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 Lockdown Results (17/07/2008)

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PostSubject: Lockdown Results (17/07/2008)   Lockdown Results (17/07/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 3:24 am

Dark Match
Cruiser Jim Vs Prime Time Johnson w/Hollywood Johnson

Cruiser Jim is waiting in the ring when Trash TV's music hits and Prime Time comes to the ring followed by Hollywood. The two men lock up as Cruiser overpowers Primetime into the corner before smiling as Primetime looks at him strangely. The two men lock up and Primetime moves into a headlock

Hollywood-Get him partner

Primetimes headlock is countered with a suplex as Cruiser picks Primetime up for the Psycho spin. Cruiser goes to the top rope as Hollywood distracts him. Primetime climbs to the top but Cruiser pushes him off before connecting with the devil drop(top rope legdrop). Cruiser Jim keeps an eye on Hollywood as he waits for Primetime to get up,and waits,and waits. After about a minute Cruiser Jim decides to go for a cover 1...2......Kick out! Cruiser Jim picks up Primetime and Psycho bombs him 1...2......3! Hollywood gets into the ring as Cruiser slides out a victorious man
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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (17/07/2008)   Lockdown Results (17/07/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 3:24 am


Fireworks go off as the crowd are in anticipation as RJ is at ringside alone,Chelsea Dagger hits as a young man with stubble comes down to ringside

RJ grabs a mike-Ladies and Gentlemen please give a warm reception to the newest member of the announce team Dave Law. The crowd give a polite applause

Dave Law-RJ its a pleasure to be given the chance but lets all wish a speedy recovery to Michael Wire

Abe Abercorn Vs Matt Lightning

Matt Lightning comes out alone with Belinda having a match later as he slaps hands with fans before climbing into the ring

Ring Announcer-Hailing from Castleberg,County Tyrone,Northen Ireland weighing 230 lbs Abe Aberrrrrrrrrrrrcorn!

The two men lock up with Matt Lightning thrown into the ropes as Abe clotheslines him. Abe stomps on Lightning a couple of times before picking him up and slamming him down. Abe drops an elbow 1...Kick out! Lightning begins to get up and suprises Abe with some shots to the stomach

RJ-You can never count out the youngster

Matt Lightning Irish Whips Abe into the corner and runs in. Abe gets a boot up and connects with a vicious Lariot 1...2......Kick out! Abe waits for Lightning to get up before connecting with a German Suplex 1...2......Kick out! An airplane spin later and Lighning falls into the corner. Abe runs at Lightning with all his weight as Lightning slumps down in the corner. Abe puts a boot acroos Lightnings throat 1..2...3....4 Abe breaks


Abe shrugs his shoulders. Abe picks Lightning up and DDT's him 1...2......Foot on rope by Lightning. Abe puts Lightnings throat across the bottom rope and the crowd boo again so Abe stops

Dave Law-It looks like Abes letting this crowd get to him.You got to focus especially if he wants to be a Champion at Against The Wall

Abe starts talking with the crowd from the ring and Lightning suprises him with a roll up 1...2......3!

RJ-No way

Dave Law-Lightning just pinned the No1 Contender to the Hardcore Title

Lightning rolls out of the ring celebrating as Abe looks disapointed in himself
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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (17/07/2008)   Lockdown Results (17/07/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 3:25 am

In the back EZ Money,Hero and Black Widow are about to watch Newest member Gary'Angel'Johnson in action

Black Widow-Want me to get some drinks before it starts?

Hero-Heres some change

Black Widow leaves taking a key with her as Hero looks back and smiles

Match 2
River Ace Vs Gary'Angel'Johnson

I want it all by Queen plays as Gary'Angel'Johnson makes his way to ringside to a mixed reception

Dave Law-I think some of these fans are disapointed in Gary Johnson selling out

Camera pans to back

Hero-Heres his chance to show what hes got,i hate River Ace even more since the injunction

EZ Money-Gary will get the job done

Ace of Spades by Motorhead plays as River Ace comes down to ringside with his Europeon Title over his shoulder. Gary stands on the middle rope holding up his Hardcore Title belt

Dave Law-Champion versus Champion this is going to be good

River Ace argues with a couple of fans at ringside and Angel takes advantage by springboarding onto him laying in lefts and rights. Johnson whips River into the steps and rolls him into the ring. A standing dropkick sends River to the mat 1...Kick out! Johnson climbs to the top rope and crossbodys River 1...2.Kick out!

