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 Shutdown Results (28/04/2011)

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PostSubject: Shutdown Results (28/04/2011)   Shutdown Results (28/04/2011) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:41 pm

Dark Match
Phoenix Rose vs. Zheng Zhi
Zheng Zhi goes for a big boot but Phoenix Rose dodges, Phoenix kicks the back of Zheng's knees who buckles. Phoenix locks a headlock but Zheng breaks out, he stands up, and stares down Phoenix, but Phoenix jumps and hits a DDT on Zheng. Cover, 1..2..3!

Shutdown starts

MW: Hello, and welcome to Monday's Shutdown, we have a massive card for you today.

RJ: I can't wait and neither can these fans.

Match 1
Hobo vs. Immortal Cruz
The Littelest Hobo plays, Hobo makes his way to he ring, The Riff-Raff cheering like mad for him. Immortal Cruz runs quickly to him, no music, once in the ring he starts punching Hobo repeatedly and very quickly. Hobo manages to block one and kick Immortal in the gut, Hobo hits a neckbreaker. He jumps up onto the top rope working the crowd. Immortal gets up, but Hobo is ready and punches Cruz in the headand attempts a sleeper hold, Cruz breaks out, get's up and clotheslines Hobo.

Crowd: BOOOOOO!!!!

Someone jumps out of the crowd and stands by the ring.

MW: That's Belinda! Belinda the canteen lady!

Immortal Cruz stares in confusion at her. Then she rips off her top revelaing nothing but muffins covering her n***les. Cruz is transfixed, when Hobo sneaks behind him, and hits a Bum Rush! He gets the cover, 1...2...3!

Hobo wins

(Micheal Wires is with River Ace backstage.)

MW: You and Acer are facing off, but after PAIN, he's injured, what's your plan?

RA: I don't need a plan, it's simple, I win, he leaves. What's hard to understand about that Micheal?!

MW: Well, I thought, that, you...

RA: Get on with it!

MW: I thought that you may have been worried your postion of commoisioner was under threat?

RA: You thought wrong! Now I have a match and so do yo, it's what you get payed for!

*Advert for the 6WF Game 2009: River Ace vs. Acer*
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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (28/04/2011)   Shutdown Results (28/04/2011) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:41 pm

Match 2
Matt Lightning vs. River Ace

Lose Yourself by Eminem is plays and River Ace strolls to the ring while the crowd boo. It starts with some grapples before Acer gets the advantage with a poke in the eye. He then repeatedly kicks Matt Lightning in the stomach. The ref stops it and Lightning leans in the turnbuckles cathing his breath. Suddenly River Ace charges into him hitting a turnbuckle clothesline, then locks in an arm bar. Lightning is trying to grab the ropes but can't. River Ace releases and pulls Lightning up. He tries a Suplex but Lightninh reverses it and gets a roll up, 1...2..River Ace pulls out a playing card and swipes it acroos Lightning's face, paper cutting him. Lightning screams in pain and holds his face, River Ace puts him in a Texas Hold 'Em. Lightning taps. The crowd boo as River Ace wakjs up the ramp and away.

*Backstage: TGA and Crime Lord are seen sparring.*

CL: Remember, Rock V2, you're after him.

TGA: Oh, don't worry, I won't forget after what he did to me.

CL: Good.

*Ad break.*

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (28/04/2011)   Shutdown Results (28/04/2011) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:41 pm

Match 3

GWC and SCSA are already in the ring...

MW: GWC was very nearly given the 6WF World Championship at PAIN, today he's up against SCSA.

The bell rings and they both lock up in a test of strength. GWC comes out on top with a cheap shot to the stomach. He hits three toe kicks and a big clothesline. The crowd boo as he lifts up ScSA and starts punching SCSA's head. He performs an amazing belly to belly suplex. GWC starts taunting the crowd, who boo. Weirdly they cheer, GWC looks suprised, but turns around and sees SCSA sttod up. SCSA starts to his a Stone Cold Stunner already kicking GWc when Anarchy is balsted out of the speakers. SCSA stops, looks up, a big smile on his face. Then it's arubty cut off and GWC hits a CWG on him. GWC gets the pin, 1...2...3! GWC celbrates on his way up the ramp.

