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 Lockdown Results (14/08/2008)

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PostSubject: Lockdown Results (14/08/2008)   Lockdown Results (14/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:10 am

Dark Match
Acer Vs ???

Again the fans are in here early to witness the Acer challenge and i wonder whos going to step up this week. Acers music hits and he makes his way to the ring.He begins to talk but is immediately cut off by Movies by Alien Ant Farm as Prime Time makes his way out accompanied by Hollywood

RJ-Last week Hollywood took the challenge now its Prime Time after he was beaten after the match last week

Prime Time rolls in the ring and goes for a spear on Acer which just moves him back.Prime Time comes with forearms to the chest as Acer begins to cover up

Dave Law-Prime Time means buisness

Prime Time whips Acer across the ring and follows in with a clothesline before applying a headlock

Crowd laugh

Prime Time ups the pressure before running the ropes and taking a boot to the ribs from Acer. A flip piledriver later and the count is academic 1...2......Acer picks Prime Time up. Acer performs a shooting star legdrop before eventually pinning Prime Time 1...2......3! Acer rolls out of the ring and eyeballs Hollywood before exiting

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (14/08/2008)   Lockdown Results (14/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:10 am


Match 1
Xanthi w/Marlon Vs Trish Stratus w/Diablo

The newcomers are first out before the crowd pop for the appearance of the 6wf Legends

Crowd-Diablo Diablo Diablo!

The two ladies lock up straight away with Xanthi backing Trish into the corner and chopping her over and over. An Irish whip and Xanthi charges to be hit with a boot. Trish bulldogs Xanthi 1...2......Kick out! Trish stomps on Xanthi a few times before lockin in a sleeper. Xanthi tries to fight out but begins to fade

RJ-Not looking good for Xanthi

Xanthi suddenly stands up and runs backwards into the corner before back elbowing Trish.Xanthi places Trish on the top rope and begins to climb as Diablo moves around distracting Xanthi who gets down.With her back to Trish,Trish yanks Xanthis up to the top rope by her hair 1...2...3...4...Before dropping her. Trish performs a crossbody from the top but Xanthi catches her as Marlon stalks Diablo on the outside. Xanthi sidewalk slams Trish as Diablo moves further around the ring with Marlon walking in pursuit. Xanthi rolls out of the ring behind Diablo who walks backwards into her before feeling what he has walked into with out looking. Diablo gets in the ring and runs across the other side as Xanthi follows.Trish is waiting and rolls her up 1...2......3!

RJ-Trish did it

Diablo and Trish escape into the crowd

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (14/08/2008)   Lockdown Results (14/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:11 am

Advert plays for 6wf Explosion from Cardiff Arena 16/8

The National Anthem plays as the crowd stand but still boo Hooligan who makes his way to the ring

Hooligan-So whos feeling brave in this crowd tonight

Crowd pop

Hooligan-Who wnats to earn 2000 pounds?

Crowd cheer

Hooligan-Well if you have completely lost the plot get your hand up because Hooligan needs a public boxing workout

Hands raise all over The Birmingham Bowl and Hooligan picks out an average built man

Hooligan-Whats your name?


Hooligan pulls mic away

Hooligan-No-one cares now give this man some gloves

The two men put gloves on and the referee rings the bell.The man covers up and hits a couple of jabs

RJ-Hooligans ego may just get the better of him

Hooligan connects with a right followed by a couple of lefts and an uppercut that sends the man to the mat 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..Man stands to be hit with another right that sends him down for the ten count. Hooligans arm is raised and he climbs on top of the man and hits him a few more times before Abe Abercorn runs the ring and Hooligan rolls out

Dave Law-Its not over between these two

Hooligan walks backwards up the ramp smiling

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (14/08/2008)   Lockdown Results (14/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:11 am

Match 2(written by Abe Abercorn/Deputy Dave)
Abe Abercorn v Henchman

HJ: Well after that somewhat surprise win by Trish Stratus, let's move to our next match!

