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 Pain Results (08/05)

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PostSubject: Pain Results (08/05)   Pain Results (08/05) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 12:51 am

*Pyros go off all around the stage and the crowd are going absolutely crazy. The camera focuses in on the announcer's desk.*

RJ: Welcome to 6WF Pain! This pay-per-view has some blockbuster matches to offer, including both world titles on the line as well as the Hardcore, Tag, FreeWeight and European titles all being defended tonight.

MW: That's right, but don't forget that we also have the 6NG guys on show, as well as Solomon Riddick taking on Enforcer, and a fatal fourway that will hopefully finally put an end to a feud.

RJ: Then we also have the long awaited final of the Fight for the Right tournament, Hero takes on Chris Patricks, that match is one I suggest you all look out for!

MW: Well let's get this HUGE show underway!
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PostSubject: Re: Pain Results (08/05)   Pain Results (08/05) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 12:52 am

*The competitors of the first match are shown backstage.

Horrigan is seen hitting hard on a punchbag...

Fernando Gonzalez and Scorpion are sat next to each other discussing their upcoming match whilst Longinus is shown separate from the rest of the group warming up by himself. The camera then shows the other team.

Yarmouth Blade is seen psyching himself up in the corner, watching replays from his various matches with Frank Horrigan. James Eagle and Nathan Windsor are helping each other warm up, whilst Edan Ekram gets up out of his seat to join Yarmouth in examining the footage.

Both teams are then shown leaving their locker-rooms ahead of the match.
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PostSubject: Re: Pain Results (08/05)   Pain Results (08/05) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 12:54 am

Match 1
Frank Horrigan/Fernando Gonzalez/Longinus/The Scorpion vs James Eagle/Yarmouth Blade/Nathan Windsor/Edan Ekram

RJ: Up first for you here on Pain we have a massive 8 man tag team match!

MW: This match includes many Pay Per View debuts!

RJ: All 8 men will be looking to prove themselves here in 6WF and what better way than scoring a PPV Victory!

"Elements of life" hits and The lights go black and all that can be heard is a whisper through the speaker system... 'Ekram.' As soon as the music starts, Edan through a thin layer of smoke dressed in wrestling shorts and starts to jog down the ramp, tagging the hands of the fans as he goes by. When he starts to reach the end of the ramp he starts to speed up before jumping onto the apron and leapfrogging over the ropes to land in the ring. He soaks up the cheers and waits for his partner.

“Where no one knows” blares out and Nathan Windsor bursts out through the curtain. Windsor jumps around frantically at the top of the ramp, pyshcing himself up before walking down the ramp tagging all of the fans hands and they cheer him loudly. Windsor slaps hands with Ekram and the two wait for their other partners.

"One and only" blares out through the speakers,Yarmouth Blade strides out and puts his arms out,setting off an array of pyro's.He then walks down the ramp slowly and rolls into the ring.

James “The Gold” Eagle appears on the stage as Burn Burn by Lostprophets plays.He gets a generous applause which turns into a rousing reception as he hands some of the money in his hands to the fans next to the barrier and at ringside. He walks down the ramp tagging the fans hands before sliding in slapping hands with his partners.

MW: And now their opposition!

“Smooth” blares out and Fernando Gonzalez walks out, he flexes his muscles at the top of the ramp before striding down to the ring. He slides in and goes to the corner, climbing to the 2nd rope before back-flipping off.

“All my life” blazes out through the speakers and as the song kicks into it’s first verse, Longinus walks out with his arms stretched pyro’s spiralling off around him. He walks slowly to the ring, waving sarcastically to the fans before sliding into the ring.

I Won't Do What You Tell Me hits and the crowd boo as the Scorpion walks out the ring. He steps through the ropes into the ring and slaps hands with his tag team partners. They wait as...

“Rock the Night" by Europe plays out through the speakers, and the crowd boos. Frank Horrigan slowly walks out towards the ring. He growls at some of the younger fans before laughing as they recoil in horror. He steps into the ring, staring menacingly across the ring.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Frank Horrigan steps forward for his team leaving the other three to take a step back. Horrigan waits impatiently before finally walking over and dragging Edan Ekram to the middle of the ring. Horrigan crunches a right hook into the stomach before bouncing off the ropes and hitting a massive clothesline that nearly takes Ekram’s head off. He roars in the middle of the ring and the crowd boo. Horrigan hauls up Ekram and hits a standing headbutt with such force that he falls into the ropes. Horrigan whips Ekram out across the ring and hits a double A spinebuster. Horrigan then runs the ropes and hits a big splash.

Ref: 1..............2........Kick out!

Horrigan has Ekram into a seated rear waistlock straight after the pinfall attempt, he slowly rises to his feet and nails Ekram with a Pumphandle Fallaway slam. Horrigan tags in The Scorpion who steps into the ring and begins to stomp away on Ekram. The Scorpion drags up Edan and hits him with a suplex. He then bounces off the ropes going for the people’s elbow but Ekram moves.

Edan Ekram waits for The Scorpion to rise before hitting him with a high-angled dropkick. The Scorpion stumbles up onto his feet and Ekram nails him with a jumping DDT before hooking the leg.

Ref: 1..............2.......Kick out!

Ekram has The Scorpion immediately into a sleeper hold, The Scorpion fights his way up only for Ekram to hit an inverted backbreaker followed by an edge-o-matic. Ekram makes the tag to Nathan Windsor who steps into the ring. Windsor lifts the Scorpion onto his shoulders and nails a running powerslam before attempting a Sharpshooter but The Scorpion boots him away into the corner. The Scorpion rolls up onto his feet and nails a stinger splash in the corner, followed by a running bulldog before making the cover.

Ref: 1..............2........Kick out!

Windsor forces his shoulder up off the canvas, The Scorpion is quick to boot away on the head of Windsor before dragging him up and hitting three stiff roundhouse kicks into the side. The Scorpion then dives to the corner tagging in Fernando Gonzalez who goes up to the top rope. Windsor runs towards the corner and hits a leaping kick to the side of the head before throwing him down from the top rope. Windsor grasps Gonzalez around the head before flying off nailing a Tornado DDT!

Ref: 1................2........Kick out!

RJ: Each one of these men trying to show as many of their skills as possible!

Windsor makes the tag into James Eagle! He drags up Gonzalez and the two begin to exchange punches with neither gaining an advantage. They step away and then lock up a fresh. Eagle drives Gonzalez back only for him to drive a boot into the stomach. Eagle falls back slightly and Gonzalez sprints at him only to be met with a T-Bone suplex. Gonzalez rolls up and Eagle runs at him and hits a leaping clothesline. He covers Gonzalez.

Ref: 1..................2........Kick out!

Gonzalez forces the shoulder up, Eagle gets to his feet and stomps away at Gonzalez for a few moments before going up to the top rope. He is lining up a corkscrew body splash but Shoe grabs onto the leg and holds Eagle there. Shoe holds on as Eagle gets more and more frustrated, Gonzalez is up and he runs towards the corner and hits a leaping dropkick into the stomach. Gonzalez is quick to tag in Frank Horrigan.

The monster is back in the match for the 2nd time, but he still seems as scary as ever as he viciously piles away with shoulder thrusts into the abdomen of Eagle. Horrigan then waits for Eagle to fall forward before nailing a Gorilla press Slam on the Golden Eagle. He places his foot across the chest as his pinfall method.

Ref: 1................2..........Kick out!

Horrigan waits for Eagle to rise before scooping him up and then slamming him stiffly into the canvas. Horrigan bounces off the ropes and hits a big splash on Eagle who rolls away. Horrigan drags him out from the corner and heaves him up before crashing a knee into the stomach and then running the ropes hitting a DDT!

Ref: 1..............2...........Kick out!

RJ: How Impressive is Horrigan?

MW: The only Next Gen guy I can handle...

RJ: Is that cos he makes you **** your pants every time he gets near this announce table!

Horrigan whips Eagle out across the ring as soon he is up. Yarmouth Blade makes the blind tag and Horrigan takes out Eagle with a back body drop. Yarmouth Blade goes for a flying clothesline but Horrigan hits a bicycle kick in mid-air!

MW: These two have been at each other’s throats throughout the whole of Next Gen, and it comes to a head tonight on the PPV!

Ref: 1...............2.............Kick out!

Yarmouth barely kicks out, Horrigan hits him with consecutive massive headbutts that back him into the corner. Horrigan lifts Yarmouth Blade onto his shoulders in the corner and hits a Samoan Drop from the 2nd rope!

Ref: 1................2.............Ekram breaks the pinfall!

Ekram breaks the pinfall, but The Scorpion sprints into the ring and knocks him to the outside with a big clothesline. Windsor sneaks up behind the scorpion and dumps him out on top of Ekram. Windsor looks pleased with himself until Gonzalez throws him out of the ring. Fernando then looks down to the outside...


Horrigan is left to watch the carnage but then picks up Yarmouth Blade. He sets up for the icon-o-slam but Yarmouth Blade manages to elbow his way out of the hold. He drops down the back and hits a white Russian Legsweep on Horrigan before making the cover.

Ref: 1............2.......Kick out!

Horrigan powers his way out, Yarmouth Blade goes to the corner waiting for Frank to rise before meeting him with a missile dropkick. He bounces off the ropes as Horrigan rises hitting a chopblock followed by a shining wizard!

Ref: 1..............2........Kick out!

Yarmouth Blade waits for Horrigan to rise before attempting a flying shoulder barge but they crash into each other as Horrigan attempts a clothesline.

RJ: Horrigan has the fresh man in Longinus waiting, he just needs a tag.

Horrigan slowly stirs, he scoots towards the corner and goes for the tag.


Longinus jumps down from the apron, he smiles at Horrigan before going under the ring and picking up a shirt with a big A emblazoned in the middle. He continues to hold up the shirt as he leaves up the ramp, leaving Horrigan to spin into James Eagle who was tagged in by Blade.


Ref: 1....................2.........................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

RJ: Eagle gets the pinfall win but Blade must take a lot of credit from tonight!
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PostSubject: Re: Pain Results (08/05)   Pain Results (08/05) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 12:54 am

*Blue Dragon is backstage punching a punch bag, before he walks over and picks a steel pipe. He rubs his finger down the side of it, before he smiling to himself and swinging it about. He spins it quickly around, and just manages to stop before he smacks Clarissa around the head.*

BD: Oh sorry about that Clarissa, I was just practicing my weaponry.

C: Haha, so I guess that means I shouldn't bother asking if you're prepared. We all know your history with Crime Lord Blue, so what does this match mean to you?

BD: It's my chance for a final redemption, to put my past behind me. I am going to beat Crime Lord tonight and show him exactly how the pupil has become better than the teacher.
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PostSubject: Re: Pain Results (08/05)   Pain Results (08/05) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 12:55 am

RJ: Next up folks we have the first title match of the night and one that pits two guys that are for me the two that most define this belt. They breathe hardcore, they bleed hardcore, they live hardcore.

MW: And looking at your computer history the other night then you **** hardcore, seriously you have issues!

RJ: It was research!
MW: What research were you doing that involves llamas and snooker balls?

RJ: Never mind that right now here comes the Champion!
Freak on a Leash by Korn blasts out of the speakers as Blue Dragon emerges to a great pop from the fans, he begins to touch hands with those at the side of the ramp when suddenly one of them grabs his head and smashes it down into the railings!

MW: That’s Crime Lord! He’s taking the fight to Blue Dragon straight away and is looking to get an early advantage. He’s also carrying something it seems too!
Crime Lord jumps over the barrier with a kendo stick in hand, Blue Dragon is on all fours trying to gather himself as Crime raises the stick above his head.

RJ: Ouch! That could be heard throughout the arena! Crime Lord is already a 3 time Hardcore Champion and he’s showing exactly why right here.


Crime Lord delivers a series of hits with the stick over BD’s back, already big red marks show on his ribs. CL drops the stick to the ground and grabs hold on BD, dragging him down to the ring and rolling him under the bottom rope into the ring.
MW: Crimey realises that the match isn’t legally underway yet! This could be the quickest title match on record!

Crime Lord steps foot in the ring and the ring announcer rings the bell to indicate the match is now officially underway. Crime Lord immediately goes for the pin
1…….2……..kick out!
RJ: BD wasn’t going into the record books there, he refuses to lie down!

Crime Lord rolls out of the ring and lifts up the apron to reach under the ring, pulling out a trashcan, ladder and a table. He sets up the table outside whilst rolling the ladder into the ring. Finally he throws the can into the ring and climbs back in as BD finally struggles to his feet.
RJ: Crime Lord is showing he’s a master of hardcore right here, using anything that’s to hand.
MW: Why do we always have stuff like bins and ladders under a ring though, surely that’s sloppy by the guys who set these rings up?

Crime Lord grabs the trashcan again and runs at BD, BD sees it coming and raises his huge boot which connects with the trashcan sending it smashing into Crime Lord’s face, he crashes down to the mat with the trashcan on top of him.
RJ: That’s a leveller! Wow that big boot could have taken the Iron Man’s head off!
BD signals to the crowd that he’s going up high and climbs the turnbuckle.
MW: Dear God he’s going to crush him under that can!

BD leaps from the top rope attempting to hit a cross body splash but Crime Lord lifts up his knees with the trashcan on top, BD lands with his ribs on the can as the crowd wince.
Crime Lord rises to his feet and it’s clear to see he was cut open earlier when the trashcan hit his face, crimson courses out from a cut on his forehead and it streams down over one eye.
RJ: He’s grabbing hold of Dragon, what’s he doing with him?

CL delivers a couple of quick knees to his gut to keep him in charge before Irish whipping him into the cornerpost. He then lifts up the ladder and positions it in the opposite corner resting against the turnbuckle.
He grabs hold of BD’s wrist again and tries to swing him into the ladder in the opposite corner but the strength of BD is too much and he reverses it and Crime Lord ends up landing on the ladder with a sickening crunch.
MW: There’s only ever one winner when flesh meets steel!

Blue Dragon looks across at Crime Lord and motions for a spear.
RJ: This could finish it right here!

BD runs full pelt at Crime Lord but CL sidesteps at the last second and BD crashes headfirst through the ladder rungs into the turnbuckle.
MW: Dear God! He’s buckled those rungs around him, he’s wedged between them!

Crime Lord takes his opportunity and goes back to the mat outside to grab something from under the ring, this time he emerges with a barbed wire baseball bat.
RJ: Oh this doesn’t look good at all! Blue Dragon can’t defend himself! His arms are trapped in that ladder!

MW: Brutal shot there by Crime Lord to BD’s lower back, both guys now bleeding!

Crime Lord now grabs the other end of the bat in his other hand and rakes it over Blue Dragon’s face, the wire begins to lacerate his cheeks.
RJ: Seriously we need paramedics out here right now! This has gone beyond a match, Dragon is unable to defend himself and Crime Lord is brutalising him! This isn’t a wrestling match anymore! This is assault!

