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 Let It Rock Results (14/03)

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PostSubject: Let It Rock Results (14/03)   Let It Rock Results (14/03) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 29, 2011 6:56 pm

Dark Match

The arena has been packed for a good hour as Prodigy and buer stand in one corner and The Producers in the other awaiting the bell, the bell rings and Prodigy and Hollywood start things off, Prodigy shows an impressive array of moves including a few close falls before tagging in Buer, Buer goes on the offensive but is caught off guard before put in a headlock which is better known as the turkey!

Hollywood regains composure and tags in Prime Time who walks straight into a scissors kick from Buer, Buer shows some impressive moves before a frog splash from the top rope almost gets the win only for Hollywood to break the count, Prodigy jumps in and drop kicks Hollywood out of the ring before leaping over the ropes and landing a cross body on Hollywood.

In the ring Buer waits for Prime Time to get up before nailing him with a huge 'Crucifix Cutter' before covering Prime Time and getting the 3 count! Prodigy rolls back in the ring and the ref raises both mens arm in victory.

Buer and Prodigy soak up the crowds applause before heading backstage while The Producers gingerly get to their feet before limping backstage to a decent reception!
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PostSubject: Re: Let It Rock Results (14/03)   Let It Rock Results (14/03) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 29, 2011 6:57 pm

The Coventry Skydome comes alive with colour as signs are raised high in the air as another capacity crowd go wild at the start of 'Let It Rock'

RJ-Welcome everybody to another 6wf Spectacular and it doesnt seem 2 minutes since Survival but we have another action packed PPV here tonight where feuds will end and titles are sure to change

Dave Law-Thats right RJ and Nemesis will be walking out with two titles


Dave Law-The Tag Titles RJ but tonights Main Event sees 7 men who have been training hard because they are going to have to take their bodys to the max in the one hour time attack match for the TAW Title

RJ-The last man to get a pin or submission on any opponent will be crowned TAW Champion and the odds are against Mike Hill

Dave Law-Lets take it to the ring

Match 1
Uryu vs Marlon

'Those Who Fight Further' plays as Uryu makes his way to ringside, he looks confident as he rolls under the ropes awaiting the arrival of his opponent.

RJ: Im looking forward to this one folks, we all remember the beat down Project X gave Marlon a few weeks back and who would have thought he'd be back this soon?

DL: And apparently he has a new lease of life!

'Churches' rings around the arena as the lights fade out, smoke fills the arena as Marlon steps out onto the ramp wearing a black suit with a white color around his neck, the fans applaud him as Marlon makes his way to the ring looking up to the heavens.

DL: This guy has lost it!

The ref rings the bell as Marlon and Uryu share a staredown, Marlon gives Uryu the sign of the cross before charging at Uryu and nailing him repeatedly with his right fist.

RJ: Here we go payback from a few weeks ago............

Uryu turns the tables as both men trade blows before rolling to the outside where the blows continue to be traded.

DL: This isnt a wrestling match, its a fight!

Uryu gets the upper hand by throwing Marlon head first into the ringpost and Marlon begins to bleed heavily, Uryu rolls Marlon into the ring and puts his arm across the chest of Marlon, the ref makes the count but Marlon gets a shoulder up at 1.

RJ: The ref needs to call this match off, Marlon is losing alot of blood here.

Marlon doesnt know where he is and throws a aimless right hand at Uryu who just laughs before nailing Marlon with a spike ddt before making the cover but lifts up Marlon before the ref makes the 3 count.

DL: haha he wants to make Marlon suffer.... I love it!

Uryu whips Marlon into the turnbuckle before charging into him with his shoulder, Marlon groggily stands in the middle of the ring as Uryu performs a running bulldog before standing over Marlon, Uryu is laughing as he picks Marlon up from the mat but Marlon rolls him up into a small package and almost gets the 3 count to the shock of Uryu and the crowd.

RJ: He got him, no Uryu got his shoulder up just in time!

Uryu gets up and slaps Marlon across the face 3 times before Marlon returns a slap of his own, Uryu looks annoyed as he drives a knee into the gut of Marlon before scoop slamming him to the mat, Uryu singles for the top rope.

DL: Uryu is going to fly here RJ......

Uryu gives the sign of the cross from the top rope before nailing a 450 corkscrew splash and hooking the leg for the 3 count.

DL: Uryu has done it, its an unsuccessful return for Marlon!

RJ: Uryu is victorious.... Oh come on!

Uryu rolls to the outside and grabs a chair before rolling back in and cracking the chair off the skull of Marlon, Uryu leaves the ring to loud boos as EMTs come to the ring to help Marlon.

RJ: Didnt he do enough damage, damn you Ishida!

DL: What a fantastic start to Let It Rock here folks, and up next is a massive matchup between Hero and Enforcer!
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PostSubject: Re: Let It Rock Results (14/03)   Let It Rock Results (14/03) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 29, 2011 6:58 pm

An ambulance is shown entering the Car Park of the Coventry Skydome

Dave Law-Theres JJ's fate RJ. He'll be going home in that Ambulance

RJ-Im not so sure

Dave Law-Wait a minute

-The crowd cheer as JJ gets out of the Ambulance with a bag over his shoulder. Clarissa trys to get a word-

JJ Johnson-Time for the words to end. Its game time Acer you'll be going home in that

-JJ smiles at the camera before walking off towards his locker room-

Match 2
Enforcer vs Hero

*A video package plays,its documents the rise of Trash TV and then Enforcer's betrayal,it shows the two of them working together to earn a TAW Title shot and also Enforcer blasting Hero in the head with a steel chair and his heinous attack on Trish and Diablo.

"Saturday Night" blasts out and the fans react angrily to Enforcer who casually walks to the ring and gets in...he scans the perimeter before settling in his corner

RJ:This matchup is filled with so much bad blood,the referee is gonna have a job maintaing control

The lights fade a smoke billows out with the green strobe lights as the fans erupt and "99 Problems" by Jay-Z rings out and former Undisputed champion Hero runs out onto the rampway,he fixes Enforcer with an icy stare...

DL:Hero's running!...wasting no time

Hero runs to the ring and slides in between Enforcer's legs,he stands and dives at Enforcer rocking him with multiple punches and kicks and then spinning heel kicks him through the middle rope,he watches Enforcer land on the outside and then runs and leaps over the ropes into a standing shooting star which knocks Big E! down!

Crowd:He-ro! He-ro! He-ro!

Hero gets up clutching his chest and then rams Enforcer's head off the ring apron,Hero leaps up onto the apron and then running legdrops Big E's head to the delight of the crowd

RJ:Hero allowing no restbite for Enforcer here...he has started a frantic pace

DL:Can he keep it up though?

Hero dives off the apron but is caught by Enforcer who rams his back repeatedly against the ringpost,he drops Hero and then irish whips him into the security barrier,he walks over and drops Hero rib-first in the steel barrier and then whips him back into the apron

RJ:Hero's back is taking a beating

Enforcer smiles as he rolls a weakened Hero into the ring and covers him nonchalantly...1...2...kickout...Enforcer pulls Hero by the hair and punches his face a few times and then whips him into the turnbuckle,he charges in at Hero and spalshes him and repeats the process again,he runs at Hero for a third time and the Alpha-male has it scouted and moves...he springboards off the ropes but as he twists in mid-air...

DL:What a big boot!...Enforcer knew what was coming there

Enforcer taps his head indicating he is cleverer than Hero and the fans boo,he makes a lateral cover...1...2...shoulder up

RJ:Enforcer really getting ontop here

E! picks Hero up and backbreakers him and keeps Hero' across his knee applying pressure to the already injured back,he finally releases Hero and then scoops him into a hard slam,he runs off the ropes and dives up looking for an elbow drop...but Hero moves and Enforcer lands awkward,Hero takes advantage and dropkicks Enforcer into the corner and he runs in witha shining wizard,Enforcer stumbles from the corner and Hero kicks him in the stomach and looks for the Encore but E pushes him away,Hero uses the momentum to run up the ropes and hits a picture perfect whisper in the wind...

1...2...shoulder up

DL:Hero getting back into this here

Hero meets Enforcer with fists in the middle of the ring,Hero eye rakes Enforcer and hits neat cravatte cutter...Enforcer bounces back up but is felled by a bulldog...1...2...kickout

RJ:Close but still plenty left in this one

Hero goes to Enforcer who pushes him away with power and Hero runs at him again but is taken high and spinebustered on the canvass,Enforcer follows up with a devastating powerbomb and Hero lands right on the back of his neck

DL:He's got him!


RJ:Hero just kicked out...but his neck looks bad now

Enforcer gorilla presses Hero high in the air,the Trash TV'er is helpless but somehow finds a way down,he lands in the corner and meets Enforcer with a superkick that cracks the jaw,Enforcer falls into a seated position and Hero sprngboards off the top-rope and hesitation dropkicks Big E! in the mouth



RJ:Hero pulling out all the stops but its just not enough

Hero bounces off the ropes and leaps up and hooks himself around Enforcer and spins round his body with 3 revolutions,he ends it by landing on his feet and hitting a face-first Russian Legsweep

DL:Tribute to Hobo!


Hero and Enforcer get up and Hero runs at Enforcer who grabs his head and launches him over the ropes to the outside,the crowd boo as Enforcer climbs onto the apron and drops a double axe handle to the back,he pulls Hero towards the steel steaps and goes to beat his head but Hero reverses and smashes Enforcer's head repeatedly off the steel steps,he rolls Enforcer back in and then goes up top

RJ:Hero taking a risk here...its all or nothing!

