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 Let It Rock Results (10/04)

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PostSubject: Let It Rock Results (10/04)   Let It Rock Results (10/04) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 12:19 am

*Let It Rock starts in the backstage area with Acer and River Ace. The crowd pop for the two 6WF Legends club members.

Acer is stretching whilst River Ace is studying a video of Mike Hill’s offence.

Acer: Do you really need to keep watching that? Surely you know his offence of by heart now, not through watching just the fact he jabbers on about it constantly.

River Ace: Preparation is key to success. That’s why I’m still studying this video tonight, but you do what suits you best. I’m just covering all angles. Good luck out there, and watch your back.

Acer: For what?

River Ace: You really don’t understand The Association do you? Probably because you have no experience of what it’s like to be in a faction like that. There is a pack mentality, they work as one unit and if one member is in trouble they will get involved. I’ve got your back though, so go and teach that little flea a lesson in respect then I’ll deal with Hill the little punk.

Acer: Same to you. But I don’t need luck against that annoying little bug. I’ll swat him away with ease and then we move onwards and upwards back to where we belong.

River Ace: Sounds like a plan. We’ve been dealt a good hand tonight, let’s go all in for the victory!

*Acer smiles and leaves the locker-room. The screen switches to La Pulga Loco stood at the curtain, he listens to the Acer chants before turning to the camera backstage and putting his finger to his lips to tell the crowd to be quiet. They boo louder and he just snarls.
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PostSubject: Re: Let It Rock Results (10/04)   Let It Rock Results (10/04) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 12:20 am

Match 1
Acer vs La Pulga Loco

RJ: Up first for you here at LET IT ROCK we have singles action...

MW: The Association’s La Pulga Loco takes on supposed legend Acer in one on one action...

RJ: What do you mean supposed legend Michael? He’s a bona fide Legends club inductree...

MW: What’s he done to deserve that then RJ? Nothing, exactly!

The arena goes pitch black as Single guitar chord plays, the lights turn back on as Logans “When I get Down” hits and the crowd pop massively for Acer. He emerges out through an array of pyro’s in a leather trench coat. He throws it to the floor and stomps down to the ring slapping the hands of his many fans.

The lights raise and “Papi Chulo” hits to loud boos from the crowd. La Pulga Loco somersaults onto the ramp through an array of pyro’s. He stomps down the ramp with a big smirk on his face before sliding into the ring.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Acer and La Pulga Loco lock up, Acer drives La Pulga back to the corner but he puts his body between the 2nd and 3rd ropes and Acer is forced to retreat. Acer runs back in but LPL hits a drop toe hold, Acer’s heading hitting the turnbuckle. LPL continually smashes the head of Acer into the turnbuckle, Acer falls back and LPL uses the ropes to hit a reverse crossbody.

Ref: 1................2.....Kick out!

La Pulga rolls up to his feet, he hits a series of hard knees into the back. He then places Acer into a seated rear waistlock. He pulls him up slowly before driving him to the corner, he crashes some more knees into the back before rolling back and hitting a Chaos Theory suplex. He bridges into the cover.

Ref: 1...................2.............Kick out!

LPL gets to his feet, he places Acer in a front facelock, he lifts Acer up for a DDT but the Welshman counters by spinning out and nailing a hip toss. LPL spins up to his feet, Acer boots him in the stomach before hitting a T-Bone suplex. La Pulga tries to roll to the outside but Acer drags him back and begins to stomp away on the face of La Pulga before the referee intervenes. Acer is forced to take a step back before Acer runs forward and hits a boot into the side of the head.

Ref: 1....................2........Kick out!

RJ: Acer getting back into this match after a strong start from La Pulga!

Acer is up, he quickly nails a standing shooting star press on La Pulga. He then drags him to the corner and begins to boot away at LPL in the corner. He then places his boot across the throat...

Ref: 1....................2............3..............4........Acer breaks the hold!

Acer then storms back into the corner and crashes a hard knee into the face. Acer lifts him up out of the corner and hits a delayed vertical suplex. Acer dives down back into the cover.

Ref: 1...................2.......Kick out!

Acer places LPL into a headlock, the Mexican fights his way up onto his feet and attempts to reverse with a belly to back suplex but Acer flips through and lands on his feet. He quickly hits a leaping Russian leg sweep on LPL.

RJ: Acer is now dominating the match.

Acer doesn’t cover, instead choosing to go up to the top rope. He flies off going for a shooting star leg drop which connects!

Ref: 1........................2.............Kick out!
MW: Barely a kick out from La Pulga Loco!

Acer waits for La Pulga to rise before knocking him down with a clothesline. La Pulga rolls up again and Acer goes for an RKO but La Pulga shoves him away. Acer rises to his feet and stumbles into the path of La Pulga who leaps up and connects with a hurracanrana! He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1...................2.......Kick out!

La Pulga lifts up Acer and goes for a suplex which Acer blocks, he spins out and whips him across the ring, LPL springboards off the ropes and hits a reverse DDT!

MW: Amazing manoeuvre...and now the ROLLING THUNDER!

Ref: 1..........................2.............................3!


MW:La Pulga scores the win for The Association!
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PostSubject: Re: Let It Rock Results (10/04)   Let It Rock Results (10/04) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 12:21 am

*Jerome Dubois in his locker room admiring a bottle of wine.*

JD: Ahhh the finest French wine I could find from my collection. I will drink you once I become ze FreeWeight Championship! I, Jerome Dubois, am going to become a champion once again in de 6WF!

It haz been too long mon amis for me, my waist is getting cold sans a title!

*It then switches to Trevor Swann who is swinging a cricket bat in his hand*

TS: Dubois, you're gonna get a hit for six tonight!

*He swings the bat, smashing a vase off of a mantelpiece.*

TS: Boom.
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PostSubject: Re: Let It Rock Results (10/04)   Let It Rock Results (10/04) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 12:22 am

Match 2
Freeweight Title
Trevor Swann (C) vs Jerome Dubois

RJ: What a match we have for you now guys. The recently returned and rejuvenated Jerome Dubois taking on current champion Trevor Swann.
MW: Trevor Swann won his title a few months ago in brutal fashion from Keith Leone and he’ll be loathe to give it up to someone who comes from a nation that can’t even play cricket.

‘Dreadlock Holiday’ starts to play and the crowd boo loudly as Trevor steps out in cricket whites, he is swinging a cricket bat, he lifts it in the air as the crowd boo loudly, Trevor strips from the cricket whites, and he tries to place his cricket helmet on a young fan’s head, but the little boy just throws it back at him and the crowd laugh, Trevor nearly loses it with the small boy but Swann moves on, Trevor slides into the ring, but leaves his cricket bat on the outside. Trevor climbs to the top rope and lifts the bat in the air.

RJ: Trevor won the Freeweight Title that Hero created and I believe is now the longest holder. Such a shame about his attitude though.

MW: I don’t know what you are talking about RJ; his attitude is a massive part of his success.

‘La Marseillaise’ Begins to play as a Blue white and red fountain like pyro goes off at the top of the ramp. “C’est Le Bien Qui Fait Mal” Hits as the arena jumps to their feet as out swaggers Dubois with “Still a Phenomene” written on the front of his T-shirt, and “How Long Has it Been?” written on the back. Dubois runs to each side of the ramp telling the fans to get to their feet and make some noise. Dubois begins to make his way his down the ramp towards the ring and “Hi 5” some fans on the way to the ring.

RJ: Jerome has some of his home support in the crowd folks! That’s Gerard Depardieu, Vanessa Paradis, Zinedine Zidane and Mr Oizo!

MW: I hated Mr Oizo!
Dubois reaches over the barrier and each of the fans a series of continental greeting with kisses to each cheek before climbing into the ring and eyeballing Swann.

The belt is held up in the air by the referee and the bell rings as Jerome runs at Trevor spearing him to the mat, Trevor lifts up his arms trying to cover himself from the fists that Jerome is raining down him, Trevor pushes Jerome off of him, and pushes himself up, Jerome runs at Swann, but the former cricket player throws Dubois over his shoulder and Jerome crashes to the mat, Trevor stomps on Jerome, before grabbing his legs and putting Jerome in a Sharpshooter, but Dubois immediately gets out of the submission hold by rolling onto his front, Jerome gets back to his feet, Trevor goes for a quick kick to the side of Jerome’s head, but Trevor ducks underneath the swinging foot, Jerome catches him with his other leg though with a quick knee to his face and Trevor falls to the mat.

RJ: Quick and open action so far.

MW: Just what we want to see.

Jerome lifts Trevor back to his feet roughly and hits him with an Atomic Drop, Jerome then whips Trevor into the corner, Dubois runs at him but Trevor lifts his legs up and Jerome’s chest connects hard with his feet, Swann pulls himself up to the top rope and dives off with a crossbody, taking Jerome down. Trevor rolls over and then gets back to his feet and the crowd are chanting ‘Swann Sucks’. Trevor grabs one of Jerome’s legs and quickly slams it down to the mat, while twisting it around, Dubois cries out in pain and grabs hold of his leg. Trevor starts stomping down on it and the crowd are booing loudly.

RJ: Trevor is targeting the leg of Jerome Dubois, which is a good tactic, he is just going to try and immobilize Jerome.

MW: Jerome needs to regain the advantage somehow.

Trevor goes to put Jerome in a one legged Boston Crab, but Jerome kicks him away and uses the ropes to get to his feet, Jerome limps towards Trevor and Swann laughs at him, before Jerome hits him with a shoulder to the ribs and lifts him up connecting with a spinebuster, Jerome starts climbing to the top rope and the crowd are chanting his name, Jerome signals for it and dives off.

RJ: 360 spin leg drop!


Kick out!

Trevor kicks out to boos as Jerome starts getting back to his feet, he seems much more able to stand on his leg now, Trevor starts groggily pushing himself back to his feet as the crowd chant ‘Viva La Jerome!’ Jerome grabs Trevor and lifts him up for the Culture Shock but Trevor slides down the back of him and connects with a double axe handle to Jerome’s back before hitting him with a backbreaker onto his knee, Trevor grabs Jerome around the head and hits him with a Reverse DDT, Trevor lifts his arms in the air as he looks ready to Hit for Six.

RJ: He makes the run up.....


Jerome pulls his head just in time and Trevor is completely unbalanced as Jerome jumps to his feet and takes him out with a quick shoulder to his leg, Dubois is back to his feet now and he lifts Trevor up, he kicks him in the mid-section and goes for a DDT but Trevor pushes him away, Trevor ducks underneath the clothesline attempt, but when he spins around, Dubois connects with a dropkick, Jerome pushes himself back to his feet, but his right leg still looks a little weak, Jerome lifts him up and hits him with a suplex, Jerome then hooks the leg.

Kick out!

RJ: Jerome looks eager to end this match.

MW: I’m not surprised, the longer he stays in the match, the more chance Trevor has a chance to use his trusty cricket bat.

Jerome is back to his feet and he waits for Trevor to get up before kicking him in the gut, he goes for the DDT, but Trevor slips underneath Jerome’s legs and then connects with a backstabber on Jerome, Trevor hits Dubois with a leg drop before climbing to the top rope, he goes for a frog splash, and connects! Trevor grabs Jerome’s and puts him in the Surfboard submission hold, Jerome cries out in pain but immediately grabs the ropes, Trevor keeps the hold locked in until the four count before releasing the hold.

RJ: Trevor is really punishing Jerome tonight.

MW: Remember though Dubois has gone through a lot of pain before coming back to win so many times before, I, for one, wouldn’t be surprised if he did the same tonight.

Trevor is back to his feet and he waits for Jerome to do the same, and when he does he kicks him in the mid-section but Jerome headbutts Trevor in the stomach and then lifts him up and connects with a Samoan Drop. Jerome gets back to his feet and grabs Trevor’s legs and puts him in a Sharpshooter, Trevor immediately starts struggling to get out of the hold, but Jerome holds on tight, and every time Trevor struggles Jerome puts more pressure into the hold.

RJ: Trevor will not be able to reach the ropes from there.

MW: Jerome Dubois could very well make Trevor submit here tonight.

Trevor can just about brush the ropes with his finger tips, the crowd are chanting ‘Tap’ and Jerome shouts ‘Tap!’ at Swann every couple of seconds. Trevor is wincing as he refuses to submit, he makes one final push, dragging himself slightly across the ring, Jerome tries to pull him back, but is not fast enough as Trevor grabs hold of the ropes to massive boos. Dubois releases the submission hold and waits for Trevor to get up but Swann rolls out of the ring to the floor below.
MW: Swann is calling for bad light to stop play!! I agree, the lighting in this arena is poor standard, it’s affecting his game.
RJ: That’s possibly the lamest excuse for a time out I’ve ever heard! But wait, it was just an excuse for Swann to get hold off his cricket bat!

Swann picks up his trusted bat and goes towards Dubois’s celebrity friends, he points it menacingly in the face of Depardieu before getting into the face of Zidane.
RJ: Headbutt! Headbutt! Headbutt! Zidane has just headbutted Trevor Swann!

Replays show a slow motion of Zidane’s skull connecting with Swann sending him reeling backwards, he stands in shock for a second and then grabs Mr Oizo off the hand of Vanessa Paradis and chucks it onto the ringside floor.
MW: He’s attacking Mr Oizo with a cricket bat! I love it! He truly will be Flatbeat now! Take that Oizo!
RJ: It’s a puppet Wire, he’s beating up a puppet!

