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 Lockdown Results (14/02/2008)

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PostSubject: Lockdown Results (14/02/2008)   Lockdown Results (14/02/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:54 am

7:30 : Fans are just being let into the arena before the show starts at 8:00. Diablo and Nemesis are at opposite corners of a ring surrounded with barbed wire. The set of keys is hanging from the roof, Trish Stratus’ fate just 20 foot above Diablo’s head. There was no entrance music, no pyro and there are no camera men or commentators. Fans are running to their seats as the two most hateful of enemies lock up for the first time in 12 years.

They enter a test of strength which Diablo cannot compete with, and he looks confused as Nemesis forces him to the floor. Diablo gets back up and asks for another test of strength. Extending his arms, Nemesis take hold but whips Diablo into a powerful clothesline. Nemesis takes control early by stomping down Diablo in the dull atmosphere. Nemesis quickly goes to Diablo’s feet and puts the Commissioner in a boston crab. Diablo is screaming in agony as Nemesis leans back with all his weight and the only option is to crawl to the ropes. Diablo makes it and takes hold of the barbed wire, instantly cutting his hands open. He uses the leverage to reverse Nemesis off, but some damage already seems to be done as Diablo struggles to his feet only to be booted back to the floor by Nemesis. Nemesis allows Diablo to get back to his feet before taking his head under his arm and pointing to the keys above the ring laughing, then he bulldogs Diablo into the mat. Nemesis drags Diablo to the edge of the ring and puts his neck across the barbed wired bottom rope, choking him and again cutting his opponent open.

Nemesis makes his way to the outside and grabs himself a ladder form under the ring. He slides back in and sets it up in the middle of the ring. Diablo gets up and throws Nemesis into the corner, laying into him with some punches. Then Diablo climbs to the top turnbuckle, again laying some punches into Nemesis below him. Nemesis grabs Diablo by the neck and ferociously throws him into the standing ladder, sending it falling to the floor with Diablo joining it, looking like Nemesis is destroying him bit by bit. Nemesis sets up the ladder again and this time starts to climb. Diablo gets up and pushes the ladder over, sending Nemesis rolling to the corner. Diablo follows up with a spear into the turnbuckle, which is the first move that has had any affect on the monster. Diablo lifts Nemesis onto the turnbuckle and climbs up with him, then he lands a huge superplex onto the fallen ladder. Nemesis rolls in pain on top of the ladder and Diablo returns to the turnbuckle to attempt a flying elbow drop which Nemesis evades, Diablo drives himself into the steel. Nemesis rolls Diablo off the ladder and opens it up on the mat. Then he rolls Diablo back in between the ladder, closing it shut. Nemesis takes his turn to climb the turnbuckle. He flies through the air, landing a flying leg drop on the closed ladder with Diablo in between.

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (14/02/2008)   Lockdown Results (14/02/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:55 am

7:45 : The crowd is almost full now, and they can see a fully in control Nemesis and an already bloody and battered Diablo struggling to stay in the match against the dark animal. Nemesis again rolls Diablo out of the ladder and sets it up to climb for the keys. A group of stage hands come to the ring to cut the barbed wire down and replace it with standard ring ropes, the crowd boo but the men continue to do their jobs. Nemesis begins to climb the ladder, almost reaching the top before Diablo grabs his leg. Nemesis kicks him away so Diablo climbs the other side and the two fight at the top. Diablo lands a huge punch that sends Nemesis crashing to the floor, and then he climbs to the top rung to reach for the keys. Just as Diablo’s hands touch the keys, Nemesis takes a run at the ladder and puts his full weight behind knocking it over with a shoulder charge. The ladder spirals out of control, falling to where ropes would usually be, but the barbed wire hadn’t yet been replaced. Diablo and the ladder smash into the floor outside of the ring and Nemesis smirks at the destruction he is causing. He waits for Diablo to stumble up then takes a running jump from the ring, spearing Diablo into the barriers. Nemesis mounts his opponent on the floor and starts punching him. Diablo overpowers Nemesis and pins him to the floor and returns the punches before Nemesis reverses again. The intensity of the battle has finally boiled over as the two men furiously trade punches, getting to their feet in the meantime. The bloodied Diablo whips Nemesis into the barriers and dropkicks him over into the crowd.

(Marilyn Manson’s “The New S*** bellows around the arena and the Lockdown titles roll)

Michael Wire : Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to Thursday Night Lockdown. I’ve been here for the past half hour watching this brutal unsanctioned battle between two men who want to kill each other. Diablo and Nemesis are fighting in the crowd! This is unbelievable! The barbed wire has been replaced with standard ropes, the keys are still hanging above the ring but we are about to kick off an amazing show with a TAW European Title bout between Commissioner Acer the champion and the leader of the ever crumbling Revolution, Hero.