MW: The fans think differently!

The fans baying for blood begin to chant ‘This is hardcore! this is hardcore!
Crime Lord pulls the ladder from off BD now before hitting once more with the bat, this time to his gut, the mat now is covered in splatters of crimson from both wrestlers.
RJ: He’s lifting Blue Dragon up! That’s huge amount of strength there! Lock & Load coming up!
MW: No! Reversal! BD somehow managed to escape it!

BD punches Crime Lord from his elevated position a couple of times which weakens CL, then he escapes down behind him and grabs hold of Crime Lord from behind.
RJ: Deathnote!!! OMG!!!
BD lifts Crime Lord up for his finishing gutwrench powerbomb but with his brute strength moves over to the ropes and throws over the side through the table at ringside.
The crowd remain silent for a spilt second and then begin chants, this is awesome! This is awesome!
The body of Crime Lord lies twitching amidst the wreckage of the table, BD rolls out and goes for the pin.
Your winner and STILL the Hardcore Champion……Blue Dragon!
The ref lifts up Blue Dragon’s hand as he looks down on Crime Lord through bloody eyes.
RJ: That was brutal, just brutal, I wonder if those two guys will ever be the same again after that hellacious battle
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PostSubject: Re: Pain Results (08/05)   Pain Results (08/05) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 12:56 am

Dexter Morgan is stood backstage holding his Fresher's Ball briefcase with Clarissa.*

C: So Dex, tonight you are in action without the Fresher's Ball on the line, how are you feeling?

DM: You know Clarissa, since I have won this contract, 6WF's champions were put on notice. And match or no match tonight, they should be prepared for anything. Dexter Morgan has a few tricks up his sleeve.

???: You not going to get a chance to cash that in after I am finished with you.

*Mark Palmer steps into shot.*

DM: Oh, go back to crying about your well.

MP: You keep up with your jokes Dexter, but we all know who the real joke is around here...YOU!
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PostSubject: Re: Pain Results (08/05)   Pain Results (08/05) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 12:56 am

Match 3
Dexter Morgan vs. Mark Palmer vs. Dr Shoe vs. General Sanchez

RJ: Up next we have a fatal four way match with four men who all want to make it into the big time.

MW: Three of these men fought it out just over a week ago at Lockdown and it was Dr Shoe who prevailed after stealing the victory off of General Sanchez.

RJ: But you need to remember, Michael, that our current Fresher’s Ball holder wasn’t involved in that match. You’d have to say that he will be the favourite to win this match tonight.

"Pieces" blasts out and Mark Palmer walks out to a chorus of boos from the 6WF fans. He returns an evil smirk back up to the rafters, followed by a sinister laugh at the top of the ramp. He makes long strides down the ramp, before sliding into the ring. Palmer does a quick warm up routine in the ring, while waiting for his opponents to emerge.

'Doctor Alibi' plays and the crowd rise to their feet for Dr Shoe. Carrying his usual medical bag, he hands out some business cards to those he feels need 'adjustments' and takes an especially long time as he takes the crucial measurements of a young lady's face half way down the entrance ramp. After leaving her with his business card, he continues down the ramp; smiling and slapping the other fans' hands. He enters the ring by the steps and places his small bag under the bottom turnbuckle, before pointing to Mark Palmer who steps back slightly.

The referee moves Shoe’s bag to ringside, to prevent any interference from it during the match, as ‘The Last Fight’ screams out of the speakers. General Sanchez steps onto the stage, drawing a mixed reaction from the confused fans. He raises one arm in the air and looks intensely down to the ring, where Palmer and Shoe are watching on. As he descends the ramp, fans leave their arms outstretched, hoping for a response from the General. Sanchez walks down the centre of the ramp, while ignoring everyone on either side of the barriers. He climbs up to the top rope and beats his chest before climbing back down again into the ring.

RJ: General Sanchez has not been the same over the last couple of weeks. He seems to be having serious problems with his personality at the moment – could this play in his favour tonight?

MW: I would say that this can only be a good thing for the other three competitors. He won’t be in the right state to pull off any kind of decent performance tonight.

‘Dexter’ by Rolfe Kent begins to play, as the crowd go wild for their future champ. Dexter Morgan steps out onto the stage and raises the Fresher’s Ball Briefcase in the air, sparking a positive reaction from his fans. He runs down the ramp slapping the outstretched hands, before climbing the steps and into the ring. He ignores the other men inside the squared circle and walks to the opposite corner, where he steps up to the middle rope. Dexter holds his Fresher’s Ball ‘lunchbox’ aloft; the crowd’s cheering begins to increase in volume once again. The other three competitors in the ring stare each other down, as Morgan steps back down. The referee steps in to prevent any premature action, as he allows Dexter to take his contract to ringside.

RJ: I think tonight could be the night that Dexter finally capitalises on the contract inside that box. By winning tonight, he will want to send a message to the 6WF locker room, especially to each and every one of the reigning champions.

MW: There has been much speculation over who Morgan aims to target, but I guess only time will tell.

*Ding* *Ding* *Ding*

The action is underway, as Mark Palmer runs into a big boot to the chest from Dr Shoe. He falls through the ropes to ringside. Shoe proceeds to exit the ring and work on Palmer, but he is met with a knee to the head from General Sanchez, while on either side of the ropes. He too, falls to the outside, narrowly avoiding a collision with Mark Palmer. Sanchez looks below to the already injured-looking men, while Dexter creeps up from behind. The general hears the cheering from the crowd and turns around, remembering the fourth member of the match up.

RJ: I think Sanchez nearly forgot this was a fatal-4-way match, not a triple threat match!

MW: OOOOHH! Huge clothesline from Dexter!

Dexter runs parallel to the ropes and hits a big running clothesline on the estranged general, who incidentally drops down to the canvas and to the outside alongside Palmer and Dr Shoe. The Fresher’s Ball champion raises both arms in the air, prompting a huge reaction from the crowd, while his three opponents stand in unity, looking up towards Morgan.

Back in the ring, the four men begin to brawl. Dexter Morgan hits a belly-to-belly suplex on Mark Palmer, who clutches his ribs following the awkward landing. Morgan takes no sympathy on his opponent and starts to pound Palmer, who slowly claws his way back into the corner. Palmer rolls out to the floor below, swiftly followed by a determined Dexter.

Over in the opposite corner of the ring, punches fly back and forth between Dr Shoe and General Sanchez. Sanchez takes control and pushes Shoe back-first into the corner. He takes a short run up and charges at the opponent, looking for a body press.

MW: Nobody home!!!

Dr Shoe rolls out of the way just in time and Sanchez flies face first into the turnbuckle. Shoe takes advantage and looks to lock in one of his prized submission moves. He drags his opponent towards the centre of the ring and sets up for a kimura lock, but Sanchez attempts to struggle out of it. From nowhere, Mark Palmer runs in and hits a huge boot to the head of the general and returns to the outside.

RJ: What an idiot! He just let Dr Shoe lock in the kimura lock.

MW: This move can break somebody’s arm, I can’t see any way out from here!

The ref lifts Sanchez’s free arm to check if he is responding. His arm drops back down to the mat. He does it again, but once more, the arm hits the canvas with a thud. The official goes to do it for a third and final time, but Dexter comes clattering over to save the match. His elbow clashes hard with the head of Dr Shoe, leaving both men motionless.

Morgan kicks Sanchez out of the ring and makes sure it is safe to work one on one against Shoe. Dexter lifts the groggy opponent to his feet, and hits a snap-DDT, before lining him up in the centre of the ring. Palmer starts to climb into the ring under the ropes, but Morgan notices and hits him with a baseball slide – sending him back into the ringside barrier. He hops up to the top turnbuckle into a seated position, before cautiously getting to his feet. Following a swift taunt, the reigning Fresher’s Ball contract holder flies off in to the air.

MW: Dark Passenger!

RJ: He connects beautifully!


RJ: What is he doing?

Dexter lifts the shoulders of his opponent, right before the referee’s hand hits the canvas for the third count.

MW: He’s getting cocky, RJ, that’s what it is.

RJ: No. Dexter wants to send a message to everyone backstage and he is doing just that right now.

Dr Shoe rolls himself out of the ring, as a cue for Mark Palmer to re-enter. Morgan kicks the well dweller in the back, before he can even get up to his feet. Dexter pulls his opponent up by the hair and hooks him up over his shoulders looking to hit the M99.

RJ: He connects beautifully with an M99!

MW: Will he now go for the pin…


Sanchez crept into the ring in came up from behind Morgan with a school-boy roll up.


On the outside, Dr Shoe is just getting to his feet and pulls the arm of Mark Palmer, causing him to drop out of the ring.

RJ: Shinbreaker on the outside!

Dr Shoe goes back in to the ring, as the three men face off in the centre. Shoe and Morgan share a look of acknowledgement and go straight after General Sanchez, who cowers to the outside. Shoe looks over the top rope and orders for Sanchez to return to the inside. Morgan taps on the shoulder of the ex-plastic surgeon, who turns around to face him.

RJ: M99! Shoe is down!

*Crowd pop*

MW: They think it's all over!


Sanchez pulls Morgan off Dr Shoe's body and hits a discrete low blow followed by a spinning heel kick. Morgan hits the canvas with a thud, before rolling to the outside, while the crowd gasp in despair. Sanchez scampers over to the already motionless body of Dr Shoe and hooks the leg.


The arena goes silent in shock, as all the competitors desperately try to recover themselves.

Mark Palmer is the first man to his feet and looks to capitalise on the chaos inside the ring. He pulls Morgan up and throws him over the top rope, only to get caught up in the ropes himself. His body falls to the outside, clashing heads with Dexter like ragdolls. Both men appear to bounce off each other and laid out - unconscious on the padded concrete flooring.

Meanwhile, Dr Shoe has finally returned to his feet and decides to ascend the ropes. He watches on as the apparently disorientated General tries to recover his sense of direction.

MW: Sanchez! Watch out!

Shoe comes of the top turnbuckle for a senton on Sanchez.

RJ: Parabomb to Dr Shoe!

MW: Out of nowhere from The General, this will be it! …


RJ: Sanchez clinches it!

MW: And he also takes revenge from that cheap roll up last Thursday.

RJ: I think we may be in need of some medical attention out here. These men have just gone through one of the most gruelling matches they will have ever participated in during their young careers.

The referee goes to lift Sanchez’s arm in the air, as his name is announced as the victor, but he simply pushes the official away.

MW: Sanchez clearly doesn’t want to share his spotlight and rightly so. This is a great moment for the General!

RJ: See you after the break.
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PostSubject: Re: Pain Results (08/05)   Pain Results (08/05) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 12:57 am

*The Church of Hero are shown backstage. Crime Lord is not in the room following the hardcore title match, Hero is stood in the centre of the room with Clarke James and Marshall Murdoch sat around him.

Hero: Tonight, my disciples, the Church becomes the prominent religion. The Church becomes what everyone want to be a part of, the Church becomes the pinnacle of anyone’s career. The Church reaches the top.

When I take the Fight For The Right title, I become the man with the most power in 6WF. I truly become omnipotent. Not the world champions, but me. I become the one who everyone fears because I can strike at any moment in time. I will be lurking around corners, always on the tale of yet another world title.

But for the Church to truly take power, you must remain the elite in the tag division. Clarke, Marshall you’ve seen what Hill has had to say. He believes you are merely my servants, that you have no mind of your own. You can show him that you really do have a mind of your own, and you are in the Church not because you are easily moulded but because you are easily the best tag team in the business. This is the only way to show those jealous of the Church, jealous of your connections to a divine being that to earn this rapport with a god is only given to those who deserve it. And you do deserve it!

*Hero smiles as do the Church.*

*The Soldiers of Fortune are shown with Clarissa.

Clarissa: It seems we have been in this situation many a time before, but in fact it’s only your third Pay Per View match, and your 2nd shot at the tag team titles.

Castiguer: That’s correct Clarissa, the feeling of acceptance is why we feel we have been here so long. We’ve been accepted by the crowd like seasoned veterans not new guys. But as far as we have come here in the 6WF,we still have a long way to go before we can cement ourselves as the best in the division, before we can cement ourselves as the best in the world.

Clarissa: You will most certainly be crowd favourites out there tonight...

Castiguer: We have watched the video clips,like all of you, of Mike Hill and La Pulga doing their little training regimes and we have also been bored to tears by the same innane,insane ramblings from the Church of Hero.

Anneire: Our whole careers have been based around this moment,we allowed it to slip away once but lightning will not strike twice.We are students of this game and come sunday we shall graduate into masters.The Church of Hero and The Association can come prepared with as much firepower as they want but it will not matter one bit, the culmination of all our hard work will come to fruition, with 20,000 Soldiers on our side at PAIN we will realize our dream and we will do it for all of you.

???: I’ll do it for the fans, yada yada yada. Do you know how many times I’ve heard that?

*Mike Hill and La Pulga walk into picture.

MH: And everyone whose said that has maybe had a little moment in front of their fans. But by pandering to them, you eventually lose it all. It’s the guys who couldn’t give a damn about this crowd and their feelings that get to the top.

LPL: The problem ese’s, is that you get caught up in the emotion of it all and try to do something that is completely unrealistic but because the fans chant for it from your I-PPV’s you do it.

MH: And then you lose to guys like us, who do what we have to. See you out there guys, make sure you stay focused.
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Match 4
6WF Tag Team Titles
Church of Hero vs Soldiers of Fortune vs The Association

MW: Our 2nd title match of this evening up next for you here on PAIN, and it’s a triple threat tag team match.

RJ: These matches always throw up some tremendous back and forth action, but they also take into account the tactics of the teams with being able to tag in anyone from the opposing teams, not just your own partner.

MW: And we all know which team has got both these down to a tee, the reigning champions. The Church of Hero pairing Clarke James and Marshall Murdoch.

RJ: We’ll see won’t we Michael? I think both The Association and Soldiers of Fortune have got a good chance in this one.

RA: Ladies and Gentleman...The following match is a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH scheduled for ONE FALL and is for the 6WF TAG TEAM TITLES!

*Crowd pop

RA: Introducing the FIRST CHALLENGERS, at a combined weight of 480lbs they are the team of CASTIGUER and ANGELO ANNEIRE...The SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE!

"Remember the Name" by Fort Minor booms out through the speakers and the Lights go down and then the music pulses with a heartbeat on the screen.Pyros explode all along the stage,blues and reds, and then the camera turns black and white as the masked superstars Angelo Anneire and Castiguer. They pose at the top of the ramp before walking down the ramp as the colour appears back and pyros burst from the announcers desk they slide into the ring, they leap up and salute the fans.

