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 Against The Wall (14/08)

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PostSubject: Against The Wall (14/08)   Against The Wall (14/08) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 8:58 am

"Rest in pieces" blares out through the speakers as 6CWF Against The Wall goes live to air at the Manchester Evening News Arena.Red and Blue pyro's go off at the top of the stage in an explosion of sound before the camera pans around the arena to show various signs:


*The camera then goes to the commentary desk...

RJ:Ladies and Gentleman good evening and welcome to 6CWF Against The Wall, we are live on Eurosport and Eurosport HD and broadcasting from the Manchester Evening News Arenea.There is one hell of an atmosphere in here tonight.I'm RJ and this is my broadcast colleague Michael Wire...

MW:Good evening to all of you folks tuned in at home, and what a show we have in store for you tonight including this crowd's undoubted favourite tonight The Saint facing off against Blue Dragon,pitting Manchester vs Liverpool.

RJ:No doubt whose side the crowd will be on! We also have all of the 6WF titles on the line tonight, including a massive rematch between Rapture and Longinus for the freeweight title.

MW:And in our Main Event Hero defends the undisputed title against Perfect Jack, whilst tonight we will also discover who their N01 contender will be.

RJ:And we are joined by some famous faces tonight...

*Micah Richards,Shaun Wright-Phillips and a confused looking Sergio Aguero are shown, as is Michael Owen sat further away with a sign of his own;

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PostSubject: Re: Against The Wall (14/08)   Against The Wall (14/08) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 9:01 am

*Against The Wall goes to the backstage area for the first time in the evening, where Logan Kincade is stood alongside Clarissa. The Crowd pop...

Clarissa: Logan...just moments away from your Pay Per View debut in 6CWF...How are you feeling?

Kincade: Clarissa, I would be lying I said I wasn’t nervous. But it’s good nerves you know, I’m pumped up and I can’t wait to get out to that ring and deal out some blind justice to Jason Young.

Clarissa: Speaking of Young, what are your thoughts on him?

Kincade: Jason Young is what is wrong in this world Clarissa, he is a villain. He is a man who is rotten to the core, he has no morals, no ethics, he is just a sick individual. I will deal him a hand of justice tonight, I will protect the 6CWF from his evil ways.

*Jason Young walks into picture...

Young: By god, you don’t half talk some crap Kincade! There is no such thing as a villain, there is no such thing as good or evil the only similar thing that exists is those who are powerful and those too weak to claim power. I fall into the first category and you fall into the 2nd.

Kincade: I am not weak Young, far from it. I am a hero to these people, a beacon of light in these dark times, I am a vigilante who will dish out justice when and where I see fit. And it starts with you Jason Young.

Young: You know what, I admire you Kincade. I admire the fact you can walk out around here and actually believe you are some kind of super-hero. But I urge you to listen to me when I tell you are weak, because all super-hero’s are weak. That’s why they’re forced to hide behind masks because they are scared of the repercussions of any actions they make, and if you make one wrong move in that ring tonight...There will be no hiding place, the fame destroyer will do what he does best! Logan, the good guy never wins.

Kincade: He will tonight.

*Young and Kincade stare down as the camera’s head back to ringside.
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PostSubject: Re: Against The Wall (14/08)   Against The Wall (14/08) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 9:01 am

RJ: Up first here at Against The Wall, we see 6WF’s two newest stars squaring off against each other.

MW: Jason Young and Logan Kincade faced each other on the final Lockdown before this Pay Per View, a match in which Kincade came victorious.

RJ: However, at our supershow with 6CW Jason Young got some revenge by pinning Kincade in a tag team match-up.

MW: So this is the final match in the series, I am intrigued to see who will come out on top as whoever does will have bragging rights and be in a position to manoeuvre themselves up the card.

“Master of puppets” blares out through the speakers, and as the music fully kicks in Logan Kincade walks out, he strikes a super-hero pose before walking down to the ring slowly, sliding in.

RJ: Kincade is one hell of an athlete for such a big guy, but Young isn’t exactly a midget. It will be a battle of strength in that ring tonight.

“Inside the fire” hits and slowly, Jason Young walks out onto the ramp. He is holding his head, shaking it side to side. Some fans extent their hands but he ignores them, the crowd boo him loudly as he steps into the ring.

MW: Look at this guy, he is the real deal. He doesn’t pretend that he is some sort of super-hero, he just gets into the ring and kicks ass!

RJ: We’ll see shall we.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Logan Kincade and Jason Young lock up. Young is placed into a side headlock by Kincade, but Young counters this by whipping Kincade into the ropes. Immediately the super-hero takes flight springboarding back for a clothesline but Young counters by drilling a vicious boot into the head. Kincade slumps down to the canvas and the cover is made by Jason Young.

Ref:1 ............2.....Kick out!

Kincade powers out, Young waits for him to rise before casually throwing him down with a suplex. Young keeps the hold locked in, he drags up Kincade and this time hits him with a face-first suplex, the crowd boo Young loudly as he runs off the ropes hitting a vicious boot into the gut! He drags Kincade away from the ropes before covering...

Ref: 1................2.............Kick out!

Young rises to his feet angrily, and hits a hard boot down on the head of Kincade before pulling back towards the corner where he viciously drives knees up into the stomach. Kincade shoves him away but Young walks straight back forward and cracks a massive uppercut into the chin of Kincade who stumbles forward straight into a side-slam! Young hooks the leg.

MW: Kincade hasn’t even got a look-in yet!

Ref: 1.............2.........Kick out!

Again the shoulder is driven up by Kincade, Jason Young lifts up Kincade and whips him out across the ring nailing a spinebuster. He drags up Kincade and goes for a DDT but Logan Kincade manages to reverse with a suplex. Young scrambles back into the corner but Kincade runs over and punches down on his head repeatedly until the referee drags him away from the corner. Young rises to his feet and stumbles to the centre of the ring and Kincade bounces off the ropes flying through the air hitting a flying forearm smash.

There is no possibility of a cover, so Kincade has Young into a side headlock, Jason Young drives up to a vertical base and whips Logan Kincade across the ring towards the corner where he uses the ropes to counter with a crossbody block! The crowd cheer as Kincade kips up onto his feet and stands in the corner, waiting for Young to rise before firing in a vicious superkick and Young’s neck snaps back.

Ref: 1............2.........Kick out!

RJ: Clever tactics here by Kincade, with the armbar applied it allows things to calm down a bit.

The Captain has the armbar synched in firmly on Young, he then boots away on the shoulder as well for added impact.

MW: Additionally, RJ taking out the arms of Young limits his ability to execute his power-based offence.

Finally Kincade drags Young up to his feet before driving him down with a clothesline. He lifts up Young and hits a 2nd clothesline, this time he releases but Young rises to his feet somewhat unwisely and Kincade connects with a discus clothesline! The crowd cheer as he bounces off the ropes and flies through the air landing a big splash.

Ref: 1.............2........Kick out!

Young powers out of the pinfall predicament, The Captain quickly attempts to place Young into the walls of Jericho but he is booted away. Young gets to his feet and runs at Kincade who counters with a flapjack dropping Young down throat-first across the top rope. Logan Kincade then goes up to the top rope...

RJ: What’s he got lined up here...




Kincade rises to his feet and does a superman pose before covering.

Ref: 1............2................Kick out!

RJ: Young just doesn’t seem to be able to stop this momentum being built up by Kincade.

Kincade lifts up Young and whips him out across the ring...

RJ: Sleeper Hold locked in, setting up for the blind justice.

Logan Kincade has the submission locked in, he is covering the eyes of Young and immediately he starts to fade. Just as it looks like Young will be counted out by the ref, he discovers enough energy to lift up right boot.


The bell immediately rings for the disqualification but Young doesn’t seem to care, he drags Kincade to the corner and sits him on the top rope. Young then goes to the apron, and up to the top rope himself.

MW: A chokeslam from the top rope, I believe he calls that the go to hell.

*Young stands in the middle of the ring with loud boos echoing around the arena.
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PostSubject: Re: Against The Wall (14/08)   Against The Wall (14/08) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 9:02 am

*James Eagle is shown walking down the corridor in the backstage area where he approaches Big Al Lustley who jolts around.

James Eagle: You know I’d buy you some new ring attire if you asked, because god knows this is a hideous and disgusting sight for me.

Big Al: You’re the only who thinks that Eagle, Clarissa seems to love this attire and that saucy little interviewer from 6CW...but you know, I don’t want to spoil things for you when you finally get a chance with a woman...

James Eagle: I have plenty of women...

Big Al: You’re didn’t let me finish James, I was going to say when you finally get a chance with a woman you didn’t have to pay for. You’re very eager James, those women probably said that to.

James Eagle: You disgust me Lustley, how anyone can take you seriously in this company let alone give you a title shot is beyond me.

Big Al: Well let me tell you something Eagle, you disgust me. Not because of the way you look or dress, because you use your money to make up for your short-comings. You couldn’t beat me in a one on one competition, but you can beat me in terms of money. My old industry was enjoyable but the pay package was less so. You’ve made money, fair play to you, but only a coward would use that to get into a match. You should have taken the defeat on the chin and worked your way back-up, rather than going to Danny McGraw tail between your legs and briefcase in your arms.

James Eagle: Jealousy is not a pretty thing Al, especially when it gets in the way of cold hard facts. You see if it wasn’t for Scorpion distracting me on Lockdown, this would be a one on one match. If it wasn’t for Scorpion stealing a victory from me two pay per views in a row, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Scorpion is the man you should be blaming, he is the man I am blaming for holding me back, and tonight I intend to win what is rightfully mine. Now you think about the offer...

*Eagle walks off down the corridor leaving Al seething.
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PostSubject: Re: Against The Wall (14/08)   Against The Wall (14/08) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 9:03 am

Match 2
Hardcore Title
The Scorpion (c) vs. Big Al Lustley vs. James Eagle

RJ: Welcome back 6WF and 6CWF fans, we’ve already had one match tonight, and now we have our second. I always love these kinds of matches as you never know whether in a year time this will be the main event of one of our PPVs.

MW: If Al Lustley ever ends up in a 6CWF Main Event I think it’s time we call it a day to be honest. I can’t choose whose going to win in this match; Scorpion or Eagle.

RJ: I wouldn’t rule out Lustley too soon, he’s had an impressive start in 6WF and we all know how he likes it hardcore!

MW: Oh, you’re disgusting!

“Burn Burn” by The Lost Prophets fills the arena and the crowd boo as James Eagle struts out, he has a towel over his neck and looks really cocky. He is holding a briefcase and he walks up to some of the fans and opens it, showing them piles and piles of cash before snapping the briefcase shut and laughing. ‘The Golden One’ lays the briefcase by ring-side and slides underneath the bottom rope; he climbs up to the top rope and beats his chest.

RJ: James Eagle is still searching for that elusive first championship, but you have to think he’s not far away from it. It’s just a shame that he could have had ‘that’ moment with the fans had he not let his money and ego get to him.

MW: James Eagle has finally got rid of the baggage that has held him back so far; the fans. He knows he is fighting for himself now and that will allow him to be a lot more focused.