MATCH 2 : TAW European Title. Acer vs Hero

(Promo shows the lead up to the match. The war of words between Hero and Acer, the in-ring fights and the restaurant incident)

“Scream, Aim, Fire” by Bullet for my Valentine plays and Acer makes his way to the ring with the TAW European Title over his shoulder.

Wire : Here he is! Our good ‘ol Commissioner and European Champion. Acer and Hero do not get on to say the least. This goes way back to when the 6WF World Champion stole that title, heralding the start of the Revolution. Since then these two have been desperately trying to get one up on the other.

Acer looks into the crowd as Diablo and Nemesis disappear through an arena exit brawling intensely.

Wire : My God! Those two have forgotten what they are fighting for. Have you ever seen such animosity…such fury as we are seeing in Diablo and Nemesis. What does this mean for Trish Stratus?

“Reload” by Rob Zombie plays, the arena lights flicker and smoke billows around the stage. Hero charges out from the smoky curtain and the fans immediately show their dis-taste to the 6WF Champion. Hero makes his way to the ring, eyes focused on the European Champion standing within.

(Commercial Break : (Zane Lowe’s voice) Out now, Morrissey “Greatest Hits”. Featuring the entrance music for Diablo “Last of the Famous International Playboys” and the new single “That’s How People Grow Up”. Available at all good retailers.

(Coco the Monkey’s voice) “I’d rather have a bowl of Coco Pops”)

Wire : Welcome back folks. Acer and Hero are standing toe-to-toe and this one promises to be explosive!

Hero explodes out of the blocks and clotheslines Acer to the ground, following up with a leg drop. When he goes for a second Acer rolls out of the way to evade and quickly jumps onto Hero’s back to apply a sleeper hold. Hero gets up with Acer on his back and rams him into the corner, making Acer release the hold. Hero jumps up onto Acer’s shoulders to perform a hurrancarrana, following up by taking to the top turnbuckle to execute a moonsault. The ref gets down to make a 2 count before Acer kicks out. In kicking out Acer shows fantastic technical ability to turn the pin into an arm bar submission hold, but Hero is too close to the ropes and breaks the hold.

Hero gets to his feet and takes Acer down with a flying body attack but Acer manages to hook a leg on the way down and reverses into a pin, gaining a 2 count. Hero kicks Acer off and the two of them grapple again. Hero hits Acer with a knee to the ribs and a Scoop Slam. Hero picks up Acer again and lifts him up into a pumphandle slam, but Acer slips out over Hero’s shoulder and replies with an inverted ddt. Hero gets back to his feet to grapple with Acer yet again, Acer whips him into the ropes and lands a bodyslam on the rebound. Hero rolls under the ropes out of the ring and as Acer runs to the ropes, he jumps up onto the apron to hang him on the top rope. Acer falls to the mat and Hero jumps to the top rope again, this time looking to hit a body splash. As he goes to jump The Saint’s music hits and The Saint makes an appearance on the stage. Hero stares at the stage and Acer capitalizes by running to the top rope and small packaging Hero from the turnbuckle down to the mat, gaining a 3 count.

Wire : What an innovative bit of offence from the European Champion to retain his title. The appearance of the Saint really threw Hero off his game.

Hero chases The Saint to the back leaving Acer in the ring. Acer takes his title and goes to leave, then he looks above the ring and sees the keys. Acer thinks for a moment then jumps to the outside to grab the discarded ladder. Acer sets it up in the middle of the ring and climbs to take the keys.

Wire : Acer….Acer…..ACER! Acer has just taken the keys to Trish Stratus’ freedom. Acer has got Diablo’s back! Nemesis isn’t going to like this! (The crowd scream) WHAT? What the hell just happened? (A replay shows Diablo and Nemesis fighting on the middle tier. Nemesis takes Diablo by his bleeding throat and chokeslams him to the floor below) OH NO! OH NO! Diablo just fell a tier to the concrete!

Nemesis looks down laughing then jumps off the balcony, landing a frog splash on Diablo, clearly hurting himself in the process.

Wire : These two really are going to kill each other! They are both lying in a pile of destruction on the concrete floor! Meanwhile Acer has what they are fighting for!
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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (14/02/2008)   Lockdown Results (14/02/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:56 am

MATCH 3 : Fight for the Right. First Round, Match 6. River Ace vs Cruiser Jim.

River Ace came into this match on a high after pinning the 6WF Heavyweight Champion in his full debut on Monday Night Shutdown, but it was Cruiser Jim who dominated early, letting his strength do the talking.

