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 Liberation Results (03/04)

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PostSubject: Liberation Results (03/04)   Liberation Results (03/04) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:04 pm

Michael Wire : Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to Thursday Night Lockdown’s 2nd Pay Per View. Tonight we have Hardcore and European title matches, we have a Fresher’s Ball match, Diablo and River Ace will face off in a ladder match and for one of them it will be the last time and we have a 7 man, Time Attack title match. Is there anywhere else you’d rather be tonight other than here at 6WF/TAW Liberation? The world has not seen an event like this yet…I’m on fire!

(Liberation’s titles roll over Lacuna Coil’s “Enjoy the Silence”, then a huge array of coloured fireworks, pyros and smoke fill the arena)

MATCH 1 : Fresher’s Ball Match.
Brian Fantana vs Cruz vs Hobo vs Gary Johnson

Wire : Here is our first match this evening, and folks we are going to get a glimpse of four of the hottest new prospects in 6WF in a Fresher’s Ball match. 4 new guys all competing for a golden ticket to any match they like….1 pin….1 ticket. Here is Brian Fantana.

Brian Fantana is the first to make his way to the ring. He salutes the crowd who are excited to see what the new guys have to offer. Cruz is next to make his way to the ring. He goes face to face with Fantana but the two men back away from each other, respecting the wishes of the intervening referee. The crowd give a warm reception as The Angel Gary Johnson strides to the ring looking determined. The three men exchange glances before they are cut off by the theme music from “The Littlest Hobo”. Hulkster runs to the ring and jumps in, nipping at Cruz’s ankles. Cruz gives the dog a little kick which prompts Hobo to run to the ring and take him to the ground. The ref calls for the bell with Hobo beating Cruz. The Angel takes an opportunity in the chaos to clothesline Fantana to the floor and apply a headlock. Hobo picks Cruz up to his feet and hits him with a swinging neckbreaker. He picks him up again and whips him into the ropes. Hobo readies himself for a backdrop but Cruz halts his run and DDT’s Hobo into the mat.
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PostSubject: Re: Liberation Results (03/04)   Liberation Results (03/04) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:06 pm

Fantana gets a foot on the rope and the ref breaks up Angel’s headlock. Fantana strikes quickly, leg sweeping Johnson to the ground before implementing an Indian Death lock. Angel winces but gets to the ropes. Fantana gets up quickly and rams Johnson’s face into the turnbuckle, then lands some toe kicks to The Angels mid-riff. Fantana lifts Gary Johnson up onto the top turnbuckle and prepares him for a superplex. The Angel blocks it and pushes Fantana off the turnbuckle to the floor. Johnson dives off the top rope to land a flying leg drop across Brian Fantana’s chest. Johnson cover for 1…2…..Cruz breaks it up with an elbow drop across Johnson’s back. Cruz picks Gary Johnson up and throws him through the middle ropes, headfirst into the security barriers on the outside. Cruz covers Fantana but only gets a 1 count. Cruz waits for Fantana to rise to his feet then hits him with an European Uppercut. Behind him Hobo gets to his feet and hits Cruz with a Bulldog. Hobo lifts Cruz back to his feet and lifts him into a Power bomb position. Fantana assists in Power bombing Cruz. Gary Johnson slides back into the ring and dropkicks Fantana in the back of the head. Hobo attempts a pin on Cruz but The Angel breaks it up after 1. Now Hobo and The Angel go at it. Hobo ducks a punch and hits a German Suplex. He covers him for a two count. Gary Johnson gets back to his feet and runs at Hobo to clothesline him. Hobo ducks again and hits a second German Suplex. 1…….2………Johnson kicks out again.

Wire : This Gary Johnson is made of strong stuff. Hobo can’t put him away for the golden ticket!

Brian Fantana gets back to his feet and attempts to get back into the action. He attempts a Backdrop on Hobo but Hobo counters and hits Fantana with an Inverted DDT. Gary Johnson suplexes the recovering Cruz and follows it over for a pin hooking the leg. 1…….2……….Cruz just kicks out of it. The Angel gets back to his feet and puts his hands on his knees stalking his prey, waiting for Cruz to rise. Hobo grabs The Angel from behind and attempts a third German suplex. Johnson slips out of it and pushes Hobo into the path of the rising Cruz. Cruz goes to catch him with a Spinning Heel Kick but Hobo ducks it. Cruz catches an unsuspecting Johnson with the kick as Hobo follows through with his run to the ropes. On the rebound he grabs Cruz by the waist and hits a German Suplex, holding him down with a bridge pin. 1…..2………..3!

Wire : Hobo has won the Fresher’s Ball and the Golden Ticket. Next week on Lockdown he can have any match he likes. What a performance from Hobo, greatly appreciated by this 6WF crowd.

