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 Pain Results (26/04)

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PostSubject: Pain Results (26/04)   Pain Results (26/04) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:39 pm

Dark Match
SCSA Vs Henchman

Henchman is waiting in the ring as the sound of glass breaking hits and SCSA comes out.Henchman takes an early advantage overpowering SCSA before he makes a comebacks backing Henchman off with lefts and rights.Henchman runs the ropes but SCSA is waiting with a Lou Thesz press and then waits for Henchman to get up to hit the stunner.Henchman gets up and SCSA connects with a stunner 1...2......The ref notices Henchmans foot under the bottom rope as SCSA celebrates.SCSA turns around as Henchman connects with a blackhole slam 1...2......3!

PAIN 1st Match
Finlay Vs Matt Lightning

Finlay comes to the ring in Chav gear as some of the crowd boo.Matt Lightning runs down the ramp and into the ring as Finlay takes advantage diving on him with forearm smashes.Lightning pushes him off and a drop toehold,dropkick and armdrag later and Lightning is in control as Finlay rolls out of the ring.Matt Lightning climbs to the top but Finlay spots him and jogs out of the way before Lightning jumps.Both men lock up in the ring and Finlay knees Lightning in the chest followed by a gutwrench suplex 1...2...Kick out! Finlay hits a clothesline and an elbowdrop 1...2...Kick out

RJ-Doesnt look like we are going to be hearing Matt Lightning rapping anytime soon for Finlay records

Michael Wire-Thank god,no-one wants to see a white rapper wrestler

Finlay locks on a one legged bostan crab and Lightning screams in pain

Finlay-Had enough PAIN boy?

Lightning makes it to the ropes and Finlay breaks.Finlay goes to whip Lightning into the turnbuckle but Lightnings legs give way and he falls in the middle of the ring.Finlay goes to pick Lightning up but Lightnings legs again give way.Finlay picks Lightning up but Lightning quickly rolls him up 1...2......3! Lightning rolls out of the ring!

Matt Lightning-I did it!

RJ-He did do it! My god hes got a record deal with Finlay

(Finlay shakes his head but smiles as Lightning celebrates on the ramp with the fans)


Michael Wire-So Rock v2 in moments your match with Cruz and Angel for the Tag Team Titles,are you on your own?

(EZ Money walks in to view and the crowd erupt)

Rock v2-Sometimes a picture tells a thousand words

(EZ Money smiles and walks off with Rock v2 in hot pursuit heard muttering)

Rock v2-Where you been?

Match 2
Rock v2/EZ Money Vs Immortall Cruz and Gary'Angel'Johnson

"Here comes the money! Here comes the money,dollar dollar......dollar dollar" The crowd go wild as both EZ Money and Rock v2 come out together

RJ-Maybe just maybe River Ace has united Rock v2 and EZ Money more than ever even coming out together

The match begins with EZ Money taking Cruz to the mat and spinning on his back before slapping the back of his head

Crowd-EZ Mon-ay (clap clap clap) EZ Mon-ay

EZ tags in Rock v2 who goes for a more direct approach with fists sending Cruz all the way back into his corner.Cruz tags Angel and as Angel steps into the ring Rock v2 spits on his own hands

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PostSubject: Re: Pain Results (26/04)   Pain Results (26/04) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:39 pm

and punches Angel straight over the top rope

RJ-Angel can fly,haha

Angel gets back in the ring and slaps Rock v2 who smiles and they lock up.Angel runs the ropes straight into Rock v2 and Angel hits the mat.Rock v2 runs the ropes but Cruz kicks him in the back and Angel hits his superkick 1...2...Kick out Angel quickly climbs to the top and hits his shooting star press 1...2......Kick Out

RJ-Wow that was close!

Cruz tags in and performs a gutbuster on Rock v2


Cruz piledrivers Rock v2 1...2......Kick out

Michael Wire-EZ needs to get a tag in

Cruz tags in Angel and does an atomic drop as Angel flys into the ring performing a Huricurana 1...2......Kick out!

