gets into the ring to a pop and hits a right fist to Prime Time who falls to the ground and then runs at Hollywood who has got into the ring, and hits a shoulder block. He stands over Prime Time and rips the elbow pad off and chucks the sunglasses away before running and bounces off the rope and hitting a People's Elbow! Pin.1...2...kick out. The Rock waits for Prime Time to get up, but The Rock misses the Rock Bottom and PT tags in Hollywood who gets into the ring and puts The Rock in a headlock and turns it into a Double Armed DDT. 1...2..3...

Kick out! Hollywood tags in Prime Time, as they seem to have got control of the match. Prime Time runs in and attempts to hit Rock V2 off the apron, but it goes wrong and Prime Time ends up entangled in the ropes, Hollywood runs in to try and get him out. He finally gets him out, and The Rock tags in Rock V2 who performs a suplex to Hollywood and then hits a Rock Bottom to Prime Time. He goes for the People's Elbow and hits it. 1..2..3!

'IF YOU SMELLLLL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN'" Those famous words ring around the arena as The Rock and Rock V2 Hi-5 each other and help The Prodicers up and shake hands as the crowd cheer.

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Nemisis Vs Enforcer

Saturday Night plays as the crowd go wild for the man the majority are hoping will be the next TAW Champion accompanied by Trish Stratus. Enforcer gets on each rope and milks the home crowd before applauding them.The lights dim as Nemisis's eerie entrance silences the 6wf crowd a little before the lights come back on

Crowd-Enforcer Enforcer Enforcer

The two men stand in opposite corners burning a hole through each other before Nemisis takes a big step forward.Enforcer does the same and Nemisis takes another step standing in the middle of the ring and Enforcer takes another step so they are toe to toe. The bell goes and Nemisis goes for a big right that is blocked and Enforcer hits Nemisis. The TAW Champ swings at Enforcer but misses and Enforcer hits a couple of jabs to Nemisis's ribs before backing off

RJ-The challenger a bit quicker

Nemisis goes for a clothesline that misses and Enforcer hits big shots against the rope before charging but Nemisis throws Enforcer over the top.Enforcer hangs on though and drops Nemisis throat first on the top rope before running the ropes and going for a Facecheck. Nemisis counters by just grabbing Enforcer by the throat and delivering a thunderous chokeslam 1...2......Kick out!

Dave Law-Nearly over and Enforcer must be demoralised with how easy Nemisis countered the Facecheck

Nemisis slams Enforcer to the mat and drops an elbow 1...2.....Kick out! Nemisis picks Enforcer up and strongly Irish whips him across the ring following in with a running clotesline sending Enforcer to the mat

Crowd-Lets go EN-FOR-CER

Nemisis puts Enforcer in the corner and puts his boot against his thraot 1..2..3..4..Nemisis lets go before doing it again 1..2..3..4..Again Nemisis lets go at the last moment. Nemisis whips Enforcer across the ring and hits a big boot 1...2......Kick out!

Dave Law-Matter of time RJ

Nemisis stands on Enforcer with all his weight 1..2..3..4..Releasing again on four. Enforcer crawls to the ropes and Nemisis drills a knee into his back before pushing him down on the ropes 1..2..3..4..

RJ-I think Nemisis may want to get disqualified,he certainly doesnt seem to care

Nemisis chops Enforcer sending him to one knee before Enforcer stands up and tells Nemisis to do it again

Dave Law-Is he mad?

Nemisis again does it sending Enforcer back against the ropes but he shoots off with a fist before telling Nemisis to hit him again.Nemisis does and Enforcer retaliates over and over

RJ-Hes got a second wind

Dave Law-Where from?