Hero hits a brilliant 450 splash but Enforcer gets his knees up and his foe rolls away,both men lay down on the floor as the referee begins counting...1...2...3....4....5...6...Enforcer gets up...7...8...

DL:Will Hero get up?

9....Hero kicks up!

*Crowd pop

Hero fixes Enforcer with a hatred stare and Enforcer nods and the two meet and trade blows in the centre,Hero gains the upperhand but is headbutted and drops to his knees...he hoists Hero up and ships him into the corner,Hero hits hard and comes back out and Enforcer runs the ropes and looks for a massive boot but Hero ducks underneath it and catches Enforcer with a backcracker


Hero clutches his back as he comlains to the ref,the fans whip up a "Trash TV" chant and Hero looks around and then shouts "This one is for Diablo"...he watches Enforcer get up and flips him the bird and an Encore but Enforcer pushes him away again...Enforcer falls backwards and then runs at Hero and takes off,soaring through the air


Enforcer misses the forearm smash and as he gets up he is is enzeguiried sending him to rest his head across the ropes,Hero runs up the ropes and jumps off towards the outside,he legdrops Enforcer's head against the ropes and Enforcer falls away into the centre of the ring,Hero climbs back in the ring and pulls Enforcer in...

DL:He's never gonna Canadian Destroyer him?...WHAT!...wait a minute

ding ding ding

Announcer:Ladies and Gentlemen here is your a result of a disqualification....Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeero!

The fans cheer but Hero lays on the mat writhing in agony as the TV cameras show the end of the match,Hero sets up Enforcer for the Canadian Destroyer but Big E! drops down and low-blows Hero causing the referee to call for the bell

RJ:Well what a disgraceful act by Enforcer,he knew he couldnt beat Hero here tonight so instead he gets himself disqualified

DL:Pretty smart thinking,,,imagine if they cash in the TAW Title shot they had...Enforcer is fresh whereas Hero is injured

Enforcer smirks at Hero from the rampway as Hero stares a hole through him whilst holdinmg his back

RJ:Well im not a betting man but i feel this one is far from over
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PostSubject: Re: Let It Rock Results (14/03)   Let It Rock Results (14/03) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 29, 2011 7:00 pm

Match 3
Stacey Vs Xanthi Rose

'All around the world' by Red Hot Chilli Peppers plays as Xanthi Rose makes her way out to boo's from the Coventry crowd

'Girl all the bad guys want' plays as Stacey makes her way out in short gold skirt and Gold sports Bra to a good reception. Stacey steps into the ring to be jumped by Xanthi


RJ-O come on Staceys already up against it

Dave Law-Just shows how badly Xanthi wants it RJ

Xanthi picks Stacey up and walks around the ring with her before slamming her down 1...Kick out! Xanthi puts Stacey in the corner and hits her with shoulders to the midsection before a whip across the ring into the opposite turnbuckle. Xanthi runs in and Stacey gets a boot up before Choplocking Xanthi

RJ-They're all the same when they're on the mat

With Xanthi on her front Stacey picks up her leg before throwing it down on the mat. Stacey pulls Xanthi to the corner and with a leg either side of the ringpost smacks Xanthi's leg off the post. Xanthi screams in pain

Dave Law-I dont think iv seen Xanthi in this sort of trouble

Stacey climbs the turnbuckle and pulls Xanthi in before sitting on her back in a piggyback position


Stacey holds on as Xanthi slowly goes to one knee

RJ-Staceys come prepared and i think shes caught Xanthi offguard

Xanthi runs back into a turnbuckle once and Stacey hangs on before a second time and Stacey releases before climbing to the second turnbuckle and hitting a Bulldog 1...2......Strong kick out! Stacey puts Xanthi in a headlock but Xanthi counters with a Side Suplex. Both Honeyz get up and Xanthi goes for a clothesline but Stacey ducks and slaps Xanthi


Xanthi slaps Stacey back as Stacey kicks Xanthi in the stomach before setting her up for a Piledriver. Xanthi backdrops Stacey before clotheslining her as she gets up. Xanthi picks up Stacey and hits a Running Powerslam 1...2......Kick out! A Snapmere is followed by a kick to Staceys back before she stands on Staceys chest. Xanthi drops an elbow 1...2......Shoulder up. A whip to the corner and Stacey is backdropped as she gets up quickly only for Xanthi to hit a standing dropkick

Dave Law-Its a matter of time RJ

RJ-Im afraid you may be right but Staceys Honeyz champ for a reason. She'll give it her best

Xanthi picks Stacey up as Stacey hangs onto the turnbuckle and hangs on for dear life eventually pulling the turnbuckle off as Xanthi runs her into the opposite turnbuckle. Xanthi slaps Staceys head mockinly as Stacey forearms Xanthi but theres no power behind it. Stacey is hiptossed across the ring as Xanthi lines up for a 3 point stance and charges at Stacey who leapfrogs Xanthi as she hits the exposed turnbuckle Stacey rolls her up 1...2......3!

Dave Law-NO!

RJ-No way!

Stacey rolls out of the ring as the referee collects her title and hands it to her as Xanthi punches the mat

Dave Law-I cant believe this
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PostSubject: Re: Let It Rock Results (14/03)   Let It Rock Results (14/03) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 29, 2011 7:01 pm

Match 4
Fight For The Right
Cassius Vs Abe Abercorn

DL:Boy am I looking forward to this next matchup...filled with plenty of history but tonight its all about one thing

RJ:Yes its now time to see who will be crowned the Fight for the Right Champion!

*A video package plays showing Abe and Cassius' progression throughout the tournament and clips of them squaring off against each other,the video ends with both men nose to nose in the centre of the ring.

Announcer:Ladies and Gentlemen it is now time for the Fight for the Right FINAL!

*Crowd pop

The lights go down in the arena as "They Say" plays out and the crowd descends into monstrous boos for Cassius Zhi who confidently walks to the ring,he has an evil look in his eyes as he stands awaiting his opponent.

"Carry on Wayward Son" plays from the speakers and the capacity crowd in Coventry give an almighty ovation to the Internet champion Abe Abercorn,he marches to the ring and climbs in where he goes toe-to toe with Cassius who just stares at him,the referee pulls them apart and tells them the rules

DL:The referee explaining that he wants a clean fight...this should be a classic

ding ding ding

RJ:And we are underway here

Both men circle each other looking to lock-up,they do and then Cassius releases and grins at Abe before offering another lock-up which he breaks again

RJ:Early mind games from Zhi here

They lock up for a third time and Cassius overpowers Abe,he forces him into the corner and the referee breaks it up,Cassius backs away as Abe comes to meet him again,Cassius looks at Abe and then slaps him hard in the face...Abe falls backwards and then looks at Cassius before he charges at him,he lifts Cassius up and drives him into the far turnbuckle,he pummels Cassius' head and body before starting with some knife edge chops


Abe backs away and european uppercuts Cassius as he comes at him,he snap suplexes Cassius and covers....1....2....powerout...Abe stands and stamps Cassius as the big man gets up,Abe hits the ropes and clotheslines Cassius but he doesnt go down,Abe hits the ropes again and clotheslines Cassius but he cannot take Zhi down...he goes for a third attempt and this time its Cassius with the clothesline that almost decapitates Abe Abercorn

DL:What impact...that'll change any match

Cassius pulls Abe up and body presses him,he smirks at the booing crowd and then drops Abe for some snake eyes off the turnbuckle,Cassius runs the ropes and floors Abe with a big boot...1...2...kickout...Cassius legdrops Abe multiple times and hooks the leg...1...2...shoulder up

RJ:Abe Abercorn is desperate to prove he can be at the top of this industry

Cassius slides from the ring and then climbs up onto the turnbuckle,he stalks Abe Abercorn and then jumps off and kicks Abe in the head with a martial arts type kick

DL:What a cracking effort


Cassius and Abe get up and Cassius looks for a suplex but Abe drops behind him and back suplexes him,Cassius is up quickly but misses a right hand and Abe dropkicks his knees,Cassius drops and Abe DDT's him...1....2....shoulder up

RJ:This has started with alot of venom but neither man seems to want to give an inch

Abe hooks Cassius under the chin and lifts him and double underhook suplexes him,he elbow drops Cassius and then tries to lock in a boston crab,Cassius squirms and battles and manages to boot Abe away,Abe flies back at him but is drop-toe-holded and Cassius locks in the crippler crossface

DL:Oh...Abe in real danger now

Cassius pulls back on the neck of Abe who is in obvious agony,Abercorn tries hard to pull himself to the ropes but Cassius is too strong and keeps the pressure of the move locked on,the referee asks Abe if he wants to give it up but Abe indicates that he will not quit,Cassius pulls really hard on Abe's head and the Internet champion looks in pain,he pulls himself to the ropes but cant quite make it

RJ:Abe is in no man's land here

Abe begins to fade after being in the submission hold for some time,the ref slides down next to the two warriors and checks Abe's drops once...twice....three tim---

DL:He's still got fight in him yet

Abe drags himself right to the ropes,he misses with his first attmept but second time of asking he finds the ropes and the ref tells Cassius to break the hold,the chinese superstar uses the count to his advantage...1....2....3....4....Cassius stands and stomps on the back of Abe's neck,he drps some elbows on the same place and then tries to go for another crossface but Abe rolls him up...1...2...shoulder up!

RJ:Abercorn almost stole one there

Both men get up and Cassius charges at Abe who sidesteps him and uses Cassius's momentum to throw him into the ringpost,there is a horrible crunching sound as Cassius's shoulder meets steel...Abe settles himself in the other corner and waits for Cassius to turn around...