The lights turn down a bit, and there is now a red tint to all the lights. “Kiss” by Prince starts to play and the crowd give a big cheer, Big Al Lustley swaggers out from behind the curtain, swinging his hips as he walks. He is holding a pair of handcuffs in his right hand, and he raises it in the air and the crowd give a big cheer. Al blows kisses to some of the ladies in the crowd, Lustley slithers under the bottom rope as he gets into the ring; he handcuffs one end of the handcuffs to the top rope and then climbs to the top rope raising his arms.

RJ: Big Al Lustley has had a great start here in 6CWF, and will be eager to continue his good start with a title win here tonight. Remember there are no disqualifications here, no countouts; you can win by submission or pinfall, anywhere.

MW: He makes me feel sick every single time he walks out. Everything about him is disgusting, his attitude to women, that horrible chest hair, his in-ring prowess.

RJ: His attitude to women?! I saw you trying to chat up a woman outside, and your pick-up line was to squeeze her <censored>!

MW: Shut up you.

“I won’t do what you tell me” blasts out and the crowd give a mixed reaction, mainly boos with a small group of fans cheering for The Scorpion. He walks out the Hardcore Championship over his shoulder, he walks cockily down the ramp as the crowd jeer him either side of him, one person with a Scor-Peon shirt on is going wild for him, The Scorpion just ignores him completely. The Scorpion climbs up the stairs and gets into the ring.

RJ: Well both Eagle and Lustley brought their own personal weapons, I assume, to the ring, but what has The Scorpion brought?

MW: The Championship RJ! Those title belts are made out of solid metal, a head-shot with one of those is going to hurt!

Scorpion hands the title over to the referee who splits the three men up and raises the title in the air...


Scorpion immediately slides out of the ring, Eagle looks at him confused and this gives Big Al the opportunity and he smashes into James Eagle knocking him down, The Scorpion is outside of the ring rooting underneath the ring. Big Al drags Eagle back to his feet and whips him across the ring, but Eagle jumps up on to the top rope and flips off, Al manages to catch James Eagle in mid-air and slams him down onto his knee, he grabs James Eagle and puts him in a regal stretch. Scorpion comes behind Al, with a steel chair and cracks it over the back of his head.

RJ: Ouch! The weapons are already involved.

Scorpion grabs hold of James Eagle and whips him into the ropes, when ‘The Golden One’ comes running back, he lifts up the chair.


MW: Wow! James Eagle with a spinning heel kick, smashing the chair into Scorpion’s face!

RJ: Right now I bet Scorpion is regretting bringing that chair into the equation!

James lifts up Big Al Lustley, and whips him into the ropes, when he comes running back, he connects with a quick inverted Suplex, using Al’s own momentum to connect with the move, Eagle rolls Lustley over and lays his arm across his chest for the pin.


Scorpion breaks the pin up and pulls Eagle off of Al, and lifts him up, Scorpion connects with a series of punches to his mid-section and then connects with a European uppercut, he grabs hold of Eagle and throws him out of the ring. Scorpion takes a run up and then as he is about go flying out of the ring, Big Al grabs hold of him, he stands by the edge of the ring and connects with a huge belly to belly suplex, throwing Scorpion out of the ring, and he lands hard on top of James Eagle who was just getting back to his feet. The crowd are cheering, and Scorpion and James Eagle are both starting to get up outside of the ring, Big Al charges at the ring ropes.


MW: Big Al just took out both men and himself!

Big Al is the first up outside of the ring and he pulls out a few steel chairs from underneath the ring as well as a table, he finally pulls out a kendo stick. The Scorpion starts to get back to his feet and Al connects with a huge shot with the kendo stick over Scorpion’s back. The kendo stick snaps and splinters can be clearly seen stuck in Scorpion’s back. Al Lustley grabs hold of Scorpion and connects with a hard DDT on the outside. As Lustley gets to his feet, Eagle smashes his briefcase over Al’s head, the briefcase hitting him with such force it snaps open and money flies out of it.

RJ: Looks like Eagle has lost quite a few pounds there!

MW: I’m sure he won’t miss it RJ.

Eagle lifts up Big Al, he slams his head down on the apron before James climbs up onto the fan barrier, he runs across it before jumping off and connecting with a huge kick to Al’s neck, taking him down. Eagle sets the table up outside of the ring, he lifts up Al and rolls him onto the table, Eagle climbs up on the apron, and up to the top rope.

RJ: Eagle going to dive through Al and the table?!

When James Eagle gets to the top he stretches his arms out and shouts; “It’s Over!” as the crowd boo furiously, suddenly from behind Scorpion grabs hold of Eagle and then he throws him from the top rope and into the ring, Scorpion dives off the top rope connecting with a frog splash on James Eagle.

1................2................kick out!

MW: Scorpion nearly had Eagle!

Scorpion rolls out of the ring and slides in two steel chairs as well as pulling a ladder out from underneath the ring, he sets that up outside of the ring, and he sees Eagle get up so quickly slides back into the ring. James Eagle manages to pick up one of the chairs and so too does Scorpion, they both stand with raised chairs, staring at each other, Scorpion swings his steel chair and Eagle blocks it with his own, the clash of metal being heard around the arena. James Eagle then goes for a quick shot to his mid-section, but Scorpion blocks it with his chair.

AL: Hey guys!

Scorpion and Eagle turn around and Big Al charges at them with the table knocking them both over, the crowd give a big cheer. Big Al lifts Eagle up, but ‘The Golden One’ slaps him across the face, Eagle kicks Big Al in the mid-section and then quickly runs up to the top rope.





Big Al hooks Eagle’s leg.

1.......................2.......................3broken up!

MW: Scorpion just saved himself from a title loss there!

Big Al gets up and Scorpion manages to dodge a swinging right hook, before spearing Al to the floor. Scorpion notices the handcuffs still on the ropes, and grabs hold of them hooking Big Al up, he is screaming as The Scorpion winks at him and goes to pin the limp James Eagle.

MW: Haha! Scorpion is going to win and force Big Al to watch him use his work to win.

1....................2....................3kick out!

RJ: Plan ruined!

Big Al smiles before yanking his arm and manages to pull of one half of the handcuffs, he runs at Scorpion and goes for a big spear, but Scorpion connects with a drop toe hold and Big Al’s face smashes into a steel chair that was left lying around. Scorpion turns around and James Eagle smashes a chair over his head, James Eagle is clearly hurt and he rolls out of the ring, he pulls out a small bag and throws it into the ring, suddenly Big Al is outside of the ring and dropkicks him into the steel steps. He smashes into them and James Eagle looks in real pain. Big Al turns around and slides into the ring, he picks up the bag and looks into it, he accidently drops it and thumb tacks go scattering around the ring.

MW: No way! Thumb tacks! This is going to get interesting...

Big Al lifts The Scorpion up and then whips him into the ropes, as Scorpion comes running back, Big Al bends down, ready to throw Scorpion over his head and onto the thumb tacks. Scorpion gets to Al and knees him in the face and then connects with a huge spinebuster!


Big Al stands up and screams in pain as the camera zooms in on the thumb tacks embedded into his skin, Scorpion is punching the floor behind him, doing press ups on his fists, when Lustley turns around, Scorpion jumps up and connects with a Death Stalker!

MW: Could Scorpion win?!



James Eagle had climbed up the ladder outside of the ring and then he dived off with a Corkscrew crossbody connecting on The Scorpion, he hooks his leg.


RJ: Nope! Scorpion has his foot on the bottom rope, only just in time!

MW: He is desperate to hold onto his Hardcore Title.

James Eagle gets to his feet, he runs off of the ropes and then connects with a Somersault Leg Drop, he grabs hold of Scorpion’s arms and puts him into a Full Nelson, and then wraps his legs around Scorpion as well, squeezing all the air out of him. Scorpion looks in real pain, as his arms are pulled back and his ribs crushed by Eagle’s thighs.

RJ: Scorpion could pass out after this move, he’s certainly not in a good position right now.

The referee grabs hold of Scorpion’s arm and lifts it in the air, it drops.

Crowd: ONE!

He lifts it up in the air again, and it drops.

Crowd: TWO!

RJ: One more drop and this one is over, James Eagle is the new Hardcore Champion.

The arm is lifted in the air...

Crowd: THREE!

MW: No! What he is doing?!

RJ: Big Al has saved this match! He just caught Scorpion’s arm in mid-air, it didn’t drop!

Big Al grabs hold of Eagle and then throws him out of the ring, James Eagle flips and lands back first on the ladder, he slides down it, slumping upside down at the bottom of it. Big Al Lustley grabs a steel chair and waits for The Scorpion to use the ropes to groggily get to his feet and cracks it over Scorpion’s head, who is busted open. As The Scorpion is about to fall, Big Al connects with the....



MW: James Eagle just pulled Big Al out of the ring, and stopped him becoming champion!

James Eagle connects with a series of punches before whipping Big Al into the steel steps, Lustley’s knees smash into the steps as he flies over them and Eagle runs, he elevates himself using the steps, diving off and connecting with a flying clothesline. James Eagle lifts Al up, but the big man pushes him away, then Eagle runs at him!


MW: On the metal ramp! Ouch!

Big Al looks out cold on the steel ramp and James Eagle quickly runs back to the ring, pulling a table out from underneath the ring and laying it in the corner of the ring, he is urging Scorpion to get back to his feet, and the Hardcore Champion does groggily get back to his feet, James Eagle is ready to strike...


MW: What a spear!

RJ: Second time of the night James Eagle has been put through one of those tables, and Scorpion has a crimson mask!

Scorpion lifts Eagle out of the wreckage.




A: And he is your winner, and STILL 6WF Hardcore Champion.......THE SCORRRRRRPPPPIIIIOOOOONNNNN!!!!!

Scorpion just collapses in the ring, as he is handed the Hardcore Title, Miss Jessica comes running down to the ring and grabs hold of the title and raises it in the air for Scorpion. She grabs hold of him, and helps him get out of the ring, she looks clearly disgusted as the blood drips from Scorpion’s head onto her white dress.

RJ: Well Miss Jessica’s client The Scorpion managed to beat the odds of the Triple Threat and retain his title, although at the cost of his own body.

MW: All three men put their bodies on the line, but at the end of day only one walked away champion, that man was The Scorpion!

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PostSubject: Re: Against The Wall (14/08)   Against The Wall (14/08) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 9:04 am

*A VT begins to play highlighting the feud between Uryu and James McManus...

VO: The War began by Association...

*Chaos is shown beating Uryu at Born In Fire, and then stood alongside James McManus and The Fanatic as part of the Chaos Emporium.

VO: He wanted revenge...

*Uryu is shown brawling with both McManus and Chaos on separate occasions.

VO: And in the first battle, revenge was exacted.

*The match between McManus and Uryu at Chaos is shown, where Uryu came out victorious with the split second.

VO: The 2nd battle ended in stalemate...

*The re-match on Lockdown is shown, with both men being counted out.

VO: More battles emerged...

*Uryu is shown being attacked on Escalation, and then being taken out by McManus on Lockdown. Finally Uryu and McManus are shown confronting each other backstage.

VO: And now the final battle, the end of the war. Who will triumph? Who will break through the Wall?

Uryu: I did respect James...until he attacked me on 6CW. This showed me that he was just like Chaos, yet another coward. And I despise cowards, and for you how your hurt me James, a suitable punishment must be given out. And a street fight is that punishment.