Swann with bat in hand now turns and grins menacingly at Dubois who’s on the ropes remonstrating. He swings a couple of times but misses and Dubois retreats to the centre of the ring and safety. Swann goes to follow but as he goes to climb through the ropes Dubois sees his chance and kicks Swann in his gut, the bat drops onto the mat.



Jerome lifts Trevor up for the Au Revoire, but that weak leg causes him to drop Trevor who lands on his feet, Swann kicks him in the gut and connects with a Snap DDT, Jerome starts to push himself up to his feet.


Trevor’s eyes follow an imaginary ball fly in the air and signals for a six, Trevor climbs to the top rope and lifts his arms in the air.


RJ: AU REVOIRE! Dubois put all his last strength into it and has hit a devastating sitout side slam spinebuster as Swann dived at him!

A: And the winner of this match, and the NEW FREEWEIGHT CHAMPION.......JEROMMMMMME DUBOIS!
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PostSubject: Re: Let It Rock Results (10/04)   Let It Rock Results (10/04) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 12:23 am

*The camera shows a screen split 4 ways...

In one corner is Dr Shoe, the camera zooms in and he is warming up. He holds up his card and then drags the camera in closer...

Dr Shoe: Morgan, Sanchez, Eagle, Blade make sure you’re writing this number down, cos after I’m through with you-you’ll need a good surgeon!

*The camera switches to James Eagle, he is counting the money inside his briefcase.

James Eagle: You know I do like this briefcase, but that Freshers Ball one does seem rather appealing and the best things of all is that it’s free for me to take tonight. Because the best things in life are free!

*The camera then shows Yarmouth Blade who is nervously taping his wrists...

Yarmouth Blade: This is a great opportunity. My first PPV match and I could have a shot at any title I want. Morgan has the briefcase for now, but the Belton Brawler is ready to take that case and myself to the very top of this industry.

*Finally, General Sanchez is shown.

General Sanchez: This briefcase is a vital weapon in my battle to be at the top of 6WF. And it needs to be in the hands of somebody capable, somebody like me. Cashing in this thing requires military precision, something I am quite the expert in.

*Let It Rock returns to ringside for the next match...
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PostSubject: Re: Let It Rock Results (10/04)   Let It Rock Results (10/04) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 12:23 am

Match 3
Freshers Ball Match
Dexter Morgan vs Dr Shoe vs General Sanchez vs James Eagle vs Yarmouth Blade

*Let It Rock returns from the commercial break

RJ: Ladies and Gentleman, we’ve only had two matches tonight so far but two great matches. There is still plenty more to come, and this next match promises to be a great demonstration of the newest 6WF Talent.

MW: God I’ve had enough of these wannabees running around, they’ve had their 15 minutes of fame. Do we really need this? Morgan won the Freshers Ball, let him use it instead of taking it away from him for no reason.

RJ: These 4 guys have earned their shot at trying to win it back, Morgan seemed to throw away the briefcase and it’s importance about a month ago but is back now, so why shouldn’t they get a fresh chance like Morgan has?

MW: Because he did nothing wrong!

"One and only" blares out through the speakers,Yarmouth Blade strides out and puts his arms out,setting off an array of pyro's.He then walks down the ramp slowly and rolls into the ring.

“Doctor Alibi” roars out through the speakers and Dr.Shoe walks out. He is wearing a doctors coat with Dr.Shoe wrote on it. He walks down the ring slapping the fans hands, he stops as he spots an attractive blond in the crowd. He walks towards her and measures up her vital statistics before handing her a business card. She blushes as Shoe slides into the ring and stares down Yarmouth Blade.

“The last fight” roars out through the speakers and the crowd’s cheers continues and the ex marine general strides out onto the ramp. He salutes the fans before stomping down the ramp and stepping into the ring and stares across at Shoe, Sanchez then turns and salutes the fans.

James “The Gold” Eagle appears on the stage as Burn Burn by Lostprophets plays.He gets a generous applause which turns into a rousing reception as he hands some of the money in his hands to the fans next to the barrier and at ringside. He walks down the ramp tagging the fans hands before sliding in. He slaps hands with Sanchez

MW: Here’s the 4 pretenders, now let’s greet the real thing!

"Dexter " plays out and the crowd give a decent reception to Morgan,he has an angry look on his face as he walks down the ramp and immediately climbs into the ring.He bounces back off the ropes and then stares up at the entranceway...

Ding, Ding, Ding!

The 5 men circle the ring as the bell rings to signal the start of the match, Morgan quickly departs from the ring. Eagle moves into a lock up with Dr Shoe, whilst Sanchez locks up with Yarmouth Blade. and Shoe twists the right arm of Eagle and then applies a full nelson.Eagle twists and tries to pull out before hiptossing Shoe onto the mat and aiming a fierce kick to the spinal column as the crowd wince. Eagle has Shoe in a seated rear waistlock as Blade has Sanchez forced back into the corner. Yarmouth piles away with fists into the top of the head of Sanchez, he then drags him forward out of the corner and nails a clothesline.

Eagle pulls Shoe up and then whips him off the ropes,Shoes comes back and dodges the clothesline but returns straight into a Lou Thesz Press as the crowd cheer.Eagle stands up and dropkicks Shoe into the corner before running in with a shining wizard...he grips Shoe in a headlock and looks for a running bulldog...

MW:Shoe is in trouble here....good counter!

Shoe pulls back and back suplexes Eagle...

Ref: 1...................2........Kick out!

Both men get up and Shoe counters a clothesline into a flapjack off the top rope and then german suplexes Eagle into a bridge...

Ref: 1................2......Kick out!

Dr Shoe has Eagle into a sleeper hold, Yarmouth Blade has General Sanchez up onto his feet and hits a series of European Uppercuts backing the General into the ropes. He whips him out across the ring and goes for a high-angled dropkick but Sanchez holds onto the ropes and Yarmouth Blade hits the canvas head first. Sanchez sprints over to Dr Shoe and boots him in the side to force him away from Eagle.

MW: This is where Shoe’s at a disadvantage, these two were tag team partners and have a good understanding, watching each other’s backs.

Shoe rolls to his feet and catches Sanchez off guard with a jawbreaker, he scoops Eagle onto his shoulders and goes for a running powerslam. Eagle jumps out back and waits for Shoe to turn around before handspringing into a kick to the head...Shoe falls into a seated position as Eagle bounces off the ropes and then knees him in the face...

Ref: 1...............2......Kick out!

Eagle rolls away, allowing Sanchez to take over. He runs off the ropes and hits a rolling thunder. Sanchez waits for Shoe to rise before hitting a t-bone suplex, Shoe rolls away to the corner and lifts himself up. Eagle whips Sanchez to the corner to hit an assisted big splash! Shoe falls forward slowly and Sanchez covers.

Ref: 1.............2......Kick out!

Eagle jumps up onto the second rope and waits for Shoe to get up,he drags him into the corner and swings around for a Tornado DDT but Shoe manages to push him off in midair.Eagle lands on his feet and runs at Shoe crashing into him with a Lou Thesz press. He slams away with fists until the ref drags Eagle away. Eagle hits a knee drop for good measure before making the cover.

Ref: 1...............2......Kick out!

Eagle gets to his feet, Sanchez tells him to go to the top rope. Yarmouth Blade leaps onto the apron but Dexter Morgan gets involved for the first time in the match, taking Yarmouth’s legs from underneath him his head crashing into the edge of the ring. Morgan goes onto the apron and hits a flip senton onto Blade before stomping away.

Sanchez drags up Eagle in-ring and nails him with a belly to belly suplex, which Eagle follows up with a Swanton Bomb. Eagle goes for a cover but Sanchez drags him off, looking for the cover himself.

RJ: Uh oh!

Ref: 1...............2.....Eagle breaks the pinfall!

Eagle throws Sanchez away and covers himself.

Ref: 1.................2...Sanchez breaks the pinfall!

Sanchez interferes this time, He hauls Eagle up to his feet and the two stare each other down with great intensity. They look as if things are about to implode when Morgan slides into the ring and hits a double axe handle to Sanchez, who falls forward into Eagle sending him toppling over to the outside.

MW: That’s why he won the Freshers Ball match initially! In the right place at the right time with the right move!

Sanchez rises to his feet and Morgan whips him across the ring and connects with a gorilla press slam, Sanchez landing face first into the canvas. Morgan bounces off the ropes as Sanchez rises and connects with a big clothesline. He makes the cover.

Ref: 1.................2........Kick out!

Morgan rises up to his feet, he boots away at the stomach of Sanchez who stirs to his feet and attempts a couple of punches which Morgan easily blocks and then drives a stiff knee up into the stomach followed by a Fisherman’s suplex, he doesn’t bridge over instead running the ropes and hitting a springboard moonsault. He covers.

Ref: 1.................2..........Kick out!

Morgan goes to his feet, he waits for Sanchez to rise before hitting a DDT. He then goes to the top rope but Yarmouth Blade goes up to the apron and shoves Morgan off the top rope. He steps into the ring and drags up the Freshers Ball holder and hits a couple of head-butts followed by a European Uppercut then a big boot into the skull.

Ref: 1.....................2.........Kick out!

Yarmouth Blade kips up to his feet, the crowd cheer him loudly and he drags up Morgan hitting a high-angled dropkick. Morgan rolls up, Yarmouth boots him in the gut and hits a spinning side slam into a cover.

Ref: 1.................2.........Kick out!

RJ: Yarmouth getting close to a victory here!

MW: Surely not!

Yarmouth drags up Morgan...


Ref: 1......................2.................Eagle breaks the pinfall!

James Eagle drags up Yarmouth Blade and boots him in the gut and then hits The Golden Eagle. Before he can cover Dr Shoe sprints into the ring, Eagle goes for a clothesline which is ducked by Shoe who quickly nails the Collagen Shot!

Ref: 1.......................2..............................3!


RJ: No Eagle’s foot on the rope...he looked out of it, how did that happen?

*The replay’s show Sanchez placing the foot on the bottom rope just before the 3.

MW: Great work from Sanchez!

Shoe gets up angrily, Sanchez hits him with a big uppercut and then nails the Para-Bomb! He stumbles to his feet and Dexter grab scoops him up...

MW: M99!

Ref: 1..............................2...........................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Morgan rises to his feet in victory...

MW: I told you there was no point in this match, he had it won from the start.

RJ: Now you know that isn’t true Michael!
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PostSubject: Re: Let It Rock Results (10/04)   Let It Rock Results (10/04) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 12:24 am

*Snake Eyes is shown in the backstage area, he leaves his locker-room where he is confronted by The Fanatic.

Snake Eyes: What the hell do you want you freak?

*The Fanatic remains silent...

Snake Eyes: Can you hear me? Are you stupid?

*The Fanatic just stares at Snake Eyes...

Snake Eyes: Is this supposed to scare me Chaos? What are you stood behind him or something?

No, I just told him not to speak to you!

*Snake Eyes looks to his left as Chaos approaches...

Chaos: No mind games, he’s only allowed to speak when I say so. But watching from afar you seem pretty scared by a mute...what are you going to be like when we get in that ring. No Abe Abercorn to protect you now...

Snake Eyes: No freak to protect you though is there? I’ve beat you before and I’ll beat you again tonight, and show you up for the phoney you are.

Chaos: I look forward to that Snake Eyes! I really do!

*Chaos leaves and nods his head, The Fanatic follows silently.
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PostSubject: Re: Let It Rock Results (10/04)   Let It Rock Results (10/04) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 12:25 am

Match 4
6WF European Title
Chaos(C) vs Snake Eyes

RJ:European Title action up next folks in a rivalry that has raged ever since Snake Eyes returned to the 6WF.First he saw his friend,Abe Abercorn have his career cut short by the reign of Chaos and now he must do battle himself to make he does not suffer the same fate.

MW:Snake Eyes is a former 6WF Champion but I dont think he has got it anymore,Chaos is the real deal...

Announcer:Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall....and it is for....the 6WF European CHAMPIONSHIP!

*Crowd pop

Lights glow on the stage and then fireworks of blue and red detonate all along the ramp and up the titantron.The crowd cheer loud as "Good Life" blasts out and a huge golden firework display lights up the entranceramp...

Announcer:Introducing first.....the challenger......from Newcastle,England......weighing in at 175 pounds.....Snaaaaaaaaaaake Eyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!

The crowd cheer and Snake Eyes bounces down the ramp,tagging hands as he comes and then jumping into the ring.He goes to each corner and poses for the fans before jumping down and waiting in the centre of the ring.

RJ:The "Golden Boy" of 6WF,some of those matches he put on when holding the World Title will stay in my mind forever,truly sensational stuff and tonight Snake Eyes will look to turn back the clock...can he conquer Chaos?

The lights go down and the crowd begin to boo as "Its an Omen" plays out.Green pyros shoot into the air and then a spotlight veers down onto the stage as the music turns to "Granite" and more fireworks explode as a figure walks out..

Announcer:And his opponent....from Brighton,England......weighing in at 173 pounds....he is the current,reigning and defending 6WF European Champion..............Chaaaooooooooooooooooooooooosssssss!

