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 Lockdown Results (20/03/2008)

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PostSubject: Lockdown Results (20/03/2008)   Lockdown Results (20/03/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 10:19 am

Michael Wire : What a night we have planned for you. First up, Can Diablo and River Ace get revenge on Finlay and Real Dude when they tag for the first time tonight? How long will The Saint last when he enters the ring with the monster Nemesis…..oh and the small matter of GWC and Zi Zheng! We have a 6WF Hardcore Title match, with the tag team champions EZ Money and Rock V2 facing off against each other! And a fantastic main event you do not want to miss….Hero…..Randy Peeper…..surrounded by a steel cage! Enjoy folks…this is 6WF/TAW Thursday Night Lockdown!

(Marilyn Manson’s “The New S***” plays over the Lockdown credits)

MATCH 1 : Diablo & River Ace vs Finlay and Real Dude

Wire : Last week on Shutdown, Finlay scored a huge victory over the co-commissioner, and Real Dude took the 6WF Internet Title from the impressive River Ace, now can revenge be found in this exciting tag match?

“Last of the Famous International Playboys” by Morrissey plays and Diablo makes his way to the ring accompanied by Trish Stratus and a hell of a lot of booing. Diablo milks the reception, taking a “Marry Me, Trish” sign from a fat guy in the front row and ripping it up before throwing it back in his face. Trish holds out her hand to the fat guy, and as he is about to take it she pulls away laughing.

Wire : Oh, these two make me sick, who do they think they are?

Trish makes her way to the commentary desk, helps herself to a headset and joins Wire. Diablo waits in the ring as Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” cuts off his music and River Ace comes to join him, shuffling his deck of cards. He makes his way to the commentary desk and hands Trish the cards. Trish gives him a kiss on the cheek as Diablo looks on, slightly envious. River joins Diablo in the ring and they look at each other coldly as Finlay’s music starts.

Trish : Look at that Wire! Could there be a finer tag team in wrestling?
Wire : Oh yeah…they really look on the same page don’t they?
Trish : Wouldn’t you be nervous heading into the ring with a new partner?
Wire : Well I just hope they keep their eyes on their opponents, and off you.
Trish : I have no idea what you mean?

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (20/03/2008)   Lockdown Results (20/03/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 10:20 am

Finlay and Real Dude have made their way to the ring to a fantastic reception. River Ace elects to start off against Finlay and the bell rings. River and Finlay lock up and River quickly seizes the initiative by breaking the lock-up and kneeing the Irishman in the ribs, following up with a DDT. River bounces off the ropes and elbow drops Finlay in the back. Finlay tries to get up but River plants his boot in between his shoulder blades. River picks up Finlay and Finlay lands a few Irish fists in his mid-riff, River swings a punch of his own that floors Finlay. River tags in Diablo who immediately takes to the turnbuckle. Diablo waits for Finlay to get up and hits him with a flying clothesline. Diablo continues to run and bounces off the ropes, clotheslining Finlay to the floor again, Finlay gets up a third time and is Lou Thesz pressed to the ground. Diablo lays into Finlay with a few punches before tagging River Ace back in.

Trish : Check this out. Running like liquid. This team is the future!
Wire : Then god help us all!

River takes Finlay down with a sleeper hold which kills the match. The fans chant “FIN-LAY FIN-LAY FIN-LAY” as Real Dude claps his hands, trying to motivate his partner. Finlay battles to his feet and release himself with a few elbows, Finlay runs to make a tag to Real but River ankle taps him to make him miss. Diablo dives into the ring and picks up Finlay, running him back into their corner. River and Diablo double team him in their corner as the ref stops Real Dude from entering.

Wire : OH COME ON! Is that ref on your payroll too?
Trish : You only know about the payroll because you’re on it Michael.
Wire : I sure as hell am not!

Diablo lifts Finlay into the air for a double powerbomb but Finlay reverses in mid-air, coming down with a huge DDT. River tries to take Finlay down but Finaly takes River down with a legsweep, then he runs to his corner to tag in Real. Real and Finlay make it 2 on 2 and the 4 men scrap in the ring. Diablo and Finlay in one corner and River and Real in the other. Real Dude hits a Double Arm DDT that gains a 2 count before Diablo breaks it up. Finlay hits Diablo with a bulldog, taking him down for the two count. River Ace battles back, taking Real over with a powerslam as Diablo beats Finlay into the corner and hits him with a few forearm chops. Finlay grabs Diablo by the neck, switching places with him, hitting a few chops of his own. The crowd “Wooooooh” with joy. Diablo regains the advantage with an eye rake. Diablo looks over to River and give him a nod, then they both Irish whip Real and Finlay into each other, dazing them. River hits Real with the Poker-Plex and Diablo simultaneously takes Finlay up for a Domi-Bomb. River lands his finisher into a pin but as Diablo attempts to execute his, Finlay slips out of it into a roll-up. The ref looks at both pins and counts 1…….2………Real Dude gets afoot on the rope as Finlay gets the 3 over Diablo!

