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 Against The Wall Results (19/07)

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PostSubject: Against The Wall Results (19/07)   Against The Wall Results (19/07) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 3:32 am

Dark Match (Saints)
Belinda vs. Black Widow

The masses are filling The Manchester Evening News Arena to it’s full capacity as Belinda makes her way to the ring sporting T Shirt saying ‘You got Money………I got Muffins‘. The crowd give hera good reception but this changes as Anarchy’s female enforcer Black widow’s music hits and she strides to the ring.

Black Widow dominates Belinda from the off, using her sheer power advantage to cause Belinda as much pain as possible. A running powerslam followed by a huge leg drop gain her a 2 count. She immediately applies a headlock on Belinda, who is struggling to get free. The near full crowd begin to will Belinda to her feet and she takes in the crowds support and begins to battle to her feet. She plants a couple of elbows into the mid section of Black Widow and frees herself to hit a DDT to knock the big woman down.


Belinda waits for Black Widow to get to her feet and as she does Belinda whips her into the ropes but on the rebound Black Widow levels Belinda with a Clothesline from Hell. The count is academic as the referee signals the 1.……..2.……..3!

The crowd boo as Black Widow stands over Belinda
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PostSubject: Re: Against The Wall Results (19/07)   Against The Wall Results (19/07) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 3:33 am

A hype up package for Against The Wall plays to the music

Fireworks go off as the larger than usual 6wf crowd go wild in the Manchester Evening News Arena.The set has 3 huge letters ATW standing for Against The Wall

Match 1
6WF Hardcore Championship
Gary ‘The Angel’ Johnson vs. Abe Abercorn

RJ: Ladies and Gentleman, Let’s get the evenings festivities under way here!

Dave Law: Oh yes RJ: And what a way to kick it off! A hardcore match for the 6WF Hardcore Championship!

RJ: Things have got pretty heated between these two guys and I’m sure it will lead to an awesome match up!

Abe Abercorn’s music plays and there is a mixture of cheers and boos coming from the capacity crowd.

RJ: After the week’s events and Gary Johnson’s actions I don’t think this crowd know who to cheer for!

‘I want it all’ plays and Gary Johnson comes to the ring sporting an Anarchy T-Shirt and again, he gets a mixed reception. He stops at the top of the ramp, holds his belt in the air and fireworks go off.
He strides to the ring and slides in. Deliberately taunting Abe holding the belt in his face. Abe let’s rip and mounts Gary hitting lefts and rights as the referee rings the bell. Gary manages to get Abe off but is put straight back down by a kick to the head. Abercorn promptly locks in a cobra clutch on Johnson and is heard to be shouting “Sell Out”.

RJ: What a start to this match by Abercorn.!

Abercorn maintains the hold until he is satisfied and makes a quick cover. 1.….2.…..Kick out! Abercorn waits for Johnson to get to his feet and hit’s a lariat followed by a couple of elbow drops. 1.….2.….Kick out! Abercorn pulls Johnson to his feet and whips him into the ropes and on the return he goes for a back body drop but Johnson telegraphs it and hit’s a running DDT. 1.…..2.…Kick out. Johnson hit’s a Rolling Thunder. 1.……..2.……Abe gets his shoulder up.

Dave Law: What a fast paced match we have here!

Gary goes to the outside and hunts under the ring and pulls out a trash can. He throws it over the top rope and slides back into the ring only for Abe to be back up with can in hand. Abe wraps the can around Johnson’s head and Johnson immediately hit’s the deck. Abe proceeds in striking Johnson with the can until it is a mangled wreck and he chucks it out of the ring. He makes a pin. 1.…2.….Kick Out!

Abe picks up Johnson and performs a German suplex. Instead of making the cover he crawls to the outside and grabs the time keepers chair. Abe, with chair in hand, gets back in the ring where Johnson is beginning to get to his feet. With his back turned to the man from Castlederg, Johnson is oblivious to the fact that Abe is wielding a steel chair. Johnson turns in time to duck the chair shot and dives behind Abe and as Abe turns around Johnson hit’s a spinning heel kick to the chair which cannons into the face of Abe. Gary makes the cover. 1.……2.…..Kick out.

RJ: Neither man wants to lose this match! They want that gold so badly!

Gary takes to the skies and stands on the top turnbuckle awaiting Abercorn to turn and face him and as he does Johnson performs a beautiful missile dropkick to the amazement and applause of the crowd. Both men are down, clearly jaded by the match and the effort they are putting into it. Johnson is the first to his feet and is closely followed by Abercorn as they begin to sluggishly trade blows. Abercorn gets the better as he rocks Johnson with a little combo of right hands before hitting a DDT.

Abe takes his chance and signals for a DVD and the members of the crowd in his favour urge him on as he lifts Johnson up but Johnson is game and hit’s a low blow. Abe crumples to his knees and holds his stomach as Johnson takes his chance and hit’s a Canadian Destroyer.

RJ: CANADIAN DESTROYER! This one’s over for sure! Johnson’s making the cover. 1.…2.…..ABERCORN KICKED OUT! OH MY GOD! WHAT HEART BY THE GUY!

