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 Lockdown Results (08/08/2008)

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PostSubject: Lockdown Results (08/08/2008)   Lockdown Results (08/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 4:58 am

Dark Match
Acer Vs ???

Acer makes his way to the ring to a hostile 6wf crowd

RJ-We're here early tonight and the majority of the crowd are too

Acer grabs a mic

Acer-So all of a sudden im the bad guy?


Acer-Well thats just fine by me because where did the support of you Birmingham idiots get me? I ran Shutdown the way it should be ran and got the 6wf a TV contract but Saint comes along and is driving my creation into the ground and as for the other Commisioner River Ace he wont let me on his show as hes worried il be stealing his thunder well the Board Of Directors have ordered River to include me and he can line up every 6wf Superstar because theres a list,its a long list and Acers fixing to go through every one of you so boys in the back tonight marks the first Acer Challenge so whoever has the Cahoonas come out and take on the best damn thing in the buisness today


Hollywood Johnson comes out onto the ramp with Prime Time walking down with him massaging his shoulders

Dave Law-We've seen a big improvement in The Producers recently and somehow they survived longer than expected last week against the World Champions and here we go

Acer and Hollywood lock up and Acer backs Hollywood into the corner before releasing the lock up then slapping him.An angry Hollywood locks immediately back up and manages to get behind Acer holding him around the ribs. Acer trys to elbow his way out but Hollywood avoids it and squeezes the former Shutdown Commisioner. Hollywood looks at Prime Time who nods and Hollywood turns into a headlock

RJ-Well theres a suprise Dave

Dave Law-The dreaded Headlock of Horror by Hollywood

Acer lifts up Hollywood and suplexes him before picking him up and throwing him into the ropes.A backdrop on Hollywood is followed by a clothesline and a hiptoss before Acer looks at the crowd and kisses his biceps


Acer gives the fans the finger before hitting a rolling German Suplex pin but Prime Time grabs Hollywood hand and pulls him out of the ring.Acer climbs outside and points Prime Time around the corner before throwing Hollywood back in the ring. Acer spears Hollywood before climbing to the top rope and hitting a Shooting Star Legdrop 1...2......3! Acer gets his hand raised as Prime Time tends to Hollywood.Acer picks up Prime Time and connects with a Downwood Spiral before leaving the ring to further boos

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (08/08/2008)   Lockdown Results (08/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 4:58 am


Fireworks go off in The Birmingham Bowl as the crowd witness the first ever Friday Lockdown

RJ-Just 8 days before Explosion and tonight we have one heck of a card for you including two debuts lets take it to the ring

Match 1 (Written By The Saint)
Xanthi Rose vs. Belinda

RJ: Folks, during the week we witnessed a first in 6WF. A proper cat fight, between Belina and the newest addition to the roster, the feminist Xanthi Rose, a woman who thrives on her ambition to compete with the men of the roster and be seen in the same light!

DL: Haha, don’t make me laugh! Women just like doin…………….

RJ: Dave, women watch this show you know !

Belinda’s music plays and she receives a warm reception as she makes her way to the ring, high fiving the fans on the front row. She slides into the ring and readies herself for the match. Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s ‘All around the World’ plays and the debutant Xanthi Rose struts to the ring, flanked by her huge bodyguard Marlon.

Xanthi slides into the ring and gets nose to nose with Belinda before slapping her around the face. The ref takes this as his cue to start the match ad the bell rings and both women lock up, the crowd strangely captivated by what is unfolding. It goes back and forth briefly before Xanthi lands a knee to the midsecion of Belinda and promptly whips her to the ropes hitting The Muffin Lover with a clothesline. 1.……..Strong kick out by Belinda. Xanthi immediately goes back to work on her opponent, driving her knee into the back of Belinda, following up with a standing leg drop.

RJ: This Xanthi looks to be a very physical wrestler!

DL: Like your wife!

RJ: What?!

DL: What?!