McManus: Uryu does not scare me. He makes threats and promises that he cannot live up to, he hides behind weapons, I do not. I do not ambush people, I fight them man on man. And I will drag you into the trenches on Sunday, with your back against the wall, you won’t be able to cope Uryu.

*The camera fades to black, until it is just Uryu and McManus stood staring at each other.
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PostSubject: Re: Against The Wall (14/08)   Against The Wall (14/08) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 9:06 am

*Scorpion is shown backstage following his victory in the hardcore title match, his head is taped up but blood is still seeping through. He stumbles into the dressing room where Miss Jessica leaps to her feet and hugs Scorpion.

Miss Jessica: Oh Scorpion that was like totally amazing! You showed that sicko Al for sure, he is disgusting, he tried coming onto me earlier but I like told him where to go. Like he’d be good enough for someone like me.

Scorpion: Thanks Jessica, it was nothing really.

Miss Jessica: It was amazing Scorpion, I loved it! I think I’ve got yet another world title winner on my hands here, together us three are going to the top. Isn’t that right Sainty? Sainty?

*The Saint gets to his feet, he nods at Scorpion respectfully before heading to the door.

Miss Jessica: Where are you going? Celebrate with us Sainty, I know like this totally amazing bar which is like out of this world. Me and Cassius...

*Jessica stops at the use of Cassius’ name, and even The Saint turns around.

The Saint: Maybe later Jessica, but I’ve got something to do first.

*The saint leaves the dressing room, Scorpion approaches Miss Jessica.

Scorpion: Come on Jessica sit down, I’ll make you a latte and you can make some reservations for that bar and get me on my way to a world title. How do you plan to do that?

*The glint in Miss Jessica’s eyes re-appears.

Miss Jessica: I know someone who let’s say, is easily persuaded. But that’s all the camera’s can here.

*She nods and Scorpion ushers them out of the room.
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PostSubject: Re: Against The Wall (14/08)   Against The Wall (14/08) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 9:08 am

* “Those Who Fight Further” starts playing as Uryu slowly walks down the rink, carrying a kendo stick as the crowd cheer. *

RJ: Here we go with our third match, Uryu Ishida fighting against James McManus in a street fight!

MW: James will stomp this guy flat, that’s why he had to make this match happen to get rid of him once and for all!

RJ: What? James was the aggressor here and attacked Uryu without provocation at 6CW!

* “The Final Countdown” starts playing as James McManus saunters his way to the ring swinging a singapore cane, teasing a few of the crowd with a free hit, but pulling away at the last minute. *

MW: Here is the hero of the hour, here is James McManus who will destroys Uryu’s confidence and not let him see sight of Chaos!

*The bell rings as Uryu smiles and offers a handshake to James, both tossing their respective weapons aside. The handshake is swatted away with force, however Uryu spins around and tries to catch James with a spinning back fist but it is blocked as James smirks and shoves him away. *

MW: Not today Uryu!

RJ: They know each other pretty well but it was a nice attempt by Uryu to catch James off guard.

* James throws a punch at Uryu but it is caught easily and Uryu attempts a hammerlock, James reverses it into a back drop but Uryu back flips and lands on his feet, he then spins James around and throws a punch but James has the same idea and both hit each other with strong punches, stumbling backwards. The crowd clap happily. *

Crowd: WOOOO, this is awesome! This is awesome!

RJ: This could be a long match if they keep countering each other like this
MW: Not if James has anything to...
RJ: Oh that was uncalled for!
MW: It’s a street fight, no rules!
* Uryu is on his knees as James delivers a strong low blow to him. James then raises his arms in the air as he poses for the crowd for nearly a minute, getting loudly booed in the process as he taunts low blow. He turns back to Uryu only to receive several punches to the stomach as Uryu slowly stands up and delivers a DDT to James McManus. *

RJ: Nice little comeback by Uryu, capitalising on McManus’ showboating.

MW: Showboating!? He is showing his dominance over Uryu to the crowd!

* James recovers slowly from the DDT and picks up his singapore cane, swinging it at Uryu’s left leg and causing him to fall to one knee and James to hit him again in the leg. He then stands up, tossing the cane aside as he starts stamping on Uryus left leg. *

MW: Setting up for the British Figure Four later on...
RJ: Rollup by Uryu!

MW: Nice try Uryu but you can’t get James that easily!
* Uryus left leg is grabbed by James as he applies a boston crab; with Uryu near the middle of the ring he applies it as hard as he can. Uryu manages to grab the kendo stick and strike James in the back with it several times until he lets go. Uryu then rolls out of the ring as James recovers in it. They stare at each other, Uryu looks up at James and smiles who proceeds to smile back.*

RJ: These two are evenly matched and are gladly proving it to each other.
MW: Nonsense, James has had the advantage ever since the start!

*James charges at Uryu and dives over the ropes in a cross body attempt, but Uryu’s leg gives way, causing him to fall and James to crash and burn on the floor.

RJ: Ohh tough break for both of them! It might be lucky that Uryu dodged the cross body but it cost him potential leg damage.
* The referee checks on both of them as they slowly stand up, looking into each others eyes. Uryu then dives at James, who dodges out of the way, causing Uryu to hit his ribs on the announce table and allowing James to kick the damaged leg. He then grabs the timekeepers chair and hits Uryus ribs with it, then laying him on the announce table he then traps the damaged leg on the chair and punches Uryu in the face several times before climbing the turnbuckle. *
RJ: What is he doing!?
MW: He is gonna end Uryus career, do it James, snap the guy’s leg in two!
RJ: You sicken me Michael! Get up Uryu!
*As James taunts the crowd and dives off, Uryu kicks his left leg, making the chair hit James in the face and causing him to fall short. His right arm however slams down on the chair causing Uryu to yell in pain as James’ head hits the edge of the announce table, causing a bad cut. *
MW: NO! James was countered by Uryu and he’s bleeding!
RJ: Expert counter from Uryu, but he couldn’t avoid it completely.
*The pair slowly rise to their feet, Uryu using the ring apron for balance and kicking the chair off his leg as James looking groggy as the cut gives him a crimson mask. They slowly walk towards each other and start trading blows, with Uryu getting the advantage and hitting repeated punches onto the cut, but James hits a quick irish whip into the steel steps causing Uryu to fly over them and land on his back*
RJ: Ohh that has to hurt!
MW: You bet it did, James has this in the bag!
RJ: Cover by McManus!

3.....NO! Uryu got a shoulder up!
MW: What! He must be running on empty now, pin him again and get your eyes tested referee!
* James starts arguing with the referee, giving Uryu time to roll under the ring and as James turns around he starts looking for him wanting to end the match. Uryu peeks out near the entrance ramp right behind James and brings out a fire extinguisher with him.
RJ: Haha, he’s gonna give it to him now!
MW: Turn around James!
* James turns around only to get a face full of foam as Uryu then hits James’ ribs with the extinguisher itself before limping slowly up the ramp. *
RJ: Where’s he going?
MW: Coward, should have gone for the pin, I would have!
*James recovers and chases Uryu who is now at the top of the ramp, getting his breath back. James goes for a clothesline and it connects with Uryu, who hits his head on the steel grating. James looks down at Uryu and shouts.*
JM: I am the future, you are nothing!
MW: That’s it, rub it in!
RJ: Oh that’s desperation from Uryu!
* Uryu uses his right leg to deliver a low blow to James McManus, stopping him in his tracks.*
MW: Blatant cheating there!
RJ: There are no rules in this street fight Michael but look; Uryu still has fight left in him!
* Uryu slowly stands up and pulls James towards the electrical equipment, but James hits Uryus weakened leg and power slams him on the grating, causing another yell of pain. *
MW: Pin attempt by McManus!
RJ: Two and seven eighths Michael, Uryu is still in this!
*James is incensed at Uryu kicking out and heads back to the ring, picking up his singapore cane and returning to Uryu who is still down*
Crowd: U-RY-U! X5
*James hits Uryu’s ribs repeatedly with the cane and smiles at the damage he is doing to him.*
JM: You are the past! Give up!
*James pulls Uryu to his feet and looks at the electrical equipment smiling.*
RJ: No! Don’t do it James!
*James sets up Uryu for the Death Valley Driver onto the electrical equipment but Uryu hits repeated elbows to the face and wriggles free*
RJ: Brick Break!
MW: NO! He’s fallen onto the equipment, stop the match!
*Uryu hit a weakened Brick Break on James McManus, causing him to fall. Uryu looks down at James, who is still moving around and trying to stand. Uryu shakes his head and watches James fall down onto the equipment again.
Uryu: You wanna end this? FINE!
RJ: Uryu, no don’t you even dare try that!
MW: Holy ****!
Crowd: Holy ****!! X5
*Replays show Uryu hitting a Split Second on James McManus off the stage as the referee rings the bell.
RJ: Are they ok?
MW: Forget Uryu how is James?!
RJ: Ladies and gentlemen, the referee says that the match has been halted due to both competitors...
MW: Due to Uryu being a complete nutball!!
RJ: Due to both competitors being unable to continue Therefore, this match is a draw!
*The crowd look on silently at the replays as both men are stretchered out of the arena

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*Edan Ekram and Jerome Dubois are shown in the backstage area, both men tie their boots before leaving the locker-room. The crowd cheer them as they walk down the corridor, where they are approached by Clarissa.

Clarissa: Any chance of a final couple of questions before your match guys?

Jerome Dubois: Of course madam, fire away!

Clarissa: How are you two feeling ahead of this match?

Edan Ekram: We are feeling confident Clarissa. You’ve got to respect these two guys for what they’ve done in 6WF since arriving, they really have dominated the tag team division. But that domination is about to end at the hands of The French Element.

Jerome Dubois: There iz very little between the two teams in terms of ability Clarissa, but many questioned my drive to succeed, that I was letting Ekram do all the work. Zis may have been right, I just wanted Edan to learn but now, I know that if I work zat little bit harder then we will win. I ave to set an example to my protégé here. I went back to the beautiful country, Francais, I saw ze fans and what they want from me, I am ready to reward them, reward France!

Clarissa: A lot has been made about the chemistry between Angelo Anneire and Castiguer, will this have a big impact on the match?

Edan Ekram: I don’t think so, people seem to think because they’ve always teamed together that will make them better than us. But are they too settled in their routine, is there no new impetus or drive? We are two outstanding wrestlers, and when you put two outstanding wrestlers together, it is bound to work out.

Jerome Dubois: Zis is true, we abdicated our tag team title opportunity for a month as we both had singles title match. Zis match will be tough, but we have trained hard, we’ve worked well as a team this month and we will win.

Clarissa: Finally, if you weren’t to win, is this the end of the team?

Edan Ekram: I don’t think so Clarissa, we are intent on becoming the first unified tag team champions of the 6CWF Era!

*Ekram and Dubois motion title belts down the camera.
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RJ:Ladies and Gentleman we are now heading into the backstage area where I understand The Saint wants to address the crowd before his European Title Defence.Without further ado...

*The camera goes backstage and the MEN arena erupts into loud cheers as The Saint is stood with a mic in hand,European Title wrapped around his waist.