Chaos swaggers down the ramp and glares at Snake Eyes as he unstraps his belt and climbs up the steel steps.He gets into the ring and the referee holds both men apart as Chaos holds the championship and smirks...

MW:That is what this match is all about,the 6WF European Champion.Snake Eyes has held that championship before and he will look to do again tonight...but how will he fare against a man that has improved so much in such a short space of time..

RJ:I agree Chaos has gone from a guy capable of putting on a good match to somebody that you expect to see challenging for major honours...he is skilled and he is athletic,hopefully this should be a great contest...

The bell sounds and Snake Eyes wastes no time in lunging into a lockup with Chaos.Chaos twists his right arm but Snake Eyes turns it into a headlock as Chaos backs against the ropes and shoots him across the ring...Snake Eyes comes back and Chaos leapfrogs him and waits for him to come from the opposite side but Snake Eyes has already springboarded onto the ropes back into a crossbody..

RJ:Could have him early...

1.............2.........Chaos kicks out and both men quickly scramble up.Chaos looks for a kick to the gut but Snake Eyes catches it and spins Chaos around before dropkicking him to the mat.Chaos scrambles up as Snake Eyes runs towards the ropes,he springboards onto the them and flies back with a dropkick takedown............1....................2.........kickout!

RJ:This exactly the unique offense that we have come to see from Snake Eyes...such an enigma...

Snake Eyes drags Chaos up and he whips him into the corner and charges in after him.Chaos gets his boot up and Snake Eyes staggers back as Chaos highers himself onto the second rope....

MW:Hurricanrana from the second rope....Chaos showing that he is no slouch in the athletics department...

Snake Eyes staggers up as Chaos bounces off the ropes and nails a one handed bulldog.Snake Eyes is down as Chaos springboards onto the ropes...


Snake Eyes moves but Chaos lands on his feet and brilliantly spins on his heel and connects with a pele kick as Snake Eyes gets up.Snakey staggers back into the corner and Chaos hits a shining wizard before letting the challenger stagger out...Chaos quickly rises to the top rope...

MW:Missile dropkick....

The crowd cheer as Snake Eyes leaps through midair and catches Chaos with a dropkick of his own,right to the ribcage.Chaos is doubled up in pain as Snake Eyes goes to the second rope and waits for him to get up...

RJ:Big time sunset flip into the pinning combo...

......shoulder up!

Chaos rolls to his feet and looks for a sharp kick to the face but Snake Eyes ducks it and spins behind Chaos,he looks for a german suplex but Chaos spins out and kicks him in the stomach before whipping him off the ropes...

MW:Tilt-a-whirl...oh wow!

Crowd:That was awe-some x5

Snake Eyes comes back and is tilt-a-whirled beautifully by Chaos but manages to counter into a three revolution tornado DDT...........1.................2............Chaos kicks out.Snake Eyes gets to his feet,he runs off the ropes and nails a huge jumping legdrop..........1................2...........shoulder up...

RJ:This match has such a frenetic pace,its incredible to watch...

Snake Eyes pulls Chaos up and he pummels him back to the ropes and then whips him across the ring.Chaos comes back and he baseball slides through Snake Eyes legs and spins to his feet...he gets up near the ropes as Snake Eyes runs at him...


RJ:Snakey holding on...

Snake Eyes lands on the apron and he shoulder thrusts through the ropes as Chaos turns around and manages to suplex the champion over the ropes to the outside.The crowd cheer as Chaos struggles to his feet and Snake Eyes looks over his shoulder...



Crowd:Lets go Snake Eyes x5

Snake spins off the middle rope and takes Chaos down on the outside.He lands on his feet and salutes the fans before dragging the champion up and throwing him back in the ring.Chaos is flailing as Snake Eyes goes to the apron and then climbs up top...

RJ:Snake Eyes is thinking End of the Line here...

MW:No oh...

The crowd boo as Chaos is up and he runs across and leaps into the air and enzeguiris Snake Eyes in the head,dropping him in an unconfortable position on the top rope (ala Alberto Del Rio).Chaos climbs up with a grin and he seizes Snake Eyes...

RJ:Not the greatest position to be in.....FRANKENSTEINER!

Snake Eyes is drilled into the canvass by Chaos but the champion isnt done as he staggers back to the corner and climbs up...

MW:Chaos wants this finished,he knows what a threat Snake Eyes is to him....SPINAL TAP!

Chaos nails spinal tap and hooks the leg...................1...........................2............................3!

RJ:Forget about it....

*Crowd cheer

MW:That is not possible...

RJ:The kid found the ropes,Snake Eyes lives to fight another day...

Chaos looks on the verge of a seizure as he stands up and berates the referee.The ref waves him away and Chaos shrugs his shoulders and shakes his head in anger before grabbing the head of Snake Eyes...

RJ:Snake Eyes showing the heart and determination that sets him apart....

MW:May have been a false dawn though RJ....G-FORCE!

Snake Eyes spins out of Angel Wings at the last moment and stumbles to the corner,Chaos runs across with a body splash but he misses as Snake Eyes waistlocks him...

RJ:German suplex...could be a saving grace...

Both men are down on the floor as the referee begins to count..............1.................2...................3.............both men are crawling for the ropes............5.................6...................7........they are still down......8.....

MW:Could be heading for a double count out here....


Snake Eyes quickly darts from nowhere with the spinning roundhouse but Chaos manages to avoid it just in time,he staggers slightly as Snake Eyes turns back around...

MW:DOUBLE A SPINEBUSTER....this is where it ends...

Chaos nails the spinebuster and he stumbles into the ropes and grips the turnbuckle....


Snake Eyes drives his knees up as the crowd cheer and Chaos falls away in pain.Snake Eyes holds his midsection as he gets up and he watches the champion struggling...

MW:Snake Eyes looking for an opening here...

RJ:SPRINGBOARD BACKCRACKER...That is truly sensational...

MW:Whoah and now he is going up top...

RJ:Folks we have seen this move many times before...its what won him the 6WF Title....END OF THE LINE!




*Crowd groan

MW:NO WE DONT....Hold your horses RJ,Chaos got his shoulder up...

RJ:What? way....

The crowd are in shock as Chaos kicks out of the end of the line.Snake Eyes seems in complete disarray as the referee tells him it was only a two count.He clambers to his feet,his chest heaving in and out as he watches the groggy champion try and get up...

RJ:Dont lose your cool here Snake Eyes....the belt is yours if you keep a level head.....VIPER KICK....


Snake Eyes misses with the kick again and Chaos kicks him in the stomach and lifts him for Angel Wings but Snake Eyes spins out and hits a snap DDT.He quickly scrambles to the ropes and begins to climb...

RJ:This is amazing,what is driving this kid....

*Pyros explode...


Red pyros shoot from the stage and Snake Eyes attention quickly switches as The Fanatic is stood on the stage.He has his arms folded as Snake Eyes looks at him with anger...

RJ:What the heck is he doing out have no business here...

Snake Eyes is distracted long enough for Chaos to get up and uppercut him into a seated position.Chaos climbs up the ropes as the crowd boo...

RJ:Snake Eyes had this match won,that is not right....


Chaos hits the Angel wings from the top and the crowd gasp as he hooks both of Snake Eyes legs and nods his head...



RJ:Kickout Snake Eyes...



ding ding ding

MW:Chaos retains....what a great contest....

RJ:Yeah and what an assist from The Fanatic....Snake Eyes would have had this one sewn up otherwise...

MW:You dont know that for sure RJ....all that matters is Chaos won and Snake Eyes must go back to the drawing board now...

RJ:I dont know if this one is over yet Mike,Snake Eyes was done out of victory again in unfortunate circumstances....what would happen if these guys just fought one on one with no interference...I have my ideas

MW:That's great RJ....but the end result is all that matters and Chaos is victorious!

Chaos is handed his European belt and he walks up the ramp to join The Fanatic.They look down with smiles at Snake Eyes,who looks back with venomous anger.
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*River Ace is backstage, he is walking down a small corridor looking at all the pictures, it has pictures of the Dynasty all together and Mike Hill winning the TAW World Title.*

RA: I made you Mike, I took you in as a young boy and made you man, moulded you into world champion material, just like TGA, just like Crime Lord. Yet this is how you repay me? With disrespect and slander.

*River Ace picks up a picture which has River Ace with his arm over Mike's shoulder as they both smile for the camera.*

RA: You were not just my pupil, you were a friend as well. I can't believe that this is what I made you into. Sure we weren't the nicest of guys, but I never taught you to be disrespectful. Since my words don't seem to have made an impact, tonight, my actions will.

I made you tap last month, tonight I will make you pay for your disrespect. LPL may have beat Acer tonight, but I will win this match for Acer. I will beat you for him and for me and for 6WF's fans!
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Match 5
River Ace vs. Mike Hill

RJ: A match filled with history up for 6WF fans right now, for Mike Hill’s whole career River Ace hasn’t been far behind. Tonight he has a chance to get rid of the demon of River Ace forever, when teacher faces pupil.

MW: The only thing River Ace ever taught Mike Hill was to avoid at all cost ever becoming like him.

RJ: Mike Hill’s owes River Ace a lot, as much as I disliked him in the Dynasty days, he took a group of young wrestlers and turned them into superstars! Mike Hill included.

MW: Ha, good one RJ.

‘Ace of Spades’ screams out of the speakers and the crowd cheer as River Ace walks out, he raises his arm in the air. He shouts ‘For Acer!’ before running down the ramp slapping the hands of the fans on the way. He slides into the ring before climbing to the top rope and raising his arms in the air before ripping off his T-shirt and throwing it into the crowd who will jump up to catch it. River Ace climbs back down from the top rope and starts air-boxing as he waits for Mike Hill.

RJ: River Ace has come down here full of confidence, after making Mike Hill tap out at the last pay per view I am not surprised.

MW: He got lucky in a tag match, with Acer gone, and Mike Hill even more determined, I just can’t see the same result this time around.

‘Next Big Thing’ is blasted out and the crowd boo as Mike Hill swaggers out onto the stage, he raises an arm in the air and the crowd boo as Mike cockily walks down the ramp, he taunts some fans on the way down before jumping up onto the apron and flipping over the ropes, he walks over to River Ace and flips the bird, before climbing to the top rope, he raises both arms in the air as the crowd boo and he flips down, landing on his feet.

RJ: Mike Hill is so c0cky it makes me sick, especially towards the man that gave him the start in this company.

MW: Will you shut up about this whole respect <censored>! Mike Hill made himself.

The referee doesn’t even get a chance to start the match as Mike runs and connects with a clothesline to River Ace, the bell rings as Mike Hill stomps on River Ace’s ribs. Mike connects with a knee drop, before lifting River Ace up, he chops against River’s chest before whipping him into the corner. Mike takes a run up before connecting with a dropkick, before River Ace falls face first onto the mat, Mike Hill grabs him and turns around grabbing hold of arm before connecting with a hip toss.

RJ: Mike Hill has come out here with such pace and intensity, River Ace hasn’t even had a chance to get started.

MW: I doubt he ever will, Mike Hill is a master in the ring, River Ace is just a joke.

River Ace groggily gets to his feet and Mike Hill runs at him, but River Ace moves to the side, Mike keeps running towards the ropes, he jumps up onto the middle rope springboarding into a moonsault, but River Ace catches him mid-flip and hits him with a driving piledriver, Mike Hill gets up straight away but immediately falls down. River Ace hooks the leg for the pin.

Kick out!

RJ: River Ace’s piledriver really dazed Mike Hill.

MW: Mike didn’t realise the full extent of the move, but River Ace had no chance of winning then.

River Ace grabs hold of Mike’s legs and tries to put him in a Sharpshooter, but Mike kicks him away before jumping to his feet. River Ace goes to chop Mike against his chest, but Mike grabs hold of River’s arm and snaps it back. Mike kicks River Ace in the mid-section before grabbing hold of his waist and lifting him up connecting with a gutwrench suplex. Mike stomps on River’s chest before walking over to the corner, he climbs up to the top rope and taunts the crowd before diving off.

RJ: 450 splash!


Kick out!

RJ: River Ace shows great awareness to kick out of the move there.

MW: He shows how lucky he is you mean. Mike Hill very nearly had him.

Mike Hill gets straight back to his feet and grabs River Ace, and goes to put him in the MHND, River Ace tries to struggle out of it, but Mike Hill manages to pressure him into the hold. River Ace cries out in pain as he reaches for the ropes and grabs hold, but Mike Hill doesn’t release the hold.


Mike Hill releases the hold and River Ace is left, face down on the mat breathing heavily. He starts to push himself up and Mike Hill charges at him and goes for a punt, but River Ace grabs hold of his leg and pulls him to the ground, River Ace knees Mike Hill in the back of the thigh before kicking him hard in the ribs. River Ace looks ready to hit him with the Poker Plex as he waits for Mike Hill to groggily get to his feet.

RJ: Goes for the Poker Plex...


3kick out!



River Ace manages to kick out Mike’s finisher as the crowd cheer loudly. Mike Hill punches the mat and storms towards the corner, he climbs to the top rope and signals for it before diving off of the top rope.



RJ: He’s locked it in! The Texas Hold ‘Em!

