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PostSubject: Zheng Zhi   Zheng Zhi Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 7:15 pm

...When Diablo went to China to escape his wrestling career he was captured by a Chinese Gang...The Clan of the Black Dragon..who tortured him for no apparent reason.

When they left him for dead in the mountains of Tibet, Diablo was tended to by a group of monks who he trained with for several years.

Diablo returned to the Black Dragon's to avenge his torture.

The Clan told Diablo they knew who he was and wanted to test his endurance and strength...they now requested something of him.

Become a trainer of the art of wrestling to the clan so that they could take over the world of professional wrestling and with it gain fame and fortune.

Zu Zheng is the first product of Diablo's factory!

He can't speak English, so needs Diablo to speak for him.
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Zheng Zhi
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