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 Lockdown Results (03/07/2008)

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PostSubject: Lockdown Results (03/07/2008)   Lockdown Results (03/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:08 pm

Dark Match
Gary'Angel'Johnson Vs Henchman

With a healthy crowd in the arena Henchmans music plays and he makes his way to the ring as the anticipation from the crowd builds to see the 6wf Hardcore Champion.I want it all plays and Angel comes out on the ramp holding the title in the air before running down the ramp and sliding into the ring.Henchman waits patiently in the corner as the referee takes the Hardcore belt and the bell rings

RJ-Im sure Hooligan is watching this match somewhere ready for his first title match on Monday

The two men lock up and Henchman pushes Johnson back into the corner. Henchman cheapshots Gary before the referee warns him.Angel is whipped across the ring but as Henchman runs in Gary jumps ove rthe back of him and pins his shoulders down 1...2......Kick out

Michael Wire-Almost

Henchman gets up quickly with a forceful clothesline and stomps down on Johnson. The Hardcore Champion gets whipped across the ring and Henchman goes for a second clothesline but misses as Gary crossbodys him 1...2......Kick out. Johnson atomic drops Henchman followed by a dropkick but Henchman is soon back up. Gary slams Henchman and drops an elbow before going to the top rope.Henchman gets up though and follows Johnson to the top rope. Johnson pushes him off and Henchman lands on his back.A 450 Splash later and its academic 1...2.......3!

RJ-A good showing for the Hardcore Champion ready for his title defence Monday

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (03/07/2008)   Lockdown Results (03/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:08 pm

Match 1: JJ Johnson vs. Abe Abercorn

JJ walks cockily down to the ring, fans cheering and chanting his name, he gets into the ring and mimes boxing before climbing the turnbuckle and lifting his taped fist. Abe Abercorn’s music blasts out of the speakers and he strides down to the ring, head held high, getting a mixed response from the crowd.

MW- Both men look ready for this encounter.

The bell rings and both men lock up in a test of strength, Abe kicks JJ in the gut and hits a strong DDT. He then begins to climb the turnbuckle but JJ is up to quickly so he gets down again and is met by a left jab from Triple J. He retaliates with a headbutt but JJ dodges and spears Abe before letting fly punch after punch on Abe while’s he’s down. JJ gets onto the turnbuckle and the crowd cheer, he goes for an elbow drop but Abe rolls out of the way and JJ smashes onto the mat, he holds his ribs.

MW- That looked hard.

Abe gets up and stomps JJ and hits a standing leg drop and then starts taunting JJ while he’s down, Abe’s pumped and locks an armbar but JJ immediately holds the rope. Both men get up and lock up again, JJ manages to push Abe away and hit a clothesline, which knocks Abe over, but Abe gets up quickly and JJ doesn’t realise it, Johnson turns around and is put on Abe’s shoulders and starts spinning.

MW- That’s an airplane spin for you.

RJ- Don’t pretend you know what you’re talking about.

MW- Sorry…

Abe puts JJ down who falls over but Abe is still dizzy, he regains his senses and starts taunting JJ again. He then locks in a chicken wing, JJ goes for the ropes but misses, and he tries to power out, but fails.

RJ- This could be the end!

JJ is putting his hand down to tap, when Abe releases. JJ sighs but is obviously hurt. Abe starts taunting again, in JJ’s face this time, the fans start chanting Tick Tock in unison and Johnson starts to get pumped, he gets up and Abe tries to hit JJ who just grabs Abe’s fist and throws it out of the way and runs at him, but Abe dodges, and JJ goes flying into the turnbuckle, Abe laughs and Johnson turns around, visibly angry, Abe gets put of the ring and starts taunting JJ. Triple J is frustrated and looks to get out of the ring when the referee counts 3; he turns around and looks at the referee. He then picks the referee up and hits a double powerbomb.

MW- JJ Johnson has lost it. The referee is down. The rule book out of the window.

Johnson gets out of the ring and starts looking under it, he throws a chair and a ladder into the ring.

RJ- I think your right, Michael, JJ Johnson who is normally so calm and collected has lost it in this match.
Abe slides into the ring and JJ follows suit. Abe picks up the chair and tries to smash it over the skull of his opponent, but JJ dodges and kicks Abe in the groin, hard. JJ sets up the ladder.

MW- This could be a preview of the Internet Title Match coming up.