Belinda kicks out of the resulting pin and as she is pulled to her feet gets in a couple of blows to Xanthi before running the ropes and hitting a bull dog abnd grounding the much taller Xanthi. Belinda mounts her opponent and unleashes a flurry of lefts and rights before being told to let go by the referee.

Belinda pulls Xanthi up and whips her into the ropes, on rhe reboun Xanthi shocks the crowd, hitting a Thunderous Hanging neckbreaker which leaves Belinda motonless on the canvas. Marlon watches on as Xanthi ruthlessly wrenches Belinda from the floor. Xanthi puts Belinda’s head under arm, stares at the crowd momentarily and then hits bone chilling spike DDT. 1.……2.…..3!

Xanthi stands over Belinda before leaving the ring and heading up the ramp. Marlon in close succession.

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (08/08/2008)   Lockdown Results (08/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 4:59 am

Match 2
Anarchy Vs GWC/Crime Lord

Anarchy in the U.K. blasts over the speaker system as the current 6wf Tag Team Champions make their way out to a mivxed reception. GWC's music plays and he makes his way out to a decent reception

Dave Law-Again the crowd seem to be warming to GWC as the weeks go by

Crime Lords music plays and GWC waits at the bottom of the ramp for his partner to join him,Anarchy stare to the top of the ramp but there is no appearance from Crime Lord.Anarchy look at each other and smile as GWC takes a big sigh and gets into the ring ready to fight

RJ-Where is Crime Lord?

Dave Law-Rumours have been abound that he hasnt been seen but it looks like those rumours may be true

Hero is first to lock up with GWC and GWC takes Hero to the mat before spinning over him and slapping the back of his head.An enraged Hero charges at GWC who moves and GWC rolls Hero up 1...2...Kick out!

RJ-Nearly suprised him there

Hero rolls out of the ring and EZ Money jumps down from the apron and gives him a massage before tagging in. EZ Money locks up with GWC and again its GWC who gets the better of the exchange locking on a headlock before taking EZ over with it and sliding round into an Ankle Lock.EZ Money quickly makes his way to the ropes

Dave Law-GWC showing no fear here

Hero tags back in and the two men trade blows before Hero whips GWC into the ropes and EZ digs a knee into his back illegally

RJ-Like the odds arnt stacked enough

Hero Gut Wrench Suplexes GWC before running the ropes and hitting a spinning backward elbow strike as GWC gets up. Herp climbs to the top and hits a corkscrew dropkick before tagging in EZ Money. EZ taunts the crowd before picking GWC up and hitting a piledriver 1...2...Kick out! EZ Money hit a shining wizard for another two count before whipping GWC into the ropes and connecting with a backdrop. A fallaway slam later and Hero is tagged back in

Dave Law-Anarchy just playing with GWC

Hero puts GWC in an abdominal stretch and behind the referees back EZ holds on to Hero's hand to create more pressure.The referee comes around to check but EZ has released

RJ-Is there really any need for Anarchy to cheat? Its two on one

EZ again holds on to Hero's hand and the referee nearly catches them but isnt sure and warns EZ. GWC is sweating and in real pain with the pressure on his back and for a third time EZ holds on to create more pressure but the referee sees and Anarchy dont release 1...2...3...4...The referee boots EZ and Heros connection and GWC hits a hiptoss.An annoyed EZ argues with the referee as Hero pulls some brass knuckles out of his trunks. GWC blocks it and puts Heros hand on the mat before stamping on it and taking the brass knuckles. GWC clocks Hero and EZ enters the ring and clotheslines GWC from behind

Dave Law-The referees losing control

GWC connects with a fun run on EZ before going to the top rope and hitting a perfect Welcome Mat(Bulldog off top). The referee indicates that EZ is not the legal man and as GWC turns around Hero kicks him in the stomach and hits a Canadian Destroyer 1...2......3! Anarchy collect their belts and head up the ramp

RJ-What a gutsy performance by GWC but where is Crime Lord?