Angel puts an abdominal stretch on Rock v2 as EZ tries to support his partner from the apron. Rock v2 hiptoss's Angel and goes for the tag but Cruz distracts the ref who doesn't see the tag.Rock v2 continues to get double teamed for a couple more minutes before Angel climbs to the top rope for his 450 splash but Rock v2 moves and tags in EZ.EZ gets in the ring and hits a German suplex on Angel then on Cruz.A low blow on Angel while the ref is trying to get Cruz out of the ring and EZ hits a running powerslam.EZ Money climbs to the top rope and hits his finisher The Money Shot before tagging in Rock v2 instead of covering.A confused Rock v2 does the peoples elbow as EZ makes sure Cruz doesnt interfere 1...2......3! EZ Money and Rock v2 celebrate the victory as EZ Money puts his hand out to Rock v2 who shakes it and EZ Money rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp


RJ-So Saint later on tonight you face your first ever Casket match for the TAW Title,how are you feeling?

The Saint-How am i feeling? Well id love to tell you im feeling great and that im going to kick Nemisis's butt and put him in that casket and be the new champ but i cant

(Long pause)

Theres no guarantees so i honestly cant but i know that and i sure as hell do not want to get locked in a Casket and that fear is going to drive me on give me that edge that Nemisis hasnt got.Believe me Michael dont bet on Ace,bet on Nemisis getting SAINTED!

Match 3
Phoenix Rose Vs TGA

Phoenix Rose gets cheered as the bells toll and TGA comes to the ring to loud boos.TGA has the better of the early going much to the crowds suprise but Phoenix Rose is soon on the offence.Phoenix suplexs TGA and a jawbreaker and kneedrop later goes for a cover 1...2...Kick out! Phoenix goes to the top rope but TGA catches him and chokeslams him off the top rope.TGA eventually puts an arm over Phoenix Rose 1...2......Phoenix gets a foot on the rope

RJ-How did Phoenix kick out from that?

TGA applies a Cobra Clutch as Phoenix looks weakened.The ref picks up Phoenixs arm,it drops once.A second time,it drops twice


The ref picks up Phoenixs arm for a third time but it drops

Michael Wire-Phoenix has passed out!

(Put this before match 4)

Camera shows Crime Lord watching Rock v2 celebrate

Crime Lord-Son of a *****!

RJ-Can we grab a word Crime Lord about Destination elevation?

Crime Lord-What do you need to hear? How im going to break Acer in half helping River Ace retire him? Well believe me its going to happen and you wont have to wait long now

(Eminems Lose Yourself plays over the arena and River Ace is shown on Crime Lords T.V. making his way to the ring with a briefcase

Crime Lord-If you'll excuse me Michael this should be interesting

6wf Title Announcement

River Ace-Well iv listened to everyones opinions and i think its only right that as iv raised 6wf ratings and as good as retired Diablo,Real Dude,Hero,Randy Peeper in just a moment and Acer next week thats its only fair as the figurehead of the company that i should hold the 6wf title


(Crowd throw Rubbish)

Easy guys only joking you see there is someone more deserving than me for this 6wf Title and th.......

(Nemisis's music plays and he makes his way to the ring taking the mic off River Ace)

Nemisis-Id just like to say River Ace that i knew you would do the right thing! As TAW Champion i should unify the World Titles and anytime you want a shot it would be a pleasure

(River Ace grabs the mic back)

River Ace-I hadnt finished big man! You have your TAW Title and the Dynasty has got your back all the way but theres a man more deserving of a title than me and you and that man is....................GWC!

(GWC's music plays as he comes to the ring smiling.Nemisis leans in the corner nodding his head)

GWC-Nemisis we both have had things to say but i have no beef with you and want to wish a fellow World Champion Good Luck

Titantron-Woah Woah Woah Woah

(Acer appears on the ramp)

Acer-River you cant just hand people titles and i just knew you would and so i spoke with the Board of Directors who have announced if you did try and hand a title over that as of this Monday we will have a 16 man knockout Tournament to finish at MAYHEM 24th May,o and i wouldnt bother entering River,you wont be here long enough to win it!

(River Ace and GWC go mad in the ring as Nemisis steps over the top rope the camera catches him smiling)

Match 4

With River Ace still in the ring flustered he grabs the mic

River Ace-Right thats it,me and Peeper NOW! If hes not here i want him counted out!

Ref starts to count 1...2....3.....

