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 Lockdown Results (10/07/2008)

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PostSubject: Lockdown Results (10/07/2008)   Lockdown Results (10/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:27 pm

Dark Match
Zheng Zhi Vs Brian Fantana

The high flying Fantana uses his speed to avoid Zheng for all of half a minute conecting with punches and a dropkick before Zheng gets hold of him.Stiff elbows to the jaw are followed by a cokeslam for the 3 count


Match 1
Hooligan Vs Matt Lightning

Matt Lightning makes his way to ringside with Belinda before The English National Anthem plays and Hooligan comes out in an England home top with A Cole on the back,jeans and trainers

RJ-This crowd doesnt like Hooligan but cant boo there own National Anthem

In the ring Lightning immediately jumps on Hooligan for disrespecting Belinda and catches him offguard with fists and forearm uppercuts. Whipped across the ring Lightning goes for a dropkick but Hooligan holds onto the ropes. Hooligan puts all his force behind a clothesline sending Lightning 360 degrees in the air before picking him up for a fallaway slam 1...2......Kick out.An Irish Whip and Hooligan follows in only for Lightning to move

Michael Wire-Speed there from Lightning

Lightning bulldogs Hooligan 1...Strong kick out. As Hooligan gets up Lightning grabs him for a twist of fate but Hooligan spin through and kicks him in the gut.Hooligan lifts Lightning up for a powerbomb but Lightning tries to counter with fists while on Hooligans shoulders and it works.A twist of fate later and Lightning heads to the top rope

RJ-Swanton bomb!

Lightning misses the swanton as Hooligan stands in the corner ready to punt Lightning in the head. Belinda gets up on the apron and Hooligan grabs her.Lightning knees Hooligan in the back sending Belinda to the floor

Micheal Wire-O dear god

The referee and Lightning lean through the ropes to check if Belindas ok as Hooligan recovers.Lightning turns around to be walloped with a closed fist to the jaw.The referee turns around 1...2......3!

RJ-Hooligan cheated but he still won

Michael Wire-Kind of ironic with whats on his shirt

Hooligan leaves with his arms raised as Lightning picks Belinda up and carrys her to the back

Michael Wire goes backstage

Michael Wire-Tonight Hobo you are in a triple threat match against Anarchy and The Producers but Diablo is still in the hospital.First of all any news on Diablo?

Hobo lifts his hand to his head to scratch and Wire flinches

Hobo-What the hells wrong with you? Anyway theres no real update on Diablo. We think he can here us or is naturally responding to some things. Enforcer started counting the cards Diablo received and.........well actually Prime Time filmed it watch

Poor footage shows of Hobo,Prime Time and Enforcer in hospital at Diablos side

Enforcer-I cant believe how many cards Diablos got.Hes going to need a bigger room.I wonder how many there is 1,2,

Diablo raises a shoulder as Hobo,Enforcer and Prime Time look at each other


Prime Time-No way! Let me try 1,2

Diablo raises a shoulder again

Hobo smacks Prime Time around the head

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (10/07/2008)   Lockdown Results (10/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:27 pm

Hobo-Must be a gut instinct.Wish he would do that more when hes not in a coma

Hobo whispers in Diablos ear

Hobo-Only joking

Enforcer picks up Diablos 6wf Tag Team Title belt and starts dangling it above Diablo

Hobo-What in the Finlay are you doing?

Enforcer-If hes kicking out you never know

(Enforcer shrugs shoulders)

Hobo-Hes in a coma!

Enforcer-He may of been good for Thursday though.It would of been...........


Back at arena

Hobo-So there you have it we think he will be ok just wants a bit of time off.As for tonight The Producers have got my back

GWC walks into shot

GWC-And i have too

GWC walks off

Hobo-Cant make him out. Anyway i will walk out with the Tag Titles tonight now i got to get ready.Gotta find me some food

Hobo flicks a bit of dust off Michael Wires shoulder as Wire flinches again


Match 2
Gary'Angel'Johnson Vs Abe Abercorn

'I want it all' Blasts through the arena as The Hardcore Champion runs down the ramp into the ring. Country music plays as the man from Northern Ireland comes out looking focused

The two men lock up and Abes size advantage sends Johnson back.The referee asks for a clean break but Abe forearm shots Angel. He kicks him in the gut a couple of times before picking him up for an airplane spin. A groggy Gary is hit with a quick Lariot 1...2......Kick out! Johnson gets up to be hit with a DDT 1...2......Kick out

RJ-Abes looking all buisness after coming up slightly short Monday

A running knee to Johnsons back sends him chest first into the turnbuckle and Abe hits a release German suplex 1...2......

