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 Lockdown Results (26/06/2008)

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PostSubject: Lockdown Results (26/06/2008)   Lockdown Results (26/06/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 10:49 pm

Dark Match

Matt Lightning Vs Gerry'Prime Time'Johnson w/Steve'Hollywood'Johnson

Matt Lightning makes his way to the ring first and gets a huge pop from the crowd which is now starting to fill, he signs a few autographs before sliding into the ring!

Gerry Johnson’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring closely followed by Steve Johnson!

The bell rings and both men begin to grapple, Gerry Johnson takes the early intitative by Irish whipping Lightning into the ropes and hitting him with a clothesline. He lifts lighting to his feet and hits him with blow after blow before forcing him into the corner and stomping on him. Matt Lightning slowly gets to his feet and as Gerry Johnson comes running towards him looking for the clotheline but Lightning ducks out of the way and Gerry Johnson goes flying into the turnbuckle, Lightning then hits him with a belly to belly suplex as both men are lying on the canvas.

RJ – The ref is beginning to count both men down.

The ref gets to 8 as both men start to come around, Gerry Johnson puts Lightning in a headlock but Lightning Irish whips him of the rope and performs a strong powerslam on Johnson before heading to the top rope and signalling for the 450 splash!

He hits the 450 splash and makes the cover 1…2…. Kick out!

RJ – Gerry Johnson shows great resilience here!

As Lightning gets ready to hit the Canadian Destroyer on Johnson, Steve Johnson goes to the apron distracting the ref, with Lightning also distracted by what is going on, it gives Gerry Johnson the opportunity to hit him with a low blow and rolls him up for the cover, Steve steps down from the apron and the ref turns around to make the cover 1…2…..kick out.

RJ – Gerry was so close to upsetting the odds and pulling of a victory over Matt Lightning!

Matt Lightning gets to his feet and as Gerry tries to plant him with a ddt Lightning reverses and turns it into a Canadian destroyer and makes the coer 1…..2……3!


Pryos explosde and fireworks go off as Lockdown goes on air to a packed arena.

RJ – What a night we have in store here Wire, Nemesis first ever show as the commissioner of Lockdown and he has put himself in a TAW Title match with Saint!

MW – Yes this should be quite a night, Nemesis has set up a very interesting show…

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (26/06/2008)   Lockdown Results (26/06/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 10:49 pm

Lights fade in the arena as Nemesis music plays and the new commissioner of Thursday Night Lockdown makes his way to the ring to loud boos from the crowd!

Nemesis – That is no way to treat your new commissioner, now listen up, your commissioner is gonna start of this historic night with an historic announcement, the man who is gonna help me make this show famous, the man who is gonna assist me in my duties as commissioner, so without further ado please welcome Nemesis new assistant….. ZHENG ZI!!!!!

Zheng Zi makes his way to the ring, and shakes hands with Nemesis and both men leave the ring to loud boos.

RJ – Zheng Zi is back, and he is Nemesis new assistant, next up we have Gary’Angel’Johnson and Hooligan to kick of Lockdown!

Match 1
Gary'Angel'Johnson Vs Hooligan

Gary Johnson music plays and he makes his way to the ring to a decent reception from this sold out crowd but he ignores their chants for him as he looks fully focused on the match.

“God Save Our Queen” plays as Hooligan makes his way to the ring wearing an England top with Jagielka on the back of it, he is also wearing jeans and trainers.

MW – I’m really looking forward to this one, Hooligan has been promised a hardcore title shot by the Saint if he can overcome the in form Gary Johnson.

The bell rings and both men circle the ring before Hooligan dives at Johnson but Johnson moves out of the way laughing at his opponent.

RJ – Maybe Hooligan is a little over eager here!

Both men lock up in a grapple but Johnson overpowers his opponent and sends him crashing to the mat, as Hooligan gets to his feet he is met by a flurry of right hands, the last of which send him sprawling to the outside, Johnson goes outside the ring and sends Hooligan crashing into the steel steps before rolling into the ring.

RJ – Hooligan is in danger of being counted out here!