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (08/08/2008)   Lockdown Results (08/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 4:59 am

Dave Law makes his way to the back as an Advert plays for 6wf Explosion from Cardiff Arena 16/8


Dave Law-Abe Abercorn tonight you finally get your hands on River Ace and a chance of winning your first 6wf gold in the Europeon Title after pinning River Ace last week.You must be going into this match confident

Abe Abercorn-I go into every match confident Dave,you've seen it and the world has seen it that River is scared of me.He can only keep that title for so long through disqualifications and count outs,interferance and luck and tonight the gambling mans luck has run out

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (08/08/2008)   Lockdown Results (08/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 4:59 am

The camera cuts back to the ring as Hooligan has a mic

Hooligan-Im a man who believes actions speak louder than words so i make this short. Ever since iv entered the 6wf iv been destroying any man put in front of me and there isnt a guy in this company who can outfight The Hooligan. At Against The Wall i had some punk from Manchester who got his butt handed to him by Floyd Mayweather try and get in my face

Crowd-We want Hatton! We want Hatton!

I love a fight as much,no MORE than the next man but at least wrestling takes talent.Anyone can just throw fists as iv proved by beating Matt Lightning and knocking out anyone that gets in my way so tonight

(Hooligan gets a handful of notes out of his pocket)

Hooligan-Im offering any man in this arena 2 thousand pounds to get in the ring with me for 3 minutes

Crowd pop

Hooligan-Lets see how tough you Brummies are

Hands go up all over the Birmingham Dome as Hooligan looks around

Hooligan-Put your hand down toots Hooligan doesnt hit women

Camera shows a guy in a black shirt with huge muscles near the front with his big arm up


Hooligan points in that direction and the man steps forward

Hooligan-You in the yellow T'Shirt

A scrawny guy in his early twentys with his hand up steps forward and is helped by security over the barrier into the ring

Hooligan-Whats your name


Crowd chant DEAN DEAN DEAN

Hooligan gets a clipboard. I just need you to sign this Dean to show the 6wf isnt liable for the beating your about to take

Dean signs the waiver and hands it to a guy at ringside as the bell goes and Dean turns around to be smacked in the mouth by Hooligan.Hooligan mounts Dean and continues to punch down as security pull him off.Hooligan grabs the money in the corner and puts it in a barely concious Deans bleeding mouth before making his way up the ramp to more boo's

Crowd-Bull5hit Bull5hit

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (08/08/2008)   Lockdown Results (08/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 4:59 am

Match 3
Mike Hill Vs TGA

The titantron comes to life


as TGA makes his way to the ring confidently and lies on the top rope. Mike Hills music plays and the man making his Debut gets cheered by the 6wf crowd. In the ring the two men circle each other as the bell goes and TGA asks Hill to stop before getting down on one knee. Hills tells TGA to get up so TGA puts his arm behind his back

RJ-The arrogance of the 6wf Champion never ceases to amaze me

Mike Hill looks at the crowd before slapping TGA. The Champ gets up to be hit by a dropkick as Mike Hill goes and lies on the corner post

Dave Law-Bit of pyschology from the rookie

TGA charges only for Mike Hill to move and TGA hits the turnbuckle.Hill connects with a German Suplex for a one count and TGA slides out of the ring. TGA composes himself and slides into the ring only to be hit by forearms from Hill. The newcomer whips TGA into the ropes but ducks his head early and TGA takes advantage with an Angel Bomb. TGA puts Hill in a bostan crab and Hill reaches for the ropes but cant quite make it and has to tap

RJ-Hill showed guts tonight and i think TGA underestimated him

Dave Law-I dont think thats the last we will see of Mike Hill

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (08/08/2008)   Lockdown Results (08/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:00 am

Match 4
Nemisis/Cruiser Jim Vs Gary'Angel'Johnson

‘I want it all!’ blasts around the arena as Gary Johnson appears at the top of the ramp. Two pyro’s collide, making an A, as he lifts up his title and hangs it over his shoulder. He slowly walks down as the crowd give a mixed reaction.

RJ: Got to admit, Gary is looking pretty confident- HEY!

Dl: Bet he didn’t see that coming.