RJ: Both these guys are absolutely tremendous athletes, and to be honest I think they’ve been criminally under-estimated by both the COH and The Association, who seem to have been too interested in a little tete a tete between themselves.

MW: They’ve got the ability, but what about the mental capabilities?

RA: Introducing the SECOND CHALLENGERS, At a combined weight of 417lbs...the team of MIKE HILL AND LA PULGA LOCO...THE ASSOCIATIOONNNN!

The lights raise and “Papi Chulo” hits to loud boos from the crowd. La Pulga Loco somersaults onto the ramp through an array of pyro’s. He stomps down the ramp with a big smirk on his face before sliding into the ring.

“Next Big Thing’ is blasted out and the crowd boo as Mike Hill swaggers out onto the stage, he raises an arm in the air and the crowd boo as Mike cockily walks down the ramp, he taunts some fans on the way down before jumping up onto the apron and flipping over the ropes, He goes to the top rope he raises both arms in the air as the crowd boo and he flips down, landing on his feet.

MW: We’ve seen The Association’s VT’s where they’ve been training with Hill’s old tag team partner, will they pay off tonight?


‘Papercut’ is blasted out and Marshall Murdoch steps out, he kisses his necklace which is just a ‘H’, before taking it off and holding it tight in his hand. He strides up the ramp ignoring the booing crowd, and he slides into the ring. He grabs the ropes and starts pulling on them all, making sure the ring is in good shape before he points up and then does the sign of the ‘H’.

“Spotlight” blares out and the crowd’s boo continue as a hooded Clarke James strides out onto the stage, he takes off the head and the crowd boo louder. He then walks down the ramp almost transfixed before stepping in to reveal his own necklace with “H” on it, He also kisses it before he and Murdoch sink to their knees and pray with their necklaces. They pass their titles to the outsides.

MW: Get on your feet and applaud the disciples RJ! Applaud these wonderful servants to the Church of Hero religion! What men, What a team they are RJ!

RJ: Big challenge tonight Michael, however good a team they are. They’re at a disadvantage numbers wise, and they are the men both of these teams are gunning for.

MW: You think they care RJ?

Ding, Ding, Ding!

The bell rings and both of the Church quickly position themselves on the outside. Hill starts off in the ring with the intimidating figure of Angelo Anneire. The two lock up, Anneire unsurprisingly drives Mike Hill back into the corner, Hill attempts a reversal with an arm drag but Anneire blocks it. He pulls Hill into towards him and then throws him down with a gutwrench suplex. Hill stumbles up to his feet and Anneire knocks him to the floor with a Samoan Drop. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.............2.....Kick out!

Anneire gets to his feet, he boots away at the back of Hill placing him into a full nelson with a knee digging into the back. Hill eventually forces his way up to a vertical base but Anneire easily counters this with a Full Nelson Slam. Anneire moves back and tags in Castiguer. The more high-flying of the two goes up to the top rope, Hill rises and Castiguer flies off with a high-angled crossbody that floors Hill.

Ref: 1................2.......Kick out!

Castiguer rises to his feet sharply, He lifts up Hill before connecting with a codebreaker. Hill stumbles around and La Pulga quickly makes the blind tag. Castiguer knocks Hill down with a dropkick but La Pulga quickly takes advantage of this, running up behind Castiguer hitting a reverse DDT backbreaker into a spinning neckbreaker. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1..........2......Kick out!

La Pulga gets to his feet, he boots away on the back of Castiguer before allowing him up to his feet where he lifts a knee into the back. La Pulga grabs Castiguer from behind and runs with him to the corner, shoving him into the turnbuckles. He then rolls backwards and executes perfectly a Chaos Theory suplex! He bridges over into the pinfall.

RJ: That’s tremendous work from La Pulga!

Ref: 1...........2......Kick out!

Castiguer thrusts the shoulder up off the canvas. La Pulga quickly tags in Mike Hill, who waits on the outside as Castiguer rises before hitting him with a flying hurracanrana. Hill rolls up onto his feet and waits for Castiguer to rise before hitting an inverted atomic drop, he runs the ropes going for a clothesline but Castiguer counters with a vicious yakuza kick to the temple. Hill falls slowly to the canvas and Castiguer hooks the leg.

Ref: 1............2......Kick out!

Castiguer is quick to make the tag back to Anneire.

MW: Church yet to get involved in this one.

Anneire lifts up Hill and throws him towards Castiguer in the corner who uses the ropes to springboard up and boot Hill in the face. He spins into the path of Anneire who then drills him to the canvas with an implant DDT. Castiguer then bounces off the ropes nailing a springboard moonsault much to the crowd’s delight. He rolls to the outside allowing Anneire to cover.

Ref: 1...........2.....Kick out!

Anneire waits for Mike Hill to rise, he places Hill onto his shoulders for an electric chair drop but Hill manages to reverse with a hurracanrana into a pinfall.

Ref: 1.................Kick out!

Angelo powers out of the pin attempt, Mike Hill tries to get back to the corner and tags in La Pulga but Anneire grabs him by the boot and pulls him to the centre of the ring. Anneire goes for a German Suplex as Hill rises and he connects. He allows Mike Hill up and then whips him out across the ring where Clarke James makes the blind tag.

James then throws Hill out over the top rope, he then springboards up onto the top rope and flies off attempting a crossbody splash but Anneire catches him across the chest before hitting a vicious spinning side slam!

Ref: 1...............2.........Kick out!

James barely forces his shoulder up, Anneire waits for him to rise before whipping him across the ring and hitting a tilt-a-whirl shoulderbreaker. Anneire lifts up James and hits a running powerslam!

Ref: 1..................2........Kick out!

Anneire again waits for James to rise before meeting him with a series of fists that back him into the corner. Anneire runs into the corner hitting a big splash and James falls forward out of the corner. Angelo goes to the top rope and flies off, hitting a clothesline that sends James sprawling. Murdoch tries to get into the ring to distract Anneire but the ref stops him. Anneire motions towards Castiguer who goes up top as Anneire lifts James into an electric chair position...

La Pulga spots his opportunity and comes running along the apron knocking Castiguer, causing him to crotch himself across the top rope. James then manages roll down the back of Anneire and roll him up as Murdoch allows the ref to focus back on the in-ring action.

Ref: 1............2....Kick out!

Anneire gets a powerful kick out but James rises quickly and hits a vicious knee into the side of the head that floors Anneire. James then begins to boot away on him before lifting him up, and then flooring him with a Russian Legsweep. James then heads up to the top rope and nails a plancha splash.

Ref: 1.................2......Kick out!

James quickly rolls away following the kick out, He lifts up Anneire and hits an atomic drop before tagging in Marshall Murdoch. He steps into the ring and knocks Anneire down to the canvas with a big roundhouse kick to the side of the head. Anneire stirs to his knees and Murdoch hits a hard kick into the stomach. Anneire rolls to the corner where Murdoch boots away at his face before spinning Anneire and then catapulting him into the turnbuckle. Murdoch leaps up and then hits a neckbreaker before covering.

Ref: 1..............2......Kick out!

Murdoch gets to his feet, he waits for Anneire to rise before booting him in the stomach. He then slams him into the canvas. He tags in James who goes up to the top rope, Murdoch then throws him down helping him a swanton bomb on Anneire which Murdoch follows up with a running leg drop.

Ref: 1...............2.......Kick out!

James has Anneire into an armbar. Angelo Anneire manages to fight his way up onto his feet only to be arm dragged down to the canvas. He rises and James runs towards but Anneire catches him in a bearhug. James reverses with a jawbreaker before the submission can take full effect. He feeds the boot to Anneire who catches it only to be hit with an enzaguri kick. James then tags in Murdoch who hits a running bulldog who then hooks the leg.

Ref: 1................2.........Kick out!

RJ: Church of Hero dominating...

MW: Just like I said they would RJ, remember that!

RJ: You say it in every one of their matches!

Murdoch waits for Anneire to rise before going for the Marshall Law, he manages to duck and then runs to the corner and dives in making the hot tag to the now fully recovered Castiguer as La Pulga can only watch on. Murdoch spins on the spot and sprints towards Castiguer who leapfrogs over him before back-flipping and then hitting a stunner. The crowd cheer him on as he then performs a front flip senton into the cover.

Ref: 1................2.......Kick out!

Castiguer is up onto his feet, he dropkicks Murdoch in the stomach. Murdoch tries to roll out but Castiguer drags him back to the centre where he follows up with a springboard back elbow as he rises. Murdoch stirs up to his feet groggily and Castiguer leaps up behind him and nails a backcracker!

Ref: 1................2..........Kick out!

Murdoch manages to boot Castiguer away and tag in James. He goes to the top rope but Castiguer sprints over and leaps up and hits a dropkick to the stomach. Castiguer goes to the 2nd rope and places James onto his shoulders before nailing a Green Bay Plunge!

Ref: 1...................2...................Hill dives in and breaks the pinfall!

Mike Hill leaps up and runs towards Murdoch who is lay on the apron and boots him to the outside. He then runs towards Anneire drop-kicking him to the outside. He drags Castiguer back towards the corner where La Pulga can tag in on the Soldier of Fortune to face off with Clarke James.

La Pulga runs towards James knocking him down with a spinning forearm smash. James rolls up to his feet and La Pulga boots him in the stomach before nailing a wheelbarrow bulldog on Clarke. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1................2.......Kick out!

La Pulga quickly makes the tag into Hill, he steps into the ring and the pair hit a double suplex. Mike then drags up James and throws him into the corner where he kneels down, allowing La Pulga to use his back as leverage to nail an aided clothesline. Mike Hill rolls to his feet and hits a standing shooting star press for good measure before making the pinfall!

Ref: 1..............2.........Kick out!

James again kicks out, once more Mike Hill makes the tag into his partner. La Pulga goes up to the top rope as Hill lifts James up in a vertical suplex...

MW: The Super-Splash!

Ref: 1..............2..........Kick out!

La Pulga has James up into a headlock, he walks towards the corner where Hill tags in once more. La Pulga hits a monkey flip in the corner and then Hill flies off from the top rope hitting a 450 splash! Castiguer is about to get into the ring when La Pulga clotheslines him to the outside. He sees Castiguer and Murdoch side by side near the announce table and runs the ropes, he flips over the top rope...



La Pulga is shown crumpled up on the floor...

MW: Murdoch and Castiguer moved, La Pulga hit our announce table head first!

Hill looks over to La Pulga, he is massively concerned with the state of his tag team partner. He turns around looking distressed and James rises, he boots him in the stomach and sets up for the Over The Hill but Murdoch runs in and hits a double axe handle blow to the back of the head. Murdoch waits for James to stir before getting the tag in, he runs in and as Hill rises nails the Marshall Law.

MW: It’s over!

Ref: 1.....................2...................3.Kick out!


Hill just about forces the shoulder up, Murdoch gets up angrily and begins to confront the referee. This allows Hill to regain some energy and he pulls himself up to his feet using the ropes. Murdoch sprints towards him going for a 2nd kick but Hill prods Murdoch in the eye. Hill stumbles back and Anneire tags himself in.

RJ: Clever move, what a chance he has here!

He waits for Marshall to get to his feet...


Anneire hooks the leg...

Ref: 1..............2.................Kick out!

Murdoch barely gets the shoulder up, Anneire doesn’t complain rising up to his feet waiting for Murdoch to do similar before booting him in the stomach and nailing the Fortune Teller. He is about to cover when James tries to interfere. Anneire watches on amused but then not so, as Hill is stood on the apron alongside James. He slaps Anneire around the face which counts as a tag, Anneire swings for him but Hill ducks pulling the top rope down meaning Anneire falls to the outside. Hill quickly goes up top.


Ref: 1..................2.....................Castiguer breaks the pinfall!

Castiguer breaks the pinfall, This time James does manage to get into the ring and he takes out Castiguer with a spear! He then drags up Hill, hitting Faithless(Rock Bottom)! He places Murdoch’s arm over Hill and the ref makes the count.

Ref: 1......................2........................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!


RA: RA: Ladies and Gentleman the winners of this match by way of PINFALL and still your 6WF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS...Representing the CHURCH OF HERO, Marshall Murdoch and Clarke Jamesssssss!

*The crowd boo loudly as James grabs the titles from the outside, he slides in and helps Marshall up passing over his belt. They stand triumphantly in the ring.
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*Enforcer is stood in his locker room, looking at pictures of his past success, he sees him holding up the tag titles, the Hardcore, the European before finally picking up the picture of him winning the 6WF World Title. He sighs and shakes his head before putting the picture face down. He shakes his whole and walks out of his locker room.*
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Match 5
Solomon Riddick vs. Enforcer

The lights in the arena switch off completely, as a red haze fills the building. A huge white flash of light causes the stage and the entrance ramp lights up. Solomon Riddick emerges from behind the curtain, as ‘Always’ is blasted out around the arena. The crowd boo loudly and Riddick makes slow strides out to the stage. He lifts one arm in the air, taunting to the fans, which only agitates them further. “You suck” chants begin to break out, but he tries to wave it off. Still with small, slow steps, Solomon begins to head down the ramp, struggling to ignore the jeering from the crowd. He drops the hooded robe from off of his back and leaves it on the ground. Upon reaching the ring, he walks up the steps, along the apron and climbs over the middle rope. He almost walks straight into the referee, who narrowly avoids being bulldozed by the ‘ghost of the Amazon’. The ref is clearly intimidated - flinching every time Solomon moves. He lifts both arms in the air, as pyros go off from the corners of the ring, before exiting the ring to make way for Enforcer.

’Saturday Night’ hits the speakers and the crowd immediately erupt with excitement. Enforcer strolls out to the stage and raises both arms in the air, as an array of pyro goes off behind him. He walks down the entrance ramp on the left hand side, where most of the fans have their hands out for a ‘high-5’. ‘The Big-E’ climbs up to the apron and enters the ring over the top rope. Once in the ring, Enforcer rips of his T-shirt and feigns to throw it at Riddick, who returns a menacing stare. Instead, he throws it into the crowd, prompting a small pop, before retreating to one of the corners. Solomon returns to the ring and the referee immediately calls for the match to begin.

*Ding* *Ding* *Ding*

They approach each other with precaution and each man tries to go in to lock up at alternate times. Solomon hits a cheap slap to the face of Enforcer, who charges him down. He drops to the mat to avoid it, as The Big-E misses a clothesline. Both men get back to their feet at exactly the same time and proceed to lock up in the centre. Enforcer drives Solomon Riddick back into the corner and follows up with a series of punches to the mid-section. Enforcer pulls away and taunts for Solomon to take a shot. He does just that and runs at the Welshman for a bicycle kick to the side of his head. Enforcer ducks the attack and locks in a bear hug from behind.