Hooligan gets back to his feet as the count reaches 8 and quickly rolls back into the ring but Johnson seizes the opportunity and puts his opponent in a boston crab. Hooligan is in a lot of pain but after being in the hold for at least a minute he manages to reach the ropes. Johnson breaks the hold and drags his opponent to the middle of the ring and goes for the cover. 1….2….. kick out!

MW – I thought that was it right there, Johnson has been dominating his opponent thus far!

Johnson waits for a groggy Hooligan to get to his feet before lifting him for a powerbomb, Hooligan slides down his back though and kicks Johnson in the midsection before hitting him with a ddt! Both men are on the mat as they both start to come around at the same time, Hooligan is first to his feet and he capitalizes by hitting Johnson with an uppercut followed by a samoan drop, he looks for the cover 1…2….. kick out from Johnson! Hooligan then locks in a sharpshooter on Johnson and just as it looks like he is about to tap, Johnson reaches out his hand and finds the bottom rop!

RJ – What a match this is to kick of Lockdown!

Hooligan looks frustrated that Johnson isn’t finished and he goes to the outside and picks up a steel chair, the referee warns him that if he uses the chair he will be disqualified, but he ignores this and swings the chair at Johnson, who manages to grab the chair and pull it off Hooligan and Johnson tries to swing the chair at Hooligan who ducks and the chair crashes of the skull of the referee.

MW – The referee is down, we have no referee…

Johnson kicks Hooligan in the midsection and performs the sit-down powerbomb but there is no ref to make the count…

RJ – Look at this Wire, its Crime Lord, Damn you Crime Lord…

Crime Lord slides into the ring and out of nowhere hits Johnson with a Crime Pays before rolling Hooligan onto Gary Johnson. Crime Lord leaves just as the ref starts to come around and he makes the count 1…………….2…………………..3

MW – Hooligan has got a hardcore title shot, but its all because of the interference from Crime Lord, damn you Crime Lord!

Camera goes to Nemesis office where he is sitting with Zheng.

Nemesis – Zheng, tonight I take back what is rightfully mine, tonight the TAW Title comes home to the commissioner!

Zheng looks at Nemesis blankly…..

Nemesis – I don’t know why I bothered hiring you, now make yourself useful and make some coffee!

Zheng heads to the coffee machine as Nemesis loosens up for his title match!

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (26/06/2008)   Lockdown Results (26/06/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 10:49 pm

Match 2
Rock v2 Vs Abe Abercorn

Those famous words echo around the arena as Rock V2 makes his way to the ring to a huge pop from the crowd!

Abe Abercorn music starts to play as he makes his way to the ring, his eyes locked on Rock V2’s the whole time.

The bell rings and Rock V2 takes the early advantage by putting Abercorn in a headlock which the young man struggles to escape from! Abercorn finally breaks the hold but when he does Rock V2 hits him with a powerful spinebuster!

RJ – Wow Rock looks on fire tonight, he really looks buoyed by his recent defeats to TGA and GWC!

Rock V2 starts to hit Abercorn with lefts and rights before hitting him with a clothesline that sends Abercorn crashing to the outside, Rock V2 follows Abercorn to the outside and sends him crashing into the steel steps, Rock then rolls his opponent into the ring and goes for the cover 1…2… kick out!

MW – How much more of this punishment can Abercorn take?

Abercorn gets to his feet and Rock V2 signals for the Rock Bottom but Abercorn reverses into into a Rock Bottom of his own, both men stagger to their feet but its Abercorn who reacts the quickest by irish whipping Rock into the turnbuckle, Abercorn lifts Rock onto the top of the turnbuckle and connects with a suplex of the top rope!

RJ – What a move by young Abe Abercorn, he has really recovered well from a poor early start!

Abercorn goes for the cover but Rock kicks out after 2, Abercorn then signals for the top rope but Rock realises what is happening and moves out of the way of Abercorns intended frogsplash. Rock irish whips Abercorn of the rops and hits him with a fierce samoan drop before removing his elbow pad, throwing it to the crowd and connecting with The Peoples Elbow!

RJ – That’s gotta be it, he connected beautifully with that!

Rock goes for the cover 1…..2….. kick out. Rock stalks his opponent as he begins to get to his feet but as he goes once more for the rock bottom Abercorn rolls out of the ring leaving Rock V2 even more frustrated. Rock V2 then dives through the ropes and crashes into Abercorn leaving both men lying on the mat outside.