Johnson can’t believe it and stomps Abercorn down a notch or two before climbing the turnbuckle. Johnson hit’s the Swanton Bomb and makes the cover. 1.….2.……….3!

RJ: Johnson has won it here but you can’t help but salute the efforts of Abe Abercorn here tonight!

Dave Law: Yes, Johnson proved tonight that he’s definitely Anarchy’s man!

Johnson climbs the turn buckle and holds his belt in the air in celebration.
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PostSubject: Re: Against The Wall Results (19/07)   Against The Wall Results (19/07) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 3:33 am

Camera shows at Ringside as Richard Dunne,Micah Richards and Joe Hart are at ringside. Another camera shows Ricky Hatton and another shows Wayne Rooney and Evra before panning across to Christiano Ronaldo.He smiles sleazily then leaves

Crowd-Boo! A55hole! A55hole!

Match 2
Hooligan Vs Zheng

Zheng comes to the ring alone and steps over the top rope before The English National Anthem plays as Hooligan comes out in a Gerrard Home top and the Manchester crowd boo.Hooligan steps through the ropes and even the big man has to look up to Zheng. Zheng chops Hooligan down to one knee and Hooligan comes back with an uppercut followed by a couple of punches

Dave Law-Zhengs reeling

Hooligan goes to whip Zheng across but Zheng reverses it hitting a big boot. Hooligan gets back up to be pushed into the corner and Zheng hits brutal elbows before hitting a backbreaker 1...2......Kick out! Zheng locks on a nerve hold to Hooligans shoulder

Crowd-Boring! Boring!

Hooligan begins to stand up and Zheng pushes him again to the corner.Zheng runs in but Hooligan gets a boot up and jumps on Zhengs back locking in a sleeper.Zheng falls to one knee after about a minute

RJ-Thats one way of getting Zheng down

Zheng falls to his side

Dave Law-Hes going to be a sleeping giant any moment

Crowd-We want wrestling! We want wrestling!

Zhengs hand is held up once and drops,then a second time and drops,then for a third time and is held up.Zheng begins to stand up and burys elbows into Hooligans ribs. Zheng bounces off the ropes and Hooligan boots him in the stomach. Hooligan goes for a piledriver but Zheng backdrops him.Zheng gets ready and as Hooligan stands up lifts him up for a chokeslam 1...2......Foot on rope!

Dave Law-Hooligan using the ring there

Zheng thinks hes won and as the referee tells him Hooligan undoes a turnbuckle cover.Hooligan leans in the corner and Zheng charges but Hooligan moves and Zheng hits the exposed buckle. With Zheng on all fours Hooligan punts him in the head 1...2......3!

RJ-He did it,he beat the big man

Dave Law-Hooligans no slouch himself and look at this

Hooligan climbs on top of Zheng laying in fists as the referee trys to stop him.Hooligan punches the referee sending him to the mat and climbs back on top of Zheng punching away. Security begin to come out and the first man is laid out with a punch before a second slides into the ring and Hooligan punts him in the head

RJ-This man just wants to fight but its going to cost him iv got to go backstage to conduct an interview but im not leaving with Hooligan about

Another security guard gets in the ring before being punched to the mat. Three security come in together and tackle Hooligan before eventually getting him out of the ring.Hooligan elbows the one and is released as theres a standoff.Hooligan begins to walk up the ramp before spotting Ricky Hatton. Hooligan walks over as security get inbetween.Ricky stands up and Hooligan mimes his punching action. Hatton smiles and Hooligan slaps him

Dave Law-O my god!

RJ-Did he just slap Ricky Hatton?

Security have to restrain Hatton as Hooligan is pulled away smiling


Camera goes backstage where RJ has made his way

RJ-Crime Lord moments away from your big Internet title match and do you think you can beat JJ Johnson whos on quite a roll?

Crime Lord-Questions questions! Its always questions! Iv had enough of it im going to the ring

RJ-Errrrr thank you,back to you Dave
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PostSubject: Re: Against The Wall Results (19/07)   Against The Wall Results (19/07) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 3:34 am

Match 3
Crime Lord vs. JJ Johnson.

RJ: What a first 2 matches we’ve had here folks!

Dave Law: And it can only get better from here!

RJ: That’s right Dave, next up we have The match for the Internet Title between Crime Lord and The champion JJ Johnson. Of course we all know of Crime Lord’s meteoric rise since joining 6WF but lets take a moment to view the rise of ‘The Franchise Initiative’ JJ Johnson.

-A video montage plays showing JJ Johnson’s career so far in 6WF and ends showing him holding the internet title in the air with RJ heard saying’ JJ WINS! JJ WINS!-

As soon as the video ends the camera returns to the arena and Crime Lord’s music plays and the capacity crowd erupt in boos as The Dynasty man makes his way to the ring.

RJ: You can’t help but say Crime Lord has been a bit unhinged in his actions for the last week or so.

Dave Law: Your right, and he has to up his game tonight if he wants too leave as a champion!

Crime Lord is stood in the middle of the ring as ‘Get Your Groove On’ plays and the crowd are electric as JJ Johnson stands at the top of the ramp with his back to the crowd. He turns around and pyro’s go off around the arena as he strides to the ring pointing at Crime Lord and then to his belt. Crime Lord is stood in the middle of the ring motioning a belt round his waist.