RJ: Enforcer is embarrassing Solomon at the moment. He can’t seem to get into the mat.

After being locked in for nearly a minute, Enforcer completes the hold with a powerslam to the canvas. Riddick almost appears to bounce straight back up to his feet, but his arm is pushed up against his back to support it. Enforcer runs at him and lifts his foot in the air for a big boot, but Solomon slides under it and runs towards the ropes. He rebounds off them and connects a powerful bicycle kick to the neck of Enforcer, who falls back onto the ropes at the announcer’s end of the ring. Solomon runs at the ropes once again, using them to propel himself at the opponent. He hits a jumping clothesline, as both men tumble to the outside of the ring.

The referee begins to count as both men try to scramble to their feet on the outside.


(Both men begin to stir.)


(Solomon reaches his feet and walks over to Enforcer.)


(Riddick is met with an uppercut to the jaw.)


(Enforcer drags a groggy Solomon over to the announcer table.)


(Riddick’s head bounces back violently off the announce table, before Enforcer swiftly rolls him back into the ring.)

MW: That’s right! Stay away from my desk you thug!

Back in the ring, Enforcer looks to capitalize on the injured neck of Riddick. He runs at him, but is met with a spinebuster from ‘The Ghost of the Amazon’. Both men lie almost motionless, as various chants begin to fill the arena. Enforcer starts groggily getting to his feet as Solomon stomps on the mat, urging him to get up, when he does Riddick grabs hold of his arm and violently whips him across the ring, Enforcer smashes into the corner chest first and as he stumbles backwards Solomon grabs him around his neck and lifts Enforcer up, flipping him upside down, before slamming him down on the mat. Solomon lays his arm over Enforcer.

1................................2..........................kick out!

RJ: Enforcer showing great awareness to kick out, but Solomon Riddick looks very sharp in the ring.

MW: Solomon Riddick is faster, more athletic and better than Enforcer in every single way!

Solomon lifts Enforcer up by his shoulders and before he can do anything Enforcer headbutts Riddick. Enforcer connects with a flurry of punches to Solomon’s mid-section before kneeing him in the gut and grabbing hold of him and throwing him into the ring post. Solomon’s shoulder connects painfully with the cold steel of the ring post and Enforcer grabs hold of Solomon’s waist and goes for a German suplex, Solomon stays rooted to the ground, Enforcer knees him in the back before connecting with the suplex, and he bridges it into a pin.

1...........................2..........................kick out!

RJ: Enforcer managed to recover well from his earlier beating to get a good amount of offence on Solomon there, almost resulting in a successful pin.

MW: Solomon Riddick was always going to kick out there.

‘The Ghost of the Amazon’ starts groggily getting back to his feet as the crowd chant; ‘Let’s go ‘Forcer!’ Enforcer chops Solomon’s chest before going pushing him back, Enforcer takes a run up and...



Enforcer goes for his finisher, but instead is greeted with the unforgiving fist of Solomon Riddick, Enforcer just flops to the floor and Solomon falls to his knees and rolls Enforcer over, going for the pin.

MW: This one is over!


RJ: NO! The referee is saying Enforcer just had his foot on the rope.

MW: I can’t believe that, how did he manage that? That must have been sheer luck surely?

The crowd go crazy as they realise that Enforcer is still in it. Solomon Riddick gets up to his feet and he looks furious, Enforcer is very groggily and slowly getting to the feet, using the ropes to help himself up. Solomon charges across the ring and goes for a thunderous kick to the side of the head but Enforcer just about manages to dodge it and then he connects with a quick neckbreaker to the stunned Solomon. Enforcer pushes himself back up and points to the sky. He starts climbing up to the top rope, and looks ready to hit his amazing moonsault.

RJ: Enforcer ready for the moonsault...

MW: Solomon is back to his feet though.

Enforcer takes one last look and realises that Solomon is back to his feet, but before he can react Solomon jumps up to the middle rope and he grabs Enforcer and throws him to the outside of the ring, Enforcer lands on his ribs on the side of the fan barrier. Solomon climbs down and gets out of the ring, the referee starts counting them out as Solomon punches the injured ribs of Enforcer before rolling him back into the ring. Solomon gets back into the ring and he stomps on the ribs of Enforcer, before lifting him up and stretching his body, putting intense pressure on his chest area.

RJ: I think Enforcer may have done some serious injury to his ribs, they may be broken, bruised, I dunno, but it certainly isn’t good for his prospects in this match.

MW: Definitely not.

Enforcer manages to get out of the hold and when Solomon walks towards him, Enforcer attempts to lift Solomon up, but his ribs just give way and Enforcer screams out in pain as he falls to his knees. Solomon wastes no time as he almost takes Enforcer’s head off with a cruel kick straight to his face. Solomon waits for Enforcer to groggily get back to his feet, he is holding his ribs as he limps forward, Solomon kicks him hard in the gut before lifting him up.

RJ: The Catacombs!


MW: Solomon Riddick has ruthlessly took Enforcer apart, I genuinely think Enforcer may have been seriously injured by Riddick during that match.

RJ: Riddick did look mightily impressive in dealing with a former 6WF World Champion tonight though.

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Match 6
6WF European Title
Chaos (C) vs The Saint vs Snake Eyes

RJ: Good evening Ladies and Gentleman and welcome to 6WF PAIN!

MW: What a fantastic show we’ve had so far tonight but there is still plenty more to come, with 4 more title matches alone.

RJ: And this next match is one of those title matches, as Chaos puts his 6WF European Title on the line against Snake Eyes and The Saint.

MW: He has been at loggerheads with Snake Eyes since the return of the former 6WF Champion but The Saint has only moved into the European Title scene this month.

RA: The following is a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH scheduled for ONE FALL and is for the 6WF EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP!

*Crowd Pop

RA: Introducing the first challenger, hailing from Manchester, England and weighing in at 340lbs...THE SAINNNTTTT!

‘Monster’ screams out around the arena and Saint steps out on his own, he raises one arm in the air as the crowd give a mixed reaction. Saint slowly strides down the ramp as some of the crowd extend their hands for him. He slaps a couple of hands before sliding into the ring and waiting.

RA: And the 2nd challenger, from Newcastle, England. He weighs in at 180lbs...SNAKE EYEESSSSSS!

‘Good Times’ by Kanye West hits as a spotlight searches the arena before the crowd erupts as Snake Eyes strolls out into the arena. He salutes the fans before walking to the ring, he slides under the bottom rope into the ring and then leaps up and climbs the ropes clapping the fans.

RJ: There is plenty of history between these two individuals even before the addition of Chaos to the mix. They had a storied three month feud over the 6WF title which Snake Eyes eventually won.

MW: And some of that history has been brought out by those two over this past month but both men’s attention and hatred seem more directed on the current champion.

RA: And now, residing in Brighton, England and weighing in at 173lbs...He is the REIGNING AND DEFENDING 6WF EUROPEAN CHAMPION...CHAOOSSSSSS!

"Its an Omen" screams out over the loudspeakers and the green pyro goes off. A searchlight then roams before stopping on the top of the ramp as Granite plays. Chaos appears through more pyro before swaggering down the ramp,he slides into the ring where he raises his title to further boos. The referee takes his title and raises it up to signal the beginning of the match.

RJ: Chaos has been tremendous since winning that European Title but I believe that tonight will be the biggest test for him so far. He has made himself two big enemies here.

MW: He’s got the ability though RJ, and also the mental strength to deal with it. I think this kid could go onto big things!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

The crowd cheer for the start of the match, Chaos looks around at the two others who both look towards one another. The Saint moves in towards Chaos and Snake Eyes immediately steps back. The Saint locks up with Chaos and drives him into the ropes, he whips out across the ring before meeting him with a gorilla press slam. Chaos rolls away to the outside and The Saint turns his attention to Snake Eyes who is sat on the turnbuckle. He runs towards him going for a boot but Snake Eyes grabs the boot, he spins Saint and goes for a Tornado DDT but The Saint reverses dropping Snake Eyes to the canvas face first.

MW: Saint does have a significant power advantage over these two men.

Ref: 1.............2.....Kick out!

Snake Eyes forces his shoulder up off the canvas, The Saint is quickly up to his feet where he has Snake Eyes into a headlock. Snake Eyes attempts a belly to back suplex as a reversal but The Saint blocks the move, he spins around into a hammerlock and shoves Snake Eyes into the ropes, meaning The Saint has to step back. Snake Eyes moves forward and The Saint immediately hits him with a big punch, Snake Eyes comes back with a boot to the stomach which keels The Saint over. He bounces off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but The Saint reverses with a standing side slam backbreaker. He holds Snake Eyes down across his knee before spinning him down into a reverse STO. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1............2........Kick out!

The Saint is again up onto his feet, he waits for Snake Eyes to rise before hitting him with a hard suplex. Snake Eyes rolls into the corner where The Saint lifts him up and piles away with fists into the stomach and face of Snake Eyes. Chaos rolls back in and hits a double axe handle to the back of The Saint’s head, thrusting him into Snake Eyes. The Saint falls back, and Chaos hits a leaping kick to the side of the head which floors Snake Eyes. The Saint stirs to his feet and runs at Chaos who shows some great ring awareness in meeting him with a Pele Kick. The Saint falls to the canvas and Chaos covers.

Ref: 1...........2......Kick out!

MW: Chaos showing just why he is European Champion, knew the right time to pounce.

Chaos rises to his feet where he immediately begins a beatdown on The Saint, stomping away on his head until the referee steps in. Chaos allows The Saint to rise before lifting a knee into the stomach and pummelling away with fists on the back. He then bounces off the ropes and hits a vicious boot into the side of the head. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1...........2.........Kick out!

The Saint again powers out, Chaos lifts him up in a front facelock and The Saint reverses with a Northern Lights suplex. Chaos rises and The Saint goes for an implant DDT but Chaos shoves him away before managing to hit The Saint with a Double A Spinebuster as he fell back into the path of the European Champion. Chaos quickly heads to the top rope and as The Saint rises he connects with a missile dropkick.

Ref: 1...............2............Snake Eyes breaks the pinfall with a flying dropkick of his own. The former 6WF Champion hauls up Chaos, he hits a succession of spin kicks into the abdomen before bouncing off the ropes and sunset flipping into the pinfall.

Ref: 1............2......Kick out!

Snake Eyes stirs to his feet, he waits for Chaos before attempting to whip him to the corner, Chaos is stronger and sends Snake Eyes into the corner himself. Chaos comes running over but Snake Eyes reverses with a flapjack into the turnbuckle. He spins and hits a leaping kick to the abdomen before grabbing Chaos by the head and running him to the centre of the ring and hitting a bulldog. Snake Eyes falls down into the cover.

Ref: 1............2.......Kick out!

Chaos forces the shoulder up off the canvas, Snake Eyes lifts him up and attempts a DDT but Chaos arm drags Snake Eyes through. He rolls to his feet and Chaos runs at him but Snake Eyes reverses with a monkey flip! Chaos rolls up and this time Snake Eyes does whip him to the corner, where he follows with a shining wizard and then this time he does connect with the DDT!

Ref: 1...............2.......Kick out!

MW: Snake Eyes starting to dominate this match, The Saint needs to get back involved quickly. And here he comes!

The Saint is up and he drops a massive knee into the back of Snake Eyes, he has him into an abdominal stretch before lifting him up and nailing a pumphandle slam. He then hauls up Chaos and hits a belly to belly suplex on the European Champion. The Saint stands in the middle of the ring and looks around at both men. He lifts up Chaos before hitting a big punch that sends him stumbling, Chaos bounces off the ropes and The Saint almost takes his head off with a big boot.

Ref: 1...............2.......Kick out!

The Saint gets to his feet, Snake Eyes comes flying off the top rope with a Superkick but The Saint side-steps, Snake Eyes spins around straight into the path of The Saint...


Ref: 1................2................Chaos breaks the pinfall!

Chaos just about saves his championship, he quickly stomps away on The Saint continually as The Saint rolls back into the corner. Chaos turns around and drags Snake Eyes towards the corner before drop toe holding him straight into The Saint’s nether regions.


Chaos then drags Snake Eyes out of the corner and hits a wheelbarrow facebuster. Chaos covers.

Ref: 1.............2............Kick out!

Snake Eyes forces his shoulder up, Chaos turns his attention to The Saint in the corner, he pulls him away before going to the top rope. He sets up for his finishing move, The Chaos rising but The Saint is up. He steps onto the apron and knocks Chaos from the top rope with a big right hook. The Saint then goes to the top rope where he hits a flying crossbody.

Ref: 1.................2...................Chaos kicks out!

MW: So close for The Saint again.

RJ: And now he’s going to the top rope again!

The Saint is up top once more, Snake Eyes is over quickly though. The two begin to exchange blows which Snake Eyes gains the advantage in. He throws The Saint down to the canvas and lines up the End of The Line but Chaos leaps up onto the top rope. He sets up for a superplex but The Saint is up also...



MW: Chaos hit a superplex but The Saint hit a powerbomb on Chaos at the same time! Cover on Snake Eyes.

Ref: 1.....................2....................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

RA: Ladies and Gentleman the winner of this match by way of PINFALL and your NEEEWWWWWWW 6WF EUROPEAN CHAMPION...THE SAINNNNTTTTTTT!

*The Saint gets to his feet and the crowd cheer him as the ref hands him the European Title.

MW: The Saint’s first European Title and I’m sure he will enjoy the moment!
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*The Saint is shown with a massive smile on his face as he walks down the corridor with the European Title laid across his shoulder. He is met by Clarissa...

C: Quick word Saint?

The Saint: Delighted. Thanks.

C: No seriously, what are your first thoughts?

The Saint: It feels great to be European Champion Clarissa. I’ve always lived up to my promises, and I promised Chaos that I would destroy him after he cost me a chance at the fight for the right tournament final for no other reason that that I beat him.

Some people have been doubting me, saying I wasn’t the force I used to be. Well that’s what The Saint of old was like, anyway who got in my way was thrown away with as little fuss and as much destruction as possible. And now I am back to doing that!

C: Thanks for your time Saint.
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Match 7
6WF FreeWeight Championship
Jerome Dubois (c) vs. River Ace vs. Acer

RJ: Welcome back to ringside, we’ve already had some stupendous action tonight, some of the best wrestling 6WF has ever witnessed. But we’re far from finished yet, up now Jerome Dubois is going to put his title on the line against two legends of 6WF.

MW: The odds are against Dubois who successfully beat Trevor Swann to win the title, he will hope to walk away from Pain STILL champion.

‘When I Get Down’ by Logan screams out of the speakers and the crowd cheer as the revs of the motorbike can be heard throughout the arena. Acer rides out onto the stage, he raises his arm in the air and gets the crowd to chant his name. Acer rides down the ramp before skidding to a stop at the end, he gets off of the bike and slides into the ring before climbing to the top rope, he makes a title belt motion around his waist.