Just as Gary is coming to the end of the ramp, ‘Time after Time’ plays and Nemesis and Jim run down the ramp and ambush Gary. Nemesis delivers a strong right hand, sending Johnson into the path of Cruiser who delivers the sidewalk slam.

RJ: Good teamwork by the pair there.

The referee tells them to get Gary into the ring, and Nemesis slides into the ring, leaving Cruiser to roll Johnson in. Nemesis picks up Johnson and whips him to the ropes, he goes for the clothesline but Johnson ducks, before running into the boot of Jim.

DL: This numbers game is going to pay off big time.

Jim goes to pick up Johnson but Johnson kicks him back, before jumping to his feet. Nemesis runs at Johnson who drops to the ground and trips him up, as Jim goes for a clothesline but Johnson is quick enough to duck and throw the big man over the ropes. Johnson looks at Nemesis lying over the middle rope before heading to the turnbuckle. He climbs it and jumps out of the ring, landing the legdrop over the neck of Nemesis. Johnson is quick to his feet, but Jim starts making his way over, Jim and Gary exchange rights and lefts before the bigger man pokes Johnson in the eyes. Jim then picks Gary up and drops him with a suplex.

Jim rolls into the ring and checks on his partner, before waiting for Johnson to inside the ring. Gary confidently slides in before being kicked and stomped by Jim and Nemesis. Gary is picked up and thrown against the ropes, as he comes back he ducks the clothesline and makes it to the ropes, bouncing off the middle one and performing a moonsault onto the pair.


DL: GREAT move there by Gary Johnson.

Johnson soon has control of the match as he begisn stomping on Nemesis and Jim one at a time, before focusing on the upper area of Nemesis. Johnson locks in a crossface across the face of Nemesis before Jim kicks off. As Nemesis stumbles to his feet, Johnson runs at him, before Nemesis sidesteps and chucks Johnson into the ref, knocking him out the ring and out cold. Nemesis slides out the ring and heads to the announcers table, leaving Jim and Gary to fight it alone. Gary kicks Jims middle, before going for the Canadian Destroyer. Jim reverses and hits a powerful spinebuster!

RJ: Jim just reversed it!

Jim sets up Gary for a belly-to-back suplex but Nemesis comes in with the chair.

DL: This doesn’t look good for Gary!

Nemesis runs at Gary and swings the chair violently at his head.

RJ: He ducked! Nemesis just layed out his partner!

As Nemesis turns around after checking on a KO’d Jim he is met by a Super Kick. Gary makes the cover. ………. The ref’s still down. Gary goes to the ropes trying to shout at the one on the floor, but Nemesis sets up the chair in the middle of the ring. He walks over to Johnson and kicks his stomach before picking him up for the Death Wish

Jim crawls into the ring and puts an arm over Johnson as Nemisis watches, the referee slides in on the apron. 1… 2… 3…!

Jim celebrates as ‘Time After Time’ plays, before walking to the back as Nemisis watches Cruiser Jim walk away

A video package plays advertising Nemesis vs Enforcer and TGA vs Hobo at Explosion!

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (08/08/2008)   Lockdown Results (08/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:00 am

Match 5
River Ace Vs Abe Abercorn

Ring of Fire plays and Abe Abercorn makes his way to the ring

RJ-Abe looks serious tonight

Abe warms up on the ropes as Ace Of Spades plays and the Lockdown Commisioner and Europeon Champion River Ace makes his way to the ring accompanied by Stacey. River Ace climbs into the ring and hands the belt to the referee who calls both men in and goes over the rules

Referee-This match is for the Europeon Title. I expect a clean fight. If you are to leave the ring or you are thrown out you have a ten count to re-enter. You need to break on the count of four or i WILL disqualify you on the count of five.Good luck to both of you.The bell goes and the two men circle each other before locking up. River Ace gets a headlock on before Abe throws him into the ropes and shoulder blocks him to the mat. River Ace gets up and runs the ropes again before being shoulder blocked a second time as Abe tells River to get up

RJ-Exchange one to Abe

The two men lock up again and River drives a knee into Abes midsection before applying an armbar.Abe reverses it and River goes to the ropes


