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 Lockdown Results (21/02/2008)

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PostSubject: Lockdown Results (21/02/2008)   Lockdown Results (21/02/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 8:08 am

Michael Wire : Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen.....and welcome to Thursday Night Lockdown!

(Marilyn Manson’s “The New S***” plays and the Lockdown Credits roll)

Have we got a show for you tonight…and it all starts with a huge First Blood match where the tension couldn’t be higher…..

MATCH 1 : First Blood Match
River Ace vs The Saint

Metallica’s “St Anger” chugs around the arena and The Saint makes his appearance on the stage before making his way down the ramp to a huge ovation.

Wire : Here’s the Saint, and what a high this guy must be on after defeating Anarchy single handedly last week. But how will he fare tonight in this most barbaric of matches against the new 6WF Internet Champion?

River Ace’s music hits and he runs to the ring to start the match. He takes The Saint to the floor and punches him in the head, trying to bust him open immediately. River struggles free and whips Saint into the ropes, powerslamming him on the rebound. River Ace mounts The Saint and unloads a few punches of his own, making his knuckles protrude as much as possible to hit him with a sharpest point he can muster. This time Saint kicks himself free and the two stand off each other, staring each other down. The Saint is the first to strike and he knocks River Ace to the corner with a flurry of punches. Saint lifts Ace onto the top turnbuckle and attempts to superplex him off but Ace pushes him off. Ace lowers himself to the second rope and hits an elbow drop to Saints face. Saint rolls over onto his front masking his face. Ace quickly flips him over but sees no blood. Saint was playing possum and he takes advantage with an eye poke. Ace reels away but the Saint pulls him back to hit a Powerbomb leaving Ace spread out on the mat.

The Saint leans over River Ace and grinds his forearm across his forehead. Failing to cut him open he gets up and grinds his foot across his face instead.

Wire : This has had no resemblance to a wrestling match thus far…this has been a heinous slugfest…and I don’t think its gonna get any prettier!
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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (21/02/2008)   Lockdown Results (21/02/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 8:08 am

The Saint lifts River Ace back to his feet and attempts a Crucifier but River counters and lands a Spinebuster. River keeps hold of Saint’s legs and puts him in the Texas Hold-Em, leaning back in to cause maximum pain to the Saint. Saint taps out to the hold but there is no submissions. Happy at his small victory River Ace release the hold and the Saint rolls out of the ring to recuperate. River Ace celebrates to the crowd before turning to exit the ring to chase Saint. As River leans down to climb out of the ropes, Saint pops up from under the apron and smashes Ace in the face with a steel chair. Ace rolls back into the ring clutching his face, but still not bleeding. Saint throws the chair into the ring, landing near River Ace then climbs back under the ring. When he re-surfaces the big man has got a big brown bag which he places in the ring before climbing in. The Saint lifts the chair again and waits for River to get to his feet. Saint runs and cracks Ace with the chair again. The Saint checks for blood and is frustrated to see none again. He slams the chair into the floor and returns to his bag. He lifts the bag and empties its contents onto the ring.

Wire : TACKS! THUMB TACKS! The Saint has bought a few little presents for River Ace!

Saint stalks River and waits for him to get to his feet, as he does he runs at him and attempts a tornado DDT. River counters by getting a knee up into Saints ribs winding him. River quickly gets Saint into the Piledriver position and drives him down head first into the sea of tacks.

Wire : That’s it….That’s gotta be it…NO! Look Saint isn’t bleeding!

River Ace kicks the ropes and leaves the ring to get his 6WF Internet Title. He gets back in and gets ready to bloody Saint’s face with the belt. Saint staggers to his feet and Ace charges at him with the gold. Saint telegraphs it and ducks it, running in the opposite direction. As they both use the ropes to bounce off The Saint with his longer reach nails a running Implant DDT onto the tacks.

Wire : I can see Crimson now….there it is….match over!

River Ace bleeds profusely in the ring as The Saint celebrates above him. The Saint picks up Ace’s title and looks at it, then tries it on around his waist. Saint gives a nod of approval before throwing it back to the mat and leaving the ring.

MATCH 2 : Fight for the Right. First Round, Match Seven.
Acer vs Hero

“Scream, Aim, Fire” hits and the fans go wild for the entrance of the Monday Night Shutdown Comissioner.

Wire : The TAW European Champion is in fine form against Hero, beating him for the title last week, but he was on the wrong end of an explosive match against Nemesis on Monday! (VT shows the moment Acer falls to the mat and detonates the C4, losing his match)

Acer stands ready in the ring as the sound of the Sex Pistols pierces the atmosphere. Pyro explodes and lights flicker as the 6WF World Heavyweight Champion Hero makes his way to the ring.

Wire : The anarchist is looking for the opportunity to add the TAW title to his 6WF title and become undisputed champion, but first he has to negotiate the toughest of first round matches….I can’t call this one folks!