RJ: Acer has hardly had the most successful of returns to 6WF soil, but he will hope to put his past losses behind him tonight and come out on top here.

MW: Acer always gives his all, but just can’t ever seem to be THE man. Perhaps tonight that will change.

‘Ace of Spades’ blasts out around the arena and the crowd continue to cheer as River Ace slowly walks out, he is wearing a T-shirt which is just like an Ace of Spades card, he takes it off and hands it to a fan before sprinting down the ring. River Ace slides into the ring and squares up to Acer, their noses almost touching as River Ace winks at his former partner.

RJ: Those two have hated and then liked then gone back to hating each other more times than I can keep count of. They are on better terms than usual now, but their friendship will be thrown out of the window tonight as they both go for gold.

MW: It will be interesting to see just how those two work together in this match, if at all. They got their shots together, but whether they will work together to take out the champ remains to be seen.

‘La Marseilles’ begins to play and Jerome gets the biggest cheer of them all. Jerome Dubois steps out onto the stage, he is wearing a French flag T-shirt and he raises the FreeWeight title in the air. The crowd chant his name as he walks down the ramp slapping the hands of the fans on the way. He slides into the ring and wraps the belt around his waist before climbing to the top rope and taking off his t-shirt to some wolf-whistles from the women members of the crowd. Dubois climbs back down and he points at both men before pointing at his title and shaking his head.

RJ: Dubois has come out here to retain, and retain is what he’ll try his hardest to do. Jerome Dubois is a talented wrestler, and with so many tricks up his sleeve it will be a task for River or Acer to pin him.

MW: But remember, Dubois doesn’t even have to be pinned to lose his title. That’s why the odds are against him, not that odds have ever stopped Dubois before.

The referee holds the title up in the air...


River Ace makes the first move as he quickly turns to Acer and grabs him around his chest, connecting with a belly to back suplex. Acer slams down in the mat, and as River Ace turns around Jerome Dubois goes for a running knee to the side of his face, but River pulls backwards and Jerome has to bounce off the ropes, but River Ace has moved again, and he grabs hold of Jerome’s arm and flips him over, before connecting with an elbow drop on his arm, then bending it over his own arm.

RJ: River Ace showing us exactly what arsenal of moves he has.

MW: Jerome underestimated Ace’s ability then.

River Ace walks over to Acer and lifts him up, he whips him into the ropes and when he comes running back he goes to connect with a snap suplex, but Acer manages to hit River Ace with a clothesline taking him down, before Acer can even celebrate Jerome Dubois connects with a backbreaker, and then grabs him around the waist, before connecting with a German suplex, and bridging it into a pin attempt.

1..........................2............................kick out!

RJ: Acer hasn’t had the best of luck, the triple threat getting to him as it’s so hard to build up momentum.

MW: All three have had at least one bit of offence though, which is good.

Jerome gets back up and River Ace does the same, Jerome chops River Ace across the chest before whipping him across the ring, when he comes running back Jerome lifts him up and connects with an atomic drop. Jerome knees him in the mid-section before throwing him into the corner. Jerome lifts River Ace up to the top rope and follows him up there, Jerome Dubois gets to the top and starts punching Ace before grabbing him around his shoulders, and getting ready for the move from the top rope, he starts lifting River Ace up.


1.............................2........................3kick out!

MW: Dubois very nearly clinched victory there.

Jerome rolls over and pushes himself back to his feet, out of nowhere Acer takes him out with a running kick to the side of the head. Dubois falls to the mat and Acer is quick to react, grabbing hold of Jerome’s legs and putting him in a sharpshooter. Jerome immediately reaches out for the ropes, but they are too far away. Dubois digs his fist into the mat, Acer puts in more pressure into the submission manoeuvre. Dubois starts crawling slightly towards the ropes and just as he is about to grab the ropes, Acer pulls him back.

RJ: Acer is doing very well with that submission hold, not allowing Jerome get any closer to the ropes.

MW: He has finally managed to get in some serious offence in this match.

River Ace kicks Acer in the mid-section and he releases Jerome’s legs and then River Ace connects with a thunderous jaw breaker. River grabs hold of Acer and lifts him up connecting with a Northern Light’s Suplex, bridging it into a pin.

1.......................2......................kick out!

RJ: River Ace came out of nowhere there to nearly beat Acer and become FreeWeight Champion but Acer held on.

MW: River nearly took a brilliant advantage to snatch victory.

River turns around and Jerome Dubois charges across the ring and connects with a huge clothesline and River Ace flips over, landing hard on his back. Jerome starts climbing up to the top rope, he gets to the top and raises his arms in the air as the crowd cheer. He signals for a high-flying move and dives off.

RJ: Wow! That was a 360 spin leg drop!

MW: That’s what we want to see from our FreeWeight Champion!

1.......................2........................3broken up!

RJ: Acer just about managed to save this match there!

MW: Jerome Dubois was mere moments away from clinching this match and securing that he retained his title.

Jerome jumps to his feet and clatters Acer with a huge uppercut sending Acer stumbling backwards, Jerome Dubois kicks Acer in the mid-section before whipping him across the ring, when Acer comes running backwards...



MW: Dubois has retained, and he is delighted!

RJ: I have to say, this performance by Dubois was one of the best I have seen all year.

‘Dexter’ by Rolfe Kent blasts out of the speakers...


Dexter Morgan steps out with the Fresher’s Ball briefcase in his hand, he runs down the ring as Jerome Dubois just shakes his head and falls to his knees. The referee takes the FreeWeight Title off of him and Dexter hands the ref the briefcase.


MW: Dexter Morgan has cashed in the Fresher’s Ball on Jerome Dubois and fighting for that FreeWeight title!

Jerome stands up and Dexter kicks him in the mid-section and whips him into the corner, he lifts Jerome up into the M99 position.

RJ: He’s going to finish the weakened Dubois off quickly.

Dubois manages to fight out of it though, and he charges Dexter across the ring into the ropes, pushing him against them. Dubois starts punching Dexter repeatedly in the ribs as he tries to fight him off, Jerome grabs hold of his head and slams it into his knees, Dexter starts bleeding from his nose as Jerome grabs hold of Dexter and hits him with a Snap Suplex.

MW: Jerome Dubois has a heck of a lot of fight still left in him though.

1............................2........................kick out!

RJ: Dexter is much more fresh than Dubois and easily kicks out there.

Jerome pushes himself up and so too does Dexter Morgan, Dexter dodges a kick from Dubois and then slips behind Jerome Dubois, grabbing hold of his waist and connecting with a German suplex, he swings his hips and then lifts him up and hits a second German suplex, he swings the hips again and lifts Dubois up...

MW: Third suplex!

Dexter gets back up and starts climbing up to the top rope, he makes a title motion around his waist before diving off with The Dark Passenger.


1..........................2...........................3kick out!


Dexter can’t believe it as Jerome Dubois kicks out of the pin attempt, he lifts Jerome up and onto his shoulders, he spins around in the ring with Dubois on his shoulders before...



MW: Dexter wins!

A: Your winner....and NEW FreeWeight Champion.....DEXXXTTTERRRRR MORGAAAANNN!!!!

RJ: Dexter finally cashed in his Fresher’s Ball contract and it has paid off for him here, he has come out on top after cashing it in on Jerome Dubois after he retained the title.

MW: Jerome will be bitterly disappointed, but for now it will be celebrations and congratulations for Dexter Morgan who has secured his first ever title in 6WF!

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*Jerome Dubois is storming through the corridors. Clarissa stops him.*

C: Are you alright Dubs?

JD: I cannot believe it! Dat Dexter cheated to steal my title! I tell you now Clarissa, dis iz not over!

C: Is that a challenge to Dexter?

JD: Of course it dis! I will not let me take ze title dat is mine!
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*The camera shows Perfect Jack backstage before his TAW Title match.

PJ: You know it’s quite funny how disturbed Zhi is. People say to me, aren’t you worried? The truth is not at all. Zhi is unhinged, he always has been. He has always been dangerous, but now his mental state is so fragile and blinded because of one person. Abe Abercorn. And this most certainly plays into my hands.

We all know he's losing his mind thinking Abe Abercorn is pulling some sort of strings from above. Well I'll let Cassius think what he wants to think because like I've said before Cassius if you want to beat me you need to be 100% both physically and mentally to beat me Cassius and right now Cassius you may be 100% physically but mentally Cassius you aren't. You are showing vulnerability Cassius and I'm going to take advantage of that. I am the master of taking advantage of my opponents weaknesses, much like ABE! That’s right I said his name Cassius. This title backs up my claims. I brag a lot but my titles, my accolades, my career back it up.

Sunday Night, 6WF Pain. Cassius Zhi. I bring the pain. I take the victory. Because I'm Perfect and you're not.
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Match 8
TAW Title
Perfect Jack (C) vs Cassius Zhi

RJ: It is now time for the first WORLD TITLE match of this evening, and it is a rematch from our previous Pay Per View Let It Rock.

MW: At Let It Rock, Perfect Jack won his first world title in 6WF by defeating Cassius Zhi for the TAW World Heavyweight Championship.

RJ: And tonight is his first defence of the title against Cassius Zhi, who will be looking for a quick return to the top.

RA: The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL and is for the TAW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WORLD...Introducing first...THE CHALLENGER! Hailing from Tibet, China...Weighing in at 250lbs... CASSSSIUSS ZHIIIIIII!

‘They Say’ screeches out of the speakers and some of the crowd start a chant of ‘Cassius gonna k1ll ya!’ as Cassius walks out calmly onto the stage, he takes in the reception looking around before striding down the ramp confidently. He ignores as the fans all stretch the arms out to get a touch of the two time world champion, Cassius climbs up onto the apron and steps through the ropes into the ring.

MW: What a roll Cassius Zhi was on since returning to 6WF in October 2010. He left a path of wreckage and destruction in his wake, but Jack managed to end that reign of terror last month and that seems to have tipped Cassius over the edge.

RJ: We’ve always known Zhi to have an unhinged side, that is what made him so dangerous but now he seems to have tipped from unhinged to full mental capitulation.

MW: Which of course could still prove dangerous.

RA: And now... Weighing in at 260lbs and hailing from Robbinsdale, Minnesota...HE IS THE REIGNING AND DEFENDING TAW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD...PERFECT JACCCKKKK!

“I am perfection” blares out through the speakers and Perfect Jack’s arrival is met with a mass of cheers from the crowd. He lifts up the TAW Title to massive cheers, before stomping down to the ring with the title over his shoulder. He rolls into the ring with the title and leaps to his feet, holding the title up.

RJ: Jack faces different circumstances now. Last time he was coming in as the challenger, he had nothing to lose. But now he’s got to take a different mindset, he has everything to lose.

MW: It will be interesting to see how he adapts. Jack is a former tag team champion, he knows what it’s like to enter a match as the champion but that is when you have someone else who can get involved to take away the pressure, he is by himself now.

Ding, Ding, Ding!
Jack and Cassius begin to circle the ring. They are staring each other down with great intensity as the crowd cheer them both on, though they are more in favour of Jack. They continue to circle the ring as the crowd noise dies down, only then do the two men move to the centre of the ring and lock up. Jack has Zhi into a headlock. Cassius whips him out across the ring, he goes for a big boot but Jack manages to slide underneath the boot. Jack rolls up onto his feet behind Zhi and pulls him in for a German suplex but Cassius blocks the move.Zhi then manages to spin in the hold, he attempts an arm drag but Jack holds on, putting Zhi into an armbar. Cassius immediately begins shouting despite Jack applying little pressure.

MW: One of Abe’s classic moves and you can see the effect it is having on Zhi’s mental state.

Cassius fights up to his feet and Jack hits a European Uppercut into the chin. He continues with the European Uppercuts until Zhi is backed against the ropes. Jack tries to lift him onto his shoulders but Zhi holds onto the ropes and Jack can’t drag him away and is forced to drop Zhi down. He stands on the apron and Jack runs towards him but he is met with a vicious kick into the head. Zhi steps into the ring and hits a spike DDT across the 2nd rope. He makes the first pinfall of the match-up.

Ref: 1..............2.....Kick out!

Jack forces his shoulder up, Cassius starts to boot away on his right arm. He hits a couple of vicious arm—breakers, following this with knee drops across the right shoulder. He drags Jack into the corner where he boots away on him as the referee steps in. He forces Zhi back before he just goes back in with a boot. Jack is dragged up and Cassius waits for him to fall out of the corner before hitting a codebreaker.

Ref: 1...............2.....Kick out!

Cassius is quickly back onto his feet, stomping away on the head of Jack. He retreats waiting for Jack to stir to one knee before running in and hitting a hard boot into the side. Jack rolls towards the ropes but Cassius pulls him back towards the ring and continues with the stomps into the head. Jack manages to get to one knee but is lifted up by Zhi who drives a stiff knee into the stomach and then bounces off the ropes for a neckbreaker. Cover.

Ref: 1.................2.......kick out!

Cassius lifts up Jack straight from the cover and goes for a roundhouse kick which Jack blocks, he spins Cassius around before knocking him down with a clothesline. Zhi rises up and Jack runs the ropes and hits a running forearm into the face. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1..............2..Kick out!

Jack climbs up to his feet, he begins to boot away on the right leg of Cassius before putting in a figure four leglock which Cassius manages to fight his way out of pretty quickly. He rolls down to the outside and then walks back towards the ring where he rolls in only for Jack to drop a hard elbow down into the face. He drags Cassius Zhi closer to the corner before going to the 2nd rope and hitting a diving elbow to the chest. He then hooks the leg.

Ref: 1............2.......Kick out!

MW: Jack getting back into this match after a good start from Zhi after finally over-coming his fear of an Armbar!

Jack rises to his feet, he again starts his offence by attacking the right leg of Cassius Zhi. He smashes the knee into the canvas a couple of times before allowing Zhi to his feet. He snapmares him down, Jack follows with a a hard boot to the back with the sound reverberating around the arena. He rises only for Jack to hit a rolling arm drag into an armbar. Zhi stretches his leg out and quickly places his foot on the bottom rope.

RJ: Again Zhi looking to avoid the armbar whenever possible.

Jack keeps the hold kept in for as long as possible until he is forced to release. Zhi gets to his feet with assistance from the ropes only for Jack to pull him forward and hit a DDT.

Ref: 1................2...........Kick out!

Jack drags up Cassius Zhi in position for a German suplex but Zhi hits a back kick into the stomach. Jack jolts back and Zhi runs towards him but he drops to the mat to avoid a running boot. He leaps up and Zhi spins around into a snap suplex. Cassius rolls up and Jack hits a legsweep DDT into the cover.
Ref: 1................2....Kick out!