Abe is slowly getting up so JJ grabs him and chucks him into the turnbuckle, JJ then climbs the ladder and the fans start cheering, Abe manages to climb up after and they trade fists on the top of the ladder, JJ manages to gain the upper hand and starts setting up for a VIP Experience of the ladder. But suddenly Abe reverses it into a DVD and hits it, off the top of a ladder.

Crowd- Holy ****! Holy ****

Abe puts his arm over for a pin, but the referee is still down so he gets up and starts shaking the referee, who starts to revive, Abe then walks over and starts the pin, 1...2! Kick out.

RJ- Oh my god!

Abe gets up and puts JJ in a Boston Crab, JJ manages to grab the rope quickly but Abe holds on.

Ref- 1..2..3..4.

Abe releases and then lifts JJ up and tries to lift him up but JJ reverses and kicks Abe in the gut, and hits a Scissor Kick. The fans chant Tick Tock and JJ lifts Abe up and hits a VIP Experience, pin; 1..2..kick out, JJ gets up and hits a DVD! Pin; 1…2…3!

JJ then gets up and grabs the chair he puts Abe onto the top turnbuckle and hits an Access All Areas onto the chair.

MW- Stop, stop, stop!

JJ gets onto to the top turnbuckle while the fans chant ASC! ASC! He then gets out of the ring and leaves through the crowd leaving a disgruntled Abe in the ring.

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (03/07/2008)   Lockdown Results (03/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:09 pm

RJ goes backstage to interview Anarchy

RJ-So Anarchy tonight you team up with the 6wf Cham.....

EZ Money-Shut up PJ.Tonight Anarchy are back in the Main Event where they belong and we are winners

Hero-Thats right its only a matter of time before we are both World Champions CJ and if we have to drag GWC and that srawny little.......

(EZ cuts him off and points behind him where River Ace and GWC are.River Ace puts one arm around both members of Anarchy)

River Ace-Boys boys are we ready tonight to step in the ring with the men that run this buisness?

Hero-Remove your arm or i break it

(River Ace removes it before squaring up to Hero.GWC and EZ Money pull back their partners)

Hero-Il drag your a55 to victory but you best stay out of my way if you want to stay healthy

Michael Wire-Looks like the Anarchy Dynasty team is falling apart before the match has even started

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (03/07/2008)   Lockdown Results (03/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:09 pm

Match 2
Rock v2 Vs Hooligan

The English National Anthem starts as Hooligan makes his way down to the squared circle.If you smell what Rock v2 is cooking hits as the popular Rock v2 makes his way to the ring

RJ-Rock v2 is on a bit of a losing streak and im sure he intends that to change here today

Rock v2 litearally rocks Hooligan back with stiff right hands toi open the match suprising the rookie. Rock v2 whips Hooligan across the ring followed by a stiff elbow as Hooligan staggers out of the corner. Rock v2 stomps Hooligan before picking him up and whipping him across the ring and hitting a spinebuster

Michael Wire-Rock v2 is on fire

Rock v2 sets up for the peoples elbow but Hooligan rolls out of the ring.A frustrated Rock v2 looks at the crowd before following Hooligan out. Rock v2 hasnt seen the chair Hooligan has picked up and cracks over Rock v2s head and is diqualified

RJ-That was a brutal shot

Hooligan keeps hitting Rock v2 with chair shots before security get in between

Michael Wire-Rock v2 has ended his losing streak but not the way he wanted and Hooligan may of lost tonight but those chair shots will be legal Monday.Could we have a New Hardcore Champion

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (03/07/2008)   Lockdown Results (03/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:09 pm

Match 3
TGA Vs Matt Lightning

Matt Lightning's music hits and the crowd go wild as he and Belinda make their way to the ring. Belinda is throwing muffins into the crowd as they walk

RJ: Just listen to the reception this young superstar is getting!

MW: Yes, the crowd have really grown to love the Muffin Crew

Matt Lightning enters the ring and grabs a mic

Matt: What do you guys want?

Crowd: Rap! Rap! Rap!

Matt: When do you want it?

Crowd: NOW!!!

Matt: Ok here goes, Well me and Bel...

TGA's music hits cutting Matt Lightning off. As TGA approach the ramp he receives a mixture of boos and cheers from the fans, he sprints down the ramp and slides into the ring. Once their he climbs on the turnbuckles making a belt shape around his waist

MW: The crowd don't know how to react. They dont like TGA, but they do like what he did to The Dynasty last night!