MW – Wow did you see that RJ, that was amazing, these two are really putting their bodies on the line out here!

Rock V2 gets to his feet first and rolls back into the ring breaking the refs count, Abercorn stands up on the apron and Rock V2 grabs him and throws him over the ropes and back into the ring. Rock V2 starts to stalk his opponent before going for the rock bottom once again but yet again Abercorn avoids it and sets up Rock V2 for a powerbomb which he connects with. Abe Abercorn signals for the end as he climbs to the top rope and hits a shooting star press of the top rope and makes the cover 1….2…..3!

RJ – Abercorn has won it, he has beaten Rock V2, Rock V2’s losing streak continues here tonight.

A video package plays on the titantron showing Nemesis and River Ace in their buried alive match and shows Nemesis taking out GWC, Enforcer, Crime Lord and Henchman, the video ends with Nemesis standing over Rivers grave holding aloft the shovel!

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (26/06/2008)   Lockdown Results (26/06/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 10:50 pm

Match 3
GWC/Enforcer Vs Crime Lord/Henchman

The Dynastys music plays as GWC, Enforcer, Crime Lord and Henchman all make their way out to the ring together! GWC grabs a mic.

GWC – Nemesis you may have buried River Ace, but you will never bury the dynasty, the dynasty is here to stay and together we will take you down, were gonna make you wish it was you that was 6 feet under you freak!

The bell sounds as GWC and Enforcer do rock, scissors and paper to see who starts out, Enforcer loses so him and Crime Lord get this tag match between the dynasty under way. The match starts off with Crime Lord circling around Enforcer with neither men knowing what to do, Crime Lord then points to Enforcer and hits him with the fingerpoke of doom sending Enforcer crashing to the mat. Crime Lord goes for the cover but GWC enters the ring to break it up and tells them not to be making the dynasty look stupid. They enter a battle of strength and Enforcer looks annoyed with Crime Lord when he outmuscles him. Enforcer signals for another battle of strength but instead kicks Crime Lord in the midsection and unleashes a flurry of right hands on Crime Lord!

RJ – Looks like Nemesis plan may be working here.

Enforcer tags in GWC who stalks Crime Lord before hitting him with a CWG. 1….2…. Henchman breaks the count. The ref orders Henchman out of the ring and GWC goes back to work on Crime Lord before whipping him into the turnbuckle Enforcer is standing at. GWC tags Enforcer back in and they double team him by landing a double suplex on Crime Lord. Crime Lord tries to get to his feet but before he does Enforcer hits him with a big boot sending him crashing to the mat! Enforcer looks like he is setting him up for a powerbomb when out of nowhere Crime Lord hits Enforcer with the Crime Pays! Both men are lying on the mat as the ref reaches the 9 count before Crime Lord somehow slides across the ring and tags Henchman in, Henchman enters and delivers a big boot to Enforcer before knocking GWC of the apron with a right hand, he starts to realise that he has just knocked his partner of the apron and leans over the ropes to apologise. Enforcer seizes the opportunity and rolls up Henchman 1….2….3!

RJ – GWC and Enforcer get the win but has this match affected the dynasty?

MW – Doesn’t look like it RJ look at them in the ring.

All 4 men stand in the ring as the camera zooms in on GWC saying “you’ll never split the dynasty”

Camera goes backstage showing Nemesis and Zheng Zi in the office as Nemesis watches on in the monitor!

Nemesis – That was fun, if they think that was tough just wait til they see what I have in store for the next few weeks haha! Zheng wheres that coffee?

Zheng walks over towards Nemesis and hands him a cup of coffee.

Nemesis – Whos on next? Ah JJ Johnson and TGA this should be fun!

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (26/06/2008)   Lockdown Results (26/06/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 10:51 pm

Match 4
JJ Johnson Vs TGA

JJ Johnson’s music plays as The Franchise Initiative makes his way to the ring to a good pop from the sold out crowd. He enters the ring and starts to loosen up.

TGA’s music plays as JJ Johnson looks down the ramp waiting for TGA to show, suddenly from out of the crowd TGA enters the ring without JJ Johnson knowing and kicks him in the back and continues to stomp on him as the ref signals for the bell to start the match.