DL: Indeed. After coming so close to becoming European Heavyweight Champion last week, he has now the Henchman to deal with. They are both in the ring, so lets handover to the ring announcer!

A: The following contest is set for one fall. Introducing first, weighing in at 350 lbs.. Henchman!

(Crowd boo)

A: And weighing in at 222 lbs... Abe Abercorn!

(Crowd cheer)

DL: After last week, these fans do love him!

The match sstarts. Abe begins by attempting a Lariat, but he misses. Henchman picks him up and slams him. Henchman then hits Abe with a vicious legdrop. Henchman makes the cover.. 1..2.. KICK OUT! Henchman is clearly frustrated, and attacks Abe with some stomps, before the refree stops him.

DL: Henchman is a very underrated guy. Abe is being over powered here!

HJ: Yeah and when we are hearing rumours he has challenged Hooligan to a Boxing match at Explosion, this doesnt look good!

The match restarts. Henchman goes for a powerbomb but Abe counters with a deadly Lariat. Abe follows up with a series of elbow drops. He goes for the pin.. 1...KICK OUT! Henchman gets up and hits Abe with the powerbomb at last. Henchman mkes the cover.. 1...2..

DL: Abe got the foot up! And hes up on his feet! Could he yet pull off a stunning comeback?

Abe exposes a mistake by Henchman, givng him a DDT. Henchman gets up slowly only to be hit with a vicious German Suplex. Henchman recovers and tries to punch Abe, but is met with a ...

DL: SUPERKICK! I have never seen him do that!

Abe signals for the Derg Valley Driver! He hits it and makes the cover. 1..2..


Hooligan takes Abe off Henchman and punches him. Henchmans rolls out of the ring while Abe and Hooligan trade blows. They leave the ring and proceed up the ramp. The referees pull them apart.

DL: For the second week in a row Hooligan has interfered in Abe's match But whats this? Hooligan agrees to Abe's challenge? Abe v Hooligan in a Boxing Match at Explosion? Oh my!

HJ: Well Abe may have picked up the victory here tonight, but come, Saturday he is going to explode! Jon us after the break, as the bulid up to Explosion continues!

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (14/08/2008)   Lockdown Results (14/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:11 am

Match 3
Anarchy vs. Gary Johsnon/???

Anarchy in the UK bursts out of the pyros and Hero and EZ Money come out, tag team belts around their waists. They walk to the ring to boos, EZ sticks his finger up at one of the fans and they both jump into the ring, they climb the turnbuckles and hold the titles up. The referee snatches the titles off them and places them outside the ring.

Loads of fireworks go off and through the smoke comes Gary Johsnon while 'I Want It All' is blasted out. He walks cockily to the ring getting a mixed reception, he gets into the ring and stands eye to eye with EZ Money, Gary holding up the Hardcore Title.

RJ- Who will be Gary's mystery partner?

Come on feel the noise by Slade starts playing and Mike Hill bursts out, getting a kinder reception by any of the others to come out. He strides to the ring, pointing to the crowd. Gary stands shocked in the ring.

DL- I don't think Gary was expecting new comer Mike Hill to be the man who would save him.

RJ- I don't think anybody did.

Mike Hill and Gary look at each other with respect and Mike goes to the outside as Hero does the same on the other side of the ring. Gary and EZ lock up before EZ hits a kick to the gut and hits a hard kick to Gary's head. EZ stands over the fallen Hardcore Champion and starts hitting a barrage of fists to Gary's skull, EZ is dragged off him by the referee, EZ starts arguing with the referee giving Gary the time to get up and hit a spinning wheel kick to EZ. Gary gets up and hits a springboard moonsault, before tagging in Mike Hill.

DL- Mike has a big test, going against two former world champions.

Mike doesn't immeadiatley go to EZ Money who has now got up, he starts to size up the tag team champion before running at him, but EZ just steps out of the way. EZ then hits a neckbreaker, as the 'Reflection of Perfection' plays with his oppenant. EZ Money starts taunting Gary giving time for Mike Hill to get a roll up. 1...kick out.

