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 Lockdown Results (07/02/2008)

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PostSubject: Lockdown Results (07/02/2008)   Lockdown Results (07/02/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:34 am

Here we go folks. The dawn of a new era…Welcome to the first ever 6WF/TAW Thursday Night Lockdown. I’m Michael Wire your new Thursday Night Commentator and I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to our matches tonight, especially our crowning of new TAW European and World Champions!

I can’t help but believe our Commissioner Diablo when he says Thursday nights will never be the same again!

(Thursday Night Lockdown Credits play : Various clips of match action to Marilyn Manson’s “The New S***”)

MATCH 1 : Fight for the Right. First Round, Match 4.
GWC vs EZ Money

“Here Comes the Money” plays and the crowd go wild for the arrival of 6WF’s first ever champion, EZ Money.

Wire : Here comes the Money alright! What a first round match in the Fight for the Right this will be. 6WF vs TAW. Revolution vs the Dogs of War. Two of the biggest stars in the game and one of them has to fall tonight!

“Reload” by Rob Zombie bellows around the arena, and Revolution’s tag team champion, GWC steps through the smoke to jeers and insults. He’s walking gingerly, clearly suffering from his epic victory over Acer. Following him are Hero, E-Val, Real Dude and The Saint.

Wire : Oh have I got a bad feeling about this folks? Revolution have decided to make their presence known early on tonight.

The match begins with EZ and GWC staring each other down, the rest of Revolution circling the ring like vultures, making sudden movements to throw EZ’s concentration. Hero jumps up on the apron and EZ turns only to be hit from behind by GWC. GWC gains the early momentum by stamping EZ into the ground, to the laughs of Revolution. GWC picks up EZ and slings him into the ropes, flattening him with a clothesline on the rebound. GWC follows up with an elbow drop and then a sleeper hold on the former champ. EZ struggles to overcome the hold and get to his feet, elbowing into the ribs of GWC, and he manages to push GWC away. GWC comes straight back at him with another quick clothesline, and then he whips EZ to the ropes again. This time Real Dude pulls the ropes down, slinging EZ to the floor and a mugging from Revolution. GWC’s four team mates beat down EZ whilst GWC cockily rests in the corner.

Wire : This is a disgrace. Revolution are taking EZ Money apart on the outside.

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (07/02/2008)   Lockdown Results (07/02/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:34 am

The Saint rolls EZ back into the ring and GWC picks him up, preparing to hit a suplex. EZ blocks with his leg, and takes him over for one of his own. GWC gets up quickly but EZ knocks him down again with a dropkick. GWC bounces back up again only to be hit with a t-bone suplex. EZ covers and gets a two count, then he signals to go to the top rope. EZ takes to the air to land a flying legdrop but GWC evades, getting up and kicking EZ in the head. He goes to repeat the kick but EZ grabs hold of GWC’s leg and takes him down, putting on a leg-lock. GWC gets to the ropes and the ref allows him to get up before the two of them start brawling. GWC manages to launch EZ over the top again to receive another savage beating from Revolution. They return him to the ring again and the crowd erupt.

Wire : IT’S FINLAY AND CRUISER! They’ve seen enough and they are bringing an equalizer!

EZ money’s stable mates ride down the ramp on a water cannon and EZ, GWC and the referee look on in disbelief as Finlay takes aim with the pressure hose and soaks the Revolution members to the floor. EZ sees an opportunity and low blows GWC from behind and lands a german suplex with a bridge pin. The ref gets down and counts 1, 2…3.

Wire : OH WHAT A START TO THURSDAY NIGHT LOCKDOWN! What a match to kick off the new era! Take that for a Revolution!

EZ Money stands over GWC laughing as he rolls around clutching his groin. “If you ain’t cheating…you ain’t trying!” He joins Finlay and Cruiser, still laughing as Revolution sqirm around the ring soaking wet.

MATCH 2 : Fight for the Right. First Round, Match 5.
E-Val vs Zi Zheng

“Last of the Famous International Playboys” plays and Diablo makes his way to the stage. “You guys better go get yourself dried off before the Battle Royale…any artificial weight addition and you might get disqualified”

Revolution start to walk up the ramp. “Um.. Not you E-Val. You have a match right now. Get back to the ring!”

E-Val returns to the ring and Zi Zheng’s music hits. Zheng runs to the ring, getting a pat on the back from his mentor Diablo, and the bell rings. Zheng gets some early shots in on the Internet champion before taking him down with a leg sweep and initiating an Indian Deathlock. E-Val gets to the ropes and gets to his feet, taking Zi Zheng down with a body spash pin that gets a two count.