Camera shows a 4 by 4 come screeching through the car park and into the arena by the ramp


Randy Peeper gets out and the crowd erupt as he runs for the ring


River Ace counts 10 but the ref hasnt and Randy Peepers in the ring

River Ace goes to run into the crowd but they block him

RJ-River Ace is finally going to get his!

Peeper punches River Ace in the jaw and throws him into the crowd who throw food and drink at him.Peeper fights through the crowd and into the back where several wrestlers cheer Peeper on as he slams River Aces head off a drinks machine and throws him into the canteen

Belinda-Get the hell out of here! What are you doing?

Randy Peeper-Sorry

Peeper drags River Ace to a window and puts his head straight through it busting him wide open before throwing him through what remains of the window out of the arena.Randy Peeper grabs a 2 by 4 of wood nearby and hits River Ace with it before finally making the cover 1...2......Kick out

Peeper turns around just to late to avoid River Aces Limo that mows him down

Michael Wire-O my god! This is serious! Someones just mowed down Peeper

RJ-We need medics

Michael Wire-Get the cameras out of there!

River Ace looks in shock but orders the ref to make a cover

RJ-This is sick!


Michael Wire-For gods sake get the medics out there

River Ace looks shellshocked but raises his arm and walks off bloodied

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PostSubject: Re: Pain Results (26/04)   Pain Results (26/04) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:39 pm

Match 5
Hobo Vs Enforcer Vs Bezerker
The Binmen come out and hold brooms up together diagonally as a tunnel for The littlest Hobo plays to loud cheers and Bezerker and Hobo start the match double teaming Enforcer before Hobo clothesline Enforcer and points for Bezerker to do the same.Bezerker clotheslines Enforcer then spinebusters him and challenges Hobo to do the same.Hobo spinebusters Enforcer and tells Bezerker to step aside as he spears Enforcer.Bezerker does the same and goes for a cover 1...Hobo pulls Bezerker off

Hobo-What are you doing?


Hobo-I dont think so

Hobo makes a cover 1...2.Bezerker pulls Hobo off who pokes Bezerker in the eye and kicks his bum sending him out of the ring before making a cover on Enforcer 1...2......Kick out! Hobo sets Enforcer up for the Bums Rush but Bezerker is in the ring and Hobo dropkicks Bezerker who lands sitting in front of Enforcer as Hobo Bum Rushes them both with Bezerker getting full force of it.Bezerker rolls out of the ring as Enforcer staggers to the middle Hobo puts him in a bear hug before a sidewalk slam 1...2......3!

RJ-Hobos won it!

Bezerker walks up the ramp as Hobo trys to apologise from the ring.Enforcer grabs a chair and smacks Hobo in the back of the head before performing a one man conchairto

Michael Wire-What more can go down tonight.The Dynasty are playing dirty and this is getting serious

Match 6(Written by Acer)
Acer Vs Crime Lord

*The structure is lowered from the roof as Crime Lord makes his entrance*
RJ: Here comes the Lord of Crime himself, and he doesn’t look phased at all. He climbs the ladder to get to the elevated ring.
*Scream, Aim, Fire blasts through the speakers as Acer steps from behind the curtain.*
RJ: The commissioner is here.
*Acer climbs up the ladder, but is met with a boot from Crime Lord. CL takes Acer to the corner and throws lefts and rights, before Acer counters with a Double Arm DDT. Acer picks up Crime Lord, and throws him into the ropes before applying a sleeper hold. He releases it and then hits a powerslam.*
RJ: Crime Lord is dangerously close to the edge, Acer picks him up…CHOKESLAM FROM THE RING!!!!!
*The ref counts to 8 before Crime Lord gets up, and climbs the ladder again, but when he gets to the top he is powerless to stop Acer hitting the Monday Night Gore. Just as Acer is ready to throw Crime Lord off again…*
RJ: What the hell? TGA is here…a club to the back of Acers head, and TGA may have just saved Crime Lord from losing this match. TGA has Acer dangerously close to the edge…HERE COMES ROCKV2
*Rock climbs up the ladder, and TGA is unaware of this. TGA is just about to hit a powerbomb, when Rock kicks TGA on the back of the knee. *
RJ: Rock and TGA are fighting it out, on the edge. TGA goes for a haymaker, Rock ducks…ROCK BOTTOM!!!ROCK BOTTOM FROM THE STRUCTURE!!! MY GOD, NEITHER MAN IS MOVING!!!!
*Crime Lord gets the upper-hand on Acer, but the commissioner blocks the punches and then pushes his opponent from the structure. Crime Lord gets up slowly after the count of 9, and slowly climbs up the ladder, but is left prone to a kick to the gut and…*
RJ: A check-up, from the neck-up, and Crime Lord is laid out now.
*Acer climbs to the turnbuckle, looking like he’s about to attempt a Shooting star knee or leg drop when suddenly…*
*Acer is spitting bl00d, as Ace and Crime Lord grab Acer and hit a double-team chokeslam, and Acer careers through the table and doesn’t make the 10 count.*
RJ: I don’t believe this…this disgusts me. Acer was going to win this match, but River Ace, that s0b interfered and has probably…actually definitely caused some internal damage, I don’t think that Acer will make Shutdown in a weeks time, the odds are in Rivers favour now…