Mike gets up and stands on EZ's head, he then locks in a chicken wing, EZ is trying to reach the ropes but can't when Hero does a flipping senton from the ropes breaking the hold. Mike gets up and punches Hero, who doesn't seem affected by it, he then hits a massive super kick, Mike falls down and lands on EZ. 1...2..Hero breaks it up, before he's told to get out of the ring by the ref.

RJ- Hero nearly cost the match there.

Both men are down and go looking for the tag, EZ gets there first and tags in Hero, who drags Mike away from the dissapointed Gary, Hero starts to hit a fury of right and left fists. He leaves Mike and waits for him to get up before going for a diamond cutter, Mike dodges making Hero fall onto the mat, Mike then hits an uppercut to Hero, then lifts him up and puts him in the corner, he runs at Hero and hits a shining wizard.

Mike tags in Gary, who gets a small package, 1..2..kick out. Hero gets up and grabs Gary and headbuts him hard, Hero then hits a scoop slam. Hero gets onto the turnbuckle and taunts the crowd and Gary manages to hit a suprise top rope hurricana to Hero. Gary gets up and tags in Mike. Mike locks in a leg lock, which Hero manages to get a rope break for.

They both get up and stare each other down before Hero hits a hard low blow. Mike falls down and the ref didn't see the low blow. Hero gets Mike Hill up and gets ready to hit a Canadian Destroyer. He hits it, and then goes for the pin. 1...2..3Gary breaks it up.

DL- Close call there.

Hero stands up and is hit by flying DDT from Gary. Gary helps Mike up and he lays Mike on top of Hero. 1..2..kick out. Mike and Hero both stand up and Hero gets the tag to EZ Money. EZ kicks Mike in the gut before hitting a backbreaker to the newcomer. EZ stands on Mike's chest. 1...2.kick out, and Mike goes for a Twist of Fate, but it's reversed into an Ace Crusher by EZ. Mike Hill is down, Gary jumps into the ring but is hit by a super kick from Hero.

EZ goes for the pin. 1...2...kick out from Mike. Hero is told to get out of the ring by the ref, he argues while EZ hits a low blow to Mike and then hits a cradle piledriver. Hero leaves the ring and EZ puts Mike in a STF. Mike struggles for along while, before managing to grab the rope. 1...2...3...4 EZ releases, and leaves the exhausted Mike down. EZ tags in Hero. Hero gets into the ring and sets it up for a Hero's welcome, but Mike reverses it into a Twist of Fate.

He tags in Gary, who jumps into the ring, EZ gets in and is hit with a cross body, Gary then climbs the top rope and hits a Shooting Star Press onto Hero before locking in a Sharpshooter. Hero is about to tap when EZ breaks it up and grabs Gary and hits him with a Candian Destroyer. He helps Hero up and they grab Gary and go for the Revolution Device, but Mike Hill jumps in and breaks it up before being clotheslined by both.

EZ is told to get out of the ring, Hero turns around and is hit with a dropkick, Hero falls into the turnbuckle where Gary hits a Whisper in the Wind. Hero is down and Gary climbs to the top rope and hits a Swanton Bomb, EZ jumps in with a chair and the ref tries to stop him, but is just smashed with the weapon. EZ walks up to Gary and goes to hit him with the foreign object but Mike Hill jumps in between and takes the shot for him. EZ looks shocked and is hit with a hurricana from Gary. Gary lifts Hero up and hits a feinting kick. 1..2..3!

DL- Gary won it!

Gary helps Mike up and they go to shake hands, but Gary stops and hits Mike with the Canadian Destroyer.

GtaJ- I don't need anybodys help!

Gary leaves the ring to big boos as he holds his Hardcore Title aloft and points at EZ.

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (14/08/2008)   Lockdown Results (14/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:12 am

Match 4 (Written by Hero.)

RJ: Next up we have the 6WF resident psychopath Cruiser Jim against the returning Real Dude. The kid’s had more comebacks than flares.

*The lights change to a deep red colour and a ticking noise reverberates throughout the arena. A clock appears upon the titantron and the second hand slowly clicks round to….