Mike Hill is locked in River Ace’s dreaded submission hold in the centre of the ring after River Ace dodged the high-flying move. The crowd are chanting ‘TAP!’ as Mike Hill grits his teeth refusing to give up. Mike Hill is under extreme pressure in the hold and looks like he is losing out, before he makes one final push and manages to get out of the hold. River Ace is pushed back. Mike Hill groggily gets to his feet.




RJ: Yes way!

River Ace is helped up by the referee who raises his arm in victory as the crowd sound their appreciation for 6WF’s former commissioner.

RJ: Even Mike Hill couldn’t take two finishers in a row and he put up a good fight, but River Ace manages to avenge his fallen partner Acer by beating Mike Hill tonight.

MW: What a joke!
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*Dexter Morgan is walking down the corridor with a smug grin on his face, Clarissa approaches him:

Clarissa: Can I have a quick word?

Dexter Morgan: Sure...

Clarissa: Congratulations on your win, now what are your plans?

Dexter Morgan: To put each and every champion on alert. This briefcase is my ticket to the top, with those jokers off my back I can now fully concentrate on who, where and when I cash this in and begin to the ascent to being a superstar. So be it Blue Dragon, Crowley, Crime Lord, Chaos, Dubois I don’t care just make sure you watch your back!

Clarissa: Thanks for your time!
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Clarissa: Please welcome my guests at this time...The Soldiers of Fortune!

*The crowd pop

Clarissa: Guys, how are you feeling as we are just moments away from your first title shot in 6WF?

Castiguer: There is no denying it Clarissa, we are nervous. We never thought that the opportunity would arise so quickly to achieve what we set out to when we were signed by 6WF, and that is become the best tag team in the company by winning the tag team championships. That is what dreams are made of. We know only half a job is done, that is not good enough for us. We are perfectionists, it’s great to be in this position but we need to capitalise.

Anneire: Listening to these two running their mouths you’d think we have no chance in this match and all they gotta do is turn up and they’ll win but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We are a real tag team,no thrown together hash-up of a team,we are united in tandem and our aim is told hold the tag team championships.We do not have one eye on being world champion,those dreams can come later on, but all we want it the world to recognise us as the greatest tag team of the modern era.So we may not sit around with the accolades of some of your previous opponents but then again we only got here two months ago and already we are considered more than a match for you.

So feel free to run your mouths and cackle about your false prophets,but come sunday there will be no shining light,no miraculous saviour.You will knee at our altar and we will be your judge,jury and executioner.
Castiguer: This is the moment we were born for, and to have the crowd’s support will only give us more luck...

*Clarke James and Murdoch appear...

Clarke: Luck being the key word. That is the only way you will beat us. You think you’ve got a fights chance. That’s where you are wrong! You’re not just walking in to any fight. At Let It Rock, you step in the ring with your destiny in our hands. You go face to face with the brightest young superstars in 6WF, 2/3rds of the Trinity, Marshall Murdoch and Clarke James. We got you right where we wanted you. Look at you, spouting false proclamations, bigging up your chances, claiming we’re running scared yet you fail to see we’ve been here before. We’ve been in title matches, we’ve faced the 2 biggest teams you could throw together and walked away with the belts.

Marshall: We have the divine support shining upon us if we need it, but I highly doubt we will. What do you have? Those beer-guzzling idiots out there, we’ll see which one comes in more use!
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Match 6
6WF Tag Team Titles
Church of Hero(C) vs Soldiers of Fortune

RJ: Welcome back to 6WF Let It Rock where we have a tremendous match lined up for you next.

MW: The Church of Hero pairing, Marshall Murdoch and Clarke James, make the first Pay Per View defence of their tag team titles.

RJ: And they defend against the Soldiers of Fortune, Angelo Anneire and Castiguer, at only their 2nd PPV!

MW: Four of the hottest young stars in 6WF, but I think Murdoch and James are the ones who will make a lasting impact on 6WF. They are legends in the making, especially if they stick with Hero!

RA: Ladies and Gentleman...The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL and is for the 6WF TAG TEAM TITLES!

*Crowd pop

RA: Introducing first...the a combined weight of 480lbs they are the team of CASTIGUER and ANGELO ANNEIRE...The SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE!

"Remember the Name" by Fort Minor booms out through the speakers and the Lights go down and then the music pulses with a heartbeat on the screen.Pyros explode all along the stage,blues and reds, and then the camera turns black and white as the masked superstars Angelo Anneire and Castiguer. They pose at the top of the ramp before walking down the ramp as the colour appears back and pyros burst from the announcers desk they slide into the ring, they leap up and salute the fans.

RJ: What an entrance these two have had to 6WF! They’ve been brilliant ever since arriving on the scene and have got a very early opportunity to get some gold around their waist!


‘Papercut’ is blasted out and Marshall Murdoch steps out, he kisses his necklace which is just a ‘H’, before taking it off and holding it tight in his hand. He strides up the ramp ignoring the booing crowd, and he slides into the ring. He grabs the ropes and starts pulling on them all, making sure the ring is in good shape before he points up and then does the sign of the ‘H’.

“Spotlight” blares out and the crowd’s boo continue as a hooded Clarke James strides out onto the stage, he takes off the head and the crowd boo louder. He then walks down the ramp almost transfixed before stepping in to reveal his own necklace with “H” on it, He also kisses it before he and Murdoch sink to their knees and pray with their necklaces. They pass their titles to the outsides.

MW: Get on your feet and applaud the disciples RJ! Applaud these wonderful servants to the Church of Hero religion! What men, What a team they are RJ!

RJ: They’re a very good tag team Michael, they don’t need your over-excited cheering to help them though!

MW: Just showing some respect, unlike you!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Clarke James is the man to start off in the ring for the church, whilst the high-flying Castiguer starts for the Soldiers of Fortune. The two men lock up, James forces Castiguer back against the ropes. He quickly whips him out across the ring and attempts a big boot but Castiguer ducks under, he bounces off the ropes and leaps up going for a Lou Thesz press but James catches him, then tries to drill him down with a spinebuster but Castiguer counters with an arm drag. James rolls up, Castiguer goes for a clothesline that he ducks and then whips Castiguer out across the ring but he counters with a Springboard Back Elbow.

RJ: That’s what Castiguer’s all about, high-flying, quick-paced offence.

Ref: 1.................2.....Kick out!

Castiguer rolls onto his feet, he waits for James to rise before going for a Yakuza kick. James ducks underneath and counters with an atomic drop. James hits some mocking slaps to Castiguer's head and then drags him up and scoop slams him back down.He looks over at Anneire and taunts him,the big man tries to get in the ring but the referee blocks him off and Marshall Murdoch gets in the ring for the double team. They whip Castiguer off the ropes and hit a gigantic double flapjack as he comes back.Murdoch takes over and he holds Castiguer in a front facelock position and cracks three devastating knees into the base of his head and then whips him ferociously into the corner...Castiguer flips upside down and then staggers into the centre of the ring as Murdoch runs off the ropes and hits a powerful flying clothesline. The crowd are booing and the ref turns around as Murdoch quickly leaves the ring as James covers.

MW: What great tag team work!

Ref: 1.................2........Kick out!

Much to the annoyance of the crowd, James rises sharply and nonchalantly makes the tag to Marshall Murdoch. Murdoch moves towards Castiguer before jumping up and dropping the knee into the back of the head. Murdoch then throws him to the corner, and again tags in James. They both begin to stomp on him before the referee intervenes.He ushers Marshall back to the corner as James uses the distraction to choke Castiguer in the corner.

James drags Castiguer up and he headbutts him backwards and then follows up with a brilliant spinning heel kick.James rolls under the ropes onto the apron and then hits a rolling plancha across the top rope. He covers.

Ref: 1................2.......Kick out!

RJ: Castiguer being dominated by the Church of Hero here!

James lifts up Castiguer up, he hits a Samoan Drop before tagging in Marshall Murdoch. Murdoch steps in and Castiguer crawls towards him, Murdoch lifts him up before driving him down to the canvas with a DDT! Castiguer rolls up and Murdoch bounces off the ropes crashing a vicious and sickening big boot into the side of the head.

Ref: 1................2.....Kick out!

Castiguer forces his shoulder up, Murdoch has him into a seated rear waistlock. Murdoch crashes some hard knees into the back before dragging him up and hitting a German suplex. Marshall bounces off the ropes as Castiguer rises going for a bulldog but Castiguer shoves him away!

MW: Opportunity to get himself back into the match-up now!

Castiguer rolls up, Murdoch runs towards him but he counters with a codebreaker. He bounces off the ropes and nails a springboard moonsault! Cover.

Ref: 1................2..........Kick out!

Castiguer takes a while to get to his feet, he makes the tag to Anneire who runs in. He grabs Murdoch by the leg but the COH member boots him away, allowing himself time to tag in James who goes to the top rope. He goes for a crossbody but Anneire leaps up and nails a spear!

RJ: By God what a move! He must be broken in half damn it!

Ref: 1.................2..............Kick out!

James barely forces his shoulder up, Anneire waits for him to rise before whipping him across the ring and hitting a tilt-a-whirl shoulderbreaker. Anneire lifts up James and hits a running powerslam!

Ref: 1..................2........Kick out!

Anneire again waits for James to rise before meeting him with a series of fists that back him into the corner. Anneire runs into the corner hitting a big splash and James falls forward out of the corner. Angelo goes to the top rope and flies off, hitting a clothesline that sends James sprawling. Murdoch tries to get into the ring to distract Anneire but the ref stops him. Anneire motions towards Castiguer who goes up top as Anneire lifts James into an electric chair position...

RJ: Doomsday Device!

MW: Double Team! That’s illegal, DQ them damn it!

RJ: Bit like what the Church did earlier really!

Castiguer leaves the ring and Anneire covers.

Ref: 1.................2.........Kick out!

Castiguer is tagged in by Anneire, he runs towards James who lifts him up for a Samoan drop but Castiguer drops down the back and connects with a backcracker! He doesn’t cover, instead going to the top rope and hitting a double foot stomp to the back just as James rises to his feet.

Ref: 1......................2...........Kick out!

Castiguer is up quickly, he waits for James to rise before lifting him onto his shoulders. He hits a running green bay plunge, diving to tag in Anneire once more. He waits on the outside as James stirs...

MW: Amazing athletic ability from Angelo Anneire!
RJ: Plancha Spear!

Ref: 1......................2....................Murdoch breaks the pinfall!

Murdoch breaks the pin, Castiguer quickly tries to get to him but he runs back to the outside. Castiguer swings at him but Murdoch ducks, before pulling him down throat first across the top rope. Murdoch’s heavy handed breaking of the pin allows James to roll back towards him in the corner. Marshall tags in, Anneire is up and Murdoch runs towards him, Angelo boots him in the gut...


MW: Reversed, back body drop!

Murdoch counters the finishing move, Anneire rolls up...


Ref: 1............................2.............................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

RA: Ladies and Gentleman the winners of this match by way of PINFALL and still your 6WF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS...Representing the CHURCH OF HERO, Marshall Murdoch and Clarke Jamesssssss!

The crowd descend into a mass chorus of boos, James rises to his feet in victory and Murdoch slides in with the tag belts.

MW: What a tremendous victory, but I do have to congratulate the Soldiers of Fortune. They gave the Church some match in there.

RJ: I’m sure they’ll be back stronger in the future after this.
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*Duke McGraw is backstage.*

DM: A huge announcement for 6WF right now, something is returning to 6WF on Lockdown, something massive, something amazing, something that can break or make a star....


DM: That's right, so tune in on Thursday to see the Fight for the Right tournament to return to 6WF.
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Match 7
Solomon Riddick vs. The Saint

RJ: What a huge match up we have now, two former teammates who have grown to despise each other will wrestle each other now, not for a title, not even for a title shot, but for pure pride.

MW: Solomon Riddick made his first appearance in a ring without wrestling in the lead up to this match and I have heard rumours he is planning on making a similar entrance tonight, the mind games Solomon is playing surely must have an effect on The Saint?

RJ: The Saint battled Nemesis for about a year 2 years ago, he is used to mind games like no other, Solomon can try all he likes, I just don’t believe The Saint will be fazed.

MW: He might admit it, but I truly believe The Saint is afraid of Solomon and what Riddick is capable of.

The lights of the arena switch off completely. The crowd gasp and scream as pyrotechnics like burning flames burst forth from the stage. They dance around the ring and suddenly they burst from the announce booths as RJ and Michael Wire back away in fear. The titantron flares up and the rafters seem to trickle with an electric surge as a bolt hits the ring and flames lap the canvass as the screams continue. Eerie singing, like the chanting of ancient druids wisps through the arena and then men begin to move behind the curtains and they walk out onto the stage carrying a large wooden box. The men walk the box to the ring and they set it down by the announce table before heading back to the stage. They stand in a line and their chanting continues until a bolt of lightning seems to strike them, the crowd scream and then the robes are empty and draped on the stage with no form inside them. Another robed man now walks out. He looks at the empty remains around him and then walks to the ring with a glaring pace. He grips the ropes and seemingly steps through fire to takes his place in the ring. The shadows cast by the flames are alarming as the man holds up his arms and then brings down his hood.

RJ: Solomon Riddick making one of the most dramatic entrances to the ring 6WF has ever seen.