The Saint:What a pleasure it is to be back......HOME!

*Crowd pop loudly

The Saint:And you guys know how much I appreciate the support you give me, and tonight I plan to put on a show for you against the Icon of Liverpool Blue Dragon!

*Crowd boo

The Saint:Now,now folks play nicely...actually don't bother.Blue Dragon are you ready to take your first steps into hell? You are confident, you are cocky and you've tried to mock myself and mock the city.But why is that Blue Dragon? Because now you have a city united in their hatred for you.

You're going to have to step into the devil's paradise, and you've got to show up and win because otherwise you will never be taken seriously again, every time you're face appears on a 6WF show the whole of Manchester will erupt in laughter.

Tonight I have told Miss Jessica to stay out of this match, I don't want the assistance tonight.I want to put you through hell, I want you to feel the nerves as you try and set me up for the death note with 20,000 Mancunians on your back, knowing that one slip of concentration and I will impart some divine intervention on you.I won't need the help of a god, because I've got all the help I need in the good folks inside the arena tonight!


The Saint:Do you hear that Blue Dragon? The countdown has begun, the countdown to your defeat...

*Blue Dragon steps into picture and the crowd's boo echo around the arena.

The Saint:By god you have some nerve showing your face right now whilst The Saint address the people,whilst The Saint addresses HIS PEOPLE!

*Blue Dragon snatches the mic from The Saint, but does not say anything just staring down The Saint.Finally he lifts the mic to his lips...

Blue Dragon:I do not care about these people, you think this is intimidating? Wait until you have to step foot in Liverpool, that is intimidation Saint.These people mean nothing to me, the rest of the fans watching do but these idiots, not a chance.Good luck Saint.

*Saint and Blue Dragon stare each other down as Lockdown goes to a commercial.
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RJ: Welcome back to 6CWF Against The Wall, live from the Manchester Evening News Arena!

MW: Up next , the tag team titles are on the line as The Soldiers of Fortune defend against Jerome Dubois and Edan Ekram!

RA: Ladies and Gentleman the following match is scheduled for ONE FALL and is for the 6WF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS! Introducing first the challengers, at a combined weight of 497lbs...the team of JEROME DUBOIS AND EDAN EKRRAAMMM!

“Elements of life” blares out and The lights go black and all that can be heard is a whisper through the speaker system... 'Ekram.' As soon as the music starts, Edan through a thin layer of smoke dressed in wrestling shorts and starts to jog down the ramp, tagging the hands of the fans as he goes by. He stops at the bottom of the ramp and waits as...

'C’est Le Bien Qui Fait Mal' echoes throughout the arena, as the entire attendance jumps to their feet for tJerome Dubois. He swaggers onto the stage, sporting a “Est-ce que tu m'aimes ?” T-shirt. Dubois runs to each side of the ramp, making the fans get to their feet and make some noise. Dubois begins to make his way his down the ramp towards the ring, slapping the hands of some fans en route before stopping. He slaps hands with Ekram and the two slide into the ring simultaneously.

RJ: Two very contrasting teams in the ring tonight. The Soldiers of Fortune have spent their whole career as a team, where as these two have only started teaming this past month.

MW: But the chemistry is still there between them and they have worked together a lot, as Jerome Dubois was Edan Ekram’s pro during 6WF Next Gen, which Ekram won. I think they’ve got a great chance, especially if Dubois’ win at all costs attitude has been taken on by Ekram.

RA: And now...THE CHAMPIONS... at a combined weight of 480lbs they are the reigning and defending 6WF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS...THE SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE...ANGELO ANNEIRE AND CASTIGUUUUUEEERRRR!

“Remember the Name" by Fort Minor booms out through the speakers and the Lights go down and then the music pulses with a heartbeat on the screen.Pyros explode all along the stage,blues and reds, and then the camera turns black and white as the masked superstars Angelo Anneire and Castiguer. They pose at the top of the ramp before walking down the ramp as the colour appears back and pyros burst from the announcers desk they slide into the ring, they leap up and salute the fans holding their tag team titles.

RJ: The winning of the tag team titles was the culmination of years of hard, unrecognised work by the Soldiers of Fortune and they aren’t going to let go of those titles easily.

MW: They might not have a choice, I think that the tag team division is looking stronger than ever at the moment, with the Church of Hero to add into the equation and also the potential for teams to crossover from 6CW to face them.

RJ: I have to say a match between Frosted Dice and The Soldiers of Fortune would be an epic contest!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

The bell rings and it’s Edan Ekram who starts off in the ring against the powerful Angel Anneire. The two men lock up and Anneire is able to force Ekram back to the corner, where he is immediately tagged by Jerome Dubois. Dubois steps in and hits a series of forearms into the back of Anneire, as Ekram steps to the outside.

Dubois drives forearms into the back before standing Anneire up in the corner, he runs behind and crunches a leaping knee into the back. Dubois then stands on the 2nd rope before leaping back and hitting a backcracker on the tag team champion. Anneire rolls to the centre of the ring where Dubois makes the cover.

Ref: 1............2.....Kick out!

Dubois immediately drives up to a vertical base, and stomps away viciously on the head of Anneire until he is dragged away by the referee. Anneire stumbles up to his feet and Dubois attempts a scoop slam but is barely able to lift Anneire, allowing him to easily fight his way out of the situation. Angelo then bounces off the ropes hitting a running forearm smash.

Dubois stumbles to his feet groggily and is booted in the gut by Anneire, who then hits him with an implant DDT.

Ref: 1..........2.....Kick out!

Jerome Dubois gets the shoulder up, Angelo Anneire is quickly onto his feet and allows Dubois to stir slightly before placing him into a full nelson hold. Slowly Jerome Dubois is up to his feet and Anneire smiles before lifting Dubois up in the full nelson and then slamming him down viciously into the canvas. Anneire hooks the leg once more.

Ref: 1..........2.....Kick out!

Again, the shoulder is driven up off the canvas by Jerome Dubois. Anneire goes to the corner and makes the tag into Castiguer. He springboards into the ring and waits for Dubois to rise before attempting a code-breaker which Dubois blocks by forcing Castiguer into the ground. He then lifts him up and spins him down into an x-factor facebuster!

Castiguer rolls back into the corner and Jerome Dubois picks him up, immediately firing in a series of stiff knife-edge chops to the chest. Eventually Dubois relents and makes the tag to Edan Ekram who steps into the ring and immediately boots away at the abdomen of Ekram alongside Dubois. Dubois is finally made to leave the ring, Ekram hits a snap suplex on Castiguer before springboarding off the 2nd turnbuckle into a moonsault.

Ref: 1..........2.....Kick out!

MW: Quite an even match-up so far, but this is definitely the chance for Ekram and Dubois to press home an advantage, isolating Castiguer from getting the tag.

Ekram gets to his feet, he drags up Castiguer and whips him across the ring. Castiguer cartwheels forward and bounces off the ropes going for a back elbow drop but Ekram hits a dropkick into the back and Castiguer slumps forward. Ekram moves him towards then stands on the apron before springboarding over into a knee drop. Castiguer stumbles to his feet and Ekram nails a running neckbreaker, he covers.

Ref: 1............2........Kick out!

Edan Ekram is onto the attack immediately, stomping away on Castiguer before dragging him to the corner. He hauls him up and tags in Dubois who takes over the beating by firing in a series of stiff body punches that keel Castiguer over, he then lifts him up into the air nailing the Garlic Bomb(powerbomb). Dubois doesn’t cover, instead letting Castiguer rise before running straight at him and nailing the French Connection(Spear).

RJ: High-Impact combo there!

Ref: 1............2.........Kick out!

Dubois rises to his feet, only to place Castiguer into an armbar and stomp away on his right shoulder until finally lifting him up only to hit a clothesline. Dubois then tags in Ekram...

MW: A lot of people questioned the ability of these two to work together, whether they had the same chemistry and coherence that the soldiers of fortune do, well I think those questions have been answered tonight.

Ekram hits a German Suplex on Castiguer before covering...

Ref: 1.............2...........Kick out!

MW: Another kick out from Castiguer...

RJ: If you could use only one word to describe the Soldiers of Fortune, it would be determined. They’ve won these titles through years of hard work, they aren’t going to give in easily.

MW: Castiguer desperately needs to gain some momentum, or at least get a tag to Angelo Anneire who looked so dangerous earlier on in the match-up.

Castiguer is dragged to the corner where Ekram places him on the 2nd rope, Ekram then climbs the ropes himself but is caught off guard by Castiguer who punches away at Ekram until he falls to the canvas...


Ref: 1.............2..........Kick out!

Both men are down on the canvas, Anneire beats the turnbuckle to try and get the crowd going. Slowly Castiguer edges towards the corner, but Ekram is able to get over and drag him back only to be hit with an enzaguri kick! Castiguer waits for Ekram to rise before hitting a spinning heel kick. He then kips up and swan dives to the corner making the tag to Anneire!

Anneire storms the ring, he drags Ekram away from the corner before hitting a vicious clothesline! Ekram rolls to his feet and Anneire scoops him onto his shoulders and hits a samoan drop, falling back into the cover.

Ref: 1..............2.......Kick out!

Ekram kicks out, Anneire gets to his feet and drags up Edan Ekram before lifting him onto his shoulders and dropping back with an Electric Chair drop. Ekram stumbles up and Anneire hits a running powerslam!

RJ: Anneire on fire!

Ref: 1..............2..........Kick out!

Ekram again kicks out, Anneire waits for him to get to his feet before whipping him to the corner. He follows up with a stinger splash...

MW: Blind tag by Dubois!

Anneire hits a powerbomb on Ekram, only to be hit from behind with a dropkick from Dubois. Dubois hits a legsweep DDT before covering.

Ref: 1...........2..........Kick out!

Anneire gets the shoulder up, Dubois stomps away on him before going to the top rope...


MW: 360 spin leg drop!

RJ: That has to win it!

Ref:1 ................2................Kick out!

MW: No kick out! Both Castiguer and Ekram are recovering from the beatings they took earlier, it’s a fight between these two!

Dubois gets to his feet in frustration, he bemoans the ref momentarily before turning his attentions back to Anneire who slowly gets to his feet. Dubois sets up for the culture shock, Anneire rolls down the front of Dubois...


Ref: 1................2..............3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!


RJ: An epic contest, which somehow the Soldiers of Fortune won despite Ekram and Dubois having the upper-hand for most of the match.

MW: An extra bit of tag team know-how pulled through in the end, but I think Dubois and Ekram will be back.
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*The action continues in the backstage area where Clarissa is shown alongside the Soldiers of Fortune.

Clarissa:Guys congratulations on your victory tonight, Obviously we do not want to keep you from your deserved celebrations,but I would just like to know what next for the Soldiers of Fortune?

Angelo Anneire:Clarissa, as the champions of this division we have a responsibility to not only the fans but to ourselves to fight the best.If this is shown to be Dubois and Ekram we will happy fight them again, if this is the Church of Hero then we will fight them.

Castiguer:But to be honest one team we'd love to face in the future is the current 6CW Tag Team Champions Frosted Dice.We watched their win last night, and they were good, really good.Neither us nor them can claim to be the best at what we do until we face each other, it might not be next month it might not be for a while but let's make it clear, we want to be the unified champions.This was the peak of our career but a new mountain has emerged and we are going to climb it.