JJ slides into the ring and pumps up the crowd before handing his belt to the ref who raises it into the air before handing it to the time keeper and the ref calls for the bell.

Both men circle each other before locking up. They go back and forth before Crime Lord pushes JJ away and catches him with a right hand. JJ stumbles back and Crime Lord forces the champ into the corner. Crime Lord drives his shoulders into the abdomen of JJ. Crime Lord starts raining blows upon the champ and the referee begins to count. 1.…2.…..3.….Crime Lord backs away and gives JJ a chance to compose himself because as Crime Lord returns for another attack JJ raises his boot and catches Crime Lord on the head which sends the Dynasty man to the floor as JJ falls back into the corner.

RJ: Champions instinct by The Franchise Initiative. He knew he was in danger and stopped Crime Lord dead!

Crime Lord checks his head for blood and both men return their feet. They lock up again and it goes either way before JJ hits with a knee followed up by a spine buster. 1.…..Strong Kick out by Crime Lord. JJ quickly mounts Crime Lord and hit’s a few lefts and rights before Crime Lord lifts his leg and chucks JJ off. Both men are up and JJ charges at Crime Lord and attempts a clothesline what is ducked but on the rebound JJ hits an amazing scissors kick that upon impact sends Crime Lord through the middle rope and to the floor below.!

Crowd: JJ, JJ, JJ!

Dave Law: The crowd fully getting behind The Saint’s right hand man here!

JJ follows Crime Lord out of the ring and puts him on the barrier to hold up Crime Lord who is disorientated from the kick by JJ. JJ hit’s a few strong rights hands that rock Crime Lord and JJ’s Irish whip attempt is reversed by Crime Lord who sends The Reflection of Perfection crashing into the steel ring post. JJ yells in pain and crime Lord follows it up with an even stronger Irish whip into the steel ring steps.

Crime Lord looks slightly deranged as he stomps a mudhole into JJ and noticing that the referee is nearing 10 he chucks JJ into the ring before getting back in himself. Crime Lord lifts JJ up high and hit’s a Gorilla Press followed by a cover.1.…2.…Kick out. Crime Lord pulls a shaken JJ to his feet and locks in a bear hug. He treats JJ like a rag dol as he tightens his grip and JJ can’t find a way out of it.

JJ begins to fade and the referee senses this. He lifts up JJ’s arm and it falls. Once agin he lifts and it falls again. The crowd are looking worried and Crime Lord is delighted as the referee lits JJ’s arm up for the third time but JJ keeps it up and the crowd begin to get behind him.

RJ: JJ’s showing the true heart of a champion!

JJ begins to break Crime Lord’s grip and Crime Lord can’t believe it. With one last attempt JJ breaks it and begins trading blows with Crime Lord but Crime Lord gets upper hand kicking JJ in the weakened ribs and hitting a Spine buster. JJ is up straight away and is planted back down by a Samoan Drop. 1.……2.……Kick Out.

RJ: We nearly had a new champ!

Crime Lord signals for a Crime Pays and as JJ gets up Crime Lord hoists him up.

RJ: Oh no! The move thyat has finished many a man and JJ is going to fin……….



JJ reverses the situation and Crime Lord finds himself on the other side! JJ hit’s a VIP Experience!


JJ and Crime Lord are both lay with their backs on the mat and JJ gets over to Crime Lord and makes the cover. 1.…………2.……….3!

The crowd go wild as JJ rolls away and sits against the rope!

RJ: JJ WINS! JJ WINS! He’s still Champion!

The referee holds JJ’s arm up and JJ victoriously hold his belt above his head!

Dave Law: Crime Lord gave it everything, he had this match won!

RJ: But one split second of excellence by JJ retained him his title! What a match
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PostSubject: Re: Against The Wall Results (19/07)   Against The Wall Results (19/07) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 3:35 am