Abe spears Cassius and his head snaps back hard on the mat,Abe hooks both legs...1....2....

RJ:He kicked out!

Cassius kicks out of the spear and Abe looks frustrated as he stands,he picks Cassius up and suplexes him to the mat and then climbs up top...Abe stares at Cassius on the mat and then looks around at the crowd,his momentary lapse allows Cassius to get up and show impressive athleticism as he runs up the turnbuckle and belly to belly suplexes him right off the top rope

DL:Great move by Cassius Zhi...that might be game point

Both men are down in the middle of the ring,the crowd try to get behind Abe Abercorn....Cassius cannot capitalise on his move as both begin to get up,Cassius looks more focused and is smiling as though he has something planned...they get up and as Abe turns around he is met by the Shockwave

RJ:He dodged....COUNTY ROADS!

Abe ducks the Shockwave and drops Cassius with the County Roads(Angle Slam)...Abe lays down on the canvass but suddenly he gets up and the crowd begin to chant his name...Abe looks at Cassius and then points to the top rope...

DL:Abe Abercorn is gonna fly!

Abe mounts the turnbuckle and watches Cassius's lifeless body on the mat....Abe stretches out his arms and then dives...


Cassius avoids the massive flying elbow as Abercorn crashes hard onto the mat,Cassius staggers up and watches Abe struggle up...Cassius makes a cut-throat signal...and hits the Dragon's Fury


DL:Would you believe it?...Abe Abercorn kicked out

The fans cheer loud as Cassius looks livid and gets up,he drags Abe up and hits a smart pumphandle slam...he jumps up onto the turnbuckle and comes off with a beautiful legdrop across the throat of Abe Abercorn....1....



RJ:Abe Abercorn is still very much in this fight

Cassiis holds his head and then irish whips Abe against the ropes and looks for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker...Abe slips out of the side of the move and kicks Cassius in the gut and sets him up...


Cassius rolls around Abe and rolls him up...1...2...3

RJ:Abe kicked out again

Cassius punches the mat and stands up,Abe gets up aswell and runs at Cassius who swings at Abe but Abe ducks and runs up the ropes...Cassius leaps up and kicks Abe's legs out leaving him in a nasty position on the top rope


Cassius climbs up and trades blows with Abe on the top-rope...the crowd cheer every shot by Abe and boo Cassius's punches...Abe staggers Cassius witha good right hand and pulls Cassius' head down

DL:Top-rope DVD?

Cassius battles out and somehow manages to Shockwave Abe on the top-rope,Abe is immobilised and Cassius hooks Abe round the throat and smiles evily...


Cassius chokeslams Abe Abercorn from the top-ropes into the centre of the ring....1...2...


ding ding ding

RJ:I dont believe it

Announcer:ladies and is your winner...and the winner of the Fight for the Right Tournament....Cassius Zhi!

The crowd boo heavily as Cassius stands and looks at Abe laying at his feet,he smirks and raises his arms in the air as a video highlights package plays.

DL:Cassius Zhi has won the Fight for the Right...he has a title shot whenever he wants it...the Superpower is here

RJ:Well you have to give him the credit he deserves but what a valiant effort by Abe Abercorn

Cassius walks up the ramp and bad mouths the crowd who boo him,in the ring Abe Abercorn is up and is holding his head in his hands,Cassius grins at him and walks backstage.
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PostSubject: Re: Let It Rock Results (14/03)   Let It Rock Results (14/03) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 29, 2011 7:02 pm

posted Mar 14, 2009
Clarissa-Saint tonight in the Time Attack match you get a chance to......

The Saint-Let me cut you off their Clarissa baby. I get the chance to get my hands on EZ Money. The s.o.b. who cost me after cheapshotting me after i went through all others at Survival. The guy wouldnt get a pair of nuts if he was out with Nobby himself. I also get my hand s on Mike Hill the TAW Champion. The guy thats been carrying MY title around the last few months. I get Rock v2 and its always fun slapping around that Saint wannabe. He wishes he was the true megastar like me but most of all tonight i get my hands on the TAW Title. Its time that belt came home with the Devine One tonight 7 of us go in and we're gunna Let It Rock but only ones walking out with the title

(Saint looks at his waist)

The Saint-And its gunna be me Clarissa. Answer your question?

Clarissa-Errrrrrr yes thank you

(The Saint walks off)

Match 5
The Scotsmen Vs Nemesis/Misfit

RJ: Hello and Welcome back to 6WF Let It Rock
DL: And the show has truly rocked
RJ: And Our next match sees GDC And Allan Grant facing off against
DL: NEMESIS! And Misfit For the Tag team titles!

Announcer: The Following Is Scheduled for One Fall and Is for the 6WF Tag Team Championships!

“Deathwish” by Epilogue hits and The Arena goes black as the crowd Cheer for Nemesis as He walks down the Ramp before stopping at the Bottom.

“When I wake” By Draconian Hits as Misfit appears to a huge pop at the top of the ramp, he creeps towards the ring before stopping and shaking The Monster’s hand.

Announcer: Introducing your challengers, Weighing in at a combined weight of 615 Pounds, they are the team Of MISFIT AND NEMESIS!

Crowd: Neme! Missy! Neme! Missy!

“Your a god” by vertical Horizon hits as GDC And Allan Grant stand at the top of the stage to boos. They hold their titles in the air before cockily walking to the ring. They Enter the ring and Stare down The other two men.

Announcers: And Introducing Your Champions, Weighing in at a combined weight of 490 pounds, They are Allan Grant and GDC, The Evil Scotsmen!

The Two men hand their titles to the ref as he gives them the rules. The Two Teams then huddle in the corner as Misfit starts out in the ring with Allan Grant.

DL: And We’re off!

Misfit and Grant Lock up and Misfit overpowers Grant to a neutral corner but grant reverses it to an armbar but Misfit Shows good technical ability and Reverses and Whips grant into the ropes who is met by a big shoulder block. Grant gets up and runs the ropes only to be met by another shoulder. Grant gets up and tags in the bigger GDC.

RJ: Mind games here

Misfit tags in His partner Nemesis.

DL: How about that for mind games, GO NEMESIS!!!

Nemesis Locks up with GDC Who is easily overpowered, Nemesis attempts a clothesline which is ducked by GDC who then Like his partner locks in armbar which The monster turns into a hip toss transitioned into a cover.

Ref: 1...Kick out

Nemesis Rises and Lays the boots into GDC before locking in a leg Lock and rolling through to his corner and Tagging In Misfit with the hold still locked in. Misfit springboards Over landing feet first across GDC’s Leg. Misfit then hits a big elbow before locking in a seated full Nelson. Misfit Wrenches the Pressure back with increased force but GDC Places a foot on the bottom rope and The ref orders Misfit to release and he does. The Two Men Rise and Misfit Sends Sharp jabs to the Jaw before hitting a forearm. He runs the ropes and Hits a big clothesline followed up with a forearm shiver. GDC is grounded by this and Misfit hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.....2...Kick out
DL: Misfit and Nemesis dominating the early proceedings here.

Misfit locks in a seated Half nelson this time but instead of keeping the hold locked in he immediately rises and flings GDC Over his head attempting a half nelson suplex. But in a great show of athletic ability GDC lands on his feet and Runs at the lone wolf and hits a chop block grounding the big man. GDC then begins to work over Misfit, He sends a forearm to the back before dropping a knee across the back of misfit. He then gets in misfit’s face and starts slapping him. He drags the Lone wolf to the corner and Tags in Grant who enters the ring with a springboard clothesline on Misfit.

RJ: Misfit beginning to be worked over by the Scotsmen.

Grant runs the ropes and hits a Back senton. He then Picks misfit up and whips him against the ropes and Leapfrogs him the first time and on the rebound hits him with a picture perfect Spinning wheel kick. He covers, his elbow right in the face of Misfit.

Ref: 1.....2....Kick out
DL: Close call there

Misfit is whipped into the corner and Grant his a few punches before tagging in GDC who is smirking, He climbs to the top rope and Chokes Misfit illegally. The Ref Gets to three on his count before GDC Releases and Misfit falls into the floor. GDC picks his head up before hitting a Slap and then A sickening kick across the back. He hits a snap suplex and covers.

Ref: 1....2.kick out
RJ: Nonchalant cover there
DL: You don’t win titles like that

GDC Hits a sidewalk Slam and Tags in grant who comes off the second rope with a fist drop. GDC Stays in the ring and hits and inverted atomic drop which is followed up with a Bulldog from grant. Grant then Goes to the top rope and Dives going for the Shooting Star Press.

DL: If he hits it, It’s over.
Misfit’s knees goes straight into the abdomen of Grant who writhes in agony, Misfit gets up and runs and hits a back elbow followed by another, He kicks him in the gut and puts him on his shoulders, Misfit then hits a running Powerslam. He then locks in a crossface on grant, with the pain visible on his face. Grant begins to fade as the ref approaches him, He grabs his hand.
It Drops Once.
DL: It’s gonna be New champs

Just as Grant’s hand is about to drop, GDC Spots the danger and runs in hitting a sickening big boot to the head of Misfit. He places Grant’s arm over the Prone Misfit.

Ref: 1.....2.....3..KICK OUT!

Crowd: MISFIT! We want Neme!

GDC Looks to the sky as both men are lay flat out on the floor as Nemesis stares Menacingly at GDC. Misfit is First to the his feet closely followed by Grant who begin to exchange blows.

Grant Blows: BOO!
Misfit Blows: WOO!