MW: How can you tell me that The Saint cannot be afraid of that?! Solomon Riddick is the closest thing to a monster a human being can be.

‘Monster’ screams out of the speakers and the crowd mostly cheer as they know who is coming. One man walks out, a hoodie covering his face and the crowd go crazy, before another one walks out, and another before there are at least 20 guys covering the stage all wearing the same outfit. They all separate and one man stands in the centre of them all, in his full wrestling gear and the crowd are 99% cheers as they realise it is The Saint. He stands in the middle of them all, flexing his muscles. He beats his chest before running down the ramp and sliding into the ring. He goes toe to toe with Solomon Riddick, and stares into his eyes. Saint raises his arm in the air and the crowd are cheering like crazy.

RJ: The Saint has just sent a strong message to Solomon Riddick, he’s not going to back down, that isn’t The Saint, he doesn’t give up, he doesn’t quit, he just keeps on fighting!

MW: How cliché. The Saint is going to find out today that maybe this is one fight he should have backed down from.


The two man-mountains lock up in a test of strength, Saint manages to overpower Solomon Riddick and pushes him into the ropes, he quickly releases the hold and gets behind Riddick wrapping his arms around his waist and going for a German suplex, but Solomon elbows The Saint in the face and gets out of the hold. Solomon goes for a big boot, but Saint catches his foot, and then runs at him taking him down with a huge clothesline. Saint grabs hold of Solomon’s arm and puts it into an arm bar, the crowd are cheering as Solomon reaches wildly for the ropes, but Saint refuses to let go of the hold, putting more and more pressure into the hold before releasing it and then stomping on Solomon’s shoulder.

RJ: Saint is showing Solomon that he is going to do everything to beat him, even if that means wearing him down, bit by bit.

MW: Saint will not be able to keep it up, mark my words.

Solomon starts groggily getting to his feet, Saint runs at him but Solomon jumps up, spearing him to the ground. Solomon gets up and stomps down on Saint’s knee, digging his boot into his knee before grabbing hold of him lifting him up, Solomon punches Saint in the mid-section before grabbing hold of his arm whipping him across the ring into the corner. The Saint’s back smashes into the corner and the crowd boo Solomon who stalks across the ring, he smashes his shoulder into Saint’s ribs in the corner before lifting him to the top rope, Solomon looks ready to throw Saint off but Saint pushes him away and dives off.


Kick out!

MW: Solomon was never in any danger then.

Saint is waiting for Solomon Riddick to get up and when he does Saint charges at him, but Solomon reverses the attempted clothesline into a sidewalk slam. Solomon Riddick pushes himself up again and connects with an elbow drop, before grabbing hold of Saint’s arm and twisting it behind his back and digging his knee into Saint’s spine. The former world champion cries out in pain and reaches out for the ropes, but they are too far away. Solomon gets up to his feet, dragging Saint with him and lifts him onto his shoulders and spins around before slamming Saint down onto his back.

RJ: Solomon Riddick showing off his immense strength there.

MW: Saint needs to get back into this match, Solomon is picking up the momentum, and once he does that, there is no going back.

Solomon walks around Saint kicking him in his limbs, before driving his knee into Saint’s elbow. Solomon Riddick lifts Saint up and whips him into the ropes when Saint comes running back, Solomon goes for a clothesline but Saint ducks underneath his arm and bounces off of the ropes and comes running back connecting with a huge spear. Solomon is taken down by the Saint who unleashes a fury of punches before getting to his feet, he waits for Solomon to get up.

RJ: Saint goes for the Divine Intervention...RKO!

MW: Reversed...PILEDRIVER!

Saint is hit with the piledriver after his finisher is reversed, and Solomon goes for the pin.

Kick out!

RJ: Saint does well to kick out there!

MW: Solomon is looking increasingly dangerous.

Solomon starts stretching fist hand as he waits for Saint to push himself up, Saint uses the ropes to help himself up, the Saint groggily turns around and Solomon goes for the Devil’s Advocate before Saint dodges it. Saint goes for a clothesline, but at the same time so does Solomon. They both take each other. The Saint and Riddick are both down in the centre of the ring. Solomon is the first up to his feet, quickly followed by The Saint.

MW: Back to square one now in this match-up!

Riddick gestures towards The Saint, he moves forward slowly. Riddick drives a knee up into the stomach before launching The Saint into the corner. Riddick runs towards The Saint who lifts a boot up into the face, Riddick falls back and The Saint comes storming out of the corner and spears Solomon Riddick down to the canvas. He slowly hooks the leg...

RJ: What an amount of force The Saint put into that spear.

Ref: 1.................2.........Kick out!

Riddick kicks out, The Saint waits for Solomon to rise before crashing three hard rights into the chin. Riddick groggily falls back into the corner where he goes for a series of shoulder thrusts. Riddick lifts his knee up and The Saint hits his head hard on the knee. Riddick then throws Saint shoulder first into the steel post, following with a release German Suplex that sends Saint flying. Riddick drags him towards the centre of the ring where he covers.

Ref: 1...................2..........Kick out!

It’s The Saint’s turn to power, Riddick lifts The Saint up to his feet and whips him out across the ring and connects with a spinebuster. Solomon then waits for him to rise before hitting a running shoulder block, The Saint stumbles up, Riddick boots him in the stomach and delivers an X-Factor facebuster.

Ref: 1................2......Kick out!

RJ: Riddick dominating this match at the moment, could be over quickly if The Saint doesn’t pull something out of the bag now to get him back in the match.

The Saint is stomped down on by Riddick who then goes to the top rope, he turns towards the crowd before back flipping off for a moonsault...KNEES UP! The Saint gets his knees up into the stomach and Riddick rolls away in agony. The crowd cheer for The Saint who manages to pull himself up using the ropes. He slowly steadies himself as Riddick rolls towards him, The Saint picks him up and delivers a vicious implant DDT.

Ref: 1....................2.........Kick out!

Riddick gets the shoulder up, The Saint waits for him to rise before attempting to Irish Whip him across the ring, Riddick is too strong and sends The Saint into the ropes but he counters with a running boot to the skull. Riddick falls back to the canvas but The Saint doesn’t cover, instead waiting for Riddick to rise before showing some immense strength in Gorilla Pressing him face first into the canvas.

MW: What a display of strength from The Saint!

The Saint hooks both legs...

Ref: 1....................2............Kick out!

The Saint drags Riddick up in a headlock, he fights his way out only for The Saint to crash a big European Uppercut into the chin followed by a boot to the gut. The Saint sets up for a powerbomb but Riddick hits a back body drop to escape the predicament. He then hauls up The Saint and puts him in a powerbomb position, only to drop him down the back and connect with a fallout neckbreaker. Riddick makes the cover...

Ref: 1...................2..............Kick out!

Riddick gets to his feet, he hits a series of knee drops on The Saint who rolls away to the corner. Riddick quickly catapults him up into the corner, he kips up then spins towards The Saint connecting with a stinger splash in the corner. The Saint falls forward slowly and Solomon hits him with a spinning DDT!

Ref: 1....................2.............Kick out!

Riddick lifts up The Saint, he whips him to the corner...

MW: Tremendous reversal by The Saint, Crossbody...Oh Riddick’s caught him!

RJ: Spinning Side Slam backbreaker, That could finish it.

Ref: 1.......................2...................Kick out!

MW: Great drive and grit from The Saint!

Riddick lifts up The Saint, he boots him in the gut before putting him in a powerbomb position. He runs forward off the ropes and flips Saint down for the Catacombs...


MW: What a reversal!

Ref: 1.......................2.........................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

MW: The Saint got the win, how on earth he pulled off that RKO I don’t know but it was a tremendous move!

RJ: Massive win for The Saint tonight!
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*Cassius Zhi storms down the corridor, looking angry. Perfect Jack walks out of a dressing room opposite. Zhi manoeuvres the TAW Title belt that is stretched over his shoulder. Jack smiles at him...

Perfect Jack: Nervous Cassius? Enjoying your last few moments with the title...

Cassius Zhi: Jack I’ve got enough experience to see right through your words, beneath the false bravado, beneath the attempted arrogance you are scared, you are nervous. I am none of these things, I have no emotions like these. The only thing I feel is the urge to destroy what is put in my path. You are just another obstacle.

Perfect Jack: And I see right through your actions. Trying to intimidate me by mocking Abe Abercorn. Bit insecure Cassius? I’ve learnt from Abe, he was a mentor to me. But I’ve taken his advice, his expertise to further my own style not be a clone. I'm not out here Cassius to throw around idle threats and talk about the past. The past is the past no one can change that. But I'll tell you what, I can change the future and at Let it Rock I will change the present and make the future a perfect one. A perfect future where I reign as the 6WF TAW Champion.

Cassius Zhi: This past week on Monday Night Shutdown, I showed Perfect Jack just how easy it is for me to destroy the dreams of the sanguine. On Shutdown, Perfect Jack dreamt of reliving his finest moment in 6WF, viewing it as the perfect precursor to the moment he hopes will eclipse it. Perfect Jack dreamt of reliving his match of the year with Lex Hart at Born in Fire, and emerging victorious – emerging to ride the wave of momentum into our TAW World Heavyweight Title match at Let it Rock.

But the only wave that you find yourself riding on Jack – is The Shockwave. The Shockwave that viciously cut you off your course before you could even get to the ring on Monday night. The Shockwave that is imminent again...The Shockwave that will bring a brutal, unforgiving end to your dream. Your utopian, unrealistic dream. See you out there.

*Zhi storms down the corridor.
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Match 8
Hardcore Title
Blue Dragon(C) vs. Crowley vs. Crime Lord

RJ: HUGE match up for everybody now, this match is packed full of history, packed full of ill thoughts and packed full of potential for one of the most brutal Hardcore matches this company has ever seen.

MW: While we have to put up with Blue Dragon, at least we get to see him beaten by two of the most sadistic stars of 6WF. Crime Lord, a three time Hardcore Champion, and former world champion, and currently a member of the Church of Hero. As well as Mr. Crowley, one of the most sick and twisted minds 6WF has to ever had the fortune to accommodate.

RJ: I think you’re dismissing Blue Dragon far too easy, there is nobody better at representing everything hardcore is about, Blue Dragon puts his heart and soul into every match and he is going to do everything possible to keep that title.

MW: Everything possible for Blue Dragon is hardly a terrifying thought.

The usual organ music plays out throughout the arena, the crowd start booing as Mr. Crowley steps out onto the stage. He is wearing a top hat and his usual mask, he is wearing a long open trench coat and the burn scars are visible on his skin. Mr. Crowley removes the hat and just starts striding down the ramp. He is holding a small bag and just puts it down at ring side before climbing into the ring. He raises his arms in the ring and pyros go off from all the corners.

RJ: Even Crowley’s presence is enough to send shivers down my spine, it’s going to be even worse when he unleashes all h3ll in that ring as usual.

MW: Mr. Crowley is one of the scariest guys 6WF has seen, he was burnt alive by Chris Patricks, yet came back, stronger and even more fearsome.

The lights of the arena dim, suddenly a light starts shining in stage, all the fans move out of the way of the light, then another light turns on at the other end of the arena. Several lights switch on and they all start moving down towards the arena. A spotlight shines on all the 'lights' as it is revealed they are people dressed in robes, their lights switch off and the spotlight shines on them. The robed group all walk down to the ring and climb into the ring, before they separate, leaving one man in the ring, who has his head bowed. The crowd start booing as they realise it is Crime Lord. He raises his arms in the air as the other robed men all leave the ring and make their way backstage and Crime Lord removes his robe, kissing his ‘H’ necklace.

RJ: Crime Lord making quite an entrance, taking after his cult leader; Hero I see.

MW: Don’t be so disrespectful RJ, just because you don’t agree with them does not mean you can be so rude to call their religion a cult.

‘Freak on a Leash’ screams out of the speakers and the crowd go wild as Blue Dragon steps out onto the stage, he is holding a steel chair in one hand and the Hardcore Title in the other. Blue Dragon lifts them both in the air to a big cheer. He runs down the ramp and slides into the ring, he raises the title and cheer up in the face of the challengers before climbing to the top rope. He climbs back down again and slams the chair on the turnbuckle.

RJ: Blue Dragon looks incredibly confident tonight, and I’m not surprised to be honest, never before as somebody so brilliantly embodified all that is hardcore.

MW: What a completely ridiculous and incorrect statement to make, Blue Dragon is confident tonight because he has taken a chair shot too many to the head and delusionally believes he has a chance to win.

The referee splits the three guys up and then lifts the Hardcore Title in the air before signalling for the bell to be rung. Mr. Crowley charges across the ring to take out Blue Dragon, but the Hardcore Champion just knees him in the head and the crowd cheer before they start booing again when Crime Lord grabs around Blue Dragon’s waist and lifts him up connecting with a German suplex, Blue Dragon drops his steel chair. Crime Lord gets back to his feet and lifts up the steel chair, he slams it down on Blue Dragon’s knee repeatedly, Mr. Crowley gets up and Crime Lord just smashes the chair over his head.

RJ: That steel chair has just been bent really badly. The first weapon shots have been made in this Hardcore match.

MW: I am sure it won’t be the last either.