BANGGG! Fireworks explode and Cyndi Lauper’s Time after Time hits the speakers, from the ramp floor Cruiser Jim suddenly appears, a maniacal grin upon his face. He stays into the crowd with a distant look

Cruiser makes his way round to the announce table and gets right into RJ’s face before just shouting ‘TICK TOCK’ and prepares to enter the ring but as he steps up to the apron a hand reaches out from under the ring and yanks him off, his jaw hitting the apron. Real Dude emerges from under the ring.

RJ: Real Dude has set a trap for Cruiser Jim and he fell right into it!

Real Dude drags Cruiser to his feet and then Irish whips him straight into the steel steps, Cruiser lets a roar of pain as he hits.

RJ: Wow Real is really taking it to the big guy here and has the momentum behind him, the match hasn’t even officially begun yet. The bell hasn’t rung!

Real Dude hears what RJ is saying and picks up the ring bell and goes to hit Cruiser over the head with it but at the last minute Cruiser sidesteps and rolls into the ring. Real follows and the match officially starts.

Real still has the offence and launches a barrage of kicks to Cruisers left leg to take down his power base. Cruiser drops to one knee and Real sees his opportunity, Real runs off the ropes and leaps at Cruiser but the big guy catches him midair and gets to his feet. He flips Real backwards over his head and sends over the top rope down to the floor below.

RJ: What a show of strength by Cruiser! He certainly packs some muscle behind him.

Real is staggering to his feet outside the ring as Cruiser reaches over and grabs Real and lifts him onto the ring apron but Real drops to his knees quickly which sends Cruisers head onto the top rope and springs him back into the ring.
Real then leaps onto the top rope and springboards onto Cruiser and goes for the pin 1…..2….Real is thrown clean off.

They both get to their feet and begin to exchange blows in the ring but Cruiser’s strength quickly overwhelms Real and he’s sent to the corner post. Cruiser goes to the opposite corner and charges across the ring and connects with a huge splash onto Real.

RJ: Ouch Real Dude pancake!

Real Dude staggers forward into the middle of the ring and then collapses onto the mat. Cruiser goes for the pin.

RJ: This has to be it, Real’s out! 1…..2….no he’s got his shoulder up!

Cruiser slams his fist onto the mat in disbelief and goes to the turnbuckle and removes the padding as the ref is checking on Real. Cruiser drags Real to his feet and goes to Irish Whip into the exposed turnbuckle but Real leaps up onto the turnbuckle in time and flips back over behind Cruiser in the middle of the ring before kicking him into the corner.
Cruiser’s head connects with the steel and crimson begins to gush down his face.

RJ: He’s been busted right open there! This is turning into a bloodbath ladies and gentlemen!

Real sees his chance and goes for a quick roll up 1……2….shoulder up. Real now is the one who slams the mat in disbelief, a mat that is swiftly turning red in Cruiser’s blood.
Both slowly get to their feet and Real tries to whip Cruiser to the ropes but Cruiser reverses and on Real’s return Cruisers grabs him quickly and hits his signature move the Time Out Powerbomb!

RJ: This has got to be it! Surely Cruiser has the win 1……2……..3 No wait Real got his foot on the ropes at the very last moment! How did he do that?

Cruiser again starts to drag Real to his feet but Reel can’t stand and just kneels in front of Cruiser. Cruiser looks around to the crowd and gestures that it’s over but Real with his last ounce of strength connects with a low blow that sends Cruiser to the mat and the ref waving for the match to be stopped!

RJ: DQ DQ DQ! Real stops the match by hitting an illegal move! Wow this was a slobbernocker and a half between these two old foes and surely can’t end here!

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (14/08/2008)   Lockdown Results (14/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:14 am

Match 5
TGA/River Ace vs. JJ Johnson/GWC

The Dynasty's music starts playing and TGA walks out with River Ace and Shawn Harte. TGA has the 6WF Championship on his shoulder, River Ace has the European Title around his waist and Shawn Harte has a towel on his shoulder, he wipes TGA's forehead before they all get into the ring.