Angelo Anneire:But not until we've had a few drinks to celebrate this
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*Against The Wall returns to show La Pulga leaving the office of Danny McGraw only to be confronted by Chaos.

Chaos:How did it taste La Pulga?

LPL:I don't know what you're talking about?

Chaos:Oh I think you do La Pulga.But anyway,I haven't come here to talk about yours and McGraw's "special" relationship.I've came here with a proposal to you...

LPL:You've got me interested ese,you have the 30 seconds.

Chaos:Let me make this clear...I want to be Number 1 Contender.I don't like you and I don't like McGraw, but I HATE PATRICKS! How many more chances does that guy get? He's had his shots at the world title, so I think it's about time he stepped aside and left it to me.

LPL:To be honest I'm not sure what you are getting at here Chaos, I'm not an agony aunt I don't care about your problems, go tell someone who gives two craps like your little hanger-on Fanatic.

Chaos:Oh I haven't got to the part that involves you yet.I want that world title shot, but to do that we need to get rid of Patricks.We need to eliminate him from the match early and to do that, it's best if we co-operate shall we say? Then a fair fight between us two,best man wins, well I win but you know if you think you have a shot then fair enough.

LPL:Okay then ese, but you better get writing your letter to dear deidre because it won't be Patricks you'll be whinging about,it'll be me!
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'Monster' screams out around the arena and The Saint steps out to a huge reaction from the crowd. He raises one arm in the air, only to increase the volume cheers proportionally. Simultaneously, an array of pyros go off behind him. With the belt wrapped around his waist, the European Champion makes his way down to the ring slowly but surely taking in the reception from the fans. The fans are nearly piling over the barrier to try and reach The Saint. He slaps a few of the hands down one side, before heading straight to the ring. The champion slides under the bottom rope and holds his title aloft with pride. The music fades away, while The Saint adjusts the tape around his left wrist.

RJ: My god what an atmosphere here tonight! During his three months as European Champion, The Saint has faced some truly formidable competitors and brushed them all out of the way. But his challenger tonight could well force 6CWF's 'Divine Destroyer' to pull off a performance worthy of being back in the world title scene.

MJ: You're not wrong there, RJ, this match could well be one of the highlights of the night... this divine specimen will finally put a stop to the Hardcore madness surrounding this belt and send Blue Dragon back to where he belongs: and that certainly isn't here!

'Freak on a Leash' begins to play and the crowd are unanimous with it’s boos, as Blue Dragon steps out with an intense look in his eyes. Standing atop the ramp, he points to Saint, before making a title belt motion around his waist to even louder boos, The Saint smirks to himself.

RJ: Following a long spell in the hardcore division, Blue Dragon has only just made the step up, so facing competitors with as much experience as The Saint is now something he's too used to. BD will have to be on the ball this evening; he can't afford to be making any mistakes.

MW: He can't afford to, but inevitably he will. Have you watched any of his matches? Quite frankly, he's reckless. Blue Dragon isn't a wrestler, he is a brawler. And that doesn't help if he wants to win championships. Like I said, this ugly Scouser needs sending back down a peg.

RJ: I know your problem, Michael. It's called fear. There's no hiding the fact that nobody would want to walk into Blue Dragon in a dark alley, but once you get to know him you would know he is a lovely guy. Definitely genuine. Your problem is that you won't give him a chance. You don't give anyone a chance and you need to fix that!

Blue Dragon breaks into a sprint, racing down the ramp to the ring as fans launch items towards him. He slides smoothly under the top rope and swiftly rises to his feet and gets right into the face of the champion. The crowd chant loudly for The Saint.

RJ: He can't afford to let emotions get the better of him here. This clearly means a lot to Blue Dragon.

The ref steps in the way as the two opponents exchange angered looks. They each retreat to opposite corners of the ring, still focused on each other. Blue Dragon rips off his T-shirt and lobs it into the crowd who throw it back, immediately as the bell rings.

The two men move towards each other slightly hesitantly at first. Before any contact is made, they once again share stares.

MW: If looks could kill...

Blue Dragon makes the first move with a strong shove to The Saint, who stumbles backwards. The champion immediately charges back at his challenger, running straight into a huge outstretched arm. As his opponent lies on the canvas checking his lip, Blue Dragon spits in his face, before dropping an elbow to the midsection. Blue Dragon makes a swift cover.


Saint attempts to sit up, but is only to be met with a stiff fist to the temple. The stun sends him sideways, landing face down on the mat. The Liverpudlian steps away and holds his arms in the air, sparking a huge positive response from the crowd. He retreats backwards into the corner; his eyes can be seen darting between his opponent and the title. As The Saint begins to rise, Dragon begins a slow clap, to which the crowd leap up and in unison flick the V’s at Dragon.

MW: I love these fans!

RJ: I think I know what this is...

Saint gets up to his feet and turns around groggily.

RJ: Spear!

MW: No! ... Yes!

The Saint counters the move.

MW: What a huge knee to the head!

Saint follows up the knee with a german Suplex into the centre of the ring. Blue Dragon instantly rises back to his feet, hand on his back, and barges into The Saint. Once again the two go nose-to-nose and the ref tries to butt in, but this time receives a shove from The Saint. The official stumbles backwards a bit almost tripping over his own feet, before signalling for a disqualification. The crowd boo loudly!

MW: What?! He's disqualified Saint for that?! This man needs firing. They should hire me as the next referee.

RJ: Hold your horses, Michael. Have you heard the bell yet? The match isn't officially over and Saint is trying to make sure it stays that way.

He quickly steps over to the referee and protests his innocence, despite the ref's disgust. Saint receives stern words from the official but continues to do his best in order to make the match go on.

RJ: I think the referee has made a very wise decision if he wanted to get out of Manchester alive.

Blue Dragon comes charging in at the back of the referee, who crashes Saint into the turnbuckle. The ref bounces off of Saint's sternum and tumbles out of the ring via the middle rope.

With his opponent groggy in the corner, Blue Dragon approaches The Saint with a crazed look in his eyes. Upon arrival, he immediately sets of a windmill of punches; each strike stronger than the other. As he continues to punish, the European Champion's head can be seen bouncing and recoiling as if to be headbutting the fist itself. Suddenly it becomes apparent that Saint is about to collapse to the canvas. Blue Dragon strokes his Mohican before aiming for the finishing shot. Just as the clenched fist is about to smack Saint square in the jaw, the recipient collapses to the mat. Blue Dragon lets out a frustrated laugh. He pulls the leg of Saint, dragging him to the centre of the ring before hooking the leg for a pinfall.


Blue Dragon looks to ringside, where the referee is lying. Motionless. An evil grin comes across his face, as he rolls out of the ring and looks to see what is beneath it.

RJ: Oh no. What's he up to know.

MW: Dare I say any more? He's just proving my point that Blue Dragon is a coward.

RJ: But you never... nevermind.

With little hesitation, Dragon emerges back into the ring clutching a pair of studded gloves and a steel chair. He drops the gloves below a lower turnbuckle and focuses an attack with a chair. He smashes the chair hard into the turnbuckle, provoking a large smash. With Saint still motionless in the centre of the ring, he measures up for a match-ending shot to the skull. Blue Dragon drops it down, he drops to one knee and watches manically and his hands direct the chair right at the nose of the European Champion.

RJ: Dodged!

Saint rolls out of the way and sits up in the corner, balancing on the turnbuckle. Blue Dragon drops the chair and sprints in, lifting his knee as he approaches.

RJ: Dodged!

Blue Dragon rubs his chin as anger spills across his face. He slowly walks back over to the chair and picks it up. Meanwhile, The Saint is back to his feet. He powers over to Blue Dragon, whose back is turned.

MW: Roll up from the Saint!

Saint quickly realises the absence of a conscious referee and allows Blue Dragon to roll through.

At ringside, things are starting to stir, as some medics rush to ringside realising the referee has yet to move. Faster than you could say "PM for Bull", the official is on a stretcher and being taken backstage for some medical attention.

Back in the ring, The Saint and Blue Dragon are exchanging punches. Then, out of nowhere, Saint hits a tough kick to the gut and sends his challenger down with an implant DDT. He looks at the chair, then darts over to the gloves, before climbing out of the ring and dropping down to the outside. He lifts the ring apron and looks underneath, pulling out an eighteen inch steel rod. The Saint returns to the ring and charges at the opponent, but Blue Dragon is one step ahead and holds up a chair in defence. Saint steps back, allowing Blue Dragon a little time to recover and get to his feet again. The champion makes the first attack with the pole, only to be blocked by The Dragon.

RJ: It looks like we could be in for a rather exciting duel here.

MW: Woop-dee-doo.

Blue Dragon forces The Saint backwards using the chair and makes a strike at The Saint's unprotected midsection. He connects cleanly, but only to further anger his opponent and the crowd. The Saint suddenly goes wild with the rod, swinging it aimlessly, hoping to connect. With a single swing of the chair from Blue Dragon, the Saint steps back, drops the pole and grabs ahold of the chair. Both men fight for control until a poke to the eye sends Blue Dragon off focus.

RJ: Oh dear. Now Saint has full control of the weapon.

With a single, smooth motion, The Saint crashes the chair over the head of Blue Dragon. Immediately, an official comes sprinting down to the ring, as Saint tries to clear the crime scene. He drops down over a limp opponent ad watches as the ref counts the pin.

Rope Break!

Blue Dragon grabs the bottom rope in order to save the match up. The crowd go wild in celebration only for them to realise The Saint hasn’t won. Saint protests to the referee once again, but he isn't going to change the decision this time. The Saint walks over to Blue Dragon and pulls him up to his feet. Saint lifts the opponent for a pumphandle slam, but has it countered into an attempt at a vertical DDT. Saint drives himself out of it and hits a single gut kick, before lifting Blue Dragon for his signature move. But the challenger hits a powerful elbow into the back of Saint's skull, forcing himself out of the hold.

MW: This game of one-upmanship doesn't look like it's going to end. No!

Blue Dragon hooks both of his hands around The Saints throat and lifts him up to a full stretch...

RJ: Blue Dragons done it!

MW: Ahaha! He's dropped him.

The Saint drops down to the canvas and falls backwards into the corner. He does something behind his back not visible to the referee. Blue Dragon moves in and goes to reach for the throat once again... The Saint smacks Blue Dragon full on in the nose and he falls backwards. The Saint does something behind his back again, before hopping to his feet and walking to the groggy opponent.

RJ: Divine Intervention! Out of nowhere!

MW: Saint retains! Saint retains!

3 !!!

RJ: He does indeed. Even at the end of a gruelling match, he was still able to punish Blue Dragon in style.

MW: Let's take a look at the replays.

The replay shows Saint hitting that huge punch from the corner, wearing one of Blue Dragon's studded gloves, before landing Divine Intervention for the victory.

MW: The Saint's defeated Blue Dragon at his own dirty games. That is why Saint deserves to be the champion.

RJ: You're certainly right about that. There's no contesting that The Saint retained, but you have to bring in those dirty tactics he used at the end. Blue Dragon won't be happy.