Zheng gets up but is quickly hit with a flying neckbreaker from E-Val, who carries on his run up to the top turnbuckle, immediately throwing himself back off to hit a moonsault, again gaining a two count.

E-val whips Zi Zheng into the ropes and waits for him to rebound before meeting him with an attempted roundhouse kick that Zheng catches. Zheng spins E-Val around and hits him with a backdrop. E-Val rolls to the outside and recovers on the apron. He jumps up onto the rope and hits Zheng with a hurrancarrana that sends Zheng flying to the corner. E-val sees the opportunity to attempt a Rouge Spear. He runs at Zheng who gets out of the corner in time. E-Val stops himself from spearing the turnbuckle by stopping his run, putting his foot on the turnbuckle. Zheng attempts a clothesline from behind but E-Val leaps up to the turnbuckle and backward rolls off as Zheng throws his body into the corner again. This time E-Val connects with the Rouge Spear in the corner, and he follows it up with a simple scoop slam to move Zheng from the ropes and gain the three count and progression to the next round.
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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (07/02/2008)   Lockdown Results (07/02/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:35 am

MATCH 3 : Battle Royale for TAW European Title

Wire : Here it is. The match that will determine the first ever TAW European Champion. The competitors are starting to gather in the ring for this over the top rope elimination match. Revolution are here, EZ Money is here, Commissioner Acer is here, Finlay, Rock V2, Pheonix and Ethan, River Ace…everyone is here…what a line-up!

The bell rings and an almighty brawl breaks out. Although its every man for himself, there is no mistaking that Revolution are on the same page as Hero, E-Val and Real Dude work together to eliminate the new big man Rawlings. Also The Saint and GWC team up to launch Rock V2 over the top rope. As they turn around to look for another victim, GWC is met with a big boot to the face from Cruiser Jim, who then lifts a startled Saint above his head to powerbomb him out of the ring.

EZ Money knows who his biggest threats are and he spots an opportunity to double clothesline Pheonix Rose over the top with the help of Finlay. Ethan Page is too late to help his mentor, but he takes immediate revenge by blind siding Finlay and knocking him to the outside.

In the corner, River Ace and Danny Dynamite are working on eliminating Cruiser Jim but they can’t get him lifted. In another corner Hero and EZ Money trade punches, each trying to get an upper hand. Hero takes advantage by throwing EZ against the turnbuckle, and then climbs atop to lay some punches to EZ’s face. Suddenly Acer finds some space to run to the corner and topple Hero off the turnbuckle, over the top rope to the outside. Hero seems furious at Acer’s intervention. Real Dude grabs hold of Acer and attempts to Irish Whip him into the ropes. Hero spots this and pulls down the top rope. But Acer manages to reverse the whip and sends Real Dude crashing on top of Hero, his momentum taking him over the lowered rope.

Acer and GWC resume their feud and trade submission holds in the middle of the ring, safe from any mishaps. In the corner where Danny Dynamite and River Ace are working on Cruiser Jim, Danny goes for a body splash in the corner, only to be caught by Cruiser. River Ace shows some initiative and dropkicks the back of Dynamite, making Cruiser lose his balance and fall over the top rope, still holding Danny, both are eliminated. River Ace proud of himself allows himself a taunt, but showing his inexperience he gets hit from out of nowhere with E-Val’s Rouge Spear, sending him sprawling over the top rope.

In the ring GWC has a sharpshooter on Acer, and even though you can’t tap out, Acer crawls to the rope to try and break the hold. Ethan Page spots Acer struggling and runs at GWC who quickly drops the hold to flip Ethan over his head. Ethan flies over the top rope and lands horribly on his head on the outside. GWC, proud of the damage caused to Ethan, returns to re-apply his sharp shooter to Acer.

This leaves EZ Money and E-Val, the only other two competitors, battling it out. E-Val hits EZ with a Tornado DDT, but when he tries to pick him back up to hit a snap suplex, EZ counters and lifts E-Val into the suplex position, hanging him in the air. E-Val struggles free and jumps down from the hangman, landing on the ring apron outside of the ropes. EZ quickly runs up the turnbuckle for elevation, doubling back with a dropkick, sending E-Val to the floor.