RJ-The Hardcore Champions on fire

A kick to the stomach and Gary goes for a powerbomb but River holds on to Garys leg. River drives his shoulder into Angels stomach before throwing him shoulder first into a ringpost. River Ace kicks Angel and piledrives him 1...Kick out! River Ace puts a knee across Johnsons throat before picking him up by his hair

Dave Law-The tides changed in this one

River Ace shouts at Angel before slapping him. Johnson slaps him back and the two men trade blows. Gary runs the ropes but River Ace picks him up and spinebusters him 1...2......Kick out! River Ace goes up to the second rope and drops an elbow before making another cover for a two count. River Ace locks on a Crossface Chicken Wing as Gary trys to reach for the ropes but cant. River Ace release the hold much to everyones suprise slaps the limp Johnson again before Locking in The Texas Hold Em

Camera pans to the back(split screen)

EZ Money-We need to get out there hes taking a beating

Hero-let him defend himself,if hes good enough he'll be ok

In the ring Gary reaches the ropes as River starts to kick him in the ribs

Camera pans to back (split screen)

EZ Money-Im going out there i know you cant

EZ Money goes to open the door to find it locked

EZ Money-What the hell?

EZ Money yanks the door

Meanwhile in the ring River drops Gary throat first on the top rope. River stands on Garys throat 1..2...3....4 River breaks and Angels now bleeding from the mouth

Dave Law-The Hardcore Champion might want to live to fight another day,hes got a title defence just two days away

RJ-Theres a reason hes Hardcore though Dave

River Ace slaps Johnson again before Angel comes back with forearm uppercuts

Dave Law-What a fighter

Gary backs River into the ropes and whips him across but River reverses it and runs at Angel connecting with a forearm smash


River Ace picks up Johnson and Poker Plexes him 1...2......3!

After the bell River holds his Europeon Title in Angels face and starts shouting at him before stomping some more. Abe Abercorn rushes the ring and River Ace rolls out

Dave Law-The crowd are cheering Abe

RJ-The crowd dont know who to cheer

Abe helps Gary up before hitting him with the DVD as the crowd mainly boo but cheers can clearly be heard

Dave Law-We may need EMT's here. Johnsons in a bad way
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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (17/07/2008)   Lockdown Results (17/07/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 3:26 am

Match 3
Saint Vs Zheng Zhi

St Anger plays as Saint comes out on the ramp as Gary Johnson gets stretchered away. Saint checks on Shutdowns Hardcore Champion before making his way to ringside

Dave Law-It has to be going through Saints mind of what could happen in Hell In A Cell after seeing Johnson wheeled out

RJ-Dave sometimes its that fear that can drive you one step further and we have seen Saint match Nemisis like no other in the 6wf has

Zheng Zhi walks down to ringside accompanied by Nemisis before the referee sends Nemisis to the back. Nemisis tries to intimidate the referee befroe Saint goes face to face outside with Nemisis. Zheng clubs Saint from behind as Nemisis makes his way to the back. Zheng rolls Saint into the ring and picks him up in the air choking him. Zheng hits a chokeslam 1...2...Kick out. Zheng goes for a big boot but Saint ducks and Implant DDT's Zheng 1...2......Kick out. Saint goes for a jackknife but Zhengs too big and Saints back cant lift him. Zheng elbows Saint in the face and runs the ropes but Saint lifts him up for an Alabama slam. Saints stalks Zheng and hits the Divine Force as the count is Academic 1...2......3! Saint signals a belt motion

Dave Law-Just two days before the two big men collide in the most brutal match in wrestling Hell In A Cell

An advert for AGAINST THE WALL plays hyping up

Hell in a cell-Taw Title-Saint Vs Nemisis
6wf title-Gwc Vs Tga
TLC-Trash TV Vs Anarchy
River Ace Vs Enforcer
Hardcore Title-Gary'Angel'Johnson Vs Abe Abercorn
Internet Title-JJ Johnson Vs Crime Lord
Hooligan Vs Zheng Zhi

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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (17/07/2008)   Lockdown Results (17/07/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 3:27 am

Camera in the back shows Black Widow unlock the door to Anarchys locker room with the key before kicking it open

Hero-Wow shes stronger than even i thought

EZ Money looks at them both

Hero-Come on lets go we're up next

Match 5
Hobo/Enforcer/Belinda Vs Anarchy

'Prepare to be Trashed' echoes through the arena as Hobo, Enforcer along with Belinda enters the fray to 'Video Killed the Wrestling Star'. They get a standing ovation.