Misfit gains the upper hand and sends a series of big uppercuts to Grant before Whipping him against the ropes and hitting a big spinebuster.

DL: Make the tag.

Misfit Crawls and Tags In the Monster as Grant tags in GDC. Nemesis Goes through the middle rope and begins to clean house. He hits a big clothesline to GDC, Then one to Grant,then one to GDC. He then Puts Grant On his shoulders but GDC Pulls him down and hits a sly kick to The Monster’s knee. He and Grant set up for a double suplex but can’t lift the Big Man. Nemesis then reverses into a Delayed double Suplex.

DL: What strength from the man. Cover, Count Ref!

Ref: 1....2....Kick out!

Nemesis gets up and smirks as He whips GDC Into the ropes and meets him with a back Body drop. He hits a running splash across the back of GDC and then Locks in the Black Dream (Sleeper). He begins to choke out GDC Who’s face is going purple through lack of breath. Grant Runs in and Hits Nemesis around the back a few times and the Monster releases the hold and stares at Grant who shudders. Nemesis Puts him in a firemans carry position and Then hits A gutbuster But keeps the hold locked in, He spins Grant to across his shoulders.

Nemesis Hits the Death wish (Tombstone Piledriver) on Grant but just as he is about to cover....

CLOTHESLINE FROM SCOTLAND, Out of Nowhere GDC Comes and hits his patented finisher. He looks in total shock at the big man on the ground but then is tapped on the shoulder. He turns and is face to face with Misift. Misfit hits some Big blows to grant before whipping him to the corner and then giving a cut throat gesture before putting GDC On his shoulder. He runs and hits...

RJ: THE TRIBUTE(Electric chair drop from the second rope)
DL: You’re right that cut throat gesture was a tribute..To Nemesis.

Misfit hooks the leg.

Ref and Crowd: 1.....2.....3!!!

Misfit raises his head as the ref counts three and Tears begin to trickle down his cheek as Nemesis rises and Stares at misfit with those tears trickling down his face. Nemesis Stares at Misfit intensely for a few moments before the two big men embrace in the centre of the ring in a hug.


Announcer: Your winners and NEW 6WF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, The Team of MISFIT AND NEMESIS!

The Two men are handed their new titles and they climb the ropes and salute the crowd.

RJ: Unbelievable! What a match
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A highlight Package is shown of JJ Johnson and Acers Past going back to ASC days and Acer as Commisioner showing JJ hitting moves and Posing before JJ is shown leaving for Hollywood after WAR

(Evanescences 'Bring Me To Life' slowly Plays)

Acer is shown demoralised and losing to Rock v2 before both are shown making big imPact returns. The fallout at Survival is shown before JJ riPPing through oPPonents while a scene of Acer blaming JJ for his downfall as Commisioner shows

(Evanescences 'Bring me to life' kicks in just as JJ Johnson and Acers brawling from SURVIVAL is shown)

A face of both men is shown facing each other before an Ambulance drives inbetween them

RJ-And that bring us to where we are now Dave
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Match 6
JJ Johnson Vs Acer

An ambulance is shown reversing at the side of the ramp

Ring Announcer-The following match is the AMBULANCE MATCH! The winner is the first man to put his opponent in the Ambulance and close the doors

3 6 Mafia kicks in as JJ Johnson comes out to a raptuous ovation. JJ poses at the back of the Ambulance as the doors slowly open and Acer is there with a crazed look on his face. The crowd try and warn JJ who gets blindsighted with a Double Axhandle as the referee rings the bell and rolls out of the ring to join the former ASC members. JJ is caught unaware and Acer clearly takes advantage with jabs to the midsection before lifting him up and dropping him on the barrier between the fans and the aisle. JJ winces as Acer quickly hits an impressive Belly to Belly suplex in the aisle. Acer looks at the Ambulance before going to grab JJ who suprises Acer with an uppercut before throwing him into the ring. JJ rolls in and Acer dives on him clubbing JJ in the back with Forearm after Forearm

Dave Law-The Welsh Dragons breathing fire tonight

Acer picks JJ up and whips him into the ropes but Acer ducks his head to early and JJ boots him in the chest before running the ropes again and Acer hits him with a Spinning Heel kick. Acer goes for a cover before the referee reminds him its an Ambulance match and Acer Snapmeres JJ as he gets up before keeping him down with a headlock on the mat

Crowd-Lets go JJ! Lets go JJ!

JJ slowly makes his way up to his feet driving elbows into Acers midsection that release the hold. JJ whips Acer into the ropes and Acer comes back with a Clothesline that JJ ducks as Acer runs the ropes into a running knee from JJ. Acer is set up for the V.I.P. Experience and quickly gets out and rolls out of the ring. Acer doesnt realise JJ has rolled out another side and hits Acer with a running clothesline as the crowd go wild

Crowd-JJ! JJ! JJ!

JJ rolls Acer back into the ring and as Acer gets up hes hit with a thunderous Spear that takes him back into the corner as Acers head snaps back off the bottom turnbuckle. JJ stomps Acer a few times on the corner before picking him up and shouting at him as he hiptoss's him across the ring. Acer gets up and staggers into a Samoan Drop as JJ again stalks Acer getting up and this time hits the V.I.P. Experience

Dave Law-What a fool Acers going to be dead weight

JJ drags Acer from the ring and literally trys to pull him along the floor as JJ struggles and eventually picks Acer up who is beginning to come around and drags Acer towards the Ambulance. A well placed Knee by Acer is followed up by a Neckbreaker

RJ-Acer has taken a beating but refuses to be beat

Dave Law-This ones personel RJ. Neither of them want a tick in the loss column

Acer grabs a camera cord and wraps it around JJ's throat

RJ-The referee cant do anything as theres No Disqualification

Dave Law-I love it! JJ's not just going to be put in the Ambulance hes damn sure going to need it

JJ manages to get to his feet and Jawdrops Acer before slowly unwrapping the cord from around his neck. Acer kicks JJ low


Acer picks JJ up and slams him on the concrete before dropping a knee. Acer whips JJ into the Ambulance and backdrops him again hitting his back on the concrete. Acer puts on a Camel Clutch as the camera pans in on JJ's face in excruciating pain as JJ manages to lift Acer up and run backwards into the Ambulance. JJ elbows Acer in the face as he begins to punch down and blood trickles from Acers mouth

Dave Law-Stop the match hes bleeding

RJ-This aint boxing Dave

JJ pummels Acer over and over again as the referee almost tells JJ to put Acer in the Ambulance. JJ picks up a slumped Acer and throws him in the Ambulance
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JJ goes to shut the door as Acer sits up. JJ thinks for a second before deciding not to close the door. JJ puts Acer between the door and the Ambulance and shuts the door into his body. With Acer down JJ walks to a nearby table and clears the plastic bottles and equipment off it as the crowds noise level rises. JJ sets the table up and turns around to pick up Acer. As he does Acer pushes JJ back and hangs onto the top of the Ambulance to pull himself up into a position to Huricarana JJ. With JJ down Acer slowly gets up and looks inside the Ambulance before pulling out a Fire Extinguisher and trys to get it to work unsuccessfully

Dave Law-O thats good in a fire. The thing doesnt even work

RJ-Thank god

Acer cracks JJ over the head with it

Dave Law-Ouch! JJ's got to be out of it

Acer sets up JJ on the table and walks around the other side of the Ambulance and the next you see of him Acer is standing atop the Ambulance

Dave Law-Not s Shooting Star Legdrop surely? If he hits this its over

RJ-If JJ moves its over

JJ lies still as Acer composes himself before launching off but JJ moves and Acer comes crashing through the table

Crowd-Holy ****! Holy ****! Holy ****!

JJ gets up and looks down on Acer before pulling him up and throwing him in the Ambulance closing one door before pausing and closing the other

RJ-JJ wins it and gets some revenge

Dave Law-Revenge? Its JJ who turned his back on Acer RJ and Acer beat himself. He was in control but unfortunately took one risk to many
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Match 7
6WF Title Match
Crime Lord(c) vs River Ace vs TGA

RJ:Well folks its now time for one of our main events,a matchup with so much history,so much hatred,betrayal and backstabbing and its all about the 6WF World Championship

*A video package plays,it shows River Ace,TGA and Crime Lord as part of the Dynasty,it shows them helping TGA become champion,the beatdown of River Ace and then the creation of the Crime Syndacite helping Crime Lord defeat TGA for the 6WF Title...all three men are split on the screen and a montage of clips over the last few weeks are shown culminating in Crime Lord standing on the ramp with the belt as TGA and River stare at him.

Announcer:Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall and will take place under triple threat is for the 6WF Heavyweight Championship!

*crowd pop

The lights in the arena go out and the crowd 'woo', just before the green and white strobe lighting flickers around. As the chorus of 'Just close your eyes' plays the 'woos' turn to massive cheers for the hometowner and TGA steps out on the top of the ramp

Announcer:Introducing first...a challenger....from COVENTRY,England...weighing in at 300 pounds....T....G....A!

DL:TGA not usually a favourite here but he is in his hometown

The crowds cheers get louder as the former champ slides in the ring and stands in his corner,suddenly the crowd erupt for the arrival of the Lockdown commisioner,he runs out onto the ramp and looks focused as he begins his descent to the ring

Announcer:And the other challenger....from Birmingham,England....weighing in at 230 pounds....River Accccccccccccccccccccccce!

The crowd clap as River rolls in the ring and stares at TGA who returns it with vigour beofre River cockily grins at him and "Iron Man" blasts out and the loudest boos yet are heard for the leader of the Crime Syndacite

Announcer:And their opponent....from Lancaster,England...weighing in at 325 pounds....he is the current 6WF World Heavyweight Champion....Crime Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooord!