Crime Lord lifts Blue Dragon and knees him in the ribs before lifting him up onto his shoulders, Blue Dragon slides down Crime Lord’s back and connects with a backbreaker. Blue Dragon slides out of the ring and starts rooting around underneath it, he pulls out another steel chair and slides it into the ring before pulling out a table, and a two by 4 wrapped in barbed wire. Blue Dragon climbs into the ring holding the barbed wire pole. He swings the wooden 2 by 4 at Crime Lord, who is back to his feet, but Crime Lord dodges the weapon and Mr. Crowley grabs hold of him and connects with a belly to back suplex. Crime Lord goes to spear Crowley, but the larger man grabs Crime Lord throwing him into the ring post.

RJ: Crime Lord’s shoulder just smashed off of that ring post, that can’t have done him any good.

MW: Thank you for stating the obvious RJ.

Mr. Crowley lifts Blue Dragon up and connects with a knee to his ribs before whipping him across the ring, Blue Dragon bounces off of the ropes and comes running back, Crowley gets ready to lift him over his head, but Blue Dragon manages to stop and then knees Mr. Crowley in the face, before grabbing hold of him and connecting with a suplex. Blue Dragon picks up the steel chair, and pushes it up Crowley’s leg. Blue Dragon turns around and Crime Lord kicks him in the mid-section before connecting with a spinebuster. Crime Lord walks over to Crowley and stomps on the chair, snapping it around Mr. Crowley’s knee.

RJ: Crime Lord is so emotionless when he brutalises his opponents.

MW: What do you expect him to do? Cry every time he hurts somebody?

Crime Lord slides out of the ring and pulls out a dustbin from underneath the ring as well as another table, he slides them both into the ring before going over and grabbing the other table and putting that into the ring too. Crime Lord gets back into the ring and Blue Dragon bounces off the ropes and charges at him connecting with a huge big boot, Crime Lord groggily starts pushing himself back to his feet when Blue Dragon swings the 2 by 4 wrapped in barbed wire at him and connects it in his stomach, the barbed wire lacerating Crime Lord. Blue Dragon kicks him in the same spot before lifting him up onto his shoulders and connecting with a Samoan Drop onto the steel chair.

RJ: Blue Dragon sure knows how to get the best use out of all the weapons.

MW: That’s because he’s not a wrestler, just a thug.

Blue Dragon sets up one of the tables but Crowley charges at him and smashes into him and Blue Dragon catches his hip on the edge of the table. Crowley rolls Blue Dragon onto the table before climbing to the top rope, he looks ready to dive off of the top rope, but Blue Dragon rolls off of the table so he stops himself. Blue Dragon quickly gets to the top rope and hits Crowley, he looks ready to throw Crowley off of the top rope. Mr. Crowley tries to overpower him but Blue Dragon headbutts him before grabbing hold of his chest.




Mr. Crowley lays out cold in the wreck of the table. Blue Dragon hooks the leg for a pin.

3broken up!

RJ: Crime Lord breaks up the pin attempt.

MW: He doesn’t want to see Blue Dragon win that easily.

Blue Dragon gets up and connects with a huge uppercut to Crime Lord, he stumbles backwards leaning on the ropes, Blue Dragon runs at Crime Lord, but the former world champion ducks down and Blue Dragon goes flying over the top rope to outside of the ring. Crime Lord lifts up the groggy Mr. Crowley and lifts him onto the top rope, Crime Lord climbs up after him and punches Mr. Crowley in the side of the face, before going for a superplex, he connects with the massive move, and Crowley falls into the wreck of the table, cutting him open. Crime Lord grabs hold of Mr. Crowley and puts him in a Criminal Crossface.

RJ: Could Crime Lord win by submission to win the Hardcore title?

MW: Mr. Crowley can take a lot of punishment, but even this may all be too much for him.

Crowley looks ready to tap as Crime Lord pulls back on his head before Blue Dragon slides back into the ring and slams the Hardcore Title across Crime Lord’s face busting him open. Blue Dragon drops the title and lifts Crime Lord up, he throws him violently into the corner before unleashing a series of punches into his stomach and ribs. Blue Dragon knees Crime Lord in the mid-section before lifting him up and going for a fireman’s lift and connects. Blue Dragon kicks Crime Lord in the ribs before climbing out of the ring, he pulls out another table and then a 20 foot ladder from underneath the ring, Blue Dragon lifts both of them into the ring.

RJ: I do not want to know what Blue Dragon has in mind for those two things.

MW: Probably going to smash his head off of them.

Blue Dragon sets up one table, and then puts another table on top of it, the crowd are going crazy as Blue Dragon sets up the ladder, but Mr. Crowley takes him down with a big boot. Crowley is being booed loudly by the crowd as he picks up the little bag he brought to the ring. He opens it up and pulls out a small bottle of petrol and a box of matches. He pours oil all over the top table and lights it. Mr. Crowley goes to grab Crowley, but Blue Dragon punches him in the mid-section. Blue Dragon starts climbing up the ladder, and gets to the top, Mr. Crowley starts climbing up as well. They are both at the top of the ladder and the crowd are chanting.



MW: A BURNING TABLE ON TOP OF ANOTHER TABLE IS JUST BELOW THEM! Let’s cross our fingers and hope Blue Dragon falls.

Mr. Crowley and Blue Dragon exchange punches on the top of the ladder before Blue Dragon gets an advantage as he kicks Mr. Crowley through the rungs of the ladder and Mr. Crowley loses his balance. Blue Dragon slaps him hard across the face and then grabs him, still stunned, Mr. Crowley still manages to try and struggle. Blue Dragon takes another step up the ladder and lifts Mr. Crowley above his head...




Mr. Crowley goes crashing through both tables, the first table engulfing him in the flames. Mr. Crowley lays completely out in the smouldering wreck that is left as the crowd are stunned into silence. Blue Dragon looks down at what he is done, Mr. Crowley is covered in burns and bleeding from several places of his body. Suddenly Crime Lord’s arm falls onto his chest.

3broken up!

RJ: Blue Dragon just managed to get down the ladder in time to break up that pin attempt, but the real story here is that Mr. Crowley looks seriously injured.

MW: Blue Dragon just hit his finisher off the top of a 20 foot ladder through two tables, one that was on fire, if Crowley ever gets up, I will be surprised. But I certainly won’t be expecting him to wrestle for a while.

Crime Lord groggily gets back to his feet but Blue Dragon just smashes the dustbin over Crime Lord’s crimson mask. Crime Lord is on his knees, groggily swaying and Blue Dragon looks ready to finish him off when Crime Lord unleashes a huge punch to the side of Blue Dragon’s face, Crime Lord stands up and smiles as he shines the brass knuckles on his first. Blue Dragon is struggling back to his feet as Crime Lord takes a run up.



Blue Dragon managed to pull his head out of the way just in time and then spears Crime Lord to the ground, Blue Dragon starts unleashing a furry of punches to Crime Lord, as the blood from Blue Dragon’s own head stains the mat. Blue Dragon waits for Crime Lord to get to his feet before grabbing hold of him.





Blue Dragon is helped to his feet by the referee as medics rush to the ring to tend to everybody, he is handed the Hardcore Title which is smeared in Crime Lord’s blood. The crowd are chanting his name as Blue Dragon lifts the title in the air
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Blue Dragon is in the medics room getting his head stitched up by a doctor when Clarissa comes in.*

C: Blue, have you heard?

BD: That I am still Hardcore Champion? Oh yeahhh.

C: No, Mr. Crowley, he's been taken away, they're saying he might not be able to wrestle again.

BD: Mmm, no I didn't hear that. It wasn't my intention, that just goes to show how dangerous hardcore matches can be.

C: Well done anyway Dragon, good luck with the injuries.

BD: Oh these, they're nothing. You'll see me fighting next show, as good as ever.
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Main Event 1
TAW Title
Cassius Zhi(C) vs Perfect Jack

RJ: Ladies and Gentleman what a great show Let It Rock has been but we still have our two main events to come.

MW: And with the Time Attack match finishing off this evening, it will be Cassius Zhi vs Perfect Jack for the TAW World Title.

RJ: There’s a lot of indirect history between these two. Jack’s mentor here in 6WF was Abe Abercorn, a long-term rival of Cassius Zhi whilst Jack was also a tag team partner to the current 6WF Champion Lex Hart, now of course an accomplice of Cassius Zhi.

MW: Cassius has defeated Abe, is that a psychological advantage on his part? Jack has told us he is a different entity to Abe, a different style that will prove successful.

RA: The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL and is for the TAW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WORLD...Introducing first...THE CHALLENGER! Weighing in at 260lbs and hailing from Robbinsdale, Minnesota...PERFECT JACK!

“I am perfection” blares out through the speakers and Perfect Jack’s arrival is met with a mass of cheers from the Birmingham Crowd. The N01 contender to the TAW Title paces down the ramp and then slides into the ring, he leaps up and begins to warm up as he waits for Zhi.

MW: Jack’s had a long time to wait to get his shot at the TAW Title, winning the N01 contendership nearly two months ago. You have to wonder will all the nerves culminate tonight and if he will freeze on the big stage.

RJ: Or the adrenaline that built up could all be released tonight and drive Jack to his maiden world title!

RA: And now...Hailing from Tibet, China...Weighing in at 250lbs...He is the reigning and defending TAW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD...CASSSSIUSS ZHIIIIIII!

‘They Say’ screeches out of the speakers and some of the crowd start a chant of ‘Cassius gonna k1ll ya!’ as Cassius walks out calmly onto the stage, he has the TAW World Title over his shoulder as he walks down the ramp confidently. He ignores as the fans all stretch the arms out to get a touch of the two time world champion, Cassius climbs up onto the apron and steps through the ropes into the ring. He lifts the title in the air.

MW: What a roll Cassius Zhi has been on since returning to 6WF in October 2010. He has left a path of wreckage and destruction in his wake and Jack is now the latest to try and tame Zhi.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Jack and Cassius begin to circle the ring. They are staring each other down with great intensity as the crowd cheer them both on, though they are more in favour of Jack. They continue to circle the ring as the crowd noise dies down, only then do the two men move to the centre of the ring and lock up. Cassius Zhi manages to drive Jack slightly backwards but Jack’s technical ability immediately comes to the fore as he floats around Zhi to place him in a hammerlock. Cassius spins out and has Jack in a headlock but then he manages to spin out once again into an armbar. Zhi counters with an arm drag. Jack rolls up to his feet and Cassius grounds him with a front facelock.

MW: Cagey start to this match.

Zhi keeps Jack grounded, hitting a couple of forearms into the back of Jack’s head. Jack manages to fight his way up and have Cassius into a headlock. Cassius drives Jack back into the corner, Jack releases the headlock and then shapes around the back and rolls up Cassius Zhi into a cover.

Ref: 1..............kick out!

Cassius gets a powerful kick out from the roll up, He spins away from Jack who follows him to the corner and quickly starts to stomp away on the right leg of Zhi. Jack then drags Zhi to the centre and goes for an ankle lock but Zhi uses his other leg to flip Jack down into the canvas. Zhi rolls up and begins to hit knees into the back of Jack. He drags up Perfect Jack and whips him out across the ring and then on the rebound hits a leaping knee into the face.

Ref: 1..............2......Kick out!

Cassius is quickly back onto his feet, stomping away on the head of Jack. He retreats waiting for Jack to stir to one knee before running in and hitting a hard boot into the side. Jack rolls towards the ropes but Cassius pulls him back towards the ring and continues with the stomps into the head. Jack manages to get to one knee but is lifted up by Zhi who drives a stiff knee into the stomach and then bounces off the ropes for a neckbreaker. Cover.

Ref: 1.................2.......kick out!

Cassius lifts up Jack straight from the cover and goes for a roundhouse kick which Jack blocks, he spins Cassius around before knocking him down with a clothesline. Zhi rises up and Jack runs the ropes and hits a running forearm into the face. He hooks the leg.

RJ: Cassius Zhi looked like he was starting to dominate but Jack has got back into this one and now he has to capitalise on it.

Perfect Jack waits for Zhi to rise before snapmaring him down to the canvas. Jack follows with a a hard boot to the back with the sound reverberating around the arena. He rises only for Jack to hit a rolling arm drag into an armbar. Zhi stretches his leg out and quickly places his foot on the bottom rope.

Jack keeps the hold kept in for as long as possible until he is forced to release. Zhi gets to his feet with assistance from the ropes only for Jack to pull him forward and hit a DDT.

Ref: 1................2...........Kick out!

Jack drags up Cassius Zhi in position for a German suplex but Zhi hits a back kick into the stomach. Jack jolts back and Zhi runs towards him but he drops to the mat to avoid a running boot. He leaps up and Zhi spins around into a snap suplex. Jack bounces off the ropes and hits a running splash before covering.

Ref: 1................2....Kick out!

Jack hauls up Cassius Zhi and quickly goes for a belly to back suplex, Zhi counters with a bulldog. Cassius gets to his feet as does his N01 contender and Zhi hits a series of roundhouse kicks to the stomach followed by a crashing boot into the head. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1................2.........Kick out!

Jack quickly manages to escape from Cassius, but Zhi drags him back. He lifts him up and goes for the shockwave but Jack blocks, and then hip tosses Zhi to the canvas. Jack waits for Zhi to rise before whipping him out across the ring and ducking his head for a back body drop which Cassius counters with a hard boot into the face. Jack falls back into the ropes and then straight into a two spin kicks up into the stomach followed by a hard roundhouse kick to the head. Jack falls to the canvas slowly.