*A split screen where Gary Johnson and Finlay are getting ready backstage for the match.*

MW: We will see this match after the break.*

*Ad Break*

Match 4
Gary 'The Angel' Johnson vs. Finlay

Finlay comes to the ring to cheers and rap music. I Want it All by Queen is played and a massive firework bursts out. But nobody appears on the ramp. Then suddenly Gary Johnson drops into the ring behind Finlay, who turns around but is met with a boot. Cover, 1..2..Finlay lifts his shoulder. Gary kicks the back of Finlay's neck. Johnson gets on to the top rope and goes for a moonsault but Finlay roles out of the way, just in time. Finlay stands up to cheers from the crowd. He digs his knee into the Gary Johnson's abck and lifts Johnson's head. Gary yells out in pain. Gary stretches and grabs the ropes. Fin;ay stops and starts to get the crowd going.


Finlay turns around and tries to get a bulldog on Johnson, but Gary reverses and hits a spinning back wheel kick. Gary puts Finlay into a sharphooter, and finlay stretches but can't reach the ropes.

MW: Has Gary Johnson beaten Finlay.

Finlay looks ready to tap but then really fast turns it into a small package 1..2..3! Finlay jumps onto the turnbuckles in celebration.

Clip of Destination Elevation at PAIN!
Clip of The Casket Match at PAIN!

MW: We have the main event, and 8-man tag match. Saint the new TAW World Champ, teams up with the tag team champs. Rock V2 and EZ Money and Mr. Tele himself, Bezerker. But their oppenants are just as challenging, Crime Lord the hardcore Champion, teams up with TGA, Enforcer and one of his five henchmen.
After the break!

*Ad break*

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (28/04/2011)   Shutdown Results (28/04/2011) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:42 pm

Saint's music plays and he comes out with the TAW World Championship around his waist.


Rock V2 and EZ Money come out together, the crowd cheer and they meet Saint in the ring.

MW: This team looks strong.

THIS WILL BE TELE! is played as Bezerker comes out in a golf cart, Steve the camera man riding on the back. But before he can get very far, Crime Lord's music blatst out and bezerker drives quickly to the ring. Crime Lord, cigar sticking from his mouth and his henchman trailing behind him, walk up the ramp. Once in the ring, TGA's music hits and TGA strides confidently to the ring. saturday Night by Nickleback is played loudly and Enforcer makes his way to the ring.

RJ: Yeah but so does this!

Crime Lord and Saint start in the ring. They lock up both trying to get the better of each other. Saint manages to push Crime Lord away. Crime Lord charges at Saint, but Saint dodges sending CL into Bezerker who is knocked off the apron. Crime Lord turns around and Saint tries a super kick, Crime Lord just shoves him away. Saint tries a shoulder smash, but CL grabs Saint and initiates a bear hug. Saint puts his hand out for a tag, but Crime Lord just walks away, Saint starts to lose his strength when EZ Money decided he'd seen enough and breaks it up. Crime Lord tags in TGA as Saint crawls to his corner. Rock V2 is eager to get into the ring, Saint tags hi min, and he and TGA run into each other both taking the each other out with clotheslines. They both get up slowly and start to exchange punches. TGA hits a massive uppercut then chucks Rock out of the ring. Every man drops off the apron, Enforcer and Bezerker clash, Rock V2 and TGA battle on the barrier. Crime Lord and his henchman are fighting EZ Money and Saint on the commentators table. Enforcer hits a face check on Bezerker and goes to help Crime Lord. Rock gains the advantage over TGA and hits a Rock Bottom into the crowd. Enforcer and the Henchman trap EZ Money into a corner outside the ring. Crime Lord manages to low blow Saint and tehn lifts him up. They are still on the commentators table.

RJ: Oh my god! He isn't!

Crime Lord hits a Crime Pays (tombstone piledriver) on Saint through the table.

MW: He just did!

Crime Lord gets up and grabs Rock and chucks him out of the way, he grabs TGA and drags him into the ring. CL tags himself in. Rock runs into the in, bezerker gets up and Rock tags him in. Rock jumps out of the ring and takes TGA and starts beating him outside of the ring.
MW: Rock V2 would rather beat TGA up then win the match!

Crime Lord punches Bezeker in the head, but Bezerker stands tall and hits back. Crime Lord kicks Bezeker's thighs and Bezerker falls to his knees. Crime Lord is just about to boot Bezerker's head when he's pulled away by Saint, Saint is tagged in, Crime Lord quicly tags in his Henchman. The Henchman gets into the ring. Divine Force! 1..2..3!
EZ Money and Rock V2 join Saint, the camera pans to outside the ring and you can see Enfocer and Rcok, nearly knocked out. Crime Lord is walking away, down the ramp.

*Shutdown finished*

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Shutdown Results (28/04/2011)
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