Jack hauls up Cassius Zhi and quickly goes for a belly to back suplex, Zhi counters with a bulldog. Cassius gets to his feet as does the champion. Zhi goes for a roundhouse kick but Jack blocks, he spins Zhi around but Cassius catches him with a spinning heel kick to the head. Cassius then drags up Jack and whips him across the ring where he hits a standing side slam into the cover.

Ref: 1...........2......Kick out!

Cassius is up onto his feet where he starts to boot away on the right shoulder of Jack, he then twists the right arm of Jack whilst applying pressure to the shoulder with his foot. Jack starts to fight his way up to his feet only for Cassius to reverse with a Northern Lights suplex and into an armbar of his own, Zhi doesn’t seem to be too bothered by this.

RJ: Both men seem to have set out their tactics early, Cassius is looking to take out the right arm of Jack.

MW: This will of course help to nullify Jack’s range of submission moves, many of which he picked up from Abercorn.

RJ: Whilst Jack is targeting the right leg of Cassius, which takes out one of his most vital weapons, the variety of roundhouse kicks.

MW: That’s why these two are competing at the highest level RJ, the most miniscule of detail is noted and stored away for a big match occasion.

Jack manages to escape the armbar, he rolls up away from Zhi. He pulls himself up in the corner where Cassius comes running towards, Jack reveres by using the turnbuckles to leap up and drive knees into the stomach. Zhi falls back and Jack walks out of the corner, Cassius runs at him and he ducks his head for a back body drop but Zhi boots him in the face.

Cassius gets up to his feet, he has Jack into a grounded abdominal stretch. Jack is lifted up and Zhi nails a pumphandle slam. Zhi falls back with the power he applied to the move. He uses the momentum to bounce off the ropes to hit a dropkick into the side of the head. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.................2.....Kick out!

Zhi is up onto his feet, he waits for Jack to rise before whipping him out across the ring and meeting him with a spinning wheel kick. Cassius Zhi doesn’t cover, he waits for Jack to rise before scooping him up and slamming him to the canvas. Zhi makes the cover.

Ref: 1................2.....Kick out!

Cassius waits for Jack to rise before hitting an inverted atomic drop, he runs off the ropes going for a clothesline which Jack ducks, Zhi hits the ropes and Jack runs behind him, throwing him to the outside with Cassius landing hard on the floor. Zhi gets to his feet to get back in the ring, Jack runs and hits a baseball slide. The ref begins a count-out...

Ref: 1............2..........3.......4.......5.......6......7.......8...

MW: Of course a count-out wins the match for Jack...

RJ: But Zhi’s back in anyway!

Jack is quick to hook the leg.

Ref: 1...........2........Kick out!

Zhi barely gets the shoulder up, Jack waits for him to rise before hitting a series of knife-edge chops that sends Zhi falling back towards the corner. Jack continues with the chops before allowing Cassius forward where he grabs Zhi and hits an angle slam. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.............2........Kick out!

Jack is up to his feet, he stomps on the right leg before locking in a figure four leglock, with a lot more pressure than the previous times he applied the move. The crowd cheer him on as Zhi fails to over-turn the move in his favour. Jack continues to crank up the pressure on the manoeuvre as Zhi screams in agony, he stretches for the ropes but just can’t reach.

RJ: I think Jack’s going to win it!

Zhi manages to shuffle and grab an extra inch and just get the ropes, the crowd boo and cheer at the same time, a 50/50 split for the two men. Jack keeps the hold in as long as possible, the ref has to warn him and Zhi rolls to the corner where he quickly removes the turnbuckle. He walks towards Jack who scoops him onto his shoulders for an airplane spin which Zhi desperately elbows out of, he then shoves Jack into the uncovered turnbuckle face first. Jack falls back...


Ref: 1..............2...........Kick out!

RJ: It didn’t seem to connect as well as previous times, maybe that’s the effect Jack’s tactics had on the right leg.

MW: If it did, it was a tremendous piece of work from Jack...or just a fluke!

Blood is pouring from Jack’s face as Zhi gets up and confronts the ref, he starts to shout about a slow count and the ref seems confused as he signals a two but Zhi still persists, he starts shouting about a conspiracy.

RJ: Abe really has got to him hasn’t he?

MW: Understatement of the year right there. RJ, providing insightful commentary since 2011!

Zhi finally turns his back on the ref and starts to stomp on Jack in the corner, where again the ref has to intervene before Zhi gets DQ’d. Zhi drags Jack back before putting him in an armbar...

RJ: Surely not going to win with Abe’s move?!

Jack manages to stretch out a leg and get the rope, forcing Zhi to break before any real pressure can be applied. Zhi lifts him up and goes for the Shockwave but Jack manages to stop the hand of Zhi, he then scoops him onto his shoulders and hits an airplane spin, he drops Zhi down...


Ref: 1...............2..................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!


*The crowd cheer loudly as Jack slowly gets up to his feet, the ref passes him the TAW Title and he clutches it tight to his chest.

MW: What a tremendous match-up, it seemed like Zhi had over-come the mental demons but Jack managed to pull out a win from what seemed like a dominant position for Zhi to be in.

RJ: Great match...Oh god no!

Zhi runs up behind Jack and boots him hard in the back of the head. Jack rolls back to the corner and Cassius begins to boot away on him viciously, he stomps and stomps away as the ref tries to pull him but to no avail. Zhi picks up the TAW Title, he waits for Jack to rise before smashing him in the head with the title.

Zhi drags up Jack and looks set to hit the shockwave but then stops. He clutches his head, shaking his head maniacally. He then drops to the outside of the ring...

MW: Thank god...

RJ: What’s he doing? Zhi’s coming over here!

The camera follows Zhi and he drags Michael Wire over the commentator’s desk.


MW: I don’t know...I don’t know...I don’t know!

Zhi: Don’t lie to me!

*Zhi hits a shockwave on Michael Wire, RJ sits back in his chair looking fearful. Cassius steps away slowly, he tips over the steel steps and then the railings near the fans. He spots one fan in an Abercorn t-shirt, he drags him over the railings and punches away on the fan until he is bloody in the head.

RJ: This is sick. Get someone out here god damn it!

Zhi continues to boot over railings. Danny McGraw walks out onto the apron, he is flanked by a mass of security and the men in white coats. He looks around at the destruction caused by Zhi and points towards Zhi, the men walk down the ramp towards Cassius Zhi.

Cassius is restrained by security, he tries to fight his way out from the security knocking down about 4 of the security with roundhouse kicks before they finally restrain him. They drag him towards a stretcher where he is laid down upon and put into a straight jacket. The crowd look on in shock as Zhi is wheeled away up the ramp still frantically mentioning Abe Abercorn’s name.

RJ: Cassius Zhi really has lost it this time folks. We’ve seen him incensed, intense, slightly disturbed before but now he really has tipped over the edge.

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The Camera’s are immediately in the backstage area where Cassius Zhi is being wheeled away towards a vehicle as Danny McGraw watches on. They load Zhi into the van, as Miss Jessica comes sprinting out from one of the rooms.

Miss Jessica: Danny, what’s going on? What’s going on? Where are they taking him? Why are you doing this?

Danny McGraw: I wasn’t the one who called the authorities Jesssica, I didn’t even want to let them in. It’s gone completely over my head, someone has sanctioned this. Cassius Zhi is a danger to the wider general public is what I have been told.

Miss Jessica: They can’t do this...CASSIUS!

*Jessica runs towards the van, she grabs one of the security by the arm.

Miss Jessica: Let me in there. Let me see Cassius now!

Security: We can’t, we don’t know what he’s going to do.

*Miss Jessica is in tears as she manages to fight her way into the van.

Miss Jessica: Cassius, Like listen to me. Please tell me what’s wrong, please don’t go Cassius!

Cassius: It’s Abercorn...He’s doing this to me. It’s him!

Miss Jessica: Cassius, don’t let them do this. Fight them off! I can’t lose you now, I just can’t.

*The Security drag her away as her make-up drips down her face.

Security: You can’t go with him. Now get him out of here.

*The van drives away, Miss Jessica is left watching in tears.

Miss Jessica: I can’t believe that they’re doing this!
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*Chris Patricks is shown in the backstage area warming up for his match with Hero. On the monitor there are replays of Hero’s previous fight for the right qualifying matches.

Patricks stops warming up and takes a seat on the bench, and then says a little prayer before switching off the monitor. He looks down to the floor and composes himself before getting to his feet and pacing around.

He looks to the picture on his wall of his father and brother, he smiles to himself before tapping the picture and then taking it down and placing it in his bag. He then mouths “For them” into the camera and leaves the locker-room ahead of the Fight for The Right Final.

MW: What a massive chance for Chris Patricks tonight!
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Match 9
Fight For The Right Final
Chris Patricks vs Hero

Announcer:Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall.....and it is the FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT FINAL!

(Crowd pop)

RJ:Here we go guys,one of the biggest matches of the night and the biggest opportunity on the line for these two superstars.Both Hero and Chris Patricks have had to navigate themselves through a series of a very difficult matches but now they find themselves one decision away from the Fight for the Right briefcase...

MW:The briefcase that has defined so many careers,every single winner has gone on to become world champion and that opportunity presents itself once more for these two talented athletes...

RJ:Cassius Zhi,Nemesis and Tyson Armstrong have all won Fight for the Right and all three men have successfully used the priviledge to become world champion....for Hero that would mean an unprecedented 7th world reign and for Chris Patricks it would be a dream come true as the Boston native could find himself with his 1st ever world championship...

The arena lights dim down and red,white and blue spotlights shine around the arena before a procession of fireworks shoot up into the air."Refuse/Resist" rips through the speakers and the crowd goes wild as more pyros explode and Chris Patricks walks through the curtain...

RJ:"The Enigma" has arrived and this crowd is on their feet,Chris Patricks defeated Mike Hill,Angelo Anneire and Jerome Dubois to find himself here tonight...a former European and Tag Team Champion and tonight he could cement himself among the front runners in this federation...there would be nobody that would begrudge him that opportunity,such a talented guy and a very kind individual...

MW:Yeah Chris Patricks is a nice guy but that doesnt get you results.He needs raise an edge to his game to have any chance here tonight....

RJ:The last few weeks Chris Patricks has shown that he can hang with the best and he can beat anyone of them on his day.Hero may be a hall of famer but Chris Patricks is no pushover and he is here to win...

Patricks tags the fans hands and then slides into the ring.He climbs up the ropes and kisses the tatoos on his wrists before pointing up at the sky and then crossing himself.He jumps down into the centre of the ring and paces as the crowd strike up a "Lets go Patricks" chant.Patricks' has a look of pure focus on his face as he looks up at the entranceway..

MW:Chris Patricks may be here to win and under most circumstances you would call it a 50-50 split,but his opponent is not just some other run of the mill superstar.We are talking about a man that has set the precedent year after year,a 6 time world champion,a hall of famer...

RJ:I dont think anyone would deny the task in hand for Patricks' here tonight but I believe that if he can bring his A-game there is a great chance of victory for him here tonight...

The crowd begins to boo loud as "Here comes the King" blasts out and the lights switch off completely in the arena.Green fireworks explode into the darkness and then a green strobe shoots round the arena and then rests on the entranceway as a figure walks out...

MW:Here he is,the Alpha Male...the leader of the Church of Hero,and regarded by man as the greatest 6WF superstar of all time.

RJ:All excellent points,Hero is one of a king and certainly an "enigma" in his own right...but what I want to know is,how can he fare against Chris Patricks one on one.This is one fall to a finish and as good as Hero is,he is facing a guy that could be the future of professional wrestling...for me this a close call and I anticipate a great match...Hero defeated Snake Eyes,Solomon Riddick and Clarke James to make it here tonight....both men have worked hard to earn this opportunity...

MW:But only one can truly earn it...

Hero climbs up onto the apron and he stares at Chris Patricks before climbing into the ring.The crowd boo him as he paces the ring and then stares at Patricks with malevolent eyes.Patricks returns eye contact...

RJ:You can feel the magnitude of this match emenating and sooner or later it will of these men is going to win Fight for the Right....but who will it be?

The referee speaks to both men and checks them over for concealed weapons.He then calls for the bell and the crowd roars with cheers.Hero and Patricks circle one another and then lockup in the centre of the ring,Hero applies a quick headlock but Patricks backs against the ropes and shoots him across the ring.Hero comes back and Patricks looks for a hiptoss but Hero keeps his feet and elbows Patricks in the ribs before flipping over the back and back suplexing Patricks.Patricks,however,lands on his feet and spins Hero around before kicking him in the midsection and whips him off the ropes...Hero comes back and Patricks leapfrogs him before armdragging him on the comeback...both men get back up and the crowd applaud the stand off...

RJ:Excellent exchange there and that is why I anticipate such a close encounter...both of these men share similar styles and can mix it up with so many different variations..

Hero nods in aknowledgement of Patricks and they lock up again.This time Patricks twists the right arm of Hero and places it behind his back.Hero shows speed to drop to onto his back and uses his legs to propel Patricks through the air.....both men get up again and Patricks runs at Hero,the latter uses Patricks momentum to flapjack him into the air and send him airborne...

RJ:Patricks landed on the top rope....crossbody....

MW:Got him...

Patricks quickly swivels in midair for the crossbody but Hero leaps up and meets him with a dropkick to the ribcage.Patricks doubles up in pain as Hero runs off the ropes and comes back with a low hesitation dropkick to the midsection.Patricks crawls to the ropes and Hero grabs him and backs him against the ropes before going for an irish whip....Patricks holds onto Hero's right arm and pulls him into the centre of the ring...


Hero turns the skyhigh into an excellent hurricanrana takedown,Patricks gets up and Hero runs at him and nails a reverse wheelbarrow facebuster(ala Rey Mysterio)..............1..................2.........kickout by Patricks.Hero drags him up by the head and snapmares him back to the mat,he kicks Patricks in the spine and then runs off the ropes and connects with a throwback neckbreaker to the seated Patricks.............1.................2.......shoulder up!

MW:Excellent back and forth action and now Hero has control,something Chris Patricks really didnt want this early in the match...

Hero stands up and beckons for Patricks to get up,he whips him to the corner and follows in but Patricks gets his feet up and kicks Hero backwards.Patricks goes to the second rope and leaps off with a front dropkick to the chest and knocks Hero down.They both get up again and Patricks knocks him down with a spinning heel kick...they return to their feet for a third time and Patricks double underhooks Hero and lifts him into an elevated facebuster...........1.............2............shoulder up!

RJ:Chris Patricks showing that he can handle himself in with the best...people have wondered for some time how far this kid can go and I truly believe all the way is the answer to that...