Hero and Acer lock up to begin the match. Hero scores a low blow and hits Acer with a DDT. Hero waits for Acer to get up and spears him to the ground. Acer catches Hero’s head on the way down to the mat and applies a hidden choke hold. Acer picks Hero up and locks in a standing armbar. Hero in pain over-powers the hold and throws Acer to the mat, following up with a knee drop to his face.

Hero takes a run at the ropes and hits Acer with Rolling Thunder before covering for a two count. Hero picks up Acer and whips him into the corner, then he charges at him and dropkicks him into the ringpost. After hitting Acer with a powerslam from the corner, Hero climbs to the top rope and hits a double jump moonsault on the European Champ. The ref gets down and counts to 2 before Acer kicks out.

Acer comes back into the match strong, and dropkicks Hero’s knee from underneath him, then immediately pounces to apply an Indian Deathlock to the same knee, causing Hero agony. Hero just manages to crawl to the ropes but Acer pulls him back to lock in a figure four leg lock. Hero struggles to make it to the ropes again, but Acer doesn’t release the hold. The referee has to break the hold but some damage has clearly been done to Hero. Acer drags him to the centre of the ring and puts the hold on again. This time Hero musters all of his strength to reverse it, transferring the pressure to Acer’s legs. Acer screams as he reaches the ropes but Hero returns the favour of not releasing. Once the ref breaks the hold both men lie in the ring, taking a moment to recover, nursing their legs.

Hero is the first to get to his feet and when Acer does, Hero hits him with a flapjack and an elbow to the spine. Hero picks Acer up again and attempts a backdrop. Acer rolls out of it and clotheslines Hero to the back of the head. He jumps on Hero’s back and locks in a triangle hold. Hero manages to get to his feet and ram Acer into the corner but Acer responds quickly and puts Hero in a crossface chickenwing. He shakes Hero but he won’t submit.

Wire : Hero’s helpless in the middle of the ring. Acer’s vice like grip means he can’t get to the ropes…Hero’s in big trouble…what’s this?

Jessica, Acer’s girlfriend, runs down the ramp in a miniskirt with high heels and her handbag. The crowd cheer and wolf-whistle.

Wire : This is no place for Jessica…she’s got no training…
Acer : Go back….Go back…this is under control….

She rummages in her bag and takes out a bottle of perfume, she enters the ring and walks up to Hero still in the crossface chickenwing. She goes to spray Hero in the eyes to make him submit but he ducks it and Acer gets sprayed. Hero pounces and hits the Canadian Destroyer in a flash. The ref counts…1…..2…..3!

Jessica looks sick and kneels at Acer’s side, saying sorry over and over.

Wire : How bizarre….Acer was in control of the match and his girlfriend has come out and cost him it…one can only assume she was trying to help but this is no place for a young girl…no place at all…Hero progresses to round 2!
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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (21/02/2008)   Lockdown Results (21/02/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 8:09 am

MATCH 3 : Fight for the Right. First Round, Match Eight
Nemesis vs ?????

The arena lights go out and are replaced by dimmer ones.

Wire : The monster Nemesis is here folks…the most evil man in sports entertainment is here. He tried to finish off Ace on Monday…as far as we are aware he has finished off Diablo…this evil spirit won’t be happy until he rules 6WF…but is tonight’s mystery opponent going to give Nemesis what he deserves tonight?

Nemesis paces the ring, waiting for his opponent. Trish Stratus’s music hits and she stands at the top of the ramp.

Trish : Are you ready Nemesis? I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Finally you’re gonna get your comeuppance tonight. I bet you’ve been having nightmares about your “mystery” opponent all week.


The titantron breaks up into static and black blood runs down the screen….a date appears on the screen “21/02/08”….then the 21 cycles through to a 28 “28/02/08”. Nemesis is fixated on the screen as it goes dead. A runner comes out and talks in Trish’s ear. She looks worried. She shouts, “Well find someone else! NOW!”

Trish : Ok! Now is the time Nemesis! Your end is here! Revenge for what you did to me…what you did to Diablo is finally upon us! Ladies and Gentlemen…the 16th and final participant in the Fight for the Right tournament…


“Last of the Famous International Playboys” plays and the crowd go hysterical. The cheer is deafening…and then the atmosphere goes dead as the curtain pulls back…

Trish : MIDGET FINLAY?!?!?!? What is this??? Trish storms to the backstage area furiously as Midget Finlay walks to the ring in a mini Mr 6WF robe. Nemesis laughs as Midget Finlay enters the ring. Nemesis squares him up as the ring bell sounds then he runs at the little man and hits him with a big boot which resembles a simple and brutal kick in the head that sends him flying to the corner. Then Nemesis grabs Midget Finlay by the throat and performs a horrific chokeslam, which again looks more brutal than usual as he instead slings his opponent across the ring.

Nemesis covers Midget Finlay for the easiest three count of his career and progression to the quarter finals. The titantron shows Trish berating the runner she was speaking to earlier and Nemesis laughs again as he picks up Midget Finlay and launches him over the top rope, out of the ring, onto Michael Wire’s table.