Anarchy in the Uk plays around the arena as Hero comes to the ring with BW

Rj- where is Ez money?

Hero and enforcer lock up first with quick exchanges of punches. Hero gains the upper hand with a thumb to the eye. He Irish whips Enforcer and performs a Samoan drop. He pulls enforcer in to the corner as Hero tags in BW. Who climbs to the second rope and performs a splash. BW takes enforcer in to the corner and starts to chop at his chest. Enforcer reverses and does the same, leaving a huge red mark against her chest. Enforcer quickly tags Belinda.

Belinda comes running in and hits a flying cross body on the woman mountain.

RJ- That didn’t even budge BW

Belinda hits countless forearm smashes and send BW to the ropes but is met by a stiff clothesline as Belinda’s head bounces off the canvas. BW picks up Belinda and performs a military press followed by a ddt and stalling suplex.

RJ- Belinda is being battered here…

BW tags hero as she lifts BW on to her shoulders.

RJ- It’s the dooms day device by hero on Belinda. That’s sick, that should no be aloud in the 6wf ring.

Hero goes for a seductive pin lifting Belinda’s legs by her head. Enforcer breaks it up. Hero hits a pile driver on Belinda and sets up for the Canadian destroyer…………

RJ- He’s here….EZ has arrived….He’s heading to the ring……….

Hero pushes Belinda to the floor as he watches EZ closely. Belinda manages to crawl over to Hobo and make the tag as EZ stands in the corner by BW.

Hero unaware hobo has made the tag hits hero with a reverse DDT. Followed by a bear hug. Belinda leaves enforcers corner and heads around to BW. They both start trading blows back and forth up the ramp, Bw performs a suplex on Belinda close to the edge. BW sets up Belinda and performs a sit down powerbomb of the edge of the stage.

RJ-Somebody call the paramedics. That was sick….Enforcers run to Belindas aid…its 2 on 1 in the ring but hobo has the upper hand.

Still in the bear hug Hero reaches out to tag. But can’t quite reach…….He starts to Mongolian chop hobos head……as he releases the hold…….Hero launches him self at EZ moneys out stretched bloody hand………

RJ- Ez has dropped to the floor…Where’s he going…..He’s leaving hero and hobo in the ring

Hero shocked at what is unfolding as performs a quick roll up…….

RJ- 1…….2……3 Hobos Stoll the victory, what’s going on with Anarchy. Is there dissent with in the ranks. Only time will tell…..The paramedics are still seeing to the females but the story here is Hobos victory going in to Saturday and what anarchy are going to turn up,a divided or united one!
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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (17/07/2008)   Lockdown Results (17/07/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 3:27 am

GWC/TGA Contract Signing

St Anger plays as the Shutdown Commisioner comes to the ring in suit and tie as the ladies wolf whistle and the crowd solidly cheer for the no1 contender to the TAW title

Saint-Ok ok calm down

Crowd goes quiet

Saint-O to hell with it lets here it for your Shutdown Commisioner

Crowd cheer

Saint-Ok seriously i know why you fans love Shutdown and why it is the number one 6wf show.Its because of matches like the one we are about to sign. A match between two great wrestlers for the most prestigious belt in our industry today. It will be a one on one match with a sixty minute time limit because if theres anything The Saint hates its those pesky stipulation matches

Crowd laugh

So without further ado a man who has gained a lot of respect and beat the three members of the ASC at the time within eight days T....G......AAAAAAAAAAAAA!

TGA's music hits as the crowd pop to the former Dynasty member who comes out in shirt and trousers

Dave Law-What an ovation!