TGA and River give their titles to the ref when 'Get Your Groove On' starts playing and JJ Johnson with the Internet Title around his waist walks out. He interacts with the crowd before pointing at TGA and River Ace. He gets into the ring and starts playing with the crowd from the turnbuckle. He gives away his title to the ref and waits for GWC.

GWC suddenly appears in his normal clothes coming from the crowd and immeadiatley starts attacking River, the bell rings to signal the start of the match.

GWC is on top of River hitting him repeatedly before getting up and taking off his T-Shirt and pants to show his normal ring attire. River gets up and is kicked in the head by GWC, who then locks in an arm bar, while hitting the arm. River is in a lot of pain, GWC releases and kicks the back of River's head.

RJ- Alot of emotion is being poured out by GWC at the expense of River.

GWC lifts the European Champion up and hits an Extreme Neckbreaker, before locking in another arm bar.

DL- GWC is doing what he always does, work on one part of his oppenants body, this time it's Rivers right arm.

GWC then releases and starts stomping on the same arm before tagging in the eager JJ Johnson. JJ gets in and starts dancing around River before dropping a leg drop. JJ bounces of the rope and hits a knee drop to River's skull. JJ then starts celebrating with the crowd, but this gives River the advantage who tags in TGA.

TGA gets into the ring and hits a big boot to JJ, before dragging GWC into the ring. He hits a massive powerbomb to GWC and then goes for one on JJ. But JJ reverses and hits a DDT, and then locks in a headlock. TGA uses his strength to break free and hits he lifts JJ up and hits a flapjack.

RJ- Massive showing of strength there from the current 6WF World Champion.

JJ manages to lift himself up and hits a neckbreaker to TGA, who immeadiatley is back on his feet, but TGA is hit with a massive spinebuster from Triple J.

JJ Johnson starts a barrage of punches to the 6WF World Champion before tagging in GWC, who gets in and clotheslines River off the apron then bounces off the rope and hits a leg drop to the champion.

GWC high fives JJ into a tag and they go for a double suplex to TGA, but TGA reverses it and suplexes both himself. He then tags in River Ace who locks in a Texas Hold 'Em on GWC. The ref tells him JJ is the legal man so he lets go and goes for JJ who hits a spear, and then locks in an arm bar to River's left arm. River screams in pain, before TGA breaks it up. GWC rolls out of the ring. JJ goes to hit TGA who blocks it and gets back on the apron.

JJ turns to tag GWC in but Shawn Harte drags GWC off the apron while River distracts the ref. River hits the Poker Plex to the Internet Champion. He tags in TGA who lifts JJ up and goes for the Angel Bomb.

RJ- That's Hobo!

Hobo runs into the ring and while the ref is busy with Harte hits a Hobo Cuddle to TGA. JJ lands on TGA. 1...2..3kick out. JJ tags in GWC who attacks TGA on the ground, before hitting a standing elbow drop. GWC then hits a European Uppercut before Irish Wipping TGA towards River, TGA manages to slow down and tags in River who charges at GWC and hits a bulldog.

River then puts GWC in a headlock and starts hitting the former world champion's chest. River lifts GWC up still in the headlock and hits a reversed suplex while still in the headlock, and after the move has finsihed GWC is still in a headlock.

RJ- Amazing move there from River Ace.

JJ Johnson is screaming for the tag but River moves GWC futher away, River lifts GWC up who is STILL in the headlock and then just drops again, smashing GWC's head onto the mat. The ref grabs GWC's arm and lifts and it drops. 1! And again. 2! And again...but GWC manages to keep it up and starts elbowing River, GWC manages to get on his feet then gets out of the move and hits a German Suplex.

GWC tags in JJ Johnson at the same time River tags in TGA. They both stare each other down and JJ goes for a right fist that is dodged from TGA who hits a big clothesline. TGA then looks at Shawn Harte who screams at him Hell and Back. TGA lifts JJ up and goes for the Hell and Back Again but JJ manages to move out of the way sending TGA flying into the turnbuckle shoulder first. JJ then runs at TGA and hits a turnbuckle clothesline into a back suplex. JJ celbrates to the crowd and Shawn Harte grabs JJ's leg. The ref sees this and sends Harte away, banning him from ringside. TGA is up now and looks shocked, he turns to River who shrugs, and TGA turns around and hits a big boot to JJ.