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (10/07/2008)   Lockdown Results (10/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:28 pm

Kick out!

Michael Wire-Kid refuses to quit

Abe waits patiently for The Hardcore Champion to get up and runs at him but Johnson counters with a droptoehold

RJ-Life in him yet

The men make their way to their feet at the same time and Abes punches and countered with Johnsons chops.An Irish whip and Johnson leaps onto Abes shoulders before falling back into a Huricarana 1...2......Kick out! Armdrag by Angel followed by a dropkick 1...2......Kick out! Abe rolls out of the ring and Johnson follows picking up a chair

Referee-This isnt a Hardcore match

Gary throws the chair down and grabs Abes head smashing it off the ring steps before rolling Abe into the ring. Gary climbs to the top rope but Abe recovers and knocks Gary off balance.With Johnson on the top rope and Abe standing in the corner the two men trade blows before Angel goes for a second Huricarana.Abe holds on to Johnsons stomach as Johnson rolls backwards

RJ-DERG VALLEY DRIVER(Spike piledriver) out of nowhere

Michael Wire-Its academic


RJ heads backstage

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (10/07/2008)   Lockdown Results (10/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:28 pm

Match time 6.05

RJ-JJ Johnson moments from now you get the chance to win your second 6wf title and actually your second in a week.Have you recovered from Monday?

JJ Johnson-Recovered? Hey it was one hell of a celebratory playa party but yeah iv recovered. O you mean the Ladder Match? Shucks that was three days ago JJ's more than recovered. The three ladies JJ was with last night have more chance of tiring me than those three Monday did

RJ-So we should be betting on three J's and not a single Ace

JJ Johnson-I see what you did there very good. Tonight the ASC claims another piece of Gold.River Ace you here that

JJ Johnson puts mic down

Crowd-Tick tock tick tock

JJ Johnson-Thats right River your times running out.We're both going all in and even when you were holding the cards it was JJ's card that suprised you.Talkings over Michael

JJ walks off towards the entranceway

Match 3
River Ace Vs JJ Johnson

JJ Johnsons music plays as he makes his way out the clear fans favourite in the match

RJ-This crowd is electric

Motorheads Ace of Spades plays as River Ace makes his way out with Trish Stratus and Stacey and his Europeon Title over his shoulder. The commisioner takes his time arguing with some ringside fans

Michael Wire-Not the most popular man in Birmingham is our Commisioner

JJ Johnson gets tired of waiting and climbs through the ropes before spinning River around and clocking him in the jaw sending him to the floor. Trish and Stacey scurry around the ring as JJ slams Rivers head off a barrier and throws him in the ring.River kicks JJ as he gets in the ring but JJ's adrenaline means he doesnt even feel it.River Ace backs down in towards the corner as JJ chops him then punches him and takes it in turns doing this before whipping him into the ropes and connecting with a running forearm 1...2.....Kick out!

Michael Wire-JJ's dominating

River Ace rolls out of the ring towards the commentary table as JJ climbs to the top rope

RJ-Double Axhandle off the top rope

JJ whips River into a barrier as Trish sneaks up behind JJ.JJ spins around and starts arguin with Trish before Trish goes to slap him but JJ grabs Trishs arm and leans her back and kisses her. JJ smiles to the crowd as River Ace jumps him from behind

Referee-Take it in the ring River

River Ace grabs a camera cord and chokes JJ 1..2...3....4.....5!

Referee-River take it in the ring i will disqualify you


RJ-That S.O.B. wants to get disqualified

The referee wrestles the cord off River who argues with the referee before realising JJ's weakened state.River Ace rolls JJ in the ring 1...2......Foot on rope! River Ace picks JJ up and lifts him up for a standing suplex 1...2......Kick out!

Michael Wire-How did he kick out from that?

River Ace chokes JJ again before hitting a legdrop 1...2......Kick out! As JJ gets up River Ace piledrives him 1...2......Kick out!

Michael Wire-If River Ace keeps this up its a matter of time

River Ace sets JJ up for a figure four leglock and locks it on in the middle of the ring

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (10/07/2008)   Lockdown Results (10/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:28 pm

JJ reaches to one side of the ring and cant reach the ropes.He reaches across the other way and cant reach. A last gasp reach backwards but JJ is to far away 1...2......Kick out!

RJ-The pain nearly had JJ's shoulders down. 1...2......Kick out!