TGA has JJ Johnson in the corner as he continues to punish him with a flurry of punches and stomps. He then drags him out of the corner and scoop slams him to the ground. TGA bounces of the ropes and falls on top of JJ Johnson with a big elbow, he looks for an early cover 1…2… kick out!

RJ – Looks like TGA has got the early initiative here after sneaking up on JJ Johnson from behind.

MW – Typical TGA, willing to try anything to win.

TGA goes to the second rope and waits for JJ Johnson to get to his feet before diving off the second rope and connecting with a diving clothesline. He again looks for the cover 1….2…. kick out! TGA gets annoyed with the referee who tells TGA it was a 2 count and not the 3 count TGA thought it should have been!

TGA signals for the He11 and Back and connects beautifully with it and looks for the covering hooking both legs 1….2….3!

TGA begins to celebrate but the ref notices that JJ Johnson’s foot was on the rope and informs TGA that the match is not yet over. TGA looks really annoyed and applys a camel clutch on JJ Johnson who looks in serious pain as he desperately tries to make the ropes.

RJ – Surely JJ Jonson is going to tap here, he is in agony here, what an impressive showing this has been by TGA he’s dominated this match so far!

JJ Johnson somehow manages to get his hand to the bottom rope as TGA is forced to break the hold. TGA begins to argue with the ref and as he turns around to go back to work on JJ Johnson he is met by a super kick from out of nowhere. Both men are out on the mat as the ref begins the count. 1…2…3….4…..5…..6…..7…..8 Both men get back to their feet as the count reaches 8 and Johnson is first to react and spheres TGA sending both men to the outside. JJ Johnson then lifts TGA up on his shoulder and sends him shoulder first into the ringpost. TGA is writhing in pain as JJ Johnson rolls him back into the ring and looks for a pinfall 1….2….. kick out by TGA!

MW – What a match we are seeing here, TGA looked in control earlier on but my how JJ Johnson has turned this one around.

JJ Johnson goes to the top rope and looks for a frogsplash but TGA realises what is happening and rolls out of the way just in time. Both men get to their feet at the same time but from out of nowhere JJ Johnson hits the VIP Experience.

RJ – The VIP Experience that’s gotta be it!

JJ Johnson slowly crawls over to TGA and throws and arm over his chest 1…..2….. kick out!

MW – Do you believe that RJ? He kicked out! Maybe JJ took just too long in making the cover.

JJ Johnson makes it to his feet and waits for TGA to reach his feet before going for a clothesline which TGA avoids and JJ goes crashing into the referee! TGA takes advantage of the situation and hits JJ Johnson with a low blow, he then reaches into his shorts and takes out a set of brass knuckles. He nails JJ Johnson over the head with the brass knuckles. He then hoists JJ Johnson up for the Angelbomb and the ref comes around just in time to make the cover 1…..2……3.

RJ – TGA cheats his way to a victory, he needed brass knuckles to get the victory over JJ Johnson here tonight, the dynasty will go to any depths just to get a victory!

The ref raises TGA’s arm in the air as TGA leaves the ring as the winner and leaves to loud boos from the crowd.

Nemesis appears on the titantron as JJ Johnson is rolling out of the ring.

Nemesis – I hope your all enjoying Nemesis first ever Lockdown tonight, if you think its been great so far just wait for the main event when the TAW Title comes back home to Nemesis (crowd boo). Up next we have a fatal 4 way between Trash TV and Anarchy and I remind you 4 that this is a fatal 4 way and I expect to see you 4 all going at each other, if not things could become very difficult for you 4 over the next few weeks here on Thursday Night Lockdown! Now play the music and get this match underway!

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Match 5
Bezerker Vs EZ Money Vs Hobo Vs Hero

Anarchy in the UK plays as EZ Money and Hero make their way to the ring to a mixed reception from this sold out crowd.

“PREPARE TO BE TRASHED” Echoes around the arena as the duo of Hobo and Bezerker, better known as Trash TV make their way to the ring to the biggest cheers of the night from this crowd.

All 4 men take up a position in each corner as Nemesis once again appears on the titantron.