MATCH 2 : 6WF Hardcore Title Match
Rock V2 vs Crime Lord vs Matt Lightning

Wire- Its time for the hardcore title match now folks, pitting the charismatic Matt Lightning versus Crime Lord and of course the champ Rock V2.

Matt Lightning and Crime Lord make their way to the ring and await their opponent, the peoples champ…Rocky.

Welding a kendo stick he bursts through the curtains down the ramp and into the ring…With multiple shots to each opponent he lets loose as they both scatter.

Both men in turn try to capitalize from behind on the champ but are met with the full force of the weapon. Crime Lord clambers under the ring and starts throwing weapons over the top rope and into in the ring. A bell, a chair, a trash can and lid, ladder and a bowling ball???????

While he’s doing this Matt Lightning manages to knock the kendo stick out of Rocky’s hand and has him reeling with multiple punches. He hits a drop kick on Rock sending him to the outside.

Lightning turns around and is struck with the trash can by Crime Lord knocking his fellow competitor to the floor. Crime Lord sets up the ladder in the corner and Irish whips Lightning into the steel. Matt crashes to the floor on impact. Rocky climbs to the top corner and pushes the ladder on Lightning, quickly following up with a frog splash on the human sandwich.

Wire - Oh my God…..Oh my God!

Crime Lord, capitalizing, pins Lightning whilst Rock recovers from the splash, but only gets a 2 count. Crime Lord quickly tries pinning Rocky but only manages the same. Crime Lord places a chair on Rocky’s face and plants leg drop after leg drop on his opponent, making blood stream from his nose.

He turns around and rolls Matt Lightning out of the ring over to the announcers table. He pummels him with a snap suplex to the floor and a couple of punches. He picks up a monitor and plants it on his opponent as he rolls on the announcers table. He signals to the crowd for a splash from the turnbuckle and heads to the top. As he reaches his destination Rocky interrupts him gaining the advantage, and sets him up.

Wire…Holy crap….he flipped bottomed him off the turn buckle on top of Lightning and through the table….Somebody call 999….get the EMT’s

After a couple of minutes Crime Lord makes it to his feet. He picks up Rocky’s limp body and rolls him into the ring. Blood is pouring from both men as the wood split open the Lord’s back.

Once both men are in the ring they exchange blows until Rocky gets the upper hand. He plants his opponent with a clothesline and sets the ladder up in the corner. He climbs up the apparatus but Crime Lord is right behind him. With Crime Lord’s gets his head between Rock V2’s legs and performs an Electric Chair Drop from the top on the Champion, hitting the trash can on the floor.

Wire - Both men are out….All three combatants are completely out of it…Wait…He’s got his arm over….he’s got the pin… 1……..2…………..3. We have a new champ….Crime Lord just pinned the champ…..I don’t think he’s even aware of this but we have a new champion. What a hardcore battle these three men just put on…this match will live long in the memory…but maybe not in the memory of those who took part!

BACKSTAGE : (Diablo and Trish are in the corridor outside their office)

Trish : You know, I’ve been reading up on the rules, and if neither you or River take the briefcase before the event goes off air, there is officially no loser. You could both stay.

Diablo : This again? Listen Trish this match is going ahead and I am getting rid of River Ace whether you support me or not. What’s wrong with you? Do you really want that creep hanging around us forever?

Trish : He’s a good guy…he means no harm. Who wouldn’t want to hang around with the Last of the Famous International Playboys?

Diablo : No…there is something more to him…something sinister. He needs to go. We are all powerful right now, and we can’t risk someone infiltrating us and risking our omnipotence. Which means you need to be with me on this! Are you?

(Trish puts a finger on his lips)

Trish : Maybe this will answer your question. (The fans wolf whistle as Trish kisses Diablo on the lips. She presses him against the wall and runs a finger down his chest). And I’ll show you how happy I am that you’re sticking around after you’ve won your match. (Diablo blushes) Now…I’m going out to win mine.

(Diablo can’t help but smile as she walks away towards the ring)
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PostSubject: Re: Liberation Results (03/04)   Liberation Results (03/04) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:06 pm

MATCH 3 : Trish Stratus vs Miss Jessica

“Somethin Kinda Ooooh” by Girls Aloud plays and the crowd wolf whistle and cheer as Trish Stratus appears on the stage. She sexily walks down the ramp.

Wire : Here’s the Commissionerette, and I just think she gave Diablo everything he’s ever dreamed about backstage…wow….