JJ makes one final attempt at turning River over and manages it putting the pressure on River who rolls straight through into the ropes. River Ace cant believe it as he sits on the corner not knowing what to do next he looks at the crowd

Crowd-Lets go JJ!

River Ace grabs JJ and puts him in the Poker Plex but JJ knees River in the gut before JJ falls to the mat

Michael Wire-Jis bodys given up

River Ace picks JJ up but he slumps to canvas again as River Ace laughs. The Europeon Champion picks The Internet Champion up again but JJ rolls him up

RJ-He was playin possum 1....2........That was 3!

JJ questions the referee who says two. Both men slowly get up in opposite corners as the crowd go wild. The two men walk to the middle of the ring and trade blows as JJ gets the better of River

RJ-Where is he getting this energy from?

JJ irish whips River Ace who reverses it and Stacey grabs JJ's leg sending him tripping and River Ace locks in the Poker Plex and hits it but the referee has left the ring and is sending Trish and Stacey to the back

Referee-Your outta here!

The referee finally spots the pin in the ring and gets back in 1...2......Kick out!

RJ-JJ refuses to lose!

River Ace is exhausted and slowly makes his way to his feet setting up the Texas Hold em

RJ-This has to be it

Michael Wire-I tell you one thing these men arnt going to be 100per cent for Lockdown and TGA

JJ lifts his hand to tap but powers out and locks on the Texas Hold Em on River Ace

RJ-O my god! Are we going to have a new Champion?

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (10/07/2008)   Lockdown Results (10/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:28 pm

River Ace screams in pain as he lifts his hand to tap out

Crime Lord jumps on JJ Johnson as the referee calls for the bell

RJ-That no good......

Crime Lord climbs on top of JJ Johnson and reigns fists down opening JJ Johnsons forehead up before picking up the Internet Title and standing over JJ as the crowd boo. River Ace and JJ Johnson eventually both get helped to the back

Match 4
Rock v2 Vs Crime Lord

Do you smell what Rock v2 is cooking plays as Rock v2 makes his way to the squared circle and Crime Lord and Rock v2 trade blows. Rock v2 sends Crime Lord back and Irish whips him into the ropes connecting with a spinbuster. Rock v2 waits for Crime Lord to get up to set up for the Rock Bottom but Crime Lord elbows Rock v2 in the head. before going for a Crime pays but Rock v2 fights out and DDT's Crime Lord 1...2....Kick out! Rock v2 waits for Crime Lord to get up again preparing for the Rock Bottom when JJ Johnson runs down the ramp and spears Crime Lord before punching him over and over.Rock v2 looks on

Announcer-The winner of this match by a result of a Disqualification Crime Lord. Rock v2 paces up and down as Referees get between Crime Lord and JJ Johnson. Rock v2 spins JJ around and ask what hes doing before JJ explains. Rock v2 nods his head and rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp frustrated rubbing his head. JJ Johnson and Crime Lord are kept apart by officials

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (10/07/2008)   Lockdown Results (10/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:28 pm

Michael Wire heads to the back

Michael Wire-Saint ten days away from the most brutal match in wrestling Hell In A Cell and tonight you face the Monster Nemisis as well as TGA and Enforcer.Your thoughts?

The Saint-My thoughts? Im thinking why does everybody call Nemisis the Monster and make him out to be so dominant.Iv won as many matches against Nemisis as he has against me and iv beaten him in his own match that he had beaten many people in and been undefeated in many a year.Well that was Nemisis's terms and now we are on mine.I was the one that challenged Nemisis to Hell In A Cell because i want no interferance,no excuses. I know my abilitys and so does Nemisis but tonight theres more than Nemisis in that ring.Two men who iv grown respect for after leaving The Dynasty,Enforcer and TGA. I made TGA number one contender for a reason,because he is one of the best in the buisness yet still improving every show and Enforcer,well he will forever go down as the only man to kick out of the Divine Force but trust me when i hit it tonight no-ones kicking out

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (10/07/2008)   Lockdown Results (10/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:29 pm

Match 5
Trash TV(GWC to replace injured Diablo) Vs The Producers Vs Anarchy

Anarchy in the U.K. plays as EZ Money and Hero make their way down to a mixed ovation.Trash TV plays over the speakers as The Producers come out revelling in the crowds cheers before Hobo sneaks up and puts his arm around both of them in a friendly way then pointing at Anarchy. The three of them make their way to the ring as the five men have a staredown the 6wf Champion GWC's music plays and he comes out looking cocky climbing into the ring as Hobo looks hesitant. GWC jumps Hollywood as Anarchy,Prime Time and Hobo step out of the ring

Hobo-What are you doing?