River Ace gets out of the ring as Stacey massages him and Abe gets frustrated and follows out.River runs around the ring before sliding in with Abe in pursuit River stomps on Abe a few times before chopping him against the ropes and whipping him across the ring.River ducks his head and Abe DDT's the champ 1...Kick out! River gets up to be hit with a fierce Lariot 1...2...Kick out! River staggers up to be put in an airplane spin and a still dizzy River gets put in a sleeper

Dave Law-Abes brought his A game tonight

River Ace swings his arms but quickly falls to the canvas

RJ-Could this actually be it?

Rivers arm is raised once and flops.A second time and flops as Stacey bangs on the mat encouragement. A third time and Rivers hand falls on the bottom rope

Dave Law-He didnt even mean to do that,hes out!

Abe goes for a cover and Stacey put Rivers leg on the bottom rope. Abe aware of this slides out of the ring to confront Stacey and point her up the ramp.The referee slides out too and orders Stacey to the back as Abercorn enters the ring.A woozy River Ace low blows Abe but the referee doesnt see as Abe is put in the Poker Plex. The referee is ordering Stacey to the back but when he realises slides back into the ring 1...2......Shoulder up! River Ace is in shock as the crowd cheer

RJ-This crowd solidly behind Abe

River Ace goes to the second rope and connects with an elbow 1...2......Kick out! A piledriver gets another two count before River places Abe on the top rope. River Ace climbs up to Super Plex his opponent but Abe smacks him in the jaw.The two men trade blows before River falls to the mat.Abe waits for River to get up before flying through the air with a crossbody but River rolls through and holds onto the tights

Dave Law-1...2......3!

RJ-No it was a two count but how close

River again cant believe it but quickly headbutts Abe before hitting a Russian Legsweep 1...2......Kick out! River pulls Abe to the middle of the ring and locks The Texas Hold Em on

RJ-O no this is it!

River cranks up the pressure as Abe trys to pull himself to the ropes

Dave Law-Rivers got it locked,Abe can hardly move across the ring

River Ace cranks up the pressure some more as Abe seems to be fading

Referee-Do you want to give up?

Abe Abercorn-NEVER!

Abe fades and the referee lifts his arm once with it dropping,twice with it dropping

Crowd-Lets go Abe! Lets go Abe!

The third time the arm drops again but not to the mat and Abe makes one last effort with two hands to force his way up out of The Texas Hold Em.Abes body slowly comes off the mat as the crowd gasp as River falls forward

RJ-WOW! Abe just powered out of The Texas Hold Em!

Abe quickly applies the hold himself

Dave Law-O my god!

RJ-The irony!

Crowd go wild jumping up and down

River Ace in the middle of the ring screams in pain and lifts his hand up once but refuses to tap before lifting his hand up a second time just as Hooligan enters the ring and pulls Abe off


Hooligan picks up a lifeless Abe before punching him in the jaw to the mat and dragging River Ace from the ring.Hooligan puts River over his shoulders and takes him to the back much to the crowds disapointment

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (08/08/2008)   Lockdown Results (08/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:00 am

ASC Vs Trash TV
Saint/JJ Johnson Vs Hobo/Enforcer


Enforcer makes his way to the ring first followed by Hobo


Get your groove on plays and JJ Johnson makes his way out with his Internet Title. JJ waits at the bottom of the ramp as St Anger plays and the man in charge of Shutdown comes to the ring ready for battle. With the four men in the ring Enforcer starts off against JJ. They touch knuckles as a sign of respect before locking up

Dave Law-Iv been looking forward to this one

JJ backs Enforcer up slightly before Enforcer powers back and the two men break off. Saint calls for the tag and gets in the ring and approaches Enforcer before hitting him with open hands