Backstage the Producers are in the Trash TV Studio….
Primetime: So what do you think, Hollywood?…
HJ: Sweet…..Just the right level of regality!
The Two of them look at a 3 piece leather suite. Hobo comes over….
H: What are you doing with this?
PT: It’s the actual ‘Casting Couch’ that we are going to be using for our show.
H: nice, baby! When are you going to break it in?
The Producers look at each other and scratch chins in an Edge and Christian fashion (sciaeacf)
HJ: Shall we do an impromptu show right now?
PT: Box Office, baby! Hit the music!
HJ: Music? Err…okay……production crew…hit the…music?
"Sit Down" by James plays out. The producers look at each other and seem satisfied enough. A voice booms out "Moviegoers…..put your hands together for the season Premier of the …..CASTING COUCH!….with your hosts Prime Time and Hollywood Johnson"
PT: so lets get our first guest on…..go on HJ get our first guest.
HJ wanders off into the closet. Various costumes, previously worn by the producers on Trash Talk come flying out – squiggles head, Saints Halo, the tin foil outfit that they used for Real Dude, a large comical Rock eyebrow. Eventually, HJ comes back out with the Cruiser Jim outfit he wore on last weeks Trash Talk and sits down.
PT: Nice of you to come back, James.
CJ: Nice to be here as your first guest but I cant stay long. The closet has a lot of shadows and I like waiting in the shadows. Smiling.
PT: Congratulations on your win on Thursday against me.
CJ: To be fair…you out-wrestled me in every department – I was incredibly lucky. In fact you were the best competitor I’ve grappled with since I faced Mick Foley in the no rope Barb Wire freak off.
PT: Tell me more about that match….
CJ: Well basically, the biggest nut-job wins. Foley came out first with a few stunt spots…he layed a million tacks, climbed on a 10 foot ladder, although he claimed it was 25ft, and jumped onto the tacks.
PT: carry on…
CJ: well I hit back by giving a crazy stare. In a flash, Foley ripped his ear off, threw it to the crowd and set himself on fire and jumped through a table. I thought I was done but then hit him with a double sinister smile and followed it with my patented shadow waiting. I was declared the winner and the rest is history. But as I said, you were right up there on Thursday…in fact I would go as far to say you were the best natural athlete I have ever faced. Other than maybe Hollywood who I am facing this, coming week. He’s incredible too…
PT (whispering): Stay in character. Any final words for us James?
CJ: Yes – Nemesis, Zheng and I will dominate this place. Zheng will not stop until he has won the national debating society championship. Nemesis will not stop until he wins Male Pin Up at the Kerrang Thrash Awards and I will not stop until the 6WF is in the shadows. And then I will wait, smiling but most importantly waiting….
PT: thanks you James! Lets get our next guest out….
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Cruiser James goes back into the costume closet. A few minutes later he comes back out on the Colonel Saunders costume that was used when AA was referred to as the Colonel. Before he comes fully out, HJ:"AA?"
PT: Before you come out, AA – we’ve just had a heel on….
HJ: but I think I am a face now…
PT: Are you? Sciaeacf
HJ: I’m not sure actually –its all a little confusing…..(HJ goes back into the costume closet…)
PT: How about JJ?
HJ: (from inside) the costume isn’t finished yet and I thought we were keeping that for Trash Talk.
The closet door opens again, this time with HJ dressed in the huge sandwich board playing card they used for River Ace.
PT: come on then but quickly, the next match is about to start…
River (HJ): err…I’m just going to stand..
PT: sit down!
HJ whispers to PT: I can’t – it’s the costume!
PT: Okay! Quick question – how are you gonna win against Enforcer tonight?
River (makes air quotations everytime he uses a card game name for emphasis): I don’t want to ‘brag’ but I will ‘snap’ his bones. I will have Trish on my side – shes going to burn her ‘bridge’ with trash tv. Shes just an ‘old maid’ anyway. She gets tired of playing ‘chase the ace’ around my bedroom now anyway.
A loud announcement over the internal speaker system: "Would all competitors for the next match please make their way to the ring."
HJ: ‘Stop the Bus’…..’Newmarket’…..
PT: Okay then….(shakes his head in shame)….That was The Casting Couch PPV special….remember…We are trained Producers….Don’t try this at home…Thank you for listening….
The Camera fades and switches back to RJ and Law ringside….
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PostSubject: Re: Against The Wall Results (19/07)   Against The Wall Results (19/07) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 3:36 am

Crowd-Theres only one Ricky Hatton,One Ricky Hatton walking along singing a song walkin in a Hatton wonderland

Match 4
Rock V2 vs. Henchman

Henchman makes his way to the ring to boo’s as the camera locks on to Wayne Rooney and Evra again before all goes quiet. ‘IF YA SMELLLLLL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN’ the famous words cut the silence and the capacity crowd go wild as Rock V2 jogs out on to the stage and stops.

RJ: What’s going on?

Dave Law: I have no idea dude!

Rock V2’s music stops and all goes quiet. \It stays like that for a moment before ‘IF YA SMELLLLL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN’ plays and the crowd erupts big time as The Rock joins his son on the stage!


Father and son walk down the ramp and as they reach the bottom Rock V2 slides into the ring as The Rock stands outside.

Dave Law: This has to give Rock V2 a boost doesn’t it? Having his own father here supporting him!


The match starts abruptly with Henchman cutting Rock V2 off, flooring him with a flurry of left and right hands. He hit’s a DDT and hit’s a leg drop and makes a cover. 1.…RockV2 throws him off.

RJ: Henchman trying to silence the crowd here!

Henchman pulls Rock to his feet and whips him into the corner. Henchman attempts a running shoulder tackle but Rock telegraphs it and Henchman crashes into the steel post. Rock takes his chance and hit’s a Samoan drop. 1.……2.…..Kick Out. The Rock pulls Henchman to his feet as his dad watches on, and whips him to the ropes on the return hitting a Spine buster. The Rock V2 stalks Henchman and as The Crime Lord associate get’s to his feet Rock V2 sets up for The Rock Bottom and upon looking at his father he hits it . The crowd are going wild as Rock V2 stands above Henchman’s head looking at his father. He pulls of an elbow pad and throws it into the crowd. He then runs the ropes……………

RJ: The most electrifying move in sport’s entertainment……THE PEOPLE’S ELBOW!

