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 Lockdown Results (29/05/2008)

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PostSubject: Lockdown Results (29/05/2008)   Lockdown Results (29/05/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 8:21 pm

Dark Match
The Hooligan Vs Rasta

Match lasts less than a minute as Hooligan wins with a kick to the head while Rasta is on all fours


Match 1
Bezerker Vs Real Dude

Bezerker is waiting in the ring when Real Dudes music plays but no appearance and the referee counts out Real Dude

Match 2
TGA Vs JJ Johnson

A match that goes back and forth until TGA takes control and goes for his finisher but spots Matt Lightning on the ramp.JJ knees TGA in the back and TGA lands on the second rope.The ref backs off JJ while Lightning strikes TGA with some handcuffs 1...2....3! JJ wins

In the back TGA is furious and goes to see River Ace

River Ace-I know your furious TGA but i cant have you ruin my main event.You can choose whatever match you want with Lightning at Chaos but im going to have to get you to leave the building,sorry

Match 3
(Winner to face River Ace at Chaos)
Nemisis Vs Hobo

Hobo avoids Nemisis for the first two minutes running round the ring and through Nemisis's legs etc but once Nemisis gets hold of Hobo he wears him down.Hobo resorts to biting Nemisis and does get a bums rush in the corner before gloating to the crowd.Nemisis just gets up and chokeslams Hobo 1...2.....Kick out! Nemisis tombstones Hobo for a 3 count

Match 4
GWC/Crime Lord Vs Rock v2/Gary'Angel'Johnson

The match is an even contest but breaks out into two matches as Crime Lord and Gary Johnson battle into the crowd. GWC goes for the CWG but Rock v2 spins him around into a Rock bottom 1...2....Kick out! Rock v2 performs the peoples elbow 1...2.....Kick out! Rock v2 cant believe it and hits a second Rock Bottom 1...2......3!

RJ-Rock v2 has a 6wf title shot at Chaos and The Angel will get Crime Lord for The Hardcore Title!

Match 5
(No1 Contender to TAW Title)
Hero Vs Enforcer

Hero is more technical while Enforcer tries to power his way to victory.The end comes when Hero hits The Canadian Destroyer 1...2.....Foot on rope!

Michael Wire-Wow,Enforcer wants this

Hero argues with the referee and Enforcer rolls him up 1...2......Enforcer holds onto the ropes......3!!!!! Enforcer is no1 contender to TAW Title

The Saint Vs Matt Lightning

Matt Lightning doesnt rap and shakes Saints hand but is all buisness as he controls the early going.The more experienced Saint takes control and hits his power moves but isnt as ruthless on the limp Matt Lightning.Lightning takes advantage with a roll up 1...2....Kick out! Saint hits The Divine Force for the 3 count!

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Lockdown Results (29/05/2008)
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