Cruiser used some powerful offensive to wear down the newcomer, using a gorilla press slam to gain a two count. Cruiser whipped River into the ropes and met him with a big boot on the way back, then lifted him into the tree of woe position in the corner, stomping at his upside down torso.

After a powerslam gained another 2 count, River Ace began to fight back with some fine Acer taught technical offensive. Ace takes Jim down to the mat with a Crossface, but Jim gets to the ropes. Ace puts Cruiser to the mat again with a arm drag into an armbar which he quickly releases in favour of implementing an Indian Deathlock. Cruiser Jim again reaches the ropes and kicks River Ace off him. Cruiser comes back with a power clothesline and signals for the Jacknife Powerbomb. Cruiser lifts his opponent above his head and lands the big move, immediately pinning. 1…..2…..River Ace’s foot touches the rope, seen by the referee. Cruiser picks up River again and signals for a second powerbomb. River flips Cruiser over his shoulders to the mat and goes up top. River Ace lands a missile dropkick on Cruiser which gains a 2 count. Cruiser recovers and attempts another big boot. River Ace ducks, uses the ropes for a rebound and spears Cruiser to the floor. River takes to the skies again, this time landing a beautiful moonsault to gain the 3 count and progression to the second round.

(Backstage) Diablo and Nemesis are back up and still fighting. They are in the car park and both men are looking sluggish, hurt and tired. Nemesis drives Diablo’s head through a car windscreen, setting off the alarm. Diablo is still bleeding profusely from Nemesis’ attacks. Nemesis climbs to the roof of the car and drags Diablo up with him. He gets ready to hit another chokeslam but Diablo counters and suplexes Nemesis to the concrete below. Diablo leaps from the car roof to elbow drop the evil one. Diablo picks up Nemesis and they stagger to a fire exit. Nemesis whips Diablo into the exit and they start climbing the stairs within. The door closes behind them.

Wire : Oh no…I hope that door doesn’t lead to where I think it leads!

Acer is walking down a corridor, staring at the keys in his hand. He reaches a door with a black pentagram spray painted on. He takes a deep breath and unlocks the door, swinging it open.

Acer : TRISH!

Trish Stratus runs out of the door in tatty, dirty clothes and throws her arms around Acer. She kisses him on the cheek and says thank you. She hugs him again and then runs away down the corridor. Acer turns around smiling to see Jessica at the other end of the corridor, looking angry.

Acer : No…that’s not what it looked like….Jessica!

She turns around and walks away and Acer is torn whether to follow Trish, follow his girlfriend or explore Nemesis’ lair. He thinks for a moment and then chases Jessica.

MAIN EVENT : TAW World Heavyweight Title. EZ Money vs GWC vs Randy Peeper

Wire : Finally, after all that has happened tonight and over the last few weeks we come to the crown jewel of Thursday Night Lockdown…the TAW Heavyweight Title. What a match this promises to be folks. The first ever 6WF Champion vs the first ever TAW champion vs one half of the Tag Team Champions….(Here comes the Money plays) HERE WE GO!

EZ Money makes his way to the ring confidently, tagging a few fans hands on the way down the ramp. He gets in the ring and waits. GWC’s music hits and GWC sprints to the ring. As he slides in EZ jumps on top of him, hitting him in the kidneys. The ref rings the bell and the match gets started, EZ continuing to pound on GWC. The ref gets in between them and GWC gets to his feet. He pushes the ref out of the way and charges at EZ, forcing him into the corner to take some punches. The ref again gets in between the two and warns them that they will get DQ’d for punching too much. EZ pushes the ref this time and he falls to the corner, hitting his head on the corner post. EZ Lou Thesz presses GWC to the ground and ploughs more punches into GWC, busting him open. EZ takes to the outside and reaches under the ring for a chair. With the ref out cold EZ throws the chair into the ring, and then stalks GWC waiting for him to get up. When he does EZ runs at him and takes his head in a tornado DDT, landing it straight on the steel.

Randy Peeper’s music finally hits and Peeper runs to the ring. EZ and Randy trade blows over the still body of GWC. EZ whips Peeper into the ropes and on the rebound hits a belly to belly suplex, sending Randy’s body crashing on top of GWC’s. EZ takes to the top turnbuckles and signals for a swanton bomb onto the two men. EZ takes to the air but Randy manages to grab hold of the chair, holding up so EZ makes full on contact with the steel. GWC starts to stir and Randy Peeper waits for him to get up. GWC gets to his feet and Randy runs at him, ready to hit a big clothesline. GWC telegraphs it and backdrops Randy over the top rope to the floor below. GWC takes hold of the top rope and then launches himself over, suicide diving the Peeper. GWC picks up Peeper and Irish Whips him into the steel steps. GWC lies Peepers body over the steps and climbs up onto the turnbuckle. GWC jumps off and stamps Randy’s torso into the steel.