Trish waits in the ring for Anarchy’s music to play. Miss Jessica makes her way to the ring to an even greater cheer. The ladies face up to each other before Trish slaps Jessica. The ref splits them then calls for the bell. Miss Jessica dives at Trish and clotheslines her to the floor. Jessica mounts her and starts smashing her head into the mat. Trish reverses it and lands some slaps to Jessica’s face. The ref separates them again before Trish charges and hits a running neckbreaker. She covers Jessica for 1…….2……and Jessica kicks out. Trish whips Jessica into the ropes and lands a perfectly executed dropkick on her return, again getting down for the cover….1….2…..Jessica survives again. Trish picks Jessica up but Jessica counteracts with a Hurrancaranna pin…1…..2…..very near fall as Trish kicks out. Jessica now whips Trish into the ropes. On the rebound Trish baseball slides through Jessica’s legs. Trish hits her trademark bulldog and covers Jessica……1…….2……..

Wire : Would you believe it? Jessica just kicked out of the bulldog.

Jessica fights back and manages to scoop slam Trish, then she immediately wraps in a sharpshooter on the former WWE Women’s Champion. Trish squeals in agony as Jessica executes it perfectly.

Wire : Where did she learn that move? Trish would be a fool to underestimate Miss Jessica’s skills.

Trish crawls to the ropes and breaks the hold, but damage has been done. Trish slowly gets to her feet. Miss Jessica grabs her by her top and swings her to the other side of the ring, the top slips right off in Jessica’s hands, leaving Trish in just her bra. The crowd go wild for the new view. Trish hastily covers herself up but Jessica grabs her arms to whip her into the ropes. Trish again slides through Jessica’s legs and as Jessica spins around, meets her with a ferocious Chick Kick, sending Anarchy’s first lady into the corner. Trish takes to the apron and climbs the turnbuckle, then hits her top rope bulldog for the 1….2…..3.

Wire : Trish Stratus has won the battle folks, but I think this war will go on for some time. The rookie Jessica was more than impressive!

MATCH 4 : TAW European Title Match
Acer vs Real Dude

Wire : Its all action from here folks. Next up we’ve got the TAW European Title match between Acer and Real Dude, followed by two of the biggest matches in 6WF history. Diablo vs River Ace…somebody has got to go, then the 7….yes…..7 man World Title Time Attack match. This going to be huge.

Wire is cut off by “Scream, Aim, Fire” and the crowd are standing for the owner of 6WF, the TAW European Champion, Acer. Acer milks the reception when he gets to the ring, raising his title belt to all four corners of the crowd.

Real Dude’s music hits and the fans give another huge reception.

Wire : Real Dude won the number one contender match last month, and now he finally gets his chance to take the gold. He’s been telling us he can for weeks, we should be in for a great battle.

Real Dude hits the ring and stares at his opponent. The bell rings and they eye each other suspiciously, each waiting for the other to move. Acer offers the lock up which Real accepts. Acer overpowers his younger opponent and turns it into a hiptoss. Real charges back at him and Acer hits the floor. Real jumps over him and bounces off the ropes only to be met with a superkick from Acer.

Wire : Wow….this could be it already! 1…..2…..Real Dude just kicks out on 3. That was close.

Acer uses the early upper hand to take full control of the match. Acer lands a trio of snap suplexes, then an elbow drop and a leg drop. Acer covers for another 2 count. Acer picks up Real and runs him into the corner but Real lands a punch and overpowers the champion into the corner. Real takes the opportunity to land a few body chops to delighted “Woooooooh”’s from the crowd. Real puts all his weight behind whipping Acer to the other corner and Acer violently recoils before resting on the turnbuckle. Real roll-up pins him from the corner and narrowly misses a three count. Real climbs to the top rope and hits Acer with a missile dropkick. Again Real races for the cover, and again he gets a near two count. Real Dude picks Acer up and plants his back across his knee, flexing Acer’s back around his leg. Acer struggles as he is bent over backwards and Real hits another forearm chop across his exposed chest. The Dude picks Acer up again and whips him into the ropes. Real runs in the opposite direction and they both rebound, on a collision course. Real attempts a huge spear but Acer catches hold of him and lands a pile driver. Acer quickly covers for 1……..2……….

Wire : Unbelievable! How did Real Dude kick out of that?

Acer takes Real Dude back to the corner and sits him up on the top rope. Real seems out of it as Acer climbs with him, Acer steadies himself then leaps backwards, wrapping his legs around Real’s head for a top rope hurrancarrana. Just then Real gains a foothold and he powerbombs Acer to the mat below. Acer lies motionless as Real lands a frog-splash and covers……1……2…….3!

Wire : We have a new champion! Real Dude showed resilience and courage then finished Acer off with a sublime move. Real Dude is TAW European Champion!
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PostSubject: Re: Liberation Results (03/04)   Liberation Results (03/04) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:06 pm

MATCH 5 : Loser Leaves Town Ladder Match
Diablo vs River Ace

“Last of the Famous International Playboys” by Morrissey hits and Diablo stands determined on the stage, with Trish Stratus by his side.