Enforcer slams Nemisis and waits for him to get up before going for a Facecheck.Nemisis ducks and grabs Enforcer by the throat before Enforcer pushes his arm off and continues with fists as his home crowd go wild.Enforcer runs the ropes and hits a clothesline hardly moving the monster,a second and hes moved back. Enforcer runs the ropes again and Nemisis swings and misses as Enforcer hits the opposite ropes and clotheslines Nemisis to the mat


Enforcer drops a leg before going for a cover 1...2...Kick out! Enforcer thinks for a second what to do next before deciding to climb to the top. Enforcer dives off and a double axhandle takes the monster to one knee.Enforcer runs the ropes and choplocks him before dragging him to the corner and going to the outside.Enforcer smashes Nemisis's leg against the ring post three times before stepping back in the ring for a cover 1...2......Kick out!

RJ-Enforcers hurting the TAW Champ

Enforcer decides to change his offence and lock on a bostan crab in the middle of the ring

Dave Law-No way! The monster will never tap

Enforcer cranks up the pressure as Nemisis makes his way towards the bottom rope.Nemisis reaches but misses and Enforcer brings him back to the middle of the ring

RJ-O my god

Nemisis's face is contorted like never before and he trys to power out and sends Enforcer off balance. Enforcer gets in the corner and waits for Nemisis to get up and waits and waits.Nemisis gets up and Enforcer hits a Facecheck

Dave Law-He hit it!

The referee counts 1....2.........3!

RJ-He did it

Enforcer gets up and raises his arm but the referee quickly points Nemisis's foot on the bottom rope and apologises. Enforcer falls to his knees as Trish shouts at him this is no time to give up. Enforcer waits again for Nemsiis to get up but Nemisis counters the running Enforcer with a big boot as both men are down


Referee-1..2...3.....4.....5.......6........7..........8 Nemisis sits up and makes his way to his feet just as Enforcer does and both men trade blows

Nemisis blows-Boo

Enforcer blows-Yey

Enforcer backs the champ up and goes to slam him but falls offbalance backwards as Enforcer falls into a tombstone position. Nemisis drops to his knees as Enforcers head smashes off the mat 1...2......Shoulder up. Nemisis cant believe it and picks Enforcer up again slowly before delivering a second tombstone 1...2......3!

RJ-Nemisis retains but what a match

Dave Law-What an effort by Enforcer

Nemisis lies on the mat before being handed his title and leaves holding it up.

Enforcer comes round with Trish tending to him.Enforcer pushes Trish off and makes his way to the back with his head down as the crowd chant his name.

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Main Event
6WF Championship
TGA © vs. Hobo

RJ: And here we are Ladies and Gentlemen! The end of the road for Explosion but before we bow out, there is one little thing to be decided, the outcome of the 6WF Title Match. This past month on Shutdown we saw the first ever Scrap for the Strap Tournament. A tournament that resulted in an 11 man over the top rope battle royal.

-A highlight package airs showing the highlights from the battle royal and finishes with Hobo stood in the middle of the ring.-

RJ: Hobo won this match and there fore gained a title shot at TGA for this PPV! Ladies and Gentleman, I can assure you that this will be an absolute corker of a match!

‘Don’t fear the Reaper’ plays and the electric Cardiff crowd explodes as the firm favourite Hobo heads for the ring on his Vespa.

RJ: Have you ever heard such an amazing reception Dave?

DL: This crowd really loves Hobo and I’m sure they’ll back him all the way.

Before getting into the ring Hobo sees a young woman with a baby on the front row pleading for him to kiss it. He sciaeacf’s before kissing the baby on the forehead and gets into the ring, climbing the turnbuckle to salute the legions of riff raffers!

RJ: Hobo has more pressure on his shoulders what with Enforcer’s crushing loss earlier in the night!

DL: Perhaps he will embrace this opportunity?

Nickel back’s ‘Hero’ plays and the 6WF Champion receives an amazingly hostile reception from the sell out crowd, whom are keen to see their fellow countryman walk out with the gold!

TGA mocks the crowd a little before getting in the ring and showing his gold to Hobo, whose eyes are firmly fixed upon the gold. TGA hands the belt to the ref who cals for the bell and both men stand face to face.