Crime Lord holds the belt up high as he steps into the ring,he faces both his opponents and looks darkly at them,he holds up the belt in front of River Ace who smirks at him and inclines his head and then he goes over to TGA and does the same,as he lifts his arms into the air he is met by a sudden punch to the stomach and an uppercut

DL:TGA wasting no time here,he wants to take the fight to Crime Lord

Crime Lord drops the belt and is dropped himself by a massive right hand,he gets up and trades blows with TGA in the centre of the ring as River Ace sits upon the turnbuckle quite happy to let them get on with it

RJ:Smart tactics by River Ace,let his opponents wear themselves down

TGA belly to back slams Crime Lord to the mat and then gets to his feet and boots the 6WF champ in the head as he tries to rise,River dives off the top and drives his elbow into the back of TGA's head and then chucks him from the ring as the fans go wild

DL:RIver Ace looking to get involved here now

River turns around and stamps at CL as he gets up,he meets him with some hard chops and then whips him off the ropes,he misses with a back elbow and on the rebound he is kneed in the gut causing him to drop down,Crime Lord hammers the back of River and then lifts him up into multiple backbreakers and then a spinebsuter

RJ:Some seriosu punishment for Ace there


Crime Lord rises and drops his knee into RIver's throat,he stands and is dropped thraot-first on the ropes by TGA who climbs back into the ring and meets Crime Lord with a double underhook facebuster and then a cover...1...2...NO!

DL:Damn I thought we had a new champion right there

TGA picks himself up and kicks Crime Lord in the side of the head and then drags him up and whips him hard into the turnbuckle,he runs in and splashes Crime Lord and then avoids River rushing in to do the same,River collides with Crime Lord and so TGA hits the ropes and splashes both of them in the corner,River falls out first and TGA chucks him over the ropes and then he ducks down underneath Crime Lord and locks his german suplex....two germans...Crime Lord fights on the thrid but TGA pummels his back and shows immense strength as he hoists him for the third



DL:He defintely kicked out

TGA bangs the mat and then gets up,he charges at River who is on the apron but River greets him with a shoulder thrust through the middle rope and then sunset flips him into a pin...1...2...kickout...River is quickly back up and clotheslines TGA and then rocks him with a right fist,he dropkicks him against the ropes and then lifts him airborne for a trivector of vetical suplexes,he stands up and the crowd scream and cheer as he goes to the top rope

RJ:River Ace is gonna fly!

Crime Lord is up and he bounces against the ropes causing River to fall in a compromised position,he smirks as the crowd boo and he walks over to River and pounds him in the head before stepping onto the ropes and hooking River

DL:Superplex coming up...Oh NO...OH MY!

RJ:What a move

Crowd:This is awesome x5

TGA stands up and climbs the turnbuckle behind Crime Lord,he German suplexes Crime Lord off the top rope but Crime Lord keeps ahold of River and superplexes him at the same time as all three men lay flat out on the mat

RJ:A move that shook the whole ring

Crowd:T-G-A x5

TGA is the first to move and gets his arm across River...1...2...kickout,he covers Crime Lord...1....2...kickout,he looks aghast as the fans boo the referee,TGA gets up and goes to the outside where he picks up a steel chair as the fans cheer,he rolls back in the ring and sizes both opponents up

DL:WHichever of these men gets to their feet first is in for some serious pain

Crime Lord and River gets up at the same time but River sees what is coming and shoves Crime Lord in the way as TGA cracks the steel chair of his skull,River reacts quickly and spears TGA over the top rope to the outside

RJ:These fans have no idea who to cheer for

River and TGA brawl on the outside as River rams TGA against the security railing several times and then moves across and slams his head against the steel steps,this seems to rile TGA up and he stands up straight and fixes River with an evil stare and then grabs him by the head and launches him against the steel steps and the ring post,the sound echoes around the arena as the fans whince from the replays,River Ace lays in a puddle of his own blood as TGA picks him up and carries him over to the announce area

DL:TGA got some sick intentions for the Lockdown commisioner

Crime Lord staggers up in the ring with blood pouring down his face and spots TGA and River fighting on the announce table,he climbs from the ring and joins both men standing on the table,he low-blows Ace and then stands up,he and TGA's eyes meet and without making a sound they lift River Ace skywards and double suplex him through the announce table

Crowd:Holy S---- x5

RJ:My god River Ace has been broken in half...somebody needs to call the EMT's

DL:They didnt even speak...TGA and Crime Lord didnt say a word

River Ace lays in a crumpled heap on the floor as Crime Lord gets back in the ring,he uses the ropes to get up and then he stares at TGA and motions that its down to two

RJ:He's telling and you...lets finish this damn thing

TGA looks at Crime Lord and nods and then strolls to the ring,he gets in and both men walk towards each other and begin to open up,they throw massive rights and lefts as the crowd boo Crime Lord and cheer TGA,TGA begins to get the upper hand and Crime Lord is staggering,TGA bounces off the ropes but is flapjacked high in the air and brought down against the turnbuckle,his head snaps back and he collpases as Crime Lord charges at him and knees him right in the temple...

DL:MAFIA MOWDOWN!...this could be it

1...2...shoulder up

TGA kicks out,he groggily gets up and Crime Lord scoops him looking for a tombstone but TGA slides down behind him and charges him into the side of the turnbuckle,he rams Crime Lord'd head off the turnbuckle and then whips him hard across the ring,Crime Lord hits the corner with impact and amazingly flips up onto the top and then back down again...he walks into TGA who lifts him onto shoulders for the Silent Death

RJ:TGA's got him here

The fans cheer as TGA looks around and then motions a title belt,he goes up top and does a littlle prayer before taking off with a beautiful moonsault which he lands with perfection



DL:RIver Ace breaks it up...WHere the hell did he coem from!

RJ:I thought he was out of this match

TGA looks thunderous as the ref tells him it was two,River looks a picture as blood streams down his face,TGA stands and big boots River in the face and launches across the ring ro the corner,he sprints in but River moves and TGA crashes hard against the ringpost...he stumbles round

RJ:POKER PLEX...he's got him!

*Crime Lord breaks up the count

DL:So close but Crime LOrd isnt ready to give up that belt

All three men are beaten and worn as the crowd in Coventry Skydowm give them an almight ovation,all three men begin to get up and trade blows,TGA eye rakes River and throws him at Crime Lord who lifts him up into a body press but TGA runs at them and spears Crime Lord who drops River over the top rope to the outside,both men get up and TGA kicks Crime Lord's legs out and locks in the Heavens Gate

RJ:Submission move locked in...he's gonna tap

Crime Lord frantically tries to get the ropes,he pulls himself close but as his fingers touch he is dragged right into the centre and TGA sits down applying immense pressure,Crime Lord screams in agony and then begins to fade,his arm drops once....


three time

DL:HE's still fighting...come on Crimey

Crime Lord arches himself in a horrendous looking position and tries to reach the ropes,he is inches away when TGA once again drags him to the centre and sits down,he looks pumped as he tworks the champions back...Crime Lord lifts his arm and drops it to tap out


River Ace has got back in the ring and hits a beautiful superkick to the jaw of TGA forcing him to relinquish the hold just as Crime Lord was ready to tap,all three men are stationary on the floor but the referee cant count them out,the fans attempt to urge on their favourites and eventually its River who gets his arm over TGA



RJ:His foots on the ropes!

RIver Ace just sighs as the referee tells him that TGA has his foot on the ropes,the Lockdown commisioner slides from the ring and grabs the 6WF Title and a steel chair from ringside and climbs back in the ring,he drops both weapons and tries to decide which opponent to go for,both look out on their feet but its Crime Lord who gets up first clutching his back,he dodges River and uses his momentum to propel him over the ropes but River holds on just,TGA is up and whacks the chair across Crime Lord's back,he hits the ropes looking for more power but the champion picks up the belt and meets TGA clean in the face with it opening up a cut across his eye

DL:This is just all out carnage now

River Ace climbs in the ring and Crime Lord swings the belt at him,Ace ducks and kicks him in the gut and the belt drops allowing Ace to plant Crime Lord with a cracking DDT skull first on the belt...


RJ:WHat heart by this champion...he kicked out

Blood continues to stream from River's head all over the canvass as he gets up and rolls Crime Lord to one side,he picks up a chair and wills TGA to stand up,.the crowd boo the use of the chair and as River looks around at them all TGA stands up and low blows Rver who drops the chair,River's head drops and TGA picks him up and dismantles him with the Angel Bomb

DL:Good night Vienna

RJ:Where in Coventry


TGA is obviously tired after all the happening in the fight and it takes him ahwile to finally cover River Ace....1............................2....................................

He kicked out!

RJ:River Ace has lost so much blood but what a performance

TGA holds his head in his hands and tries to wipe blood from his eye as he stands up,Crime Lord is barely standing as TGA hooks River Ace up again looking for a second Angel Bomb,this time he places the chair underneath him,

DL:THis will kill him off

TGA flips River but as he looks for his finsher he is low-blowed by Crime Lord and River falls to the mat,Crime Lord hoists TGA onto his shoulders for the Lock and Load(F-5) but TGA lands on his feet and boots Crime Lord in the stomach again looking for an Angel Bomb but this time its River who runs at TGA and dropkicks him rigth over the top rope

RJ:WHOAH what impact there

River stands by the ropes and motions a title belt around his waist to TGA,the fans are scraeming at Ace but he doesnt know why

RJ:Turn around

Crime Lord grabs River and swivels him for the Mindgames but River pushes him away into the corner,Crime Lord bounces back and RIver gets him in postion...




ding ding ding

The crowd boo heavily as all three competitors are down,TGA is laying on the outside with blood coming from above his eye as River Ace lays face down in his own blood centre of the ring...the referee picks up the 6WF Title

Announcer:Ladies and is your winner...and STILL 6WF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION...Crime Looooooooooooooooooooooord!