Nemesis – Oh I forgot to mention this match will be a NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH….. Enjoy!

The bell rings and EZ Money heads straight for Hobo while Hero and Bezerker lock up against each other. EZ Money corners Hobo and starts to beat him down with vicious right hands, EZ Money then irish whips Hobo off the ropes and back body drops him to the canvas. Meanwhile Bezerker and Hero have made their way outside and are battling it out in front of our announce table, Hero hits Bezerker with a forearm smash before throwing him on top of the announce table.

RJ – This could spell trouble for Bezerker, remember anything goes here!

Hobo reverses EZ Moneys attempted suplex into a suplex of his own and see’s what is happening his partner and quickly makes his way to the outside stopping Hero from sending Bezerker through the announce table! Hobo and Bezerker then double team Hero by double suplexing him through the announce table.

MW – Oh my god did you just see that, Hero is out for the count and the rest of this match looks like its going to be a 2 on 1.

From out of nowhere EZ Money dives through the ropes and takes both members of Trash TV to the ground! EZ Money then looks under the ring and pulls out a chair from underneath the ring, he smashes the chair of the skull of Hobo and then swings the chair at Bezerker who somehow manages to block the chair shot. Bezerker manages to wrestle the chair off EZ Money and throws the chair to the ground. Bezerker then hits EZ with lefts and rights followed by a vicious uppercut which sends EZ to the mat. Bezerker rolls EZ into the ring and goes for the cover 1…..2…. kick out!

RJ – This match is now a 1 on 1 with Hero and Hobo still lying motionless on the outside!

Bezerker lifts EZ up for the Bezerker Bomb which he connects with and hooks the leg looking for the 3 count! 1….2….. Hero somehow gets back to his feet and manages to pull Bezerker out of the ring just in time to save the 3 count.

RJ – Hero is somehow back on his feet and prevents Bezerker from picking up the victory.

Hero gets into the ring and irish whips Bezerker off the ropes and meets him with a ferocious jackhammer. Hero then lifts Bezerker to his feet and sets him up for the Canadian Destroyer which he connects with. Just as Hero is about to make the cover Hobo rolls into the ring and both Hobo and Hero exchange right hands before a clothesline from Hobo sends both men to the outside. EZ Money is now back on his feet and see’s Bezerker lying in the middle of the ring, he quickly makes his way to the top rope and connects with the Money Shot on Bezerker as the ref makes the count 1…..2……3!

RJ – EZ has won this fatal 4 way but the fight is not yet finished Hobo and Hero are fighting all the way back up the ramp.

EZ follows both men up the ramp and heads backstage, Bezerker comes too and realises what has happened he too rolls out of the ring and runs down the ramp.

Camera goes backstage to show EZ Money and Hero double teaming Hobo before Bezerker joins in and an all out brawl ensues which finishes with security guards breaking up these 4 men.

RJ – What a war we have just seen, and speaking of wars Nemesis vs Saint for the TAW Title is up next.

Video package shows Saint and Nemesis in various matches and finishes with Saint closing the lid of the casket on Nemesis and holding the TAW Title in the air!

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (26/06/2008)   Lockdown Results (26/06/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 10:51 pm

The Saint Vs Nemisis

The lights fade in the Birmingham Bowl as Nemisis's eerie music plays and the monster comes out and walks to the ring slowly.He steps over the top rope as the 6wf crowd boo. St Anger plays and The TAW champion The Saint appears on the ramp. With strap over his shoulder he walks focused to the ring not taking his eyes off Nemisis

RJ-This is going to be a war

The two commisioners go face to face as even the tall Champion has to look up to Nemisis. Saint has no fear and pushes Nemisis back as the no1 contender laughs. They lock up and neither man moves before they eventually release. Saint runs the ropes but hangs on as Nemisis waits in the middle and Nemisis swings a right hand at Saint who ducks and rocks Nemisis against the ropes with fists before clotheslining him over the top rope much to the crowds delight

Michael Wire-Nemisis landed on his feet

Saint gets pulled out of the ring as Nemisis uppercuts him. The champ is quickly picked up and Nemisis uses his bodyweight to push The Saint back against the ring apron. Nemisis throws Saint in the ring before placing him with his back on the mat and his head over the apron.Nemisis elbows Saint in the throat before choking him 1...2....3......4.........Nemisis releases

Referee-Four you break on four!

