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 Rundown! 01/04/2011

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PostSubject: Rundown! 01/04/2011   Rundown! 01/04/2011 Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 7:41 am

The show opens with RJ sat behind a desk, the lights raise but there is no sign of Michael Wire...

RJ: Hello everybody and welcome to Rundown, the place to catch up on the weeks events here in 6WF! I'm RJ, but Michael.......

MW: Thats it, hang it right up there, right behind the desk...

Michale Wire walks in the studio with the maintenance man and a photo of Blue Dragon taking the chair shot to the face on Lockdown...

RJ: What in the.....

Mw: Quiet you! Just because I let you join me doesn't give you creative rights on the studio!

RJ: Let? I was asked! Asked because you continue to prove you're a jealous, bitter old croak! That's not a picture, it's a disgrace!

MW: Picture? No! This, this my Dragon loving friend is 'art'. People would pay good money to watch this over and over and over and over and...

RJ: Ok!!! We get the point, now let's get on with the show!

Michael takes his seat as the maintenance man walks out and...

RJ: Right, let's start with Shutdown!!

Shoe Shows Credentials as Chaos Ensues!

Dr Shoe continued his impressive form, scoring the pinfall in his triple threat match against James Eagle and Edan Ekram, hitting Ekram with the Collagen Shot. After the match Shoe had this to say to Clarissa....

Quote :
DrS: Well it just goes to show how much better I can be when I am a singles wrestler. I wasn't cut up to be a tag wrestler, it's hard to share this much goodness.

MW: A confident Dr! 

Chaos faced off in tag team action as he teamed with Solomon Riddick to take on Saint and Snake Eyes. After a back and forth match, Saint and Solomon; who clashed early on brawled out of the arena, Snake Eyes failed to capitalise as Chaos hit the G-Force for win!

The Church Rejoice but Crime Lord Doesn't Get Paid

The Church of Hero enjoyed a fruitful night but Crime Lord will wish fate wasn't so kind to the satanic Mr Crowley. As the devil worshipping giant focused his attention on Church members Xeres, Vlad and Zakky. Crime Lord took advantage, hitting the Lock 'n' Load for the win, but Crowley had news for him...

Quote :
MrC: I have just had a little talk with the BoD, and they agree with me, at least they do now. Hahahaha! That I was unfairly cheated out of my match, so at Let it Rock, it will indeed be Blue Dragon vs. Crime Lord...but also versus...Mr. Crowley!

MW: I love it! Dragon has no chance! Ha!!!

Main Event Mayhem as Sanchez Gets His Wish

Mondays main event descended into chaos as tensions between the Time Attack participants hit an all time high! All participants attempted finishers but only Hero stood in the ring come the bell as bodies lay strewn and 6WF Champ, Lex Hart escaped up the ramp.

MW: Two of the most dominant men in this business, RJ!

General Sanchez finally got his wish as he faced off against Cassius Zhi in a non-title match. All bets on a squash were soon scrapped as the General more than held his own, even kicking out of Dragons Fury, but despite Perfect Jacks attempts to distract the TAW Champ, Cassius got the win!

In the evenings other match, River Ace and Mike Hill fought to a no contest following a mass brawl involving all members of The Association and Saint and Acer.

MW: A travesty! Saint had no business getting involved!

RJ: You sticking up for The Asociation!?  There's a surprise! We'll be back after a short break!

*Commercial Break*

MW: Welcome back folks to my Rundown show....

RJ: Your show? Ha!

MW: Yes. My idea. My Show.

RJ: Let's take you to final Lockdown before Let It Rock!

Shoe & Eagle Make A 'Case'

Dr Shoe and James Eagle both staked their claims for a shot at Dexter Morgans Freshers Ball case with impressive victories. Dr Shoe opened the show taking on Yarmouth Blade and overcame a fierce challenge to score the pinfall.

James Eagle faced off against Morgan and his former protégé Mark Palmer and an absorbing contest came to a finish as Eagle capitalized to hit the Golden Eagle on Palmer for the win.

Snake Charms but Saint Gets KO'd

The Association were out to prove a point at Lockdown after a dressing down by Duke McGraw...

Quote :
DM: Well isn’t this nice? You all relaxed in here are you? Because after that pathetic showing on Monday I think it’s about time you started getting your act together.

MH: Woah hold up there Danny...

DM: No Mike I’ve had enough. You’ve had a chance to dish out your motivational speeches, which clearly have had little effect. So now it’s my turn to talk. Tonight, it’s not going to matter what the result is. I don’t care if you lose, because it’s all about the future now. It’s about Let It Rock because I’ve now got all your matches confirmed and set in stone, no going back. A win tonight would be nice but not overly significant in the longer scheme of things.

The message seemed to do the job as Solomon Riddick hit a devastating Devils Advocate on The Saint to score a win and set up an intriguing set of matches at Let It Rock as all six men face off in singles action.

MW: And finally someone will retire those pathetic 'legends' River and Acer!

Snake Eyes teamed up again with Le Phenome, Jerome Dubois to face current foes Trevor Swann and Chaos, it proved to be a good night for Snakey and Dubois as they picked up the win to gain momentum heading towards Let It Rock as it was confirmed that Snake Eyes will face off against Chaos with the title on the line.

Soldiers Go To War as Max Makes His Move

The Soldiers of Fortune again teamed with Enforcer to take on The Church of Hero as Hero himself teamed with tag champs Clarke James and Marshall Murdoch. A tense back and forward match soon exploded as the SOF made their feelings clear, hitting a devastating Fortune Teller on the ramp to Marshall Murdoch, it didn't win them the match though as Hero hit the Encore for the win, but the Soldiers were the true victors as they gained retribution for last weeks savage attack by delivering a vicious Con-Chair-To to Clarke James who was left alone as Hero and Marshall escaped further harm.

In our Main Event we saw four of the Time Attack competitors again square off along side TAW Champ Cassius and #1 contender Perfect Jack. A highly charged match saw constant oneupmanship from the superstars, with Zhi hitting the Dragons Fury on Perfect Jack and Max Adamson picking up the win with a gore. It was short lived though as GDC took out the Aussie with a blindside attack only to eat an Enigma Bomb from Chris Patricks.

In our other match, Crime Lord beat Blue Dragon....

MW: Whoa! Is that it? The greatest event of the week gets one line?? No! No way! I want people to sit back and enjoy this, i want them to bask in the glory and relive the moment that led to the commissioning of the greatest portraits in the history of art! The moment when Blue Dragon ate metal! Where Crowley and Crime Lord coexisted in beautiful harmony!

RJ: My god man, you are an idiot!

MW: You can't talk to me like that! This is my show! I demand respect! I'm talking to my agent! Come on Jerry, you can buy me dinner!

Michael Wire storms out from behind the desk and motions for the maintenance man to follow him...

RJ: That's it for this week! We'll see you soon folks! 
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Rundown! 01/04/2011
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