The champ is somehow upright as the ref hands him his belt,he has blood down one side of his face and doesnt look his usual self as he falls from the ring,he hugs his belt as he passes TGA who is propped up against the security railing,TGA fixes Crime Lord with a cold stare as the referee attempts to revive River Ace in the ring

DL:Well crime Lord has retained after a hard-fought display...

RJ:WHat a match!...a definte candidate for Match of the Year already,the drama.the excitement,it had it all and each and every one of them gave it their all...River Ace was so close...they fought like warriors and on this night its Crime Lord who came out on top in Coventry here at Let it Rock

DL:Im still in awe but coming up next is our main event...7 men competing in the Time Attack Match for the TAW Heavyweight Title...stay tuned folks

The referee helps River Ace to the back as the fans give him a standing ovation
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An advert for PAIN 11-3

Live on Setanta
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A long video Package Plays showing the altercations between the comPetitors and what haPPened at Survival as 'Let It Rock' Plays in the background ending in Mike Hill holding uP the TAW Title

Main Event
Mike Hill Vs The Saint Vs EZ Money Vs Snake Eyes Vs Max Adamson Vs JSS Vs Rock v2

RJ:Right folks we have had one heck of a night already here...but we are not done,its time for the TAW Title match!

Announcer:Ladies and is now time for the Main is a 60 Minute Time Attack Match for the TAW Heavyweight championship of the world!

*Crowd pop

"I think im turning Japanese" plays and the fans cheer as a figure runs out in a robe that covers their head

Announcer:Introducing frst...from Tokyo,Japan...weighing in at 235 pounds...J....S...S

The japanese star climbs in and runs around the ring trying to get himself ready as "Here comes the Money" plays out and the cheers turn to boos

Announcer:From Birmingham,England...weighing in at 250 pounds....EZ Mooooooooooooooooooooooney!

EZ steps into the ring and looks at JSS as Snake Eyes music hits and the former European champion comes down to the ring and leaps over the ropes

Announcer:From Newcastle,England....weighing in at 180 pounds...Snake Eyes!

The crowd cheer for Snake Eyes who milks the recption as "Mercy" by Overdrive plays and Rock V2 swaggers cockily down to the ring,he goes up top and stares at his opponents

Announcer:From...Gloucester,England...weighing in at 250 pounds...Rock V22222222222222222222222222222222222!

RJ:7 competitors set to take place in this match here...a brutal 60 minure time-limit

The crowd pop as "Cochise" blast out and Saint walks down the ring...he hands his aviator glasses to a fan before climbing in the ring,he goes nose to nose with Rock V2 as "All Around the World" rings out and the undisputed European champion cockily walks out with his belts over his shoulders

DL:Max Adamson has got a great chance of becoming a double champion here

Announcer:And from....Sydney,Australia...weighing in at 320 pounds...he is the European champion...Max Adamson!

Max steps into the ring and smiles at Snake Eyes and taps the European belt as Snake Eyes stares straight at him..."The Next Big Thing" is the last entrance theme to play and the fans boo the arrival of the champion

Announcer:And from...Malvern,England...weighing in at 220 pounds...he is the current TAW Heavyweight Champion...Mike Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill!

Mike walks down to the ring and watches all of his opponents in the ring,he looks queasy but focused as Saint tells him to get in the ring.

RJ:I dont think Mike Hill wants any of this match

Hill stands outside the ring as Snake Eyes snaps and flies at max Adamson and knocks him to the corner where they brawl,Saint and Rock V2 begin to trade blows as do JSS and EZ Money

ding ding ding

RJ:Well we are underway the second ever Time Attack match in the 6WF

Max is being pummeled and choked in the corner by SE as Rock V2 takes Saint down witha flying forearm smash,EZ suplexes JSS and he covers...1...Snake Eyes breaks it up,Snake Eyes beats the back of EZ money and then whips him into the corner with Adamson,he runs at them and splashes them together,he helps JSS up and they work together with a double suplex to EZ Money and then a double DDT to Adamson

DL:JSS and Snake Eyes working together here

Saint breaks out of a headlock from Rock V2 and pushes him against the ropes,he floors the Megastar with a massive shoulder block and then looks at mike Hill who is still on the outside,JSS ends his allegiance with Snake Eyes with reverse DDT and Saint move towards the ropes whwre Mike Hill is only for Max Adamson to sneak up behind Saint...1....2...

RJ:Mike Hill breaks up the count and then he is straight back out of the ring

EZ Money runs at JSS and spears him down and covers...1...2...Snake Eyes breaks it up,and then Rock V2 meets SE and the two trade blows,Rock gets the upper hand and throws together a combo and looks for the smackdown but Snake Eyes ducks and hurricanranas Rock from the ring...the crowd cheer but then Max Adamson charges across the ring and big boots SE in the temple as his rival collapses,Saint spots this and goes for Adamson who looks for a big right but misses and Saint hits him with the Promised Slam

1....2...Mike Hill breaks up the count

DL:Jesus...Mike Hill is holding onto his belt

Time remaining:55:00

Saint looks furious with mike Hill and slides out of the ring after him,he chases Mike around the ring and Mike rolls in and runs across the ring,Saint follows but is accosted by EZ Money and Rock V2 who hit a double clothesline,they stomp on Saint as he is on the mat and Mike Hill seeks refuge outside the ring again...JSS charges with Snake Eyes and they cross-body EZ Money and Rock,all the men are down as Max stumbles up and rocks JSS with a left hook,he whips him off the ropes and then flapjacks JSS and covers...1...2...Snake Eyes breaks it up

RJ:Snake Eyes will not be outdone by Max Adamson twice in three days

Saint hauls himself up and spinebusters EZ Money as he runs,Rock V2 catches Snake Eyes witha samoan drop and then the two of them trade some more blows,the crowd are getting right into it as JSS kicks up and hits some Sweet Chin Japan to Rock V2...1...2...

RJ:Mike Hill again!

Hill is once again in the ring and breaks the count,as he smirks and backs away to the corner he finds himself hit a barrier,the look of fear on Hill's face is obvious as he whilrs around and is pummeled by The Saint,the Divine One whips Mike off the ropes and big boots him before hitting a running legdrop...1....2...kickout...Saint kneels and is kicked in the head by Max Adamson who has recovered,he hooks Saint under the arms and launches him over his head into a modified suplex,EZ Money downwards spirals JSS to the mat and goes up top...all watch as EZ takes off hitting the Money Shot!

DL:Our first title change?

Snake Eyes breaks the cover,and EZ is picked up and snapmared,SE hits a dropkick to the back,Rock gets up holding his jaw and avoids Saint and tosses him to the outside,Mike Hill gets up and hits a hill-can-rana to Max Adamson who flies through the bottom rope,EZ Money runs and clotheslines JSS over the top rope...Mike Hill and Snake Eyes trade blows but Rock V2 comes across and blindsides SE and they throws him from ring...both men have their backs to each other as they back into the middle of the ring

RJ:Look who is left in the ring...tonight isnt about friendship but the TAW Title

Rock V2 and Mike Hill bump into each other and spin around with their fists drawn,they see each other and lower their hands as they look around the ring and the crowd chant for them to get it on,they keep looking around at each other with distrust and they begin to talk,Rock V2 pokes Mike Hill in the chest,Mike draws his hand back but before they can exchange Snake Eyes and JSS roll back in the ring and dropkick both men in the backs,they colide smashing heads...the Dynasty men stagger and then SE and JSS launch them from the ring...JSS looks for SCJ on Snake Eyes who ducks and impailer DDT's JSS on the mat and then runs up the ropes...

DL:End of the line!...NO OH MY GOD WHAT AMOVE

Snake Eyes watches JSS down in the ring but then he spots Saint,Max,EZ,Mike Hill and Rock V2 congregated and he launches into a twisting moonsault that takes all of his opponents down...

Crowd:That was awesome x5

Time Remaining:45:00
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posted Mar 15, 2009
Max Adamson is the first up and he rams Saint's head against the steel steps before rolling in the ring...he sizes up JSS who is just getting up,Adamson wills him up and then runs a destroys JSS...


Max hooks the leg on JSS....



EZ Money breks it up,he punches Max Adamson's back and neck and then goes for an irish whip but Max is too strong and reverses it,Max drops his head for the backdrop...but EZ has other ideas...Canadian Destroyer...1...2...Saint breaks it up and back elbows EZ and then lifts him up...Saint's Row....1...2...Rock V2 breaks it and him and Saint begin furiously fighting in the ring,Saint misses with a solid right...ROCKBOTTOM!....1....2....

RJ:Snake Eyes breaks up the count...this match has one helluva pace

Snake Eyes bounces off the ropes and hits Rock V2 with a stunning codebreaker that makes Rocky fall into the corner...Snake Eyes motions a belt around his waist but he isnt looking as the TAW champion sneaks up behind him...Over the Hill!

DL:Mike Hill keeping ontop of things here...oh no wait

JSS sneaks up and throws Mike Hill from the ring and covers Snake Eyes...1...2...3

RJ:I dont belive it JSS is our current TAW Champion

JSS looks stunned and delighted as he smiles at Mike Hill on the outside,Saint rolls JSS up...1...2...3


RJ:JSS with the shortest reign ever...Saint is now our current TAW champion

Announcer:Ladies and Gentlemen....your current TAW Champion....SAINT!