RJ-Saint means buisness and caught Enforcer offguard

Saint whips Enforcer into the ropes and hits a spear 1...Kick out! Enforcer slides to his corner and tags Hobo who steps in the ring to a huge ovation. Hobo and Saint lock up and Hobo headbutts Saint before kicking him in the midsection sending him forward then punching him back upright,kick to the midsection again followed by an uppercut.Hobo quickly connects with a soft shoe shuffle 1...Kick out! Saint forward rolls across the ring and on one knee looks at Hobo before looking at the crowd

Half Crowd-Trash TV

Half Crowd-ASC

RJ-These fans are divided

Saint tags in JJ who challenges Hobo to a test of strength.Hobo goes to lock up before changing hands.JJ goes to change hands too and Hobo changes again until Hobo starts dancing with his hands in the air


JJ kicks Hobo in the stomach and whips him into the ropes.Hobo ducks a clothesline but JJ spinebusters the no1 contender to the 6wf title. JJ tags in Saint and Saint puts Hobo in The Crucifier(Masterlock). Hobo trys to break free to no avail and goes to use his feet to work his way up and push off but Saints power pulls him back into the middle of the ring

RJ-Doesnt look good for Hobo

Enforcer climbs in the ring and Facechecks Saint out of nowhere as the referee puts Enforcer out of the ring JJ drags Saint to his corner and tags in.The Internet Champion takes advantage of Hobos weakened state by slingshotting him into the corner before running at him with all his bodyweight.Hobo slumps to the mat 1...2......Kick out!

Dave Law-Hobo needs a tag

RJ-You dont say Einstein

JJ lets Hobo crawl towards his corner before pulling him to the middle of the ring and going for a figure four but as he twists Hobo pushes JJ off into his own corners post.Hobo crawls towards Enforcer as Saint tags in and just prevents the tag.Saint lifts Hobo up for The Promised Slam (Sit down pedigree?) 1...2......Enforcer kicks Saint in the head. Saint picks up Hobo and tags JJ before hitting a backbreaker and holding him in position as JJ comes off the second rope with an elbow

Dave Law-A tribute to Demolition there

JJ makes the cover 1...2......Foot on rope. JJ whips Hobo into the ropes but Hobo holds on and as JJ runs at Hobo he hits a Hobo Cuddle.Both men are down

Half crowd-ASC

Half crowd-Trash TV

JJ makes the tag to Saint as again Hobo trys to get to Enforcer and this time makes it.Enforcer comes in and hits Saint with fists backing him into the ropes before backdropping him and hitting two clotheslines.JJ gets in the ring to be chopped back and Enforcer whips JJ into Saint in the corner

RJ-The tide has changed in this one

Hobo is tagged in and hits The Bums Rush in the corner(Backside first splash) before Enforcer copys Hobo manerisms in using down and out(his fists) over and over on Saint and Enforcer sending them flying out of the ring.At this point fire goes off at the top of the ramp and Nemisis comes to the ring with TGA and as both men enter they trade blows with Enforcer and Hobo as the referee throws the match out. Nemisis chokeslams Enforcer as Hobo is getting the better of TGA. Hobo turns around to be hit by a big boot by Nemisis then TGA connects with Hell And Back

RJ-A great match ruined by our egotistical Champions

JJ and Saint look at each other before entering the ring and taking it to the Champions. JJ spears TGA as Saint and Nemisis exchange blows. Nemisis gets the better of Saint and JJ charges at Nemisis only to be hit with a chokeslam. Saint and Nemisis again go nose to nose before Enforcer and Hobo spin them around. Again they hit the two men with Down and Outs(Their fists) and Hobo whips Saint into a Facecheck before Enforcer trades blows with Nemisis and Hobo slides a table into the ring and sets it up. Hobo helps Enforcer get the upper hand on Nemisis before they both spinebuster Nemisis through the table as the crowd go wild. Hobo picks up the TAW Title as Enforcer picks up the 6wf Title before they look at each other smile and swop belts before Hobo and Enforcer climb the ropes holding up the world titles

RJ-Could this be the sight we see in just 8 days

Dave Law-Only time will tell and theres only one way to see it Live.The countdowns on to EXPLOSION,bye folks!
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Lockdown Results (08/08/2008)
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