GWC-Helping you

Hobo-They are on our side

GWC-They want our belts!


Hollywood takes advantage of the distraction by jumping on GWC's back.GWC runs backwards into the neutral corner and slaps Hollywood who hits the mat. GWC picks him up and belly to belly suplexes him before tagging Hero

Hobo-What are you doing?

GWC-They can tire each other

Hobo-Your going to lose the belts without us getting beat

GWC-Trust me

Hero hits a shining wizard on Hollywood 1...2......Hobo breaks up the count. Hero connects with a Double Jump Moonsault as Hobo tells Prime Time to break up the count and he does. Hero tags in EZ Money as they double suplex Hollywood 1...2......GWC breaks up the count

RJ-They dont appear on the same page.What is GWC's game?

EZ Money atomic drops Hollywood before kicking him in the gut for a Piledriver connecting. EZ Money poses before picking Hollywood up for a Running Powerslam but Hollywood falls off the back into Hobo

RJ-Careless by EZ,that counts as a tag

Hobo hits EZ Money with Down and Out(his fists) before executing a Hobo Handshake(poke to eye) and a Soft Shoe Shuffle(Face first Russian Leg Sweep) 1...2......Kick out! Hobo whips EZ into the ropes and Prime Time makes a blind tag.Hobo hits a Hobo Cuddle on EZ Money but the referee informs him Prime Time made a tag. Hobo nods his head as EZ Money leaves the ring. Prime Time drops to the mat and Hobo covers him 1...2......Hero breaks up count

Michael Wire-Trash TV never cease to amaze me

Prime Time-Ref i give up!

Referee-To who? No ones touching you

Anarchy realise whats going ton and jump Hobo tossing him from the ring before fightning with The Producers.GWC stands on the apron as Anarchy dominate The Producers.With Hollywood down an inverted Death Vally Driver on Prime Time sets EZ Money up for the Money shot! EZ Money connects 1...2......GWC breaks it up. Hobo pulls Hero from the ring as GWC hits a CWG on EZ Money 1...2......3!

GWC rolls out tof the ring and walks up the ramp not looking back as Hobo gets handed the 6wf Tag Titles outside the ring.Anarchy look at each other puzzled as they grab chairs and throw Hobo in the ring before double teaming him and each with a chair


Anarchy throw Hollywood in the ring

Michael Wire-Conchairto! Wheres security

Anarchy hit a Conchairto on Prime Time too as they pick up the 6wf Tag Team Titles

RJ-I dont think this war is over by a long shot

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (10/07/2008)   Lockdown Results (10/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:29 pm

(A video compilation plays of Nemisis and The Saints history. GWC and TGA's History. River Ace and Enforcers History as well as action shots of Trash TV,Anarchy,Producers,JJ Johnson,Gary'Angel'Johnson,Rock v2,CrimeLord,Abe Abercorn,Hooligan,Matt Lightning,Henchman and Zheng Zhi as well as The 6wf Honeys Trish Stratus,Stacey,Black Widow and Belinda





For ticket details go to or Ticketmaster

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (10/07/2008)   Lockdown Results (10/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:29 pm

Nemisis Vs The Saint Vs TGA Vs Enforcer

Saturday Night by Nickleback plays as Enforcer comes out to cheers

RJ-I think Enforcer is getting used to the 6wf crowds affection

TGA is next out before St Anger plays and the Lockdown Commisioner and former TAW Champion gets a raptuous ovation.Lights fade in the arena as the TAW Champion is last out taking his usual slow walk to the ring before stepping over the top rope and hoplding the TAW Title up in The Saints face. The four men go to opposite corners and circle all hesitant before TGA runs at Nemisis only to be uppercutted off his feet. Enforcer and Saint lock up as neither men moves back an inch and Nemisis comes over starting to pound on The Saint.TGA jumps on Nemisis's back and the Monster has problems shaking him off as Enforcer and Saint battle in the corner. Nemisis stalks TGA as Saint gets free of Enforcer and choplocks Nemisis

RJ-Saint possibly looking to weaken Nemisis before Against The Wall

Saint and TGA stomp down on Nemisis as Enforcer come over and pushes both men off before stomping Nemisis himself.All three men kick him and punch him as he makes his way up in the corner and pushes all three men off

Michael Wire-Amazing show of strength

Saint drives shoulders into Nemisis's midsection as he Irish whips him across the ring but it is reversed.Nemisis runs in as Saint gets a boot up. Meanwhile TGA and Enforcer are battling with Enforcer using his power to gain the advantage Gorilla slamming TGA. Saint clotheslines Nemisis before Enforcer sidesuplxes Saint

With Enforcer the only man up he looks at all three men before turning his attention to Nemisis

RJ-Its not often you get Nemisis down and Enforcer wants to take advantage

Enforcer hits forearms on Nemisis's back before hitting a side belly to belly suplex

Michael Wire-Have you ever seen Nemisis belly to bellied?