MW: Now Zhi’s turn to get back into the match...

Cassius gets up to his feet, he has Jack into a grounded abdominal stretch.

RJ: Pace of the match looking to be slowed by Cassius, it’s been a frantic match so far with little time for rest. I’m surprised Jack didn’t look to employ a similar tactic.

MW: Inexperience in this big match scenario RJ. Jack would have been looking to ride the crest of the wave and look to finish the match early, a too utopian approach to this match as Zhi was always going to get into this match at some point.

RJ: Now we will get to see another charachteristic needed in a champion, their ability to keep themselves in a match with the backs against the wall, just how determined they are.

Jack is lifted up and Zhi nails a pumphandle slam. Zhi falls back with the power he applied to the move. He uses the momentum to bounce off the ropes to hit a dropkick into the side of the head. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.................2.....Kick out!

Zhi is up onto his feet, he waits for Jack to rise before whipping him out across the ring and meeting him with a spinning wheel kick. Cassius Zhi doesn’t cover, he waits for Jack to rise before scooping him up and slamming him to the canvas. Zhi makes the cover.

Ref: 1................2.....Kick out!

Cassius waits for Jack to rise before hitting an inverted atomic drop, he runs off the ropes going for a clothesline but Jack also attempts a clothesline to stop Zhi’s momentum...

MW: Both men down and out!

RJ: What a hugely significant moment this could prove to be in this match. Whoever gets up first will have the best opportunity to get into his match.

Ref: 1................2............3........4........5........6.............7.......8........9...Zhi rolls away towards the ropes and lifts himself up. Jack manages to get to his feet, he stumbles towards Cassius who hits him with a big fist into the face. Jack replies with another fist, Zhi comes back with another fist. Jack again returns the gesture. Zhi gets the advantage with a prod to the eye, he then swings a vicious boot into the head which Jack just about manages to duck. Jack spins back to his feet only to be met with a superkick.

Ref: 1.................2.............Kick out!

Jack just about forces the shoulder up, Cassius goes up to the top rope and waits for Jack to rise. He goes for a crossbody which connects but Jack manages to roll through into the cover.

Ref: 1....................2.............Kick out!

MW: Great reversal by Jack, nearly got him the win!

Jack stumbles to his feet, he tries to get Zhi into a figure four leglock but is booted away into the ropes. Cassius rolls up and Jack runs towards him and nails a Lou Thesz press, crashing fists into the head of Zhi until he is forced to roll away, he moves quickly back in for the cover.

Ref: 1...................2............Kick out!

Zhi gets the kick out, Jack drags up Zhi who hits a knee to the gut...

RJ: DRAGONS FURY! He’s going to retain!

Ref: 1.........................2..........................3.Foot on the rope!

MW: Jack just about still in this match!

Cassius waits for Jack to rise...

RJ: Shockwave...Blocked. PERFECT PLEX! PERFECT PLEX!

Ref: 1...............................2.....................................3!




*The crowd cheer loudly as Jack slowly gets up to his feet, the ref passes him the TAW Title and he clutches it tight to his chest.

RJ: A great achievement for Jack, his first world title what a moment for him.

MW: A gruelling match but this celebration will sure make up for it!
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Main Event 2
Time Attack Match
6WF Title
Lex Hart(C) vs. Hero vs. Enforcer vs. Max Adamson vs. GDC vs. Chris Patricks

RJ: What a show we have had so far. Words really can’t express quite how I am feeling right now, we have seen shocks, we have seen title changes and we have seen some of the best wrestling 6WF has ever had to offer.

MW: We’ve already had one world title change hands tonight, and the odds say we are going to see another change hands right now, in our headline match, our second main event. The Time Attack match!

RJ: Lasting one hour and usually with multiple pins this match is one of the most gruelling and excruciating matches 6WF ever has to offer, and Lex Hart has a very slim chance of actually winning this match.

MW: A quick run through the rules of the match, it will last for one hour, every time somebody makes somebody pin or submit they become the ‘interim’ champion, but not an official reign, whoever is the ‘interim’ world champion at the end of the 60 minutes goes home world champion.

‘Scotland the Brave’ screams out of the speakers and the crowd immediately start to boo, a group of men walk out, all are wearing kilts and holding bagpipes, they stand in two rows, and that playing their bagpipes. Out from behind the curtain, GDC is being carried in a seat by people. GDC is wearing a crown and a robe, and the covered seat he is in is of royal colours. He is carried down to the ring before the seat is lowered and GDC steps out to even higher volume of boos, three different people all kneel in front of the ring, making some steps for GDC to walk up onto the apron. GDC steps through the ropes into the ring and removes his royal attire before raising his arms in the air.

RJ: The gauntlet has been laid, the first competition of tonight will be to see who can come out with the most amazing entrance, GDC’s royal route to the ring, will be hard to beat though.

MW: GDC and all the others know it is not about who has the best entrance, but who has the best ability in that ring. That won’t stop them out-doing each tonight.

‘Tie Me Down Kangaroo Sport’ fills the arena and the crowd’s boos change to cheers, Max Adamson doesn’t step out onto the ramp for a while when suddenly the crowd notice to a huge cheer. Max Adamson is stood on top of the titantron, in full Captain Australia gear, his cape is fluttering as it is being blown underneath him. Max, as Captain Australia, dives off the titantron and flies down on a zip-wire in a superman, fist in the air pose. He jumps off of the zip-wire and poses like a superhero, before taking off the mask and cape and the rest of his Captain Australia attire and climbing to the top rope, raising both arms in the air.

RJ: Max brought back his alter-ego Captain Australia, much to the crowd’s delight. He will have to be as much as a superhero as he can tonight if he wants to walk away world champion.

MW: The only way Max Adamson is becoming world champion tonight is if he develops ACTUAL super-powers.

Enforcer steps out onto the ramp, to no music, and the crowd are cheering, but not as loud as usual, as they are confused at the lack of music. When Nickelback walk out onto the ramp behind him, they stand on the ramp and kick into ‘Saturday Night’. The crowd pop as Enforcer raises both his arms in the air and Nickelback play the song. Enforcer runs down the ramp and slides into the ring as he climbs to the top rope and starts clapping to the song and the whole arena joins in.

RJ: Enforcer brings the band that plays his theme music on, still the best entrance music in the whole of 6WF Michael?

MW: As much as I dislike the guy, I can’t fault his excellent taste in entrance music. It doesn’t matter what his song is though tonight, as Enforcer is just here to make up the numbers.

RJ: Don’t be so ridiculous Mike.

‘Refuse/Resist’ blasts out of the speakers and the crowd go crazy. The revs of an engine can be heard, and from behind the curtain, Chris Patricks comes out driving a trike bike. He drives really fast down the ramp and circles around the ring before dismounting his trike bike. He jumps up to the apron and then uses the ropes to flip over. Chris climbs up to the top rope, he raises his arms in the air and the crowd are going crazy for him. Chris rips off his T-shirt which says ‘The Enigma’ on, and throws it into the crowd to a big woot and wolf-whistle from the ladies in the crowd. Chris flips off of the top rope and lands on his feet before looking around at the other guys.

RJ: Chris Patricks makes a big entrance tonight, but it will be interesting to see whether Chris can recreate the success of his entrance in the ring.

MW: Of course he can’t, Chris Patricks is a glorified stuntman, these fans love him because they can relate to his level of intelligence. Incredibly low.

Suddenly bright light fills the arena, and the crowd are stunned into silence. All the lights start going out around the arena, until only one area of light is left, high in the ceiling of the arena, above the stage. Choral music is heard as a crucifix starts being lowered from where the light is, the crowd start booing as they realise who it is. Hero is on the crucifix, his head bowed, the 6WE World Championship around his waist. The crucifix and Hero are the only lights in the arena. The crucifix lands at the top of the ramp, and ‘Here Comes the King’ kicks in as Hero raises his head. He gets off of the crucifix, and raises his arms out wide as the crowd boo him. Hero walks down the ramp and slides into the ring before climbing to the top rope as the arena is once again lit up. Hero flips off of the top rope, doing a double flip to try and outdo Chris Patricks and lands on his feet.

RJ: Not to be outdone, Hero has been lowered down from the ceiling, the sole light of 6WF. His ego is so huge now, I am surprised his head fit into this arena.

MW: Oh, RJ made a funny!

RJ: I am a lot funnier than you Michael, that’s for sure. Well we only have one guy left, and that’s Lex Hart, the current 6WF World Champion.

‘Burn in my Light’ blasts out of the speakers and the crowd boo incredibly loud, they increase in volume when Lex Hart just steps out, the 6WF World Championship around his waist and holding a microphone.

LH: Unlike all you jokes, I don’t need to come up with some spectacular entrance, I don’t need fireworks, or costumes or a tricycle. I just need me, because I am PERFECTION.

The crowd only boo louder as Lex Hart cockily walks down the ramp, he climbs up the steps into the ring, and all five challengers surround him as Lex Hart holds the 6WF World Championship high above his head.

RJ: Lex Hart, without even putting in any effort still manages to come off as the most arrogant guy, some achievement considering we have a guy who thinks he is a king, and one who thinks he is God.

MW: Lex Hart is brilliant, with just a few words he manages to inspire awe in everybody around him, that’s exactly why he is world champion.

The referee takes the world title off of Lex Hart and raises it in the air.

A: This match is a TIME ATTACK MATCH! Aaaaand it is for the 6WF Worrrrld Championship!


The crowd cheer as the match starts, Lex Hart is first to go down as GDC runs across and grabs him, throwing him violently to the floor, Chris Patricks dropkicks Hero, and Max Adamson quickly dodges an Enforcer swing at him. Max grabs hold of Enforcer and lifts him up, connecting with a back suplex, GDC is stomping on Lex in a corner, while Chris Patricks grabs hold of Hero’s arm, putting it in an arm bar. Suddenly Lex Hart rolls out of the way, GDC’s stomp misses and Lex jumps to his feet, he kicks GDC in the mid-section before connecting with a swinging neckbreaker.

RJ: In the first few minutes of this match, you can already see why there is such chaos, we have six men in that ring right now, I feel so sorry for the referee.

MW: Nobody has got a real advantage so far, but it won’t be long before we start seeing pin attempts.

Hero manages to struggle out of the submission move and push Chris away, Hero slaps Patricks across the face, Chris tries to take him down, but Hero dodges it and runs across the ring, he jumps off of the ropes going for a moonsault on the running Chris Patricks, but instead Max Adamson catches him and goes to slam him down onto the mat, but Hero manages to reverse the move into a Tornado DDT. Max and Chris are back to back as Enforcer runs at Chris, but he spins out of the way and Max grabs hold of him, connecting with an Atomic Drop. GDC goes for Max, but he ducks it and Chris connects with a Pele kick, the two former partners turn around coming face to face.

RJ: These two just inadvertently showed what a great tag team they were, neither realised they were working together. But now they certainly realise they are against each other, and this crowd is loving it.

MW: We’ll see how much they both value their friendship right now.

Max and Chris nod at each other, before lifting their arms up for a test of strength, Max starts to overpower Patricks, but the smaller wrestler spins out of the lock up and grabs hold of Max’s legs, almost taking him to the ground. Max grabs hold of Chris by the arm, dragging him back to his feet, he is about to connect with a huge uppercut when Lex comes behind Max and hits him with a running bulldog, Chris goes to kick Lex, but the 6WF World Champion catches Patricks’ foot and flips him over, putting him into an ankle lock.

RJ: Lex has got Chris into a painful position, Lex is a master of submission manoeuvres. Just under ten minutes into this match now, and so far, there have been no changes in champion.

MW: Although if Lex can make Chris tap now, we will.

Chris reaches for the ropes, but Lex just puts more pressure into the hold and pulls Chris back. Hero comes flying out of nowhere and connects with a superkick to Lex taking him out, and ending the submission hold. Hero grabs hold of Lex’s legs and puts him in a Sharpshooter. Lex is now in the bad position and reaches for the ropes, but Enforcer prematurely ends the submission manoeuvre when he big boots Hero. GDC comes flying across the ring...



Just as GDC takes Enforcer out with the running clothesline, Max connects with his own finisher on GDC, taking him to the mat with a big cheer.


A: The current champion is....MAX ADAMSON!

RJ: Max becomes our first interim champion, and if it stays like this Lex has lost his title.

MW: Right on the ten minute mark, I think he’s peaked early.

Max gets up to celebrate, but barely has time when Chris comes flying off of the top rope, connecting with a missile drop kick. He immediately goes to pin Enforcer, who is still down.

3kick out!

RJ: Chris nearly just made Max a very short interim champion there.

MW: They are both using their energy too quickly, there are another 48 minutes left of this match, they are going to burn themselves out.

Chris gets back up and turns around straight into Hero who kicks him in the mid-section and goes for a suplex, but Chris refuses to get up, Lex comes behind Hero and grabs him, connecting with a belly to belly suplex, bridging it into a pin, before Chris immediately breaks it up. Chris grabs hold of Lex, lifting him up, but Max grabs hold of Chris, lifting him up by the shoulders and slamming down on the mat. Lex rolls Max up.