Patricks drags Hero up and tries for a vertical suplex but Hero swivels around back and locks his hands for a german suplex,Patricks runs forwards into the turnbuckle and uses his posterior to shove Hero into a backwards roll....Hero gets back up and sprints at Patricks but is drop-toe holded into the middle ropes...

MW:Could be a 619 you think?

Patricks looks for the 619 but Hero catches his feet and then guillotines Patricks in between the middle and top ropes as the crowd groan.Patricks holds his throat in pain as Hero stands up and stomps visciously on his back and head.He drags Patricks to his feet and then whips him off the ropes,Patricks comes back and Hero looks for a superkick...Patricks catches Hero's foot and spins him around but is taken out by a dragon whip kick with Hero's other foot...Hero staggers as Patricks gets up and then springboards off the ropes and into a tornado DDT...

1.................2............Patricks kicks out!

RJ:Such a high octane match and these guys are leaving it all in the ring....but who is going to win out come the end of the night?

Hero gets to his feet as the crowd boo him.He bounces against the ropes and kicks Patricks squarely in the face.He pulls his opponent up and and flips him into the air for a powerbomb before throwing him backwards into the turnbuckle...Patricks staggers out as Hero runs towards him and nails an enzeguiri to the side of the head....Patricks falls to the mat as Hero goes to the corner...

MW:A mother of all openings just arose for Hero,he loves this kind of opportunity....SHOOTING STAR PRESS!

Hero takes off with ultimate grace and the flashbulbs go off as he rotates in midair.Patricks is motionless and then drives his knees up at the last moment and crushes them into the ribcage of Hero.The crowd cheer as Hero struggles in pain,Patricks clings to the ropes and pulls himself up...

RJ:This is a chance now for Chris Patricks,every man,woman and child back in Boston,Mass in on their feet right now you have to believe...

Hero staggers up and Patricks meets him with a crunching superkick that floors the Church leader again.Patricks runs up the middle of the ropes and flips back off...

MW:The Big Bang connects...

RJ:He's got him...

....................Hero just kicks out!

RJ:You dont get much closer than that but Hero is still fighting in this one...

Patricks runs his hands over his head and then stands up.He watches Hero trying to stand and he synches in a waistlock and attempts a german suplex.He throws Hero through the air but somehow Hero lands on his feet...he darts back at Patricks and leaps into a shining wizard,Patricks catches Hero in midair and flips him backwards onto his feet again...the crowd cheer the action as Hero aims a kick at Patricks stomach...

MW:Thinking Encore....

Patricks catches Hero's foot and nails a stepover heel kick(ala RVD)...he quickly scrambles to the ropes...

RJ:Incredible matchup....split legged moonsault!


RJ:Its over....

MW:Foot on the ropes....foot on the ropes!


The crowd are on their feet cheering until they realise the referee is pointing to Hero's foot on the ropes and waving it off.

MW:Hero has been in enough matches of this magnitude to know where the ropes are...great ringsmanship...

RJ:Such a close call for Chris Patricks and he needs to keep his head because this is a huge opportunity...

Patricks gets to his feet and the crowd's noise levels go up another notch as he nods his head and looks back at Hero.He grabs his opponent but Hero startles him with a jawbreaker and then nails the running shining wizard...........1................2.........kickout.Hero spits bllod across the ring and then stands up...he beckons for Patricks to get up,he stomps his feet and wills him up...

RJ:Hero is like a man possessed,he wants more than anything to get his hands on the Fight for the Right briefcase.....ENCORE!

Hero attempts the stunner but Patricks pushes him off into the corner,Hero runs up the ropes and dives into a whisper in the wind but Patricks avoids it.Hero lands on his feet but wobbles as Patricks springboards onto the ropes and flies back with a roundhouse kick to the face(ala John Morrison)...

RJ:This match is off the scale...

Patricks aims a thunderous kick at Hero's head but its ducked and Hero rolls him up...........1............2......kickout.They scramble up and Patricks back elbows Hero and then monkey flips him across the ring,Hero staggers up in the corner and Patricks nails a running shoulder thrust befoe lifting Hero onto the top rope....he climbs up and both men trade rights hands...

MW:A furious fight....a big risk for either man....


Crowd:That was awe-some x5

Patricks nails a top rope frankensteiner and both men crash to the canvass.He slowly crawls across and gets a hand on Hero's chest...


MW:Kickout Hero....

RJ:Only just....

Hero only just kicks out and the crowd boo.Patricks wipes sweat from his brow as he slowly crawls up himself.The crowd are on their feet applauding as Hero runs at Patricks but is backdropped over the ropes onto the apron...Hero tries to surprise Patricks with a shoulder thrust through the ropes but CP gets his knee in the way and sends Hero crashing to the hard flooring...

RJ:Not the best fall for Hero there....but not much Chris Patricks can do with his opponent on the outside....OH MY GOD!

Crowd:Holy (beep) x5

MW:Even I must say that was incredible...

Patricks runs across the ring,leaps onto the top rope and spins in midair before twisting into a corkscrew moonsault that knocks Hero down on the outside.Patricks clutches his ribs in pain as he slowly crawls to the ring barrier and the fans lean over to tag his back...

RJ:Both of these men leaving it all in the ring here tonight....what a fabulous match...

Patricks goes over and grabs Hero,the Alpha Male collapses backwards and slams "The Enigma"'s face into the steel steps as the crowd groan.Hero scrambles forwards and uses the barrier to drag himself up...he climbs onto the barrier and waits for Patricks to reach a kneeling position before dropping a leg across the back of his head...

RJ:The referee showing great leniency here...he knows what this match means and he is happy to see these men slug it out...

Hero rolls back into the ring and waits for Patricks to join him.Chris Patricks seems in pain as he grabs the apron and pulls himself up...

MW:How much do you think these guys have left...cannot be much more...

Patricks climbs onto the apron and Hero grabs him and looks for a suplex,Patricks swings over the back of his head into the ring and into a crucifix pin...

RJ:Startling counter....

MW:Hero rolled through.....ENCORE.....ENCORE.....ENCORE!

RJ:Oh wow...





Crowd:E-nig-ma x10

RJ:My god this kid has got heart...he just will not quit...

Hero kneels in shock and stares at the referee in disbelief.He looks at Patricks' foot on the ropes and shakes his head.He punches the mat and stands up,he pulls Patricks up by the head and stares at him...

MW:Cmon Hero,do it we go RJ.....ENCORE!

Patricks reverses into a reverse DDT and the crowd cheers loud.Patricks holds his neck as he slowly tries to reach his feet,he looks out at the cheering masses and hauls himself up...

RJ:The chance is still there can do it...all of these people believe...

Hero tries to get up as Patricks grabs him in a front facelock and nails a jumping DDT,he rolls back to his feet and runs into a springboard...

RJ:Asai moonsault....

1...................2............Hero kicks out.Patricks gets back to his feet and stares into the rafters before climbing back up,he drags Hero by the neck and places his head between his legs,...

MW:Could be a piledriver,oh no reversal by Hero...

Hero slingshots Patricks into the turnbuckle.Patricks staggers around as his head drops as Hero runs off the ropes....



The crowd roar as cry of approval as Patricks catches Hero in midair and drills him with the slam.Hero is groggy as Patricks bounces against the ropes...

RJ:Patricks scores with the canadian destroyer.....this is incredible....

1.............................2........................shoulder up!

MW:Oh wow I thought that was it....

RJ:The whole arena thought that was it...
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Patricks claws at his head and looks at his groggy opponent and shakes his head.He crawls up to his feet and then looks to the skies as the crowd cheer...

RJ:Chris is thinking that maybe,just maybe,this puzzle needs solving...

Patricks climbs the ropes and the crowd cheer him as he reaches the top,he stares down at Hero as the crowd applaud...

MW:I cant look....


Patricks soars through the air with the frogsplash but Hero rolls away just in time.Patricks is doubled up in pain as Hero scrambles up and connects with a codebreaker..........1...............2.........Patricks kicks out.

MW:We have been going here for a good twenty minutes and I still cannot pick a winner....what is it going to take...

Hero looks even more frustrated as he gets back to his feet.He drags Patricks up by the head,he grabs his face and screams "stay down" before whipping him off the ropes,Patricks reverses it but Hero flips into a handspring and flies back...


The crowd applaud as Patricks anticipates it and nailes Hero in midair with a backstabber,he staggers to his feet and quickly to the corner...

RJ:This could be a dream come true for Chris Patricks...

The flashbulbs light up the arena as Chris Patricks stands on the top rope and gazes around before looking down,Hero is motionless on the canvass as Patricks looks up into the sky...

MW:Hero is a sitting duck...oh no wait...

Before Patricks can leap off Hero begins to stir,Patricks continues to look at him and decides to let him get to his feet...he weighs up his options and then jumps...


Hero catches Patricks in midair and slams him on the back of his neck as the crowd groan,Hero spits on the mat again and grabs Patricks by the head...

MW:We could be looking at another canadian destroyer...

Patricks suddenly swipes Hero's legs and slingshots him into the corner,Hero shows skill as he lands on the ropes and quickly dives off...

MW:Patricks has no idea...



*Crowd pop

RJ:He's done god he has done it...

MW:Guess again RJ....Hero kicked out...look in the ring...

The whole arena is on their feet as Patricks raises his arms in victory but the referee waves him off.Instant replays show Hero kicking out at the last second and Patricks cannot believe it.He stands up,holds his hands on hips and looks desperate as he shakes his head...

RJ:It was inches away but Patricks neednt lose heart,he is giving this his all and he is half a second short...

Hero is trying to get to his feet as Patricks walks over to him and tries to yank him up,Hero pushes Patricks back but Patricks kicks him in the midsection and then drills him with a brainbuster,he staggers to his feet and to the corner...

RJ:This is it kid,this is your chance...capacity crowd on their feet....PUZZLE SOLVER!


Patricks gracefully flies through the air with the five star frogsplash but Hero gets his knees up at the very last moment.The crowd are all in shock as Patricks holds his ribs in agony...

RJ:So close...cmon Chris,get up....


RJ:Cmon Chris...

RJ:Cmon Chris you can do it...


MW:Its over...

ding ding ding

RJ:Dammit...what a frickin match....

Announcer:Ladies and Gentlemen,here is your winner....and the NEW Fight for the Right Winner......Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

The crowd begin to boo as "Here comes the King" blasts out.Hero lays motionless on the mat as the referee checks on both men.Every fan is on their feet applauding...

MW:For my money that was a five star classic,I would like Dave Melzer to mark it down in anyway because I will tell him straight,these two men put on a classic and for that I tip my hat...Hero wins but Chris Patricks deserves alot of credit for that performance...

RJ:Yes he does,and even though i hate saying it,so does Hero.Both of these men made 6WF proud here tonight...what a match,either of these guys a deserved winner...oh what do these guys want...

The Church of Hero descend down the ramp and the crowd boo even louder as they surround the ring.Hero is still barely moving as Clarke James and Marshal Murdoch drag him under the bottom rope and support him up the ramp....the referee hands the briefcase to Hero,who is struggling to even stand...

RJ:Hero knows he was in a fight here tonight and I am sure he wont want to hear the name Chris Patricks for a long time...a fascinating contest but now the most powerful tool in 6WF is in the hands of the most dominant and powerful stable...

The Church of Hero lead their leader into the backstage area as Chris Patricks slowly crawls to his feet in the ring.There is a huge standing ovation and a chant of "E-nig-ma" as he tries to leave the ring.
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Main Event
6WF World Championship
Max Adamson vs. Lex Hart (c)

RJ: We’re nearing the end of what has been a spectacular night, but perhaps, we have saved best ‘til last. The headline act tonight, the main event, the last thing you’ll all see you tonight is the contest for the 6WF World Championship. Lex Hart survived five other men last month, winning the Time Attack match by mere seconds to retain the championship, but now he is facing a man who has proved to be his adversary over the past few weeks and somebody who will stop at nothing to be world champion; Max Adamson.

MW: Lex Hart has the backing of Miss Jessica behind him, and it has been proven again and again that her influence is one of the most potent weapons in 6WF. Max has threatened Lex, he has overcome in tag matches for the past couple of weeks, and almost every time Max has come out on top, can Lex overcome Max tonight? Only time will tell...

RJ: Max has been in this position before, only to leave empty handed, he will hate for the same to happen tonight. Will it be Max’s name in the lights come the end of Pain, or will Lex Hart’s flag once more be held high?

MW: Well, we’re about to find out.


The lights all switch off and the Australian flag is on the titantron, suddenly it shows Max Adamson in the ring, beating opponents.

A: A former Tag Team, European champion. Perhaps most importantly the longest reigning Australian Champion ever. He weighs in at 296 lbs and stands at 6 foot 5 inches tall, he is the Australian Phenom, Captain Australia, and by the end of tonight he could be YOUR 6WF World Champion, he is....MAAAAXXX ADAMSON!!!!

The crowd pop huge as ‘Terra Firma’ hits out and Max steps out to pyros going off either side of him. He raises both arms in the air as the crowd go absolutely crazy for Adamson. Max winks at some ladies who are in a group by the stage, they all swoon. Max beats his chest before jogging forward, he walks down the ramp slapping the hands of the fans as he passes. He climbs into the ring and the pulls himself up to the top rope. He flexes his muscles before making a title belt motion around his waist.

RJ: Max Adamson looks pumped out here. He knows that he is close to tasting sweet world championship gold. Max’s popularity has exploded recently and after his successful run with Chris Patricks, they both felt it was time that they went their separate ways. Max has managed to get the world title shot first, and Max will take this opportunity with both hands.

MW: Max Adamson will have to be on the top of his game tonight, it doesn’t matter how “pumped” he is. When you’re facing somebody with as strong a technical ability as Lex Hart, his reflexes and mind have to be sharp as they possibly can be. Sheer emotion won’t help him tonight.


The lights around the arena all turn gold and gold pyros pour down onto the stage, the titantron comes on and shows Lex Hart winning different matches.

A: He is the one half of the longest reigning tag team ever, and he is the current 6WF World Champion. He weighs in at 240 lbs and stands at 6 foot 3 inches. He will hope to end tonight STILL the 6WF World Champion, he is....LEEEEXXX HAAARRRRTTTT!

The crowd start booing furiously as Lex Hart steps out, he poses on the stage, and then the boos only increase in volume as Miss Jessica steps beside him and rubs down his chest. She whispers something in Lex’s ear and he raises the 6WF World Title in the air. Lex is smirking as he swaggers down the ramp with Miss Jessica wrapping her arms around his. Lex slides into the ring and squares up to Max Adamson, he strokes his world title in an attempt to wind him up, but Max can be heard saying; “It’s going to be mine by the end of the night!” Lex laughs him off as Miss Jessica is clapping him outside of the ring.