Time Remeaining:40:00

The crowd pop as Saint stands tall in the ring,he holds his head and is clotheslined from behind by Max Adamson as Mike Hill gets back in the ring by vaulting over the top rope and dropkicking JSS,EZ Money stands on the top rope and as he prepares to dive,Max Adamson bounces off the ropes dropping EZ in a compromising position...Max Adamson climbs up looking for a superplex...Saint runs over to the ropes and gets underneath the superplex and turns it into....


Crowd:Holy S--- x5

DL:The Saint has just destroyed Max Adamson and EZ Money

Rock v2 is up and he meets Snake Eyes with a spinbuster and he kicks his legs and sets in motion "the most electrifying move in sports entertainment today" the Dynasty Elbow...he hits one rope and then the other...he runs forwards for the move and Mike Hill spinning backheels him in the face

RJ:Whoah...the Dynasty friendship has broken down here

Mike Hill springboards off the ropes and tornado DDT's Rock V2,he gets up and hooks the leg...1...2...Snake Eyes breaks it up...Snake Eyes grabs Mike Hill and nothern lights suplexes him...1...2...Saint breaks it up

DL:Saint protecting his title now

Saint hauls Snake Eyes up and flips him for the Divine Force,EZ Money charges in and chopblocks Saint,JSS follows up with a rolling senton on Saint and then EZ clotheslines JSS,Max Adamson groggily slides from the ring and picks up his European Title and gets in the ring,the referee tells him to put it back but he has no jurisdiction,Max wills Snake Eyes up and he launches the belt at SE who ducks and Max wipes out EZ Money,Snake Eyes enzeguiries the European Title against Adamson's head...

1....2...JSS with the save

Mike Hill is up and he grabs JSS but Rock V2 runs barges through them and german suplexes Mike Hill,he does three and then lifts Mike for a fourth but Snake Eyes runs up the turnbuckle and takes off missile dropkicking Rock V2 in the back of the head...Mike Hill collapses away and into the corner,Saint gets up and tilt-a-whirls JSS into a running powerslam....Saint stands on the second rope and jumps off driving his elbow deep into the chest of Rock V2,Mike Hill follows it up with a Warrior-like splash and covers...1...2...

RJ:Saint breaks it up

Saint asks Mike Hill what he thinks he is doing and shoves Mike,Mike shoves him back and just as the two of them get ready to go at it they are ambushed by the other superstars,Snake Eyes pummels Mike Hill and throws him from the ring and Mike lands hard on the floor...Max Adamson is bleeding slightly from the belt shot as he and EZ Money pummel and stomp Saint...EZ holds Saint while Adamson throws pot-shots,EZ backbreakers Saint and holds him as Max Adamson jumps up and legdrops Saint who rolls from the ring

DL:The current TAW champion is out on his feet here

Max lifts EZ Money up oto his shoulder for the Cyclone as Rock V2 runs and dropkicks them both and EZ falls down,Max stumbles into a spinebuster and Rock V2 hits the Dynasty Elbow at the second time of asking...

RJ:Rock V2 gonna realise a dream....

JSS runs and shining wizards Rock V2 who collapses,EZ charges at JSS who cartwheels out of the way as the crowd gasp and he superkicks EZ Money in the jaw...Snake Eyes runs and jawbreakers JSS and then spears him though the ropes...EZ Money and Rock V2 are down in he ring as suddenly Mike Hill is up top...he looks around at both his fallen compatriots...he looks at the fans who boo him and then shrugs his shoulders....

DL:THe next Big Move!


Mike Hill hits his high-flying finisher on EZ Money and pins him to be the title bearer once more

Announcer:Ladies and is your current TAW Heavyweight Champion...Mike Hill

The crowd boo as Hill smiles and looks relieved until Saint slides back in with a thunderous look on his face

RJ:Looks like business just picked up

Time Remaining:30:00
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PostSubject: Re: Let It Rock Results (14/03)   Let It Rock Results (14/03) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 29, 2011 7:08 pm

Mike Hill again jumps through the ropes as Saint goes to pin EZ Money 1...2......Mike Hill has rolled into the ring and Saint has stood up as Hill goes to get out again Saint grabs him by the tights exposing Mike Hills backside for a moment


RJ-Mike Hill making a you know what of himself

Dave Law-Its so unfair that this year the champ doesnt even have to be pinned. Puts Hill at such a disadvantage

Hill is kicked in the midsection as Saint delivers a Promised Slam 1...2......Adamson breaks up the count

RJ-Its so hard to get a pin with 7 men involved and i think near on impossible to get a Submission. What would your strategy be Dave

Dave Law-Run! Run for the hills


Dave Law-Nah id try and conserve as much energy as possible. These guys may be some of the fittest in the world but how are they going to go an hour. It doesnt matter if your winning during the match it just matters whos winning after 60 minutes

Adamson hits Saint with a Triple German Suplex before being hit with a Frog Splash by JSS 1...2......Adamson gets a foot on the rope

Dave Law-I thought he'd won it again

Time Remaining 25.00

Snake Eyes is up on the apron and JSS goes over only for Snake Eyes to pull JSS's throat on the top rope. JSS staggers back into a Rock Bottom from Rock v2 1...2......Snake Eyes breaks up the count. EZ Money low blows Snake Eyes and Rock v2 hits Snake Eyes with a Rock Bottom as EZ looks on 1...2.......3!

Dave Law-Now thats Dynasty teamwork

RJ-Im shocked

Ring Announcer-The current TAW World Champion Roc..........

EZ Money rolls up Rock v2 as the announcement is being made 1...2.......Kick out! Rock v2 stands up and gets in EZ Moneys face

RJ-The New Dynasty is falling apart with less than 25 minutes to go

EZ Money shrugs and goes for a right hand on Rock v2 who blocks it and sends EZ back with rights before spitting on his own hand and punching EZ over the top rope

RJ-These two have had wars and they are again

Rock v2 turns around to see Saint run at him and Rock v2 connects with a Spinebuster. Adamson gets up to be thrown over the top rope before Rock v2 literally kicks JSS out of the ring under the bottom rope. Rock v2 walks around the ring the only man up pointing at all his opponents badmouthing them

Dave Law-You gotta love the Megastar hes a chip off the old block

Mike Hill hits a SpringBoard dropkick taking Rock v2's head off before going for a cover 1...2......Shoulder up. Hill sees Snake Eyes get up and looks at Rock v2 and Snake Eyes before going for a small package on Snake Eyes 1...2......Kick out. JSS pulls Hill to the outside as the two trade blows. Snake Eyes is alone in the ring and runs the ropes before diving through onto EZ Money. The Saint rolls Max Adamson into the ring and sets up for another Promised Slam but Adamson backdrops The Saint

RJ-Where are they getting the energy from

Time Remaining 20:00

Admason knees Saint in the gut and slams him down before climbing the ropes

Dave Law-This is unlike Adamson

Adamson takes to long as Saint runs up the ropes and Belly to Belly suplexes Adamson from the top rope almost all the way across the ring. Saint gets up to be hit with an Over The Hill 1...2......JSS breaks up the count with a Kamikaze drop(Elbow from top rope). JSS covers Hill 1...2......Shoulder up! JSS covers The Saint 1...2......Shoulder up! JSS stands up and Rock v2 goes for a Spear but JSS leapfrogs him and hits Sweet Chin Japan as Rock v2 hits the mat. JSS goes for a cover 1...2......EZ Money breaks up the count before rolling out of the ring. JSS gives chase and EZ rolls back in as does JSS to be hit with a Spinning Heel Kick from EZ 1...2......Shoulder up!

Dave Law-Rock v2 is still going to be our New Champ at this time

Snake Eyes is back up and runs the ropes ducking an attempted clothesline by EZ Money before hitting a Lou Thesz press. Snake Eyes lays lefts and rights. Adamson rolls out of the ring and picks up a chair and slides in with it before blasting The Saint over the head. Adamson swings the chair at Snake Eyes as Snake Eyes ducks and the chair bounces off the ropes hitting Adamson himself. Snake Eyes rolls up Adamson 1...2.......3!

RJ-A three count

Dave Law-Awww damn i was liking Rock v2 as champ

EZ Money quickly grabs Snake Eyes and holds him as Snake Eyes hardly has strength to wriggle free. Adamson gets up and EZ shouts to hit him with the chair. Adamson pauses as he picks up the chair before swinging it but Snake Eyes ducks as the crowd cheer EZ taking the shot. Adamson swings at Snake Eyes again missing before Snake Eyes punches the chair into Adamson who flys throught the ropes

Its clear the toll the match has taken on all the men as the clock strikes 45 minutes gone
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PostSubject: Re: Let It Rock Results (14/03)   Let It Rock Results (14/03) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 29, 2011 7:10 pm

Snake Eyes stands tall as he looks at the clock and hits Mike Hill in the back as he gets up sending him through the ropes. Rock v2 gets up and sees Snake Eyes with the chair and rolls out of the ring. Snake Eyes leans over the ropes and dares Rock v2 to come in but takes his eye off the ball as JSS stalks him and lifts Snake Eyes up into the 'Emperor of Japan'(Electric chair). Rock v2 grabs JSS's legs as he gets up and JSS hits the ground face first as Rock v2 attempts to cover Snake Eyes 1...2......Shoulder up. Rock v2 slams Snake Eyes down and stands over him throwing his armpad out to the crowd

Dave Law-The Peoples Elbow!