TGA and Lightning walk into the centre of the ring, Lightning offers his hand to shake, but TGA slaps it away. Both men lock up and TGA immediately overpowers the smaller Lightning and backs him into a corner. The referee calls for a break which TGA does after a count of three.

Just as it looks like being a clean break TGA kicks Matt in the stomach and as he doubles over begins reigning blows on his back. The referee counts to four and has to drag TGA away, as Lightning picks himself up in the corner.

MW: TGA looks even more focused on inflicting pain tonight than usual!

TGA turns and charges at Lightning who just manages to slide out of the way. With TGA now in the corner Lightning opens up with a flurry of chops to the number one contender, leaving bright red marks across his chest. Once again the referee has to intervene.

Once both men are in the centre of the ring the referee warns that anymore will see a disqualification.

As they stand toe to toe they trade blows with each other, before Lightning is whipped into the ropes. Lightning leapfrogs TGA as he looks for a backflip and on the rebound lands a flying clothesline that takes the big man off his feet.

Lightning drops a couple of quick elbows before trying to lift TGA up. As TGA almost reaches a vertical base he digs his shoulder into Lightnings stomach and hits a spinebuster.

RJ: Where did the Number One Contender find the power to do that?

MW: I don't know RJ, but it's left both men down and the referee ='s count is up to five!

...6...7...TGA gets up on one knee...8...TGA makes it to his feet, as he does Lightning flips straight onto his and charges at TGA with a shoulder block. Lightning bounces back but TGA is unmoved. Lightning runs the ropes and shoulder checks TGA again but still has no effect.

Lightning tries once more, but as he jumps TGA catches him by the throat, lifts him up and plants him to the mat with a chokeslam!

TGA puts one hand on Lightnings chest for the cover, 1...2...kick out!

MW: TGA's cockiness may have cost him there!

In frustration TGA grabs Lightning and whips him into the corner

RJ: Whisper In The Wind!!! MY GOD, where did he get the energy??

Both men are down but Matt gets to his feet first and he begins to stalk TGA waiting for him to get up. Just as TGA gets upright Lightning drops him with a standing dropkick to his face.

Lightning climbs the ropes and hits a swanton bomb!

MW: No!! The number one contener rolled out of the way

Both men stagger to their feet and start to trade blows before TGA gains the upper hand, rocking Lighting with a huge right hand. As Lightning turns to face TGA, he lifts him up with right arm

RJ: Lightning's about to be sent To Hell And Back!

MW: No, TGA's dropped him to the floor....what the??

The camera shows GWC with his title at the top of the ramp mocking TGA. With TGA distracted Lightning rolls up TGA...1...2....3!!!

GWC leaves the ramp laughing

MW: The Champ has just ended the Number One Contenders winning streak!

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (03/07/2008)   Lockdown Results (03/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:09 pm

Match 4. The Saint vs Crime Lord

St.Anger hits as the former TAW champion makes his way to the ring with a huge pop from the 6WF crowd.

MW:Its The Saint,he looks pumped for this match although he seems to be struggling a little after those attacks from TGA and Crime Lord earlier in the week.

RJ:Will the former champ be able to get through this match unscaved,he has a real test on his hands.

The Saint waits in the ring as The Crime Lord makes his way down the ramp as the crowd boo furiously

MW:Obviously we expected nothing else from this crowd for such a ch....OH MY GOD!

The Saint doesnt wait for Crime Lord to enter the ring and instead suicide dives through the middle rope and takes out his opponent before raining in rights and lefts to the Crime Lords head.

Referee:Get him in the ring Saint

Saint picks up Crime Lord and looks to roll him back into the ring but instead whips him head first into the ringsteps,Crime Lors is clearly hurt from the attack as Saint continuosly kicks him on the floor.

RJ:The commsioner of Monday nights is looking to destroy his opponent and exact revenge for the Dynasty putting him in hospital.

Referee:Last chance Saint or I'm ringing the bell.

The Saint stares at the ref before putting Crime Lord into the ring,Saint slides into the ring and the ref pulls him over and berates him for his actions before signalling for the match to start.As the referee's backs turned Saint walks over to Crime Lord who low blows him before hitting a jawbreaker.

MW:Cheap shot by the Dynasty man

RJ:Cheap but incredibly effective

As the Saint writhes in agony on the floor the Crime Lord systematically stamps on him,first his arms and then legs before kicking him in the head.

Crime Lord:Come on! get up!