Rock V2 hits and covers Henchman. 1.……2.……3!

Dave Law: He did it! He’s back to his best! Rock V” with the support of his legendary father has dispensed of Henchman and stands tall here!

The Rock gets into the ring and hugs his son as both celebrate with the fans.

RJ: And now, Ladies and Gentleman, a message from The Commissioner of 6WF Shutdown and the hometown hero, The Saint!

The Titantron flickers to life and a pre recorded message from The Saint comes on. The crowd explode at the site of The Saint.

The Saint: Ladies and Gentleman, Good evening! As you know, tonight there is a match for The 6WF Title between TGA and GWC. Well after this match I have to select a number one contender. This is a choice I cannot make for there are so many worth candidates!
So, starting on Monday Night Shutdown on Monday, live from The Birmingham Bowl we will see the beginning of the first ever SCRAP FOR THE STRAP TOURNAMENT!

The draw for this tournament will be made tomorrow live on and the rules will be explained there. Thank you for your time and enjoy the rest of the show. God bless!

The Titantron switches off and the crowd are still electric at the sight of The Saint
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Match 5
River Ace Vs Enforcer

Saturday Night by Nickleback plays as Enforcer makes his way to the ring to a decent 6wf reception. Ace Of Spades Kicks in and The Europeon Champion walks smuggly to ringside holding on to Trish's arm

RJ-It doesnt look like Trish is to happy

River Ace gets Trish to open the ropes for him and the bell goes and the two men circle.River backs into the corner and puts his head through the second rope asking for a kiss on the cheek off Trish for good luck.She begrudginly obliges and Enforcer looks on angry as River has a typical smug look on his face. The two men lock up and River fireman carrys Enforcer to the mat before locking on an armbar. River slaps the back of Enforcers head before shouting at him

River Ace-Your my ***** Enforcer,always have been

Ringside Crowd-Oooooh

Enforcer makes his way to his feet before River sweeps his leg and bends his arm back at a 45 degree angle before dropping a knee on it.A quick legdrop by River Ace is followed by the first cover 1...Kick out! River quickly locks on a one legged boston crab as Enforcer is in the middle of the ring. River moves into an STFU as Enforcer trys to make the ropes.Trish paces up and down outside looking concerned.Enforcer pulls River Ace over to the ropes and grabs the bottom one

Dave Law-The damage has been done

River Ace stomps on Enforcer a couple of times before placing his leg on the bottom rope and jumping up crashing down on it with his derriere. With Enforcer on his back River Ace picks up Enforcers leg and twists it. Enforcer rolls over and stands on his one good leg before hitting an Insuguri kick. As Enforcer gets up River Ace runs at him to be backdropped and then clotheslined and armdragged

RJ-The tides turned

Enforcer goes for a suplex but Enforcers leg gives way and River Ace runs the ropes and choplocks him. River Ace goes for The Texas Hold Em but Enforcer kicks him off. A knee to Enforcers gut and River Ace whips him across the ring but Enforcer ducks the clothesline and both men hit the mat after a double clothesline

Referee-1..2...3....4......Enforcer starts to get up...5.......6.......7 River Ace pulls himself up on the ropes and both men meet in the middle of the ring.River Ace slaps Enforcer and Enforcer looks furious as River Ace rolls out of the ring Enforcer follows and chases River Ace around the ring. River Ace grabs Trish Stratus

RJ-What is he doing

Dave Law-Hes being smart RJ

RJ-Hes being a coward

River Ace pushes Trish into Enforcer who catches her and River punches Enforcer.River Ace rakes Enforcers eyes and slams his head off the barricade. River Ace holds Enforcers head up to Trish

River Ace-Hes weak Trish! He left you! He left us!

River Ace rolls Enforcer back into the ring. Enforcer trys to fight back but River is dominant and whips Enforcer into the ropes followed by a spinebuster 1...2.......Kick out! A backbreaker is followed by a forearm off the second rope 1...2......Kick out. River Ace picks up Enforcer and sets him up for a superplex before climbing up. Enforcer begins to fight back and pushes River Ace to the mat. Enforcer comes off with a flying clothesline! 1...2......Kick out! Enforcer waits slowly for River Ace to get up

Dave Law-This could be it!

River Ace is up and Enforcer connects with the Facecheck on the referee after River Ace ducks. Enforcer turns around to receive a boot to the gut and The Poker Plex

Dave Law-1...2......3!
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PostSubject: Re: Against The Wall Results (19/07)   Against The Wall Results (19/07) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 3:38 am

RJ-But the referees out!

River Ace eventually releases The Poker Plex and looks at the referee before kicking him to check if hes unconcious. River Ace picks Enforcer up but Enforcer hits a neckbreaker as both men are down.Trish Stratus gets a chair as both men slowly stir on opposite sides of the ring.Trish Stratus climbs the steps and looks at River Ace,then looks at Enforcer before throwing the chair to River Ace!