The crowd boo as TGA starts to gain confidence and taunts the crowd before going to hit a VIP experience to JJ.

DL- But that's JJ's move!

TGA to hit it when GWC comes in breaks it up and hits a CWG to TGA. River Ace runs into the ring and hits a Poker Plex to GWC, JJ Johnson hits a VIP Experience to TGA and River and Triple J run at each other and both hit clotheslines taking each other out.

RJ- All hell has broken loose and every man is down. Look at this!

Hobo and Enforcer run down and Hobo stares over TGA and Enforcer stands guard. Crime Lord and Henchman come out and take out Enforcer before looking over River Ace, Nemesis comes and hits a double clothesline to the Dynasty men and then stares at Enforcer, Hobo runs at Nemesis and they start to brawl before The Saint comes down and hits a Promised Slam on Nemesis.

Saint is hit by Hobo who helps up Enfocer and they grab the world titles and climb the turnbuckles and show them to the crowd.

DL- Once again we see what could be happening at Explosion. Enfocer and Hobo holding the world titles, but after the break they are oppenants

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (14/08/2008)   Lockdown Results (14/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:14 am

The ring is set out with a table and two chairs on opposite sides.

DL- Now we have a arm wrestling contest with two of the biggest men in 6WF. It's sure to be a cracker.

Crime Lord's music hits and he walks out to a chorus of boos. He gets into the ring and sits in the chair, he is in a expensive suit.

St. Anger starts playing as the crowd erupts in cheers as the former TAW World Champion The Saint makes his way to the ring, he is in his normal ring attire and his eyes stay on Crime Lord while he climbs into the ring. Saint takes a seat, the ref comes over.

R- The rules are simple. The first man to slam his ooppnenantes arm onto the table is the winner. You've all probably done this before so go.

RJ- As you have probably already noticed the ring is surrounded by security, this is because yesterday both these men were involved in a mass brawl.

The lock arms. Both arms stay straight and it seems neither man will get an advantage, the crowd are chanting Saint, which seems to give him extra strength and he starts to push towards a win, but Crime Lord pushes back into equal terms.

They stay locked for a good 30 seconds before Crime Lord starts pushing harder and starts to gain the advantage. Both faces are screwed up in concentration and strength and Crime Lord starts getting close to a win.

Fan- I love you Saint!

This seems to give Saint new energy and he starts pushing back all the way so that Crime Lord is just half a centimeter away from defeat. Crime Lord starts pushing back as Saint loses energy. They stay straight again both pushing for a good 3 minutes before saint once again gets the advantage and starts pushing, he has Crime Lord a paper width away from defeat before Crime Lord kicks Saint from under the table, Saint suddenly takes off the pressure and Crime Lord quickly slams Saint's arm onto the table.

R- The winner is...Crime Lord!

RJ- Crime Lord cheated his way to a win!

Crime Lord taunts the crowd before Saint hits him in the back of the head and starts kicking the fallen Crime Lord, he picks up the former Hardcore Champion and goes for a powerbomb but Crime Lord reverses and starts a fury of fists to the skull of Saint he then spears him before all the security run into the ring.

Crime Lord starts fighting them off and then Saint follows suit, they then start brawling each other, they both get onto the table and Saint gets ready for The Divine Force but Crime Lord reverses and they both grab each other and try and do moves to each other. They both crash through the table, and lay flat out.

RJ- Oh my god! What will happen when these two men meet in a Street Fight at Explosion!

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (14/08/2008)   Lockdown Results (14/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:14 am

Main Event - Winner is Main Event at Explosion!
Hobo vs Enforcer (written by The Saint)


Enforcer: H', despite what Trish said, I want you to know that tonight isn't about rivalry, por getting something over one another.......