The Saint is holding onto the ropes for leaverage but the Crime Lord kicks his legs out form underneath him and drags him to the middle of the ring where he performs a kneelock.The Saint is trapped and is clearly in pain,he attempts to move towards the ropes but CL hangs on and applies more pressure.

MW:The Saint is desperately holding on here.

The hold is locked in for about 2 minutes when the crowd begins to chant for the Saint,he is in agony but reaches down and finds the strength to drag the CL to the ropes and forces the hold to be broken.

RJ:Fantastic resilience by the leader of the Coalition but he is hurt bad.

Crime Lord senses the injuries and continues to work away at the knee,a knee breaker,followed by several chopblocks leaves The Saint on the mat in serious trouble.Crime Lord jumps in the air and drives his leg into the Saints knee and attempts a pin,1,2...kick out
The Saint gets his shoulder up and CL goes back to work at his knee,he picks the Saint up and Irish whips him into the corner and signals a big move.


Crime Lord mockingly bows at the crowd and places Saint on the top rope where he looks for a superplex,The Saint punches at CL furiously and kicks him off the top rope.

MW:There is fight left in the Saint

The Saint peforms a flying elbow drop on the Crime Lord and slowly moves over to make the cover 1,2..kick out.Both men struggle to their feet and Saint back suplexes Crime Lord and then DDT's him as he gets back up.1,2,kick out

RJ:The Crime Lord came here to fight tonight,it'll take more than that to keep him down.

The Saint punches the Crime Lord and and throws him into the ropes,CL ducks the first attack but on the rebound there is no stopping the spinebuster that plants him firmly into the mat.

MW:that might be all

1,2.....kick out

RJ:So close

Saint shouts at the ref that it was a 3 but the referee waves him way telling him it was 2,clearly frustrated The Saint walks back to the Crime Lord who rolls him up in a small package
1,2,kick out

MW:Saint needs to calm down or he'll throw this one away

Saint goes back to work on Crime Lord and hits a perfect uppercut that drives the Dynasty man into the corner,the Saint runs at him but Crime Lord drop toe-holds him into the turnbuckle


Crime Lord slides out of the ring and slams the Saints injured knee time and time again into the ringpost,the referee's count forces him back into the ring where the Saint clutches at his knee in agony.

RJ:Vicious from the Crime Lord but its working wonders,the attacks earlier in the week have taken their toll on the Saint.

The Saint tries to kick at CL as he approaches but the big man merely laughs and stomps on his knee and locks in a figure four leglock.The Saint screams in pain

MW:Great move by the big man,didnt know he had that in his arsenal,there looks to be no way out for the Saint.

The Saint is trapped in the middle of the ring,he refuses to quit but he isnt able to get anywhere near the ropes.After a few minutes his shoulders slip onto the mat

MW:he sat up, just!

Saint tries to reverse the move but there isnt enough strength in his legs and his shoulders drop again
1,2...kick out

RJ:There isnt much left here,a great show from the Crime Lord

The Saint seems close to tapping out when he makes one last attempt at getting to his ropes,his fingers are inches away...

MW:He just got there! and I mean just

Crime Lord breaks the hold but isnt fazed he picks up the Saint and signals for the Crime Pays.He lifts Saint onto his shoulders but Saint slides off and looks to push his opponent into the turnbuckle but Crime Lord elbows him in the face and...


but the impact of the stunner sends Saint crashing through the ropes to the outside,Crime Lord continues to be unfazed and slides out the ring where he picks up his opponent and slams him into the announce table.

MW:Maybe not the cleverest tactics from the Crime Lord,he could have had a countout victory there.

RJ:Ye but he wants to inflict more damage on The Saint

Crime Lord body presses The Saint and launches him over the top rope,he scales the ring apron and climbs onto the top turnbuckle.

MW:What the hell is he doing up there

Crime Lord attempts a senton bomb but Saint moves and as Crime Lord gets up he hits a german suplex followed by a belly-to-belly suplex and a pumphandle slam.

MW:Great offense there and a pinfall


RJ:NO!his shoulder was just up

Saint is in pain but stalks his opponent as he awaits him getting up,Saint positions Crime Lord for the Divine Force but he drops to his knees and sweeps the Saint's knee

RJ:Great work by the Crime Lord,straight back to the injured knee

The Saint is clearly on his last legs and The Crime lord spots this and kicks Saint clean in the face,he drags him up by his neck and Chokeslams him

MW:He's toying with him now,just end it will you!

Crime Lord spits in The Saints face and hits the Crime Pays,he makes the cover

MW:His foot is under the rope!