Wire : Will this be the last time we see Diablo walking down this ramp? The stakes couldn’t get any higher folks. Diablo. River Ace. 1 Briefcase. The loser has to go…simple as that.

Diablo holds the ropes open for Trish to sassily climb through. They stand in the ring together and Diablo holds his arms aloft. Trish wraps herself around him and gives him a little kiss, then Diablo turns and stares at the briefcase above him, then to the stage, awaiting his opponent. Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” starts and River Ace cockily strides onto the stage, staring a hole through Diablo in the ring. River slowly makes his way to the ring as Trish slides out of the ring. Then Diablo baseball slides out of the ring and launches an attack on River Ace on the outside. Diablo spears River to the ground and unloads a flurry of punches. Then he picks River up and takes him back up the ramp, stopping halfway up to face buster him into the steel. Diablo mounts River and punches him some more before picking him up and taking him the rest of the way to the stage.

Wire : Have you ever seen this kind of intensity from Diablo? He looks like he wants to end River Ace’s career alright, but not by taking that briefcase!

Diablo picks River Ace up and hits a running spine buster on the stage, then proceeds to stomp attack River. Diablo disappears through the curtain and returns with a 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire. Diablo shouts to the crowd “SMW! SMW! SMW!” and they quickly chant back to him. Diablo awaits River to get to his feet then runs and hits him with the weapon, sending him crashing back to the floor. Diablo gets to the floor and grinds the barb wired timber across River’s forehead, busting him open quite severely.

Diablo : Do you think you can just be one of us boy? Do you think you can just do this boy? (He kicks him in the head)

Diablo grabs River Ace by the back of the neck and throws him down the steps next to the stage. River Ace rolls down them, completely dis-orientated he tries to get up but Diablo dives off the stage and hits River with a flying lariat smash. Diablo clears one of the tables at the side of the stage and goes to pick River up again. He sets him up for a power bomb but River overpowers it and backdrops Diablo through the table. River falls to the floor exhausted as Diablo lays amongst the debris. River gets up after a few moments and gathers his composure whilst waiting for Diablo to rise. River takes one of the monitors and as Diablo gets up he smashes it over his head, knocking Diablo right back down again. This time River applies his Texas Hold Em submission hold on Diablo who screams in agony with no ropes to break the hold. River keeps the hold locked on for about a minute before releasing it, happy that enough damage had been done. River takes hold of Diablo’s legs and pancake flips him into the concrete wall, then as Diablo waltzes, dazed and confused, River takes hold of him and runs his head into the steel security barriers. The fans in this section take turns to tag Diablo’s back affectionately. River rips a guy’s beer out of his hand and throws it at Diablo before stomping him in the ribs. The fan gets aggressive so River decides to climb the stairs to the stage. River picks up the barb wired timber and takes it to the ring. He throws it into the ring then crawls under the ring to retrieve the ladder. He Slides it into the ring and gets in himself to set it up. Diablo climbs over the barrier and makes his way through the crowd to get to the ring. River starts climbing the ladder as Diablo jumps the barrier and slides into the ring. Diablo pulls River Ace down by the pants then hits him with a neckbreaker. Diablo climbs to the middle rope an lands a knee drop into River’s shoulder then he applies a shoulder lock to attempt to immobilize Ace. River battles to his feet and manages to reverse the shoulder lock, turning into a wristlock of his own which he uses to pump handle slam the Commissioner.

Trish bangs on the mat, cheering on Diablo to get up as River takes to the top rope. As River attempts to land an elbow drop Diablo evades it, rolling out of the way. Diablo gets to his feet and picks up River who lands a few shots on Diablo abs. Diablo stops him by landing a quick toe kick to River’s before performing a gut wrench power bomb. Diablo takes his turn to climb the ladder, but he is unsure of his footing.

Wire : Don’t forget folks, that Nemesis chair shot years ago greatly affected Diablo’s balance. He’s going to need to stay focused just to climb this ladder tonight.

Diablo very slowly makes his way to the top rung and reaches for the briefcase. He has to keep reaching down to the ladder to steady his balance. River gets up and shakes the ladder and Diablo falls 12 feet on his back. River laughs as he whips Diablo into the corner then takes the ladder and rests it on Diablo’s torso. Then River runs and dropkicks the steel ladder straight into Diablo’s face, knocking him slumped into the corner. The ladder slips and the point rest between Diablo’s legs. River Ace chuckles again as he bounces off the ropes and baseball slides the ladder into Diablo’s groin. Diablo has to roll out of the ring to recuperate and River goes about setting up the ladder for an ascent at the briefcase. Trish sees to Diablo, placing a delicate hand on his shoulder as River climbs the ladder a lot faster than Diablo could manage. Diablo slides back into the ring and climbs the other side. The weight of Diablo makes the ladder unsteady and River can’t quite get the right moment to grab the briefcase and his first attempt sends it swinging. Diablo slowly joins River at the top of the ladder and they exchange a few punches. Diablo gains the upper hand and gains the leverage to sit on top of the ladder. He kicks River in the face a few times then puts him between his legs.