Wire : Oh yeah….just like liquid Trish…haha!

Trish gets up and throws a glass of water over Wire which quickly stops him laughing. The crowd chant obscenities at her. River pushes Diablo who looks ashamed. River pushes him again before grabbing a mic.

River : Whats wrong with you? You lost again…I had it wrapped up and its your fault we lost!
Diablo : Screw you River…..everything is about you isn’t it punk?
River : So that’s what this is about is it? Threatened by the attention I get are you? The attention I get from the media….from the fans….from Trish.
(Diablo goes to hit River but River slips it) Oh come on old man, I’m just a little bit too quick for you, maybe that’s why Trish prefers me.
Diablo : Trish is mine jerk….why are you sniffing round all the time?
River : Trish? Yours? That’s not how it looks to me.
Diablo : How about at the PPV…you vs me River? I’m not gonna wait for your supid card to come up….I want you now!
River : Sure…Ok….But lets up the stakes shall we. WINNER GETS TRISH’S SERVICES! Whoever loses, is never allowed near Trish again.
Diablo : You’re on!
Trish : WHAT? You can’t make decisions like that….I get a choice in this… two are ridiculous! (She leaves the ring and walks up the ramp)
Diablo : No….she’s right….I want to go all in River! LOSER LEAVES 6WF!
River : (Thinks) I’m all in!

Trish shakes her head in disappointment and turns to leave the stage. As she does the Saint burst through the curtain and hits her with a Divine Force.

Wire : What the hell….what was that?

Diablo and River drop their mics and run up the ramp to chase The Saint. Diablo tends to Trish who isn’t moving while River attacks The Saint. Saint grabs River by the throat and choke slams him into the stage. GWC and Zheng break through the curtain and double bulldog The Saint from behind. GWC and Zheng launch a stomping attack on the big man but he manages to stave the attacks and get to his feet. Saint takes hold of Zhang and runs him off the stage, then GWC attempts to spear Saint off the stage but Saint flips him over his head, crashing off the stage also. Saint stalks Diablo who is still tending to Trish. He grabs Diablo by the back of the neck, and as he is about to hit him Nemesis comes out with a chair. Nemesis plants the chair across the back of Saints head, then drops the chair to the floor and DDT’s The Saint onto it, knocking him out. Nemesis puts a hand on Diablo’s shoulder and tells him not to move Trish, calling for the EMT’s.

Wire : Well I don’t like Diablo, Trish and Nemesis, and I may be soaking wet at the hands of that jezzobell but I can’t condone that. I hope she’s ok…I guess the carnage up on the stage can be called the handicap match that was scheduled for later tonight, because these guys aren’t fit to go again. Next up Rock V2 challenges EZ Money for the 6WF Hardcore Title!
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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (20/03/2008)   Lockdown Results (20/03/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 10:20 am

MATCH 3 : 6WF Hardcore Title. EZ Money vs Rock V2

“Here Comes the Money” plays and the 6WF Hardcore Champion makes his way to the ring. The crowd show great enthusiasm for the inaugural 6WF Champion who dives straight under the ring to collect a table.

Wire : This one should be huge folks. Tag champion vs tag champion for the hardcore title. Someone will leave tonight with two titles. The other will probably be leaving with a sore head!

“If you smell, what the Rock, is cooking” hits and Rock V2 runs to the ring with a chair. Rock swings the chair and EZ ducks it kicking it out of his hands. EZ goes for a tornado DDT towards the table but Rock overpowers it, sidewalk slamming him into the mat. Rock waits for EZ to get up and clotheslines him then EZ walks straight into a Spinebuster. Rock covers for a 2 count. He picks EZ up and whips him into the corner, then in the opposite corner, Rock unties the turnbuckle covering. EZ charges at Rocky who ducks and rams his head into the uncovered turnbuckle. EZ falls to the floor and Rock jumps up onto the turnbuckle. He dives off for a elbow drop but EZ rolls out of the way. EZ runs up and kicks Rock in the head. EZ picks up the discarded chair and hits Rock across the back with it. He hits him a second time then throws the chair to the floor. EZ picks Rock up for a hanging suplex and aims for the table but Rock slips out of it, DDTing EZ into the chair. Rock covers and makes a 2 count before rolling out of the ring and climbing underneath it to grab a ladder. Rock slides it into the ring and climbs him himself then sets it up in the corner. Rock whips EZ into the ladder but EZ reverses sending Rock crashing into it. EZ lays the ladder across Rock’s torso and hits a leg drop on the ladder. EZ covers his tag team partner and gets a close 2 count. EZ Money takes the ladder and sets it upright and readjusts the table in the ring. Rock V2 gets up and hammers some blows to EZ. EZ swings back and Rock ducks, then like a cobra he strikes with the Rock Bottom. Rock covers and the ref counts…..1………2……..

Wire : Oh EZ! The guts on this boy to kick out of a Rock Bottom!