The referee notices this and tells the Crime Lord he cannot win this way,Crime Lord's swagger disappears slightly and he shouts at the ref who stands his ground and tells him that the match continues.

RJ:Great officiating,but its only a matter of time

MW:I'm afraid to say I agree with you

Crime Lord kicks the Saint in the knee and tosses him against the ropes,As the Crime Lord lowers his back to perform a backdrop the rebounding Saint sunset flips him and rolls him up


MW:He got him,out of nowhere!Incredible from the commisioner

RJ:The match looked a foregone conclusion but this man's heart never ceases to amaze me,what an inspirational performance.

MW:Just goes to show that all those attack midweek could not keep this man down,now he can concentrate on Nemesis again.

As the referee helps the Saint up the Crime Lord chopblcoks him again before he stamps on his knee several times,he then goes outside and gets a chair which he wraps around the Saints knee

RJ:What is he doing? He lost the match,he should be out of here

Crime Lord jumps off the top rope and stands on the chair wrapped around the Saint's knee,the commisioner screams and shakes uncontrollably on the floor as Crime Lord grins and raises his arms

MW:The Saint may have won the match but the Dynasty certainly got the last say tonight

RJ:Cant help but think there will be consequences for tonights events.

The Crime Lord leaves ringside as EMT's come down to check on The Saint.

Match Time:15.45

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (03/07/2008)   Lockdown Results (03/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:10 pm

Match 5. Nemesis vs Enforcer

Wire: And now we have two big superstars going one on one.

RJ: That’s right; Enforcer takes on our TAW champion, Nemesis.

Nemesis music hits and the crowd erupt into big boo’s. As one fan jumps up and boo’s straight at Nemesis, he walks over to him and the fan is silent. Nemesis doesn’t stop, and goes to reach out for him.

Trash TV music echoes around the arena, but is drowned out by loud cheers as Enforcer charges down the ramp and clobbers Nemesis over the back, preventing the fan from harm. The referee comes out of the ring and walks up to them, telling them to get in the ring. Enforcer and Nemesis exchange big shots, before Nemesis gains an upper hand with an eye rake.

Wire: Dirty moves from the Monster!

Nemesis garbs Enforcer by the neck and pulls him towards the ring, hitting his head off the ring before sliding in with him. The ring eventually rings and Nemesis begins booting the stomach of Enforcer.

Nemesis walks over to Enforcer and signals for a chokeslam. He pulls Enforcer to his feet before locking his grasp around his throat.

RJ: Here it comes!

As Nemesis goes to lift Enforcer off the air, he receives a kick to the ribs. Enforcers kicks Nemesis again before head butting him. Nemesis stumbles back as Enforcer runs at Nemesis and takes him down with a clothesline. Enforcer mounts Nemesis and begins beating hi around the head with left and right hands. Enforcer stands up and picks Nemesis up to his feet, before hitting with an uppercut. Enforcer picks Nemesis up and lands the suplex, before covering 1… 2… Kick out! Enforcer hits the mat before dropping his elbow over Nemesis’ face. Enforcer kicks Nemesis’s body hard before going for another elbow drop. This time Nemesis rolls away and is on his feet quickly.

Wire: And Nemesis is back on his feet.

Nemesis picks Enforcer up and whips him to the ropes and catches him with a spinebuster as he returns. Nemesis grabs Enforcer’s leg and sets up a Boston crab. Enforcer is close to the ropes but can’t reach; Nemesis walks forward pulling Enforcer away from the ropes.

Wire: He’s going to tap!

RJ: Wait, he’s edging closer, closer. . .

Enforcer grabs the ropes and Nemesis sits down, still holding Enforcers legs before dropping them. Enforcer slides out the ring to catch his breathe, clearly winded from Nemesis’s last move. Nemesis walks over to the ropes and goes to bend over the rope and grab Enforcer’s hair. Enforcer moves out the way and pokes Nemesis in the eye, before sweeping his legs. Enforcer slides back into the ring and runs at the ropes, and waits for Nemesis to turn around before running at him, going for the Face Check!

Wire: My god! He ducked it!

As Enforcer turns around he sidesteps a big boot form Nemesis, before giving him one of his own. Enforcer kicks Nemesis head and shoulders.

RJ: Enforcer is starting to gain control again.