RJ: I hate how vulnerable Miss Jessica tries to pretend to be when she’s out here, yet when she’s backstage she is calling all the shots, organising schemes and being generally sneaky and bossy. I don’t get why she is out here in the first place, and if I was 6WF management I would make sure Miss Jessica is nowhere near a wrestling ring considering her history.

MW: She’s out here to watch her client wrestle. I don’t get why that’s so terrible?

RJ: Where was she for Cassius and Saint then?

MW: Are you sure you’ve met those guys? They are hardly the type of people who need Miss Jessica at ring side, they like to fight alone. Lex Hart wants to show off in front of his ‘woman’. I think it’s good.

The referee holds the title up in the air...


RJ: And we’re off, here we go.

Max raises his arms ready for a test of strength with Lex Hart, who raises his own and they both circle around each other, never breaking eye contact. Max goes for Lex and they lock up, Max pushes Lex into the corner, but the referee pulls Max back. As Max is distracted, Lex jumps up, using the ropes as a springboard and connects with a hard kick to his back. Adamson stumbles forward as Lex quickly gets behind him and grabs his leg pulling him to the ground, Lex Hart grabs hold of his ankle and immediately puts Max Adamson in an ankle lock.

RJ: That is Lex Hart showing just how quickly he can lock in one of his vast array of submission manoeuvres, learnt from his famous family.

MW: Max Adamson better have done his homework on Lex, otherwise he’s in for a brutal surprise today, and probably a broken bone. If he finds himself in one of these situations, he has to get out of it quickly or risk losing this match.

Lex pulls back hard on Max’s leg, putting more pressure into the ankle lock. Max cries out in pain as the crowd boo Lex. Max reaches out for the ropes, but his fingertips can barely brush them. Lex Hart lays down on the mat and wraps his own legs around Max’s leg, which puts even more pressure onto the ankle. Miss Jessica is clapping on the outside and screams at Max to ‘TAP!’.

RJ: Could Max Adamson genuinely tap out so soon?

MW: Lex is certainly putting a lot of pressure on the ankle, it can’t be good for him.


Max suddenly bursts from the old in an explosion of energy, he jumps to his feet, but his ankle fails to hold him and he calls to his knee. Lex stands up and laughs at Max before going to kick him in the chin. Max grabs hold of Lex’s leg and then pushes himself up, he lifts Lex up and throws him into the corner. His back slams into the corner of the ring and then Max starts unleashing a fury of punches into Lex’s mid-section before lifting him up to the top rope. Max starts climbing to the top rope as well, Lex is sat groggily on the top rope, Max stands on the middle rope and grabs hold of Lex’s chest, before going for a Belly to Belly suplex...


MW: Lex reversed it into a Reverse DDT!

1.....................2......................kick out!

RJ: Not surprisingly Max manages to kick out of that move.

MW: Lex Hart was just testing the water, and Max Adamson just hasn’t had any luck go his way these last couple of minutes.

Lex Hart gets back to his feet, he stomps on Max’s knee, before climbing up the turnbuckle. He turns his back to the ring on the top rope, and looks ready to dive off with the moonsault onto Max Adamson, the crowd are silent in anticipation as Lex Hart starts taunting the jeering fans.


RJ: MY G0D! Max Adamson caught him in mid-air!

Crowd: H0LY 5H1T! H0LY 5H1T! H0LY 5H1T!

As Lex Hart flips through the air, Max jumps up and catches him with a huge slam into the mat. Max rolls Lex Hart over and lays an arm over his body.

1..........................2...........................kick out!

RJ: This match has already given us some shocking moments, neither man has found a real advantage yet.

MW: That was unbelievable though, Max looked down and out, and just jumped up and slammed him from out of nowhere!

Max pushes himself up, and he crouches in the corner, he is urging Lex Hart to get up as he looks ready to hit him with a Gore. Lex Hart starts groggily getting to his feet, using the ropes to help himself keep his balance. Max sprints across the ring, ready to connect with his finisher, but Lex Hart dodges it and Max Adamson connects painfully with the steel ring post. His shoulder smashing into it. Max slumps in the corner. Lex knees him in the stomach before sliding out of the ring. Lex kisses Miss Jessica before walking over to Max who is groggily stuck in the corner, his shoulder up against the cold metal. Lex Hart climbs up the steps and slaps Max straight across the face before slamming his head against the ring post.

RJ: Max has found himself in a really vulnerable position, not somewhere you want to be when facing the methodical Lex Hart.

MW: Lex is showing Max Adamson exactly who is boss, he is proving to him that he is 6WF World Champion for a reason.

Lex gets back into the ring and pulls Max out of the corner, he pushes him into the corner, he chops him across the chest and Max’s chest goes red. Lex takes a run up and runs at Max, going for a hard superkick, but Max catches his foot mid-air. Max walks forward still holding Lex’s leg as Lex hops backwards. Max shakes his head at Lex Hart before pulling him forward by his leg and connecting with a huge clothesline. Lex rolls over and gets back to his feet before being taken down by a hard shoulder block. Max urges Lex to get up and when he does, he quickly lifts him onto his shoulders and connects with a Samoan Drop!

RJ: Max Adamson has something Lex Hart doesn’t though. Sheer passion, and the backing of millions behind him, it seems to give Max the energy and power to inflict a lot of pain in bursts of amazing wrestling.

MW: I certainly do get impressed in the way Max explodes at his opponents.

Max jumps back to his feet and raises his arms in the air as the crowd give a huge cheer. Max Adamson drags Lex Hart up to his feet, he chops him across the chest, which is greeted with a ‘Woooo!’ from the crowd. Max kicks Lex in the mid-section before lifting him up into a powerbomb position, and slamming Lex into the corner. Lex slumps down in the corner, as Max starts stomping on him. Max lifts Lex back up and whips him across the ring, he runs and bounces off the ropes and when he comes back Adamson hits him with a quick hip toss. Max grabs hold of Lex’s arm and puts him in a painful arm bar.

RJ: Max has his own set of submission skills, and he is now targeting Lex Hart’s arm.

Lex suddenly manages to roll over and turns the arm bar into a roll up, Max’s eyes are wide in shock as the referee begins counting.

1...........................2.....................kick out!

MW: Remember that not only can Lex implement submission manoeuvres, he’s also a master of getting out of them as well.

Both men quickly get back to their feet, Max goes to grab Lex but he slips out of it, appearing behind Max and he knees him in the thigh and as Max falls to his knees, he kicks him hard in the back. Before Max can react, Lex connects with a thunderous kick to the side of his head. Max is knelt groggily on the mat. Lex lifts him up and is in the Canadian Destroyer position.

RJ: Is Lex going to hit him with that Canadian Destroyer?

Before Lex can start using the move, Max quickly lifts Lex onto his shoulders and...


RJ: Lex is in big trouble!

1............................2...........................3kick out!


RJ: Nobody can believe that, even Miss Jessica looks shocked.

Lex looks completely out on the mat as Max stands up looking shocked. He crouches in the corner, and is shouting at Lex to get up. He is ready to hit the Gore and Lex starts groggily pushing himself to his feet, Lex Hart manages to find his balance as he stands up.



Lex Hart manages to quickly drop toe hold Max Adamson as he charges at him going for the huge spear, and puts Max in the Figure Four Leglock. Max is struggling like crazy as Lex’s legs put more pressure onto Max’s own. Max is reaching for the ropes, but there is just no way he can reach them. Max manages to drag himself closer to the ropes and he reaches for them, but Miss Jessica pulls them back and the crowd boo like crazy. The referee sees it and starts shouting at her. While the referee is distracted, Lex Hart releases the hold and when Max Adamson stands up he low blows him.

RJ: That cheat!

MW: Roll up!



RJ: Not so fast Michael, the referee has just noticed that Lex had Max’s trunks! This match is not over yet!

Max pushes himself up, and so too does Lex who just starts screaming at the referee. Lex turns around and is hit with a huge big boot. Lex slams down on the mat and Max drags him into the centre of the ring. Max starts climbing to the top rope and the crowd are cheering Max on. He gets to the top rope and he points at Lex before getting ready to go for a huge elbow drop, Max dives off...



Max slams painfully down on the mat as Lex just about manages to roll out of the way. Lex lays one arm over Max’s chest.

1....................................2......................kick out!

RJ: Lex Hart nearly just stole that match because Max mistimed his move.

MW: I just can’t see who is going to win this match at the moment, both have had their moments.

Lex Hart uses the ropes and pulls himself back to his feet, he drags Max to his feet and he slaps him hard across the face. Lex punches Max in the mid-section before kneeing him and then connecting with a stiff clothesline. As Max groggily gets back to his feet again, Lex kicks him in the mid-section and Max bends over. Lex notices the opportunity and...




RJ: Foot on the ropes!


RJ: Max just point-blank refuses to lose this match.

Lex Hart climbs back to his feet and starts climbing back to the top rope, he taunts the fans and then points at Max before going for a moonsault. He connects with the highflying move and then gets back to his feet and puts Max in a sharpshooter...

RJ: There’s the move that his family Bret Hart made famous, Max is not in the best position.

MW: Max needs to pick up some momentum.

Max reaches for the ropes and actually manages to grab hold of them, Lex’s face screws up in anger as he releases the hold. He stomps down on Max’s leg, he drags him back to his feet and goes to knee him in the mid-section but Max Adamson connects with a huge punch to the side of his head. Lex stumbles backwards before Max grabs hold of his arm and whips him across the ring, when Lex Hart comes running back Max quickly lifts him up to his shoulders. The referee was too close though and Lex’s legs take him out. Max is completely unaware of this.

RJ: Max has Lex in the Cyclone position, but he just took out the referee, who is very groggy in that corner.

Max circles around the ring with Lex on his shoulders as the crowd are popping, Max signals for the Cyclone. But...


The crowd suddenly lift the roof of the arena as they all start booing and jeering, Miss Jessica had slid into the ring and low blows Max Adamson, he falls down and Lex Hart is in a pin position, the referee turns around and sees the pin.



MW: Lex has done it!


MW: The final result is all that matters, and listen to those fans, they are furious!

A: Your WINNER and STILL 6WF World Champion....-


RJ: You couldn’t even hear Lex Hart’s name announced then as the crowd’s boos drowned out the announcer!

Lex Hart rolls out of the ring clutching the 6WF World Championship to his chest as Miss Jessica walks back with him.

RJ: So Pain has ended with pain for Max Adamson, as even with all the effort he put in, he couldn’t overcome Lex Hart and Miss Jessica.

MW: We’ll see you this Thursday with all the fallout from tonight’s match!
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*The big screen comes on and the crowd burst into a frenzy of cheers as a man stands with his back to them.He whirls around and faces the camera,a huge grin on his face and then removes his sunglasses


*Crowd pop

JJ:Yeah,yeah thats right.I thought it was bout time y'all heard from the most charismatic 6WF superstar of all time.The chocolate faced,aint no way Im mixed race,Big dippin,finger lickin Franchise Initiative....


JJ: Yeah y'all know it.Back in town fo' one night only and only because I have a message to deliver.This aint a moment like John Cena stood on the announce table being gung-ho GI Joe and telling the world "Oh yeah we compromised him,and if my white ass had of been there I would of compromised him good and proper" because you Mark Whalberg looking s.o.b that aint the way a real playa gets down.

*Crowd cheer

JJ: No JJ Johnson is here,live and exclusive 6WF PAIN!

*Crowd cheer

JJ: Oh hell no,I said JJ Johnson IS HERE,LIVE AND EXCLUSIVE....6WF PAIN

*Crowd pop

JJ:And y'll may know,or may not know that a tragic event happened tonight.Im not talking about the fact they sold out o' McFlurrys at the McD's stand earlier either...

*Crowd give a laugh

JJ:No,JJ Johnson be talking about an event that happened that saddened me to the core.A year ago the same event would have made JJ Johnson bust a grapefruit sized nut,made me party like its 2000 but now it only serves to make me reminisce and pass on some of my most deepest and most proudest moments.

Because tonight,here at 6WF PAIN you people watched the end of one of the greatest 6WF superstars of all time...and I dont know if this will get air time,probably not cos I aint on the payroll no more but I know somewhere Cassius Zhi is watching and if your there Zhi....wassup dawg?

JJ:If I did this twelve months ago they would of ripped up my contract and sent me packing,but I dont answer to no-one no more,so this playboy be breaking that oh so golden rule,the thing that makes Finlay "Go SMASH",thats right playas and playarettes,JJ Johnson bout to break..KAYFABE!

*The crowd cheer

JJ: Because no matter what you see on the screen,no matter what you see out here in the ring or the DVD's you buy.The amount of times Cassius has kicked my ass,the amount of times I have kicked his snakey ass, we have tried to end each other's careers but at the end it boils down to respect,100% respect.

There aint never been a competitor that has driven me to my limits,pushed my buttons and tipped me to the edge.There were moments when I wanted to rip off his head and watch him writhe in agony but at the end o' the day,when all was said and done,he was a mutual enemy of which I owned a heck of a lot of respect.

Because this guy brought it to the max every single day,the most dedicated superstar,the ultimate athlete and the most deserving champion I can ever remember.

People talk about JJ Johnson with fond memories but I wouldnt be half the man I am if it wasnt for Cassius Zhi.He made my star shine brighter than ever,he brought the best from me and for that I thank him.Like Superman and Lex Luther,Batman and The Joker,the 6WF fans will always remember JJ Johnson and his arch-nemesis,Cassius Zhi!

*Crowd pop and applaud

JJ:And I know they got you hooked up in the nuthouse now Zhi...and I know chances are they aint never letting you out...yo vendetta against Abe,your vendetta against pretty much everyone seems to have finally spiralled out o' control but personally,I dont believe it.

I dont believe this is the end,I have been face to face with you Cassius and I would be very surprised if you never ever return.There aint no asylum in this land that has shackles big enough to keep you penned in,and it might be a month,a year or even five but one day you will be day you will resurface....and when you do...not only will the 6WF Hall of Fame be waiting for you...but JJ Johnson will be too,because we aint finished big boy...and you know it...we aint never gone be finished...remember that!

*JJ grins at the screen

JJ: But I would like y'all to join me in a round of applause....cos you may not have liked Cassius...but there is no limit on the respect that man deserves...for everything he has given this company...thankyou Zhi!

Crowd: applauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplause THANKYOU ZHI x10!

*JJ gives the Coalition Salute and the screen ebbs out as the crowd continue to cheer and chant Cassius' name.
(On a personal note,good luck with everything Demon.I had no idea you were leaving and when I popped on this morning I was startled by the news.Thanks for everything,for my greatest 6WF feud and all the wisdom you have passed on to me over e-mails.It has been a pleasure mate and hopefully your success in life will continue to grow.Hopefully one day you might return,and if that days comes,I hope to be there too because our feud could never get old.All the best mate.

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Pain Results (08/05)
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