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 Rundown! 26/03/2011

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PostSubject: Rundown! 26/03/2011   Rundown! 26/03/2011 Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 7:39 am

MW: Good Evening everybody and welcome to 6WF Rundown, where we catch up on all this week’s events! Lets get started with Shutdown!

RJ: Indeed, Mike.

MW: What the hell! This is my show!? Get off!

RJ: Sorry old friend but they just couldn’t trust you to run it fairly.

MW: Get me my agent!

Michael Wire storms off set and is heard shouting in the background..

RJ: Anyway…

Brawl Galore as Shutdown Implodes!

Shutdown saw not 1, not 2 but 3 matches end in all out war as tempers boiled over throughout the roster. The opening match started way before the bell as all six competitors got into it backstage and it spilled out in the arena before the refereed ended it.

Blue Dragon and Mr. Crowley continued their sinister feud and left Hero standing alone as the satanic figure attacked the Hardcore Champ and the 2 men brawled at the top of the ramp before security split them up.

And finally, battle lines were drawn between The Soldiers of Fortune and Church of Hero champs, Marshall Murdoch and Clarke James in the Main Event…

MW: ………………..’Hate? I don’t ‘hate’ Blue Dragon!?

With TAW Champ, Cassius Zhi and #1 Contender, Perfect Jack brawling backstage, The Saint took it upon himself to decimate parts of the Church as he left Xeres and Vlad in ruins before the Soldiers of Fortune assisted in fending off the Church.

Enforcer Joins Time Attack Match & The Association Dominate!

6WF’s Big E, Enforcer edged closer to a first world title in over a year after he defeated the latest Hero seeker and former Hardcore champ, Crime Lord to get a shot at Lex Hart’s 6WF title.

The Association had a big night as Mike Hill and Solomon Riddick picked up a big win against former Tag Team Champs, Max Adamson & Chris Patricks whilst La Pulga Loco scored a somewhat controversial win over River Ace.

MW: …….Church bias? The man’s a legend! Who wouldn’t support him?!

In the nights other match, La Phenome, Jerome Dubois scored the pin for his team as he and Snake Eyes defeated Freeweight Champ, Trevor Swann and the deeply disturbed, Chaos.

• Cut to commercial.

Michael Wire returns looking flustered and annoyed…

RJ: How’d that go, Champ?

MW: I don’t wanna talk about it.

RJ: Let’s move on to Lockdown!

Morgan Meltdown As The Eagle Soars!

Fresher’s Ball winner, Dexter Morgan continued his disturbing actions and completely lost the plot in his triple threat match with Mark Palmer and Dr Shoe; attacking himself with a chair and walking away as Dr Shoe hit the Collagen Shot to pick up the victory!

MW: A great win for a great Dr, RJ!

James Eagle and partner…

MW: Oooh err.

General Sanchez picked up the victory as they picked up a win against recent newcomers, Edan Ekram and fan favorite Yarmouth Blade, though Eagle was less than impressed with Sanchez’s performance.

Friends Re-Divided as Saint & Solomon Collide!

Lockdown saw the final participants for the Time Attack qualifier decided as Max and Paddy collided with old foes Clarke James and Marshall Murdoch and scored the win to see them go head to head with Hero, Enforcer, GDC and Lex for the 6WF world title, will this mean the end of their friendship?

MW: I hope so!

Saint teamed up with 6WF legends River and Acer to renew old rivalries with The Association and what a battle it was, with Saint and Solomon coming to fierce blows as they left River, Acer, Mike Hill and LPL to finish with River getting a roll up on Hill to cement the win.

Viper Strikes, Dragon Roars But Soldiers Fall In Battle!

Snake Eyes sent a clear message to European Champion, Chaos as he defeated his right hand man, The Fanatic in singles action, slaying the beast with a Viper Kick, continuing his good run since returning.

Blue Dragon…

MW: Oh god! Here we go!!

Blue Dragon teamed with the Soldiers of Fortune to take on Trevor Swann, Crime Lord and Crowley…

MW: That’s Mr. Crowley to you, Dragon lover.

The heels worked well together despite the combustible elements but the fast paced skills and agility of their opponents came through in the end with Dragon hitting the choke slam on Swann for the win, the action didn’t stop there though…

MW: No that’s right, as our Tag Champs, 2/3rds of the Trinity, Hero’s watchers, sent the mother of all messages to the ‘Soldiers’ with the most beautifully carved and perfectly planned beatdown! That, RJ, is impressive. I’ve had enough of this, I’m off to my trailor!

RJ: Trailor?

Michael Wire walks off as RJ looks confused…

Hero Steals The Show, But It’s Cassius Who Gets The Encore!

Our Main Event pitted 4 of the 6 Time attack participants against each other, with Hero, GDC, Lex and Enforcer all involved in 6 man action, with Dubois and Perfect Jack.

A fast paced match gave everyone involved a chance to fly their flag but ultimately, 6WF’s self proclaimed god claimed the win after hitting Jerome with the Encore, placing the momentum fully in his favour heading towards Let It Rock. Jack slumped in the corner had other troubles as a week of pent up frustration and aggression got the best of Cassius Zhi, who fresh from decimating security, stormed the ring and assaulted the #1 contender, hitting a frog splash on to the title belt and Jack to leave the exclamation point firmly in Jack’s corner as these two continue to escalate their rivalry.

RJ: That’s a wrap from me……and well, him…


RJ: We’ll see ya next time, folks!!
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Rundown! 26/03/2011
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