Crowd gasp

Enforcer runs at River Ace to be smashed with the chair.Trish Stratus gets in the ring and watches as Enforcer is down on his knees and River Ace pulls the chair back.Trish Stratus low blows River Ace as the crowd looks shocked.River turns to Trish Stratus holding his groin as Enforcer runs the ropes and Trish Stratus slaps River Ace before Enforcer connects with The Facecheck.The referee slowly comes around 1........2................3!

RJ-She did it.Trish finally stood up to River Ace

Trish helps Enforcer up as Enforcer leans her back and kisses Trish as the crowd cheer.Enforcer rolls out of the ring and carrys Trish to the back. River Ace comes around and starts trashing the ringside area before kicking the steps and making his way to the back
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PostSubject: Re: Against The Wall Results (19/07)   Against The Wall Results (19/07) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 3:38 am

Match 6
TLC 6wf Tag Team Title Match
Trash TV Vs Anarchy

EZ Money comes out alone to the ring

Dave Law-This doesnt look good

Hero abseils from the roof and just stares as EZ

Camera pans to back where River Ace is pacing up and down and hits a wall by the back of entranceway.Hobo walks by

Hobo-River whos my partner?

River Ace grabs Hobo

River Ace-You think i havnt got better things to worry about?

Hobo pushes River off

River Ace-You have got a partner.Your partner is........................................Diablo your fellow Tag Team Champion

Hobo-Diablo cant wrestle

River Ace-He never could.I hope his head actually does fall off

Hobo-I wont forget this River

Anarchy are watchin in the ring and smile as Trash TV's music hits and Hobo makes his way out alone.Hero rolls out of the ring and EZ looks bemused as Hobo rolls in and trade blows with EZ reeling him back. Hobo whips EZ across and spears him through the ropes.Hero slides a ladder into the ring and climbs.Hobo sees and gets in and pushes Hero off.Heros throat lands across the top rope and Hobo sets up the ladder. Hobo climbs and EZ gets in the ring and climbs the opposite side. The two men trade blows as Hobo lands a Soft Shoe Shuffle off the ladder

Dave Law-Thtas got to hurt a Face First Russian Legsweep off the ladder

Hobo gets up as Hero does and clotheslines him.Hobo gets outside the ring and as Hero leans through Hobo cracks him with a steel chair.Hobo does the same to EZ and attempts to get the belts again

RJ-Hobo knows he needs to end this early to have any chance

Hero pulls Hobo down and Hobo kicks him in the little heros.Hobo grabs the ladder,folds it and drives it into EZ's chest. Hobo puts the ladder on his head and spins with it cracking Heros jaw.EZ ducks and spears Hobo before placing his leg in the ladder and slamming the ladder down.EZ sets the ladder up and begins to climb with Hobo holding his leg he manages to shake the ladder enough for EZ to jump down.EZ works on Hobo as Hero throws a table into the ring. Hero sets up the table and puts Hobo on it before looking at EZ.EZ goes up to the top rope and hits a Money Shot through the table

Dave Law-Thats gunna do it

Hero begins to climb as EZ holds Hobos head up making him watch. Hero is pushed off the ladder by Diablo who rolls out of the ring as EZ gives chase. Hobo slowly makes his way to the ladder and climbs it reaching the top as Hero isnt able to stop him.Off the top rope EZ Money lands a double axhandle sending both men to the mat. EZ Money begins to climb the ladder then Hobo moves so EZ climbs down waits for Hobo to get up before low blowing Hobo and executing a Release German Suplex.Both of Anarchy begin to climb the ladder and reach the top with Hobo not moving
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PostSubject: Re: Against The Wall Results (19/07)   Against The Wall Results (19/07) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 3:39 am

RJ-The Producers!

The Producers push Anarchy off the ladder and both men crash to the mat.The Producers climb the ladder before the referee tells The Producers they arnt part of the match and cant win the Tag Titles for themselves or Hobo.The Producers get down and tie EZ Money up in the ropes before sitting on Hero holding him down.Hobo stirs and smiles at the situation before climbing the ladder. Hobo reaches the top with EZ Money battling to escape to no luck. Hobo reaches up to his Tag Title as Gary Johnson slides into the ring knocking the ladder over.Hobo dangles frantically trying to untie the Tag Titles before crashing to the mat

Dave Law-Ouch!

Gary J goes to set up the ladder and goes towards EZ Money before being spun around by Enforcer.The two men trade blows as Enforcer throws The Hardcore Champion over the top rope and they battle down the aisle.Hobo again stirs and begins a final attempt up the ladder as EZ is still stuck and Hero grounded. Anarchy have to watch on as Hobo reaches the top and Black Widow low blows Hobo.Black Widow sets up a table outside the ring

RJ-This is literally Anarchy Vs Trash TV

Dave Law-Wheres Belinda?

Hollywood gets up and goes up to Black Widow and Hero rolls Prime Time over. Hero spins around Hollywood and connects with a Canadian Destroyer before doing the same to Prime Time.Hero climbs the ladder as Black Widow holds Hobo. Hobo reverses and pushes Black Widow into the ladder knocking Hero down who lands on his feet before running at Hobo who hits a Hobo cuddle. Black Widow has released EZ Money and Hobo grabs a chair and swings at EZ Money who ducks and Hobo hits Black Widow

Dave Law-Shes out!

