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 Lockdown Results (24/04/2008)

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PostSubject: Lockdown Results (24/04/2008)   Lockdown Results (24/04/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:37 pm

Dark Match
Hobo Vs SCSA

SCSA is waiting in the ring when The Littlest Hobo plays.
Hobo goes to shake hands at the start of the match and SCSA falls for The Hobo Handshake(Poke to the eye),Hobo controls the early going with a Soft Shoe Shuffle (face first russian legsweep) before SCSA turns the momentum with a Lou Thesz press.SCSA lays fists down but climbs the ropes to rouse the crowd and Hobo hits a Razors edge 1...2.......Kick out! Hobo backs SCSA into the corner with DOWN and OUT and SCSA slumps in the corner.A bums rush later and SCSA is staggering around before Hobo locks on a Bear Hug into a Sidewalk Slam 1...2......3!


RJ-Ladies and Gentleman what a few days its been with Hero,Randy Peeper and Real Dude leaving 6wf and rumours of EZ Moneys 8 month contract expiring he hasnt been seen in days but we have Shytdown tonight and PAIN in two days so the show is going on!

Match 1
Bezerker Vs Finlay

Suprisingly Bezerker goes for roll ups and even an Oklahoma Roll at the beginning of the match before it quickly breaks out into a brawl.Finlay kick Bezerker in the stomach and goes to lift him but Bezerker counters with a backbodydrop.He charges at Finlay in the corner who moves and Finlay connects with a backbreaker 1...2...Kick out! Finlay knees Bezerker in the face and throws him into the ropes connecting with a Samoan Drop 1...2...Kick out! Finlay runs the ropes but Bezerker is waiting with a big boot and follows with a Lariot.As he goes to make the cover he spots Enforcer at the top of the ramp.Bezerker loses his focus as Finlay sneaks up from behind with a roll up 1...2......3! Finlay rolls out of the ring as Bezerker goes mad and runs up the ramp after Enforcer

Match 2
Matt Lightning Vs TGA

Since hes started teaming with The Saint the fans have started cheering for Matt Lightning and when his music hits the crowd cheer.TGA starts the match by kneeing Matt Lightning in the stomach before throwing him to the outside.TGA pushes Lightning back into the barriers and the two battle into the crowd.TGA grabs a beer and takes a sip before throwing it on Lightning.This seems to wake Lightning up who retaliates with fists and an Irish Whip into a wall in the crowd between tiers.Lightning finds a trash can and tips the rubbish out placing it on TGA's head before slamming him.Lightning goes back to the ring to collect a chair and hits TGA who still has a trash can on his head with the chair four times.TGA is down and Lightning looks to the top tier.He places TGA on a table and climbs up

Michael Wire-No way! Lightnings 15 feet in the air! Dont do it Matt

TGA pushes the can off his head as Lightning dives off the top tier.TGA just moves in time as Lightning goes crashing through the table.TGA puts a hand over Lightning 1...2......3! Medics help TGA to the back as the crowd chant LIGHTNING! LIGHTNING! LIGHNING!
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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (24/04/2008)   Lockdown Results (24/04/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:37 pm

(River Ace catches up with Bezerker in the back)

River Ace-Bezerker if you interfere in this next match im going to have to give you a two week suspension.I cant have all my matches ruined by interferance and i need the card at PAIN sorted.Their will be repucushions for what Enforcer did earlier! Bezerker looks straight through River Ace and walks off

Match 3
Enforcer Vs GWC

The crowd do not know who to cheer as they dont like either man and when they get into a fist fight the crowd boo each time either man throws a fist.GWC hits a spinning heel kick suddenly 1...2...Kick out! Enforcer goes to pick GWC up but fails as GWC connects with a backcracker

RJ-I guess Acers training didnt quite work with Enforcer

GWC climbs to the top rope and hits the Welcome Mat(Bulldog off top rope) 1...2......3!

Michael Wire-No Enforcers got a foot on the rope!

GWC continues the onslaught with kicks before locking on an ankle lock.Enforcer makes the ropes and GWC holds on for a four count before releasing.GWC runs at Enforcer who ducks as GWC goes flying out of the ring.Enforcer whips GWC into the steps before hitting a DDT outside and puts him back in the ring 1...2......Kick out

RJ-That was close!

Enforcer hits a sidewalk slam and goes to the top rope

Michael Wire-This is unlike Enforcer

Enforcer hits a flying clothesline 1...2......Kick out! An annoying Enforcer kicks the bottom rope before signalling hes going to pick up GWC.He lifts him straight up above his head and bench presses him twice.GWC rakes Enforcers eyes and connects with the CWG(Reverse Stunner) 1...2......3!