Wire : This is ridiculous! This is an outrage! What’s going on? Nemesis just threw Midget Finlay like a lion who’s finished with his piece of meat! Why would you throw someone in there a quarter of the size of the monster Nemesis…after seeing what he does to people his own size…Where’s the humanity? Who was the real mystery opponent Trish had planned? What happened???

MAIN EVENT : TAW Heavyweight Title
Randy Peeper vs EZ Money
GWC as Special Guest Referee

GWC makes his way to the ring in his striped shirt.

Wire : Is GWC the man who will be able to keep order in this match up tonight? Has Trish Stratus made the right choice?

GWC stands in the centre of the ring as the strobe lighting springs to life and the frantic opening bar of “Bodies” by Drowning Pool brings the arena to its feet.

Wire : The TAW Heavyweight Champion….Randy Peeper is in the house!

He enters the ring and passes the title to GWC who raises it above his head before placing it in the corner. GWC pats down Peeper to check for weapons as “Here Comes the Money” plays. The crowd boo the arrival of EZ Money who takes his time to stroll to the ring. Mouthing off fans as he passes them. He enters the ring and Randy Peeper gets straight up in his face. Before anything goes off GWC steps in between them. He escorts them to their corners and then asks for the bell.

The match starts off cautiously, both men circle each other and feign movements. Then EZ makes a sudden move to take out Randy at the knee, sending him crashing to the floor. EZ runs at the ropes and baseball slides into Randy’s ribs. EZ gets up and repeats the move on the opposite side. Randy clutches at his sides in agony and struggles to get to his feet. As he does EZ stalks behind him to hit him with an atomic drop. EZ gets up in GWC’s face, shouting at him to call it down the middle. He turns back and clotheslines Randy back down to the floor. He applies a boston crab on the champ, leaning back and putting pressure on those ribs that he attacked at the start. Randy crawls to the ropes and as soon as he touches the bottom rope GWC physically breaks up the hold.


GWC shrugs his shoulders and tells him to continue the match. EZ approaches Peeper but the champ scores a shot to the ribs of EZ. Randy capitalizes immediately by hitting a release belly to belly suplex. He quickly covers and GWC gets down, starting a very quick 2 count. EZ springs to his feet and pushes GWC into the corner, standing over him shouting again. GWC retaliates pushing him backwards into a Randy Peeper dropkick to the back of the head. Randy mounts him to apply a sleeper hold and GWC is quick to raise EZ’s hand and let it fall. On the third time EZ Battles to his feet and flicks his heel back to low blow Peeper, unseen by GWC. EZ stomps Randy into the floor before taking to the top rope. EZ is about to leap when Randy gets to his feet and runs to the corner. EZ jumps down and runs Peeper into the turnbuckle. After punching the champ a few times he picks him up in the corner and hits a running powerslam. GWC gets down and begins a very slow 2 count. EZ is irate and again corners GWC. This time Randy charges at EZ and clotheslines him into the corner, sandwiching the special guest referee.

Now the two men resort to brawling with GWC laid out on the floor. Randy connects with a vicious roundhouse kick and then follows it up with a huge impact Spinebuster. Randy goes straight into a Sharpshooter, with EZ stranded in the middle of the ring. The crowd boo as Hero runs to the ring and smacks Randy over the head with the 6WF Heavyweight Title belt. He leaves the ring just as GWC stirs and EZ covers the champion. 1…..2…..long pause and a kick out.

Wire : Peeper’s up….Peeper’s up…How do you like them apples Anarchy?

Out of the crowd comes Rock V2 and he pulls GWC out of the ring. He hits him with a Rock Bottom on the concrete floor.

Wire : What the hell was that? What business has Rock V2 got here?

Rock rips GWC’s shirt off his back and puts it on himself, then tells EZ to pick up Randy Peeper. EZ picks him up and then slams him with the Styles Clash. Trish Stratus runs to the ring.

Wire : Rock can’t count it…he isn’t the official!

As Rock gets down to count the arena lights go out. When they come back on Nemesis is in the ring and he takes Rock V2 by the throat and Chokeslams him. Hero attacks Nemesis from behind but Nemesis recovers quickly and rams his head into the ring post. Now EZ Money punches Nemesis, and after rocking him a bit, Nemesis big boots him to the ground then picks him up and hits The Death Wish. Trish shouts at him to get out of the ring and he laughs at her as he backs her into the corner.

The titantron goes fuzzy and the static fills the screen. Black blood runs down the screen and the date 28/02/2008 comes up. The date cycles back to 21/02/08 again.

From behind Nemesis gets thrown out of the ring, saving Trish.

Wire : Randy Peeper just ejected Nemesis out of the ring!

The date changes yet again…back to 28/02/2008 and the screen shuts down.

EZ staggers to his feet and Randy hits him with the sitdown piledriver. Trish calls GWC who’s just recovering to climb in the ring and he counts 1…2….3!

Wire : Randy Peeper retains the TAW World Title…what a match!

Trish Stratus takes the TAW title and hands it to Randy Peeper who holds it above his head, milking the crowds adoration!

Wire : See you next week folks where we have a Fight for the Right Quarter Final special! I can’t wait!
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Lockdown Results (21/02/2008)
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