Hobo looks at what hes done as EZ climbs the ladder and Hobo sees this and climbs the other side. The two men once again battle.Hobo with a left.EZ with a right.Hobo with a left.EZ with a right. Hobo headbutts EZ who falls down the ladder.Hobo reaches up to the belts as a disorientated EZ begins to tilt the ladder backwards and Hobo falls over the top rope through the table Black Widow set up. Hero comes around and climbs the ladder as EZ waits.Both men stand at the top of the ladder stare at each other
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before unbuckling the belts and hugging

Dave Law-Anarchy did it!

RJ-What a train wreck but Anarchy prevail

Ring Announcer-The winners of the match and NEW 6wf TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS AAAAAAAAANARCCCCCHY!

Camera pans round to show carnage in and around the ring

Advert plays for 6wf Explosion from Cardiff Arena 16/8
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Trish Stratus is shown walking down a hall when River Ace walks around the corner 10 metres apart.They look at each other and Trish turns around and runs as River Ace gives chase.Trish makes it and locks herself in Enforcers dressing room

River Ace-Come out *****! You think this is over? You think you can mess with me?

GWC walks by

GWC-River what are you doing?

River Ace-Its not the time

GWC-O i know iv got a World Title to defend and at the moment The Dynasty are o and three.Im going to lead us to a victory dont worry

GWC walks off as River Ace stares at him

A curtain lifts at the side of the entranceway to reveal a piano and Linkin Park! The Manchester crowd go wild!

Crowd go wild again
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Match 7

TGA comes out first to a crowd still buzzing from events so far. He climbs to the second rope as the crowd cheer. The 6wf Champion GWC comes out alone as the mood changes in the Manchester Arena

Dave Law-Maybe they remember GWC defeating Saint for the title

RJ-Or maybe they just dont like him

Once in the ring the referee goes over the rules before holding up the 6wf Title. GWC circles waiting to pounce as TGA stands staring focused.They lock up and TGA backs GWC into the corner.TGA releases and smiles. GWC gets the better of the second lock up and back TGA into a corner before patting him on the head mockingly.TGA pushes GWC to the mat and stands over him

Dave Law-The cookers on and its getting hotter

GWC kicks TGA in the leg and stands up and chops him a couple of times before whipping him into the opposite corner,GWC runs in and TGA slides over the back hooking GWC's arms into a pin 1...2......Kick out!

RJ-One count away

TGA realising how close he was grabs GWC and locks on a headlock before running the ropes and hitting a DDT

Dace Law-He used GWC's own Fun Run on him

1...2.......Kick out!

TGA locks on an armbar before putting his feet against GWC

Dave Law-Hes stretching the arm

GWC stands up but TGA takes him back down. GWC is in pain but makes his way up again and stomps on TGA's head.GWC drops a knee then begins to choke TGA. GWC picks up TGA and backbreakers him 1...Kick out! GWC follows up with a slam to the mat before monkey flipping TGA into the corner.GWC charges with his forearm into TGA's back. GWC put TGA's feet over the top rope in the corner and leans him back so TGA is upside down.GWC runs the ropes and dropkicks TGA before stepping to the outside of the ring and pulling on the upside down TGA's arms

Dave Law-Hes stretching him and seems to of picked TGA's back as the body part to pick on

The referee unties TGA and GWC gets back in the ring and drops an elbow on TGA's back. A kneedrop later and GWC pulls TGA to the middle of the ring and locks on a Cobra Clutch

RJ-This move is usually bad enough but with the work on TGA's back this could be the dream over

GWC pulls back as TGA is in agony but manages to get out of the hold and picks up GWC before picking him up in a piggy back position and falling backwards. TGA pulls himself up on the ropes and when GWC runs at him TGA pulls the top rope down and GWC goes flying over.TGA looks at GWC and runs the ropes before tornadoing through the ropes on top of him.TGA punches GWC repeatedly in the head before rolling him into the ring. TGA climbs to the top rope and moonsaults onto a standing GWC 1...2......Shoulder up last moment

Dave Law-That was close

TGA picks up GWC and atomic drops him before running the ropes and clotheslining him. TGA locks on a Full Nelson and GWC is dazed. TGA is in the middle of the ring but GWC drags him and runs up the ropes before TGA lets go and GWC hits the mat

Dave Law-Smart thinking

1...2.......Kick out! TGA goes up to the top rope again but GWC dives at the top rope sending TGA off balance landing awkwardly on the top rope. GWC pulls TGA forward with his legs on the top rope and DDT's him 1...2.......Kick out! GWC climbs to the top rope himself and hits the Welcome Mat(Bulldog off top rope).GWC puts TGA in an ankle lock and TGA screams and reaches for the ropes to no luck and bites his own hand to try and take the pain away from his ankle.TGA rolls forward into the referee. TGA hits GWC's own CWG on him and covers but the referee is down.TGA checks on the referee before GWC low blows him. GWC goes to the outside and grabs a chair and brings it into the ring but TGA lands a dropkick sending the chair into GWC's face. TGA makes a cover as River Ace runs down the ramp. TGA sees him coming and stands up as River Ace stops

Dave Law-He sensed it

GWC Full Nelsons TGA as River Ace gets some powder out and throws it at TGA who ducks and GWC takes the powder to the eyes. River Ace holds his head in his hands and drops down as TGA picks up GWC in a Jackhammer and drills him down.Theres still no referee but he slowly stirs 1....2........3!