RJ-The no1 contender to the 6wf title picks up the win but we still dont know who will face Hobo at PAIN


Match 4
Acer Vs Henchman

Henchman jumps Acer before the bell and quickly goes to the outside and grabs a chair

RJ-I dont think Henchman cares about the win hes here to weaken Acer before PAIN!

Henchman swings the chair but Acer ducks and dropkicks the chair into Henchmans face.Acer hits an Alabama Slam and covers 1...2......3!

Michael Wire-Wow iv never seen Henchman dominated like that.Acer makes quick work of him two days before he goes into DESTINATION ELEVATION

Crime Lord runs down the ramp but Acer spots him and Crime Lord stops in his tracks

RJ-Crime Lord and River Aces plan has backfired here tonight

Crime Lord(shouting)-If i didnt have Saint id kick your A55 now

Acer(shouting)-You got two days to you feel PAIN

(Rock v2 interview in back)
Michael Wire-Rock your two partners tonight have not been seen in days and you got the commisioner and the no1 contenders to yours and EZ's tag belts in moments.Have you heard from either of them?

Rock v2-I havnt and i trusted EZ Money but maybe i shouldnt of.Iv dedicated this match to Hero and Real Dude so i dont care if its 1 guy,3 guys or the whole Dynasty im going to win this match if you smell what Rock v2 is cookin!
Match 5
River Ace,Immortall Cruz and Gary'Angel'Johnson Vs Randy Peeper,Rock v2 and EZ Money

RJ-EZ Money and Randy Peeper havnt been seen in days and the Internet rumours are suggesting River Ace has let EZ Moneys contract expire but where is Peeper

Eminems Lose Yourself plays and River Ace,Immortall Cruz and Gary'Angel Johnson make their way to the ring laughing.Rock v2 comes to the ring and Peepers music plays.......................and plays again but nothing.Rock v2 climbs into the ring to go three on one when Here comes the Money plays and EZ Money makes his way to ringside giving Rock v2 a nod

RJ-Its three on Two and look at River Aces face

Cruz starts off against Rock v2 and doesnt have much luck as Rock v2 quickly hits a Rock Bottom.River jumps into the ring and drags Cruz to his corner and sends Johnson into the ring.EZ Money is tagged as the crowd go wild and EZ hits a Low blow on Johnson while River is trying to get in the ring distracting the ref and EZ connects with a running Powerslam.River breaks up the two count and drags Johnson to his corner.With the No1 contenders to the Tag Team Titles down EZ and Rock v2 stand in the ring challenging River to come in.Rock v2 steps out and River Ace step in and goes back and forth with EZ Money.EZ throws River to the outside where Rock v2 hits a spinebuster and EZ dives threw the ropes onto River.They brawl up the ramp as Immortall and Johnson jump Rock v2 in the ring.They hit a double suplex 1...2...Kick out! Cruz irish whips Johnson into Rock v2 who moves and hits a clothesline on Cruz before hitting a spinebuster on Johnson.Rock v2 picks up Cruz and hits a Rock Bottom before doing the Peoples Elbow on Johnson 1...2.......3!

RJ-Wow,what a performance by Rock v2 and he pats his chest and signals it was for Hero and Real Dude.EZ Money is back but where is Peeper?

The Saint Vs Crime Lord
Crime Lord is in the ring as St Anger plays and the 6wf crowd give one of the loudest cheers ever heard.The Saint suprises Crime Lord with a Spear to begin the match followed by punches after mounting Crime Lord.Crime Lord rolls to the outside but The Saint follows and throws him into a ringpost.The Saint goes to collect a weapon from under the ring but a casket is lying there! The Saint is taken aback and looks around for Nemisis giving Crime Lord a chance to jump The Saint.Crime Lord throws The Saint in the ring and hits a german suplex holding on 1...2...Kick out! Crime Lord puts on a figure four taunting The Saint who is in Pain but makes the ropes.Crime Lord throws The Saint over the top rope

Crime Lord-Thats how easy il throw Acer off DESTINATION ELEVATION!

The Saint drops Crime Lord throat first over the top rope as Crime Lord leans over and follows with an Alabama slam 1...2......Kick out. The Saint follows up with a jackhammer but Crime Lord gets a foot on the rope.With Crime Lord weakened The Saint sets up for the Divine Force and connects 1...2......Nemisis pulls The Saint out of the ring and Chokeslams him on the outside.He throws The Saint back in the ring and punches him repeatedly in the forehead opening him up.Nemisis picks The Saint up and drops him with a tombstone and stands over him as Lockdown goes off air

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Lockdown Results (24/04/2008)
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