MW: Blue Dragon was just as bad if not worse. Look at him retreating up the ramp. He's not even graceful in loss.

The Saint is handed his European Championship and he then leaves the ring where he leans into the fans who hug him , as the screen fades for another ad break.
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*As Lockdown returns from it's commercial break,Chris Patricks is shown alongside Clarissa.

Clarissa:Chris you've seen what Chaos and La Pulga have got planned, what are your thoughts on it?

Patricks:Clarissa I expected nothing less from those two,I knew it was the sort of thing Chaos would try and pull off.And do you know why he's doing that Clarissa?

Clarissa:Because he's a freaky weirdo...

Patricks:Well yes Clarissa, but more so because he is scared! And you know why La Pulga agreed to it? Because he is scared as well.Both of those men know that in a straight up wrestling match they've got no chance.It's always got to be under-hand tactics with Chaos because he's jealous of what I've achieved, and he wants to taste some of the glory.

La Pulga Loco,let me tell you something. You cannot trust Chaos, you may think you can but that's the mind tricks he plays on you.If he had a chance to win the world title, he'd throw his own girlfriend aside to get it so what makes you different? Nothing La Pulga, so I'd think twice about this agreement before going to that ring tonight.

Clarissa:Thank you for your time!
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*The action continues in the backstage area with Longinus,the crowd cheer as he is shown in his locker-room, with his girlfriend also in the room.

Longinus:I know what you're going to say.Be careful, don't do anything stupid.But I can't promise that,and you know it.Rapture has made this deeply personal,he kidnapped you and held you hostage that goes beyond the ring, that's morally wrong.

And I cannot be held responsible for what I do to him tonight.And I want you to listen carefully to me.I want you to stay in this locker-room tonight,as soon as I leave I want this door locked.And then when,and only when the match ends can you leave this room.And hopefully you'll be leaving it to celebrate with me tonight in the ring.

Rapture you will be watching this now,I have no doubt.Please warn your boys from coming after my girlfriend again,otherwise the punishment you receive in that ring tonight will be double what I already had planned.

*Longinus stares down the camera.
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MW: We have a hug match lined up next here for you folks, and this match will determine the N01 contender to the undisputed title for next month.

RJ: And the three guys involved all have valid claims to be that guy, they’ve all proven their talent over a sustained period of time in 6WF.

MW: Chaos and Christopher Patricks have experience in world title matches, with many seeing Patricks as the perennial nearly man in 6CWF. And then of course there is La Pulga Loco, and when you have the backing of the commissioner it is a pretty powerful tool.

RJ: One of these three men could be main-eventing the Pay Per View tonight, that’s how close the fatal four way on Lockdown was but in the end it was Perfect Jack who managed to pull through and got a shot at Hero.

RA: The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL and is a NUMBER ONE CONTENDERS MATCH FOR THE UNDISPUTED TITLE!

‘IT’S AN OMEN!’ blasts out and then ‘Granite’ kicks in as green pyrotechnicss go off and Chaos jumps through the fireworks. The crowd are booing furiously as Chaos raises his arm slowly in the air. Chaos walks down the ramp, screaming abuse back at the fans that shout at him. He slides under the bottom rope and then climbs up to the top rope, he raises both arms before flipping down off of the turnbuckles and landing on his feet.

RA: Introducing first... hailing from Brighton, England and weighing in at 173lbs...CHAOOOSSSSS!

MW: This man is one hell of a competitor, and I believe he is the man most capable of challenging Hero for the undisputed title. Chaos is so similar to him in terms of moveset, and a match to discover who really is the true prophet is one the fans have been waiting for.

RA: Introducing next... hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, America and weighing in at 220lbs...CHRIS PATRICKKKSSSS!

“Refuse/Resist” plays and the crowd pop as pyrotechnics explode at the top of the stage and through the sparks and smoke comes Chris Patricks. He looks at the initials tattooed on his knuckles, kiss them, points to the sky and then sprints to the ring, sliding into the ring and climbing the nearest turnbuckle, saluting the crowd, who are cheering him on profusely.

RJ: The thing these fans want more than anything is for Chris Patricks to win the world title. He’s had chances but things have just never quite clicked at the right moment, and he’s had a fair share of bad luck in those matches as well.

MW: Well then maybe that’s proved he’ll never be able to do it at Main Event level and he should step aside for guys like La Pulga Loco and Chaos to get their chance.

RA: And finally...hailing from Mexico City, Mexico and weighing in at 197lbs...LA PULLLGGA LOCOOOOO!

"Papi Chulo" rings out and there are boos as La Pulga strolls out onto the stage.He looks focused as says a little prayer and then runs to the ring and slides in.He stands up and goes to the corner as more abuse is hurled at him.

RJ: Some will say that La Pulga has had this handed to him on plate, but you can’t look past how will he has been doing since Danny McGraw fired Hill from The Association. This is a chance La Pulga deserves, a chance to get his first world title match.

*The ring announcer goes to the outside and the referee signals to the time-keeper for the match to begin.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Patricks is staring down at both of his opponents, whose glares are focused firmly on the fan favourite. La Pulga Loco moves forward, expecting Chaos to follow suit but instead the former European Champion takes out La Pulga from behind with a double axe handle to the back of the head.

RJ: Any notions of an alliance between the two have been dispelled early on in the contest.

La Pulga scrambles towards the ropes and pulls himself up to his feet, he starts shouting at Chaos who runs towards La Pulga. The Mexican counters with a low dropkick to the knee, he quickly runs the ropes attempting a scissors kick but Chaos manages to avoid the move. La Pulga continues running towards the ropes and attempts a springboard moonsault but Chaos counters with a pele kick to the head!

The Association man crashes down to the canvas, and Chaos quickly sets about him with a series of stomps down on the face of La Pulga. Chaos is about to go into the cover when Patricks enters the match and hits Chaos with a tiger suplex sending him flying. Patricks then hooks the leg of La Pulga.

Ref: 1.............2..kick out!

RJ: You’ve got to have eyes in the back of your head for a triple threat match.

Patricks immediately rises to his feet and lifts up La Pulga Loco where he goes for a boot to the stomach, La Pulga catches the boot only for Patricks to step over into a spinning heel kick. The Mexican stumbles up to his feet and Patricks goes to Irish whip him into the corner, but La Pulga blocks and then sends Patricks hurtling into the opposite corner towards Chaos who manages to side-step Patricks, who crashes into the corner chest first.

La Pulga quickly follows up running towards Patricks and hitting a leaping double knee into the back. He turns around and nods at Chaos, who smirks before driving a knee into the stomach and then hitting him with a running bulldog. Chaos hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.............2......Kick out!

MW: La Pulga the one to take both pinfalls so far.

A cross armabr is quickly applied by Chaos, however La Pulga is quick to rise to his feet thus Chaos whips him out across the arena and attempts a double A spinebuster which LPL counters with a gutbuster. Chaos falls back into the ropes and then stumbles forward where La Pulga hits a windmill kick. La Pulga makes the pinfall.

Ref: 1..............2.......Patricks breaks the pinfall!

Patricks and Chaos look at each other momentarily as La Pulga edges towards the ropes to pull himself up, they nod at each other and then run at LPL knocking him down to the outside with a double clothesline.

RJ: I never thought I’d see those two working together...and it didn’t last long!

As soon as La Pulga hits the outside, the two turn and begin exchanging massive punches. The crowd cheer as Patricks begins to gain the advantage with his punches, he then aims a big uppercut at Chaos who side-steps and then hits a reverse STO on Patricks, driving him down throat-first across the top rope. Patricks stumbles forward and Chaos bounces off the ropes and hits a bicycle kick to the side of the head and Patricks fall to the mat, the cover is made.

Ref: 1..............2.........Kick out!

Patricks drives the shoulders up off the canvas, Chaos has Patricks grounded with a couple of knee drops into the back. He then waits for Patricks to rise before whipping him across the ring, Patricks attempts a running crossbody block but Chaos catches him and then drives him down with a backbreaker! Chaos hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.............2.........Kick out!

Chaos quickly gets to his feet, he drags Patricks into the corner and turns him to face the turnbuckle. Chaos then sprints over and hits a dropkick into the back which Chaos then follows up with a leaping reverse DDT! He then goes to the top rope...


MW: Chaos showing his agility and high-flying ability here.

Ref: 1...............2...........Kick out!

The True Prophet allows Patricks to rise before driving a knee up into the head, he then goes to the corner, springboards back and attempts a hurracanrana on Patricks but he blocks holding him in a powerbomb position. Chaos manages to roll down the back and attempts a sunset flip but Chris Patricks rolls through and then hits a vicious roundhouse kick to the side of the head! Patricks quickly hooks the leg.

Ref: 1...........2.........Kick out!

Patricks rises to his feet, he waits for Chaos to rise before launching into him with a series of big punches that send him rocking back against the ropes. Patricks then whips him out across the ring, and unlike Chaos he successfully executes a leaping hurracanrana. Chaos rises to his feet and Patricks knocks him down with a corkscrew forearm smash!

RJ: This is Patricks opportunity to get back into this match-up following some domination from Chaos.

Ref: 1..............2...........Kick out!

Chris Patricks stands over Chaos, waiting for him to rise before booting him in the stomach. Patricks kisses the knuckles on both of his hands before bouncing off the ropes and executing a devastating front-flip piledriver! He doesn’t cover, instead choosing to drag Chaos towards the corner. Patricks then goes up top...

MW: Split-Legged Moonsault!

Ref: 1..............2.............Kick out!

Patricks gets to his feet in anguish, he then shakes his head almost in respect for Chaos’ resilience. He then drags up Chaos and boots him in the stomach, he then lifts him onto his shoulders for the enigma bomb but Chaos rolls down the front. The two then bounce off the ropes, and connect with clotheslines at the same time. Both are down...


Both men start to stir...


MW: Great move La Pulga!

La Pulga turns his attack on Chaos following the early betrayal by him. La Pulga quickly stomps away on Chaos before making the cover.

Ref: 1............2.......Kick out!

Danny McGraw’s associate places Chaos into a seated rear waistlock, he drags him to his feet where he then sprints towards the corner. He shoves him up against the turnbuckle before rolling back to execute a Chaos Theory Suplex bridging over into the pinfall.

MW: All three men shown some tremendous athletic ability!

Ref: 1..............2..............Kick out!

La Pulga gets the closest fall of the match so far, he quickly runs the ropes as Chaos stumbles to his feet groggily where he nails a wheelbarrow bulldog! La Pulga doesn’t cover, instead going up to the top rope and he connects with a corkscrew 630!

Ref: 1................2.............Kick out!

Again Chaos just about forces the shoulder up, La Pulga lifts him up and drags him towards the corner where he hits a series of spin kicks into the stomach before lifting Chaos onto the top rope. La Pulga then follows him up there.

MW: What’s he got planned here? A super-plex?

RJ: Here comes Patricks!



Patricks scurries over to cover Chaos...

Ref: 1....................2.....................3.Foot on the rope!

Patricks gets to his feet celebrating only to see the foot on the rope, he quickly turns his attentions to La Pulga and makes the cover.

Ref: 1...............2............Kick out!