Diablo salutes the crowd then rapidly hits a Domi-Bomb from the top of the ladder. The force of the move makes Diablo lose his balance and he falls backwards off the ladder to the mat. Both men are clean out on the canvas, neither one is moving. Eventually Diablo is first to stir, but is soon followed by River Ace. They simultaneously get up and turn to face each other, River Ace explodes out of the blocks, kneeing Diablo in the stomach then lifting him up for the Poker-Plex. Diablo slides out of it and hits a second Domi-Bomb to a huge ovation.

Wire : DIABLO! DIABLO JUST HIT ANOTHER DOMI-BOMB! That has got to be it. These two have given everything, but Diablo is going to end River’s short 6WF career right here!

Diablo tests the ladder, obviously worried about his previous falls. He attempts to climb it a first time but he has to jump back down because the ladder has gained a small wobble in the conflict. Diablo calls Trish in the ring and asks her to steady the ladder. He starts to climb as Trish holds the bottom. Diablo reaches the top and reaches once missing it, Trish watches on and then hastily strikes him with a low blow. Diablo reels and crashes to the mat.


The crowd boo more ferociously than ever heard in a 6WF arena and Trish looks a little shocked at her own actions. River Ace slowly gets up, feeling the affects of two finishers from Diablo. He picks Diablo up and hits him with the Poker-Plex then starts to climb. He reaches the top.

Wire : No…Not like this….this is wrong! Wrong!

River unlatches the briefcase and jumps to the ground, cradling it in his arms as the bell rings. Trish gives him a hug from behind.

Wire : I cannot believe what has happened. Diablo is done! The last of the famous international playboys gave it his all, but its too late, he was screwed by that witch!

The crowd are going berserk at River and Trish, then break into “DI-AB-LO! DI-AB-LO!” River salutes the crowd with his middle finger then lifts Diablo into a full nelson. He barks at Trish who hits Diablo with a chick-kick sending him back to the floor. River Ace locks in a Texas Hold-Em on the fallen commissioner.

Wire : Oh come on! That’s enough! You’ve made your point! You’ve got what you want and I sure as hell hope it comes back to haunt you!

River picks Diablo up again and allows Trish to hit a second Chick Kick, this time sending Diablo into the corner. River picks up the barb wired timber and running, strikes it straight across Diablo’s head. River throws it to the floor and picks him up again. The crowd are bordering on violent as Trish gets ready to hit another Chick Kick. Out of nowhere, Miss Jessica slides in and spears Trish to the floor, slapping her repeatedly. From behind EZ Money strikes River Ace and then whips him into Hero who launches him out of the ring.

Wire : Anarchy are here! Anarchy….Diablo’s arch-enemies have seen enough!

Miss Jessica throws Trish over the top rope, aided by EZ and Hero leaning on it and the three Anarchy members stand over Diablo. EZ and Hero reach down and help a bloodied Diablo to his feet. River and Trish start backing away up the ramp, still proud of what they have achieved. EZ and Hero hold Diablo up as Miss Jessica gets a microphone from ringside.


EZ Money takes the microphone. Hero takes another.

EZ : Ladies and gentlemen…..YOUR LEGEND….




They raise Diablo’s hands as Morrissey’s “Last of the Famous International Playboys” plays. Diablo gives each of them a firm handshake and a man hug. The crowd give a standing ovation to the fallen commissioner as Hero and EZ hold the ropes open for him to leave. Miss Jessica gives him a kiss on the cheek as he walks the ramp alone, saluting and clapping the fans.

(Well that’s it guys. Sorry to put this mid-event but I think it’s the right place to do it. I’ve gone and gotten myself a new job (not as creative director of WWE unfortunately) so it does mean I have to give up 6WF. I’ve had so much fun doing this and I’m genuinely thrilled that it has lasted so long where everything else has come and gone. Thanks to everyone who takes part, you’re all great people and make it so easy to write and be creative. Special thanks to King of King Owls who started this crazy ride, Acer who kept it going so well, and allowed me to take on my own show, and also VillaRule/EZ Money. Without that initial title feud with you I wouldn’t have got hooked on 6WF. Also thanks John Gillespie/Nemesis, you gave me a storyline that has lasted about 4 months, its been fun. But in all sincerity, Thank you everyone. I really hope this isn’t indefinite, and I’ll be able to come back at some point, and maybe even win my first title, but I need to see what my new employers are like, and nail down my new role first. Take care guys)
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PostSubject: Re: Liberation Results (03/04)   Liberation Results (03/04) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:07 pm