RJ-We have a New World Champion!

Dave Law-The student beat the teacher!

TGA gets handed the belt as River Ace gets in the ring but TGA sees him coming and spins around.The two men look at each other before smiling then hugging

Dave Law-What?

RJ-What happened?

River Ace raises TGA's arm

Dave Law-It was a damn set up all along

RJ-But why? Why TGA why?

Dave Law-Hes the Heavyweight Champion of the 6wf thats why

River Ace spits at GWC as he leaves with the New World Champion TGA as the crowd boo!
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PostSubject: Re: Against The Wall Results (19/07)   Against The Wall Results (19/07) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 3:43 am

Long highlights package of Nemisis and Saints feud including Casket match when Saint won the TAW Title and last month when Nemisis won the belt back as well as Hell In A Cells structure

Camera back in the arena


The Hell In A Cell lowers as the letters on the stage are picking up by huge grippers to change from ATW(Against The Wall) to TAW and the titantron shows S........A........I.........N........T
as the crowd go absolutely balmy Ricky Hatton stands as music starts

Saint comes out to an absolute defeaning reception and walks to the ring hugging Evra and slapping hands with Rooney before miming boxing with Ricky Hatton before touching fists with Hatton.Saint looks at the Hell In A Cell before climbing it and waving his hands from side to side as the music still plays
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Nemisis's music plays as the arena goes dark and Saint can be seen climbing down the opposite side of the Hell In A Cell and the crowd boo louder than any 6wf Crowd ever. Nemisis looks The Manchester United players up and down before laughing and getting in the cell. Nemisis hands over the title as a nervous Saint rubs his hands together and gets in the cell

RJ-This could top it all

Saint gets in the ring

Crowd-Saint Saint Saint!

Saint challenges Nemisis to a test of strength and Nemisis does an action saying he will break Saint in half. Nemisis locks one hand with Saint before kicking him in the gut but Saint senses it and grabs Nemisis's boot.Saint has Nemisis hopping around for a second before throwing his foot down and clotheslining him. Saint stomps on Nemisis and clubs him in the back over and over and over as adrenaline kicks in. Nemisis fights back and the two men trade blows as the crowd cheer Saints blows and Boo Nemisis's. Saint back up Nemisis

Dave Law-How many people win a fist fight with Nemisis?

Saint whips Nemisis across and forearms him in the chest before picking him up in a slow spinebuster. Saint puts his foot on Nemisis's face and rakes him before dragging Nemisis to the corner.Saint goes to slam Nemisis's leg on the ringpost but Nemisis kicks Saint back against the cell. Nemisis picks up Saint and drives his back into the cell

Dave Law-Nemisis using the structure
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Nemisis drives Saints face into the structure before picking him up on his shoulders and driving Saints face into the cell. Saint staggers as Nemisis hits a big boot on the outside and stands on Saint.Nemisis picks Saint up and whips him into the Cell but Saint reverses it and Nemisis crashes into the steel.Saint checks under the ring where there is a chair and picks it up crashing it against Nemisis's back then against his skull before lifting up the steel steps and slamming them against Nemisis's skull.Saint rolls Nemisis into the ring and climbs to the top rope before crossbodying Nemisis 1...2......Kick out!

RJ-You dont see Saint fly often

Saint picks up Nemisis who knees Saint in the gut and places him between his legs but Saint picks Nemisis up and Alabama slams him 1...2......Kick out! Saint DDT's Nemisis for another 2 count before setting up forr The Divine Force but Saint gets backdropped over the top rope. Nemisis steps over the rope and walks around to Saint who spears Nemisis into the cell. Saint looks at Nemisis on the floor before looking at the Cell as part of the corner has given way.Saint rips at the cell before crawling out

RJ-Saints escaped but thats not how you win

Nemisis stands up and kicks at the cell in the same part as it gives way. Saint lays into Nemisis with right hands before spitting at him.Saint climbs the cell and an angry Nemisis follows him. The two men trade blows and Saints gets knocked back towards the edge befoe lifting Nemisis and running with him driving him onto his back

Dave Law-This is dangerous

The referee makes it up as Saint sets up for a Divine Force but another backdrop and Nemisis escapes.Saint stands as Nemisis grabs him by the throat and drills him onto the cell and through it as Saint crashes to the mat below


Nemisis and the referee look at each other before Nemisis hangs down and the referee climbs down carefully.Nemisis places a boot on Saint 1....2........3!

RJ-O no!

Dave Law-Theres more important things Saints hurt

Nemisis collects his title while looking at Saint whos bleeding from the mouth as the Manchester crowd go mad at Nemisis. The EMT's check Saint who eventually comes around and pushes them off before standing by himself to as standing ovation as Nicole runs in the ring

RJ-Ladies and Gentlemen what an event but we're done and we'll see you all Monday
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Against The Wall Results (19/07)
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