Enforcer goes up to the top rope

RJ-You dont see this often from the big man. MOONSAULT! WOW! 1...2.......Saint breaks up the cover.Who'd of funk it?

TGA and Saint decide to keep their pact and double team Enforcer with TGA whipping Enforcer into The Saint who hits an Alabama slam 1...2......TGA pulls Saint off.TGA goes to pin the fallen Nemisis 1...2......Saint pulls TGA off.The two men look at each other and smile before trading blows,Saint sends TGA back to the ropes before TGA knees him in the gut and picks him up dropping him throat first on the top rope.TGA turns around to walk straight into a chokeslam by Nemisis

Michael Wire-SPEAR on Nemisis by Enforcer 1...2......Kick out!

Saint is back up and kicks Enforcer in the gut as he gets up before powerbombing him 1...2......TGA breaks up the count. TGA runs the ropes and clothesline Saint who reels.He does it a second time and Saint reels some more.A third time Saint swings at TGA who ducks and hits a crossbody 1...2......Kick out! Nemisis grabs TGA and sidewalk slams him 1...2......Kick out! Nemisis picks up TGA and Enforcer is back up and decides to help TGA.They both suplex Nemisis over the top rope. Enforcer drops an elbow on The Saint and goes for a cover as TGA climbs the ropes 1...2......Kick out! TGA comes off the top rope with a Bulldog on Enforcer 1...2......Kick out! TGA locks on a crossface on Enforcer as Saint is down and Nemisis is outside the ring

RJ-This could be it

Enforcers face begins to turn red as Saint breaks up the crossface. Saint picks up TGA and Implant DDT's him 1...2......Nemisis pulls Saint out of the ring and Chokeslams him on the outside. TGA watched Nemisis stomp on Saint before diving through the ropes onto the TAW Champion. With TGA in control GWC appears on the ramp and TGA spots him as he walks up the ramp slowly before getting faster and GWC disapears into the back with TGA in hot pursuit. Saint crawls back into the ring to be hit with a Facecheck 1...2......Nemisis pulls Enforcer out of the ring

RJ-Nemisis keeps the match going again

Nemisis and Enforcer trade powerful blows on the outside as Saint baseball slides into Nemisis. Saint tells Enforcer he has no beef with him as he climbs on Nemisis and punches the Monster repeatedly. Enforcer lets this go on before booting Saint in the head and grabbing him around the throat

Enforcer-Its your fault Diablo's in a coma you S.O.B.

Enforcer grabs a chair from under the ring and swings it at Saint but Saint ducks and takes the chair off Enforcer. Nemisis's big boot sends the chair into Saints face opening him up before elbowing Enforcer and whipping him into the steps. Nemisis rolls Enforcer into the ring and stalks him for a chokeslam connecting 1...2......Saint breaks up the count

RJ-Crimson running down Saints face

Saint Implant DDT's Nemisis before picking Enforcer up and drilling him into the turnbuckle.Trish Stratus comes down to ringside and the referee leans through the ropes telling her to get to the back. Nemisis whips Saint into the referee sending him through the ropes. With Nemisis and Saint trading blows Enforcer slowly makes his way to his feet. Saint connects with a Jackhammer on Nemisis but there is no ref. Trish grabs a chair and slide it into the ring to Enforcer but it goes to far and Saint picks up the chair before smashing it over Enforcers head. Saint turns around ready to hit Nemisis with the chair but throws it down

RJ-Whats he doing?

Saint kicks Nemisis in the ribs and connects with The Divine Force as the referee comes around 1...2.....3!

Michael Wire-He did it! Saint did it he beat the Monster and he did it without weapons. I think Saint may be ready to tkae back the TAW Title and we're going to find out in nine days but what was Trish doing? Maybe we will find out come Monday. We're out of time

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Lockdown Results (10/07/2008)
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