3kick out!

RJ: Max nearly lost the title there to Lex, Lex didn’t need to pin Max to become interim champion, but he nearly achieved it.

MW: Lex looks a natural in this match, lots of opportunities for him.

Max jumps up, but turns around and is taken out by Enforcer who comes charging across the ring with a clothesline. Max is taken down by Enforcer, who gets back to his feet, he points at Lex, who starts backing into the corner. Enforcer connects with a hard jab into the ribs, before hitting Lex with a combo of punches to the face finishing with an uppercut which smashes him into the corner. Enforcer shoulder smashes Lex in the ribs in the corner. Hero runs behind him, Enforcer turns around.

RJ: FACE CHECK! Enforcer is on fire!


MW: And now is interim champion, 45 minutes left though RJ.

A: The new interim champion is....ENFORCER!

That announcement is met with big cheers, Enforcer gets back to his feet and beats his chest, but he turns straight round into a huge spear from GDC, who starts beating him down. GDC gets back to his feet looking pretty pleased himself, he turns around and Chris Patricks comes flying off of the top rope hitting him with a crossbody, Chris turns it into a pin.

Kick out!

RJ: Chris perhaps with a little too optimistic there.


Chris slams the mat and gets back to his feet, he connects with a standing moonsault, before running over to the top rope, climbing to the top rope. Chris looks ready to dive off, when Lex comes climbing up the top rope, he grabs hold of Chris ready to connect with a German suplex, behind Lex, Max grabs hold of Lex though, and he pulls him back for the German suplex, and Lex continues to hold onto Chris, and Max throws two men behind him with a double german suplex.


MW: That was a HUGE move, that will go down in 6WF history for sure.

Max uses the ropes to help himself up, when suddenly Hero comes running across and clotheslines him over the top rope. Hero takes a run up before diving over the top rope with a flip and connects with it on Max Adamson, both men lay out on the outside of the ring. GDC crawls over to Chris and lays one arm across his chest.


A: And the NEW interim champion is.....G....D....C!

RJ: The crowd are not happy with that, GDC has made a sneaky pin, but is now our new interim champion, but has to hold on for another 37 minutes if he wants to walk out of here world champion.

MW: That is an achievable task, I am sure of it.

GDC stands up and raises his arms as the crowd boo him, GDC turns around and Lex Hart kicks him in the mid-section.



MW: Lex has pinned him.

A: And our NEW interim champion is.....LEX HART!

RJ: GDC’s reign as interim champion didn’t last long at all.

Lex Hart eyes are wild as he gets back to his feet, Max and Hero are brawling outside of the ring, Lex turns around and Chris goes to kick him, but Lex dodges it and chops him across the chest. Lex grabs hold Chris’ arm and whips him into the corner. Lex lifts Chris up to the top rope and goes up after him, outside of the ring, Hero connects with a superkick to Max, taking him out. Hero climbs up onto the apron and onto the top rope, he pushes the two other guys off.


MW: Connects!

3kick out!

RJ: Hero nearly pinned Chris Patricks there to become interim world champion, but Chris managed to kick out!

MW: The pins are coming thick and fast now.

Hero gets back to his feet looking furious, when Enforcer comes running at him, Hero dodges the move and Enforcer crashes chest first into the turnbuckles, Enforcer turns around and Hero kicks him in the mid-section and goes for an Encore, but Enforcer pushes him away.




3broken up!

RJ: Max Adamson just broke up that pin attempt, Hero is just not having any luck so far in this match.

MW: We are halfway through this match now, and as things stand, Lex Hart would be going home world champion.

Hero goes nose to nose with Max Adamson and pushes the bigger man, Max just slaps Hero across the chest leaving a large red mark, Max grabs hold of Hero and whips him into the corner, Hero jumps up onto the ropes and flips off but Max catches him and drops him down back-first onto Max’s knee. Max bends Hero’s body over his knee before lifting him up onto his shoulders.



A: The NEW interim champion is.....MAX ADAMSON!

MW: Not again!

Max looks pretty pleased with himself as he gets back to his feet until Chris comes flying across and connects with a running kick to his chest. Chris jumps up to the top rope and flies off.



A: The NEW interim champion is CHRIS PATRICKS!


A: The NEW interim champion is LEX HART!

RJ: Woah! Three quick changes of the champion there, Max pinned Hero after a Cyclone to become interim champion for a second time, but Chris took him down and pinned him after the Puzzle Solver, but immediately after that, Lex managed to pin the still-down Hero and regain the interim championship.

MW: This is why Time Attack matches are great! 25 minutes left now RJ.

Chris can’t believe it and grabs hold of Lex, he lifts him up for an Engima Bomb, but Lex slides down Chris’ back and takes him down with a jawbreaker, Lex grabs hold of Chris’ legs and puts him in a Sharpshooter. The crowd are booing loudly until they burst into cheers as Enforcer connects with a running kick to Lex, taking him out.


MW: Enforcer just got taken out.

3broken up!

RJ: Hero has broken up that pin attempt, and GDC looks seriously p****d off.


GDC squares up to Hero, and the Grand Slam winner pretends to look scared before kicking him in the mid-section and connecting with the stunner.


RJ: Hero has done it! He has finally become interim champion.

A: The NEW interim champion is....HEEERRROOOO!

The announcement is greeted with loud booing from the sold out crowd. Hero looks very arrogant, as he climbs to the top rope, he points at Enforcer and goes for the Best Frickin’ Moonsault in the world.



Crowd: H0LY 5H1T! H0LY 5H1T! H0LY 5H1T!

While flipping in mid-air, Max Adamson comes flying across the ring and catches him with a huge Gore.


A: The NEW interim champion is....MAX ADAMSON!

The crowd cheer as Max Adamson is too exhausted to get back to his feet.

RJ: We have twenty minutes of this match left, and these wrestlers have been through a lot tonight, but there is still sure to be more shocks and surprises to come.

MW: I hope there is at least one more pinfall, I couldn’t bear to see Max Adamson leave tonight as world champion.

Lex Hart pushes himself up, and so does Enforcer. The former 6WF World Champion runs at the current, as Lex manages to catch Enforcer with a drop toe hold. Lex jumps back to his feet, and has to dodge a running kick from Chris Patricks, before grabbing him and connecting with a Northern Lights Suplex. Lex is finally taken down by a big boot from Max Adamson, who raises an arm in the air, but when he turns around, GDC kicks him in the mid-section and lifts him up.




A: The NEW interim champion is....CHRIS PATRICKS!

Enforcer hits GDC with the Face Check and Chris quickly kicked Enforcer to the ground before pinning GDC. Enforcer is back to his feet and he grabs Chris, but he slips out of the move. Chris is grabbed by Lex who connects with a German Suplex, before Enforcer goes for Lex, he grabs hold of his arm and whips him into the corner where is back smashes into the corner. Lex stumbles forward and Enforcer grabs hold of his arms and connects with a belly to belly suplex, bridging it into a pin.

3kick out!

RJ: Lex Hart does not want to be pinned, even though, he isn’t our champion at the moment.

MW: There is plenty of time for that to change though.

Enforcer gets back to his feet, Lex uses the ropes to get back upright and he runs at Enforcer, but the former world champion dodges it out of the way and Lex meets Hero who connects with a jumping heel kick taking Lex out. Enforcer and Hero circle around the ring, not taking their eyes off of each other. Enforcer makes the first move, going to grab Hero, but he dodges away, spinning away from Enforcer’s arms, Hero runs and uses the ropes, springboarding off and taking Enforcer down.

RJ: Hero is really fighting for this, he’s been very impressive in this match, but just can’t seem to get the pins.

MW: It will come, don’t you worry.

Chris Patricks groggily gets to his feet and Hero kicks him in the mid-section.



MW: He did it!

A: The NEW interim champion is....HEEERRROOOO!

Hero quickly climbs up to the top rope, Enforcer runs towards him and Hero dives off with a 450 splash and wraps his legs around Enforcer’s neck and takes him down with a neck-scissor hurricanrana. Hero is quickly back to his feet again and GDC comes charging at him from across the other side of the ring, Hero knees him in the ribs before connecting with a Shining Wizard. Hero looks ready to fight off all comers when he turns around.


3broken up!

MW: Lex Hart stopped Max becoming interim champion again there.

Max gets up quickly and elbows Lex in the chin before grabbing hold of his arm and whipping him across the ring and into the corner. Lex smashes into it and before he can fall forward, Max spears him into the corner. Lex slumps down and Max starts stomping on him, Enforcer comes running at Max and takes him down with a double axe handle to the back of his head. Enforcer grabs hold of Max and lifts him up, Enforcer looks ready to hit him with a huge piledriver, when GDC comes running across the ring.



Just as Enforcer smashes Max’s head into the mat, GDC comes flying across the ring and connects with the thunderous clothesline taking Enforcer out. GDC goes to pin Enforcer.

3broken up!

RJ: Lex Hart has once again broken up a pin attempt.

MW: There are just 12 minutes left for somebody to make another pin, or Hero is leaving Let it Rock a 7 time World Champion.

GDC stands up furious and goes to kick Lex, but he ducks underneath it and kicks GDC in the mid-section, and connects with a Canadian Destroyer! Lex grabs hold of Enforcer’s legs and puts him in a Figure Four Leglock, the crowd are booing Lex as he screams at Enforcer to tap. Enforcer is barely conscious enough to reach for the ropes, but his arms are weakly trying to grab at them. Lex puts in more pressure into the hold, almost snapping Enforcer’s legs. Enforcer can’t take anymore and starts slamming the mat desperately.

A: The NEW interim champion is....LEX HART!

RJ: Lex just made Enforcer tap, I can’t help but believe that is what a real champion would do.

MW: There are still 10 minutes left in this match for somebody to become the new 6WF World Champion.


RJ: Lex didn’t notice him!

A: The NEW interim champion is...CHRIS PATRICKS!

MW: Chris is so sneaky, he just pinned GDC as Lex had his back turned.

Chris groggily gets to his feet and Lex kicks him in the mid-section and connects with a Snap DDT. Lex starts punching Chris Patricks in the face furiously before he gets back to his feet, Max is getting back to his feet and Lex charges at him connecting with a clothesline, but Max reverses it into an STO. Lex is taken down and Max punches the mat. Max walks over to Hero and lifts him up, he lifts him onto his shoulders and goes for a Cyclone, but Hero manages to get out of Max’s grip and lands on his feet. Max turns around and Hero connects with a superkick.

RJ: Even after the beatings he has taken, Hero is still on top form.

MW: That’s why he thinks he is God.

Chris comes behind Hero and grabs hold of him, going for an Enigma Bomb, but Hero manages to reverse it into a Tornado DDT. Hero goes for the pin.

3kick out!

RJ: Hero is desperate to get a pin here.

MW: At the moment Chris Patricks is going to be world champion, and there are just 7 minutes left for something to change.

Hero turns around and GDC charges at him, but Hero ducks underneath his stretched arm and when GDC turns around again Hero kicks him.



MW: Hero! Hero! Herrroooo!

A: The NEW interim champion is....HERRROOOOO!

RJ: 5 minutes left and Hero has just become our interim champion, what an opportunity.

MW: Hero is going to put everything on the line to defend this now.

Lex Hart runs and bounces off the ropes, he takes Hero down with a clothesline, but Hero jumps up again immediately, Hero grabs hold of Lex and whips him into the corner. Lex stops himself crashing into the turnbuckles, holding onto the ropes. Hero is about to walk over to Lex, but Max comes flying across and connects with a viscous bicycle kick! Max turns around and goes to grab Lex, but the world champion slips out of his grip and knees Max in the back. Adamson falls to his knees and Lex grabs hold of his head and puts him in a sleeper hold. Chris comes behind them both and goes for a drop kick to Lex’s back, he reacts to fast though and throws Max into Chris’ way.

RJ: Chris runs at Lex!



A: The NEW interim champion is.....LEX HART!


MW: Lex Hart is set to retain, there are just 2 minutes left of this match.

Max groggily gets back to his feet but Lex runs at him and knees him to the ground, Lex starts kicking Max repeatedly in his ribs, before dragging him towards the corner and pushing him into the ring ropes. Lex lifts up Max and connects with a gutwrench suplex. Lex turns around and manages to dodge a Hero superkick, Hero runs and bounces off of the ropes running at Lex he connects with a crossbody, taking him down. Lex jumps up straight away and Hero tries to kick him but Lex catches his foot, Hero turns around and connects with a kick to his chest with his other foot.

RJ: They’re all running out of time.

MW: Hero is really going for it though.

Lex groggily gets back to his feet and Hero kicks him in the mid-section.


MW: Is this is it?! 4 seconds left!



RJ: Who won?! The time ran out.

A: The winner of this Time Attack match and.........STILL WORLD CHAMPION.....LEXXXX HARRRRTTT!!!!!!

MW: Time ran out just as Hero was pinning Lex Hart, we will never know whether Lex would have been pinned then, it doesn’t matter. Lex Hart was interim champion at the end of the match so has beat the odds and retained in this match.

RJ: What a spectacular ending to the show, Hero has stormed off, and I don’t think Lex Hart is even aware what happened. We’ll see you all on Thursday when we will get all the fallout from Let it Rock!

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