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PostSubject: EZ Money   EZ Money Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 6:34 pm

Name: EZ Money
Nickname: Reflection of perfection, The ratings winner, Picture perfect, The money, The future. The desire. The benchmark plus many more to come

Weight: 18 stone
Height: 6'2"


Gimmick: Full of himself and rich...Believes he built the company single handedly
Personality: Cocky

Entrance Music: Here Comes the Money (stolen off Shane O Mac)
Entrance Details: Heelish. Slaps peoples hands and is smug. No playing to the crowd

Finishing Move 1:Ace crusher
Finishing Move 2:Canadian destoryer......(A move used by all of anarchy
Trademark Move: Cradle piledriver
Submission Move: STF forget the fucking U
Highflying Move:SHOOTING STAR
Five - eight common moves:back boddy drop, fall away slam, low blow, Shining wizard. Elbow drop, Super kick, Piledriver

Taunts: Randy ortons arms up in the air.....Plus a two finger and 1 fingered f off to the fans and opponent
Movesets: Brawler/technical

Match Tactics (Clean/Dirty): Dirty
Match Style (Select three):
*Powerful 1
*Technical 2
*MMA 3

Weapon of Choice: Kendo stick
Specialty Match: Ladder

Manager Name: Black widow
Manager's Entrance Music: Anarchy in the UK
Sex: Female
Gimmick: Awesome Kong style female

Tag Team Name: Anarchy
Tag Team Partner: Hero
Tag Team Entrance Music: Anarchy in the UK
Tag Team Entrance Details: SAME AS MINE ABOVE
Double Team Finishing Move: Revolution Device

Faction Name: ANARCHY
Faction Members: ez money, Hero, Gary angel johnson and Black widow(BW)
Faction Entrance Music: Anarchy in the UK

Additional Information: First ever 6wf champion and longest ever champion

Title History
• 3x Tag Team Titles
• 1x Internet Title
• 2x Hardcore Title
• 1x 6WF Title
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EZ Money
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