RJ-TGA looking smart today

Once in the ring TGA shakes hands with The Saint and sits down on one side of the signing table with his feet up on the table

The Saint(less hyped up)-And the 6wf World Heavyweight Champion GWC

GWC comes down to ringside also in shirt with top bottom undone and goes to shake Saints hand as well but as Saint goes to shake GWC brushes his hand through his hair as Saint smiles and shakes his head

The Saint-So gentlemen and i use the term loosely we all know why we are here.GWC as Champion set to defend against TGA the challenger. Both men have read the contracts so TGA as challenger if you would sign first please

TGA looks at GWC as he smiles

RJ-TGA not taking his eyes off GWC

Dave Law-Saint id check he may of spelt his name wrong. Its T.....G.....A

TGA gives Saint the board and Saint checks its signed before handing to GWC who snatches it. GWC goes to sign then looks up thinking of not signing it

TGA-Just sign it coward

GWC-Im no coward,il beat you then lead The Dynasty to more titles.You had your chance *****. GWC signs and throws the board at TGA. TGA turns the table up and Saint gets inbetween the two men before deciding to take a step back and he leaves the ring. The two men go face to face

RJ-Whos going to throw the first punch?

TGA puts his hand out as GWC looks suprised.GWC hesitates then shakes as TGA pulls him in and the two men go nose to nose as flashes go off around the arena

Dave Law-You can cut the intensity here with a knife,just two days and its on

GWC steps back and rolls out of the ring walking up the ramp as TGA stares a whole through him
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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (17/07/2008)   Lockdown Results (17/07/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 3:28 am

Nemisis Vs JJ Johnson
Special Referee-Crime Lord

Crime Lords music plays as the No1 Contender to the Internet title comes out. JJ Johnson music plays as the 6wf crowd go wild. JJ slides into the ring and goes up to Crime Lord pointing at his Internet Title before climbing the ropes and raising his arms. The arena goes dark before Nemisis's eerie music plays and the TAW Champion makes his way to ringside. Nemisis steps over the top rope as JJ Johnson hits him with a chain knocking him to the ouitside

Dave Law-Where did the chain come from?

JJ stands in the ring waiting as Nemisis climbs up on the apron again before JJ hits him with the chain back down. Crime Lord tells JJ to give him the chain and JJ slowly unravels it while arguing its no disqualification. Crime Lord grabs the chain as Nemisis hits JJ with a big boot.Nemisis plants the Internet title holder in the corner before unleashing lefts,rights and a huge uppercut taking JJ off his feet. Nemisis whips JJ across the ring and JJ ducks before hitting Nemisis back with clenched fists

Crime Lord-Open hands JJ,open your hands

RJ-Its a falls count anywhere match for christs sake

JJ chops Nemisis a couple of times before attempting a suplex.Nemisis is too big and suplexes JJ to the outside. Nemisis steps over the top rope and hiptosses JJ over the barricade into the crowd. Nemisis punches JJ a few times as JJ staggers through the crowd. Someone throws a beer that hits the TAW Champion as he turns around and a big section of the crowd back off

RJ-I wouldnt mess with him

Dave Law-You wouldnt mess with The Producers though

JJ gets thrown into a merchandise seller but punches Nemisis in the gut as he walks over.JJ grabs a Crime Lord T-Shirt before whipping his armpits with it and putting it down. He grabs a G.O.A.T. T-Shirt and starts choking Nemisis.JJ jumps on Nemisis's back and continues as Nemisis falls to one knee before standing back up and running backwards into some doors that open on impact. JJ takes advantage by Russian Legsweeping Nemisis on the concrete 1...2......Kick out!

RJ-Neither man is going into Against The Wall one hundred percent

JJ grabs a fire extinguisher and hits Nemisis with it before unleashing whats inside as Nemisis pushes through a fire exit to the outside. JJ unleashes fists on Nemisis before Crime Lord holds JJ's arm

Crime Lord-What did i tell you?

Nemisis clotheslines JJ 1.2.Kick out!

RJ-Fast count by Crime Lord for gods sake

Nemisis smashes JJ Johnsons head into an advertising board for Against The Wall before clubbing him in the back.JJ staggers towards the indoor car park as Nemisis clubs him in the back again. JJ athletically climbs onto a higher level as Nemisis cant follow. Nemisis tries to climb up but cant and Crime Lord tries to give Nemisis a leg up

Nemisis-You can run but il catch you JJ

JJ dives off onto Nemisis on the concrete. Nemisis is dazed and JJ quickly hits The VIP Experience on some wood 1...2......Crime Lord stops counting and makes out as though his hands hurting. JJ argues with Crime Lord before they trade blows. Nemisis gets up while they are fighting and Chokeslams JJ 1...2......Kick out!