EZ strolls across to where GWC is still tormenting Acer with submission holds, the arena lights go out. They stay out for about 45 seconds. When they come back on Nemesis is stood in the middle of the ring…but so is Diablo. Nemesis seems shocked at Diablo pre-empting his arrival and Diablo reacts first, putting all of his body behind a clothesline that sends both of them over the top rope.

Acer uses the dark period to recover from GWC’s technical assault. Acer and EZ give each other a quick nod and understandingly both take hold of GWC to eject him from the ring.

Wire : Oh my God. That happened so quick, if you blinked you missed it. Luckily we were able to have a 45 second blink just before. What a turn of events. That just leaves EZ Money and Acer contesting the prize.

On the outside Nemesis is furious at Diablo’s intervention, and quickly channels his anger into aggression, unloading punch after punch on Diablo. They reach the commentators table and Nemesis wastes no time in almost effortlessly chokeslamming Diablo through it. Acer shows concern in the ring for his fellow Commissioner, calling to the outside to check he is ok. EZ Money seizes the opportunity to throw Acer over the top rope from behind, spinning away in celebration. He spins full circle to see Acer standing on the apron, he held onto the top rope and wasn’t eliminated. Acer jumps up onto the top rope and hurracarranas EZ over the rope to the floor, landing on top of him.

Wire : Acer has won it! Acer is the TAW European Champion! Well do..

Nemesis grabs Acer by the neck and chokeslams him straight onto the body of Diablo. Nemesis immediately takes hold of EZ Money and chokeslams him on top of the two Commissioners.

Wire : Unbeleivable….Nemesis has just left the new TAW European Champion and Monday Night’s commissioner, the Thursday Night Commissioner and 6WF’s first ever Champion, in a scrap pile on top of my now flattened table. How is Nemesis going to be stopped?

MAIN EVENT : TAW World Heavyweight Title
Randy Peeper vs ???????????

Wire : Who will be Randy Peeper’s mystery opponent? The number one contender is making his way to the ring now, but both Commissioners are flat out on the arena floor, as well as my favourite for the title match.

Randy Peeper waits in the ring. Pacing the ring awaiting his opponent. The wait seems endless. Then Nemesis enters the ring from where he was standing, over the broken bodies of Diablo, Acer and EZ Money. He attacks Peeper from behind, knocking him to the floor, then he applies a camel clutch. The announcer rings the bell.

Wire : WHAT THE HELL? WHY HAS THE BELL BEEN RANG? Has this match started? Nemesis can’t be the opponent? Can he?

The cameraman goes over to the announcer and zooms in on a piece of paper in his hand. A contract for the title match signed by Trish Stratus.

Wire : Oh No…It can’t be!

Nemesis lets Randy Peeper get to his feet, but the blindsided attack has knocked Peeper for six. Nemesis signals an early end and drives Randy into the floor with a choke slam and covers. 1….2…..The ref is pulled out of the ring and flattened by Acer who grabs the microphone. “Diablo may be Commissioner of this show, and he may have siphoned some power off to Trish Stratus…but I am the head of this organization and that contract has been signed under duress. This is not an official match!”

Nemesis looks angry and stalks Acer to the outside. He stalks him around the ring until Diablo takes him out form behind with the ring bell. Nemesis falls to the floor, but unbelievably recovers very quickly. He gets to his feet and boots Diablo to the floor, then grabbing the uncovered monitor leads from the destroyed table, Nemesis starts to choke out Diablo. EZ struggles with Nemesis to get him to release the choke but something goes wrong and a big spark emanates from the cable, sending EZ, Diablo and Nemesis flying to the floor, out unconscious.

Wire : Oh good god…they’ve been electrocuted! This has to stop!

Randy Peeper returns to his feet in the ring, completely unaware of what just happened, staring at the carnage on the outside. Acer joins him in the ring. “GET THE EMT’S OUT HERE…GET OUT HERE NOW!” Acer takes a moment to think. “I’m sorry fans. I can’t allow the Diablo Nemesis match to go ahead next week. These two are going to kill each other, if they haven’t done already! I cannot sanction the match. What I will sanction is a repeat of what this match should have been next week, for the TAW World Title…Randy Peeper vs a deserving opponent, an opponent that will not be Nemesis!!”

Wire : This was supposed to be a night of celebration. A glorious re-invigoration of the TAW titles…a glorious re-invigoration of Thursday nights…but this is just a mess…a damned mess! (Lockdown goes off air with EMT’s seeing to Diablo, Nemesis and EZ Money)
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Lockdown Results (07/02/2008)
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