Patricks rises to his feet, he drags La Pulga with him and then boots him in the gut. He goes to the outside and as La Pulga walks towards the ropes, Patricks springboards off nailing a spiral DDT! The crowd cheer loudly as he hooks the leg.

RJ: This has got to win it!

Ref: 1......................2.................Kick out!

MW: Tremendous heart from La Pulga!

La Pulga manages to get the shoulder up again, Patricks gets to his feet angrily and drags up LPL booting him in the stomach setting up for the enigma bomb. Chaos flies off the top rope and hits a flying clothesline, Patricks spins around and Chaos boots him in the gut...


MW: From out of nowhere...

Ref: 1.................2....................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!


RA: The winner of this match by way of pinfall and your NEW N01 CONTENDER...CHAOOOSSSSSSS!

*Chaos is slumped on the floor in exhaustion, slowly he gets to his feet and the ref raises his arm in victory.

RJ: What a tremendous contest, but in the end, it is Chaos who comes out on top and will face either Perfect Jack or Hero next month.

*Commercial break
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*The action again returns backstage where Rapture is shown in a darkened room watching the VT of what Longinus had to say earlier.

Rapture:How amusing.What does Longinus take me for? Some sort of copy-cat? I'm an original Longinus,and I know even you're not stupid enough to fall for that stunt again!

But that doesn't mean I don't have something different planned,something even more disturbing,even more distracting.Then it doesn't take much to distract you does it? You're always so paranoid,you think somewhere is there when they aren't,that something's got to happen.

And that is because of me Longinus.I've got inside your head, I've made you nervous,I've made you paranoid.You're too afraid to try something different, you're too afraid to confront me on these things, you're a coward.And for as long as you remain a coward,then I'll have an advantage over you.Including tonight as the Rapture is upon us once more!

*Rapture holds up his title belt.
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*The camera's continue backstage where Perfect Jack is shown alongside Clarissa.

Clarissa:Please welcome my final guest of the evening, the challenger for the undisputed title this evening...Perfect Jack!

*Crowd Pop

Clarissa:Jack how are you feeling?

Jack:Excited,Nervous,Ready!Hero is in for the fight of his life tonight, so far in his reign he has only faced pretenders to the crown, he knows I'm the real damn thing!

No matter how much spin Hero tries to put on things,he knows I'm good...actually he knows I am Perfect!I pinned him on the super-show, and I will pin him again tonight.Lightning will strike twice!These fans should not fear having to listen to Hero's "I am god" drivel much longer.

Hero's corrupt end as champion is near. The title will soon change hands into it's rightful owner and once again the Perfect era shall reign supreme over 6WF. All the fans cheering my name, all the merchandise being sold, all the little kids wearing Perfect Jack t-shirts to school. That is the Perfect Era. When clean, fair wrestling wins over the evil of Hero. The true light of Perfect will shine on that night. Perfect wrestling is here to stay.

That belt is my holy grail, and I will achieve that tonight!
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RJ: Just one match away from our Main Event tonight, but this next match could definitely carry the main event tag such is the animosity, anger and history between the two.

MW: Former tag team partners, Longinus and Rapture have been at each other’s throats ever since Rapture turned his back on Longinus and the Atheists to join the Church of Hero.

RJ: Longinus didn’t take too kindly to this betrayal, and last month at Chaos they faced off against each other with the added incentive of the vacant freeweight title. Rapture won the match after the VT showed Longinus’ girlfriend kidnapped, Longinus now has his girlfriend back and wants revenge.

RA: Ladies and Gentleman the following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL and is for the 6WF FREEWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

*Crowd Pop

RA: Introducing first, the challenger! from Newcastle,England..........weighing in at 245 pounds..................."The Atheist"............Looooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnuuuuuuuuuussssssssss!

“Fight Song” blasts out through the speakers and the crowd cheer loudly as Longinus sprints out onto the ramp! He then walks slowly down the ramp tagging the fans hands before sliding into the ring.

MW: Longinus is hardly one to bemoan betrayal, he of course turned his back on the Church of Hero and has thus brought all of this upon himself. He has no-one else to blame, if he had stuck with the Church he’d have done so much better than going it alone.

RJ: How can you say that? He wasn’t meant to be going alone, but Rapture turned his back on him. Longinus didn’t want to be a lapdog for Hero, where as Rapture clearly does.

MW: A lapdog with a title belt RJ!

RA: And introducing now... from San Diego,California......weighing in at 200 pounds....representing the Church of Herooooooooooooo..................he is the REIGNING AND DEFENDING 6WF FREEWEIGHT CHAMPION...RAPTURRRRRREEEEEEEEEEE!

The crowd descend into boos as "God Gonna Cut You Down" roars out and the boos begin as a hooded figure walks out through the mist.They kiss a pendant on their chest and then raise their arms in the air as a jet of pyros explode...Rapture walks down the ramp slowly, he walks around the outside of the ring before taking away his hood and staring straight at Longinus, the title belt wrapped around his waist.

MW: Another to benefit from Hero’s ability, experience, wisdom and general god-like qualities.

RJ: How can you proclaim Hero a god when he has actively condoned the use of kidnap to win matches. That is sick!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Longinus and Rapture circle the ring, their glares never leaving one another. Eventually Longinus moves forward to lock-up, Rapture drives a knee up into the stomach, then Irish whips Longinus against the ropes. He rebounds off, Rapture sets himself for a spinebuster but Longinus leaps up and counters with a Lou Thez Press.

RJ: We expected this to descend into a brawl, but not this early!

Longinus flies away with fists into the face, Rapture shoves him away and rises but Longinus runs straight at him and boots him in the side. Longinus then drops a couple of elbows down into the chest before rolling away waiting for Rapture to rise. When the COH member does get to his feet, he goes to lift him for a powerslam but Rapture elbows out, he lifts Longinus up onto his shoulders for a powerslam of his own but Longinus drops down the back and hits a reverse DDT! He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1..............2......Kick out!

The Atheist gets up to his feet and stomps away on the back before stepping away, he waits for Rapture to rise before driving him down with a backbreaker. Rapture leaps up to his feet groggily and Longinus lifts a boot into the stomach before running off the ropes and nailing a running neckbreaker. Again Longinus hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.............2.......Kick out!

Longinus drags Rapture up, he goes for a suplex but Rapture prods him in the eye with his thumb. Rapture stumbles back into the ropes, and Longinus although still temporarily blinded sprints at Rapture going for a clothesline, who reverses with a back body drop. Longinus lands on his feet on the outside, he grabs Rapture’s left leg and drags him to the outside and then hits a stiff European Uppercut.

Longinus clenches Rapture around the waist and drives him into the ring apron back-first, Rapture clutches at his back but Longinus gives him no time to recuperate, lifting Rapture up and attempting to whip him towards the steel steps however Rapture is stronger and launches Longinus into the steps, crashing into them with his back taking the full impact. Rapture rolls into the ring as the ref’s count is at 3.

Ref: 3..............4...............5.............6.............7..............8.............Longinus stumbles to his feet and rolls in.

MW: I don’t think Rapture ever thought that move would win him the match, but it’s given him an area to target, and also allowed him to regain some energy and composure.

RJ: As much as I hate to say it, it’s the sort of thing Hero would have taught Rapture and there’s no doubt his guidance has paid off on his disciples, but I really think they could do without the dirty tactics.

Rapture viciously stomps away on the head of Longinus until the referee intervenes. Rapture steps back and waits for Longinus to rise before knocking him down with a running enzaguri kick, with Longinus falling to the ground slowly. Rapture hooks the leg.

Ref: 1..............2......Kick out!

The COH member gets to his feet, he turns Longinus onto his front before hitting a series of knee drops into the back. He then waits for Longinus to rise before flinging him across the ring with a T-Bone suplex. Longinus rises groggily and Rapture meets him with a leaping leg lariat.

MW: Rapture now dominating the match-up, this is why he is the champion. He is absolutely relentless with his offence, giving his opponent no breathing space.

Ref:1..................2........Kick out!

The freeweight champion drives up to his feet, leans over Longinus who hits a big uppercut. Rapture falls back and Longinus rises to his feet and whips Rapture out across the ring...

RJ: What a tremendous counter move from Rapture!

MW: Springboard Reverse DDT from the Freeweight Champion, that’s what this division is all about.

Rapture runs off the ropes and hits a rolling thunder before making the cover!

Ref:1..............2...........Kick out!

Again Longinus gets the shoulder up, Rapture stands over Longinus waiting for him to rise before running towards the corner, he leaps up to the top rope before back-flipping...

RJ: Going for the whisper in the wind...DROPKICK FROM LONGINUS!

Longinus instinctively hits the dropkick on Rapture, both men are down and the crowd chant Longinus’ name as he’s the first to show signs of movement, getting towards the ropes and lifting himself up. Rapture is up slowly and Longinus is over quickly, he places Rapture into a front facelock and crashes punches down across the back. Rapture tries to push Longinus back, so Longinus shoves him away, Rapture moves back towards the centre of the ring and Longinus hits him with a stiff clothesline.

MW: A completely unnecessary move from Rapture has allowed Longinus back into this match.

Longinus doesn’t cover, going to the top rope himself this time...

RJ: Flying clothesline!

Ref: 1.............2..........Kick out!

Rapture forces the shoulder up, Longinus gets up onto his feet where he waits for Rapture to get to his feet before hitting him with a belly to belly suplex. Rapture rolls away to the corner and Longinus sprints over crashing a hard knee into the face. Longinus then fires fists in down at the face for a long while until the ref drags him back.

The referee lectures Longinus and Rapture pulls himself up, Longinus sprints towards him but Rapture uses the ropes to springboard up, he wraps his legs around Longinus’ throat before hitting him with a hurracanrana! Rapture goes towards the centre of the ring where Longinus landed...

RJ: GOGOPLATA locked in!

MW: This is a vicious submission move, could finish the match-off.

The ref is quickly down to check on Longinus who is beginning to be choked out, he is coughing and spluttering but still shows signs of movement, wriggling his body in an attempt to escape the hold.

MW: Rapture has got to be careful here, he is shoulders are very close to the mat.

RJ: Just like this?

Ref: 1.............Rapture lifts his body up and increases the pressure as punishment. However Longinus is showing some tremendous resilience by not giving in...

MW: This kid is a battler I’ll give him that!

Rapture continues the pressure but somehow Longinus shuffles himself towards the ropes...

RJ: Tremendous upper-body strength...HE GOT THE ROPES!

MW: No way!

Rapture releases just before the dq, he looks down at Longinus who is clutching at his throat. The ref checks on him so Rapture moves to the corner farthest away and removes the turnbuckle cover...

RJ: Watch him ref!

Rapture lifts up Longinus in a rear waistlock, he runs with him towards the corner...

MW: Going for the World’s End Suplex...

RJ: Snake Eyes reversal by Longinus! Dropped Rapture face first into the exposed steel!

Rapture stumbles back, Longinus boots him in the gut...SPINNING IMPALER!

Ref: 1...............2...............Kick out!

MW: Rapture keeps his title!

RJ: For the moment!

Longinus gets to his feet, he stares down at Rapture as he paces back slowly towards the corner lining up his other finish move, the spear of Longinus. Rapture stirs to his feet but manages to leapfrog the spear, Longinus turns around straight into a roundhouse kick to the side...