Hobo looks at the crowd before looking back at TGA and says something.

Hobo: Where are your fans?!

TGA slaps Hobo around the face.


Hobo feels his face before turning to TGA and begins throwing lefts and rights that rock the taller TGA, Hobo gets straight in and whips TGA to the ropes, meeting him on the rebound with a strong knee to the gut that makes the champ double over. Hobo hit’s a dropkick that floors the champ before mounting him and hitting with an unprecedented amount of lefts and rights!

RJ: What a start by the challenger. Taking the champion out of his game from the off.

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The referee tells Hobo to back away which gives time for the champion to get back to his feet and recollect himself.

Hobo eagerly charges back in but is met by a thunderous uppercut by TGA which lifts Hobo off his feet, TGA waits for his foe to get back up before hitting a back body drop. Hobo is quick to his feet but TGA levels him with a clothesline. TGA grabs Hobo by the throat and pulls him up only to be met by the Hobo Handshake. The champ stumbles backwards and Hobo hit’s a spear. 1.……..Kick Out by TGA who’s kick ou is so strong that Hobo is literally thrown off. Both men are quick to their feet, Hobo slightly faster than TGA and they lock up. TGA overpowers Hobo and forces him to the corner.

Hobo pushes TGA away but is sent back into the corner by a right hand. TGA charges Hobo down with his shoulder and Hobo buckles due to the force. Hobo is in a sitting position and TGA steps back to the other corner. He runs in leading with his knee, at the last second Hobo dodges the bullet and hit’s a reeling TGA with a Soft Shoe Shuffle!

Hobo pulls TGA to the and sits him up.

RJ: Here we go………..

DL: ……….Bum Rush! 1.……….2.……….No! TGA Kicks out!

RJ: What a back and forth match!

TGA groggily gets up and Hobo, gaining momentum, hit’s a Down and Out, the fourth punch of the combo failing to knock TGA down, Hobo backs into the ropes and runs smack bang into a TGA spine buster. 1.………2.……..3!


TGA , who seems revitalised pulls Hobo up and hit’s a spikepiledriver that leaves Hobo motionless.

He looks at the fallen Hobo and then to the turnbuckle.

RJ: We’re going to see a rarity, A FLYING TGA!

TGA takes flight looking for the elbow drop but Hobo rolls away at the last moment, the crowd are in awe!


Hobo and TGA slowly get to their feet and sluggishly trade blows, the crowd cheering Hobo’s shots and booing TGA’s.

TGA swings for Hobo and Hobo ducks and hit’s the Hobo Cuddle!


For what seems an age Hobo crawl over to TGA and makes the cover. 1.…………….2.………………3!

RJ: Hobo has done it!


Hobo is celebrating but is unaware of the foot on the rope. TGA uses the rope to pull himself up and runs to Hobo who has just turned round and hit’s the Hell and Back!


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TGA makes the cover. 1.……………..2.………………..




TGA celebrates as Hobo is left spread eagled on the canvas, tears seen running down his cheeks.

TGA leaves and suddenly ‘Video killed the Wrestling Star’ plays and the whole of Trash TV come down to the ring, Diablo hugging Hobo who is devastated before grabbing a Microphone.

Diablo: E and the people’s tramp might not have won tonight but that doesn’t mean my prophecy won’t come true!

PT and HJ pour a substance on the ropes and light them, the ring literally on fire just like the crowd who all chant Trash TV!

Diablo: These guys gave their all and I hope that although they are techinically losers that they are winners in your eyes!


All of a sudden H and E lift Diablo onto their shoulders and the crowd change their chant.

Crowd: Di-ab-lo! Di-ab-lo!

RJ: They may not have won here tonight but my money is on the Trash being back on Shutdown ready for vengance! We’re out of time here in Wales, good night!

The show closes with Trash TV parading Diablo on their shoulders!
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Explosion Results (16/08/2008)
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