Nemisis gets in the ring and faces the referee who backs into the corner. This gives Saint time to recouperate and he spins Nemisis around before rockin him with more right hands.Saint whips Nemisis into the opposite turnbuckle before charging in but Nemisis gets a big boot up and hits a vicious clothesline 1...2..Kick out!

RJ-Saint need to get off the defence or this could be his last night as Champion

Michael Wire-Could be? I think its odds on

Saint gets up and Nemisis hits him with a sidewalk slam 1...2...Kick out! Saint rolls out of the ring and Nemisis follows.A knee from Nemisis and he places Saint against the ringpost before swinging an arm and missing connecting with the ringpost

Michael Wire-A chance for Saint

Nemisis steps backwards against the barrier and Saint tips him over it into the crowd. Saint climbs over and clubs Nemisis in the back a few times

RJ-The referees letting this go and the crowd love it

Saint picks up a fans chair but the referee warns him and he puts it down before picking up Nemisis and spinebusting him on the steps in the crowd. Saint clears the fans and sets up Nemisis for The Divine Force on the concrete but Nemisis backdrops him and Saint hits his back hard. Nemisis picks up Saint on his shoulders and walks him to ringside before dumping him back over the barrier

RJ-He may be a monster but hes a smart monster taking things back to the ring

Nemisis climbs on the barrier and hits a flying clothesline on Saint.Both men are down and Nemisis quickly rises as the referee warns him they have to get back in the ring. Nemisis clears the announce table as the referee warns him not to

Michael Wire-We got to move

The commentators take off their headsets and get out of the way

Nemisis puts his arm around Saints throat but Saint knees him in the gut before setting him up for The Divine Force. Saint connects as Nemisis goes through the table and Saint slowly crawls and rolls back in the ring

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (26/06/2008)   Lockdown Results (26/06/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 10:52 pm

1..2...3....4.....5 Nemisis stirs
Nemisis gets to his knees
8.........9.........Nemisis rolls back in and Saint makes a cover 1...2....Shoulder up!

RJ-The monsters weakened,are we back? Wire?

Wire-I can hear you. This is madness

Saint boots Nemisis in the ribs and smashes his back as he get up before lifting him up for an Alabama slam 1...2......Shoulder up

RJ-Saint can feel it.Hes getting closer

Saint drops an elbow on Nemisis who gets up and Saint lifts him up for a powerslam and connects 1...2....Foot on the rope!

Michael Wire-Whats it going to take

RJ-Have you ever seen Nemisis put a foot on the rope?

Saint spears Nemisis back into a corner before headbutting him and setting him up for a suplex

RJ-The big mans in the air.What power by The TAW Champion

Michael Wire-JACKHAMMER! Now its over

1...2....Kick out!

RJ-No freaking way!

Crowd-6WF! 6WF! 6WF!

Saint holds his head in his hands and looks to the crowd for ideas

RJ-Saint cant believe it but hes got to take advantage

Saint sets up in the corner for a spear and runs at Nemisis who big boots him.Saints reels back in the corner as Nemisis goes to one knee before getting back up as Saint walks straight into Nemisis's chokeslam 1...2.....Kick out!

Michael Wire-Neither man will give an inch

Nemisis irish whips Saint into the turnbuckle and follows in with a clothesline. He lifts Saint onto the top rope and Nemisis climbs up after him but Saint elbows him and sets up for The Divine Force but Nemisis blocks.Saint pushes Nemisis back into the ring and crossbodys him but Nemisis catches Saint and moves him into position for The Tombstone

RJ-New Champion maybe

Nemisis Tombstones Saint and places Saints arms over each other 1....2........3!

Michael Wire-O dear god he did it

RJ-We have a new TAW Champion

Nemisis gets handed the TAW Title and shows emotion as he hugs it before raising it up to the 6wf fans who are pelting the ring with rubbish

RJ-This is a sad day for 6wf. Ladies and gentleman Nemisis is our new TAW Champion. Goodbye

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Lockdown Results (26/06/2008)
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