Main Event :
TAW World Heavyweight Title Time Attack Match
Nemesis vs The Saint vs GWC vs Hero vs EZ Money vs Randy Peeper vs Finlay

Wire : Here we go folks. The most exciting main event in Thursday Night Lockdown’s history. Seven Men…. Sixty Minutes… No Disqualifications… the title can change hands any number of times… the person with the title at 60 minutes is new TAW World Heavyweight Champion! And here is our champion… The Monster… Nemesis!

Nemesis stalks to the ring and holds his TAW Title aloft to a chorus of boos. He stands in the ring awaiting his 6 opponents as “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” plays and Randy Peeper makes his way to the ring. Randy and Nemesis stand toe to toe, staring each other out.

Wire : The atmosphere is electric….this is just two of them!

Wire is cut off by Hero’s fanfare, flickering lights, billowing smoke and “Anarchy in the UK”. The 6WF Champion strolls to the ring and waits outside as “Here Comes the Money” starts. EZ strolls to the ring too, joining Hero on the outside, they tag hands and slide into the ring simultaneously.

Wire : You have to believe that Anarchy are going to utilize strength in numbers in this match, and if they do, we could have an Undisputed 6WF Champion. Here’s the Irishman…he gained entry to this match by beating Diablo for a very impressive third time in a row!

Finlay walks to the ring calmly to a very warm reception, the fans are ecstatic to see Finlay get his shot at the TAW title. He’s followed by another Irishman as GWC makes his way to the ring. The Irishmen give each other a nod and climb into the ring.

Wire : Oh my…it looks as though the Irishman are on the same page too tonight. What was Trish thinking by throwing Nemesis into this match alone? Though after her disgraceful actions tonight, who knows what her grand plan is. We have six men in the ring, and there is one big animal to come.

The crowd erupt as The Saint appears on the stage. The Saint salutes the crowd then makes his signal for the Divine Force. The Saint runs to the ring, enthusiastic to get on with the action and the seven men all find a standing point, all looking focused. Anarchy immediately turn to stare at Nemesis. Then GWC and Finlay do the same. Peeper follows suit and stares at the champion. Finally The Saint who has been looking at the canvas, slowly raises his head to stare at Nemesis, he cracks a smile and makes another Divine Force sign. The titantron transforms to a giant timer with 60 : 00 displayed and everyone eagerly awaits the klaxon.

60 MINS : Hero, EZ, GWC, Finlay and Peeper explode out of the blocks and head straight for Nemesis. The Saint watches on as they all take turns to beat down the champion. Hero and EZ Money hit the first big offensive as they hit Nemesis with a 3D. Finlay quickly seizes the advantage and covers Nemesis. He doesn’t even get a 1 count before EZ rips him up off the champ and whips him into the ropes. As he comes back EZ and Hero hit a double flapjack, gaining huge elevation on the Irishman. GWC comes to his aid and whips EZ into the corner, unloading a few Irish fists on the former 6WF Champion. Peeper is left to stomp down Nemesis in the corner as Hero and Finlay scrap in another. The Saint takes this as his time to get involved. Saint grabs the back of Peeper’s neck and hits him with an inverted DDT, then he lifts Nemesis from his slumped position in the corner to work on his ribs with some shots to his sides. Nemesis gets an eye poke in and tries to hit The Saint with a big boot. The Saint ducks it and smashes Nemesis with a clothesline.

55 MINS : Hero and EZ have gained the upper hand over the two Irishmen launching them simultaneously over the top rope. Randy Peeper and The Saint have forged an alliance to work on Nemesis. Hero and EZ make their way over to the battle but instead of helping beat down the Champion they attack Peeper and Saint. The Saint grabs EZ by the throat but Hero chop blocks him to the floor. EZ lands a leg drop across his chest as Peeper whips Hero into the ropes. Peeper positions himself to backdrop Hero, but the 6WF champ leapfrogs it, then springboards himself off the middle rope to spinning heel kick Peeper. Hero joins EZ and they double whip Saint into the ropes, sending him cart wheeling over the top to the floor. EZ and Hero repeat the move on Randy leaving them in the ring with the champ.