Hobo: What then.........(sciaeacf)

Enforcer:........It's about Trash TV proving that no matter who wins tonight that our fans are looking at the next World Champs!

Hobo: I'm feeling that E! Good Luck.

-They shake hands and Enforcer heads to the entrance way.-


RJ: Here we go then folks, the match to determine who exactly will main event. Will it be Hobo and TGA, or will it be Enforcer and Nemesis? We on't know that answer yet but I can promise you that this will be ana amazing match here on the eve of Explosion!

'Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting' plays and Enforcer walks down the ramp to a raucous reception from the sell out 6WF crowd. He gets in the ring and salutes the fans.

Enforcer turns and stares at the titantron as 'Don't fear the Reaper' booms across the arena and noise level gets that little bit louder as Hobo makes his way to the ring. He gets in and stares down Enforcer as they touch knuckles out of respect.

RJ: Can you hear yourself think Dave, what a reception for these two!


Both men circle eachother, Enforcer towering over Hobo, before locking up. Enforcer's strength advantage gives him the edge and he pushes Hobo towards the ropes before the referee breaks it up.


The referee moves away as both men lock up again, Hobo gets round the back of Enforcer and a series of mat wrestling ensues. Resulting in Hobo holding Enforcer in a headlock on the canvas. Enforcer battles to his feet and tosses Hobo over his shoulders. Hobo gets straight back up and both men stare each other down again, Hobo cracking a little smile.

RJ: A very cagey opening by both men who are maybe showing a bit too much repsect for one another!

Both men lock up again and Enforcer over powers Hobo and hits a belly to belly suplex. He immediately goes back to work stomping Hobo down and hitting a stand ling leg drop. 1......2........Kick Out. Enforcer carries on the assault hitting a running shoulder tackle and hitting a DDT. 1......2.......Kick out again by Hobo.

Enforcer pulls Hobo up but Hobo manages to fire off a couple of shots to the mid section of Enforcer giving him the chance to hit a double arm DDT. 1........strong kick out by Enforcer. Hobo waits for E to sit up before hitting a running drop kick into the face of his friend.
Enforcer gradually gets up holding his head and Hobo hits a down and out on him to put the big man to his knees before hitting a soft shoe shuffle. 1......2......Kick out just by Enforcer. Hobo holds his head and looks to the sky.

RJ: Both men want this so much!

DL: That cagey opening is resulting into a awesome match here!

Hobo rolls Enforcer over and immediately applies the Ho Down. Enforcer's face is contorted ibn agony as Hobo cranks up the pressure on his lower back and starts to put all his effort into reaching the ropes. Inch by inch s an gonising experience for the ex hockey player and as it seems he's going to give in he makes one final effort and gets to the ropes. The crowd applaud his efforts as Hobo pulls him up and whips him to the ropes.

Enforcer rebounds and ducks Hobo's clothesline attempt before on the rebound from the ropes hitting a ferocious Face Check!

Both men are down and out as the referee begins to count. 1.........2.......3.......4.......5.......6.........7...........

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (14/08/2008)   Lockdown Results (14/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:14 am

Enforcer is on his knees and first to his feet.........8....................9 Hobo manages to get up just as Nemisis and TGA walk down to ringside

RJ-This doesnt look good

The two men in the ring see this and look at each other before Trash TV dive through the ropes onto their EXPLOSION opponents

Dave Law-Its all kicked off now!

Hobo and Nemisis brawl on the outside as the referee gets inbetween and security come down. The referee watches Nemisis to the back as Hobo turns around to see TGA hit Enforcer with a chair. Hobo rolls into the ring and TGA gets out and makes his way up the ramp. Hobo looks at Enforcer then at the crowd before mouthing the words Sorry and making the cover with the referee back in the ring 1...2......3!

RJ-Hobo did it and hes in the main event at EXPLOSION long with TGA . Less than 48 hours and counting before it all comes to a head but what does this mean for Trash TV? We're out of time!

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Lockdown Results (14/08/2008) Empty
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Lockdown Results (14/08/2008)
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