Rock v2 bounces off one rope but as he bounces off another The Saint pulls it down

Dave Law-The Saint has been a thorn in Rock v2's side for so long

RJ-I bet he regrets getting behind that wheel all those months ago

The Saint whips Rock v2 into the steps before EZ Money clobbers him from behind. The Saint gives chase on EZ Money who trys to escape through the Coventry crowd who wont let him and The Saint lays huge right hands into EZ's chops as he reels against the barrier with each one. The onslaught only stops when Mike Hill jumps The Saint from behind and they both kick The Saint repeatedly

RJ-This is a mugging

Adamson taps Hill on the back and Hill turns around ready to swing as Adamson begs off and points at the ring where Snake Eyes is propped up in a corner. Hill nods as Adamson and Hill get in the ring and stalk Snake Eyes in the corner. Snake Eyes valiantly trys to battle both off with punches but has little success and Hill puts on an MHND(Liontamer) as Adamson locks on a Crossface

RJ-Oh my god Snake Eyes cant take this

Snake Eyes taps

Dave Law-Yes!

RJ-But whos the current champ

Dave Law-I dont care long as it aint Snake Eyes

The referee rolls out of the ring as Adamson raises his arm. Hill pulls Adamsons arm down and Adamson pushes Hill

Ring Announcer-The referee has announced as only one man can be TAW Title holder Snake Eyes is still currently your TAW World Champion

-Crowd pop-

At this Hill kicks Adamson in the stomach and goes for an Over The Hill but Adamson counters into a Cyclone

RJ-What a counter


Dave Law-Look at the clock. We're down to 10 minutes and Adamsons the TAW Champion

Ring Announcer-The current TAW Champion Max Adamson

Adamson kneels and looks at the clock


He musters the strength to stand and turns around to see JSS. Adamson backs into a corner before poking JSS in the eye. Adamson throws JSS through the ropes but JSS is soon back on the apron and Adamson goes for a right hand that JSS blocks before hitting a Forearm. Adamson knees JSS in the midsection before going for a Suplex into the ring. JSS slips out and hits Sweet Chin Japan on Adamson. JSS turns around to be hit with a Rock Bottom 1...2......3!

Dave Law-The Peoples Champ is the TAW Champ but we have 8 minutes and counting still to go

Rock v2 turns around and no-one is up. The cameera catches EZ Money on the outside waiting for an opportunity to take advantage but as Rock v2 looks his way he looks down as thogh hes hurt. The Saint battered and bruised rolls into the ring as Rock v2 looks at the clock


Rock v2 lifts up The Saint for a Rock Bottom but The Saint elbows out. The Saint runs the ropes and ducks a clothesline before they both hit clotheslines and hit the mat. Snake Eyes gets in the ring and makes a cover on Rock v2 1...2......Mike Hill breaks up the count. Hill hits forearms to Snake Eyes back which by now are having little consequence as Snake Eyes spears Hill back into a corner. Snake Eyes lifts Hill up to the top rope and chops him three times before climbing up. Snake Eyes goes for a Super-Plex but Mike Hill counters with picking Snake Eyes up and dropping him face first to the mat. Snake Eyes rolls onto his back as Mike Hill sees less than 6 minutes on the clock and goes for The Next Big Move (Corkscrew 630 Senton)

RJ-Its all or nothing for the man who started the night as TAW Champion

Mike Hill flys through the air perfectly but connects with the raised legs of Snake Eyes and rolls out of the ring in sheer agony

Dave Law-I dont think Hill has time to recover from that RJ. We're looking at a New Champ and no-one better than Rock v2

EZ Money sneaks into the ring and runs at Rock v2 hitting him from behind hitting him to the mat. A suplex is followed by EZ Money climbing to the top rope

RJ-The man that said he'd leave 6wf if he wasnt TAW Champion is going to fly

EZ Money comes off the top rope with a Money Shot attempt and hits it perfectly in the middle of the ring 1...2.......Saint isnt even up but pushe EZ off before sitting in the corner and flipping Saint the bird

Time Remaining 5:00 minutes
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PostSubject: Re: Let It Rock Results (14/03)   Let It Rock Results (14/03) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 29, 2011 7:10 pm

EZ Money goes over to The Saint who pulls himself up in the corner. The Saint hits EZ with right hands sending him back to the middle of the ring before whipping him into the turnbuckle and hitting a backdrop

Dave Law-Thats got to hurt so much at this stage

On the outside Adamson is watching while JSS takes a beat down against the ring barrier. Adamson gets out some white powder and stalks the combatants in the ring from the outside but JSS gets up and Adamson doesnt realise as JSS slaps the white powder back into Adamsons eyes. JSS sets up for Sweet Chin Japan as Adamson doesnt even realise and hits it on the outside

RJ-Thats got to eliminate Adamson surely

JSS clears the announce table of the monitors and papers and puts Adamson on it

Dave Law-JSS has lost it

JSS climbs back in the ring

RJ-Go for the title JSS

JSS looks at the crowd before climbing up to the top rope


JSS dives off with the Kamikaze drop(Elbow drop from top rope)through Adamson and the table

Crowd-That was awesome (clap x 5) That was awesome (clap x 5)

followed by

Crowd-JSS! JSS! JSS!

Time Remaining 3:00 minutes

EZ Money and The Saint are still battling as Snake Eyes gets up EZ Money throws him from the ring over the top rope and as Hill gets up on the apron The Saint runs at him and Mike Hill goes into the ringside barrier from the apron. Rock v2 sits lies in the corner less than 3 minutes from becoming TAW World Champion as The Saint and EZ Money trade blows slowly

Saints blows-Crowd cheer

EZ Moneys blows-Crowd boo but a few cheer

Dave Law-We're watching history RJ

RJ-2 and a half minutes and counting

The Saint gets the better of the blows as EZ pokes The Saint in the eye. Rock v2 runs and clotheslines EZ Money over the top rope before Rock v2 whips The Saint into the ropes but Rock v2 ducks his head and The Saint hits a Divine Destroyer(Crucifix Powerbomb) 1...2......Mike Hill flys through the air with a Springboard Legdrop before covering Rock v2 1...2......3!

Dave Law-Haha i love it. We're back to square one with 2 minutes on the clock

Snake Eyes gets on the apron and Mike Hill jumps on the second rope before hitting a dropkick on Snake Eyes sending him to the floor. The Saint rolls out of the ring in anger and picks up a chair before clocking both Snake Eyes and EZ Money over the head. The Saint gets in the ring with the chair as Mike Hill looks on in fear with a minute and a half left. The Saint throws down the chair

Dave Law-Whats he doing?

RJ-All Saint ever wanted was a fair fight

Mike Hill swings at The Saint who blocks it and hits Mike Hill back against the ropes before whipping him off and hitting a Spear 1...2......Kick out! The Saint picks up Hill as quickly as he can but his body gives way. He somehow Gorilla Presses Hill into a Powerslam

Dave Law-Nooooooo!

Referee-1...2......Shoulder up

Dave Law-Ring the bell theres less than a minute Mike Hills been through enough

RJ-Both these men want that title so badly

Time Remaining 1:00 minute

The Saint composes himself and lifts Hill up for The Saint’s Row(Jackhammer) and connects. All the other 6wf participants are down as the referees hand hits the mat 1...2......3!

Dave Law-No! No! His foots on the rope

The referee immediately realises his mistake and waves it off as Hills foot was on the rope

RJ-Hills running on empty and Saints running on God knows what

The Saint looks at the clock


He lifts Hill up one last time and goes for another Saint’s Row(Jackhammer). He hits it in the middle of the ring 1....2........3!

Ding ding ding

RJ-O my god he did it at the death

Dave Law-Noooooooooo! I cant believe it!

The referee rolls to the outside of the ring
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PostSubject: Re: Let It Rock Results (14/03)   Let It Rock Results (14/03) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 29, 2011 7:11 pm

Dave Law-I think the bell may of gone before the referees hand hit the mat RJ

Ring Announcer-The winner of the match and NEW T A W WORLD CHAMPION THE SAINT!

The crowd go wild as the referee walks past Adamson and JSS laid out on the announce table and into the ring to hand the title to The Saint who can barely stand. The Saint kneels with sweat dripping off his brow holding the TAW Title once more. Mike Hill has rolled out of the ring and looks on in shock as the ringside crowd goad him. Mike Hill walks past Snake Eyes and EZ Money to the back as The Saint climbs each of the 4 turnbuckles raising his title

RJ-My god what an event

Dave Law-It wasnt meant to end like this

RJ-Cheer up Dave Nemesis is a champ again

Dave Law-

RJ-I dont know if any of these 7 men will ever be the same but from Dave,im RJ we'll see you at Lockdown
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PostSubject: Re: Let It Rock Results (14/03)   Let It Rock Results (14/03) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 29, 2011 7:12 pm

Highlights of 'Let It Rock' are shown

Uryu beats Marlon by pinfall
Hero beats Enforcer by Disqualification
Stacey beats Xanthi by pinfall to retain the Honeyz title
Cassius beats Abe Abercorn by pinfallin the final of the Fight For The Right Tournament
Nemesis/Misfit beat The Scotsmen by pinfall to become the New Tag Team Champions
JJ Johnson beats Acer in the Ambulance match
Crime Lord pins River Ace to win the Triple Threat 6WF Title match also feat TGA
The Saint pins Mike Hill to win the Time Attack match for the TAW Title also Feat
EZ Money,Rock v2,Snake Eyes,Max Adamson and JSS
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Let It Rock Results (14/03)
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