Enforcer stalks Nemesis, getting ready for another Face Check. Enforcer runs at Nemesis but is met with a strong right hand, sending him back. Nemesis lifts Enforcer off his feet and drops the Chokeslam, here’s the pin 1… 2… Kick out! Nemesis turns to the crowd and signals for the Death Wish. He picks up a dazed Enforcer and hoists him for a Death Wish, before turning to the ramp. He drops Enforcer with the tomb stone but moves towards the ropes as Trish Stratus makes her way down to ringside gingerly.

Wire: She’s in no fit state!

RJ: Look at the commitment!

As Nemesis walks over to Trish and leans over the ropes he grabs her by her hair. The referee walks over to Nemesis and tells him to let her go. After about twenty seconds, he releases her hair. He turns around to go for a cover and

RJ: Oh My God!

BANG! Nemesis is taken down by a magnificent Face Check.

Wire: There it is. 1… 2… 3…!

RJ: He did it!

Enforcer is standing in the middle of the ring, celebrating, before sliding out the ring and continuing his celebration with Trish.

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (03/07/2008)   Lockdown Results (03/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:10 pm


Trash TV/Producers Vs GWC/River Ace/Anarchy

Anarchy in the U.K hits as EZ Money,Hero and Black Widow come out to a mixed reception from the 6wf crowd. The crowd know how they feel as The 6wf Champion and River Ace come out to a barrage of abuse. Trash Tv and The Producers all come out together and milk the crowd for all its worth

RJ-Theres a feel good factor whenever these guys are about!

Diablo starts the match against EZ Money

Michael Wire-Listen to the crowd.They realise the history these two men have and look at th respect they are showing as they just stare at each other metres apart

The two men take a step forward each before unleashuing fists at each other with EZ Money taking control with a knee to the gut.Diablo is thrown through the ropes and GWC clotheslines him on the outside as the referee is distracted telling Hobo not to get in the ring. Diablo is thrown back in the ring 1...2..Kick out! EZ locls on an armbar before tagging GWC. GWC double axhandles Diablo from the second rope before locking on an armbar himself

RJ-Working as a team suprisingly

Hero is tagged in and kicks Diablo in the gut before launching him across the ring and connecting with a flying forearm.Hero goes up to the top rope and performs a beautiful moonsault as Diablo gets up 1...2......Gerry breaks up the count and Hero holds out Diablos hand for Gerry to tag. With Gerry in the ring Hero takes out some anger with
stiff chops and an Alabama slam 1...2......Hobo breaks up the count. Hero drags Gerry over to Heros corner and slaps River on his chest

RJ-I guess thats a tag!

The Europeon Champion gets in the ring and stares at Hero before piledriving Gerry. River Ace gets up and slaps Hero on the shoulder

Michael Wire-Another stiff tag

Hero runs the ropes and choplocks Gerry before performing a Canadian Destroyer and spitting on Gerry. Hero slaps River Ace

RK-O my god

River Ace gets in the ring and pushes Hero who punches River.Meanwhile Gerry starts crawling towards his corner and eventually tags Hobo. Hobo comes over to an arguing River Ace and Hero and bashes their heads together before pulling GWC over the top rope and Hobo handshaking him(eye poke). Hobo turns his attention then to EZ Money as Diablo and Steve enter the ring and all 8 men fight in opposite corners.A 4 way Irish whips ends with Anarchy,GWC and River Ace all colliding in the centre of the ring before Gerry spears
GWC through the ropes. Steve and Hero battle outside as Steve bites Hero and holds onto his leg

RJ-Anything to gain an advantage it seems

In the ring Diablo sends EZ down to the mat as River Ace spinebusters Hobo.Both men turn around and go face to face in the middle of the ring as the crowd pop

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (03/07/2008)   Lockdown Results (03/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:10 pm

RJ-This is the first time these two men have seen each other since River Ace ended Diablo's career and River is reminding him

Michael Wire-Ended? It doesnt look ended right now!

Diablo punches River Ace back a few times as Trish Stratus runs down to ringside trying to get them to stop. River rakes Diablos eyes and tells Trish to grab his leg when he whips him across. Black widow has come around arguin with Trish and when Diablo is Irish Whipped it is reversed and Trish grabs River Aces foot setting him up to be speared by Diablo. EZ Money has connected with a Money Shot on Hobo and is the only man left in the ring and low blows Diablo with the referee distracted before rolling him up as the referee turns around 1...2.......3!

RJ-Again EZ has Diablos number and somehow Anarchy,GWC and River have escaped with victory. We're out of time.Make sure you watch Shutdown Monday folks

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Lockdown Results (03/07/2008)
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