50 MINS : On the outside Finlay grabs a steel chair. He stalks The Saint who is brawling with GWC. As GWC lands a big haymaker sending The Saint reeling, Finlay swings and takes out the big man, busting the back of his head open. GWC goes to whip Saint into the steel steps but Randy Peeper breaks it with a fly kick to GWC’s chest. GWC crouches to the floor clutching his heart and Peeper runs to spear Finlay. Peeper doesn’t see the chair behind Finlay’s back and Finlay swings it like a baseball bat, connecting fully with Peepers forehead knocking him clean out. In the ring Hero and EZ are stretching Nemesis like a doll. Hero has a figure four leg lock applied whilst EZ locks in an arm bar on the champ who is clearly in agony. In applying the hold Hero is slightly leaning over the edge of the apron. Finlay sees an opportunity to eliminate an opponent and connects with his chair across Hero’s cranium who releases the hold immediately. Hero lies on the mat out cold and Nemesis breaks free of the arm bar, rolling out of the ring to recuperate. Finlay enters the ring chair in hand and attempts to smash EZ across the head with it. EZ smartly ducks and grabs Finlay from behind. EZ runs Finlay into the corner and the chair rebounds off the turnbuckle into Finlay’s face. EZ is left standing in the ring and he calls for the fans to start chanting “EZ…EZ….EZ….” As he turns around to the opposite section of the crowd, Nemesis is there. He grabs EZ by the throat. EZ hits a low blow with his foot and immediately follows up with an Ace Crusher. The ref gets down 1…..2……….3.

Wire : EZ Money just pinned Nemesis for the title. That ten minutes of ceaseless beatings incurred by the champ has taken its toll. EZ is now “it”.

40 MINS : The Saint has recovered on the outside and is battling with Hero. The two men sluggishly exchange punches before Hero hits a high knee to Saints face knocking him to the floor. The Hero jumps up onto the apron. In the ring GWC is taking the game to EZ but he breaks away to bounce Hero off the apron and send him crashing into the commentary desk. GWC narrowly evades a clothesline from EZ, and leg sweeps him into a hangman position on the bottom rope. The Saint plants a forearm across EZ’s head from the outside, choking him on the rope, then GWC lands a leg drop. EZ recoils away from the rope clutching his neck. The Saint returns to Hero who is getting to his feet and without hesitation he hits a Divine Force straight through Michael Wire’s table. Finlay is recovered in the ring and he helps GWC pick up EZ and whip him to the ropes. On the rebound Finlay hits a Spine buster followed up by a leg drop from GWC. Finlay’s leg is grabbed from the outside by Peeper who then jumps up onto the apron and suplexes Finlay over the top rope. Peeper gets into the ring himself and GWC drop kicks him into the corner. Then GWC grabs the discarded chair and running leg drops it into Randy’s face. As he turns around proud of his damage, EZ kicks the chair out of GWC’s hands and DDT’s him onto it.

30 MINS : Hero lies in the carnage of a broken commentary desk. Randy Peeper is slumped in the corner of the ring busted open. Finlay is recovering on the outside. The Saint and Nemesis are stalking each other from opposite side on the outside of the ring, each waiting for the other to make the first move. GWC is laid out in the middle of the ring and EZ is surveying the chaos around him, comfortable as the current title holder but wary of attacks from all fronts. Nemesis and The Saint dive into the ring at the same time then stare at each other some more. EZ bounces off the ropes and attempts to clothesline the two of them at the same time, but their body mass is to great and they absorb the hit, slowly turning to face him. They both grab EZ’s throat and double choke slam him into the mat. Then Nemesis immediately turns his attention to The Saint. Nemesis hits him with a Lou Thesz press and lands a few punches after before The Saint overpowers and hits a few more. The Saint is overpowered himself and the cycle continues, each landing a few strikes each time. Finlay sees his chance and sneakily slides into the ring. He tip-toes to where EZ is lying and covers him. 1……2………3. Saint and Nemesis realize too late, but Nemesis lands an elbow drop across the back of Finlay just after the count. Saint joins Nemesis in playing punch tennis with Finlay before Nemesis scoops Finlay up and hits the Death Wish. Nemesis covers but The Saint doesn’t allow him to take the title, breaking it at 1. Their battle continues as Nemesis whips Saint into the corner, and lands a huge clothesline. Then Nemesis lifts Saint up onto the turnbuckle and hits him with a superplex. Nemesis takes the chance to cover Finlay 1……2……..And Randy Peeper breaks it.