Ref: 1...............2................3.Foot on the rope!

RJ: He’s still in this match, just about!

Rapture gets to his feet angrily, he lifts up Longinus and goes for a 2nd New Dawn but Longinus shoves him away, Rapture bounces off the ropes...


Ref: 1.................2...................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

RJ: He got it! He’s won! New Champion!


The crowd cheer loudly as Longinus gets to his feet slowly, the referee hands him his new title belt. Longinus’ girlfriend sprints down the ramp and the two embrace in the ring.

RJ: After all the trauma and torture these two were put through by Rapture, this seems fitting revenge.

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*Hero is shown with a microphone in the backstage area...

Hero:I am Perfect...I am Perfect...I am Perfect...Jack are you stuck on repeat or something? And are you constantly delusional? I think you must be because I've told you time and again there is only one perfect being in this company and that is myself.

To be Perfect,you have to be the benchmark.I am the champion, I am the best in the company therefore I am the bench-mark.I am a god! You are not Perfect because anyone who has you as their bench-mark cannot have high aspirations.You see Jack...

Perfection is something that only a select few can achieve
And Jack you are not one of those people
Hence I refuse to call you Perfect Jack
You will be called Jack or not-so Perfect Jack
Perfection is a concept beyond the ordinary
Something only achievable for the extraordinary
And I am one of those people
I am an innovator
I am a leader
I am an Inspiration
I am a Champion
I am a God

*Hero holds aloft his title belt.
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RJ: Welcome back folks, and the time has come. MAIN EVENT TIME! Our final match of the evening, and what a match this promises to be.

MW: Hero defends his undisputed title against Perfect Jack, one of the men Hero defeated to win the right to call himself the undisputed champion.

RJ: To earn this shot, Perfect Jack defeated Chris Patricks, Chaos and La Pulga Loco in a fatal four way match to give him this opportunity to win the undisputed title, which would make him only the 2nd man to do so.

MW: But we all know that Hero won’t relinquish that title easily, he is the only man to have ever won the undisputed title...and he has done it twice. And since winning it, he and the Church of Hero have gone from strength to strength.

RA: Ladies and Gentleman the following match is YOUR MAIN EVENT...it is SCHEDULED FOR ONE FALL and is for the 6WF UNDISPUTED TITLE!

*Loud pop

RA: Introducing the challenger... he hails from Robbinsdale, Minnesota, America. He weighs in at 260lbsPERFECT JACK!

“I am perfection” blares out through the speakers and Perfect Jack’s arrival is met with a mass of cheers from the crowd. He stands tall taking in the reception and the importance of the match before striding down the ramp!

RJ: This is Jack’s first opportunity at the world championship since being defeated by Hero in a triple threat match with then 6WF Champion Lex Hart. He knows how to deal with the pressure situation but can he deal with the numbers advantage that Hero can use if needed?

MW: Hero won’t need that, he’s a step above Jack.

RA: he hails from Beverley Hills, Los Angeles, USA and weighs in at 220lbs... he is the leader of the Church...he is THE REIGNING AND DEFENDING 6WF UNDISPUTED CHAMPION...HERRRRROOOOOOO!

“Here comes the king” hits and the lights in the arena fade to black, the crowd are booing loudly as a single feather drops from the air. A spotlight begins panning the arena stopping in the rafters where Hero is shown attached to a zip-wire. He stands tall momentarily before zip-wiring down to the ring, he lands in the centre of the ring arms outstretched, title belt around his waist. He unhooks himself from the Zip-Wire and climbs to the top rope to mock the fans.

MW: What an entrance...what a showman!

RJ: Just seems a bit well...over the top to me.

MW: It would be over the top for the average person, but Hero is a man befitting of this sort of entrance. Hero re-writes record books, he achieves things that no-one has, he is special talent RJ, and I think you should appreciate that more.

RJ: Oh I appreciate his talent as much as the next guy, but the narcissism, arrogance and constant references to himself being a god are just too much.

MW: That’s a bit hypocritical RJ! You say Hero’s narcissistic but you will support Jack, who goes around calling himself Perfect!
Ding, Ding, Ding!

Hero hands his title down to the time-keeper who then rings the bell to signal the beginning of the match-up. Jack quickly moves in and the two lock up, but break cleanly as neither man can gain a big advantage. They lock up again yet once more they break, finally on the third time of asking Hero pushes Jack backwards only for Jack to place Hero into a hammerlock. Hero spins out and goes for a hip-toss, which Jack blocks before returning to the hammerlock. He then lifts Hero over his head into a belly to back suplex.

Hero rises to his feet and Jack goes for a hip toss which Hero blocks and reverses with an arm drag. Jack rises to his feet and runs at Hero who boots him in the gut and then goes for a sunset flip, but Jack blocks then presses his weight forward into a cover of his own...

Ref: 1..........2...Kick out!

The shoulder is jerked up by Hero, who rolls away quickly. He pulls himself up using the ropes and Jack walks towards him slowly, Hero catches him off guard with a big uppercut and then grabs Jack throwing him into the ropes so Jack is caught between 2nd and 3rd rope and then hitting a series of stiff roundhouse kicks to the back until the ref has to drag Hero away and allow Jack to remove himself from the ropes.

Jack walks forward straight into a high-angled dropkick from Hero, falling straight back into the ropes. Hero whips him out across the ring, he then hits a spin kick into the gut before running off the ropes and nailing a corkscrew neckbreaker to great effect! Jack slumps to the canvas and the cover is made by Hero.

MW: Already seeing the two contrasting styles of these two. Jack has a very technical, submission based style where as Hero is all about speed and agility.

Ref: 1............2....Kick out!

This time it is Jack who forces the shoulder up well before the 3 count, Hero immediately sets to work on Jack by turning him onto his back and then hitting the vicious Hero Stomp manoeuvre three times! Hero then releases and walks back to the corner where he climbs to the top rope.

RJ: Hero already going high-risk.

Hero waits for Perfect Jack to rise before flying off the top rope, he attempts a double foot stomp across the back but Jack runs past. Hero lands on his feet but turns straight into Jack who hits a stiff punch to the head. Hero keels over and Jack lifts his knee into the face of Hero, who stumbles back. Jack then pulls him forward before throwing him to the mat with a snap suplex. Jack quickly leaps over into the cover, hooking both legs.

Ref: 1...........2......Kick out!

As soon as Hero kicks out, Jack gets to his feet and targets the legs of Hero stomping down on both legs before attempting to twist his right leg into an ankle lock but Hero manages to boot him away. Hero clutches at his right leg as he gets to his feet, and Jack runs towards him but Hero leapfrogs over the top.

MW: That can’t have done the knee much good.

Jack spins around and Hero runs at him this time, Jack spins Hero up into an attempted gutwrench slam but Hero counters with an inverted jawbreaker and Jack falls back down across the 2nd rope. The undisputed champion bounces off the ropes and dials up the 619...

MW: No answer to that number!

RJ: Oh dear.

Jack falls back, and Hero then springboards off the top rope hitting a crossbody block! Both men fall down and Hero lays on top for the cover.

Ref: 1.............2.......Kick out!

The COH Leader rises to his feet with a snarl etched across his face. He stomps away on the face of Jack, the camera zooms in to show a cut opening up on the forehead. Hero then places Jack into a front facelock, dragging him to a vertical base where he then smashes a series of knees into the face.

Jack shoves Hero away but stumbles backwards into the corner. Hero quickly spots his opportunity as Jack attempts to regains some breath by sprinting over and nailing a shining wizard, followed by a leaping bulldog from the 2nd rope. Jack stirs ever so slightly and Hero hits a running hesitation dropkick to the face. He again covers.

MW: Hero is absolutely relentless with his offence, which is something not normally associated with a high-flyer. It’s very rare that he misses a move.

Ref: 1............2.......Kick out!

Hero immediately gets to his feet, he attempts a standing moonsault but Perfect Jack rolls away.

RJ: Today is one of those rare occasions then Michael!

Hero gets to his feet clutching at his abdomen, Jack sends him quickly back down to the canvas with a snapmare. He then hits a vicious boot up into the back, with the echo reverberating around the arena. Jack then drives a couple of elbows down across the chest before stepping away. This allows Hero to rise where Jack hits an atomic drop followed by a roll up.

Ref: 1............2.......Kick out!

Hero is quickly held into a seated rear waistlock by Jack, who drives a couple of stiff knees into the back. Jack keeps Hero grounded for as long as possible before he is no longer able to restrain the undisputed champion, who rises to his feet only to be hit with a German Suplex.


Hero rises and throws a groggy clothesline at Perfect Jack, who ducks underneath it easily before going for a backslide pin attempt, Hero blocks and spins Jack for an impaler which Jack again reverses with a bridging northern lights suplex.

Ref: 1...........2.......Kick out!

RJ: You talk about Hero being quick, Jack is also quick but in a different way. Not for high-flying but the fact he always has a counter for any move thrown at him.

Jack quickly tries to place Hero into a figure four leg-lock, but Hero turns the pressure onto Jack who quickly grabs the ropes. Hero releases and both men rise to their feet, Jack is first to recover and whips Hero towards the corner, and he hits the turnbuckle chest first. Jack runs in behind him but Hero counters with a pele kick!

MW: What awareness from Hero!

Hero then sits himself on the top rope, waits for Jack to stumble back towards the corner before wrapping his legs around the neck and hitting a hurracanrana out of the corner! Jack stumbles to his feet and walks straight into a Hero Sidekick!

Ref: 1..............2...........Kick out!

MW: Didn’t have a counter for that one did he RJ?

Hero gets to his feet, he immediately drags Jack back towards the corner where he then viciously stomps away on the head of Jack with blood pouring now from his forehead. Hero then lifts Jack up and ties him up in a tree of woe, he then runs in and baseball slides right into the face of Jack! Jack’s legs are unhooked from the top rope and he falls to the canvas, Hero rolls him onto his back and then goes to the top rope.


MW: That’s got to win it!

Ref: 1...............2...............Kick out!

Jack just about gets the shoulder up off the canvas, the crowd cheer him loudly. Hero again goes to the top rope, this time facing the crowd. He motions them to “shush” before flying off the top rope...


RJ: Jack rolled away, Hero landed on his feet!

Jack gets to his feet, Hero runs at him and out of instinct...


Hero falls almost in slow motion to the canvas. Jack falls down into the cover.

Ref: 1..............2...............Kick out!

Perfect Jack gets to his feet, he looks to the heavens as if to say what have I got to do? He then drags Hero up, boots him in the stomach.



Ref: 1................2.....................3.Foot on the rope!


RJ: What has Jack got to do?

Jack gets to his feet even more angry, he picks up Hero and goes for a 2nd perfect-plex, Hero blocks...


RJ: He can’t beat him with his own move!

MW: He’s not going to, going to the top rope...



RJ and MW: EVER!

Ref: 1.....................2...........................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!


MW: I don’t know how Hero won that...oh wait I do he’s a god!

RJ: Can’t you have a bit of humility? That has been Hero’s toughest test as champion, and he’s know it!

*Hero is handed the title by the ref, he is still on the floor as he clutches the belt title to his chest.

MW: That’s all we have time for folks, be sure to tune in for our next show!

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