GWC is outside the ring celebrating his brutality as EZ Money gets up and baseball slides GWC in the back of the head. Now all three men are outside of the ring. The ref is still out so there is no count-out. EZ Money takes GWC onto the ramp and piledrivers him onto the steel. Then running down the ramp comes The Saint and he has that Tag Team Title belt again. EZ spots it and ducks the swing, catching The Saint in a neckbreaker. Randy Peeper gets up and returns to GWC. EZ Money helps him pick up the tag champ and they perform a double suplex on the ramp. Then they return to fighting each other, making their way back to the ring.

Randy Peeper is the first to take the offensive, quickly avoiding EZ’s punch and hitting him with a backdrop. Then as EZ gets up Randy puts him in a Dragon Sleeper, leaning back with all his weight. EZ gets struggles to the corner and runs up the post, flipping behind Randy and executing the same hold before turning it into an Inverted DDT. GWC takes EZ out from behind with a German Suplex, but EZ recovers quickly and takes him down with a legsweep. Seeing Randy recover he sharply hurdles GWC and DDT’s Peeper into the steel chair. Returning to GWC he picks him up and hits a fallaway slam. EZ takes the chair and waits for GWC to get up. When he does EZ connects with a Van Daminator, kicking the chair into his face. EZ covers but the ref is still out. He prods the ref with his toe and out of nowhere The Saint hits him in the back of the head with the belt. The Saint beats down EZ, stamping him into the ground then putting him an STF. “Reload” by Rob Zombie erupts from the speaker system and Hero runs to the ring. He picks up the chair and lays out The Saint. He picks him up and throws him into the corner. EZ gets up and he and Hero take it in turns to chop The Saint.

Randy Peeper gets up and sees all the action, and sees GWC laid out. He crawls over and loosely covers him as the ref awakens. Hero and EZ are unaware as the ref counts 1…2…3!

Wire : WE HAVE A CHAMPION! Randy Peeper is the first TAW Heavyweight Champion! Would you be….OH!

EZ and Hero attack the new champ from behind then set him up for a double powerbomb onto the exposed steel chair. EZ and Hero turn to each other and stare…then smile.

Wire : What the hell is happening? I thought Hero’s problem was with The Saint. Why has Hero and EZ just taken out our new champion???

Titantron shows Diablo and Nemesis fighting on the roof. Its pouring with rain and the two can barely stand anymore. Diablo runs Nemesis into a collection of bins, sending rubbish scattering everywhere. Nemesis gets back up and elbows Diablo in the back of the head, and then kicking his head on the fall. Nemesis stares at Diablo with intent and grabs him by the throat. Nemesis drags him to an open ventilation grill. Nemesis is about to chokeslam Diablo into the unknown. BANG! Trish Stratus knocks Nemesis to the floor with a wrench. Nemesis falls out cold, instantly bleeding.

Diablo : Trish….Trish….You’re ok!
Trish : Hey Playboy! What took you so long?
Diablo : I’ve missed you so much!

They hug for what seems like an eternity.

Trish : Come on lets go…
Diablo : What about Gillespie? Where’s Gillespie?
Trish : What about him?
Diablo : He was with you. Captive. We need to save him to.
Trish : (pausing) Gillespie was never there. It was just me and Golddust.

Diablo stops walking and returns to Nemesis. He bends down and slowly takes off his mask. GOLDEN GILLESPIE!

Diablo : What the….? I feel sick!
Diablo : We can’t leave him. He’s taken a huge blow.

Gillespie starts to stir and looks up at Diablo.

Gillespie : What are you doing here? Why do you care?
Diablo : Because you were my best friend…I won’t leave you to die…We got History.
(Gillespie looks confused)
Diablo : Come on…this is over now. Lets move on. Maybe we could even be that tag team that was going to dominate the world 12 years ago again?
Trish : WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? He’s a psychopath!
Diablo : Come on. (Diablo extends his hand. Nemesis takes it to help himself up. Then he stares)
Diablo : Old times?
Gillespie : (shakes his hand) Old times!

Diablo smiles and then quick as a flash Gillespie Irish Whips him, sending him flying over a barrier and off the roof of the building.

Trish : NO!............... NO!

Gillespie strokes Trish’s face, and leaves her to cry on the roof. He walks away down the fire escape he and Diablo came up, laughing hysterically.
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Lockdown Results (14/02/2008)
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