20 MINS : Randy and Nemesis battle it out now and Nemesis whips Peeper into the ropes. Peeper hooks himself onto the rope and Nemesis follows up with a powerful clothesline that sends them both to the outside. Hero has recovered and has made his way back into the ring where he is slugging it with The Saint. EZ joins in and the Anarchists soften up the biggest man in the ring. This leaves the two Irishmen who started on the same page. GWC decides that now is the time to turn and he lands a Double Arm DDT on the recovering and stumbling Finlay. GWC covers and gets a 2 count before Finlay gets a foot on the bottom rope. GWC angrily hooks the leg away and pins again, again gaining a 2 count before Finlay kicks out proper. GWC lifts Finlay to his feet then hits him with a Fireman’s carry. EZ jumps up onto the top turnbuckle and Hero lifts The Saint up to him. EZ is going to hit the top rope power bomb but Saint gains a footing and instead replies with a top rope hurrancarrana. Hero quickly tries to regain the initiative but The Saint is on a roll and he running power slams the 6WF champion. Nemesis pile drivers Randy on the outside and gets to his feet. He attempts to climb into the ring but Saint uses EZ as a projectile to throw at Nemesis. Both men crash into the floor. Saint turns around and is faced with GWC flying through the air at him. Saint catches GWC in mid flight and fall away slams him to the outside. Saint stalks the current champion Finlay and waits for him to rise. As he does Saint hits him with the Divine Force. 1…..2…..Hero breaks the pin from behind. Saint gets up to hit Hero but the 6WF champion moves to quick, ducking then hitting a Canadian Destroyer. Hero climbs to the top rope and lands a moonsault on Finlay….1……2……3!

Wire : Hero is the current target now. If he can hold on for 10 more minutes he will be the Undisputed Champion for a 2nd time!

10 MINS : Randy Peeper climbs under the ring and emerges with a table which he slides into the ring. He sets it up just as Hero attacks him. Hero leans Randy across the table and lands a few forearm chops across his chest. Nemesis climbs under the ring and comes out with a table of his own. He also climbs in the ring to set it up. GWC strikes Nemesis and whips him into the corner. Nemesis replies with an elbow t the side of GWC’s face. Finlay grabs his chair again and plants it across GWC’s back. As Finlay turns around, EZ Money launches himself onto the top rope and tornado DDT’s the Irishman. The Saint and EZ Money are fighting on the outside. Saint whips EZ into the ring post and rolls him into the ring. Saint climbs up onto the turnbuckle and double axe handle smashes EZ as he gets up. Randy Peeper lands some quick kicks on Hero and lays him across the table. Randy climbs to the top turnbuckle and signals for an elbow drop. Hero rolls off the table and runs at the ropes. Rebounding off them he uses the table for leverage and hits Randy off the top with a shining wizard. Randy falls to the outside into the barriers. GWC has rolled to the outside where he collects some handcuffs from a suspicious looking fan. He trips Finlay up from the outside and sets about handcuffing him to the ring post. Finlay is helplessly tied to the post and GWC takes advantage. He collects the ring bell and goes to strike Finlay. Hero sees the injustice from his perch on the turnbuckle and he dropkicks the ring bell into GWC’s face.

5 MINS : With GWC and Randy Peeper clean out on the outside and Finlay left handcuffed to the ring post, it leaves Hero trying to survive against Nemesis, Saint and EZ Money in the final 5 minutes. The Saint starts the offensive on Hero but EZ is quick to protect his partner, landing a pump handle slam on the big man. Nemesis stands off as Anarchy take apart The Saint. EZ picks up the Saint and hits him with a Sidewalk Slam. When he tries to pick him up again, The Saint locks in vicious crossface chickenwing, shaking the life out of EZ. Hero tries to break it but Nemesis grabs his leg, taking him over and then booting him in he kneecap. Nemesis does it again then applies a leg lock on Hero. Nemesis and Hero release their holds and stare at each other, going toe to toe. Nemesis says something to Saint and Saint nods, understanding the message loud and clear. The timer reads 01 : 25 as Saint and Nemesis turn to EZ and Hero respectively. Then they both power bomb the Anarchists through the tables. Nemesis covers Hero….1…..2…..3! Almost immediately The Saint attacks with quick punches then he slides through Nemesis’ legs and quickly utilizes a backslide pin….1…..2…….3.


Nemesis kicks out after 3 with the timer at 00 : 18. Nemesis immediately whips The Saint into the ropes and GWC lands a sharp elbow in the Saint’s back from outside as he rebounds. Nemesis hits the quickest Death Wish ever seen and the ref counts……1……2…….3 at 00 : 04.

Wire : Nemesis…Nemesis has come through it all to reclaim his TAW World Heavyweight Title….what a match…what a champion!

The final klaxon sounds and Nemesis is declared the winner. Nemesis drops to his knees as he is handed the belt. Nemesis points to the back and mouths Diablo then raises his title. GWC looks on from the outside and nods to Nemesis.

Wire : Was that last act from GWC the agreement between him and Diablo? Was Diablo’s last act in 6WF to secure the TAW Title for Nemesis, or does GWC just spite his ex tag partner that much? I can’t wait for Monday Night Shutdown…Its going to be huge! Goodnight folks…
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Liberation Results (03/04)
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