Rock goes to EZ’s head and launches his elbow pad into the crowd. As he points one way then the other EZ kicks him in the groin and gets a roll-up pin. 1……….2………..Rock kicks out. EZ is the first to get up and he grabs the chair. He throws it to Rock who catches it then EZ superkicks it into his face. EZ goes to pin Rock but stops himself, he picks him up and lays him on the table. Then EZ climbs the ladder.

Wire : Oh my…No EZ! You’ll kill each other!

EZ swan dives off the ladder, hurtling towards Rock. Rock recovers and reaches for the chair holding up into EZ’s path. EZ’s head hits the chair and they both go through the table. After a few moments of non-movement Rock rolls his arm over EZ’s torso and the ref counts 1……2………..3.

Wire : We have a new champion! Rock V2 is the new Hardcore champion! What a battle we just witnessed, but did EZ pay the price for being too ambitious?

(Hero vs Randy Peeper to follow...just finishing writing. Sorry guys! Feel free to promo others.)
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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (20/03/2008)   Lockdown Results (20/03/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 10:21 am

MAIN EVENT : Cage Match; Hero vs Randy Peeper

The noise of the crowd is broken by a fan-fare followed by the Sex Pistol’s “Anarchy in the UK”. The crowd go wild as the 6WF Heavyweight Champion descends into the cage from the ceiling (with the aid of invisible ropes of course).

Wire : What a showman Hero is folks. If there is a more deserving TAW Champion, I’d like to see him. (Wire is cut off by “Let the bodies hit the floor” and Randy Peeper appears on the stage to another huge reception) Well…on second thoughts, maybe this guy is just as deserving. Peeper was the first ever TAW Champion. Peeper reclaimed the TAW belts from E-Val for Lockdown, then he was 6WF’s first ever TAW Champion. There is no denying either of these guys right to Nemesis. I can’t wait for the time attack match in a few weeks.

Randy makes his way through the cage door and stares down Hero. A 6WF official closes the door behind them and mans it. The ref calls for the bell and the combatants lock-up. The first lock-up breaks down and they lock up for a second time. Randy appears to be overpowering Hero who releases the lock up and hits the ground himself, rolling away from Peeper’s offensive. Randy attempts to take Hero over with an armdrag but Hero baseball slides through his legs. Hero gets up and runs to the cage wall. He leaps up onto the steel then quickly throws himself off, hitting Randy with a spinning heel kick. Randy groggily gets up as Hero runs to the other cage wall, jumping on again then springboarding himself into a moonsault which randy catches. Randy powerslams Hero then hits him with some stomps. Randy picks Hero up and rams his head into the steel cell. Then he drags his face across the bars, cutting Hero open. Once he’s satisfied he punches Hero to the floor. Randy starts climbing the cage and gets about half way before Hero dropkicks him in the back, making him fall and tangle on the ropes. Hero goes to launch an attack on Randy but instead unties him.

Wire : That’s great sportsmanship from the Anarchy man!

Hero whips Randy into the ropes and on his return he hits him with another spinning heel kick. Randy gets up and Hero hits him with a facebuster into his knee. Hero takes to the top rope and hits a missile dropkick which sends Randy slumped to the other corner. Hero runs at him to hit him with a knee but Randy trips him into the turnbuckle then hits him with a reverse suplex. Hero’s bleeding gets worse and Randy gets down to his knees and grinds his forearm across the wound, then lands a legdrop across his face. Randy starts climbing the cage again and he gets a bit further up before Hero grabs his shorts and puts him on his shoulders. Hero lands an Electric Chair Drop and the crowd whoop. Hero starts climbing the cage himself and he gets further than Randy, but The Peeper still prevents him from getting to the top. Randy shakes the cage and Hero falls, tangling himself on the ropes. Randy shows no such sportsmanship to Hero and lands a barrage of punches on the captive. Hero struggles free and pushes Randy away, looking furious. They lock-up and Hero knees Randy in the ribs before whipping him into the corner. Hero hands Randy a beating in the corner before setting him up on the turnbuckle. Hero climbs with him and rams his head into the cage wall a few times. The Hero goes for a backdrop. Randy slightly reverses it in mid-air and the two of them lie motionless on the floor.

Wire : Oh that looked like a nasty fall. I hope those two are ok!

Both men stagger to their feet looking dazed and confused. They make their way to opposite cage walls and both start a slow ascent.

Wire : Oh my! This is going to be a case of who climbs quickest. They’ve given it their all and now its come down to a race!

Hero puts a leg over the cage first then stares to the other side where Randy is slightly behind. Then Hero stands himself on top of the cage, still staring at Randy. Hero runs across the upper structure of the cage to meet Randy who just reaches the top and spears him straight off! Both men hurtle through the air into Michael Wire’s desk.


Announcer : Here is your winner Randy Peeper….

Wire : Well Randy certainly hit the floor first, but I don’t think anyone can be called the winner in this mess….Hero you son of a gun!

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Lockdown Results (20/03/2008)
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