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PostSubject: Re: Pain Results (26/04)   Pain Results (26/04) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:40 pm

Nemisis Vs The Saint

Nemisis gets jeered to the ring as St Anger plays and the crowd blow the roof off! The two men go nose to nose as the ref reads the rules.Nemisis challenges The Saint to a test of strength and kicks The Saint in the stomach to take early control but The Saint powers back up and backbodydrops Nemisis.The Saint hits a running forearm smash and Nemisis goes flying into the Casket

RJ-Shut it! Shut it Saint!

Nemisis steps out of the Casket sharpish and slams it shut

Back in the ring and Nemisis punches The Saint and chops him back to the corner.He throws The Saint into the ropes and hits a big boot sending The Saint crashing down to the mat.Nemisis goes to roll The Saint into the Casket but he punches Nemisis and makes his way to his feet.Nemisis kicks The Saint in the stomach and hits a DDT and a big Legdrop before making another attempt to roll The Saint into the casket.This time The Saints rolled in but again fight out with fists.Being in the casket seems to motivate The Saint as he takes control of the match hitting Nemisis with an Alabama Slam,DDT himself and Powerbomb before making his first attempt to put Nemisis in the Casket.Nemisis pokes The Saint in the eye

Michael Wire-You dont often see Nemisis relying on those sort of tactics

The Saint regains his composure and sets Nemisis up for a jackhammer but Nemisis slips out of the back and Chokeslams The Saint and goes for a cover

RJ-No covers in this match,even Nemisis is disintoriated

Nemisis rolls Saint into the Casket but the Saint grabs something out of his pants and its soon clear its powder he throws in Nemisis's eyes

Michael Wire-These guys will go to any lengths

Nemisis is rolled into the Casket but even blinded The Saint cant close the lid with Nemisis holding it.The Saint climbs to the top rope and dives off it into the Casket on top of Nemisis and the Refs close the Casket with both men inside

RJ-What now?

The Saint opens the Casket but cant close it on Nemisis and gets a chair.Nemisis is out of the Casket by the time The Saint comes around the ring and smacks him with the chair and puts him on the Casket

Michael Wire-The Saints signalling for The Divine Force

Saint hits the Divine Force on top of the Casket which cracks slightly

RJ-They nearly went through the Casket!

The Saint rolls Nemisis into the ring and opens the Casket.The Saint rolls Nemisis into the Casket

RJ-This is it

SLAM!!!!!!!! The casket is shut and The Saint is the new 6wf World Champion!

Michael Wire-He did it my god he did it!

The Saint celebrates in the crowd before going into the ring and on his knees is presented the 6wf title with a tear in his eye.He gets a box of matches out of his pocket and looks at the Casket but just throws them at the Casket and climbs the ropes to celebrate for five minutes before making his way to the back,as he reaches the curtain River Ace comes out and The Saint is ready to fight but River Ace claps him and The Saint holds the title up to Rivers face but River walks to the ring

RJ-He couldnt let The Saint have his moment,hasnt this man caused enough PAIN tonight?

River Ace gets a bucket from under the ring and throws some liquid over the casket and picks up the matchbox before lighting a match

RJ-Do you smell that? NO NO! Dont do it River! Its murder!

River Ace throws the match on the Casket which goes up in flames as River laughs and PAIN goes off air!

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Pain Results (26/04)
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