Dave Law-Its like a damn handicap match

Nemisis goes to throw Nemisis into a car before JJ reverses it and throws Nemisis head first through a window. JJ looks happy until he realises it was his car and his face drops. JJ hits Crime Lord back and continues to beat on him out of the car park. Nemisis is busted open and follows as JJ nearly gets run over as he battles Crime Lord over a road

RJ-This is suicide

JJ throws Crime Lord through a pub door and grabs a cue before hitting Crime Lord with it smashing the cue.Nemisis follows them in as they battle into the beer garden. Nemisis hits JJ from behind and Crime Lord watches as Nemisis goes to pick up JJ by the throat over the canal. Suddenly Saint smashes Nemisis in the back with a steel chair before laying out Crime Lord. JJ and Crime Lord battle as Saint and Nemisis trade blows by the canal. Cruiser Jim appears distracting Saint as Nemisis grabs the no1 contender by the throat

Dave Law-Hes going in the canal RJ

The producers attack Cruiser Jim and Nemisis before Nemisis drops Saint and turns around.The Producers back off in fear as Hobo turns up and takes it to Nemisis protecting The Producers. Nemisis is knocked down to one knee as Hobo tells The Producers to go.Hobo turns around as Nemisis picks him up and chokeslams him on a pub bench. Enforcer is running across the road and Nemisis sees him coming and waits.Enforcer stops as Saint spins around Nemisis and Divine Forces him into the canal. Enforcer and Saint looks into the canal for Nemisis as Enforcer slowly turns around to see River Ace watching from his apartment with Trish.River Ace closes the curtains

RJ-What the hell just happened

Dave Law-Who won?

RJ-Who cares,this all has come to a head as tensions run high we get winners and answers on PPV this Saturday if you cant be in Manchester order folks! We're out of time!
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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (17/07/2008)   Lockdown Results (17/07/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 3:29 am

(Powercut meant Rock v2 Vs Henchman was only recorded.Heres what happened )

Match 4
Rock v2 Vs Henchman

Hooligan comes out to the ring before The Birmingham Domes roof is raised by 'Do you smell what Rock v2 is cooking'. There are some boos from the crowd

Dave Law-Obviously The Rocks popularity has made some of these fans not to happy at Rock v2's recent actions

Rock v2 locks up with Hooligan and knocks him back with right hands before spitting into his own hand and knocking Him to the canvas. Hooligan pokes Rock v2 in the eye before clotheslining him. Hooligan sets to punt Rock v2 in the head but Rock v2 moves and puts Hooligan in the Sharpshooter

Dave Law-Quick move from Rock v2

Hooligan looks set to tap when Henchman runs down to ringside. Rock v2 releases and swings at Henchman who drops down. Hooligan runs at Rock v2 who hits a spinebuster. Rock v2 goes for the people elbow but Henchman grabs his leg as the referee calls for the bell. Rock v2 turns around as Hooligan connects with a big right handed fist which sends Rock v2 to the mat

RJ-Henchman beginning to use that right fist more and more

Henchman and Hooligan are in the ring stomping on Rock v2

Crowd-Rocky Rocky Rocky!

The twos H's continue to stomp


The Rock runs down the aisle and dives into the ring as Henchman and Hooligan kick him.The Rock battles up and starts taking it in turns trading right hands with Henchman and Hooligan knocking Crime Lords right hand man to the canvas.Hooligan is whipped into the ropes and spinebusted as the crowd go ape! Rock v2 is up and clotheslines Henchman over the top rope as The Rock does the same the other side. Both men turn around and pull a fist back before realising who it is. Theres a long pause before Rock v2 holds his hand out but The Rock shakes his head and says no


Instead The Rock hugs his son as Henchman and Hooligan kick steps and storm up the ramp

The Rocks and Rock v2's music plays as the crowd chant ROCKY ROCKY ROCKY!
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Lockdown Results (17/07/2008)
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