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 Big Al Lustley

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PostSubject: Big Al Lustley   Big Al Lustley Icon_minitimeThu Aug 25, 2011 8:21 pm

Name: Big Al Lustley
Nickname: The Lovetongue Superman

Age: 32
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 224 lbs
Hometown: Los Angeles
Class: Tweener
Gimmick: 80s Style porn star who enjoys working out.

Personality: Big Al is showman and always likes to deliver the best performance possible puts his heart and soul into everything he does. Al is a ladies’ man and has a constant stream of women by his side.

Entrance Music: 'Kiss' by Prince

Entrance Details: There is a love heart shape spotlight focused on the top of the ramp as kiss begins to play,when Al walks out from behind the curtain paper love hearts fall from the ceiling.

Finishing Move 1: The Money Shot (Stunner)

Finishing Move 2:The Climax (Batista style Powerbomb)

Trademark Move: Backdoor Attention (Stink face)

Submission Move Special Delivery (Hells gate)

Highflying Move: N/A

Five - eight common moves:
Drop Kick
Neck breaker
Knee to the head
Backhand slap

Taunts/Catchphrases: Any old stereotypical 80s porn on liners.

Match Tactics: Dirty

Match Style :Powerhouse, Hardcore and Submission

Weapon of Choice: A Gold platted steel rod.

Specialty Match: Extreme Rules

History: Big Al was born and raised in Los Angeles, he was always looking for a way to become famous, after failing to make it big in acting or singing. I turned out Al was big in other areas so began working for vivid videos shooting porn. Al was then sacked from Vivid for continually taking his work home with him. With no job and no prospect Al constantly worked out in the Gym and his physique and physical strength grew. Al was spotted in the gym by a talent scout when he took down some guy who was pestering a female gym goer. And the rest is still to be written.

Pic Base: David Hasselhoff (baywatch era)
Attire: Comes out all oiled up in white shorts with red lips on the bottom left side, wears red wrestling boots

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Big Al Lustley
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